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🏛 | Is the politician's "Japan-China friendship" meaningful?Immediately after Foreign Minister Wang Yi's "Senkaku Remarks", I asked an active member of the Diet who has a connection with China.


Does the politician's "Japan-China friendship" have any meaning?Immediately after Foreign Minister Wang Yi's "Senkaku Remarks", I asked an active member of the Diet who has a connection with China.

If you write the contents roughly
"I would never say that China is unarmed neutral," but emphasizes the solution through dialogue.

How meaningful is the "friendship" and "dialogue" of politicians? Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi, who was visiting Japan on November 11, ... → Continue reading

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Armed neutral

Armed neutral(Buso Churitsu) is while owning its own armyNeutralityTo take.


Anything else in your countrysystem,組織,thoughtTo draw a line from and keep a distanceNeutralThat is.Considerable as necessary to eliminate pressure from other countries, other organizations, etc. and maintain neutralityMilitary powerTo hold.

Historical case

As a typical exampleSwitzerlandCan be given.Second World WarTo maintain neutrality even insideAllies,Axis powersDon't give either, SwitzerlandAirspace invasionComingMilitary aircraftAgainst, regardless of camp or purpose, we took measures to intercept[1] .

Munitions industryIn that respect, in the past in SwitzerlandSigWas involved in the manufacture of firearms, but as long as it is permanent neutral, if you sell weapons to other countries, it will help other countries in the form of providing armed forces, so a German subsidiarySauer & SohnThe procedure was to make a profit by letting them manufacture and sell.In the case of Switzerland, 1815Vienna conferenceByPermanent nationIt has been approved by neighboring countries, etc., and even if it is a similar armed neutral country, the definition of a permanent neutral country and other neutral countries is different.

スウェーデンAlsoNapoleonic WarSince then, this policy has been adopted.HoweverCold WarIs finished,European UnionAfter joining, it has effectively abandoned its neutral policy (Swedish armySee).Japan TheJMSDF OfSoryu SubmarineIn SwedenKockumsCompanyKeroseneとoxygenA Stirling engine (4V-275R MkII) that uses fuel is adopted.

In Sweden,21st centuryIt is said that it has been neutral for 200 years, but it is not accurate.[2] ..Just before the end of the Napoleonic WarsDenmark-NorwayThere is a battle withCrimean WarBecause there was a plan to participate in the war[3] ..Until then, it was simply a neutralist country[4] .

Swedennational policyIt was the one who embarked on armed neutrality20st centuryAfter entering.Sweden until then with NorwayDominion UnionWas formed, but it was resolved in 1905.World War IAs the conflict between the great powers intensified in front ofNational defenseEmbarked on the enhancement of[5] .. 1914,NordicThe three countries maintained neutrality by agreeing to maintain neutrality and cooperate with each other.[6] .Second World WarOn the eve, in addition to the three Scandinavian countries,フィンランドAlso signed a neutral policy with the Nordic countries, but only Sweden was able to remain neutral in World War II.[7] ..Sweden has become more heavily armed neutralCold WarIt was a period.

Not only the relationship with the Soviet Union, but also in the 1960sVietnam WarRelations with the United States have also deteriorated over the situation.And don't trust neutralitySoviet UnionHe was often invaded by him.Against this background, Sweden promoted a heavily armed policy.[8] ..In addition, the Soviet Union against Western European countriesDeclaration of warIf Sweden also stands on the west side and makes a secret agreement with the Soviet UnionNATOIt became clear after the end of the Cold War that it was tied with[9] .

In order to maintain military neutrality, both countries produced many of their weapons in their own countries (munitions industry), and at one point they were developing nuclear weapons with the aim of securing their own nuclear deterrence (military deterrence).Swedish atomic bomb developmentHowever, both countries have abandoned their development before the completion of nuclear weapons, and Sweden has turned to the position of abolishing nuclear weapons.Sweden has reached a major turning point after the end of the Cold War, and while maintaining the munitions industry, it has reduced the size of its army and built military cooperative relationships with other countries.It can be said that Sweden's armed neutrality policy was due to the times and international affairs, but it can also be said that neutrality policy was also due to international affairs and its conditions.[10].


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