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⚽ | Iwabuchi's first goal England Women's League

Aston Villa Iwabuchi (left) = Walsall (Getty = joint) competing in the photo reading match

Iwabuchi scores first goal England Women's League

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Iwabuchi transferred from INAC Kobe in December last year and became the first goal scorer in the third official game.

[Walsall (UK) joint] Mana Iwabuchi of Aston Villa on the 23rd in the England Women's Super League of soccer ... → Continue reading

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First score

INAC Kobe Leonessa

INAC Kobe Leonessa(Aynac Kobe Leonessa)HyogoKobe CityBased inJapan Women's Soccer LeagueBelongs toWomen's footballclub.


Inac isKobe Cityas well as the HyogoAsco Holdings Co., Ltd., which engages in entertainment, dining, and sports businesses as a comprehensive sports club that fosters leaders of the sports community in Kobe and develops international activitiesChuo-ku) Was established in April 2001. The women's soccer team "Leonessa" was born in November 4. "INAC" is an abbreviation for "International Athletic Club", and the team name "Leonessa" isItalianFemaleLionMeans[2]

We aim to strengthen the team while actively promoting professional contracts with the players who belong to it, and we are taking a form similar to a professional team, such as practice of two parts in the daytime and evening and regular long-term camps.[3].. Athletes who belong to professional contractsSamejima AyaAlthough it is limited to only top players, other players are also sponsor companiesEmployee playersIn this form, it is basically not used for company business, and there is an environment where you can concentrate on soccer (actuallySemi professionalIs). We did not initially set up a permanent practice base, but in November 2012 the permanent practice ground "Kobe Ladies Football Center"Rokko IslandCompleted within[4].

It is rare among clubs belonging to the Nadeshiko League other than J Club, and the operating corporation is a team of a corporation.[5].

As related organizations, training center for third grade elementary school and above, junior course for middle and high school students, "INAC Kobe Leonessa U-3" for training young people, school, Leonessa, junior, junior youth, youth in Tokyo There is the target "INAC Tamagawa".[6]

2021年Will be launched this yearWE LeagueWill be active in.


2003年To win the 15 Hyogo Prefecture Women's Soccer Championship,2004年In order to further deepen the concept of community-based, "Aynac" which is the management organization of the teamNPO corporation(Certified on April 2004, 4) and established "Nac Inc." Wins the 1st division of Kansai Women's Soccer League,All Japan Women's Soccer ChampionshipAlso played. Due to these achievements, at the L. League Council in December of the same year,2005年L. League membership was approved.

2005 season, L. League from the first yearBrazilianRepeated victory centered on two players, L2 victory in just one year, the next2006年L1 (now: Div.1) promotion was decided.

2006 season,Iga FC Kunoichi OfHaraho, With Tomomi FujimuraKorean representative OfGinaJoined the transfer. The regular league is at the bottom, but in the second half of the seasonNippon Television BelezaHe showed his strength by drawing in 3-3 and 3 wins in the playoffs (lower league). Finished the league in 5th place.

2008 season,Speranza FC TakatsukiからGK OfAyumi KaiboriJoined transfer[7]. Also,Nippon Sport Science UniversityからNaomi KawasumiJoined the group. Participating in the top battle (final ranking is 2nd place), it will be a strong team that will occupy a part of the championship battle in Div.1. Kawasumi was elected as the first Japanese woman national team player (Nadeshiko Japan) to be the first in-game player.

2009年, Team nameINAC Kobe LeonessaRenamed to.

2009 seasonClosed in 2008TASAKI Perule FCFrom Junko KaiAsuka TanakaJoined transfer[8]. Also,Hokkaido Bunkyo University Meisho High SchoolからTakase AimiJoined[9].. Takase has been active as a regular since the first year of high school graduation and won the club's first newcomer king.[10].

2010 seasonIn the league game, I was 4th as in the previous season,32th All Japan Women's Soccer ChampionshipAnd won the first title after starting the club[11].. In addition, Inac Corporation was established in March 2010 as the operating company.[1].

