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🏛 | The birth of the "Digital Agency", the Tokyo Olympics, etc ... How will it change in 21 years !?


With the birth of the "Digital Agency", the Tokyo Olympics, etc ... How will it change in 21 years !?

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The other day, it was adopted at an international swimming competition, and the Japanese team led by Kosuke Kitajima performed well.

The Tokyo Olympics will not be held at full spec.Mayujo (hereinafter referred to as "five"): The Tokyo Olympics scheduled to be held in 20 ... → Continue reading


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Kousuke Kitajima

Kosuke Kitajima(Kitajima Kosuke,19829/22 -) isJapanSource ofSwimmingplayer.Athens OlympicsAndBeijing Olympics100mBreaststroke, 200m breaststrokeGold medalist.. Wife is exgirl next door OfChisa.

Japan Coca-ColaAffiliation[2]..Height 178 cm, weight 72 kg.Blood Type TheType B.


TokyoArakawaI'm from and my parents' houseNishi-nipporiOperates a butcher shop "Meat no Kitajima" (Kitajima Shoten Co., Ltd.).Bunkyo kuMunicipalSendagi Elementary School, Bunkyo Junior High School,Hongo High School,Nippon Sport Science UniversityGraduated from the Department of Physical Education, Faculty of Physical Education.After graduating from university, he went on to graduate school at Nippon Sport Science University, but dropped out in 2006 to concentrate on his athlete activities.

From 5 yearsTokyo Swimming Center (Tokyo SC)I started swimming in Tokyo, and when I was in the second year of junior high school, I was a coach at Tokyo SC.Norimasa HiraiTalent is found in.

In the third year of high school, he participated in the 3 Sydney Olympics and set a new record in Japan, winning the 2000th place in the 100m breaststroke. He won the gold medal in the 4m / 2004m breaststroke at the 2008 Athens Olympics and the 100 Beijing Olympics, and won the second consecutive breaststroke in the history of the Olympics. This is the world's first consecutive victory in two events).He also held a Japanese record in his personal medley.

From 2005Japan Olympic CommitteeStartedPlayer strengthening campaignFrom April 2005 without using the symbol athlete system ofJapan Coca-ColaBecame the first Japanese professional swimmer to sign an affiliation contract with.For swimming caps, racing goggles, swimwearCokeParticipate in the tournament with the logo of. From April 2011AQUARiUSI am participating in the tournament with the logo of.A professional athlete whose work is competitive life.Until the Beijing Olympics, he was training based in Tokyo SC, but after resuming training after rest (September 2009), he was based in the University of Southern California.After the London Olympics, he returned to Japan.

2012XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,girl next door(At the timeChisaAnnouncement of engagement with[3].. following year9/22I submitted a marriage registration to (This day is also the 31st birthday of Kitajima)[4].

20146/27Became a director of Tokyo Swimming Association[5].

Currently, he is the president of IMPRINT Co., Ltd. (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo).[6], Established a swimming club that reserves public pools and sports club pools in Tokyo[7].

20164/8, Japan ChampionshipRio de Janeiro OlympicsIn response to the fact that he missed the Olympics for the fifth consecutive tournament after finishing fifth in the men's 200-meter final of the national team selection, he said, "I want to pull and support the players who will fight in the world after this." Talked and announced his retirement[8].

20186/22Became Vice Chairman of Tokyo Swimming Association[9].

On June 2020, 6, he became chairman of the Tokyo Swimming Association.

Main battle record

Only the long waterway tournament is posted here.




  • Japan Championship Continuing from last year, he won all men's 50, 100 and 200m breaststrokes.
  • 8/249th Pan Pacific Swimming Championships The men's 25m breaststroke on the 100th won the championship at 1'00.
  • 9/292002 Asian Games 10/2Men's 200m breaststroke at 2:09:97Mike BarrowmanWorld record (at that time) was set for the first time in 10 years and won the championship.Became the world record holder for the first time.Became MVP of the tournament.


  • Won all men's 3, 50 and 100m breaststrokes for the third consecutive year in the Japan Championships.
  • 7/2010th World Swimming ChampionshipsSwimming competition On the 21st, the men's 100m breaststroke was 59 seconds, breaking the world record (at that time) and winning the gold medal.On the following 78th, the men's 25m breaststroke 200: 2 world record (at that time) was the gold medal (the world record for the 09m breaststroke was set by another player just before the world championship, but Kitajima regained it. T).On the 42th of the last day, he broke the Japanese record (at that time) at the men's 200m medley relay and won the bronze medal.


