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🏓 | Miracle Girl Kasumi Kimura with the name “Kasumi” [The heroine is coming late]


Miracle Girl Kasumi Kimura with the name "Kasumi" [The heroine is coming late]

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Now, even in Kinoshita Abyell Kanagawa, Kasumi Kimura is positioned as a "secret weapon" by the director of the Liu Yanjun army.

"I'm sorry, I think I've gone to another gate." Don't scratch your head in front of the main gate of Senshu University where you met ... → Continue reading

 Professional media for table tennis Rallys

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Kinoshita Avier Kanagawa

Kinoshita Avier Kanagawa(Mushroom scared Kanagawa)KanagawaBased inTable tennisIs a club team. Opened in fall 2018T LeagueBelong to.


Kinoshita Avier Kanagawa was newly established in 2018T LeagueGirlsTable tennisClub team.


October 2018, 10-Japan National TeamKazumi IshikawaThey held a press conference to announce the entry of the T-League.[1]

Active player

Uniform numberCountryPlayer namePlayer rankBattle typeRemarks
#1Japanese flagMihara KiharaAARight shake
#2Hong Kong flagDu KaijuSRight shake
#4Japanese flagYuma HamamotoAAARight shake
#5Republic of Korea flagARight shakeNew member
#7Japanese flagKazumi IshikawaSLeft shake
#8Japanese flagAARight shakeNew member
#11Japanese flagNagasaki MiyukiAALeft shake
#16Japanese flagARight shakeTomokazu HarimotoSister of
#17Japanese flagARight shake drive typeSenshu UniversityStudent
2020-21 season

ス タ ッ フ

general managerJianshin
directed byLiu Yan army
coachNakazawa Akira
coachLiu Raku
2019-20 season


SeasonNumber of matchesNumber of wins(4P win)Number of defeats(Extended negative)ScoreGoalsProfit/lossPointsRemarks
2018-192118432632934 601st in the league
2019-20211318349481 432 bit

Successive players


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