2011 season,Nippon Television BelezaからSawahoki,Shinobu Ono,Yukari Chika,Chiaki Minamiyama4 players joined the transfer[12][13].. July,Nadeshiko JapanAchieved a historic victory2011 FIFA Women's World CupIn the semi-finals, the seven most players were called from Leonessa.スウェーデンBattle, finalAmericaFive Leonessa players represent JapanStarting memberStood on the pitch as[14][15].. November 11th, the first time on the club's 13th anniversaryNadeshiko LeagueWon the championship[16].11/30"TOYOTA Vitz CUP" was held for the first time in Japanese women's soccer, and was a prestigious England Women's Super League champion.Arsenal LadiesHad a friendly match with[17].. The match ended with Leonessa taking the initiative but not making the best use of the decision machine, winning both teams with a 1-1 draw.[18].33th All Japan Women's Soccer ChampionshipWon the tournament consecutively and achieved double crown with the league[19].

2012年, Haki Sawa who belongs to is the first in Asian history in 2011 “FIFA Best Player Award(FIFA Baron d'Or)”[20].. In addition, the club information program “INAC TV”, which is the first for a Japanese women's soccer team, has started.[21].

2012 season,Tokiwagi Gakuen High SchoolからKyokawa MaiAyumi Nakata,JFA Academy FukushimaからYoko TanakaJoined[22].. Together with the top-registered member of the lower section, Chinami Yao, there were 19 players in total, starting with the fewest elite players in the Nadeshiko League.3/15,Japan-Korea Women's League ChampionshipIs held in South KoreaWK LeagueDefeated champion Goyang Archbishop Nun Nopi 3-0[23].5, US Women's Soccer League announced to be discontinued in 2012WPSFromBeckyGobel YanezJoined the transfer[24].. April 9Nadeshiko League Cup 2012Losing to Nittele Beleza in the final, the undefeated record of the official games continued from October 2010 was interrupted in 10 games[25].. In the league game, we won the league title for the second straight without losing the lead from the opening.[26].. In November, the 11st time as a league championInternational Women's Soccer Club ChampionshipThen in the final of the European championOlympic LyonLost to extraordinary war and missed the title of world champion[27].34th Empress Cup All Japan Women's Soccer ChampionshipAchieves 3 consecutive championships[28].. After the season endsKei HoshikawaRetired[29].

2013 seasonOf the head coachTakahisa IshiharaIs promoted to director[30].AS Erfen Sayama FCKara joined the transfer,Fujieda Junshin High SchoolFrom...Rina HiranoFrom Tokiwagi Gakuen High SchoolAyaka MichigamiJoined[31].. Became Japan's first since 2007 NTV BelezaTriple Crown Monopoly(Nadeshiko League 2013-Nadeshiko League Cup 2013-35th Empress Cup) AndInternational Women's Soccer Club Championship 2013Also controlled[32].

2014 season,Koji MaedaBecame the director[33].. Maeda is not only the first Nadeshiko League commander,Avispa FukuokaWas appointed during the coaching (dismissed mid-2012) and mid-2013Gainale TottoriIn total, I did not win 26 games.[34].. Gainale of the yearJ2・J3 replacement gameKamata Mare SanukiLost to J3[35].. Leonesa of this season was unsuccessful with two consecutive losses three times at the end of Section 18, Maeda resigned as of October 2.[36]On October 10stYoshinori KumadaBecame the director[37].

2015 season,PreviousAS Elfen SaitamaDirector'sTakeo MatsudaIs appointed as director[38].. From AS SaitamaKanako ItoNatsumi Saito[39],Vegalta Sendai LadiesからSamejima AyaJoined transfer[40].. Previous yearArsenal LFCWas enrolled inShinobu OnoReturned for the first time in 3 years[41].. From Fujieda Junshin High SchoolHimekazu Sugita[42],JFA Academy FukushimaからMoriya Tomiya,Hinomoto Gakuen High SchoolからMisaki Takemura[43]Joins from Gangwon Provincial University, Korea[40].. From INAC Kobe Leonessa BAnna ShibusawaIs promoted[44].. Although the final ranking of the league game is finished in 3rd place[45],37th Empress CupBecame the first victory in two years[46].. After the end of the seasonSawahokiAyumi KaiboriRetired from active duty[47][48].

