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⚽ | J1 promotion Tokushima Vortis, Taisei Miyashiro from Kawasaki Frontale for rental!

Photo Tokushima Vortis

Taisei Miyashiro is rented from Tokushima Vortis and Kawasaki Frontale who have been promoted to J1!

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First of all, I am very happy to be able to fight together as a member of Tokushima Vortis.

Tokushima Vortis, who will fight the 2021 season in the Meiji Yasuda Life J1 League, will be FW Miya from Kawasaki Frontale on the afternoon of the 8th. → Continue reading

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Tokushima Voltis

Tokushima Voltis(Tokushima Vortis,English: Tokushima Vortis) IsJapan OfTokushima,Naruto,Mima,Itano Town,Matsushige Town,Aizumi Town,Kitajima Town,YoshinogawaCentered onTokushimaHometown in all prefectures[1],Japan Professional Soccer League(J League) Professional football club.


Established in September 2004, "Tokushima Vortis Co., Ltd.Is the operating company[1], Tokushima Prefecture, Home TownMunicipalities(Municipality),Tokushima newspaperSale[5],Awa Bank,Awa Paper,Otsuka Pharmaceuticalgroup,Cable tv tokushima,Shikoku Kakoki,Shikoku Bank,Shikoku Electric Power,Shikoku Broadcasting,Shikoku Passenger Railway,Integrated security guarantee,TV Naruto,Tokushima Taisho Bank,Toyota Corolla Tokushima,Japan Airlines,Live du CorporationCompanies / organizations such as[4].

Home stadiumNaruto/Otsuka Sports Park Pocari Sweat Stadium[1], The practice areaTokushima Sports VillageIs[1].

Team name "Vortis"(Vortis) isItalianWhirlpoolIt is a coined word based on "Vortice" which means "[2].. "DeepNaruto WhirlpoolsIt is explained that it aims to be a team that has power, speed, and cohesion, and involves the audience in a whirlpool of excitement.[2]..In addition, this "Vortis" isOtsuka Pharmaceutical's businessman soccer clubOf the eraJapan Football LeagueWas enrolled in1994から1998It was used as a nickname (Vortis Tokushima at that time).

Mascot character2009Was established inRaccoon dogA pair of "Volta] And "Tiss-chan".In the past, the unofficial mascot "" was used for home games (pre-match, half-time, etc.) and events held in Tokushima Prefecture.Ball(Wearing a ball-shaped costume, but MC is also possible because the face and limbs are exposed), and a unit called "Ponpoko Club" with "Volta-kun", "Tiss-chan", and "Ball-kun" Was assembled[6]However, the staff who played "Ball-kun" has retired, so he is not active.



1955Was founded inOtsuka Pharmaceutical Soccer ClubIs the predecessor[1].1990ToJapan Soccer LeaguePromoted to Part 2[1],1992FromJapan Football LeagueParticipated in (former JFL)[1]Since 1999Japan Football LeagueParticipated in (JFL) and won the JFL for the second time in 2003 and 2004.

In September 2004, a soccer club management corporation was established to take over the Otsuka Pharmaceutical Soccer Club, and applied for membership in the J League.[2].. J-League membership was approved in December 2004[1][2],Next year's J2It was decided to participate in.

2005-2013 (J2)

