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⚽ | Is the Nigeria national team FW who joined Hokkaido Consadole Sapporo already in Japan?The contract period is ...

Photo Hokkaido Consadole Sapporo Home Sapporo Dome Photo courtesy of Gettyimages

Is the Nigeria national team FW who joined Hokkaido Consadole Sapporo already in Japan?The contract period is ...

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With Kenya national team FW Michael Olunga's success at Kashiwa Reysol, more clubs are getting African players in the Japanese market this winter.

Nigeria national team FW Gabriel who joined the Meiji Yasuda Life J1 League Hokkaido Consadole Sapporo by complete transfer ... → Continue reading

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Kenya National Team FW Michael Olunga

Kashiwa Reysol

Kashiwa Reysol(Kashiwa Reysol,Kashiwa Reysol) IsJapan OfChibaKashiwaHometown[1],Japan Professional Soccer League(J League) professionalsサ ッ カ ーclub.


1940Was founded inHitachi Headquarters Soccer Club(In 1970Hitachi Soccer ClubRenamed to[Note 1]) Becomes the predecessor[1],1995Joined the J League[1].. The operating companyHitachi Kashiwa Reysol Co., Ltd.Is[1].home townRegistration isChibaKashiwaBut only[1],In addition to itAbiko,Kamagaya city,Nagareyama,Noda-shi,Matsudo-shi,Inzai City,Shirai CityThe activity area[3] We are doing home town days at soccer schools and home games.[3].

The team name isSpanishIt is a coined word that combines "Rey" (king) and "Sol" (sun), meaning "sun king".[1]. Home stadiumSankyo Frontea Kashiwa StadiumIs[1](Detail is#Stadium/practice fieldSee).The mascot is "Ray-kun", which is the image of "Prince of the Sun".[1].


Before promotion to J League

The predecessor Hitachi Soccer ClubJapan Soccer LeagueOne of the eight teams (original 1965) that have participated since 8, when (JSL) was founded. Once in the JSL league match,JSL Cup1 times,Emperor's cupWon twice in each.

Announced participation in the professional league (J League = founded in 1990) in 1993.1992Became an operating company in AprilHitachi Sports Co., Ltd.Established[1].. 1993,Hitachi FC Kashiwa ReysolAnd changed the club name[1],Fujita(Current:Shonan Bellmare),Yamaha(Current:Jubilo Iwata) WithJ League Associate MemberApproved by.

1993, JFL was supposed to be admitted to the J-League with a result within 2nd place, but the final ranking was 5th.At that time in autumnBrazil national team OfCarecaEarned.Yoshitada YamaguchiTakes command as the first director. Although he was not promoted to the J-League in JFL results, if he was still in the top four in the J-League Cup, he added Carekka and challenged the League Cup under the condition that he was approved to join the J-League, but the team lost. He was not allowed to join the J-League because he missed the final tournament due to a point difference.[4].

1994,Tetsuya Totsuka,Koichi ShitaniEarned.10/23, JFL final section,NTT Kanto Soccer ClubCareca's goal in the match was 1-0, which confirmed the 2nd place and decided to promote to the J-League.[4]..Careca scored 19 points, the most for the team this year.

1995-2005 (J League / J1)

1995, In the 1st stage, he won at the home where he had lost 10 consecutive games in the final round, but he was the lowest (14th). After the 1st stage is overZe SergioWas dismissed from the director, and from the 7nd stage in JulyAntonignoIs appointed as a director. 1st stage victoryYokohama MThe 2nd stage was 2th (annual result was 2th), including 5 wins in 12 races.

1996,Kashiwa ReysolChange the club name to[1]. Also,Nicanor de CarvalhoBecame the director.EdílsonHe played aggressive soccer with both side backs moving violently and achieved 12 consecutive victories.

1997, The second year of the two-canol system. The 2st stage was 1rd in the race for victory, but the 3nd stage ended in 2th.In addition, it should be notedEdílson W cupAiming to participate, he left the group in the middle of the 2nd season.In addition, after the season ended, Nicanor retired from the coach without reaching an agreement with the club over financial matters.

1998, To the directorAkira NishinoIs inaugurated.Also in JulyBulgaria National Team OfHristo StoichkovJoined.

1999, Nishino system third year.Yokohama FからRyohiro Satsukawa,HiratsukaからHong Myung-boOn the other hand, Stoichkov left the group before the 2nd stage.The league match is the third place in the year.Also,Nabisco CupWon the club's first title.

2000, Nishino system third year. The 3st stage is 1th. The 4nd stage competes for victory until the end, and the one who wins the final round is said to win.KashimaIn a direct confrontation with, he becomes a scoreless draw and misses the championship.Although they won the most points in the year, they won the 1st / 2nd stage.[Note 2] Finished the season in 1rd place overall as he was ranked 2st and 3nd in the year.This is the only case where the team with the highest points of the year missed the championship.

2001, 1st stage is 6th, 2nd stage is 7th.In addition, Nishino was dismissed in July,Steve PerrimanWas appointed as the successor director.

2002, 1th place, including 7 consecutive losses in the 14st stage. Perryman was dismissed in AugustMarco AurélioIs appointed as a director. The 2nd stage is 9th.

2003, 1st stage is 9th, 2nd stage is 11th (annual result is 12th).Marco Aurélio retired after the season (de facto dismissal).

2004, Hitachi Soccer Club OBTomoyoshi IkeyaWas promoted from coach to coach, but the 1st stage was 15th. Iketani retired after the 1st stage,Hiroshi HayanoWas appointed as the successor manager, but the 2nd stage was also 15th. I finished at the bottom of the J1 year,J1・J2 replacement gameFukuokaWon and remained in J1[Note 3].

2005,Korean representative OfFWCui Chengguo,Cléber(Cho finished the rental transfer on July 7st).Former Brazil national team FW to break through the slumpFrancaEarn and exTokyo V OfRamos RuiWas appointed as a coach.

10/15, AwayUrawaIn the battle, two players were sent off, and he lost 2-0.11/26, Won the home game against Tokyo V 5-1 but finished 16th in the year.

J1 / J2 replacement battleKofuIn addition, the first round is 1-1 away, the second round is homeValleyToDouble hat trickWas decided and lost 2-6 in a row,J League Division 2(J2) Relegation has been decided[Note 4]..HayanoEmperor's cupResigned as coach before (Gamba Osaka), and former coach of Yamagata and KawasakiNobuhiro IshizakiBecame the director.

2006 (J2)

Team slogan: "toughness'

Tomokazu MyojinIs G Osaka,Yasuhiro Hado-Tsuchiya Masao Omiya,Keiji TamadaIs Nagoya,Harutaka OnoIs Tokyo V,Kisho Yano-Mitsuru Nagata NiigataCompletely transferred to, but returned for the first time in 4 yearsHideaki KitajimaWith a complete transfer from Shimizu,SE PalmeirasFrom the previous yearKobeWas playing inデ ィ エ ゴWas acquired by a loan transfer. J2 league matchYokohama FC・ The final round, which competed with Kobe for automatic promotion, and reached 2rd place with 1 point difference from 3nd place KobeShonanVictory in the battle, KobeSendaiDecided to be automatically promoted to 2nd place because he lost toJ League Division 1(J1) I made a comeback.In addition, 84 points was the highest score in J2006 in the 2 season.It was the season when "one heart and one body" was used as the slogan.