  • Won all men's 4, 50, and 100m breaststrokes for the fourth consecutive year in the Japan Championships (the highest record ever).
  • Just before the Olympics, Brendan Hansen of the United States broke the world record of North Island with 100m and 200m breaststroke.However, Kitajima won the world championship in the previous year while breaking his world record.From this experience, he was able to calmly face the Olympic race, which was one of the factors that allowed him to win two gold medals.
  • 8/15Athens Olympics Men's 100m breaststroke at 1'00gold medal..In an interview after the race, he commented, "It feels good (super comfortable) and has goose bumps."By the way, this "Cho feels good(Super comfortable) "is this yearNew Word/Buzzword AwardWas selected for the annual grand prize of the year, and was selected as the third place in the "impressive buzzwords" compiled in 2010.[10].
  • 8/18In the same tournament, the men's 200m breaststroke set a new Olympic record (at that time) at 2:09:44 and achieved the double crown (pushing out second place and below for more than 2 second).In addition, both 1m and 100m breaststrokes could not regain the world record, and it became one of the future tasks to break the world record again.
  • 8/21Bronze medal at the men's 400m medley relay.


  • 4/21JAPAN SWIM 2005 (11th World Swimming Championships(Also serves as a selection meeting) Participation in the men's 200m breaststroke final race is also in 3rd place, and he misses the participation in the world championship on his own.On the following 23rd, the men's 50m breaststroke achieved the fifth straight victory in this tournament (the highest record ever) in 28 seconds.On the following 03th, the men's 5m breaststroke was 24'100 and achieved the 1th consecutive victory in this tournament.
  • 7/2411th World Swimming ChampionshipsThe silver medal in the men's 25m breaststroke 100 on the 59th of the swimming competition.On the following 53th, the men's 27m breaststroke was 50 seconds, breaking the Japanese record (at that time) and winning the bronze medal.The men's 27m medley relay on the 78st of the last day swam in the breaststroke in 31 seconds and won the bronze medal.


  • 4/20JAPAN SWIM 2006 男子200m平泳ぎで2年連続の敗戦。続く22日の50m平泳ぎでも敗れる。続く23日の100m平泳ぎ1分00秒71で優勝し、辛うじてPan Pacific Swimming ChampionshipsGet the right to represent.
  • 8/1710th Pan Pacific Swimming Championships The men's 18m breaststroke on the 100th was 1rd at 00'90.On the 3th of the last day, the men's 20m breaststroke was 200 minutes 2 seconds 10 and the second place.On the same day, he won the second place in the men's 87m medley relay at 400:3:35.
  • 12/12006 Asian Games Men's 3m breaststroke on the 50rd, 28 seconds, won second place.Men's 38m breaststroke won 100 minute 1 seconds 01.Men's 13m breaststroke won the championship at 200:2:12.


  • 3/2512th World Swimming ChampionshipsSwimming competition 26th Men's 100m breaststroke 59 silver medal.On the following 96th, the men's 30m breaststroke was a gold medal at 200:2:09.Last day4/1Silver medal in the men's 400m medley relay.
  • 4/5JAPAN SWIM 2007 Men's 200m breaststroke 2 minutes 11 seconds 04, the first victory in 2 years.Men's 100m breaststroke 1'00 achieved the 34th consecutive victory of this tournament.I did not participate in the men's 8m breaststroke.Since the Japan Championships were held immediately after the World Championships, it was difficult to get in shape.