New membersToshiaki Haji(12 points) andYasutaka KobayashiTwo FWs (11 points) scored double digits and MFAkira Ito・ DFKensaku Omori・ GKNorio TakahashiOther new forces such as, MFAkira Oba・ MFKoji KataokaPlayers from the Otsuka era such as, also played an active part, 7th placeShonanHe finished 2th out of 12 teams with 9 points difference.
In September, led the team for eight years from Otsuka PharmaceuticalShinji TanakaResigned as coach and head coachEast TaiWas appointed as director, but it was done immediately after taking officeAtagoWithShikoku DerbyThe season ended in 13th place at the bottom, including losing in.
After the season, Higashi retired from the coach.Of the Otsuka Pharmaceutical employees, Oba and Hayashi have retired.Kataoka left Otsuka Pharmaceutical after signing a professional player contract. Club office in DecemberTokushima Sports Village(The land isItano TownAnd Otsuka Pharmaceutical lent it free of charge).
Club slogan: "Re. Vortis-Decision for Rebirth-'
Masataka ImaiIs appointed as a director.During the seasonYokohama FMTo MFTaketo ShiokawaAcquired, Toshiaki HajiKofuFW from Kofu while transferring toTaro Hasegawa Transfer with time limitI joined in.The league match ended at the bottom for the second consecutive year, and Imai retired from the coach for this year.
The seven consecutive no-scoring defeats from Section 43 to Section 50 set a J-League record with no points in a row for 7 minutes across this period (a total of 757 points is also the lowest in the league).
Club slogan: "Fight! ~ One thought ~'
京都Former directorNaohiko MinobeBecame the director. DFYukihiro Aoba・ DFNoriaki Tsutsui・ DF Kensaku Omori retired, FW Yasutaka Kobayashi, FW Taro Hasegawa and others retired, while DFShogo Nishikawa・ DFTaisei Fujita・ MFKenichiro Yonedaな どJ1Reinforced experienced players.
Also, as a new foreigneroakTo FWDoumbiaFor a limited time.Doumbia contributed to improving Tokushima's strength by playing an equal battle with the top teams from the bottom team for the second consecutive year, and in MayCote d'Ivoire representativeWas elected (A representative election for the first time in the history of the team).But Doumbia in June in SwitzerlandBSC Young BoysWhen he moved to and left the team, he couldn't win at all, and he couldn't win even one from the 20th to 37th rounds (1 draws and 4 losses), finishing at the bottom for the third consecutive year.Of the presidentKoji TakamotoResigned after taking the lowest responsibility for the third consecutive year,Koichiro NittaWas appointed as the successor president.
88th Emperor's CupIn the first round (3rd round)Kokushikan UniversityDefeated by.
Club slogan: "KEEP GOING FORWARD There is only progress'
The second year of the Minobe system.All the staff other than the director left the team and invited a new coach.In addition, 2 players have left the team since last season, and 15 foreign players who had been transferred for a limited time did not renew their contracts, and the midfielderTakashi Ishihara・ DF Shogo Nishikawa has also returned to the rental source.On the other hand, MFTakaaki Tokushige・ DFMita Hikaru・ GKDaijiro Takakuwa・ GKHideaki Ueno・ MFWataru Inoue・ DFKazuto Tsuyuki・ DFTakashi Miki・ MFHayao AoyamaJ1 experienced people and DFBae Seung Jin・ FWフ ァ ビ オ・ GKSuguru HinoFW of Tokai University graduateAkihiro SatoAre new members.Also in August during the seasonC OsakaFrom originalU-17 Japan National TeamFWYouichiro KakitaniWas acquired by a loan transfer.The season result was 19 wins, 5 draws, 17 losses and 9th place (out of 18 teams), finishing the season in a higher position than the previous year.89th Emperor's CupIs in the first round (second round)Kanoya University of Physical EducationDefeated by.
Club slogan: "KEEP GOING FORWARD constant progress'
The third year of the Minobe system. FW Yoichiro Kakitani's loan transfer period has been extended, and midfielder Jun Aoyama, who had a loan transfer, has been completely transferred.TosuTo MFYusuke Shimada, DF from KofuNaoki Wako, C from Osaka to MFTakeshi HamadaAnd DFTakashi HirashimaAcquire players such as.Also,NagoyaTo FWTomohiro Tsuda,HiroshimaTo FWRyuichi TairaWas acquired by a loan transfer.Also, as the first person from a subordinate organization, from youth to FWTakuma OkaIs promoted. Brazil in JulyTombense FCMore FWDouglasJoined with a fixed transfer.
He took the lead for a while with four consecutive victories from the opening, but after that, due to defensive instability, he lost and stalled, eventually reaching 4th place and not being promoted to J8.Also, at the end of this yearTokushima Voltis SecondWas suspended.90th Emperor's CupIs the first match in 3 years (TottoriBattle), but in the third roundUrawaDefeated by.