2007-2009 (J1)

Team slogan: "Challenge-Toughness that keeps evolving'

Ishizaki system second year.Ricardino,デ ィ エ ゴWhile leaving the group, GKYuichi Mizutani, MFAlceu,Marcio Araujo, FWYoshiro Abe, DFMasahiro KogaEtc. join. The goal for the first year of returning to J1 was set to "take 1 points."Also, at the end of March, the president of the operating companyShigeyuki OnoderaWas replaced by Shinjiro Kawanishi.

The league match is the opening matchIwataVictory.Even after that, he started to get points even away, which he was not good at, and became the eye of the typhoon in the first half of the game.Also, in the midfield game, the away game was defeated two years ago.UrawaAfter surviving the battle 1-1, he will spend August, which was expected to be a difficult battle, undefeated with 8 wins and 3 draws.Especially UrawaYokohama FMThey competed for the J1's lowest goal, and 8 of the 23 games up to August had no goals. September 12(I.e.In the match, they achieved their original goal of 45 points with eight games remaining, but after that, due to a series of injured people, they were 8 win, 4 draw and 1 losses, including 1 consecutive losses.

Team slogan: "UNIAO ~ Union ~ Unity and unity'

Ishizaki system third year. GKYuichi Mizutani, MFTatsuya TanizawaWas transferred, but GKTakanori Sugano, MFア レ ッ ク ス, FWPopoAnd so on[Note 5].. DF reinforcementJiro Kamata[Note 6] Only and the reinforcement of the attacking team was conspicuous.

The league match was in 15rd place as of the 3th round, but it has been sluggish since the middle stage, and the final result is 11th place.Emperor's cupHas advanced to the final for the first time in 33 years since its predecessor, Hitachi, Ltd.The final isG OsakaAlthough he lost to, he won the runner-up.Director Ishizaki was dismissed after the season ended.

Team slogan: "Pra Frente, REYSOL ~ Let's move forward together ~'

To the directorShinichiro TakahashiHowever, the coach of the former Japan national team DFMasami Ihara, OriginalShimizu OfSijimar Antonio MartinsIs appointed.ア レ ッ ク ス 千葉While transferring to2007Was enrolled inAlceu,Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euからAdebayoAcquired.In addition, five players, the largest number in history, joined from Kashiwa Reysol Youth.

After the start of the season, Alceu was injured and was deregistered.Franca,Lee TadungEtc. were injured and withdrawn one after another.OmiyaからYoshiyuki Kobayashi,Cruzeiro ECからAnselmo Ramon, G from OsakaPark Dong HyukHowever, Takahashi was dismissed from the coach on July 17 because he was sluggish at 17th place with the most goals in the league at the end of Section 7.Tokyo V,NagoyaFormer directorNelsinhoWas appointed as the successor coach, but was relegated to J33 for the second time since 2006, drawing in the match against Omiya in Section 2.The Nabisco Cup was eliminated in the Group League, and the Emperor's Cup was eliminated in the third round.

2010 (J2)

Team slogan: "Vitoria'

The first year of the Nelsinho system.CruzeiroからLeandro DominguezWhile winningKota SugiyamaReturned to Shimizu after the loan transfer expired.In addition, Franca left the group in the middle of the season,Suganuma Minoru,Masahiro KogaWith a time limitIwataTransferred to. In the J2 league match, 19 games have been undefeated since the opening, and the number of league losses of "2" per year is the lowest.Section 33Gifu3rd place or less is confirmed in the battle.Section 36Yokohama FCHe won the battle and decided to win the J2.The Emperor's Cup was eliminated in the fourth round.

2011-2018 (J1)

Team slogan: "Vitoria'

Nelsinho system third year.It was a regular on the right SBKobayashi YuzoWas completely transferred to Yokohama FM, Koga and Suganuma were completely transferred to Iwata, while from Omiya.Anglonomics,京都からTatsuya Masushima,FukuokaからTakanori NakajimaFrom ShimizuAkihiro Hyodo,Sao Paulo FCからGeorge wagnerAcquired.Entered the season with the goal of being within 6th place in the season[5]..In addition, at the end of March, the president of the operating company changed from Shinjiro Kawanishi to Naoki Mitarai (Hitachi, Managing Executive Officer).[6].

The league matchU-22 Japan National Team OfHiroki Sakai,Masakatsu Sawa, J. Wagner and others are also active, and they are doing well on the top front.Nagoya,G OsakaIn the 29th round, he moved up to the top position.Section 34 (final section)Defeated Urawa in the J-League and won the J1 first victory in the first year of J1 promotion for the first time in the J-League.[Note 7][Note 8][7]..It was also the first team to win an annual championship title in both the J1 and J2 divisions.[Note 9]..The Nabisco Cup was eliminated in the first round, and the Emperor's Cup was eliminated in the fourth round.Also,FIFA Club World Cup 2011 TheAuckland City FC,モ ン テ レ イVictory. In the 3rd place playoffAl SaddAlthough he was defeated by, he left the result of 4th place.

Team slogan: "Vitoria'

The first year of the Nelsinho system.Yohei Shirakawa KumamotoToPark Dong Hyuk Dalian Mitoku Football ClubToRen Sengoku(Okayama),Yuki Ikemoto(Kitakyushu) Was transferred to the team for rental, but completely transferred to the team,Akihiro Hyodo 千葉ToTaishi Soma JFL-FC RyukyuWas transferred to Okayama for rentalMasato Yamazaki FC GifuIn addition to JFLBlau Blitz AkitaWas rented toKohei Higa YamagataWas transferred to Gifu for rentalEfline LintaroTransferred to Akita for rental,Kousuke TaketomiThe loan transfer period to Kumamoto has also been extended.

Reinforcement from Yokohama FM last seasonYokohama FCWas transferred to theFujita Yuto,Tochigi SCからRicardo Lobo,IwataからDaisuke Nasu,Tokyo VSince last seasonKitakyushuWas rented toRyoji FukuiWas acquired by a complete transfer, and was transferred to Gifu for rentalGoro Kawanami, Was transferred to Tochigi SC for rentalHirofumi WatanabeIs back, from youthRyosuke YamanakaWas promoted.Also, after the start of the league matchYuya MiuraJoined.

In the middle of the seasonHideaki KitajimaIs Kumamoto, Ricardo Lobo is Chiba,Ryohei HayashiYamagata,Takanori Nakajima Yokohama FC, Yuya MiuraAndRental transfer to,Hiroki Sakai Bundesliga-Hannover 96Completely transferred to former ChibaNeto BaianoJoined.

Xerox CupIt is,FC TokyoAnd won the first victory.6th place in the league match.AFC Champions League 2012Round 16 and the Nabisco Cup are the best four.

