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🏛 | Constitutional Democratic Party Niigata Prefectural Federation Holds XNUMXst Regular Council with Standing Executive Committee and Union Niigata


The Constitutional Democratic Party Niigata Prefectural Federation holds the first regular council with the standing secretariat and the Union Niigata

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At the permanent member of the Council, the Election Countermeasures Headquarters for the next House of Representatives election was set up, and Chinami Nishimura was appointed as the head of the headquarters, and other deputy representatives were appointed as deputy heads.

Mr. Chinami Nishimura giving a greeting at the permanent member of the Council The Constitutional Democratic Party Niigata Kenren joined the XNUMXnd permanent member of the Council in Chuo-ku, Niigata City on the XNUMXth. → Continue reading

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Election Countermeasures Headquarters

Chinami Nishimura

Chinami Nishimura(Nishimura By the way,1967May 1 -) isJapan Of政治家,International Relations Scholar.Constitutional Democratic PartyBelongingMember of the House of Representatives(5th term), Representative of the Constitutional Democratic Party Niigata Prefectural Federation[1]..Of members of the House of RepresentativesHonda TairaIs my husband[2]so,Family registerThe surname aboveHonda.

Deputy Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare(Noda Third Remodeling Cabinet-Noda Third Remodeling Cabinet-Noda Third Remodeling Cabinet),Parliamentary Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs(Yukio Hatoyama Cabinet-Naoto Kan Cabinet),Niigata Prefectural Assembly memberServed as (1st term) etc.


NiigataYoshida TownYonozu (currently:Tsubame City)birth[2]..Yoshida Town Yonozu Elementary School, Yoshida Town Yoshida Junior High School,Niigata Prefectural Sanjo High School,Niigata UniversityFaculty of Lawgraduate[2]..I took a year off from college while I was in collegeKingdom of ThailandBangkok cityStudy abroad at Union Language School[2].Hidetoshi TagaIn a seminarpoliticsAspire toInternational relationsMajored in[3][2].1990, Niigata Universitygraduate SchoolGraduate School of LawEntered the master's program and started in September of the same year英国University of BristolStudy abroad in the Faculty of Law[2].1993, Completed the graduate school of Niigata University,master's degreeGet[2].. After thatNiigata Sangyo University,Keiwa Gakuen University,Niigata Seiryo Women's Junior CollegeWhile serving as a part-time lecturer at, he was also the secretary general of NVC Niigata International Volunteer Center.[2].

1998January,Democratic PartyJoined the party[2].1999,Niigata Prefectural AssemblyCandidate for parliamentary election and won for the first time[2].

2003,43th House of Representatives general electionToNiigata 1th districtRun for the Democratic Party officially fromLDPPrevious jobRokuzaemon YoshidaDefeated and won the first election[2].

2005 Of44th House of Representatives general electionThen,Postal dissolutionThere was a tailwind for the LDP, but in Niigata 1st district, he defeated the LDP Yoshida and was reelected (Yoshida also).Proportional revival)[4][2].2009,45th House of Representatives general electionThen, with the support of my teacher, Professor Hidetoshi Taga[3], Defeats Yoshida in Niigata 1st District, 3 selections[5].. Inaugurated after the electionYukio Hatoyama CabinetでParliamentary Vice-Minister for Foreign AffairsWas appointed toNaoto Kan CabinetServed until[2].2011,Noda Third Remodeling CabinetでDeputy Minister of Health, Labor and WelfareWas appointed to2012,Noda Third Remodeling CabinetServed until[2][6].

2012 Of46th House of Representatives general electionThen, in Niigata 1st district, the LDP rookieTohru IshizakiLost toDuplicate candidacyWasProportional Hokuriku Shin-Etsu blockI couldn't revive in[7].

