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🥋 | Hamada is second in the 78 kg class of judo girls, Olympic representatives, Harasawa and Mukai are eliminated

Photo Naori Hamada

Hamada is second in the 78-kilometer class of judo women

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Shoichiro Mukai (ALSOK), the representative of the Tokyo Olympics men's 90 kg class, lost one in the second round and was eliminated.

On the final day of the Masters Tournament, where the top players in the world ranking of judo compete, a total of five men and women will be held in Doha on the 13th, and the Tokyo Olympics ... → Continue reading

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Shoichiro Mukai

Shoichiro Mukai(Mukai Shoichirou,1996å¹´2/10 -) isToyamaTakaokaFromJapan OfjudoA player.The class is 90 kg.Height 178 cm.The kumite is left-handed.My specialty isUchi mata[1][2].Maple Chogokin OfKazu LaserAlso said to be similar[3]..My car is BMW.


Since his father was a judo leader, he started judo at the age of four, following his sister Tsumi Mukai.[1][4][5]..When I was in the first grade of elementary schoolNiigataWhen I moved to, I became a member of the Shirane Judo Federation.[2]..When he started working in earnest from the 4th grade of elementary school, he continued to win the game so much that he thought that this time was the strongest.[4].

Junior high school went to TokyoKodo GakushaBecame a member of.At the Kodo Gakusha, I was forced to practice very hard, but I gained about 10 kg because I was able to walk around and be treated favorably by my seniors.It is said that this fat student is the first since the beginning of Kodo Gakusha[4]..Then in Toyama prefectureOyama Junior High SchoolHowever, the pride of being from Kodo Gakusha hindered me from growing.[2].Takaoka Daiichi High SchoolEven when I entered the school, I was struck by the surroundings because I was from Kodo Gakusha, so I didn't practice hard.However, when he was defeated by a classmate who had won overwhelmingly until junior high school, his father advised him of his rude attitude, so he decided to practice seriously after that.[4].. At the time of 3 yearsInter HighRanked 81th in the 5kg class[1]..Stop judo at universityAmerican FootballI was planning to work onNihon UniversityI was scouted by the judo club and decided to continue judo[4].

When I entered Nihon University in 2014, it was September in the first year.All Japan JuniorIn the finalTenri UniversityDefeated Kazuhiro Gushi and won the championship[6].. In MayWorld JuniorThen in the third round in GeorgiaBeka GviniashviliLost in a skill.In the team match, he lost to Gviniashvili again in the final match against Georgia, but in the general matchYusei OgawaWon the team's victory[7].

In the second year of JuneChampionship3rd place[8].. In the All Japan Junior Final in SeptemberUniversity of TsukubaDefeated Kento Ohashi and achieved the second straight victory[6].. In MayWorld JuniorThen in the first match of RussiaMikhail IgolnikovLost to.In the team competition, the team won the championship against Georgia in the final, following last year.[1].

In the third year, in the final of the victory tournament in JuneTokai UniversityLost to 2nd place[8].. In MayBy student weightThen he defeated Ohashi in the final and won the championship.After the match, "((Rio de Janeiro Olympics(Gold medalist)Mashu BakerWill be defeated. "[9][10].. In MayGroup by weightThen it was 3th[11].. In MayKodokan CupThen came in second place[12].. In MayGrand Slam TokyoThen finished in 7th place[13].

In the second year of JuneBy weightIn the finalChiba Prefectural Police OfHirotaka KatoDefeated in Guidance 2 and won the tournament for the first time.At this time, he commented, "I think I'm better than Baker in style. My ultimate goal is to win the Tokyo Olympics."[3][14].Asian ChampionshipSo in the semifinals in TajikistanKomronshokh UstpilyonWaza-ari lost to 3rd place[15].. In MayUniversiadeThen in the semi-final of KoreaGwak Dong-hanToGSAfter entering, I was taken to the third place with waza-ari.In the team competition, he contributed to the team's victory by winning one in the final against Russia.[16][17][18].