The 92th Emperor's Cup All Japan Soccer ChampionshipIn the finalG OsakaHe won the Emperor's Cup for the first time in 37 years since the days of Hitachi.As a result, the 3th team of the J League[Note 10],Original 10In teams other thanIwataIt became the second team to win the three major domestic titles (J / J2, Nabisco Cup, Emperor's Cup).In addition, the second round was a "brother confrontation" with Kashiwa Reysol U-3.

Team slogan: "Vitoria'

The first year of the Nelsinho system.Anglonomics,Yuya Miura,Efline Lintaro,Neto Baiano, GK coachSijimarLeft the group,Daisuke Nasu Urawa,Aki Mizuno Kofu,Ryoji Fukui Tokyo VToHideaki Kitajima(Kumamoto),Kohei Higa,Ryohei Hayashi(bothYamagata),Masato Yamazaki(FC Gifu),Takanori Nakajima(Yokohama FC),Akihiro Hyodo(Chiba) completely transferred to each rental destination.Promoted from youthHiroto Nakagawa,Kweon Han Jin, Was being transferred to Kumamoto for rentalKousuke Taketomi Shonan,Goro Kawanami Tokushima,JFL-FC RyukyuWas on loan transfer toTaishi SomaIs JFLMachidaTransferred to each rental.

On the reinforcement sideAlbirex NiigataからDaisuke Suzuki,Yokohama FMからHiroyuki TaniguchiKenta KanoFrom Yamagata to Kashiwa YouthTetsuro Ohta,K League-Busan Eye ParkからKim Chang-sooComplete transfer,CSL-Guangzhou Hengda Football ClubからCreoWith a loan transfer.From youthHiroki Akino,Yu Kimura,Yusuke Kobayashi,Kosuke NakamuraHas joined, and five people have been promoted, including Nakagawa, who transferred to rental.

FUJI XEROX SUPER CUP lost to Hiroshima.

On August 8, Nelsinho announced his resignation after the away game against Kashima, but withdrew on September 31, saying that he was "emotional and took the wrong attitude", and on October 9, Nelsinho announced his resignation in 5. Was announced to continue to command[8].

AFC Champions League 2013Then, he achieved the only final tournament advance in the J League team.The final round is the semifinalGuangzhou Hengda Football ClubLost in 2 races with a total of 1-8.

The league match is the 10th place result.Nabisco CupDefeated Urawa in the final and won his second victory in 14 years.

Emperor's cupIn the first roundOitaHe lost to the championship for the second time in a row and did not participate in the 2 ACL.

Team slogan: "Vitoria'

Nelsinho system 6th year.JFL in the previous yearMachidaWas rented toTaishi SomaRetired,George wagner,Masakatsu SawaLeft the group,CreoWithdrew due to the expiration of rental transfer, from the previous yearShonanWas on loan transfer toKousuke Taketomi,Hiroto NakagawaExtended the transfer period ofRyosuke Yamanaka 千葉,Hiroyuki Taniguchi TosuRental transfer to, was in the process of rental transfer from the previous yearKweon Han Jin(Shonan ⇒Gunma),Goro Kawanami(Tokushima) Has been completely transferred to the rental destination.

On the reinforcement side, from ShonanKaoru TakayamaHan Kook Young,MitoFrom Kashiwa Reysol U18Naoki Wako,Al SaddFrom originalG Osaka OfLeandroAcquired by complete transfer. From U18Shinnosuke NakataniJoined.

After the start of the season, there were a series of injuries in the team in May, so from U5Yuta Nakayama,Koki Oshima,Kohei Tezuka,Yuki Aizu, Kenji Yamamoto 5 people are registered. In AugustCampionato Brasileiro-Figuerense FCからDudu,TochigiからEduardoEach is acquired by rental transfer. In JuneLeandro Dominguez Nagoya,Junya Tanaka Primera Liga-Sporting CPIn August, Han Kook-youngQatar SCCompletely transferred to each.

Emperor's cupWas eliminated after a penalty shootout in Chiba Derby with Chiba in the third round.

Suruga Bank ChampionshipThen,CA LanusWon 2-1 and won the title for the fourth consecutive year.

Nabisco CupHas made it to the final tournament from the group league for the first time since 2002.In the quarter-finals, he won the Yokohama FM, which had not lost the league match for six years at that time, but in the semi-finals, he lost to Hiroshima, which had been defeated in the quarter-finals of the previous year, with a total of 6-2, and his dream of winning consecutive titles was destroyed.

Nelsinho announced his retirement on September 9th for this season only.

The season ended in 1th place with 28 consecutive victories from J34 Round 7 against Kashima to Round 4 against Niigata. J1 winner Gamba Osaka also won the Emperor's Cup, so move forwardAFC Champions League 2015Won the right to participate in. Although he did not win the three major titles in a row since the 2011 season, he achieved a good result of 3 wins, 17 draws and 11 loss in 5 league games at his home, Hitachi Kashiwa Soccer Field.

Masami Ihara,ア レ ッ ク ス,PimenteuThree coaches retired due to contract expiration.

Team slogan: "MORE'

Was the director of the new directorTatsuma YoshidaIs appointed. Also,Nunobe(Kashiwa coach) is the head coach,Koichi Sugiyama(Ayutthaya FC(Director) is the coach,Naoya Matsubara(U-18 coach) is a physical coach,Takuya Matsumoto(Academy GK coach) is a GK coach, Takeshi Watanabe(Director U-12) has been appointed as the director.From the same year, aiming for soccer that holds the ball with the same concept in all categories.

Hashimoto Kazu Urawa,Kaoru Takayama Shonan,Hiroyuki Taniguchi Tosu,Hirofumi Watanabe SendaiCompletely transferred to.Yu Kimura Nagasaki,Kosuke Nakamura FukuokaTransferred to rental.DuduHas left the group due to the expiration of the rental transfer.

On the reinforcement sideVVV VenloからYuki OtsuComplete transfer,KofuからCristianoIs acquired by transfer with a deadline.ShonanWas on loan transfer toKousuke Taketomi,Hiroto Nakagawa,千葉Was on loan transfer toRyosuke YamanakaIs back.Meiji UniversityからRyuki MiuraIs a new member. From U-18Koki Oshima,Yuta NakayamaWas promoted.From U-18 after the start of the seasonHaruhiko Takimoto,Kumakawa Sho,Kensei UkitaTwo types of 3 people are registered.Ryutsu Keizai UniversityからMasato YuzawaIs registered as a special strengthening player. In JuneOmiyaからTomoki ImaiAcquired by complete transfer. In JulyLeandro KobeCompletely transferred to. In JulyAtletico ParanaenseからEdelsonIs acquired by full transfer.

AFC Champions League 2015So it was a start from the playoffs,Chonburi FCPassed the qualifying by defeating 3-2.In the group league, we made a good start among the Japanese, and in Section 5Jeonbuk Hyundai MotorsHe won the battle and advanced to the final tournament.

However, in the first stage of the league match, Nelsinho, who was the manager until the previous year, will lead the first match.KobeDespite winning, only 4 wins were given in the end, and the final ranking was sluggish at 14th place.In the second stage, he showed a comeback in the early stages and broke into the upper ranks, but only two wins after the ACL defeat.He finished the league match in 2th place in the year and 10th place in the second stage.

