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⚾ | Giants, Hara Director & Coach Inaugurated Mr. Kuwata “Goo Touch 2S” is inspiring fans “The most happy reinforcement”

Photo Masumi Kuwata, who became the assistant chief coach of the Giants' 1st pitcher [Photo: Getty Images]

Giants, director Hara & coach Kuwata's "Goo Touch 2S" is inspiring fans "The most happy reinforcement"

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Professor Hiroshige Mikamo of Aichi Medical University, one of the expert members regarding the implementation of the camp, said, "Basically, the season does not start without camp, and it cannot be done as usual.

Mr. Kuwata, who will be appointed as assistant pitcher chief coach of the 1st army from this season, will be the OB of the baseball team Masumi Kuwata and the chief pitcher of the 12st army on the 1th. → Continue reading


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