2016 season,Cho Seohyun Incheon Hyundai Steel Red AngelsJoin as a more professional contract player with a one-year deadline[49].. In February of the same year, from the Vegalta Sendai LadiesTakenaka ReiIs completely transferred and returned for the first time in a year[50].. In June of the same year, Naomi Kawasumi left the group during the season,NWSL OfSeattle Rain FCTransferred to[51]. July of the same year,Okayama Yugo BelleLeftMiho FukumotoJoined during the season[52].. In October of the same year, Yukari Chiga left the team during the season,W League OfCanberra United FCTransferred to[53].. In December of the same year, Junko Kai announced that he would retire.[54].. Although the final ranking of the league match is finished in 2nd place, Himekazu Sugita has won the rookie prize since Aimi Takase in 2009 as an INAC player, and Aya Samejima was selected as the best eleven.[55].38th Empress CupAnd won the tournament consecutively[56].. Chiaki Minamiyama left the team after the season[57],Ayaka Noguchi AC Nagano Pulceiro LadiesTransferred to[58].

2017 season, As a new playerSendai UniversityFrom JFA Academy FukushimaStambo Hana, From Fujieda Junshin High SchoolFukuda YuiFrom Hinomoto Gakuen High School, from Tokiwagi Gakuen High School,Maebashi Ikuei High SchoolFrom Korea, Korea University, Pohang Women's Electronic High SchoolChoi YesulJoined[59][60][61].. In the same season, we started "INACTV web", which distributes the games and team support programs of INAC Kobe Leonessa in the Nadeshiko League independently on the Internet.[62].. In April of the same year, Natsumi Saito transferred to Okayama Yugo Belle during the season.[63]September of the same year,Bayern MunichHad left the groupMana IwabuchiJoined during the season[64].. Although the final ranking of the league match is second for the second consecutive year, Aya Samejima is the best eleven for the second consecutive year, Yomi Nakajima has been awarded the best eleven and the fighting award, and Yui Fukuda has been awarded the new face award.[65].. Aimed for 3 consecutive championships39th Empress CupThen in the first roundWaseda UniversityLost at the end of the penalty shoot-out to the record low of 2005 since joining the league in 16[66].. After the season, director Takeo Matsuda expired and was announced to retire.[67].

Team performance

年度leagueNumber of teamsmatchPointsWinMinuteDefeatLeague standingsLeague cupEmpress cupdirected by
2005 (17th)L・League 2nd Division (L2)718491611Win-Best 8Tabuchi dia.
2006 (18th)Nadeshiko League
Division 1
817164495 bit-Best 8
2007 (19th)82131101104 bitEliminated the semi-finalsBest 4
2008 (20th)8214514342 bit-second place
2009 (21th)8213711464 bit-Best 4
2010 (22th)Nadeshiko League10183411164 bitEliminated the semi-finalsWinRin Takasu(- 2010.10)
/Kei Hoshikawa(2010.10 -)
2011 (23th)916421330Win-WinKei Hoshikawa
2012 (24th)1018521710Winsecond placeWin
2013 (25th)1018521602WinWinWinTakahisa Ishihara
2014 (26th)102839107116 bit-Best 8Koji Maeda(- 2014.10)
/Yoshinori Kumada(2014.10 -)
2015 (27th)Nadeshiko League Part 110234214543 bit-WinTakeo Matsuda
2016 (28th)10183712152 bitLost the qualifying leagueWin
2017 (29th)10183912332 bitEliminated the semi-finalsEliminated the second round
2018 (30th)10184012422 bitsecond placesecond placeShun Suzuki
2019 (31th)1018319453 bitsecond placeBest 4
2020 (32th)10183511252 bit-Best 8Gerd Engels
  • The team name from 2005 to 2008 is "INAC Leonessa, And after 2009INAC Kobe Leonessa. "
  • In 2006, after the "Regular League" (RL) for the 8 rounds of the 2nd round, the "Playoff" (PO) for the 4st round of the rounds was carried out by each of the top and bottom 1 teams based on their ranking. The number of games is the sum of RL and PO. Grades are annual rankings.
  • In 2014 and 15, after the "regular series" (RS) of 10 teams 2nd round brute force, the top 6 teams and the lower 4 teams were divided into 2 leagues, 2014 2 rounds round robin, 2015 1 round round We carry out "exciting series (ES)" of hit. The number of games is the sum of RS and ES. Grades are annual rankings.



