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⚽ | Takefusa Kubo to transfer to Getafe


Takefusa Kubo to transfer to Getafe

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The other day, coach Emery publicly reported that "Takefusa Kubo wanted to leave the club in search of an opportunity to participate," and contract negotiations between the clubs continued.

Getafe of the first division of La Liga officially announced that they have won the Japan national team midfielder Takefusa Kubo. [Video] NARUTO ... → Continue reading


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Kubo Kenei(Kubtake Takefusa,2001May 6 -) isKanagawaKawasaki CityFromsoccer player.. Position isMF[2]..The owner isreal Madrid..Representative from Japan for the Tokyo Olympics.

Club career

Before entering professional

When he was 2004 years old in 3, he started playing soccer. In August 2009, the pamphlet stated, "The players selected as MVP areBarcelonaFC Barcelona camp participated after seeing the announcement that "I have a chance to play a game with[3]) Earn MVP[4].. In April 2010, as FC Barcelona School SelectionベルギーParticipated in the Sodexo European Ruthus Cup held at. The team finished in 3rd place, but was usually elected to the tournament MVP, which is elected from the winning team. When I was in the third grade of elementary schoolKawasaki FrontaleJoined the sub-organization of[5].. August 2011, FC Barcelona subsidiaryCantera(La Macia) Passed the joining test,スペインCross over. Composed of 10-11 yearsArevin CJoined the[6].. 2013-14地中海In the Cup U-12 tournament, he became the tournament top scorer and MVP, and also contributed to the tournament victory in leagues and the Catalunya Cup. 2014-15 isInfantil ABelongs to (composed of 13-14 years old). But FC BarcelonaFIFAReceived sanctions for violating the registration and registration of foreign players under the age of 18[7]Due to this effect, Kubo's official game suspension was continued, so I returned to Japan in March 2015.FC Tokyo OfInfrastructureJoined the[8].. In 2016, he was promoted to FC Tokyo U-3 by skipping while in the third year of junior high school.Japan Club Youth Soccer ChampionshipIn the jumping class, he won the top scorer (5 points) despite being the first junior high school student in the history of the tournament.[9].. September, FC Tokyo top team2 types registrationBe done[10].. It was held on November 11 of the same yearJ3 leagueSection 28AC Nagano PulceiroParticipated in the second half of the battle and set the youngest record in J League history[11].. March 2017, 3, J12 opening roundCatale ToyamaPlayed the first full start in the battle[12].. April 4, J15 Section 3Cerezo Osaka U-23At the age of 15 years, 10 months and 11 days, he scored the J League's youngest score. May 5,Levan cupSection 4Hokkaido Consadole SapporoHe made his debut in the top team, with a halfway start from the 21st minute of the second half. Also, the first J-League player21st centuryI was born.

FC Tokyo

August 2017, 11,FC TokyoIt was announced that he signed a professional contract with[13].. FC Tokyo top team debut match2017 Le Vin CupSection 4Sapporo84 minutes in battle directlyFree kickThere was an opportunity of, and it was FK that Kubo was defeated and gathered at the ball pointYojiro Takahagi,Takuma Abe,Togo SatoruKubo played the kicker of the debut match because the three of them said, "I can kick it," but the ball slightly slipped out of the frame.[14].. April 11, J5 Section 3Gamba Osaka U-23Scored the first score as a professional in the battle[15].. April 11, J26 Section 1Sanfrecce HiroshimaFrom the middle appearance in the battleJ1 leagueYou made your debut. J16 participation in 5 years 22 months 1 daysTakayuki Morimoto,Takumi MiyayoshiWas the third youngest record ever[16].

March 2018, 2, of the J24 opening gameUrawa RedsParticipated in the war[17], March 3th of the Levan Cup Round 7Yokohama F. MarinosFirst start as a professional in battle[18].. March 3th, Levan Cup Round 14Albirex NiigataScored the youngest goal in the competition, including the first goal of the top team[19].. April 3, J25 Section 3Catale ToyamaEven in the match, the result in J3 was out, such as deciding the first score in the J3 league game in the same season.[20], In the J1 league gameKenta HasegawaFrom this, the amount of exercise during defense was required at an even higher level, and the number of opportunities to enter the bench gradually decreased.