In the first round of the AFC Champions League final tournamentSuwon Samsung BluewingsPlay against (Korea). 1st legLeandroVictory 2-3 by playing an active part in scoring 2 points. The 2nd leg was driven to 0-2,Yusuke KobayashiWith his first professional goal scored, he scored a total of 2-4 on two races, but won on away goals.In the quarterfinalsGuangzhou Hengda Taobao ClubPlay against (China). The 1st leg was a battle at home Hitachi, but he allowed 3 goals and lost. Cristiano scored in the 2nd leg and showed a counterattack, but he lost 1-3 and the ACL was eliminated with a total of 2-2 in the two races.

Emperor's cupThen, in the semi-final, he lost to Urawa Reds 0-1 and did not advance to the final.

After the season, Yoshida retired from the coach.

Team slogan: "From Kashiwa to the World UNIDOS SOMOS FORTES'

New directorMilton MendesIs appointed.Kudo Sojin America-MLS OfVancouver Whitecaps(カナダ)What,Kim Chang-soo South Korea-K League OfJeonbuk Hyundai MotorsWhat,Daisuke Suzuki スペイン-La Liga Adelante OfJimna Stick TarragonaWhat,Naoya Kondo 千葉What,Kenta Kano (I.e.What,Takanori Sugano 京都What,Ryuki Miura NaganoWhat,Fujita Yuto TosuTransferred to.Also, for a loan transferCristiano KofuReturn to.NagasakiRental toYu KimuraHas been extended for rental.

On the reinforcement sideSendaiからJiro Kamata, From U-18Kohei Tezuka,Ryutsu Keizai UniversityからMasato YuzawaFrom KofuJunya Ito,Thailand-Premier League OfChonburi FCからJuliano Mineiro,Brazil-Serie A OfAA Punch PretaからDiego OliveiraEarned,FukuokaHad a loan transfer toKosuke NakamuraHas returned.Also from U-18Kaito Anzai,Haruhiko TakimotoIs promoted.Junya TanakaFor the first time in a year and a halfSporting CPI returned with a loan transfer from.

After the opening of the league, it was outside the concept of MendesEduardo Of(I.e.Transfer to the deadline.Associação Ferroviaria the EsportesからPatrick,Cruzeiro ECからDuduWas acquired by a loan transfer (after Milton Mendes resigned, Patrick left the group without being registered).

The team was confused due to the appointment of eight captains and different instructions in practice and the match, and the Chibakin Cup lost to Jeff Chiba 8-0, losing two consecutive games after the start of the league match. March 3th League 2st Stage Section 3IwataAfter the war, Milton Mendes announced his resignation for family health reasons.

The successor is the head coachTakahiro ShimohiraWas promoted to director.After the change of director,AcademyFromShinnosuke Nakatani,Yuta Nakayama,Kosuke NakamuraThe defense team, centered on them, contributed and recorded a shutout victory in five consecutive games, which was a league tie record. The 5st stage ended in 1th place.

May 5, was enrolled from 28 to 1997Shinya YabusakiIs the representative director Zeal Holdings And made a uniform sponsorship contract.As a result, the lower back of the uniform will be provided free of charge.Save the Children JapanAnd the uniform sponsor Zeal Holdings will have two logos.

On June 6, Cristiano rejoined Kofu with a full transfer. On July 22thEdelson CR Vasco da GamaLoan transfer to, on August 8thKoki Oshima ToyamaTransferred to a training-type time limit, Juliano Mineiro left the group on September 9.

In the 2nd stage, he marked the highest 6th place in the 14th and 4th sections, but the stall in the final stage echoed and ended in 5th place, and the annual ranking ended in 8th place.The Emperor's Cup was defeated by Shonan in the fourth round.

Team slogan: "From Kashiwa to the world'

Shimodaira second year.Ryosuke Yamanaka Yokohama FM,Ibarata Haruo Omiya,Koji Inada Niigata,Tetsuro Ohta TosuComplete transfer to.Tatsuya Masushima Sendai,Masato Yuzawa 京都,Hiroki Akino ShonanTransfer to the deadline.NagasakiRental toYu Kimura,(I.e.Rental toEduardoWas completely transferred as it was.Sporting CPWas rented fromJunya Tanaka TheKobeIt was a complete transfer to.

From U-18 on the reinforcement sideKoga TaiyoIs promoted to the top team.YamaguchiからRyuta Koike,Brøndby IFからYun Suk-young,SendaiからHamon LopezJoined by full transfer,Ryutsu Keizai UniversityからTakuya HashiguchiIs a new member.Also,ToyamaWas rented toKoki OshimaHas returned. In FebruarySo Nakagawa,Haruta SarutaTwo people were registered as a two-class contract.

He won the Chibagin Cup 2-0.

After the opening of the leagueVfB StuttgartからHosokai MoeAcquired.Also from U-18Toshiaki MiyamotoWas registered as a two-class contract.

In the first half of the game, although it was initially 4-4-2, Cristiano da Silde and Ito also used 4 tops to participate in the attack, but on April 4th.ShimizuBy the time of the war, he had 2 wins and 4 losses, and he had to rework his plan. April 4thKobeCristiano and Nakagawa are placed in the top two from the battle, and if you change to a hard work type on the front line, June 2Urawa8 consecutive wins until the war, June 6SapporoRecorded no loss in 10 battles until the battle.Although he emerged as the provisional leader, he returned to 3rd place due to the three consecutive losses in the early stages and the defeat to the upper ranks.

Levan cupWas eliminated from the group stage, but was active in the first matchKohei TezukaHas gained a lot of money, such as playing as a mainstay in league games.

In the summer transferJeonbuk Hyundai MotorsからKim Bo KyungAcquired.It became a serious illness of despair this seasonDuduIs deregistered, no league appearance this seasonKaito Anzai TheYamagataIt became a training-type loan transfer.

In the second half of the game, Tezuka suffered a serious injury this season in August, and the central midfielder was rotated by Kobayashi and Kim.In addition, it was a season with many starting pitchers, such as Lopez becoming the left midfielder.Looking at the results, although there are few losses, as a result of losing points in many games that could not be defended in the final stage, 8 versesKashimaFinished the battle with a draw and finished 3rdC OsakaWith 4 points difference, 4th place and below were confirmed, leaving the final round.The final round was won and the final ranking was finished in 4th place.

Emperor's cupThen advance to the semi-final.Cerezo Osaka won the first semi-final match before the match and advanced to the final, so if Kashiwa wins the match against Yokohama FM, at least at that point.AFC Champions League 2018(ACL) Lopez's goal in the 11th minute to open the playoffs, but 69 minutesSho ItoCaught up with the goal and entered overtime, in the 118th minute just before the endHugo VieiraSince the final point was decided and he was eliminated from the semi-finals, he no longer got the right to participate in the ACL on his own, and he had to wait for the ACL playoff advance by winning the Emperor's Cup in Cerezo Osaka.

Cerezo Osaka won the Emperor's Cup final on New Year's Day, so he got the right to participate in the ACL playoffs.

