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Start working at the prefectural office Governor gives remote instructions

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With the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics postponed for one year this year and the National Sports Festival to be held in Tochigi Prefecture next year, new measures are required everywhere due to the corona disaster.

Many companies and government offices started work on the XNUMXth, and at the prefectural office, Governor Tomikazu Fukuda remotely gave instructions to executives at the beginning of the year ... → Continue reading

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Tochigi TV is a Tochigi TV station that celebrated its 2019th anniversary in April 4. We will deliver the latest news in Tochigi Prefecture.

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National Athletic Meet

National Athletic Meet(Kokumintaiikutaikai, abbreviation: National body(Kokutai), English name:National Sports Festival) IsJapanHeld every year inSports festivalIs. January-February depending on the competitionWinter competitionAnd the main tournament from September to October, 9 (Showa 10)1946年)1th competition KinkiSince it was opened inPrefecturesIs held in a way that is carried around. How the tournament should beBasic sports lawIt is positioned inJapan Sports Association-Ministry of education・ The event will be co-sponsored by the venue prefectures.[1]

The tournament will be contested by prefectural competition by replacing the ranking of the official event with points, and the total of the winter tournament and the main tournamentmen and womenTo the prefecture with the highest overall resultsEmperor's cupBut,FemaleIn the prefecture with the highest overall child performanceEmpress cupIs awarded[2].

2019 years74th competitionIs the winter gamesHokkaidoGenerally held at, this tournamentIbarakiIt was held in. 202075th competitionThe Winter Games are skating and ice hockey competitionsAomori, Ski competitionToyamaIt will be held in


From the 3rd Fukuoka Prefectural Convention, the prefectural competition system was established, and the Emperor's Cup and Empress's Cup were established. In addition, since the 1988rd Kyoto Prefectural Convention in 43, the main convention (summer / autumn convention) has entered the second round, and the whole country is divided into east, middle and west districts and held in order.[3].水 泳With the Summer Games centered on competitionAthleticsThere was an autumn tournament centered around61 times(2006年) Was changed to a three-tournament system by integrating the summer and autumn tournaments.[1].63th competition(2008年) After that, some competitions such as swimming were held in advance in the form of "pre-session competition" as a measure considering the characteristics of the competition, and in effect, it has been returned to 4 competitions again. After the end of this tournament (autumn tournament)National disabled sports meetIs also done.

Regarding the "main venue" where the general opening and closing ceremonies are held, the Japan Sports Association has set a facility standard of "a facility that can accommodate 3 people", and for the athletics venue, "Japan Athletics FederationIt is required to be a "certified first-class athletics stadium". For this reason, it is often required to develop an athletics stadium that can accommodate 3 people in addition to the national polity.Ki no Kuni Wakayama National Athletic Meet) Was held in Wakayama Prefecture, which brought about an economic spillover effect of 641 billion yen and an employment inducing effect of 4,450 people in the prefecture as a whole together with the national sports competition for the disabled.[4]There is also. In addition, there may be a battle to attract the main venue as in Shiga Prefecture (2024th tournament in 79).[5].

XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X DayJapan Athletic AssociationAs of April 2018, 4Japan Sports AssociationChanged the name to "", and also about the National Sports Festival, "National Sports FestivalIt was approved to propose a name change to[6][7].. However, the name of "National Sports Festival" isBasic sports lawSince it is also stipulated in Article 26, it is necessary to revise the law for a formal name change.[6], For this reason, was convened in January 2018196th DietThe bill to amend the Basic Sports Law was deliberated at, and on June 6, the same year.House of Councilors plenary sessionIt was approved and approved by the majority of the ruling parties.[8].. In response to this, the Japan Sports Association announced on the same day, "78th competition(2023年) Will be renamed to "National Sports Festival"[8], The abbreviation was "" at the National Athletic Meet held the next day.Country sports, And the English name is "JAPAN GAMESDecided to change to[9].

Tournament symbol mark

2 times(1947年) Was established. The mark is a red tilted 30 degrees to the rightTorchesIs surrounded by a blue band (width is 1/10 of the diameter of the entire mark).

Opening ceremony

Lyrics and lyrics as a tournament song from the 2nd (1947) Autumn TournamentTakao Saeki, CompositionShinichi Takataof"Young powerIs sung at the opening and closing ceremoniesMass gameIs done. In addition, at the opening ceremonyEmperor-QueenWill be present. A bonfire relay will be held at the autumn tournament, and the bonfire stand will be ignited at the opening ceremony and the fire will be delivered at the general closing ceremony. PreviouslyWinter competitionHowever, the opening ceremony was held, but due to the national polity reform, it will be changed to the opening ceremony from 2010, and the ceremony will be simplified.

The bonfireOlympic OfTorchThe first bonfire was ignited5 times(1950年),Bonfire relay The12 times(1957年) Was started. The relay itselfTournament flag relayAs3 times(1948年) From the previous year's National Athletic Meet venue in the form of relaying the tournament flag,28 times(1973年), The bonfire relay and the tournament flag relay were integrated into a relay format only at the venue.

Tournament history


Before the warMeiji Shrine Games 1924年-1943年Was done in. As a general rule, except for the Winter GamesMeiji Jingu Gaien(CurrentTokyoShinjuku ward-Shibuya WardIt was held in various parts of the Kanto region, including the part corresponding to). (Refer to the relevant section in detail)


1945年12/26,Kishi Memorial GymnasiumAtRyozo Hiranuma(Dainippon Athletic AssociationDirector),Suehiro Ketaro(Chairman of the Dainippon Aquatics Federation),Saburo Kiyose, Tatsuo Kutomi, Keijiro Ishida and other people who had been in important positions in the sports organization before the war met to discuss the ideal way of sports after the war and the organization and business of the sports organization, and it was proposed to hold a national athletic meet.