2018 FIFA World CupWas selected as the U-19 Japan National Team, which will be the training partner of the Japanese national team.[21].. Practice with the A representative in Russia and watch the battle in the Japanese group league in Russia[22][23] After that, I felt a sense of crisis in the current situation that my main battlefield is the J3 league.[24]Directly appeals to FC Tokyo leaders to change the environment "I want to try new challenges"[25][26].. FC Tokyo originally proposed a transfer to J2 with a developmental deadline, but Kubo was particular about playing in J1[24], Hasegawa also detained, but Kubo's intention to transfer is firm[27],Yokohama F. MarinosToTransfer with time limitWill be accepted. Hasegawa commented on what Kubo was lacking at the time, ``I didn't have enough amount and quality of movement during the off-the-ball, but I couldn't expect it for him in the latter half of the season because I could drop it in the last six months, I had a strong desire to change.I want you to demonstrate your power in the new world.[28]"It's a talented player, so it's important to support Japan as a whole.[29]Kubo was sent out.

Yokohama F. Marinos

August 2018, 8,Yokohama F. MarinosTimed transfer to was announced[30].. Aug. 8,Emperor's cupOf the fourth roundVegalta SendaiRecorded the first assist after starting the game in the first match[31].. Continued August 8, Section 25VISSEL KOBE56 minutes in the battleKen MatsubaraI received a return pass from one trap and half volley on my left footJ1 leagueMarked the first goal and contributed to the victory[32].. This score isTakayuki MorimotoIt was the youngest score of the second place in the J1 history following. Kubo later obtained what he gained over four months at F. Marinos, ``It is natural that the team cannot be used in the match unless the concept required by the team can be practiced, and then show their own characteristics and contribute in the attack It was a great harvest that I was able to know that I needed it in my early teens,'' he said, and until then, the outward consciousness of ``why did you use it in the game?'' "What is not?"[33].


Returning to FC Tokyo in 2019[34][35].. Manager Hasegawa has shown an amazing amount of exercise and improved defensive consciousness since the team started camp after having passed the time limit transfer of the previous year.[33], February 2, in the opening roundKawasaki FrontaleIn the battle, he was selected as a starting member at the age of 3 years, 17 months, and 9th, the youngest club in history. The match ended in a draw, but Kubo's direct free kick hit the post, showing his presence[36].. March 3, Section 10Sagan TosuThe first full participation in the battle, FWJaelContributed to the victory with the first assist through[37].. March 5, Section 12Jubilo IwataHe scored a left foot volley in the 39th minute of the second half and scored the first league game score as a FC Tokyo player.[38].. March 6, Section 1Oita TrinitaIn the match, he scored two goals and scored multiple goals for the first time as a professional player, contributing to the victory.A send-off ceremony was held after the FC Tokyo match on June 2, 2019 after the announcement of the full transfer to Spain.Since the opponent on the day was Yokohama F. Marinos, who was the transfer destination for a limited time, I thanked both supporters.[39][40].

real Madrid

August 2019, 6,スペイン Ofreal MadridTransfer to was announced[41][42].. At the time of transfer announcement, FC Tokyo was in the J1 league first place and Kubo was contributing to the team as a regular[43] It was a transfer in. However, the day after the transfer announcement, FC Tokyo's President and CEO Naoki Ogane commented, ``Kubo has a strong desire to play abroad since joining.At the age of 18, the contract period with the club was until that date to confirm the possibility again.Kubo revealed that the contract had expired on June 18th of the same year, when Kubo celebrated his 6th birthday. After the contract ended, FC Tokyo also offered an extension of the contract, and Kubo also said that "I want to remain as it is and contribute to the victory due to the situation of the team at FC Tokyo this season and the feeling of my own growth", but the final Decided to move to Real Madrid[44].

The first year is equivalent to Team BReal Madrid CastillaPlay with[42][45]In the second year, it was reported that he promised to be promoted to the top team or released to another top-level club.[46].. Selected as a member of the preseason tour's Obi on July 7[47]Also participated in the game and made a practical debut with the top team[48].. Made in the same monthAudi cupAlso participated in, was held on the 31stFenerbahceIn the game, although it was a short participation time with participation from the latter half 73 minutes,Luka ModricShows good play everywhere, such as playing with the opponent DF in cooperation withスペインpaper"MarukaIs selected as the first place in the evaluation ranking[49]. Also,CastillaI played with No. 7 on my back in the test match at[50].