2014 Of47th House of Representatives general electionHe ran for the Democratic Party officially from Niigata 1st district and lost to Ishizaki of the Liberal Democratic Party again, but he revived in the proportional Hokuriku Shinetsu block, which had been running for duplicate, and returned to national affairs for the first time in two years.[8].20151 of the monthDemocratic Party for the Democratic PartyThen, of the Hatoyama / Suga Cabinet, where he was the Parliamentary Vice-Minister for Foreign AffairsMinister of Foreign AffairsWas, formerRepresentative OfKatsuya OkadaListed as a nominee[9], Okada was elected as the representative[10].

LotusWith the resignation of the representative2017 OfDemocratic Party for the People's Republic of ChinaThen,Naoto Kan,Yoshio AritaIn the partyliberalSystem recommendsYukio EdanoI was listed as a recommender[11], EdanoSeiji MaeharaLost to[12].. Same year48th House of Representatives general electionAt that time, Mr. MaeharaMay 9, De facto dismissing the Democratic Party,Hope partyAnnounced policy to accept candidacy from[13]..Nishimura did not join the party of hope, from Niigata 1st districtIndependentAlthough he indicated his intention to run for[14][15],May 10ToConstitutional Democratic PartyAnnounced to run from[16]..Following Nishimura's runJapan Communist PartyWithdrew the candidate who was in Niigata 1st district and supported Nishimura[17], Defeated Ishizaki, a former LDP employee, in Niigata 1st district[18][19].

2019In October, he became chairman of the Constitutional Democratic Party's Autonomy System Investigation Committee.[20].

2020On September 9, the Constitutional Democratic Party and the Democratic Party for the People will disband and establish a new confluence party "Constitutional Democratic PartyParticipated in the formation of the party. On October 10, the establishment convention of the Constitutional Democratic Party Niigata Kenren was held, and Nishimura was appointed as the representative.[1].



  • Belonging to the Constitutional Democratic PartyTokai region4 prefectures (Shizuoka,Gifu,Aichi,Mie), 31 female local councilors, to become former female secretariessexual harassmentThe act was reported in a weekly magazineMasayuki AoyamaMember of the House of Representatives (Proportional Tokai blockNishimura, who received the signature as the head of the party's gender equality promotion headquarters when submitting a signature requesting the party to resign (election), replied, "It is difficult for the party to respond because a settlement has been reached with the victim." Virtually refused further disposition to Aoyama, who has been suspended for an indefinite period of membership[23][24].
  • height170 cm,Blood TypeA type[2].
  • Overseas travel history extends to about 36 days in 910 countries[2].
  • Love reading is "Del Sue Uzara", "black Jack"[2].


Accident of hitting a junior high school girl in a car

2016May 4After 7 am, Niigata CityNishi-wardAt the intersection of the city road, a passenger car driven by Nishimura hit a girl student in the third grade of junior high school who was crossing the pedestrian crossing, and the student suffered minor injuries to her face and elbows.When he tried to turn right following the car in front of him at the intersection, he didn't look well ahead and seemed to have hit the girl student walking on the pedestrian crossing from the left side without noticing.ACCIDENTI deeply apologize for the inconvenience. "[25].

Former accounting staff set up political funds

2017May 3ToPress conferenceBy a former employee of the Democratic Party of Japan's Niigata 1st District General Branch, who was in charge of accounting at that time, about 3360 million yenPolitical fundsIt was revealed that he had been dressed.Former staff was represented by Nishimura in addition to the general branchMoney management groupFrom "Chinami Nishimura and the Committee of 100" and the supporters' association "Chisuikai"Political party grantPut on political funds, including2013ToretirementAt that time, he confessed the fact that he was dressed by handing it over to his successor, and explained that "an acquaintance used it for investment."2019May 2,Niigata Prosecutor's OfficeIs a former employeeBusiness embezzlementIndicted at home[26][27].

Violation of the Public Offices Election Act by supporters

2017 Of48th House of Representatives general electionAt that time, about 2 people wrote a document calling for a vote for Nishimura.VotersSent to before public noticePublic office election lawTwo people from Nishimura's supporters' association were suspected of violating (preliminary movement, distribution of non-statutory documents)Document inspectionAnd one of themInformal prosecutionDonefineReceived an informal order of 30 yen[28][29].



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