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🏐 | Stretching exercise equipment "TWISTICK" that stretches, pulls and twists is released ... Mikasa

Photo Stretching exercise equipment "TWISTICK" that stretches, pulls and twists is released ... Mikasa

Stretching exercise equipment "TWISTICK" that stretches, pulls and twists is released ... Mikasa

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Yuji Nishida of the men's volleyball team "JTEKT STINGS" belonging to V.LEAGUE has been appointed as the ambassador.

City Life is an exercise equipment "TWIST ..." jointly developed by industry-academia collaboration with volleyball Mikasa and Yasuda Women's University. → Continue reading


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JTEKT STINGS(JTEKT Stings)AichiKariya cityMen based involleyballIt's a team.Operation isJTEKT.. 2020-21シーズンはIn the XNUMX-XNUMX seasonV.LEAGUE Belongs to DIVISION1 (V1 league).


In 1956, a 9-person volleyball club was established, and later changed to a 6-person system. 2002 V1 League (currentlyV Challenge League) Promotion. 2013 V. Premier League promotion.

The team name "STINGS" means that a bee attacks an opponent with a sharp needle, and was named with the aim of becoming a team that can make a sharp attack and become a threat.The team character is "Stinby" and was named by the open call for participants.[1][2].

The secretariat is the Kariya Plant in Kariya City, and the practice area is the J-Tect Gymnasium nearby.Some practice tours are also possible.Home games in the cityKariya City Gymnasium, Held at JTEKT gymnasiums in each home town.

Currently, the team is run with the support of sponsors.[3].


1958 years,Toyoda MachineFounded as a volleyball club (9 players).After that, with the passage of time, it shifted to a 6-person system.[4][5].

1996 years,Regional leaguePromoted to.In 1997, when he first participated in the regional league, he was ranked lowest (8th) in the western league, but gradually increased his ranking. In 2002, it was positioned as an in-house strengthening club, and full-scale strengthening began.[4]..In the same year, he won second place in the regional leagues and was promoted to the V1 league (then second division league).[4].

For the first time in the 2002/03 season5th V1 LeagueWith 7 wins and 7 losses, he left a record of 5%, and after that he left a record close to 5%.

In 2006, the parent company merged from Toyoda Machine WorksJTEKTIt became.At the same time, the team name was changed to "JTEKT STINGS"[4]..After that, it will advance to the top in the V. Challenge League (renamed from the V1 League).

2009 / 10V Challenge LeagueHe won his first victory in all 15 races, and with that momentum he faced the V. Challenge Match (replacement match).V・Premier LeagueWas the bottomFC TokyoIn two games, he couldn't take even one set and was completely defeated. V. Premier League was not promoted.2010 / 11V Challenge LeagueEven though he won the championship in a rowGreat East Japan EarthquakeDue to the influence of, V. Challenge Match will be canceled and will remain in V. Challenge League.2011 / 12V Challenge LeagueThen runner-up. In V. Challenge MatchJT ThundersI lost in a row and was not promoted again.

2012 / 13V Challenge LeagueThen, the second placeTsukuba United Sun GAIAAlthough he lost 2 to, he passed Tsukuba at the set rate and won the championship. In V. Challenge MatchOita Miyoshi Weisse AdlerPlay against.He lost straight in the first round and was driven as soon as possible.However, in the second round, he won straight and exceeded the score rate, so the long-awaited promotion to V. Premier League was decided in a big reversal.[6][7][8].

2013/14 season, the first year of the premiere25 Emperor's CupRunner-up in[9]. But,V・Premier LeagueThen, it ended at the bottom of 6 wins and entered the V. Challenge Match. In V. Challenge MatchPolice Agency Fort FightersWon in a row and played a residual.

V. Premier League2014/15 seasonIs 5th.2015/16 seasonIt is,Bulgaria National Team OfMatey KaziyskiJoined the group.The team steadily gained strength in 4th place,2016/17 seasonFinally advanced to Final 3.Last year's champion in Final 3Toyota Gosei TrefelsaWon the first match, but lost in the second match and lost in the golden set, but became the third place in the team history.[10].. JTEKT Nara factory will be built from 2016/17 seasonNaraKashiharaBecame a sub-home town.

2018-19 season, reborn in place of V. Premier LeagueV.LEAGUEWas born and incorporated into the first part, DIVISION 1 (V1)[11].First yearDropped in the final stage and finished in 7th place (missing the final 6 advance).

2019-20 seasonWas active in the Japan national team OPYuji NishidaThe team made a leap forward with Kaziyski, who returned to 1st place in the serve ranking and 2nd place for the first time in 2 seasons.[12], V. Regular round finished 2nd and confirmed to advance to Final 3[13]..In final 3Suntory Sunbirds3-1 wins in reverse and achieves the team's first final advance[14]. But,New coronavirusIn order to prevent the spread of infection, it was decided to fight the final without spectators[15]..In that final, I was competing for 1st place until the end of the V. regular roundPanasonic PanthersWon the end of the full set and won the first victory in the 1th season of promotion to the first division[16].

2020-21 season,Reiwa 2nd Emperor's CupBut in the final, he defeated Panasonic and won the Emperor's Cup for the first time.[17]. But,League matchThen, he struggled with the top three teams, such as losing all four races to Panasonic, and finished in 4th place.[18][19].