4th year of Minobe system. FW Toshiaki Haji and midfielderYuya HikichiRetired, midfielder Jun AoyamaUrawaWhile transferring to FW from NagoyaKeita Sugimoto, MF from TosuYu Eto,SapporoTo DFHiroyuki Nishijima,SendaiTo DFEliseu,KobeTo GKTatsuya EnomotoEtc. are acquired by complete transfer.AlsoShonanTo DFShimamura Tsuyoshi, GK from NagoyaToru HasegawaWas acquired by a loan transfer.Also from Sendai in JulyDaisuke SaitoAcquired by complete transfer.In 2011, when he gained a new force centered on the center line, he fought with the theme of a fluid attack at 4-3-3 in the early stages, and after returning to Tsuda, he fought mainly with Sato and Tsuda's two top 2-4-4. It was.
From the start of the season, Tsuda, Eliseu, Douglas, DFBae Seung JinAlthough the main axis was injured and it was difficult to get all the full members, he took the lead at the end of the 7rd round on July 31 due to the promotion battle throughout the season.After that, due to the rebound of the second half of Sapporo and Tosu, the ranking dropped to 23th place at one point, but after September, it was a high-ranking race.AtagoAlthough there were some omissions in battles, there were no consecutive losses and the points were gradually accumulated.
But,Great East Japan EarthquakeThe home game of Section 10 which was postponed to October 26 due to the influence of the game, the home game of Tosu on November 7,Last section (December 12rd) OfOkayamaBattle and 3 consecutive losses.He finished 4th in the season and was not promoted to J1.After the season, Minobe retired from the coach, taking responsibility for missing the promotion.
Club slogan: "KEEP GOING FORWARD Go to J1 with all your strength!'
To succeed MinobeYamagataFormer directorShinji KobayashiBecame the director.
Yamagata to MFKohei Miyazaki,千葉To MFKeisuke OtaAnd DFYohei Fukumoto,FC TokyoTo FWTatsuya Suzuki, MF from NagoyaSho Hanai,Tochigi SCTo DFMasaru NasugawaAnd DFHiroki OkuboFrom SapporoGeogoAll are completely transferred, MF from FC TokyoUesato Kazumasa, MF from UrawaHayao Aoyama(Aoyama has virtually returned).In addition, FW Tomohiro Tsuda and GK Toru Hasegawa, who had joined for a limited time, have moved to full transfer, extended the time-limited transfer period for FW Douglas, and GK who had been transferred for a limited time in August of the previous year.Kazuki AbeReturned from C-Osaka and re-contracted with DF Eliseu, even though he was out of force.Also midfielder from Kashima in June during the seasonア レ ッ ク スJoined for a limited time.
On the other hand, GKHideaki UenoRetired and became an academy coach, midfielderTakuya MugurumaAnd MFShinta FukushimaResigned due to contract expiration, DF Tsuyoshi Shimamura returned to Shonan, FW Yoichiro Kakitani returned to C-Osaka with a limited time transfer, FW Akihiro SatoG OsakaIn addition, DF Bae SunjinYokohama FCIn addition, DF Naoki WakoMitoIn, MFKuranuki KazukiIs in Kyoto, DFKentoku Noborio KitakyushuMidfielder Jun Marques DavidsonMLS-Vancouver WhitecapsIn addition, MF Yusuke ShimadaK League-Gangwon FCCompletely transferred to each.DF who was transferring for a limited timeTakahiro Ohara Tohoku part 1-Fukushima United FC, DFHiroaki AndoIs JFLHOYO OitaCompletely transferred to each.
Club slogan: "KEEP GOING FORWARD 2013 Jump'
Kobayashi system second year.Former head coach YamagataHiroaki NagashimaWas appointed.
GKOh Seung Hoon 京都Transfer toTakaaki TokushigeRetired after the contract expired (Declared to retire as a professional, Tokai 1st DivisionNagoya SCJoined). "The point of acquisition is the central line"[7] In response to Kobayashi's intention, DF from NagoyaMitsuru Chiyotanda,(I.e.(The previous yearTokyo VPlay with) to MFAkira Makoto Shibasaki,KofuTo MFHiroyuki TakasakiFrom C Osaka to GK with complete transferKenya Matsui,oakTo GKGoro Kawanami, MF from HiroshimaJunya OsakiWas acquired by a loan transfer, MF Alex who is a member of the loan has transferred to a full transfer, and the loan transfer period with FW Douglas has been re-extended.Also, as a new college graduate player, DFYoshiaki Kinoshita, DFKotaro Fujiwara, FWIkki Sasaki, MFLee Rong NaoWas won.
開幕から3試合未勝利(1分2敗)の後3連勝し、第6節終了時には一旦5位となるが、その直後に3連敗するなどし、結局前半戦は第6節を除き10位以下で、前半戦(第21節)終了時は15位であった[8].. Section 22Sapporo6 consecutive wins, a club record from the match[9]By recording 33 consecutive games without losing until the 12rd round, he moved up to 33rd place at the end of the 3rd round.With three consecutive losses from Section 37, he dropped to 3th place, and in the final sectionNagasaki7th place Sapporo, 8th place when losing the high-ranking confrontation withAndDepending on the result ofJ1 promotion playoffsThere was a possibility of falling out of the service area[10] However, he won the battle with Nagasaki and finished the league match in 4th place.play offSemifinal 5th at home千葉Draw 1-1, but advance to the final by regulation.3rd place in the final京都With the goals of Tsuda and Chiyotanda, they won 2-0 and finally Shikoku's first J1 team was born.