Uniform color
カ ラ ーshirtPantsstockings
FP (1st)"Red""Red""Red"
FP (2nd)グ レ ーグ レ ーグ レ ー
GK (1st)yellowblackyellow
GK (2nd)tagtagtag
FP 1st
FP 2nd
GK 1st
GK 2nd

Team color

  •     "Red"

Uniform sponsor

Posting locationSponsor nameNotationRemarks
chestBelcoBelcoSleeves from 2015 to 2017
2018 clavicle
clavicleHikari no KuniHikari no KuniWritten on the left
KanematsuKanematsuWritten on the right
Upper backSanyo foodSapporo Ichiban
Lower backKawasaki Heavy IndustriesKawasaki
sleeveArt corporationthe 0123

Uniform supply

Team name change

  • 2001-2008 INAC Leonessa
  • 2009-INAC Kobe Leonessa


2021-22 season

ス タ ッ フ

PositionNameDate of birth (age)Year of employmentformer jobRemarks
directed byJapanese flag Kei Hoshikawa (1976-05-29) 1976年5/29(44 years old)2010 - 2012

2021 -

Latvian flag Director FK Audareturn
Head coachJapanese flag Masaki Hemmi (1986-08-14) 1986年8/14(34 years old)2021 -United States flag University of Denver coachnew
Assistant coachJapanese flag (1976-07-28) 1976年7/28(44 years old)2021 -Japanese flag Director INAC Kobe Leonessanew
GK coachJapanese flag Takaki Riki (1970-07-11) 1970年7/11(50 years old)2019 -Japanese flag Giravanz Kitakyushu GK coach


LineNo.Player nameDate of birth (age)Year of enrollmentPrevious affiliationRemarks
GKJapanese flag Takenaka Rei (1992-05-18) 1992年5/18(28 years old)2016 -Japanese flag Vegalta Sendai Ladies
Japanese flag Anaya Yamashita (1995-09-29) 1995年9/29(25 years old)2021 -Japanese flag Nippon TV Tokyo BelezaNew member
Japanese flag (1997-01-05) 1997年1/5(24 years old)2021 -Japanese flag Nishinomiya SolissoNew member
DFJapanese flag Moriya Tomiya (1996-08-22) 1996年8/22(24 years old)2015 -Japanese flag JFA Academy Fukushima
Japanese flag Shiori Miyake (1995-10-13) 1995年10/13(25 years old)2013 -Japanese flag JFA Academy Fukushima
Japanese flag (1999-12-12) 1999年12/12(21 years old)2018 -Japanese flag Hinomoto Gakuen High School
Japanese flag (2002-03-03) 2002年3/3(18 years old)2020 -Japanese flag Fujieda Junshin High School
Japanese flag (2003-01-15) 2003年1/15(18 years old)2021 -Japanese flag Hinomoto Gakuen High SchoolNew member
MFJapanese flag Miki Ito (1995-09-10) 1995年9/10(25 years old)2014 -Japanese flag Tokiwagi High School
Japanese flag Nakajima Yomi (1990-09-27) 1990年9/27(30 years old)2009 -Japanese flag FC Vitoria
Japanese flag Himekazu Sugita (1997-01-31) 1997年1/31(24 years old)2015 -Japanese flag Fujieda Junshin High School
Japanese flag (2001-01-31) 2001年1/31(20 years old)2019 -Japanese flag Otemon Gakuin High School
Japanese flag (2004-02-18) 2004年2/18(17 years old)2019 -Japanese flag INAC Kobe Leoncina[68]Type 2 registered player
Japanese flag Saikawa Ayaka (1996-04-02) 1996年4/2(24 years old)2020 -Japanese flag Jeff United Ichihara/Chiba Ladies
Japanese flag (2001-12-05) 2001年12/5(19 years old)2020 -Japanese flag Kamimura Gakuen High School
Japanese flag Sakaguchi Moeno (1992-06-04) 1992年6/4(28 years old)2020 -Japanese flag Albirex Niigata Ladies
Japanese flag Yui Narumiya (1995-02-22) 1995年2/22(26 years old)2021 -Japanese flag Jeff United Ichihara/Chiba LadiesNew member
Japanese flag (2002-09-07) 2002年9/7(18 years old)2021 -Japanese flag INAC Kobe LeoncinaPromotion
FWJapanese flag Takase Aimi (1990-11-10) 1990年11/10(30 years old)2009 -Japanese flag Hokkaido Bunkyo University Meisho High School
Japanese flag Kyokawa Mai (1993-12-28) 1993年12/28(27 years old)2012 -Japanese flag Tokiwagi High School
Japanese flag Minami Tanaka (1994-04-28) 1994年4/28(26 years old)2020 -Japanese flag Nippon TV Tokyo Beleza
Republic of Korea flag (2001-11-12) 2001年11/12(19 years old)2020 -Republic of Korea flag