Team slogan: "From Kashiwa to the world'

Shimodaira second year.Naoki Wako FukuokaWhat,Yuki Otsu Yokohama FMWhat,Kousuke Taketomi UrawaComplete transfer to.Takuya Hashiguchi MachidaWhat,Yusuke Kobayashi ShonanWhat,Diego Oliveira FC TokyoTransfer for a limited time.Rental in ShonanHiroki Akino,YamagataRent toKaito AnzaiIs a rental extension.京都Rent toMasato Yuzawa TheKofuCompletely transferred to.SendaiRent toTatsuya Masushima The千葉It became a rental.

On the reinforcement sideNiigataからKei KoizumiRyohei Yamazaki,ペルー-Deportivo MunicipalからMasakatsu Sawa,OmiyaからEsaka RenYusuke Segawa,FukuokaからRie Kamekawa,Yokohama FMからPark Jung-sooWas completely transferred.

XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Sankyo FronteaConcluded a stadium naming rights and uniform sponsorship contract with#uniform#Stadium/practice fieldSee).

AFC Champions League 2018So it was a start from the playoffs,Muangthong United FCWas defeated 3-0 to play the final round.In the final round, Jeonbuk Hyundai, who had been undefeated in the past six races, led Hamon Lopez and Esaka to 6-2 at one point, but lost 0-2.Continued homeTianjin Gonken Foot ClubThe battle was at the end of the game with a one-point leadAlexandre PatoThe goal was stolen by 1-1 and the goal from last year was a goal[9] Is also exposed in ACL.I want to take not only consecutive wins but also a large number of pointsKitchee Athletic AssociationIn the two consecutive games against him, he won 2-1 at home, but Away saved Cristiano, Ito, and Kim Bo-kyung on the bench start, but he was forced to rebuild the game plan due to the early exit of the first half of Kamekawa, and he lost 0 points just before the end. The Hong Kong team was defeated by -0.Home Jeonbuk Hyundai, which lacked the guardian deity Nakamura due to injury, was defeated 1-0 and was eliminated from the group stage for the first time in the history of the team.In the final round of the match against Tianjin, the members took on the challenge, but lost 2-2.As a result, he left the tournament with 3 win, 1 draw, 1 losses, 4 goals and 6 runs.

In the first half of the league, the game was repeated in the first half and the goal was lost in the second half, and on May 5th.(I.e.J1 first appearance in the battle loss timeSuzuki YutoShimodaira was dismissed due to losing in a heading shot, and his successor was the head coach.Nozomi KatoWas promoted.Kato system first matchNagoyaAlthough the battle was won, the guardian deity Nakamura was injured and sent off due to a concussion.World CupI was in time for member registration, but after the interruptionFC TokyoEven in the war, he was injured by a concussion and withdrew.11/3 Of(I.e.Until the war, most of the games in the second half will be left to Kirihata of the 2nd GK.

In the summer transferShinnosuke Nakatani NagoyaComplete transfer toYun Suk-young FC SeoulReleased a loan and a defender who played in the starting lineup in the first half of the game.furtherKoga Taiyo FukuokaWith a fixed transfer,Tomoki Imai AndCompletely transferred to and released a side-back reserve player.Also,Hamon LopezWas canceled and returned to Sendai, the old nest.On the reinforcement side千葉 OfToshiya Takagi,Fluminense FCからQatarHave nationalityNathan Ribeiro,Guizhou Chisei Football ClubFrom last season Spain 1st DivisionGirona FCPlayed inKenyaPerson FWOlungaWon, in SeptemberJimna Stick TarragonaWas freeDaisuke SuzukiMade a comeback for the first time in the 2015 season.

Emperor's cupThen I participated in the second roundVONDS Ichihara FC6-0 victory.In the next 3rd roundYamagataAnd there is still no victory in the history of the clubND Soft Stadium YamagataPlay in.He allowed the first half in the second half and managed to catch up with the additional time penalty shoot-out, but he also won the second half AT and scored a goal and lost the third round.I couldn't beat Away Yamagata, which I'm not good at.

Levan cupThen, because he participated in ACL, he participated in the final tournament.Of the first matchKofuIn the match, both the away 1st leg and the home 2nd leg were drawn, and advanced to the semifinals with a total away goals difference of 3-3.SemifinalShonanThe match was 1-1 at home and 1-1 away, and even in overtime, one point was put in and the penalty shootout was entered.As a result, he lost the penalty shootout and was eliminated.

加藤体制への移行後もチーム状況は改善せず、下平体制のリーグ14戦5勝2分7敗に対して加藤体制ではリーグ18戦5勝1分12敗と悪化。また4連敗・3連敗を喫するなど、サポーターからも解任の声が高まっていった[10]..At the end of Section 32, with 33 points and 17th place11/10Kato was dismissed from the director, and he was replaced by a coach and academy head of coach.Ken IwaseBecame the director[11]..Section 33 of the first match of the Iwase regimeC OsakaThe match is Shonan with 37 pointsTosu・ In the situation where automatic demotion is decided by the result of Nagoya, although he won the victory for the first time in 3 games 0-4, Shonan, Tosu and Nagoya all won in the same section, so the 17th place of the season was confirmed, 2010 since 9 J2 demotion for the first time in the season has been decided[12].

The final section aiming for the first consecutive win of the seasonG OsakaThe match was won 4-2, the first consecutive win in the final round.The final result is 12 wins, 3 draws, 19 losses, 39 points, 7th place with a goal difference of -17.2012 J1Beyond Gamba Osaka, the 17th place team has the highest points ever, and Kobe, who is 16th in the same year, has 39 points and a goal difference of -9.Best result of J2 automatic demotion teamBreak the record[13]..On the offensive side, the total score was 47, which was only 2 points lower than the previous year, but the long-term withdrawal due to the injury of GK Nakamura and the release of Nakatani were fatal, and the previous year was 3 goals in 33rd place in the league. The defense collapsed, and he scored 4 goals, 1.5 times more than the previous year, in the league's worst 54th place Thailand.

Also, with this seasonRyuichi KurisawaHas announced that he will retire from active duty.

2019 (J2)

Team slogan: "Vitoria'

As a new directorNelsinhoHas been appointed for the first time in five years since 2014.FukuokaRetired directorMasami IharaReturned to the head coach, and Kurisawa, who retired from active duty, became a coach.

In winter transferHosokai Moe Thailand-Buriram United FCWhat,Daisuke Suzuki UrawaWhat,Rie Kamekawa NagasakiWhat,Yuta Nakayama Netherlands-PEC ZwolleComplete transfer to.Hiroto Nakagawa ShonanWhat,Kim Bo Kyung South Korea-Ulsan Hyundai FCWhat,Junya Ito ベルギー-KRC GenkTransfer to the deadline.Nathan RibeiroHas expired the transfer period has expired,Masakatsu SawaLeaves the group due to the expiration of the contract.YamagataWas transferred to a training-type loanKaito Anzai Portugal-SC BragaCompletely transferred to.千葉Was transferred to theTatsuya MasushimaIs a rental extension.MachidaWas transferred to theTakuya Hashiguchi Tegebagjaro MiyazakiToFC SeoulWas transferred to theYun Suk-youngIs KoreaGangwon FCTransfers to the deadline.FC TokyoWas transferred to theDiego OliveiraWas transferred to Shonan for a limited timeHiroki AkinoWas completely transferred as it was.Also, 2 types of registrationLeobrian Kokubo BrianIs PortugalSL BenficaTransferred to.