  • 4/15JAPAN SWIM 2008 Men's 200m breaststroke 2 minutes 08 seconds 84 won the Japanese record.Achieved the 100th consecutive championship in the men's 59m breaststroke 67 seconds (the highest record ever).With this resultBeijing OlympicsWas elected as the representative of.
  • 6/8Japan Open Men's 200m breaststroke,SPEEDOCompanyLaser racerWearing and challenging, set a world record of 5: 2 for the first time in 07 years. Two years ago at the Pan Pacific Championships, he broke the previous world record of 51 by Brendan Hansen of the United States on the next course.
    Kitajima's new world record is the one that Japanese athletes recorded in the domestic long waterway race.19727/21At the "Japan Swimming Championships"Mayumi AokiIt was the first time in 100 years since the women's 36m butterfly recorded.
  • 8/11Beijing Olympics Men's 100m breaststrokeノルウェーNewAlexander Dale OenFor the first time in human history, he won the gold medal with a new world record of 59 seconds, breaking the 58-second barrier. He fulfilled the pre-match notice that he would set a world record and win a gold medal.The world's first consecutive championship of the men's 91m breaststroke tournament, and the consecutive championship of the same breaststroke event as a JapaneseYoshiyuki TsurutaThis is the first time in 76 years since then.In the interview at this time, unlike the interview when he won the gold medal at the Athens Olympics, he couldn't hold back his tears and squeezed out, perhaps because he was released from the tension and responsibility.I can't say anythingHe was nominated for the New Words and Popular Words Award of the year.In a later interview, he commented on this word, saying, "I was trying to express my gratitude to the people who took care of me at this time, but I couldn't say it because of the thoughts I had."
  • 8/14The men's 200m breaststroke in the same tournament was a gold medal at 2:07:64 (which sets a new Olympic record in the semifinals the day before).It won two crowns following Athens.It is the first time in history for a Japanese to achieve the second consecutive title in two consecutive Olympic games, and the first in the world to achieve the second consecutive title in two consecutive breaststrokes.
  • 8/17Won a bronze medal in the men's 400m medley relay at the same tournament.Kitajima appeared as the second swimmer and swam at a time of 2, approaching the 57-second range.


  • 11/201å¹´3ヶ月ぶりの長水路大会となる第41回東京SCジュニア優秀選手招待公認記録会に出場。50m平泳ぎ28秒43で優勝、100m平泳ぎ1分01秒91で優勝、200m平泳ぎ2分14秒31で2位となった。この大会にはライバルのAlexander Dale OenAlso participated.


  • 4/13On the first day of JAPAN SWIM 2, which was the first time in two years, he passed the first place in the qualifying with the Japanese record of 2010 seconds for the men's 50m breaststroke, and finished second.The men's 27m breaststroke on the following 30th was 1th.The men's 2m breaststroke, which was the final event on the 15th of the last day, was second.
  • 4/18It was a return match at a major international competition11th Pan Pacific Swimming ChampionshipsThen, in the men's 100m breaststroke qualifying, he passed the 59st place at 04, which is the world record this season, and won the final at 1.The men's 59m breaststroke was 35th in 50 seconds 27 seconds.The men's 67m breaststroke won the tournament record and the world record of this season at 5:200:2.The men's 08m medley relay won second place at 36: 400.


  • 4/9International Swimming Competition Representative Player Selection (Great East Japan Earthquake Reconstruction Assistance Charity Competition) The men's 100m breaststroke on the first day won the championship in 59 seconds.The men's 44m breaststroke on the 11th of the last day won the second place at 200:2:09 while causing a strain.Get the right to represent FINA World Championships at 26m and 50m, excluding the abstained 100m.
  • 7/24For the first time in 2 tournaments14th World Swimming ChampionshipsSwimming competition 25th Men's 100m breaststroke 1 minute 00 seconds 03, 4th place.On the following 29th, the men's 200m breaststroke was a silver medal at 2:08:63th in the men's 31m medley relay on the 400st of the last day.


  • 4/3JAPAN SWIM 2012 男子100m平泳ぎは58秒90の日本記録で優勝し、日本競泳史上初となる4大会連続オリンピック出場を果たす。続く6日の男子200m平泳ぎでも2分8秒00(高速水着禁止以降世界最速)で優勝し、日本競泳史上初となる平泳ぎ2種目での3大会連続オリンピック出場を果たす。
  • 7/30London Olympics 100th place in the men's 5m breaststroke.
  • 8/2200th place in the men's 4m breaststroke.
  • 8/4The tournament men's 400m medley relayAmericaとAustraliaWon the first silver medal to break into.Kitajima swims in 2 seconds as the second swimmer in the United StatesBrendan HansenShowed a swim of conscience that pushed up from 2nd place to 1st place and decorated the endless beauty[11]..By winning this silver medal, he won the first three consecutive Olympic medals in the history of Japanese swimming.In addition, it is the first time in the history of Japanese swimming that the medley relay has won three consecutive medals, a silver medal, and a men's and women's medal in the same tournament.By winning the silver medal in this race, Kitajima won the Olympic medal in all colors of gold, silver and bronze.Butterfly in a post-race interviewTakeshi Matsuda"I didn't tell (Kitajima) Kosuke-san, but with three peopleI can't let Kosuke go home empty-handedHe talked about his juniors' feelings toward Kitajima, who has been leading the Japanese swimming world for many years, and was nominated for the New Words and Popular Words Award of the year and was selected as the top ten.