After the tournament, I was late for the meeting day of the Nihon University Judo Club, so I was the director of the Judo Club.All Japan Judo FederationAlso serves as the strengthening committee chairJun KannoWas blamed for.Since he was often late in the past, he was forced to leave the dormitory due to the ban on entering and exiting the judo club.for that reason,Metropolitan Police Department,Kokushikan UniversityThe days of going to practice continued[19]..Meanwhile, at the Kodokan Cup in November, if you win all the games until the semi-finals, in the finalsTeacherDefeated Taichi Nailmaru with Seoi-nage to win the championship[20]..After the tournament, when I apologized to Kanano, I was accepted by the judo club again.[19].

12 of the monthGrand Slam TokyoThen, although he lost to a Brazilian player in the quarterfinals, he won the repechage and finished third.[21].. August 2018Grand slam parisThen, when he abstained from Guo in the semi-final, he started Gviniashvili in the final and defeated him with a seoi-nage at an early stage.IJF World Judo TourIt was the first victory.In addition, by helping Gviniashvili, who injured his left knee when thrown in the final, to leave, the crowdStanding ovationWas to receive[22][23]..Also, in the past, although he was a 90 kg class player, he weighed only 83 kg, but he realized that he could not compete with Baker.Weight trainingAs a result of working on improving the diet, my usual weight has increased to 99 kg.[19].

From October 2018Integrated security guaranteeBecame a member of[1]..By weight in the semifinalsJRAHe was defeated by Waza-ari and was in 3rd place.At that time, he commented, "I was confident, but the Olympic champion was big. I just wanted to beat Baker. (My) current power is about this level. I have to grow."[24][25].World championshipI couldn't be a representative,World organizationWas elected to represent[26].. In MayGrand Prix BudapestSo in the quarterfinals of SpainNikoloz SherazazibiliFinished in 7th place by losing the foul[27].. In MayWorld organizationThen, although he lost in the quarter-final against Azerbaijan, he was third in the individual match against France in the final.Axel ClergetTheUra nageDefeated in and decided to win the team.After the match, he commented, "I didn't want to drag everyone's legs." "I thought I couldn't go back to Japan if I lost here. I can manage to go back to Japan."[28][29][30].. 11rd place at the Kodokan Cup in November[31].. ContinueGrand Slam OsakaThen in the semifinals of GeorgiaUshangi MargianiWaza-ari defeats the Dutch in the finalNoel van't endWon the foul and won the championship[32].

2019 Year of 2 MonthGrand slam parisThen in the quarterfinals of KazakhstanIslam BozbayevIf you lose to, even in the subsequent 3rd place playoffPark 24 OfKenta NagasawaLost in Yoko Shiho gatame and finished in 5th place[33].. By weight in April in the semi-finalsTokai University1 yearsSanshiro MuraoTheArm axillaryIn the final, after entering Nagasawa in GS, he won a foul and won the championship.World championshipElected as a representative[34][35][36]..In addition, the unique interval of shaking your head from side to side isKickboxingIt is said that it is based on the experience of[5][37].. In MayGrand Slam BakuThen lost to Turkey's Melt Sismanral in the second round[38][39].. In MayGrand Prix BudapestThen, while holding a flight in the semi-finals, Cuba's second place in the worldIvan Felipe Silva MoralesTheKosoto GariSheraza Disibiri, who became the world champion in the final, despite defeating with the skill ofSumi otoshiI lost in and was second.At that time, he said, "I still need to put up with it. I couldn't put up with it at the end (final)." "The Japanese are the best in the world."In addition, even though he broke his left metatarsal bone in the first match of this tournament, he said, "A normal person can be cured in a week, even if it is a complete cure!"[40][41][42].. In SeptemberTokyoHeld atWorld championshipThen Kouchi Gari in the quarterfinals and Sweden in the semifinalsMarcus NymanAlthough he won all the fouls and proceeded to the final, he lost to the phantom end due to his skill and remained in 2nd place.[43][44]..At this time, he cried and commented, "I'm still not patient enough. I'm sick of myself. Second place is the same as losing the first round, and it's the first time I'm so frustrated."[45].. In MayGrand Slam OsakaIn the quarter-finals, he lost to Guo, but when he fouled Murao in the repechage, Nagasawa abstained due to injury in the third-place playoff, so he finished third.[46][47].