In terms of acquisition, he was transferred to Shonan for a limited time.Yusuke Kobayashi,FukuokaWas transferred to theKoga TaiyoIs back.KobeからTakahashi Saki,UrawaからDaisuke Kikuchi,NagasakiからDaichi Tagami,京都からYuta Someya,ShimizuからMurata Kazuya,Ceará SCからRichardsonAcquired by complete transfer. 2019 subscription offerTakumi KamijimaJoined.CR FlamengoからGabriel SantanaWas acquired by a loan transfer.Also from U-18Hayate SugiiYuto YamadaWas promoted.

In the first half of the season, although they won four consecutive victories from the opening, they were all close to one point difference, and the 4th sectionFukuokaUp to the match, multiple goals were scored in only three games, leaving a problem in scoring ability.However, in verse 3 that changed the formationChiba Derby2-0 wins awayYamagataAfter that, he won two consecutive victories. He returned to the first half with 2 wins, 10 draws and 7 losses in 4rd place.

Levan cupThen, although he won the first match, he was eliminated from the group stage at the bottom with no wins in the remaining five games.

Emperor's cupParticipated in the second round.Of the first matchIwate gluer Morioka4-0 victory.ContinueTosuThe game was scoreless and entered overtime, and in the first half of the extensionFernando TorresWas scored the last goal of the active duty and lost the third round for the second consecutive year.

In the summer transferPark Jung-soo Tosu,Murata Kazuya Fukuoka,Haruta Saruta KagoshimaTransfer to the deadline.So Nakagawa SagamiharaTransfer to a training type with a deadline.Kei Koizumi Kashima,Toshiya Takagi And,Ryuta Koike ベルギー-Sporting RockerenComplete transfer to.In terms of acquisitionForta Laser ECからJunior Santos,C OsakaからTatsuya YamashitaIs a complete transfer.CR FlamengoからMatheus Savio,KobeからMasatoshi Mihara,NiigataからNaoki KawaguchiWas acquired as a fixed-time transfer.

In the second half of the season, we continued to win consecutive wins from the turnaround, 25thOkayamaWith the victory of the battle, the first leader of the season emerged, and verse 29GifuHe won 11 consecutive victories in the match and broke the club's J2 consecutive victories record (verse 30).NiigataConsecutive wins stopped in the battle).After stopping the winning streak, he took advantage of running alone at the top, and appointed Segawa to the right side back, which could not be fixed after leaving Koike, and Yamagata.Yokohama FC-Mito-OmiyaThe points difference with the 2nd place gradually narrowed due to the defeat in the upper ranks, but the lead was not surrendered and the 41st sectionMachidaBy winning 3-0 in the match, he decided to win J2 and promote to J1 with the final round left.Also, in the final round against KyotoRecord victory of 13-1..この試合でIn this matchOlungaThe eight goals scored by the team set a new record for the highest number of individual goals scored in one official J-League match.


Team slogan: "Vitoria'

The second year of the Nelsinho system.In staff personnel, the Academy Head of Coach who directed the remaining two sections of J2 in 2018Ken Iwase OitaI left the group to become the head coach of.

In winter transferTakumi KamijimaDaisuke Kikuchi FukuokaWhat,Riku Tanaka YamaguchiWhat,Kohei Tezuka Yokohama FCWhat,Hayate Sugii KanazawaWhat,Toshiaki Miyamoto YamagataWhat,Daichi Tagami NiigataTransfer to the deadline.ガ ブ リ エ ルBecame a rental bag.In the rental groupTakuya Hashiguchi(Tegebagjaro Miyazaki)ButGifu,So Nakagawa(Sagamihara)ButIwataComplete transfer to.Haruta Saruta(Kagoshima)ButG Osaka,Murata Kazuya(Fukuoka) Transferred to Yamaguchi for a limited time.Tatsuya Masushima(千葉)WhenHiroto Nakagawa(Shonan) Is completely transferred to the rental destination.Park Jung Soo(Tosu) Is a rental extension.Also,Kim Bo Kyung(Ulsan Hyundai FC) IsJeonbuk Hyundai MotorsComplete transfer to,Yun Suk Young(Gangwon FC) IsBusan Eye ParkIt became a transfer with a deadline.

In terms of acquisition, from IwataTakuma Ominami, From TosuYuji TakahashiEnlarge Sanmaru, From NiigataToshima Shoro, Shonan (AtagoTransfer to for a limited time)Yuta Kamiya,OkayamaからHayato Nakama, G Osaka (NagasakiTransfer to for a limited time)Kureya TaishoFrom Yokohama FCKengo Kitazume, From Ulsan Hyundai, South KoreaKim Seung GyuIs acquired by full transfer.Matheus Savio,Masatoshi Mihara,Naoki KawaguchiPurchased the rental group of.From Toyo UniversityKenta Matsumoto, From U-18Mao Hosoya,Ikuya Unoki,Keita IdeIs promoted.

After the start of the season, Ide, who was promoted, was deregistered in April and in June.TochigiTransferred to, Matsumoto in JulyOmiyaTransfer to a training-type loan, in AugustJunior Santos Yokohama FMTransferred to for a limited time.Also,KRC GenkWas transferred to with a deadlineJunya ItoWas bought by Genk.

The beginning of the season is the opening roundSapporoWin the battle 4-2 and enter a period of interruption due to the new coronavirus.During the suspension period, there were events such as not playing practice games with other teams and Cristiano being injured and leaving, but the second section of the first match after resumingFC TokyoTo the battle.However, Olunga, who scored two goals in the opening round, was silent, and Richardson was sent off with two yellows, and the team as a whole fell into a slump, eventually suffering three consecutive losses after resuming.However, in the match against Shonan in Section 2, which was a spectator match, the defense teams other than Koga, including Nakamura who recovered from the injury, were renewed.The attacking team will continue if they win 2-3 with the success of new players and the revived Olunga's two goals.UrawaIn the match, he won 4-0 with the first clean sheet of the season.

It fluctuated from high to middle throughout the season, and there was a possibility of participating in ACL next season until the end of the season, but it was postponed to December 12 due to the coronavirus infection.OitaBy drawing the battle, the possibility of ACL participation disappeared.

Levan cupThen, all three group league wins, the quarterfinals also won, and the semifinalsYokohama FM戦では直前のリーグ戦で1-3と敗れるもカップ戦で1-0とリベンジ達成し、決勝に進出した。しかし、決勝直前の11月2日に選手1名に新型コロナウイルスの陽性反応、さらに翌3日にはネルシーニョを含むチームスタッフ2名、その後も4日に選手2名とスタッフ8名が陽性反応を受け、クラブとリーグの協議の結果、11月7日の決勝を延期する事を発表[14]..The alternative match will be January 2021, 1[15] In the first half of the finalLeandroSegawa brought in a tie from a corner kick just before the end.Was put in the middle of the second halfAdaiutonThe final point was decided and the defeat.The offensive team, including Olunga and Esaka, took thorough measures and remained silent, and in terms of defense, the opponent Brazilian players made them like it, and the content of the game was overwhelming.

