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⚾ | Sugano remains a giant, Romero returns to Ori, Tsubame Nakamura has a uniform number "2" ... What are the movements of each team on the 8th?

Photo Yakult Yuhei Nakamura, Giant Tomoyuki Sugano, Romero returning to Orix (from left) [Photo: Yuji Arakawa]

Sugano remains a giant, Romero returns to Ori, Tsubame Nakamura has a uniform number "2" ... What are the movements of each team on the 8th?

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Yakult announced that Yuhei Nakamura's uniform number will be changed from "52" to "2".

Sugano, who was aiming for a major transfer with the posting system, terminated negotiations, and the remaining giant remains on the 8th, Posty ... → Continue reading


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Yuhei Nakamura catcher

Uniform number

Uniform number(Sebangou) isSportsAthlete'suniformIt is a number on the back of the person for identification.


In the case of team competitions, a uniform number is given in most sports, and in some competitions it is possible to estimate the rough position from the uniform number.

In the case of individual competitions,GolfSomething unrelated to the uniform number,AthleticsSome of them are given a uniform number (number declared at the time of athlete registration or prepared by the organizer of the competition).

In modern times, the letters of the uniform number areArabic numeralsIs used,JapanInChinese numeralThere are times when was used. Some competitions may have rules that prohibit the use of certain numbers.

The uniform number is not just a number, it sometimes becomes a symbol of the player, and it is often a subject of respect and respect.Professional sportsIn order to honor a famous player,Permanent numberThere is a case to refrain from using. In addition, even if it does not reach a permanent missing number, it may be considered as a prestigious uniform number in the team.


AthleticsIn this case, one athlete may participate in multiple events, so use a single number that does not overlap with other athletes regardless of the event. Since the numbers are assigned in units of the organizations to which they belong and the competitions in which they participate, the positioning is different from the "uniform number" assigned to each team. In the case of ball games, it can be considered to be equal to the registrant number issued by the association or federation.

At district level competitions, use the number you declared when you registered (registered) with the Athletics Association of your district. At competitions, the numbered fabric (Number.Japan Athletics FederationThe official name is "Number Card". These days are usually called the latter) and sew on the front and back of clothes. However, in the case of local city marathons and large-scale competitions, non-woven fabrics are often used only for that competition.

Depending on the competition,Track competitionIn order to make it easier to check the numbers when determining the ranking, the so-called "waist bib", which is a number assigned sequentially to the same group of athletes, is attached to the right side of the pants. However, in the case of relay competitions, only anchors are used. The waist number is usually provided by the organizer.

Summer olympic,World Athletics Championship, Nationwide competitionsCrown sponsorFor tournaments marked with, the number card with the sponsor name and tournament name prepared by the organizer is used.

The number can reach 3 or 4 digits depending on the number of registrants.In addition, there is no concept of permanent absence like ball games, and a specific number is not implicitly assigned to a specific player.In races in JapanVehicle license plateMay be written in the same font as[1].

However, there are cases where number cards of different colors are prepared for normal participating players and invited players by the organizer. In this case, the invited players1It is often assigned from the top players and famous players1Often assigned a number. Also, the number card is colored so that it can be clearly identified, for example, white for general players and yellow for invited players. Also,Citizen marathonIn such cases, invited players may be asked to wear a number card with the "name" written on it instead of the number.


soft ball

soft ballThen, the uniform number (Uniform number; UN)1 - 99You have to use up to. However, the director30The number and coach31Turn and32No.10It is defined as a turn.

Also, in the case of official games at junior high school and high school, of the coach number,31Number is a teacher,32In some cases, the number is set to be assigned by an external leader.

サ ッ カ ー


Rugby unionSo, in general,1 - 15The number up to the number is given, and the uniform number often indicates the position.

CurrentlyforwardからFull backTo1 - 15It is numbered in the order of, but at the beginning when the uniform number came to be attached,1Is a full back,2 - 5 Three quarterback,67 Half back,8 - 15Was forward, but the numbers were reversed.