2014 (J1)

Club slogan: "Co-creation ~ KEEP GOING FORWARD 2014 ~'[11]
Kobayashi system second year.
Kosei ShibasakiHiroshimaWhile completely transferred to, GK Kenya Matsui, GK Goro Kawanami, MF Junya Osaki, FW Douglas, who had a rental contract the previous year, were completely transferred from C Osaka to MF.Kogure Daiki, MF from UrawaHidehito Kojima, Yamagata to MFHirose TomoyasuWith a fixed transfer,BrazilianMFKleiton Dominguez, DF from South KoreaSon Se-HwanAnd MF as a college graduate new playerRyo KubotaJoined.The average age of the six new members is 6 years old, and they have little experience in J21.6 participation, so they aimed to grow the entire team including the strength of the J1 era.[12].
The opening game, which is the first match of J1, was a big defeat to Tosu 0-5 away, and the opening game of the home in J1 was alsoC OsakaLost 0-2 to4/29The first victory after promotion to J10 in the 1th section of the match against Kofu[13] Until 1, the J90 league match became a 2003-minute system (no extension), and the worst tie record since 9, the opening XNUMX consecutive losses[12][14].
World CupAfter interruption byShimizuTo DFDaisuke Muramatsu[15],Jeju United FCWas transferred to theKobeMy MFEsteban[16] Each with a loan transfer,Qatar SCFrom former C OsakaG OsakaFWAdrianoWas acquired by a complete transfer, and three players with a track record in J1 were added.On the other hand, FW Douglas京都Kleiton Dominguez won this seasonGifuReleased with a loan transfer to.
After resuming the league match, he recorded 7 wins, 2 losses and 3 draws in 2 games, but suffered 22 consecutive losses from the 6nd round.10/22Section 29 ・Cerezo OsakaIn the match, the defeat of 1-3 left the remaining 5 sections, and the J1 relegation was confirmed in one year as the lowest in all sections of the season for the first time in J League history.Last section, December 2thGamba OsakaIn 2013, he drew in the game (home) and decided to win Gamba Osaka in front of him.OitaFollowing that, the J1 home has not been won.The number of points won is 2012 in the league worst tie, along with Sapporo in 2013 and Oita in 14. Received the Fair Play Award at the J League Awards.