August 2019, 8,Primera DivisionPromoted for the first time in 7 seasons[51] officialMallorcaHas been decided to transfer to[52][53][54]..The uniform number is 26.Japanese people play in MallorcaYoshito Okubo,Akihiro KanameIt became the third person in history after[55]..By showing enough qualities to pass in the limited playing time in the pre-season match mentioned above, he gained experience in some other clubs with a higher level than the originally planned Castilla.[52].

September 9nd, Round 2 of the league matchバ レ ン シ アHe made a debut in the league after participating in the battle. November 11, Section 10VillarrealIn the 8th minute of the second half of the match, he scored his first goal in Spain with a middle shot.This goal was the youngest scorer (4 years, 18 months, 5 days) for Asian players in the four major European leagues.[56]..Although there were many bench starts at the beginning of the season, it became one of the main players from the beginning of 2020.[57]..Ultimately, the teamSegunda DivisionAlthough it was decided to be demoted to, the result was left in the team suffering from the lower rank with 35 league games, 4 goals and 4 assists.[58].. This season,European Football FederationHe was selected as one of La Liga's "11 Breaking People" by La Liga, and his performance attracted attention from home and abroad.[59].


August 2020, 8, finished last season in 10th placeVillarrealTimed transfer to was announced[60]..The uniform number is 16.From the opening, 6 league games will start on the bench, and on October 10,European League, Group stageSivassporHe made his first start in the match after the transfer and not only scored his first goal after the transfer, but also scored two assists to contribute to the victory.[61]..After that, he started in all group stage games in the Europa League, but only two games started in the league.Before the opening of the winter transfer market, he did not participate in four games in a row, and on January 2, 4LevanteIt was off the bench for the first time in the season[62]..In the final 19 official games, the 90-minute full appearance was in two Europa League games (Sivasspor).Maccabi Tel AvivOnly in battle)[63], Two games started in the league (CadizBattle,Real BetisWar) only[64].


On January 2021, 1, the contract with Villarreal was terminated, and at the end of Section 8, he was competing for remaining in 17th place.Getafe[65]Announced that they will transfer for a limited time until the end of the season[66]..The uniform number is 5. January 1, Section 11ElcheHe made his debut in the new world by participating in the battle from 64 minutes.I didn't want to participate in the practice at Getafe even once, but I contributed to the come-from-behind victory in the enemy territory with the activity related to 2 goals.[67]..After that, I wasn't blessed with the opportunity to participate in Getafe.[68], May 5, Section 16LevanteIn the match, he scored the final point and contributed to the team's survival.[69].

Representative career

In 2016, as U-16 Japan representativeAFC U-16 ChampionshipJoin in. Raising 2 points, which is the 4nd place in the tournament score ranking,FIFA U-17 World CupContributed to the acquisition of the participation right[70].. Argentine expedition (November 11-December 11) in November of the same yearU-19 Japan National TeamWas first selected in the jumping class. The age of 15 years, 5 months and 20 days is the youngest in the history, and it is the junior high school student, and the U-19 Japan National Team is the first time in history to be selected.[71].. He made his U-19 debut in a friendly match against the U-19 Argentina national team.

2017 years,German expeditionDo (March 3th-March 19th)U-20 Japan National TeamSelected as a member, played in four games including a friendly match with the U-20 Germany national team, and scored two goals.[72].. May 5, same year,2017 FIFA U-20 World CupChallengeU-20 Japan National TeamWas selected in the jumping class. May 5, the first matchU-20 South AfricaFrom the middle appearance in the battleDoanContributed to the victory by assisting the inversion goal of. September,FIFA U-17 World CupElected as a member of. October 10th,U-17 HondurasContributed to the victory in the first match with 1 score and 1 assist[73].

2018 years,AFC U-19 ChampionshipElected as a member of. On October 10, he contributed to the victory by directly deciding a free kick in the first match against U-19 North Korea.[74].