Until the 2011-12 season, he worked full-time, and practice time was from 19:00 after work until 22:00 when the gymnasium was closed.The former coach said, "I couldn't say that I should spend more time practicing because I will continue to work after I retire."Athletes also complain that they can't take care of their bodies.The company considered the practice start time from 2012:13 from the 16-00 season, and as a result, it led to the victory of this season and the victory of the V challenge match.Nagai said, "I'm grateful. I was able to improve my competitiveness and get promoted." From the 2013-14 season, 14:00 will be the practice start time[20].


Main grades

V.LEAGUE DIVISION1 (Japan League / V League / V Premier League)
  • Win 1 times (2019-20)
  • No runner-up
V.LEAGUE DIVISION2 (Business Group League / V1 League / V Challenge League / V Challenge League I)
Black Eagle Flag All Japan Selection
  • No victory
  • 2st runner-up (2016,2018)
Emperor's Cup / Empress's Cup All Japan Volleyball Championship
  • 1 wins (2020)
  • 1st runner-up (2013)
National Athletic MeetAdult boys (6 people)

Results by year

V League / Business Group League / V1 League

Number of teams
matchWinDefeatWin rate
V1 league5th (2002/03)5 bit8 team14770.500
6th (2003/04)5 bit7 team12570.417
7th (2004/05)6 bit8 team14770.500
8th (2005/06)4 bit8 team14860.571

V. Premier League / V. Challenge League

Number of teams
Regular roundPost season
Challenge2006/073 bit9 team3 bit16124-
2007/085 bit10 team5 bit18117-
2008/093 bit12 team3 bit1192752
2009/10Win11 team1 bit10100550
2010/11Win11 team1 bit16151-
2011/12second place11 team2 bit1091541
2012/13Win11 team1 bit20182-
Premier2013/148 bit8 team8 bit28622-
2014/155 bit8 team6 bit21912532
2015/164 bit8 team3 bit21129514
2016/173 bit8 team5 bit21912743
2017/185 bit8 team6 bit21813514


Number of teams
Regular roundPost season
DIVISION12018-197 bit10 team7 bit271314-
2019-20Win10 team2 bit27234220
2020-214 bit10 team4 bit342311-

Players / Staff (2020-21)


Uniform numberNameShirt nameCitizenshipPRemarks
1Yuto FujinakaFUJINAKAJapanese flag JapanOH
2Akihiro KanamaruKANAMARUJapanese flag JapanMB
3Yamato FushimiFUSHIMIJapanese flag JapanMB
4Fukuyama ShinichiFUKUYAMAJapanese flag JapanMBVice captain[21]
5Rao ShuhanRAOFlag of the People's Republic of China ChugokuMB
6Felipe FontelesFELIPEBrazilian flag BrazilOHBrazilian flag(Portuguese version)Transfer from[22]
7YANAGISAWAJapanese flag JapanOH
8Hiroya GunKOORIJapanese flag JapanOH
9MURAYAMAJapanese flag JapanMBUnofficial player (Waseda UniversityStudent)[23]
10KOBAYASHIJapanese flag JapanS
11HAKAMAYAJapanese flag JapanOP
12Ryo KobukiKOHROGIJapanese flag JapanL
14Yuji NishidaNISHIDAJapanese flag JapanOP
15MIYAURAJapanese flag JapanOPUnofficial player (while attending Waseda University)[23]
16Hisashi KuboyamaKUBOYAMAJapanese flag JapanS
17Ryuta HommaHONMAJapanese flag JapanLcaptain[21]
18MICHIIJapanese flag JapanSNewcomer[24]
19Hiroaki AsanoASANOJapanese flag JapanOH
20TSUZUKIJapanese flag JapanOHUnofficial player (Chuo UniversityStudent)[23]
Source: Team official website[1] V League official website[4]
Update: 2020 year 10 month 17 day

ス タ ッ フ

AdviserKazuhisa MakinoJapanese flag Japan
ManagerAkito TachibanaJapanese flag Japannew
GMYoji HayanoJapanese flag Japan
Deputy DirectorJapanese flag Japan
AdvisorKazuhiro MiyashitaJapanese flag Japan
supervisorDaiki TerashimaJapanese flag Japan
Senior head coachKazushi MasashiJapanese flag Japan
directed byShinji TakahashiJapanese flag Japan
coachItalian flag イタリア
coachJapanese flag Japan
Assistant coachJapanese flag Japan
Chief trainerMasakazu KobayashiJapanese flag Japan
Strength trainerHoharu OkusuJapanese flag Japan
Assistant trainerKoji KikunagaJapanese flag Japannew[25]
Team doctorAkira FukuiJapanese flag Japannew[25]
AnalystKen IkeharaJapanese flag Japan
AnalystTakuma YoshidaJapanese flag Japannew[25]
managerHiroki EgashiraJapanese flag Japan
InterpreterJun IshiiJapanese flag Japan
In charge of disseminating and strengthening Jr guidanceNaoto SomiyaJapanese flag Japan
External dispatchShohei ToyodaJapanese flag JapanChuo UniversityDispatched to.
Team public relationsAkio KamadaJapanese flag JapanRegistered October 2020, 10[25]
Team public relationsKatsuaki IwamotoJapanese flag JapanRegistered October 2020, 10[25]
Team public relationsTadayuki TsujiJapanese flag JapanRegistered October 2020, 10[25]
Source: Team official website[26] V League official website[4]
Update: 2020 year 10 month 21 day

Main players who were enrolled


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