In the J League Awards, Olunga won the top scorer with 28 goals, and from non-Brazilian foreign players in 1995Yugoslavia (now Serbia)Is a personDragan StojkovicSince then, he has won the second best player award.[16]..The top scorer was the eighth player in history to win the Best Player Award at the same time in 8.EmersonUrawa was 6th in the year, but the team finished J1 in 7th place, so he won the MVP from the team with the lowest ranking in history.

Team slogan: "Vitoria'

Nelsinho system third year.In staff personnel, he was enrolled in Kashiwa from 3 to 2012.Fujita YutoBecame a U-18 coach.

In winter transferYusuke Kobayashi 千葉What,Olunga Qatar OfAl-Duhail SCWhat,Kosuke Nakamura Portugal OfPortimonense SCWhat,Ryohei Yamazaki NagasakiComplete transfer to.Jiro Kamata SagamiharaTransfer to the deadline.Kazushige KirihataRe-contracted even though the contract expiredGifuTransferred to for a limited time.In the rental groupPark Jung Soo(Tosu)But South Korea OfJonan FCWhat,Junior Santos(Yokohama FM)ButHiroshimaWhat,Yun Suk Young(Busan Eye Park) IsGangwon FCComplete transfer to.Daisuke Kikuchi(Fukuoka)ButTochigiWhat,Hayate Sugii(Kanazawa)ButTottoriWhat,Haruta Saruta(G Osaka)ButYokohama FCTransfer to the deadline.Daichi Tagami(Niigata) Is an extension of the transfer period.Riku Tanaka(Yamaguchi)WhenKohei Tezuka(Yokohama FC) completely transferred to the rental destination.Toshiaki Miyamoto(Yamagata) Leaves the group.Murata Kazuya(Yamaguchi) retired from active duty.

In terms of acquisitionSendaiからKeiya Shiihashi,OmiyaからIppei Shinozuka,Fluminense FCThanDodge,Red Bull BragantinoThanAngelottiJoined the full transfer.Kenta Matsumoto(Omiya),Takumi Kamijima(Fukuoka) is back.Masato SasakiTakuma Otake was promoted from U-18.


Derby match

Chiba Derby

Chibagin cup


Domestic title

International title

Other awards

By individual

Stadium/practice field

Hometown issue

  • Kashiwanoha Park General StadiumAssuming that (Kashiwanoha) is the homeHitachi Kashiwa Soccer Field(Hereinafter, for convenience, "Hitachidai") was approved as a J-League associate member in 15,000 by making the J-League standard capacity (1993 or more).1999Until the completion of Kashiwanoha, Hitachidai will meet the standard by increasing the capacity to 15,900, and after the completion of Kashiwanoha, the headquarters will be relocated.
  • In the fall of 2005, some reports reported that the plan was to put together and develop the basic concept of a "citizen sports culture stadium" that would proceed with the renovation of Hitachidai after 2009.In order to keep the distance between the stadium and the pitch and maintain the current cozy atmosphere, there are voices requesting renovation while maintaining the current scale, instead of renovating the stadium with a capacity of 25,000 people.[Note 11]..The Kashiwa City Council also announced that it is considering expanding the seats for 2012 seats with the aim of completing it by the opening in March 3.[19].. Extension work started in August 2011[20].
  • 20123/11Completed in.As mentioned above, regarding the back of the goal, the "Kashiwa heat zone home unreserved seats" was changed to the west side and the two-story type (the new second floor seats are seats), and the visitor unreserved seats were changed to the east side.In addition, the seats on the home side of the main stand have also been partially expanded, bringing the J-League notification capacity to 2.The main gate "Kashiwa Civic Pride Gate" behind the home goal donated by citizens was set up, and large video equipment was moved from the west side to the east side.
  • As shown in the table below, the home game at Kashiwanoha has not been held since 2009 in the official game.
Number of games by year and stadium[21]
* Reference Number of league home games (J2006 in 2010/2019/2, J1 in others <including J-League in 1995-98>)
1995: 26 games
1996/1999-2004: 15 games
1997: 16 games
1998/2005/2007 --2009/2011--2018/2020: 17 games
2006: 24 games
2010: 18 games
2019: 21 games
年度League matchJ League CupACLRemarks
(Sankyo F)
199523-National3Not heldNon-participation
199612National 2
Niigata City Land1
Hitachidai 7
199715National 1Hitachidai 3
1998National 2Hitachidai 2
1999104National 1Hitachidai 4J League Cup victory
Kashiwanoha completed this year
200011NoneHitachidai 1
200110National 1Hitachidai 1
Kashiwanoha 1
2002112National 2Kashiwanoha 3
20033National 1Hitachidai 2
Kashiwanoha 1
2004Hitachidai 2
Kashiwanoha 1
20054National 2Hitachidai 3J2 relegation
2006213NoneNon-participationJ1 promotion
200712National 2Hitachidai 3
2008150Kashiwanoha 3
200915Hitachidai 3J2 relegation
201018NoneNon-participationJ1 promotion / J2 victory
201115National 2Hitachidai 1J1 championship
2012Hitachidai 2Hitachidai 3Emperor's Cup victory
2013Hitachidai 6J League Cup victory
ACL includes final T3
201417NoneHitachidai 5Non-participationSuruga Bank Championship victory
2015Hitachidai 1[Note 12]Hitachidai 5ACL includes East District Playoffs 1 and Final Tournament 1[Note 13]
Only the final tournament because the League Cup will participate in the ACL main race
2016Hitachidai 3Non-participation
2018Sankyo F2[Note 12]Hitachidai 4J2 relegation
ACL includes playoff 1[Note 13]
Only the prime stage for the League Cup to participate in the ACL main race
201921Sankyo F3Non-participation
202017Sankyo F2[Note 14]


Uniform color
カ ラ ーshirtPantsstockings
FP (1st)yellowblackblack
FP (2nd)whitewhitewhite
GK (1st)グ レ ーグ レ ーグ レ ー
GK (2nd)绿绿绿
GK (3rd)"Red""Red""Red"
FP 1st
FP 2nd
GK 1st
GK 2nd
GK 3rd