2020 Year of 2 MonthGrand Slam DusseldorfThen in the quarterfinals of AzerbaijanMammadali MehdievWhen he played against, he suffered a foul loss of Guidance 2 by untied and retied without the referee's instruction after taking Guidance 3, but in the subsequent 3rd place playoff, Silva MoralesHarai makikomiDefeated in 3rd place[48][49][50]..At the strengthening committee meeting that was held after that, the votes were in favor except for one strengthening committee member who cast a white vote.Tokyo OlympicsThe representative has been unofficially decided. If more than two-thirds of the strengthening committee members judge that the difference in performance with the second-placed athlete is clear, the Tokyo Olympics representative will be unofficially decided.[51][52][53]..Mukai, who was appointed as a representative, said, "I thought that the 90-kilometer class (competition for the representative) was a horizontal line, but I thought that I had to be as mental as myself to get results at the Olympics. I will give back. "[54].. In May, All Japan Judo Federation met with the Managing Board and the Strengthening Committee.New coronavirusAt the Tokyo Olympics, which was postponed for one year due to the influence of the above, we confirmed the policy of maintaining the rights of the representative unofficial players decided in February.The unofficial player has already undergone a fierce selection of representatives, and the main reason is that the resumption of the international tournament is still unclear and re-selection is not easy.[55]..On the other hand, the strengthening committee chairJun Kanno"The most decisive factor is that the on-site coach and coach have the confidence to fight with the current unofficial players."[56]..After that, with the approval of all directors and auditors of All Japan Judo Federation, it was officially decided to maintain the representative unofficial players.[57]..At that time, he commented, "The situation is unpredictable due to the influence of the new coronavirus, but we will prepare well for the Tokyo Olympics. I want to win a gold medal and give back."[58].. Postponed to DecemberAll Japan Judo ChampionshipIs the only Tokyo Olympic athlete to participate in the event, but in the third roundAsahi Kasei OfYasumasa OtaToDismissalLost in[59].

2021 Year of 1 MonthWorld MastersThen in the second round to GviniashviliYoko Shiho gatameLost in[60].

IJFWorld ranking is 3721st with 11 points (as of 20/12/21)[61].



Uploading slanderous videos to other players' fathers

In May 2020, the representative of the 5kg class OlympicsNaohisa Takato OfYoutubeOn the channelElectronic CigaretteI talked with him while smoking the Tokyo Olympics 66kg class representative candidateMaruyama Castle ShiroIs the father ofKenji MaruyamaToFacebookWas blamed for.After that, on his Youtube channel, titled "f ×× k ○ MOUNTAIN"WrapA video that composes and publishes a video, and attacks "Hey Kas, you drag around the rap", "The first child of the anti is laughed at now, the parent is asked", "It is useless to look for only Ara or not to participate in the Olympics" It became a problem in June that I uploaded.When Maruyama inquired about this matter, he said, "It wasn't interesting because I was slandered about what I was doing to popularize judo."[62].

The series of events became an article in Shukan Bunshun (June 6th issue), and was published by All Japan Judo Federation.Jun KannoThe strengthening committee chairman revealed on June 6 that he had given strict oral attention.All Japan Judo Federation has invited outside experts to the training camp to give lectures on how to use SNS.However, taking this opportunity, it is said that guidelines on how to use SNS will be created.[63][64].. "I would like to take this opportunity to come up with clear and clear guidelines. (For example) A clear SNS that includes (for example) discriminatory remarks, slander, or smoking, drinking, and gambling reflected in the video. It is necessary to show how to use it. "" It should not be represented that there are many people who are uncomfortable to see. I do not intend to squeeze all the players to send out various things, It's imprudent that you can't see it from your own point of view, "said Kanano.[65][66].

Mr. Kanano apologized, "I would like to sincerely apologize for making many people feel very uncomfortable," and Kenji Maruyama, the party concerned, also said, "I am very sorry for making a noise. I don't think so. I deeply regret that I didn't give my opinion directly to Mukai, and I deeply regret that he lacked consideration. ”However, Mukai, who composed the song, said. Did not comment on any apologies[67].

After that, there was a plan to upload the randori confrontation between the two to the Youtube channel, but it was said that it was stopped by various places concerned.[68].


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