  • 4/11JAPAN SWIM 2013 Men's 100m breaststroke is 1 minute 00 seconds 78 200m breaststroke world record holderKanhiro YamaguchiDefeated and won the championship.
  • 7/2815th World Swimming ChampionshipsThe men's 29m breaststroke on the 100th of the swimming competition won 59th place with 98 seconds.Last day8/4In the men's 400m medley relay, the United States, which ranked first, was disqualified and moved up.FranceAnd won the bronze medal next to Australia.


  • The Japan Championships and Japan Open also served as the representative selection for major international competitions of the year, but neither competition met the selection criteria and was unable to obtain the representative right.It is the first time that Kitajima has failed to win a major domestic tournament since 2009 (excluding 1999 when he was resting). Considering that he has been a top player in Japan for 2000 years since the 13 Sydney Olympics, we can see how Kitajima has been active on the front lines for a long time.Following this defeat, Kitajima has no intention of retiring and has announced that he will strengthen for the 2015 Japan Championships.


  • At the Japan Championships, which doubles as the representative selection for the World Championships, only 100m breaststroke is entered. The representative right was not acquired by 0.14 seconds difference.


  • In the men's 2016-meter breaststroke at the Japan Championships and Rio de Janeiro Olympics representative selection held on April 4, 5, he finished second with a time of 100, but the dispatch standard record (59 seconds) set by the Japan Swimming Federation. 93) could not be broken through and missed the representative in this event.In the 2-meter final on the following 59th, he finished 63th and missed the Olympics for 8 consecutive tournaments.After the race, Kitajima announced his retirement, saying, "This is the last (serious game). I will never experience this excitement again."[8]..I have been teaching Kitajima since I was in the second year of junior high schoolNorimasa HiraiAfter the race, the coach said, "I've always been the top in Japan and the top in the world, and I've become a player that everyone longs for. It's fast, strong, and good at taking care of people. It should have been painful, but he practiced the most happily. He became a great player, "he said, aiming for his student, Kitajima.[12].

Personal best

Only individual events are listed here.

How to swim距離waterwayRecordYear of establishmentTournament nameVenue
Breaststroke50mLong waterway27 seconds 302010JAPAN SWIM 2010Tokyo Tatsumi International Swimming Pool
Breaststroke100mLong waterway58 seconds 902012JAPAN SWIM 2012Tokyo Tatsumi International Swimming Pool
Breaststroke200mLong waterway2 minutes 07 seconds 512008Japan OpenTokyo Tatsumi International Swimming Pool
Breaststroke50mShort canal26 seconds 682011JAPAN SWIM (25m)[13]Tokyo Tatsumi International Swimming Pool
Breaststroke100mShort canal57 seconds 342011JAPAN SWIM (25m)Tokyo Tatsumi International Swimming Pool
Breaststroke200mShort canal2 minutes 02 seconds 952011JAPAN SWIM (25m)Tokyo Tatsumi International Swimming Pool



