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⚾ | Masatoshi Hamada, addicted to giant Kazuma Okamoto?"What a child" to a strong character


Are you addicted to Masatoshi Hamada and Kazuma Okamoto, the giant?"What a child" to a strong character

If you write the contents roughly
Nobuyuki Makoto of Knights, the representative of the giant fan, explained about Okamoto, saying, "I love sweets so much that I got bigger."

Downtown Masatoshi Hamada is curious about the strong characters of Yomiuri Giants and Kazuma Okamoto. "Jean ..." broadcast on the 24th → Continue reading


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Giants fan representative

Noriyuki Hanawa

Nobuyuki Hanawa(Hanawa Nobuyuki,1978<Showa 53>3/27 -) isJapan OfComedianAndKnights OfBlurI am in charge.

Height 173Centimeter, Weight 69kilogram.Maseki entertainment companyAffiliation.My partner isNobuyuki Tsuchiya.


The third son of three brothers.ComedianHanawa(Naoki Hanawa) is his brother (the second son of three brothers).

千葉When I was in Japan, I spent my time at home watching TV alone.At this time,Grand SumoEven now, by enthusiastically watching the gameGood anglerHas become. Also,baseballI also like watching games,巨人fan.

When I was in the sixth grade of elementary school佐賀Move to[1]..After entering junior high school, he became a popular comedian.[2]..For elementary and junior high school classmates in SagaTsubota SchoolThere is Nobutaka Tsubota, the head of the school.I saw it in middle schoolDowntown OfComicAspiring to be a comedian[3].Hitoshi MatsumotoThe goal is to do a manzai in front of[3],later"M-1 Grand PrixIt was achieved by advancing to the final in 2008.

High schoolSaga Ryukoku High SchoolI went to.When I took the high school exam, I only took it at Tatsuya High School,Soka GakkaiDespite being a memberJodo Shinshu OfNembutsuI have entered a specialized class[4].

When I was in the third year of high schoolTV West JapanParticipated in the audition program "3rd Super Spicy !? Comedy Mentaiko" and won the championship.[1][5]..However, because I am from ChibaStandard languageImmediately after winning the championship, he declared the combination to be disbanded because he wanted to return to Japan and because he didn't want to sell it at Tsukkomi, and moved to Tokyo when he entered university.He went to Tokyo and persuaded him many times so that his companion at that time would follow him, but he did not change his belief.

ImitationIn the repertoireKeiko Utsumi(Master),Showa,Hotei Torayasu,Yasunori Kagoike,Hanawa(Brother, Naoki Hanawa),Chewbacca(Star wars seriesCharacter),Katsura Kamaru, Makoto Seki (former chairman of Maseki Geinosha, to which he belongs).Show off on Manzai and radio.In particular, Utsumi's impersonation has been done since its debut.

2007June, the youngest in historyMankai AssociationInaugurated as a director of.

2009Married an ordinary woman on February 2.2014The first child (eldest daughter) was born on February 2.

20123/2,NHK Saga Broadcasting StationIn the 70th anniversary regional drama "That person that day", he played the main character "Nobuyuki Hyodo" and his brother "尚輝Appeared with[6]. Since then2013(25) January 1 broadcast "LolHe also co-stars with Naoki in the impersonation of "New Year's Special" (NTV).

2013,TV Asahi"Matsuko & Ariyoshi's Angry New Party』I am in charge of narration as a regular.

2015September 4, "Breaking! Ariyoshi's comedy presidential election』Inaugurated as the second laughing president.

2015On June 6, he became the vice president of the Mansai Association.

2016The second child (second daughter) was born on May 5.

2018On June 6, the third child (third daughter) was born.

2018On December 12nd, he will serve as a judge for the "M-2 Grand Prix".

2019On December 12, he will continue to serve as a judge for the "M-22 Grand Prix".


The appearance as a combinationKnights # Appearance programSee.


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