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🎾 | Djokovic's elaborate portrait in a rainy day. Introduced by ATP and talked about

Photo Djokovic at the 2020 French Open

An elaborate portrait of Djokovic drawn in a rainy day. Introduced by ATP and talked about

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He also has portraits of Lionel Messi in soccer and Donald Trump and Kim Jung-eun in politics on the back of his head, each of which is published on Instagram as an art work.

ATP (Association of Tennis Professionals) posted a video by a Serbian hair stylist on Twitter.With the topic ... → Continue reading


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Portrait(Shozo) is a specificA humanExpressed the appearance ofA painting,写真,彫刻Is. Many parts of the body are powerful in identifying individualsfaceIs included. They are called portraits (paintings), portrait photographs (pictures), and portrait sculptures, respectively. In some cases, similarity is required, and in other cases, idealization is required. It may also show artistic form and spirituality.



Portrait artAncient romeFlourished in the sculpture of. At that time, the people who made portraits demanded that the portraits be realistic enough not to be flattering. From around the 4th century, portraits have become an ideal representation of the person depicted. In Europe, portraits that realistically represent the appearance of individualsBurgundyとFranceIt was revived at the end of the Middle Ages.

The earliest example of a portrait of a non-royal civilian isEgyptIt is a portrait at the time of the funeral in the Al-Fayum region. These portraitsFrescoExcept for, it is the only painting that has survived from ancient Roman times, due to the dry climate of Egypt.

In the days when there were no photographs, portraits could be used for beauty. Famous is the Emperor of Ming ChinaZhu YuanzhangThere are two types of portraits, a gentle and neat portrait and a sly and ugly portrait.AlsoDate MasamuneThe portrait of is also drawn intentionally, not in one eye.

Shingen Takeda,Takashi AshikagaHas typical portraits, but there is a theory that they depict different people.

Painted myselfPortrait,Portrait(Portrait, Portrait)Self-portrait(Self portrait, Self portrait). To the painter who drew a characteristic self-portrait,Dürer,Rembrandt,Van GoghAnd so on.

Portrait photography

Portrait photographyHas become a popular commercial enterprise around the world. There are also people who take pictures of family portraits to put up in their house at photo studios.

Portrait photography has been made since the dawn of photography. The need for inexpensive portraits was a major cause of the fashion of mid-late 19th century silver plate photography. Photo studios spread throughout cities around the world, and even some studios developed more than 1 copies per day. These early achievements reflect the technical limitations associated with 500 second exposures and the painter's aesthetics at the time. The subject being photographed was generally seated in front of a plain background, lit by the soft light reflected from windows and mirrors from above.

In politics, the portrait of the leader will be used as a national symbol. In most countries, it is common diplomatic ritual that the portrait of the head of state be placed on important government buildings.

神Sometimes a photograph is used as a portrait of.New religionFounder, political leader,Royal familyThe powerGod of lifeWhen worshiping, a photograph may be used. Also, God is the photograph of the person who is not in powerFolk beliefAs an example ofShiro SendaiThere is.

The photos are usually reproduced well, but can be modified. The retouching technology is advancing year by year, and many things are difficult to understand even if you look closely.

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