Uniform numberpositionAbbreviation
1Left propPR
3Right propPR
9Scrum halfSH
12セ ン タ ーCTB
15Full backFB
16 - 23Substitute player-

on the other hand,Rugby leagueThen, the numbers are still given from the full back. Full back1,Bucks 2 - 7, And forward8 - 13Up to. However, in the rugby league, in recent years, an increasing number of teams have adopted a fixed player uniform number system, and the position and uniform number do not always match.

Uniform numberpositionAbbreviation
1Full backFB
2Right wingW
3セ ン タ ーC
5Left wingW
7Scrum halfSH
8Left propPR
10Right propPR
11Second row FWFL
14 - 17Substitute player-


basketballThen, the rules differ depending on each sports group.

FIBAThe international rule of1961Therefore, in order to avoid confusion with the signal for the referee's 3 second rule, the uniform number that can be used is4 - 15It was said that it was up to the turn,2015Than0,00and1から99Numbers are now available. You cannot use 1 to 0 with 01 added to 09 digit,, 0Turn and00The numbers can be used at the same time. However, the number used can be restricted by the decision of the organizer.

NBAThen,0(00)- 99It is possible to use up to the number. However,56League numbers are required to use these numbers, and within the same team000There is a condition that no player can wear a turn. Also, when changing the uniform number without changing teams, it is necessary to wear the same uniform number for at least 4 years on the same team and apply to the league by the deadline. And the new uniform must be worn for at least 3 years.

American college basketballNCAAThen,Hexadecimal numberJersey number is used. Available numbers 0 から 5 Up to XNUMX types,0 から 55 Up to XNUMX types,00 A total of XNUMX types are available numbers. Since it is a hexadecimal number, the sequence is451011 ... 152021... 55 Becomes

B LeagueThen, any number can be used as long as it is a two-digit number. You can also prefix the one-digit numbers with 2.

Even in basketball, there is a convention that the great player's uniform number is permanently absent. The most number of NBA boasts the most league titleBoston CelticsSo, 21 uniform numbers are now permanently missing. Celtics18"Was worn by, but declined the permanent number and laterDave CowensWore and became a permanent missing number. In 2003,Miami HeatEven though I haven't played inMichael JordanJersey number "23Was the permanent cut for the heat. Depending on the team, in addition to the coach, owner, fan, even the records related to the coach may be designated as permanent missing numbers. In addition, the number of the player who died during an active accident due to an accident or illness may be permanently absent. In Japan in 2010Hitachi Sun Rockers OfYuichi Suga,Rising Fukuoka OfTsuyoshi KawamenWas designated as a permanent missing number, but both of those permanent missing numbers are "11It is.

It is often remembered by being associated with a specific player who has a uniform number.Kareem Abdul-JabbarAfter the success of33The number of players wearing numbers has increased, and after Michael Jordan's success23The number of players wearing the number has increased. Especially for Jabber33The number became a basketball ace number and became a popular uniform number. Therefore, if you can not use it because it is already used or has become permanently missing number,32Turn34There are many examples of choosing a number (Magic Johnson chose 32 because Jaber was there when he joined the Lakers), and a new ace number-like number was born from that.Others wear the same numbers as their respected players and relatives.

Uniform numberRespected playerWorn player
1Anphany HardawayTracy Maglady
2Jerry TurcanianGreg Anthony,Larry Johnson, Stacy Orgmon
10Walter zabiakWally Zabiak
11Alvidus SavonisSidronas Ilgascus
21Marrick SealyKevin Garnet
23Michael JordanLebron jamesな ど
25Ben WilsonDerrick rose
30Dell CurryStephen Curry,Seth curry
31Reggie MillerSean Marion
32Magic JohnsonJason Kidd,Shaquille O'Nealな ど
33Patrick EwingAlonzo Morningな ど
91Dennis RodmanRon Artest

In general, guard players1Turn,3Small numbers such as numbersPower forward,セ ン タ ーIt is said that tall players choose large numbers.

American Football

American FootballThen.1915Requires uniforms to wear numbers. A player number is specified for each position, helping the referee to determine the illegal movement of each player. The numbers are large on the front and back of the uniform, and are printed on both shoulders and helmets. Therefore, in American football, it is expressed as a number instead of a uniform number.