Club color

  •     yellow[1],     black

Uniform sponsor

Posting locationSponsor nameNotationPosted yearRemarks
chestHitachi, Ltd.HITACHI
Inspire the Next
1992-1992-2000 is written as "HITACHI"
2001-2020 is "HITACHI" Inspire the Next"Notation
clavicleSankyo FronteaSankyo Frontea2018-Written on the right
Concluded a stadium naming rights contract
Upper backAflac life insuranceAflac2005-1999-2001 sleeves
1999-2001 is written as "American family"
2002-2004 is written as "AFLAC"
Lower backHitachi Building SystemHitachi Building System2019/5[23] -
sleeveSave the Children JapanKASHIWA
Reysol x Save the Children
2019-Free offer
2012 pants
2014-2016 lower back
2016-2018 is on the lower back
2012 is "Save the Children" JAPAN"Notation
2014-2016 is "KASHIWA Reysol x Save the Children JAPAN"Notation
Front of pantsLawsonLAWSON TICKET
2017-2017-2020 is "LAWSON" notation
Lawson Entertainment
Back of pantsNone--
  • Basically, the uniform design is changed every two years and odd years.In addition, there was no player name on the back until 2, but the player name was added from 1.
  • Uniforms for international matches are sponsored by the chestHITACHIThe player's name is put on the back only.International match uniformsFIFA Club World Cup 2011It has been used since, and the design changeACL2015ACL20182 times.
  • 2014From to the chest of each academy teamMabuchi motor(Notation: MABUCHI MOTOR) logo is included.The back is "HITACHI".
    • He was also a top team pants sponsor in 2012Save the Children JapanHas been a pants sponsor of the Academy team since 2013. From July 2014, 7, it became the logo of the top team uniform lower back[Note 15].
  • The four stars (★) on the emblem on the left chest are1999 J League Cup,2011 J1 league matchandThe 92th Emperor's Cup All Japan Soccer Championship(2012 years),2013 J League CupRepresents the victory of[25]..There are no stars in the international game uniform. In the 2021 season, it will be under the Save the Children logo on the left sleeve instead of on the emblem.
  • The 2012 season is a symbol of the Japan Football Association because it is the 2011 J1 League annual championship club.YatagarasuThe champion mark with was attached to the right sleeve.

The history of uniform supply

Successive uniforms

Chronology of successive uniform sponsors

chestLeft clavicleRight clavicleUpper backLower backsleeveFront of pantsBack of pants
1992HITACHIBefore ban-Before ban-Before banBefore banadidas
1995maxellMizuno /
1999American family (1st)
Family (2nd)
Inspire the Next
2009Reitaku University
2012Harmonious CloudSave tha Children
2013Human Dreams.
Make IT Real.
Hitachi Urban
Reysol x Save the Children
Hitachi Urban
- /
Reysol x Save the Children
- /
Zeal Holdings(Lower part, J1 Section 14-)
Reysol x Save the Children
Zeal Holdings(beneath)
2018-Sankyo Frontea
2019- /
Hitachi Building System(J2 Section 14-)
Reysol x Save the Children
2020Hitachi Building System-
Inspire the Next



As of 2014, the only 1 clubs in J2 and J40[Note 16]J League official ticketing partnerTicket PiaWe do not sell tickets atLawson TicketIt is sold only on the J.League ticket, which is the official sales site of the J.League (there was a time when it was sold at Ticket Pia, and the P code "592-120" was assigned).


The financial results of Kashiwa Reysol are as follows.

Profit and loss

年度incomeAdvertising feeAdmission feeAllocationOthercostexpensePersonnel expensesAdministrative expensesProfitNet income

Source: J-Club financial results list for each fiscal year. 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010

Amount of money: million yen

Personnel costs are included in the project cost.

年度RevenueAdvertising feeAdmission feeAllocationUpbringingOthercostPersonnel expensesmatchHomeUpbringingwomanSaleProfitNet income

Source: J-Club financial results list for each fiscal year. 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015

Amount of money: million yen

年度RevenueAdvertising feeAdmission feeAllocationUpbringingSalesOthercostPersonnel expensesmatchHomeUpbringingwomanSalesSaleProfitNet income

Source: J-Club financial results list for each fiscal year. 2016

Amount of money: million yen


年度Total assetsTotal debtNet worthCapital

Source: J-Club financial results list for each fiscal year. 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016

Amount of money: million yen


[How to use footnotes]

注 釈

  1. ^ Until the 1970 season, participated in the competition under the name of the soccer club of Hitachi, Ltd. headquarters. From the 1971 season, it was changed to the soccer club of Hitachi, Ltd.
  2. ^ The 1st stage is Yokohama FM, the 2nd stage is Kashima, and the annual championship is Kashima, the championship winner.
  3. ^ This year, as the number of clubs belonging to the J1 league increased from 16 to 18 from the following season, there was no automatic demotion to the J2 league, and Kashiwa, the lowest in the J1 league (16th), and Fukuoka, the third in the J2 league. Fought a qualification match.
  4. ^ Both clubs were in the predecessor (JSL) era, Kashiwa was Hitachi, and Kofu was.Kofu Soccer ClubAs a result, I have fought a qualification match, and at that time Hitachi had two wins in two races.
  5. ^ Midfielder who has been in Kashiwa in the past this seasonTakehara MobaraAlso rejoined,KobeArrested for scandals while enrolled (underage at the time) and dismissed on May 2008, 5.
  6. ^ In 2006Specially designated playerEnrolled as.
  7. ^ It is a two-part organization in the era of only the current J1 equivalent.Japan Football LeagueNo team has won the championship in the first year, and the highest ranking in the first year of J1 promotion is 1.C OsakaIt was the third place of.
  8. ^ PredecessorHitachi Soccer Club1972 in the eraJapan Soccer LeagueIt was the first time in 39 years to win the top league.AlsoOriginal 10Other teams will winIwataThe second team following.
  9. ^ The following year in 2012Hiroshima, In 2013G Osaka, In 2017(I.e.Has been achieved, and currently only 4 clubs, Kashiwa, Hiroshima, Gamba Osaka and Kawasaki.
  10. ^ Tokyo V,Kashima,Yokohama FM,Iwata,Urawa, Next to Gamba Osaka.
  11. ^ In November 2010, it was reported that "the away seats of the Hitachi Kashiwa Soccer Field will be expanded and the capacity of the Fire Service Act will be expanded to 11."[18], The club had not officially announced the refurbishment at that time.
  12. ^ a b If he lost the ACL East Playoffs, he would play in the J-League Cup and host three games of the tournament.
  13. ^ a b Group stage 3 was added because the PO was won.There will be more when advancing to the final tournament.
  14. ^ Originally it was a round robin of the second round by 4 teams, so 2 games were scheduled to be played at Sankyo F, but due to the regulation change due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, Section 5-Section 4 will be canceled As a result, there were only two games.
  15. ^ Sponsor advertisement to the lower back is lifted from 2016 in J League[24] However, Kashiwa has posted the support logo since 2014, before that. As an example of submitting the logo at the bottom before 2016FC TokyoGamba OsakaThere is. (In the case of FC Tokyo, the sponsor logo at the bottom from 2009 (LIFEVAL(2009 years),TEPCO(2010-April 2011),Mitsubishi Corporation(Since 2012)) has been submitted.Instead, the names of the players who are not sponsors but are in the bottom of other teams are written at the top. Even after the ban was lifted in 2016, the player name was written at the top and the sponsor was posted at the bottom, but Mitsubishi Corporation moved to the top from 2017. Gamba Osaka1992から1996Was a back sponsor duringMatsushita Electric Industrial(Notation: "National / Panasonic" or "Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.") was put at the bottom. It has moved to the top since 1997.In 2016, when the lower back sponsor was lifted, the sponsor was not posted, but from 2017, SHIP HEALTHCARE has posted it as a sponsor. )
  16. ^ Including J3AC Nagano Pulceiro-Fujieda MYFCAlso does not sell at Ticket Pia.


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