1946年To give hope and courage to the people during the postwar turmoil[3], Hiranuma, Kiyose et al.Hiroshi KasugaTalked with (Chairman of Kansai Sports Union) and formed a board of directors. Implementation guidelines are consideredGHQThe 40st National Sports Festival has started with national approval and a subsidy of 1 yen from the government.


Winter competition

venuePrefecturesIf it is difficult to secure sufficient facilities and equipment at the venue (hereinafter referred to as the venue), the competition can be held at facilities outside the venue, but the Winter Games will be held outside the venue of this competition. Is different, and the venue of this competition does not co-sponsor the Winter Games[10][Note 1].

Winter competitionDue to the characteristics of, the prefectures that can be the venue are limited[12], 1 prefectures were the venues from the 2020st convention to the 75th convention in 19[13].. Long time agoskate-Ice hockeyCompetition (35th competitionUntil skating competition)SkiThere were many "separate holdings" in which the competitions were held in different prefectures, but since 2005, when the venue selection was difficult and the skating and ice hockey competitions were further separated, the holding format was changed. Is diversifying.[14][15]

Main Tournament (Summer Games / Autumn Games)

Initially, the Summer and Autumn Games will be permanentKansaiIt was planned to be held in the district, but after the first session,Ishikawa 2 times(1947年) The fact that I ran for the venue of the autumn tournament triggered the rotation of each prefecture. The (past) summer and autumn tournaments are basically the samePrefecturesHeld in.

In addition, the venue is divided into three regions: east, middle, and west. Furthermore, the area is divided into 3 blocks (East area: Hokkaido / Tohoku / Kanto, Middle area: Kita Shinetsu / Tokai / Kinki, West area: China / Shikoku / Kyushu), adjusted by block and area, and decided up to 3 years ahead. The last East Shikoku National Athletic Meet (5) as a joint event was difficult to coordinate within the block because all four prefectures in Shikoku requested to be invited. Although a vote was submitted, Ehime, which was the venue for athletics in the past, was removed, and Kochi got off on the condition that it will be the main venue in 1993, which is the next turn of Shikoku, so it will be held in two prefectures, Tokushima and Kagawa. Calm down.

2 winter tournaments・ (Summer) ・ If all 3 (4) tournaments are held in the same prefecture, it will be a “complete national polity” (especially).Hokkaido,Tohoku region,Koshinetsu district,Hokuriku regionWhen the autumn tournament is held in such a cold region, two winter tournaments are often held at the same time). Also56 times(2001年) After the end of this tournament (autumn tournament)National disabled sports meet"Is also done.

The ☆ mark in front of the tournament name in the table below is the complete national polity. The host prefecture isWinter competitionIf they are different from, different names are given.