  • As mentioned above, his parents' house is a butcher shop, but he also loves the famous Menchi-katsu.Originally, Menchi-katsu was discontinued in the 1970s, but it was revived due to a flood of inquiries as soon as it was said in an interview with Kitajima at the 2003 World Championship that Menchi-katsu was his favorite.At the Athens Olympics, on the holidays immediately after winning the double crown, customers rushed to buy this famous Menchi-katsu. There was a two-hour waiting line, and police officers were dispatched to control traffic.The same phenomenon occurred when winning the gold medal at the Beijing Olympics, and some customers rushed from afar to buy it, and the response was so great that a maximum of 2 people lined up in a line of 2 meters in length. there were.
  • He served as the standard-bearer of the Japanese team at the closing ceremony of the Beijing Olympics.By the way, there was a consultation with the captain of the Beijing Olympics Japanese team, but he declined after consulting with the coach staff due to the tight schedule of the swimming competition.
  • It was widely reported in the Chinese media during the Beijing Olympics and was nicknamed "Frog King".[15].
  • 200810/13In connection with "Health Sports Day" on Monday,oriconConducted a questionnaire survey on "favorite athletes" and was selected as No. 1 in the male category.[16].
  • In the "Athlete Image Evaluation Survey" conducted in 2008 to measure the overall image of athletes, "the most active athlete in 2008" ranked first, and "the most noticed athlete in 1" ranked second. , Selected as No. 2008 in the overall image ranking[17].
  • A manga that professes to be a fan of readingONE PIECEThe memorable 10th movie version of "ONE PIECE FILM STRONG WORLD』Appeared as a voice actor, and was in charge of the role of a fisherman in a swimming connection.This work was a big hit with box office revenue of 48 billion yen.
  • International Swimming FederationIn the "202s Best Player Ranking" selected by the 2000 national and regional swimming federations and experts published in the magazine, FINA World Championships (World Swimming Championships) won two consecutive Olympic championships in flat swimming. Kosuke Kitajima, who has won a total of 2 gold medals (2 including the FINA World Championships held only in 3) at the FINA World Swimming Championships, has 2007 Olympic gold medals and the World Championships in free-form medium distance and free relay. Won 6 gold medals (World Swimming and World Short Water Championships)Ian ThorpeWon 3 Olympic gold medals in freestyle sprintPeter van den HohenbandIt was selected as the 3rd place in line with.By the way, the 1st place has achieved a total of 14 crowns (at the end of the Beijing Olympics), which is the highest number in the history of the Olympic Games in freestyle, butterfly, individual medley and relay events.Michael phelps, 2nd place won 3 Olympic gold medals and 17 FINA World Championships (World Swimming and World Short Water Championships) gold medals (2007 including FINA World Championships held only in 18) in freestyle long distance and free relay didGrant HackettHas become[18].
  • 2012Tonews every.In the "Impressive Summer Olympics Famous Scenes" surveyed, "Two breaststrokes at the Beijing Olympics" ranked first and "Two breaststrokes at the Athens Olympics" ranked fourth.[19].
  • In 2012oriconが調査した「思い出に残る五輪'名言・名場面'ランキング」では、1位に「アテネ五輪 競泳男子100m&200m平泳ぎ・北島康介選手の金メダル」、3位に「北京五輪 競泳男子100m&200m平泳ぎ・北島康介選手の2連覇」がランクインした。同じく競泳からは、4位に「バルセロナ五輪 競泳女子200m平泳ぎ・岩崎恭子選手の金メダル」、10位に「ソウル五輪 競泳男子100m背泳ぎ・鈴木大地選手の金メダル」がランクインした[20].
  • In 2012, the "Nifty Anything Survey Team" surveyed the "Ranking of Japanese athletes memorable in the past Summer Olympics," and was selected as No. 1 alongside Naoko Takahashi.Also from swimming, 3rd placeKyoko Iwasaki, In 10th placeSuzuki Daichi, In 12th placeMaebata HidekoHas been selected[21].
  • During the London Olympics, the names of all 361 London Underground stations were chosen after a heated debate.Usain Bolt,Michael phelpsIt was renamed to the world's best medalist of all time.From Japanese athletes from swimming to Kosuke Kitajima, from judoIsao Okano,Yasuhiro Yamashita,Tadahiro Nomura,Masato Uchishiba,Ryoko Tamura, From wrestlingOsamu WatanabeWas chosen.Among them, Kitajima is the only Japanese player to have a station name in the central part (Central lineChosen as Chancery Lane Station)[22].
  • 2016 Rio de Janeiro OlympicsNext time at the closing ceremony ofTokyo OlympicsAt the takeover ceremony, he and Prime Minister Abe appeared in the video and at the venue as a world-class athlete representing Japan.[23].
  • Since 2008Tokyo Tatsumi International Swimming PoolIs open inTokyo championship swimming competition"Kousuke Kitajima Cup" has been added since the 2015 tournament.[24]

Transition of wearing swimwear

Kitajima says "SPEEDOI liked the swimsuit, but the Tokyo Swimming Center I belonged to saidarenaThe licensee (license holder) of the brand in JapanDescenteBecause he was close to him, he used "arena" swimwear until the ban on personal advertising activities was lifted.I've been using "SPEEDO" swimwear since the year of the Athens Olympics, but it was the licensee.MizunoWhen he decided to sell his own swimwear, he continued his contract with Mizuno.2008,MitsuiとGold win"SPEEDO" which became a Japanese licensee is a new swimsuit "Laser racerAnnouncedNakamura Reiko(ASICSContracted with) tried the new swimsuit, but Kitajima continued to wear Mizuno swimwear.

Also, 20085/18ToTokyo Tatsumi International Swimming PoolKitajima wore an old type swimsuit for the Japan Championships when he participated in the Waseda-Keio Swimming Championships in Japan.We held an interview after the match.At that time, Kitajima responded to the swimsuit problem that the media made a lot of noise about the new "SPEEDO" swimsuit, saying, "To be honest, it's annoying. Focus on swimming in a different shape. I want you to do it. "[25].