Change of uniform number

directed byRin Takasu
/Kei Hoshikawa
Kei HoshikawaTakahisa IshiharaKoji Maeda
/Yoshinori Kumada
1-Ayumi Kaibori
2Tamami MiyasakoJunko KaiYukari Chika-
3-GinaYuki SakaiRyoko TakaraBeckyShiori Miyake
4Rina YanaiRie YatteJunko KaiAsuka Tanaka [69]
/ [70]
5Satomi FujimuraYasuyo YamagishiRina YanaiYukari ChikaJunko Kai
6Maiko NasuChiaki Minamiyama
7-Ryoko TakaraJi So YoungNakajima Yomi
8HarahoSatomi FujimuraAsuka TanakaSawahoki
9Derma GonsalvesPrecinhaNaomi Kawasumi
10Mio KobayashiHarahoTakase AimiShinobu OnoJi So Young-
11Miwa YonezuTomoko SuzukiHidaka MadokaTakase Aimi
12Rie Yatte-
13Naomi KawasumiNakajima YomiChiaki MinamiyamaAyumi Nakata
14Miwa YonezuKyokawa Mai
15-Nakajima Yomi-Isokin Midori
16-Rina YanaiTakase Aimi
17-Hidaka MadokaHidaka MadokaGobel YanezGobel
18Etsuko NakamuraTamami MiyasakoAsuka TanakaKuno FubukiTakenaka Rei
19--Ayumi KaiboriKuno FubukiNakajima YomiAyaka Michigami
20-Rina Yanai-Ryoko TakaraYoko Tanaka
21--Takenaka ReiGobel Yanez
22-Hidaka MadokaAkiko Kadonishi-BeckyMiki Ito
23-----Ogawa Shiho-Rina Hirano
25--Akiko Kadonishi-----Shiori MiyakeAyaka Noguchi
27---------Rika Masuya
28---------Asuka Tanaka[71]
directed byTakeo MatsudaShun SuzukiGerd EngelsKei Hoshikawa
1Ayumi KaiboriTakenaka Rei
2Yukari ChikaMoriya Tomiya
3Samejima Aya
4Asuka Tanaka-
5Junko KaiShiori Miyake
6Chiaki MinamiyamaMiki Ito
7Nakajima Yomi
8Sawahoki-Himekazu Sugita
9Naomi KawasumiRika MasuyaMinami Tanaka
10Shinobu OnoMana Iwabuchi
11Takase Aimi
13Ayumi Nakata
14Kyokawa Mai
15Natsumi SaitoPrincess HazusaSakaguchi Moeno
16Cho SeohyunAyaka MichigamiSaikawa Ayaka
17Shiori MiyakeLee MinaRika Masuya
18Himekazu Sugita
19Ayaka Michigami-
20Kanako ItoRika MasuyaFukuda Yui
21Moriya TomiyaStambo Hana
22Miki Ito
23Rina HiranoMoriya TomiyaChoi YesulNagisa Yoshida
24Misaki Takemura-
25Ayaka Noguchi-
27Rika Masuya-
28Anna Shibusawa-Mana Iwabuchi-Mei Yasaka
31-Anna Shibusawa[72]
/Miho Fukumoto[73]
Miho Fukumoto
36-Naomi Kawasumi[74]

A player who used to belong to





Stadium dj



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