Number of timesYearsNamevenuesloganEmperor's cupEmpress cup
11946年Kinki National Athletic Meet[Note 2]KeihanshinRegionNoneNoneNone
21947年Ishikawa National Athletic Meet[Note 2]Ishikawa
31948年Fukuoka National Athletic MeetFukuokaTokyo京都
41949年Tokyo National Athletic MeetTokyoTokyo
51950年Aichi National Athletic MeetAichi
61951年Hiroshima National Athletic MeetHiroshimaHokkaido(winter)Hokkaido (winter)
Tokyo (summer and autumn)Tokyo (summer and autumn)
71952年Tohoku 3 prefectures national polityFukushima
Hokkaido (winter)Hokkaido (winter)
Tokyo (summer and autumn)Tokyo (summer and autumn)
81953年Shikoku National Athletic MeetEhime
Hokkaido (winter)Hokkaido (winter)
Tokyo (summer and autumn)Tokyo (summer and autumn)
91954年Hokkaido National Athletic MeetHokkaidoHokkaido (winter)Hokkaido (winter)
Nara(swimming)Nara (swimming)
Tokyo (summer and autumn)Tokyo (summer and autumn)
101955年Kanagawa National Athletic MeetKanagawaTokyoTokyo
111956年Hyogo National Athletic MeetHyogo
121957年Shizuoka National Athletic MeetShizuokaShizuoka
131958年Toyama National Athletic MeetToyamaTokyo
141959年Tokyo National Athletic Meet[Note 3]Tokyo
151960年Kumamoto National Athletic MeetKumamoto
161961年Akita National Athletic MeetAkitaBright national polity
171962年Okayama National Athletic MeetOkayamaOkayama National Athletic Meet that creates history
181963年Yamaguchi National Athletic MeetYamaguchi Fraternity, service, breakthrough
191964年Niigata National Athletic Meet[Note 4]NiigataThe bicep of the prefectural unity to the national polityNiigataNiigata
201965年Gifu National Athletic MeetGifuBright, strong and beautifulGifuGifu
211966年Strong national polityOitaTakeshi, fraternity, NobuyoshiOitaTokyo
221967年Fresh national politySaitamaLet's succeed Saitama National Athletic Meet
Let's meet with heart Saitama National Athletic Meet
埼 玉埼 玉
231968年Kind national polity[Note 5]FukuiBright, strong and strongFukuiTokyo
241969年National Athletic MeetNagasakiCreative national polity that opens tomorrowNagasakiNagasaki
251970年Michinoku National Athletic MeetIwateSincerity Happy Happy BreakthroughIwateOsaka
261971年Kuroshio National Athletic MeetWakayamaBright, rich and strong和 歌 山Osaka
271972年National body of the sunKagoshimaBright, strong and noisyKagoshimaKagoshima
special1973年Young summer national polity[Note 6]OkinawaStrong, bright and newNoneNone
281973年Wakashio National Athletic MeetChibaShining heart Shining power Shining sun千葉Tokyo
291974年Water and Green Heart National Athletic MeetIbarakiNoneIbarakiIbaraki
301975年Mie National Athletic MeetMieNoneTripleTriple
311976年Wakakusu National Athletic MeetSagaRefreshing, refreshing, laid back佐賀Tokyo
321977年Asunaro National Athletic MeetAomoriStrong and strongAomoriTokyo
331978年Yamabiko National Athletic MeetNaganoHolding hands on the Japanese roofNaganoNagano
341979年Japanese hometown Miyazaki National Athletic MeetMiyazakiA growing heart, a growing power, a growing hometownMiyazakiMiyazaki
351980年Tochinoha National Athletic MeetTochigiStretching power Musubu heart open tomorrowTochigiTochigi
361981年Biwako National Athletic MeetShigaYouth full of water and greeneryShigaShiga
371982年Kunibiki National Athletic MeetShimane This contact opens the futureShimaneShimane
381983年Akagi National Athletic MeetGunmaLet's run towards the windGunmaGunma
391984年Wakakusa National Athletic MeetNaraRun Yamatoji flapping futureNaraNara
401985年Wakatori National Athletic MeetTottoriLet's fly towards tomorrowTottoriTottori
411986年Kaiji National Athletic MeetYamanashiLet's expand the place of contactYamanashiYamanashi
421987年Marine national polityOkinawaGlittering sun, spreading friendshipOkinawaOkinawa
431988年Kyoto National Athletic MeetKyotoLet's run towards a new history京都京都
441989年Hamanasu National Athletic MeetHokkaidoYou, now be the wind of the northern landHokkaidoHokkaido
451990年Tobiume National Athletic MeetFukuokaTokimeki Encounter PowerFukuokaFukuoka
461991年Ishikawa National Athletic MeetIshikawaMy applause for your wonderful record石川石川
471992年Benibana National Athletic MeetYamagataThe protagonists of the 21st centuryYamagataYamagata
481993年East Shikoku National Athletic MeetKagawa
Encounter competition and to the futureKagawaKagawa
491994年Wakasachi National Athletic MeetAichiGood sweat catch! Lively AichiAichiAichi
501995年Fukushima National Athletic MeetFukushimaFriend, fly to the real sky!FukushimaFukushima
511996年Hiroshima National Athletic MeetHiroshimaA lot of life, blooming!HiroshimaHiroshima
521997年Namihaya National Athletic MeetOsakaOsaka Fureai Dream MakingOsakaOsaka
531998年Kanagawa/Yume National Athletic MeetKanagawaSweat sweat神奈川神奈川
541999年Kumamoto Future National Athletic MeetKumamotoPeople shine.KumamotoKumamoto
552000年2000 Toyama National Athletic MeetToyamaAinokaze ToyamaToyamaToyama
562001年New Century Miyagi National Athletic MeetMiyagiLike! That sweat, that smileMiyagiMiyagi
572002年Yosakoi Kochi National Athletic MeetKochiAdvanceTokyoTokyo
582003年NEW!! Wakafuji National Athletic MeetShizuokaI like "do my best"ShizuokaShizuoka
592004年Sai no Kuni Makoto National Athletic MeetSaitamaThis dream, this cheer埼 玉埼 玉
602005年Sunny Country Okayama National Athletic MeetOkayamaYou are shining ☆OkayamaOkayama
612006年Nojigiku Hyogo National Athletic MeetHyogo"Thank you" from the bottom of my heartHyogoHyogo
622007年Akita Wakasugi National Athletic MeetAkitaPut it in the position of your heartAkitaAkita
632008年Challenge! Oita National Athletic MeetOitaA new step from here to the futureOitaOita
642009年Tokimeki Niigata National Athletic MeetNiigataToki Hanate Your power to the skyNiigataNiigata
652010年Yume Peninsula Chiba National Athletic MeetChibaNow it becomes the wind of Boso and shines in this moment千葉千葉
662011年Come on! Yamaguchi National Athletic MeetYamaguchi I want to meet you for the rest of my lifeYamaguchiYamaguchi
672012年Gifu Clear Stream National Athletic MeetGifuShine is flapping Everyone is the leading roleGifuGifu
682013年Sports Festival Tokyo 2013TokyoTokyo, Tama, islands, flapping athletesTokyoTokyo
692014年Nagasaki Ganbaramba National Athletic MeetNagasakiYour dream is flapping now from NagasakiNagasaki
702015年Ki no Kuni Wakayama National Athletic MeetWakayamaLiveliness, joy, and bond和 歌 山
712016年Hope Township Iwate National Athletic Meet[16]IwateImpressed to spread it. Thank you for tellingTokyo
722017年Ai Facial Tunagu Hime National Athletic MeetEhimeYou run the wind and dance to Seto
732018年Fukui Happy National Athletic Meet[Note 7]FukuiWeaving power, skill and beautyFukuiFukui
742019年Lively Yagi Castle Yume KunigataIbarakiShobe flapping and to the futureIbarakiIbaraki
762021年Mie and the National Athletic MeetMieCrushing people shining in the futureNot enforcedNot enforced
772022年Ichigo Ichikai Tochigi National Athletic MeetTochigiImpress your dreams to the futureNot enforcedNot enforced
special2023年Burning emotional movement national polity[Note 8]KagoshimaHot beating wind from the southNot enforcedNot enforced
782024年SAGA2024SagaTo a new tournament. The power of sports for everyone.[Note 9]Not enforcedNot enforced
792025年ShigaImpression of the lake country Connecting to the futureNot enforcedNot enforced
802026年AomoriGo to the future Riding the Jomon windNot enforcedNot enforced
812027年MiyazakiBecome an inspiring myth to spinNot enforcedNot enforced
822028年UndecidedNaganoUndecidedNot enforcedNot enforced
832029年UndecidedGunmaUndecidedNot enforcedNot enforced
842030年UndecidedShimane UndecidedNot enforcedNot enforced
852031年UndecidedUndecidedUndecidedNot enforcedNot enforced
862032年UndecidedUndecidedUndecidedNot enforcedNot enforced
872033年UndecidedTottoriUndecidedNot enforcedNot enforced
  1. ^ 2013 years68th competitionThe venue for the main autumn competition is Tokyo, and the venue for the Winter Games skating competition is also Tokyo, but the venue for the Winter Games ski competition is not Tokyo but Kazuno City, Akita Prefecture. On the contrary, the venue for the speed event of the skating competition is Koriyama City, Fukushima Prefecture, but the venue (sponsor) is Tokyo.[11].
  2. ^ a b Since the first competition was scheduled according to the fiscal year, the winter competition was scheduled to be held after the autumn competition (thus, this competition was in the order of summer → autumn → winter / skating → winter / skiing. However, due to the problem of team transportation, this first Winter Ski Games was not held). This was a remnant of the prewar Jingu competition (national training competition) that was held on the same schedule. Therefore, the Winter Games will not be held in the 1nd calendar year system, and the current method (winter / skating → winter / skiing → (summer) → autumn. The 1rd Winter Games will be the first in effect. ) Is established.
  3. ^ Aichi / Mie / Gifu prefectureIsewan TyphoonDid not participate due to the influence of.
  4. ^ Tokyo OlympicsDue to the convenience of holding the event, the autumn tournament will be held in the spring (June). Also, the Summer Games occurred immediately after that.Niigata earthquakeIt was canceled due to the influence of.
  5. ^ Although the national polity and the Meiji Restoration are unrelated, it was given the title of "Meiji Centennial Memorial".
  6. ^ Return to mainlandCommemorative special national polity.
  7. ^ It was given the title of "Meiji 150th Anniversary".
  8. ^ It will be held as a "special tournament", and the board of directors of the Japan Sports Association has decided not to count the number of tournaments.
  9. ^ In this tournament, the main message is established instead of the slogan.

