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⚽ | Omiya Ardija midfielder Atsushi Kurokawa's transfer to Poland's first club is broken ...

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Omiya Ardija midfielder Atsushi Kurokawa's transfer to Poland's first club is broken ...

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After renting to Mito HollyHock for two seasons from 2018, he returned to Omiya Ardija, where he played in 2 J2 league games last season and scored seven goals.

Midfielder Atsushi Kurokawa, who played for Omiya Ardija in the Meiji Yasuda Life J2 League until last season, is an extra classa (... → Continue reading

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2 J37 league games

Mito Holy Hook

Mito Holy Hook(Mito HollyHock,English: Mito HollyHock) IsJapan OfIbarakiMito,Hitachinaka City,Kasama City,Naka City,Omitama City,Ibaraki Town,Castle town,Oarai Town,Tokai villageHometown[2],Japan Professional Soccer League(J League) professionalsサ ッ カ ーclub.


1994ToFC MitoFounded as[2], Joined the J League since 2000[2].

The club name "HollyHock" is "HollyHock" in English.Aoi(Hollyhock) ”, MeansMito Domain(Mito Tokugawa family)ofFamily crestの葵[Note 1] Taken from[2]. Home stadiumK's Denki Stadium Mito[2](Ks Sta).The club emblem is the family crest of the Mito Tokugawa family.Trefoil AoiThe outer circumference of ""Mito KomonThe second Mito feudal lord,Tokugawa MitsukuniDerived from the character "Koryu"DragonCircle surrounded by[4].. In 2014, the 15th head of the Mito Tokugawa family became the chairman of the club support group "Aoi Ryukai".Tokugawa NarimasaIs welcoming[5].

The mascot character is "Holy-kun" with a dragon motif.[2].. In 2002, the design and name were established by open call for participants.Uniform number 310 (Mito)[Note 2].

home townWas only in Mito City from the beginning, but it is located around Mito City in November 2017.Hitachinaka City,Kasama City,Naka City,Omitama CityWith 4 citiesHigashiibaraki-gun-Naka-gun4 towns and villages (Ibaraki Town,Castle town,Oarai Town,Tokai village) Was added[6].



In Mito City1994Was founded inFootball club mitoOriginated from (Football Club Mito, FC Mito)[2].Ibaraki Prefecture LeagueParticipated in the 4th division and won the 1996nd place in 2.[7].

1997ToTsuchiura CityWas based inPrimahamTsuchiura Factory Business Team "Prima Meat Packers Football Club Tsuchiura(Prima Meat Packers Football Club Tsuchiura, Prima Meat Packers FC Tsuchiura,1990Merged with (foundation)[2],Football Club Mito HollyHock Co., Ltd.Was established and the current system was solidified.at that timeKanto Soccer LeaguePrima Meat Packers FC Tsuchiura1996The 20thNational Regional Soccer League Final TournamentXNUMXnd place, from the following yearJapan Football LeagueAlthough it was decided to be promoted to (former JFL), it merged with FC Mito after Prima Meat Packers discontinued support for the soccer club and decided to abolish it.[7]..The official websites of Mito HollyHock and the J.League state that 1994 was the year the club was founded.[2][7], Prima Meat Packers FC Tsuchiura is treated as a sideline, but in order to succeed the participation qualification of the former JFL that Prima Meat Packers FC Tsuchiura had, FC Mito was formally absorbed.[Note 3]..Prima Meat Packers FC TsuchiuraNational adult soccer championshipHe has won the championship (1995) and the Kanto Soccer League (1995).

1997-1998 (formerly JFL)


The first official match for Mito HollyHock was in 19974/20, Former JFL opening roundSapporoBattle (Kasamatsu Athletic Park Athletic Field), Lost 0-2 consecutive losses from here (of which in overtimeV goalLosing 2 games), first victory7/19, Section 15(I.e.It was a battle (1-0).In addition, it should be notedJ League Associate MemberKawasaki have missed the J-League promotion with less than one point in the final results of the season.Mito scored three wins in the second half, but sank to the bottom of the 1-team league match.However, with the promotion of Sapporo to the J LeagueFukushima FCDue to the disappearance of the team, no replacement match was held with the 2nd place team in the regional league finals, and Mito decided to remain.


To the directorToshiya MiuraHowever, it is said that the annual budget is over 1 million yen, and it is difficult for even professional contract players to dramatically improve their performance in situations where they cannot live without a part-time job at a gas station or a fishery processing plant. According to a special feature on NHK Sunday Sports, it is reported that the annual salary was about 100 million yen), and the bottom escape was the best.This year, it will start in 1999J League Division 2Although he applied for membership in (J2), membership was postponed due to the instability of the management base and the slow movement of local governments regarding stadium renovation.Japan Football League(JFL) Participated.