August 2019, 5,Giraffe challenge cupFirst selected as a Japanese representative member[75].. It is the first time in history that a player born in the 21st century is selected as the A representative. Announced the next dayCopa AmericaFaceTokyo OlympicsElected as a representative of Japan composed mainly of generations[76][77].. Aug. 6,Giraffe challenge cup OfEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euParticipated midway from 22 minutes in the second half of the match, and played A's first appearance.[78].Daisuke IchikawaIt was the second youngest debut in history[79].. In Copa America,チリHe played the national team's first starting member in the battle and participated in all three games of the group league. Since it was a tournament just after the announcement of Real Madrid transfer, it attracted attention not only from Japan but also from overseas[80]Overseas media also give Kubo a high rating[81].. The team was eliminated from the group league, but the number of last passes in this tournament was 8 at the end of the group league, the highest number in the competition, showing a strong presence.[82].

2020 Tokyo Olympics July 2021, 7 Goal in the second half of the match against South Africa.


  • Cantera in BarcelonaWas enrolled at the same timeDavid BabunskiRemembered Kubo at the time, "I felt like I remembered myself when I was little."[83]..Babunski was misplaced because he canceled the contract with the club on the day when Kubo's loan transfer to Yokohama FM was announced and left the club.
  • At the conference when I joined Yokohama F. Marinos, my uniform number was 15, which is the same as the number in FC Tokyo. I chose 15 of them (not 1 or 5)."[25].. The uniform number at FC Tokyo U-18 (2017) was also 15.[84].
  • My younger brother, Eiji, also plays soccer and belongs to the Yokohama FM Academy.[85].
  • Since it was reported that he was active in Barcelona since his childhood, the media has been reporting nicknamed "Kubo-kun" for many years, but after joining the professional2018May 8"I'm going to ask Kubo Kenei, not Kubo-kun from now on," asking the media to change the name.[86].
  • SpanishCatalan languageCan speak almost perfectly[87].

Affiliation club

Individual grade

ク ラ ブ

As of 2021 year 1 month[88][89]
Seasonク ラ ブUniform numberleagueLeague cupOpen cupInternational cupOtherstotal
2016F East U23[90]50J3 league3030
2017FC Tokyo202[Annotation 1]0[Annotation 1]0[Annotation 2]0[Annotation 2]40
F East U2341212212
2018FC Tokyo15J1 league406[Annotation 1]1[Annotation 1]0[Annotation 2]0[Annotation 2]101
F East U23J3 league103103
Yokohama FMJ1 league511[Annotation 2]0[Annotation 2]61
2019FC Tokyo15134165
JapantotalJ1 league24511210367
J3 league345345
Seasonク ラ ブUniform numberleagueLeague cupOpen cupInternational cupOtherstotal
2019-20 real MadridPrimera Division00
Mallorca263541[Annotation 3]0[Annotation 3]364
2020-21 Villarreal[91]161301[Annotation 3]0[Annotation 3]5[Annotation 4]1[Annotation 4]191
スペインtotalPrimera Division6652051736



FC Tokyo U-18


Representation from Japan

Participation meet

Number of matches

  • International A Match 11 games 0 points (2019 -)

Representation from JapanInternational A Match


No.DatesHost cityStadiumOpponentResultConvention
1.2019/6/9[93]Japanese flagMiyagiHitomebore Stadium MiyagiEl Salvador flag Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu○ 2-0Kirin Challenge Cup 2019
2.2019/6/17[94]Brazilian flagSao PauloEstadio de MorumbiChilean flag チリ● 0-4Copa America 2019
3.2019/6/20[95]Brazilian flagPorto AlegreArena do GremioUruguay flag Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu△ 2-2
4.2019/6/24[96]Brazilian flagBelo HorizonteEstadio MinaironEcuador flag エクアドル△ 1-1
5.2019/9/5[97]Japanese flagIbarakiIbaraki Prefectural Kashima Soccer StadiumParaguay flag パラグアイ○ 2-0Kirin Challenge Cup 2019
6.2019/9/10[98]Myanmar flagYangonThuwanna StadiumMyanmar flag Myanmar○ 2-02022 FIFA World Cup Asia Round 2 Qualifying
7.2019/10/15[99]Tajikistan flagDushanbeDushanbe Central StadiumTajikistan flag Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu○ 3-0
8.2020/10/9[100]Dutch flagUtrechtStadion GalgenwaltCameroon flag カ メ ル ー ン△ 0-0International friendly match
9.2020/10/13[101]Cote d'Ivoire flag コ ー ト ワ ワ ー ル○ 1-0
10.2020/11/13[102]Austrian flagGrazMercour ArenaPanama flag パナマ○ 1-0
11.2020/11/17[103]Mexican flag メキシコ● 0-2




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