Eligibility / Age classification

Participation qualifications vary depending on the competition, but in principle the event will be held.年度InValais, SwitzerlandIt is a condition that you are in the third grade or above. Participation of the third grade of junior high school43 times(1988年) More possible[17].

Age categories also vary by sport, but here are some common examples of athletics and swimming. Other competitions are generally similar to this.

  • Boy B: 16 years before the event4/2 ――14 years before the event year4/1Those born during the period of (High 1 / Middle 3)
  • Boy A: April 18nd, 4 years before the event-Those born during the period of April 2st, 16 years before the event (High 4, High 1)
  • Adults: Those born before April 18st, 4 years before the event

Faculty Department

In the past, in some competitions, the adult division was "general" and "TeacherIt was divided into the categories.1979年 OfMiyazaki National Athletic MeetAbolished with. What was done until the endAthletics,サ ッ カ ー,Skiing / Giant Slalom,Ski jump,Ski Nordic combined,Ski cross-country,basketball,speed skate,Sumo,badmintonEach competition[18].

It is a remnant of the category of "teachers' department", and in some ball games, there are many club teams that originated from the teachers' department team (teachers' team). As an existing clubKanagawa Prefecture Teacher SC(Football·Kanto League2nd division),Osaka Faculty Group(rugby·Top westC affiliation) etc. As a club derived from the faculty group,J League OfRenofa Yamaguchi FC(← Yamaguchi Prefectural Teachers' Group),Tochigi SC(← Tochigi Teacher SC),Gainale Tottori(←Tottori Teachers' Group),Kagoshima United FC(←Kagoshima Teachers' Group),B League OfKagoshima Revenize(← Kagoshima Teachers Club),V League OfTokyo Verdy(← Tokyo Teacher Volleyball Club) and so on.

Also, in athletics, it's a remnant of that, or 2011Come on! Yamaguchi National Athletic MeetUntil then, the participation requirement is that "one faculty member must participate regardless of whether it is an adult male or an adult female. If there is no faculty member, it is not possible to participate in all adult male and female events."[19]was there.Hiromi TaniguchiAlthough he once aimed to become a teacher after graduating from university, he was not accepted due to the narrow recruitment quota immediately after the Miyazaki National Athletic Meet.[20].

In addition, there is also an independent competition as an independent national competition after the end of the National Athletic Meet teachers' section (National Teacher Soccer Championship・ All Japan Teacher Basketball Championship, etc.).

Introduction of hometown player system

59 times(2004年), The adult department was a participant from the prefecture where he lived or worked.60 times(2005年), A registration system called "Furusato Player System" was started.