2015-2020 (J2)

Club slogan: "challenging! ~ Keep Going Forward 2015 ~'
Kobayashi system 4th year.Just before the start of the season, the president was replaced by Kazuhiro Kishida.
Hiroyuki Takasaki KashimaWhat,Kenya Matsui (I.e.Complete transfer to,Lee Rong NaoSho Hanai NagasakiReleased a total of 8 people including a complete transfer to.Also,Kohei Miyazaki,Mitsuru ChiyotandaRetired.On the other handMitoTo DFDaisuke TomitaandHirose Rikuto,OmiyaTo FWYu Hasegawa,G OsakaIt will be the first time in 4 years sinceAkihiro Sato,YamagataTo DFHidenori Ishii,ShimizuTo GKTakashi AizawaAcquired by complete transfer.Also from G OsakaHiroto UchidaTransferred for a limited time.KobeFormer Colombia national team Esteban, who has a loan transfer from Yamagata, and Tomoyasu Hirose, who has a loan transfer from Yamagata, have made a complete transfer.
In the league match, the first half of the 21st section was only 3 wins and at one pointJ2・J3 replacement gameFall to 21st place in the area.Although the second half of the game picked up a little, they couldn't get involved in the promotion playoff competition, and the final ranking was 14th, with 53 points. Received the Fair Play Award for the second consecutive year at the J League Awards.Kobayashi retired from the coach after the season ended.The Emperor's Cup lost to Hiroshima in the fourth round.
Club slogan: "Yuu Going Forward 2016 ~'
Head coachHiroaki NagashimaBecame the director.
Yu Eto,Daisuke SaitoEtc. retired, while Esteban retiredOmiyaからCarlinhos,KitakyushuからDaiki WatariWith a complete transfer, etc.TosuからRyogo YamazakiEtc. were acquired by transfer for a limited time.
The league match was 57th with 9 points without being involved in the promotion playoff competition. Received the Fair Play Award for the third consecutive year at the J League Awards.Nagashima retired from the coach after the season ended.
The Emperor's Cup in the fourth roundShonanLost to.
Club slogan: "Enthusiasm'
Former SpanishSuphan Buri FCDirector'sRicardo RodriguezBecame the director.
Kim Kyung Jun(K League-Gangwon FC),Yohei Fukumoto(Yamaguchi),Ryo Kubota(Loan transfer destinationToyamaComplete transfer to),Daichi Sugimoto(Expiration of loan transfer period) etc. have left the group.On the other handYokohama FCからReo Osaki,KanazawaからKazuaki Madawa, From YamaguchiShimaya Hachinori,ShonanからGold bell must,KobeからKoki MatsuzawaFrom Kobe with a complete transferRyo MatsumuraFrom KashimaTaro SugimotoFrom ShonanYuji KajikawaEarned with a fixed transfer,Ryogo YamazakiMoved to full transfer, as a new foreign playerAšicerich,VasiljevicWas reinforced.
During the seasonC OsakaからKiyohara ShoheiWith a fixed transfer,SendaiからTakumi SasakiAcquired by a training-type loan transfer.On the other hand, Ašicerich leaves the group,SV hornWas transferred to with a deadlineNicolas Orsini OkayamaTransferred to a deadline.
The attackers are enthusiastic, and Watari in particular marks 23 points, which is the highest number among Japanese.He finished 5th just before the final round, but was overtaken by these two teams because he lost to Tokyo Verdy in the final round and Chiba, who was 2th with two points difference, won, and the final ranking was 7th.The day after the final round, Rodriguez's follow-up was announced.
Club slogan: "Makido Shigeki'
The second year of the Rodriguez system.
Daiki Watari,Kazuaki Madawa(Both Hiroshima),Junya Osaki(Yamaguchi),Kiyohara Shohei(Kanazawa),Takumi Sasaki(Sanuki),Ryo Matsumura,Carlinhos,VasiljevicEtc. leave the group.Takashi AizawaWhen,Takeshi HamadaWas retired.
Costa Rica representativeGKCarvajal, From GifuCicinhoYuki Omoto, From mitoKohei Uchida, From NagoyaRyushi Sugimoto,NumazuからTakuma SonodaAnd so on.Rental from KashimaBueno, From Gamba OsakaKureya TaishoFrom Shizuoka Gakuen as a new graduateRiki Watai,Toyama Daiichi High SchoolThanKiyoshiro TsuboiEarned.
In the first half of the season, there were a lot of games that couldn't be won as expected due to the lack of points, and during the transfer period in the middle of the season.Reo Osaki(Kobe),Shimaya Hachinori(Tosu),Ryogo Yamazaki(Shonan) and Yuki Omoto (Nagasaki) each transferred to the J1 club, but joined in the middle of the season.Peter Utaka,David BarralAlthough he once appeared in the J2 entry playoff battle due to the activities of two foreigners, the end of the season was a series of unwinnable matches, and the season ended in 1th place.