In June 2008, at the "Japan Open", a T-shirt with "I AM THE SWIMMER" written in English and "Swimming in Koga" in Chinese appeared by the pool, and "I am the one who swims" in the swimsuit turmoil. I insisted and threw a stone.In this tournament, Mizuno's improved swimsuit did not improve the time halfway, but he wore a laser racer and set a new world record.6/11, "I will wear SPEEDO swimwear at the Beijing Olympics," he said on the official website.

Still more2012After entering, he re-transferred to the "arena" camp, which had a contractual relationship via the swimming club he used to attend, and signed a two-year contract including the London Olympics.Ai ShibataLeft Descente and the company was looking for an alternative advertising tower, Mizuno is a Japanese employee as part of cost reductionAya TerakawaIt was influenced by the strategy of pushing the.



Voice actor

TV drama



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外部 リンク

United States flag Mike Barrowman
Men's 200m breaststroke
World record holder (long waterway)

August 2002, 10 – May 2, 2003
Next generation:
Russian flag
Russian flag
Men's 200m breaststroke
World record holder (long waterway)

August 2003, 7 – May 24, 2004
Next generation:
United States flag Brendan Hansen
United States flag Brendan Hansen
Men's 200m breaststroke
World record holder (long waterway)

August 2008, 6 – May 8, 2009
Next generation:
Australian flag
Russian flag
Men's 100m breaststroke
World record holder (long waterway)

August 2003, 7 – May 21, 2004
Next generation:
United States flag Brendan Hansen
United States flag Brendan Hansen
Men's 100m breaststroke
World record holder (long waterway)

August 2008, 8 – May 11, 2009
Next generation:
Australian flag Brenton Rickard
Japanese flag Akira Hayashi
Men's 100m breaststroke
Japan record holder (long waterway)

August 2000, 4 – May 20, 2018
Next generation:
Japanese flagKosekiya Atsushi
Japanese flag
Men's 200m breaststroke
Japan record holder (long waterway)

August 2001, 7 – May 26, 2012
Next generation:
Japanese flag Kanhiro Yamaguchi


Competition(Kyoto,British: competitionCompetition) is a constantRulesCompeting for superiority or inferiority[1].. In JapaneseForeign wordsAsコ ン ペ テ ィ シ ョ ンSometimes the word is used. The abbreviation “competition” may also be used.


Competition means competing for superiority or inferiority of some technique while following certain rules. Do it alsogame(ゲーム)[2].

The content of the competition varies, and is, for example, some skill or physical ability. Daijisen cites expressions such as “athletics” and “arizoku”. A person who competes in a competition is called a competitor.

There are various taxonomies in competition. For example, there is a method of classifying into "individual competition" in which individuals compete for superiority and "group competition" in which superiority and inferiority of groups compete. There is also a method of dividing indoors/outdoors into “indoor sports” and “outdoor sports”. There is also a method of classifying by the age of the competitor, such as "youth competition" or "senior competition".

As an internationally governing body for each sports competitionInternational Federation(International Sports Federations, ISFs).


Meetings or gatherings for conducting competitions are called competitions. (People who like foreign words are called "competitions").

The competition may be planned by some organizer, in which case the dates are decided in advance, the participants (athletes, referees, operators, etc.) are notified in advance, and the people gather on the scheduled day.

When the scale is large or there are many disciplines, it is also called "competition", "competition" or "championship". Many are certified by associations and competition management organizations in the field. Rule violation (=Foul play) Is performed, "DisqualificationIn some cases, it may be judged that the player has left the field and will be suspended from that point onwards.

It may be classified into "final" and "qualifying (qualifying)" for selecting participants in the final.

Competitions (conventions) are world-class competitions (World championship), held in a specific region or cultural area (regional convention, ... zone convention.Regional Championship.Asian Games,East Asian Games,Portuguese-speaking GamesEtc.), and tournaments that are held only within one country (US tournament, German tournament, Russian tournament, Japan tournament, etc.)Japan Championship,National championshipIt is also possible to classify the names such as "national competitions"), which are held in a specific area within one country and are called "local competitions" in that country.

Representative sports competitions

Examples of competitions and competitions


And so on. The above are just some of the sports competitions. It does not matter if there are as many competitions as there are sports.

Games / games

And so on. There are game competitions only for the types of games, and there are countless competitions as well.

Skills, etc.

Calculation・ Practice


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