  • This is graduatedJunior high schoolorhigh schoolIt is a system that allows you to register the prefecture where you are located as a "hometown" and participate from that "hometown". Since then, the number of prominent hometown athletes has increased, especially in individual sports. In addition, the use of the hometown player system is limited to 1 years or more and up to 2 times at a time, and the "hometown" once registered cannot be changed.
  • Since 2011, the regulations have been revised so that athletes based outside Japan can also utilize the hometown athlete system.68 times(2013年) Then at that time米 国Was the base of activitiesKousuke KitajimaParticipated as a "hometown player" in Tokyo.

Participation of professional athletes

Participation of professional players is included in the "Future Ideal Project" launched in 2005, and we are working toward its realization.[21].. As a result, some professional players have been participating since 2005.

  • However, as a conditionJapan Professional Sports AssociationOnly athletes who have a real professional contract with a company in non-member competitions are left to the judgment of each competition federation.

Participation of foreign athletes

Japanese nationalityFor players who do not haveSchool education lawOnly students enrolled in the school stipulated in Article 1 can participate with restrictions (restrictions shall be set by each competition federation). After 2006Permanent residencyhaveForeignerAlso opened the door.

In the past, foreign players were not allowed to participate at all, so they were selected for the national polity.Waseda Jitsugyo High SchoolThe baseball club is an ace and a main hitterSadaharu Oh(Republic of ChinaIn some cases, I had to face without nationality. Meanwhile, at that timeKoreanMetChoshu power(Mitsuo Yoshida)Sakuragaoka High School, Yamaguchi PrefectureBecause the coach of the team pretended not to know his nationality44 Nagasaki National Athletic MeetWrestling for boys and boys.

Overall grades and awards

Participation points and competition points are given for each type, and the total for each prefectureEmperor's Cup / Empress's CupCompete. Participation in competitions (including block competitions) will give 10 points as participation points for each competition (not given if you do not participate in this competition while acquiring the right to participate in this competition in block competitions.64 timesSince the tournament is a total of 40 competitions, the maximum number of participation points that can be obtained is 400 points). The competition score is the score given when a prize is won for each event, and the points vary depending on each competition. The method of prefectural competition has not been enforced at the 1st, 2nd and 1973 special competitions, the 6th, 7th and 8th are divided into winter and summer and autumn, and the 9th is subdivided into winter, swimming and summer and autumn. Was there.

RecognitionIn addition to the Emperor's Cup and Empress's Cup, the tournament president ranked first in the overall results for men and women in each competition.Trophy, Certificates of commendation to the top 8 in overall grades, and winners for each eventCertificateIs awarded.

1964年 OfNiigata National Athletic MeetSince then, there have been many cases of overall victory in the host prefecture, which has been controversial (details).Later[22].

Number of awards received by the Emperor's Cup and Empress's Cup (by prefecture)
Name of prefecturesEmperorRearEmperor's Cup yearEmpress's Cup year
Tokyo19251948,1949, 1950,1951, 1952 Summer Autumn, XNUMX Summer Autumn,
1953 Summer Autumn, 1954 Summer Autumn, 1955,1956,1958, XNUMX, XNUMX,
1959, 1960,1961,1962,1963,2002,2013,
1949, 1950,1951 Summer Autumn, 1952 Summer Autumn, 1953 Summer Autumn,
1954 Summer Autumn, 1955,1956,1957,1958,1959, 1960,
Hokkaido551951 winter, 1952 winter, 1953 winter,1954 winter,19891951 winter, 1952 winter, 1953 winter,1954 winter,1989
Nara221954 swimming,19841954 swimming,1984
Shimane 1119821982
Yamaguchi 1120112011
  • TaiziIs the venue victory.

Commemorative issue

Commemorating the National Athletic Meet except the 1stCommemorative stampIs published during the autumn national polity. 2 types are issued up to the 5nd-4th (3 types including winter only for the 5rd), 6 types are issued up to the 21th-2st, and 22 type is issued after the 1nd. While other commemorative stamps are charged for envelopes (standard size 25g or less), national polity stamps are characterized by postcard charges. In the era when multiple competitions were published, various competitions were drawn in intaglio printing, but after only one type was published, it became gravure multicolor printing and the cultural artifacts of the host prefecture were drawn along with the competition. In addition, after the 1th-44th and 46th, "Oldness and stampsThe national polity stamp is issued as

In addition, in commemoration of the National Athletic Meet, railway companies in the relevant areas may sell commemorative tickets and admission tickets.

Mascot character

There is a mascot character who plays a part in PR in the tournament, but this first appeared in the 30th (1975年)ofMie National Athletic MeetAppeared inAntelopeIs the character who designed. It was called the Pet Mark when it first appeared, but the 38th (1983年)ofAkagi National Athletic MeetFor the first time, the named character "Gunma-chan (designed a horse)" appeared, and this style has been inherited to this day (note that the character itself is set for the 31st, 32nd, 35th, 36th, and 37th National Athletic Meet). It has not been). In the background where the mascot character appeared1980 eraWas actively held inLocal expositionThe fact that the mascot character was used for the PR of was influenced.

In recent years, so-called "Yuru CharaDue to the influence of the boom, there are many cases where the prefecture's official mascot or similar mascot continues to be used even after the end of the tournament, or the prefecture's mascot character that has existed before the national polity is appointed as the national mascot.

Ceremony music

Ceremony music used in the opening and closing ceremonies is produced for each tournament, and each song is played in scenes such as bonfires and entrance marches.

Apart from these, image songs are also made for each tournament, and are often sung by local singers.

