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⚾ | Ori Masataka Yoshida, 6th year since joining the fielder Signed with the highest fielder of 2.8 million yen

Orix Masataka Yoshida attending the photo conference [Photo courtesy of Orix Buffaloes]

Ori Masataka Yoshida, 6th year since joining the team, signed with the highest fielder's 2.8 million yen "As many titles as possible"

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For this season as the player's chairman, he was enthusiastic that "the team won the championship, and as an individual, I would like to compete for the title and aim for as many titles as possible."

Last season, he participated in 120 games with a batting average of .350, 14 home runs and 64 RBIs, and won the title of the top batter Orix's Masataka Yoshida ... → Continue reading


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