The Emperor's Cup lost to Tosu in the third round.
Club slogan: "Ichiyo coming back'
The second year of the Rodriguez system.
Hirose Rikuto(Yokohama FM),Kotaro Fujiwara(Tochigi),Peter Utaka(Kofu),Kim Jong Pil(Gyeongnam FC),Tsubasa Oya(Tottori),David Barral(Rasin[17]) Is due to a complete transferBueno(Kashima),Kureya Taisho(G Osaka),Maekawa Taiga(Rental transfer from C Osaka to Fukuoka),Taro Sugimoto(Complete transfer from Kashima to Matsumoto) due to the expiration of the rental transfer periodTakuma Sonoda(Kagoshima) left the group due to a complete transfer to the rental transfer destination.The rental transfer period from Tosu has expiredTaku AkahoshiRetired from active duty as it is,Rikuya IzutsuRetires as a professional soccer player[18]did.
From MitoDiego[19]Taiki TamukaiFrom TochigiShota FukuokaFrom KofuTakuya AkiyamaFrom Yokohama FCNaoki NomuraFrom ShonanSeiya Fujita, From NiigataAtsushi KawataFrom ChibaKiyotake IsaoAcquired.Rental from C OsakaTakeshi Kishimoto[20]From MatsumotoKengo Nagai[21]From NagasakiJordy Buijs,Bangkok Grass FCからChakkitFrom Tsukuba University as a new graduateDaisei Suzuki[22]Norimasa SuzukiFrom youthShiryu Fujiwara[23]Kotaro KumeIs promoted to the top team.In addition, I had subscribed by rental transfer from the middle of the previous yearGenta OmoteharaHas moved to a complete transfer.Also immediately after the start of the seasonUzbekistan National Team OfZabikhillo UrinboevWas won.
In the first half of the game, he couldn't win as expected and remained in the middle.However, unlike the previous season, there was no loss of main force, and Chakkit's loan transfer, which was not involved in the game, ended with Shiryu Fujiwara.Portugal-Portimonense SCWhile transferring to Tosu for a limited time, from TosuShimaya HachinoriReturned to the team with a loan transfer, and in the second half of the game, when Takeru Kishimoto moved to a complete transfer by advancing the loan transfer deadline, he got better and went to the final game.J1 entry playoffsIt emerged within the range and advanced to the J2 entry playoff in 4th place in Thailand, which is the highest in J1. Although the J1 entry playoff advanced to the final match, it was drawn to Shonan and missed promotion due to regulation.
The Emperor's Cup in the fourth roundHonda FCLost to.
Club slogan: "Fulfillment'
The second year of the Rodriguez system.
Naoki Nomura(Oita),Hiroto Uchida(Tosu),Yuji Kajikawa(Yokohama FM),Ryushi Sugimoto(Yokohama FM) and many of the main players transferred to the J1 club,Jordy Buijs(Complete transfer from Nagasaki to Kyoto),Kengo Nagai(Rental transfer from Matsumoto to Kitakyushu),Haruki Izawa(Rental transfer from Urawa to Kagoshima) leaves the group when the rental transfer expiresCicinhoTransferred to Ehime FC,Kenta KanoRetired.Also,Daisei Suzuki FC RyukyuTransfer to a deadline,Kotaro Kume Viatin Mie,Kiyoshiro Tsuboi Blau Blitz AkitaAfter the loan transfer toKochi United SCTransferred to each of them with a training-type loan.
On the other hand, from Tokyo VerdyNaoto Kamifukumoto,Ryota KajikawaFrom Yokohama FMDushanFrom TochigiKazuki Nishiya,Akira Hamashita, From SanukiTakuya SeguchiEarned by full transfer,Hiroki KakitaFrom KashimaSugimori,Daiki EnomotoWas acquired from Nagoya by a loan transfer.Also,Chie Edoojon KawakamiReturned from a loan transfer to SC Sagamihara,Shimaya HachinoriHas transitioned from a loan transfer to a full transfer.
I took the lead in the first section,Spread of new coronavirus infectionThe league match was interrupted due to the influence ofShikoku DerbyEhime FC loses from 3-0[24]。しかしその後は着実に勝ち点を積み重ね、第9節で3位に再浮上、第10、11節と一旦2位となった後、第12節から第19節まで3位を維持、第20節に2位に浮上すると、第22節、首位北九州と勝点で並び得失点差で第1節以来の首位となった。第27節に12連勝を果たした福岡に首位を明け渡したものの、第30節に勝利し勝点で福岡に並び得失点差で首位再浮上した後、同節から5連勝するなど一度も首位を明け渡すことなく、12月16日、第41節大宮戦に1-0で勝利し2位以上を確定、7シーズンぶりのJ1昇格が決定した[25].
There was no consecutive defeat throughout the season, and there was almost no withdrawal of the main force, and a stable battle was developed.[26].
In the final round, in a direct confrontation with 2nd place Fukuoka, they lost 1-0 and even though they were tied in points, they surpassed Fukuoka by the goal difference and won the title of the first J2 victory.[27]