Broadcast on TV

  • NHK E TeleMainly around 15:16 to 1:2 during the holding period, we will pick up and broadcast XNUMX-XNUMX events every day. Regarding the general opening ceremonyNHK General Television(2013 "Sports Festival Tokyo 2013" has an opening ceremony in the evening, so it was also broadcast on E-Tele, and at the same time.Japan Women's OpenMay overlap and may be broadcast on E-tele). However, depending on the timeN Contest National CompetitionIt may be recorded and relayed at a later date due to the relationship.
  • As a basic format, on competition days other than the opening ceremony, a special venue will be set up in the local broadcasting station studio (news studio or open studio), and the announcer of the local broadcasting station (two men and women, or one of them) (In the case of women, including contract staff) is in charge of commentary and progress in the studio, and an overview of the main competitions broadcast on that day and introduction of the players and host municipalities to watch → Broadcast from the competition venue → Again From the special venue to the introduction of other major competition results and topicsNational high school general physical education meet(Inter-High) It is almost the same as the broadcast of the first half of the game. In 2013, it was broadcast only from the competition venue, and the progress of the studio part and the results of other competitions held on the day of the broadcast were not introduced.
  • The Winter Games are not broadcast nationwide.
  • In local commercial broadcasting, highlight programs may be broadcast locally.

Held competition

Formal competition / special competition

Annual competition
Is a special competition. The starting year is a formal competition.
CompetitionStart yearTypeRemarks
SkiGiant slalomAlpine skiing pictogram.svg1948All typesUntil the 5thJapan Championshipand.
Special jumpSki jumping pictogram.svg1948BoysUntil the 5thJapan Championshipand.
Cross countryCross country skiing pictogram.svg1948All typesUntil the 5thJapan Championshipand. For girls from the 7th.
CombinedNordic combined pictogram.svg1948All typesUntil the 5thJapan Championshipand.
skatespeedSpeed ​​skating pictogram.svg1947All types
Short trackShort track speed skating pictogram.svg2001All types
Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euFigure skating pictogram.svg1947All types1st onlyJapan Championshipand.
Ice hockeyIce hockey pictogram.svg1947BoysUp to the 35th, it is a division of skating competition.
水 泳SwimmingSwimming pictogram.svg1946All types1st onlyJapan Championshipand. Open water swimming added from the 71st[23].
Dive competitionDiving pictogram.svgAll types
Artistic swimmingSynchronized swimming pictogram.svgBoys and girls
water poloWater polo pictogram.svgBoys Boys / GirlsGirls from the 74th
AthleticsAthletics pictogram.svg1946All types1st onlyJapan Championshipand.
サ ッ カ ーFootball pictogram.svg1946All typesFor girls, from the 52nd (adult girls up to the 60th).
TennisTennis pictogram.svg1946All types
ボ ー トRowing pictogram.svg1946All types
hockeyField hockey pictogram.svg1946All types2st onlyJapan Championshipand.
boxingBoxing pictogram.svg1946All typesGirls added from the 71st[23].
volleyballVolleyball (indoor) pictogram.svg1946All typesUntil the 15th, only 9 people, only the 1stJapan Championshipand. From the 16th and 31st to the 65th, there are 6 and 9 players.
GymnasticsGymnasticsGymnastics (artistic) pictogram.svg1946All types2st onlyJapan Championshipand.
Rhythmic gymnasticsGymnastics (rhythmic) pictogram.svg1949Boys and girlsBoys and boys will also be held until the 63rd.
basketballBasketball pictogram.svg1946All types
wrestlingWrestling pictogram.svg1946All typesGirls added from the 71st[23].
SailingSailing pictogram.svg1946All typesYacht competition until the 54th.
Weight liftingWeightlifting pictogram.svg1946All typesUntil the 7thJapan Championshipand. Girls added from the 71st[23].
handballHandball pictogram.svg1946All types
Bicycle competitionRoad raceCycling (road) pictogram.svg1946BoysUntil the 3thJapan Championshipand.
Track raceCycling (track) pictogram.svg1946All typesGirls added from the 71st[23].
Soft tennisSoft tennis pictogram.svg1946All types1st onlyJapan Championshipand.
Table tennisTable tennis pictogram.svg1946All types1st onlyJapan Championshipand. Softball is also available until the 29th.
SumoSumo pictogram.svg1946Boys
EquestrianEquestrian pictogram.svg1946All typesThe boy is a mixture of men and women.
fencingFencing pictogram.svg1949All typesEpe is for adult boys, and saber is for adult girls only.
judoJudo pictogram.svg1950All typesFor girls from the 46th.
soft ballSoftball pictogram.svg1950All typesThe 1st and 4th are open competitions. From the 12th for boys.
badmintonBadminton pictogram.svg1949All types
Archery1949All types
Rifle shootingShooting pictogram.svg1951All typesCP is for adult boys only.
kendoKendo pictogram.svg1953All types
Rugby footballRugby union pictogram.svg1946All typesSevens from the 68th. Girls added from the 7st[23].
MountainClimbing pictogram.svg1980All typesOpen competitions from the 2nd to the 34th.
CanoeSprintCanoeing (flatwater) pictogram.svg1977All types
slalomCanoeing (slalom) pictogram.svgAdult men and women
Wild waterAdult men and women
archeryArchery pictogram.svg1980All types
karateKarate pictogram.svg1979All types
Clay shootingShooting pictogram.svg1951Excluded from 27th to 31st.
BowlingBowling pictogram.svg1987All types
GolfGolf pictogram.svg1999All types
High school baseballBaseball pictogram.svg-BoysSoftball is also implemented from the 8th. Open competition until the 69th. Special competition from the 70th.
Biennial competition
Is a biennial competition A,Is a biennial competition B. For biennial competitions, A and B will be held every other year, and for those who do not, one competition will be selected as the venue selection competition.
CompetitionStart yearTypeRemarks
BaseballBaseball pictogram.svg1946Adult manEvery other year from the 70th.
Bayonet1980BoysEvery other year from the 70th.
Naginata1982womanEvery other year from the 70th.
triathlonTriathlon pictogram.svg2015Adult men and womenOpen competition until the 69th. Every other year from the 70th.
Competitions to be added
CompetitionStart yearTypeRemarks
Beach volleyballVolleyball (beach) pictogram.svg2019[24]Adult men and womenOpen competition from the 52nd.
Competitions held in the past
  • American football (1st)
  • Touch football (2nd)
  • Business team baseball (1st-3rd)
  • Shinai Kyogi