NFLThen.1952The number assignment to[2],1973[3][4]and2004[5]Was amended.

numberAttackerDefensive side
0, 00Not wearable
1 - 9Quarterback, kicker, panterNone
10 - 19Quarterback, kicker, panter, wide receiver
20 - 39Running backDefensive back (corner back, safety)
40 - 49Running back, tight end, H backLine backer, defensive back (corner back, safety)
50 - 59Offensive line (center)Line backers, defensive lines
60 - 79Offensive line (tackle, guard, and center)Defensive brine
80 - 89Wide receiver, tight endNone
90 - 99NoneDefensive lines, line backers

The number is determined based on the registered position of the athlete. It is possible to play in a position different from the registered position, and it is also possible for QB with the number 1 to be placed in the position of the wide receiver. However, there are two major types of attacks, “qualified numbers (1 to 49, 80 to 89)” and “unqualified numbers (50 to 79, 90 to 99)”, which may exceed this category. Position changes must be reported to the referee prior to each play.

Note that during the pre-season the team may have more players than during the regular season, so it is not necessary to assign numbers according to the rules above. In this case, it is necessary to reallocate according to the above rules after 53 roasters are confirmed.

Wide receiver number

The number of wide receiver is1973To80 - 89Was defined as[4],1996,80There is no space in the number standNew York JetsKeith Johnson, who joined the team,19Asked to use the number, his claim was accepted. afterwards,2004, Even if there is space, a wide receiver10 - 19Officially authorized to use the number.

Trouble with assigning numbers

  • 2006,New Orleans SaintsRunning back,Reggie Bush TheUSCThe number 5 used at the time was admitted to use or it was requested to change the number rule, but the NFL side rejected it as ``only one player can make an exception'', the team numbered. Gave 1[6].
  • Seattle SeahawksLinebacker Brian BosworthOklahoma UniversityI used number 44 in the era, and after entering the professional1987In the pre-season, I passed 44. He sued the NFL for the use of number 44, but lost it and changed it to number 55.


College footballHas adopted a looser number allocation system. According to the rules, the number of "unqualified" position (offensive line) is50から79Is prescribed. In addition, the number for each position is stipulated for the attacking side, but it is "strongly recommended" and not mandatory. Also, there are no rules on the defensive side.

Ice hockey

Ice hockeyThen,1 - 99Use of uniform numbers up to is permitted.

Uniform numberPlayer characteristics
1, 30, 31, 33, 35In most cases, number 1 is the GK uniform number. The numbers 30, 31, 33, and 35 are also often GK uniform numbers.
2 - 8Often DF.
9, 10, 11 -In most cases, FW attaches a uniform number in the 9's or 10's, and often a larger number. Also, the number 9 is often the uniform number of the main FW of the team.
99“God of ice hockey”Wayne GretzkyIs the uniform number that I wore when I was active,NHLIs treated as a permanent missing number by all teams. Before Gretsky's debut30The number that was younger than the number was the mainstream, but due to the influence of Gretzky, some players have begun to give a large number.


handballOn the uniform, the uniform number and chest number are required to be displayed. Numbers from 1 to 99 are allowed[7].. Like soccer, goalkeepers often wear No. 1, No. 12, No. 16, etc., but there is no rule.

Regarding the positions other than the goalkeeper, there is no clear uniformity. It is not uncommon for main players to wear large numbers, such as regular goalkeepers wearing other than No. 1 due to the freedom of change.


The uniform number for each position has not been decided, but previously it was the rear guard of the start position.LightServe order starting from,123456It was common to give his uniform number. for that reason,4The turn is assigned to the players entering the avant-garde left, whereAceSince it is also a position where4 TheAce numberwas. There is still this remnant in middle and high school valleys,4Is the main pillar of the team. Also,1Traditionally, the image of the number attached by the captain is strong.[8]

The number that can be used internationally is increasing year by year,1 - 18Turn (FIVBAt the official tournament1 - 20Turn[9][10]),World leagueThen in 201422The number one player in 201525The turn player also participated. JapaneseV LeagueThen once0,00Numbered players (Miki Sasaki) Was there.

Regarding Japan, there are 6 people and 9 people, and the designation of the height of the numbers is different.[11].


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