J2 league: 1 times
J1 League Fair Play Award: 1 times
J2 League Fair Play Award: 3 times

Stadium/practice field

Home stadium

Home stadiumNaruto/Otsuka Sports Park Pocari Sweat StadiumIs[1]..Past home game holding stadiumsTokushima Vortis's results list by year # Number of visitors by yearchecking ...

On January 2012, 1, the Tokushima New Business Council, an economic organization,Tokushima StationThe company has come up with a plan to build a complex facility "City Stadium" with commercial facilities on public land in the north.It is supposed to be used as the home stadium of Vortis[28]..However, there has been no noticeable movement since then.

Practice field


Team color

Uniform sponsor

Posting locationSponsor nameNotationPosted yearRemarks
chestOtsuka PharmaceuticalPOCARI
clavicleBODY MAINTÉ2019-Written on the left
2019-2020 is shown on the right
Work staffWork staff2021-Written on the right
Upper backOtsuka PharmaceuticalOtsuka Pharmaceutical2005-
Lower backJapan Anti-Doping AgencyFAIR Beyond victory
PRIDE worth it
2021-2019-2020 is written on the left side of the clavicle
sleeveEarth PharmaceuticalEARTH2005-2005-2017 is written as "earth"
Front of pantsAwa BankAwa Bank2014-
Back of pantsTokushima newspaperTokushima newspaper2021-

The history of uniform supply

Successive uniforms

Chronology of successive uniform sponsors

chestLeft clavicleRight clavicleUpper backLower backsleeveFront of pantsBack of pants
Before banOtsuka PharmaceuticalBefore banGround-Before banMizuno
2008AXAS Co.
2014Awa Bank
2019FAIR Beyond victory
PRIDE worth it
2021BODY MAINTÉWork staffFAIR Beyond victory
PRIDE worth it
Tokushima newspaper


  • Tokushima Vortis Youth
  • Tokushima Vortis Junior Youth



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