Open competition

SkiMogulFreestyle skiing pictogram.svg
ノ ノ ー ボ ーSnowboarding pictogram.svg
BiathlonBiathlon pictogram.svg
Tug of warTug of war pictogram.svg
Power lifting
Ground golf

Demonstration sports

Demonstration sports will be held in about 20 events. There is a tendency for competitions that take advantage of the characteristics of each region to be adopted.

Boys and girls sports
Disabled sports

About the future

  • Discussions are being held on the addition of the non-national sports that have been adopted for the Olympic Games. Girls have been added to judo since the 46th (1991) and soccer from the 52nd (1997). After that, with the decision to hold the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, water polo, boxing, wrestling, weight lifting, cycling, rugby girls, beach volleyball, open water swimming, trampoline, triathlon men and women will be introduced in stages.[25][26].
  • In addition, there are movements to lower the upper limit of the boys' club for the purpose of giving them the opportunity to participate in the first and third years of high school and alleviating the overcrowded schedule of the second and third years of high school. Soccer has been under 1 years old since the 3st (2), and basketball has also been decided to shift from the 3th (61).[27].. On the other hand, there are voices requesting participation in gymnastics, swimming, table tennis, etc. in the second year of junior high school or less, so we will consider it by 2.[28].

Rehearsal tournament

At the competition federations of each country, the competition will be held at the venue before the event, entitled "Rehearsal Competition". Depending on the competition, the national polity area qualifying, the one that is held in the same format as the national polity,Japan ChampionshipThere are various cases such as positioning the rehearsal tournament. In some cases, multiple tournaments are rehearsed (for example, the handball rehearsal tournament in Hyogo).

The main rehearsal tournaments are as follows.

Criticism and problems

Victory supremacy of the host prefecture

1964年 OfNiigata National Athletic MeetSince then, it has become almost normal for the host prefectures to win the Emperor's Cup and Empress's Cup, which are the overall victory cups. This is due to the existence of a so-called "full entry system" in which representatives of the host prefecture can participate in all events regardless of the qualifying results, and the host prefecture is investing funds in strengthening players, managing the tournament, and establishing facilities as venues. is there. In strengthening athletes, it was pointed out that the host prefecture actively hires influential athletes other than the locals as prefectural staff, school teachers, and board of education staff (this is also a "migratory ship" for amateur athletes). May have been[22].

2011 is a prominent example of this.Come on! Yamaguchi National Athletic MeetIs the host prefecture ofYamaguchi There is an example of. At the timeDeputy Governor・ At the party, "Flag waving (the superiority or inferiority is decided by the subjectivity of the referee) will give the host prefecture an advantage" "Palm[29]Even if you do, you will take first place, "he said, and even at the place of explanation when this was criticized, he said," The purpose is that the host prefecture tends to be advantageous. It does not mean "even if it violates". " Is[30].

Against such a convention2002年 OfYosakoi Kochi National Athletic MeetThen.Daijiro HashimotoGovernor of Kochi PrefectureAs a result of (at that time) abolishing these customs, Kochi Prefecture, the host prefecture, remained in 10th place, both men and women.TokyoWon the championship. However, such cases have been seen this time in the past.2016年 OfHope Township Iwate National Athletic Meet(At this timeGreat East Japan EarthquakeIt is said that this is because the cost of strengthening the national polity was reduced because the reconstruction of the national polity was prioritized.[22]),2017年 OfEhime Tsunaguehime National Athletic MeetThere are only 3 times.

Japan Trade Union FederationIs a venue with a victorious supremacy such as "full entry system"MunicipalitiesInsists on abolition as it imposes an excessive burden on.

Existence of "Gypsy player"

In connection with the measures to strengthen the host prefectures in the preceding paragraph, it is said that there are athletes who participate in the national polity by moving their prefectural competition federations and representative prefectures to the site every time the venue changes. To be a representative player, you must be registered as a resident in that prefecture and live in it.GypsyDespised as a "player".

Former track and field athleteShunji KanabeHad pointed out its existence as of 2000[31]But so farJapan Athletic AssociationWas not a problem. But in 2010Yume Peninsula Chiba National Athletic MeetAtYamaguchi In response to the accusation from the Japan Sports Association that "there are athletes in the Yamaguchi Prefectural Athletic Meet of the Chiba National Athletic Meet who have no actual living conditions (in the same prefecture)" Established "Tripartite Committee"[32]By doing so, the problem becomes apparent.

Also the chairman of the Yamaguchi Prefectural Sports AssociationFutoshi NiiGovernor of Yamaguchi Prefecture"As with the national polity so far, we have worked to secure athletes by referring to the cases of other host prefectures and prefectural organizations, opinions of central sports organizations, etc. Acquiring athletes according to customary rules. I've done it. "[33]However, while placing a resident card in Yamaguchi Prefecture, the third-party committee decided that 72 athletes in 7 sports such as athletics and swimming were in violation of participation qualification for 35 athletes whose activity base was pointed out that there is no actual residence outside Yamaguchi Prefecture. , Yamaguchi Prefecture's punishment was postponed because the athlete himself could not be involved in the selection of representatives, but he was careful about the dispatched Yamaguchi Prefectural Athletic Association and 7 sports groups. We have compiled a report that the points earned by the athlete should be deducted from the overall results.[34].

In the report from this third-party committee, regarding the residence qualifications of future athletes, it is the first time that "in principle, there is a residence situation that exceeds half of the target period (from April 4 of the holding year to the end of this tournament)". Shows the standard for days[34].. On the other hand, as a recommendation, regarding the participation qualification itself, "There are many training camps and expeditions, and it is insufficient in terms of promoting the participation of top athletes who have difficulty in creating actual conditions of residence and work in prefectures (" Place of residence "" In addition to "work location" and "hometown," it is also effective to expand qualifications that make it easy to invite top athletes. "[34].

After all, on February 2011, 2, the Japan Sports Association decided to clarify the previously ambiguous criteria for participation qualification in terms of living and working conditions.[35].. Approved the report of the third party committee, this standard was applied from the National Athletic Meet in the fall of 2011[36].

Tournament scale bloat

As a result of each competition group wishing to hold the national polity in recent years, the number of competitions held is increasing, and the increase in the burden on the host municipality and regional associations has become a problem. From the above-mentioned Kuroshio National Athletic Meet, soccer competition was shifted from autumn to summer, and athletics was held before the opening ceremony of the autumn tournament, and the schedule was extended to about 10 days. The 63rd (2008) was held as one tournament by integrating the summer tournament and the autumn tournament, and the equipment was provided by the prefectures where the games were held in the past and reused.

In response to this, the Japan Sports Association project team began reviewing the competitions, and the official competitions to be held in the same year were the current 3 competitions including 40 winter competitions, and 51 competitions (including the current 40 competitions) that were requested to participate. It was ranked by 45 evaluation points.

  • The Olympic Games are emphasized with 300 points, and in addition to traditional sports such as sumo, the policy is to adopt 41 high-ranked sports including triathlon, which is a public competition, as a formal competition, based on the domestic and overseas diffusion status and the junior strengthening system. It was. This will be divided into three categories: "annual implementation", "biennial implementation", and "venue selection", and the four lower-ranked competitions will be "biennial implementation", with two competitions each year. However, one of the two competitions that is out of the implementation year will be "Venue selection".
  • As a result of the above, the four sports that were judged to be "every other year" were baseball, naginata, jukendo, and triathlon. It will be implemented from the 4 Tokyo tournament.

The project cost for holding the tournament varies widely, with Wakayama prefecture in 2015 at about 303 billion yen and Gifu prefecture in 2012 at about 136 billion yen, but the average project cost from 2013 to 2017 Is in the first half of 200 billion yen. As the standards for firefighting and earthquake resistance are being strengthened, there is a limit to reusing existing facilities that have deteriorated, and in some cases it is necessary to construct new facilities, but on the other hand, the national polity is prefectural. There are also examples of renewing facilities as a place to show.[37].


  • CompanyWhen an employee or employee of Japan participates in the national polity as a player, coach, manager, referee, officer, etc., depending on the company, the employee or employee may participate.special holidaysMay be issued.
  • In the case of group competitions, there are cases where a selection team is formed for each prefecture, and there are cases where a strong team in that prefecture is dispatched as a representative. It is entrusted to each prefectural sports federation.
  • On the other hand, there are cases where teams are formed mainly for the national polity held locally, participated in rehearsal competitions and other championships, and the team continues even after the national polity ends. As a main exampleB LeagueBelongs toToyama GrawsiesOriginally2000 Toyama National Athletic MeetThe team was formed for the purpose of winning the national polity, and the club team continued its activities.


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CoronaWhat is (Corona)2019年From the endEpidemic of new coronavirus infection (COVID-19)Is a term that refers to disasters and crisis situations caused by[1]. "CoronaOut ofコ ロ ナ"Is"New coronavirus'[2],MisfortuneIs a word that means "disaster" or "disaster" or "unfortunate event"[3]Then, it is a compound word that is put after various nouns[4](Other examples: water damage, war damage, etc.).As the epidemic of the new coronavirus infection spreads,2020年(Reiwa 2nd year) It has been widely used in newspapers and online since the middle of March.[5][Annotation 1][Annotation 2].

New Word Award 2020 selected by Daijisen

Shogakukanby"New Word Award Selected by Daijisen In "2020", "Corona Sorrow" was selected as the runner-up,DaijisenA commentary by the editorial department was posted on the announcement site.Served as a special selection committee member regarding the reasons for selectionMeiji UniversityMakirō Tanaka, a professor of the Faculty of International Japanese Studies, said, "It is a word that expresses the current situation of the world, and it is an important word to share the desire to overcome this, find a new lifestyle, and manage to survive. I made it the runner-up with support for that feeling. "In addition, TanakaJapanese languageFrom this point of view, it is worth noting whether "○○ 禍" will be derived as a coined word component in the future.[6].


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  1. ^ In the online transmission by the administration, Such.
  2. ^ In newspaper reports,National newspaperAppeared on all 5 papers. Such.Block paperThen, Such.Prefectural paperThen, in what is evaluated as being equivalent to block paper, Such. In general prefecture paper,Such.


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