1999 (New JFL)

The directorHiroshi NinomiyaHowever, he struggled in the third round brute force (stage system) league match with nine teams, and finished sixth in the first stage.But,Kota MinamiIn the second stage, he won the championship this year.Yokohama FCAlthough he lost to the top, he became the leader with 7 wins and 1 loss, and finished the season in 3rd place in total. The condition for promotion to the J-League was "within 2nd place in JFL", but since the championship was Yokohama FC, which is an associate member due to special participation, it was considered that it was 2nd among JFL regular members, and from the following 2000 J-League (J2) membership was approved (became the first J-League entry team after the introduction of the J-League two-part system).



As the team's first foreign coachSerbian OfBabić BrancoInvited. The first official match after J2 promotion on March 3thUrawaBattle (Urawa Komaba) And lost 0-2.The future was threatened by specialized magazines due to lack of funds and strength, but in Section 2OitaGK who played all games when he won his first victory in the gameKoji HommaFW who showed the skill of the former Brazil national team despite being 7 years old by joining in the middle of the season and tenacious defense centered onJohn PauloThe final ranking in the first year of promotion is 9th and 6th.TosuUntil then, they showed a good fight with 5 points difference.


Before the seasonNiigataからMasanori Kizawa,(I.e.からNobuyasu IkedaAlthough he gained veterans such as, only one win was given in the first half of the season.After that, due to the success of the reinforced Korean players and the grand opening effect of the Kasamatsu Athletic Park Athletics Stadium in the main stadium, he finally escaped from the bottom and finished in 1th place.The director was in command in KawasakiHiroshi KobayashiWas invited, but in JulyGeneral managerTurned into a coachMasano KannoWas promoted to director and succeeded.After the season, the problem of team survival emerged due to management difficulties, Toru Ishiyama who continued club management from the invitation of Prima Meat Packers FC as FC Mito resigned as president, Kobayashi took over Ishiyama's shares and the position of president, and the team J-League membership has been provisionally approved.In addition, the team top scorer (10 points) of this year joined from Tokai University for the second year.Daisuke SudoThen in the next yearShonanIt is said that the transfer fee at that time helped Mito's difficult finances in no small measure.


The second year of the Sugano system.It was a year when the new president Kobayashi was forced to stabilize management and improve team performance.FW in the team in the second year of the Sugano systemTakayoshi OnoScored 14 goals, and even in defense, the number of goals scored in the season was the lowest in the league, but it was reduced by 20 points from the previous year to 73 goals, and the final ranking increased by one from the previous year to 1th place.On the other hand, the average number of spectators in one J10 league match increased from 2 in the previous year to 1.2002 World CupWas coming to Japan forCosta Rica representativeAn international friendly match with was also realized.Based on these achievements, Mito was officially approved by the J.League to continue membership.However, even though it increased, the number of spectators in Mito was the lowest in J2, which was only about 4% of the average, so further efforts were required.


In the 1980s, when the club's survival problems came to an end, he played an active role as captain of the Japanese national team.Hideki MaedaWas appointed as the manager, and he embarked on strengthening the team based on counter tactics from the emphasis on defense.This year was demoted to J2 in the same seasonHiroshimaDF acquired by rental transfer fromTurioIs active.Center backAs a result, Mito's defense was strengthened, and when he saw the opportunity, he attacked more and more and added depth to the attack, scoring 10 goals to become the top scorer in the team despite being a defender.Turio was approved for naturalization in Japan in October, and the registered name is nowTanaka Marx Fight KingChanged to.Thanks to these activities, Mito succeeded in the opening dash in J4 of the 2th round system, and at one point he was in the lead, and in the first course at the end of Section 11, he achieved a good result of 1nd place.After that, the ranking gradually dropped, but even in the final ranking, it jumped to 2th place, the highest in the team's history. From October, the "Mito HollyHock Support and Shareholding Association" started to solicit contributions in order to raise operating funds widely and raise awareness in the local community from the reflection of the past business crisis.


Team slogan:Moving football

Maeda system second year.The rental transfer of Tulio Tanaka, who was a big success in the previous year, was not extendedUrawaCompletely transferred to FW Ono, Kitagawa, who supported the team for a long time, supported the defense lineDaisuke TomitaHas transferred.on the other hand,(I.e.からYasutaka Kobayashi,OmiyaからKazushi IsoyamaWe acquired players from local Ibaraki.

Of the opening roundShonanThe war attracted 9,155 spectators.In addition, the average number of spectators mobilized this year was 3,773, which was the highest record until 2012.However, due to the fact that many of the main players have changed compared to the previous year, it is difficult to take the winning star and at home from the match against Omiya on May 5 to October 5KofuThe situation continued without winning 13 races until the war.During this time, on July 7th, at the Kawasaki match, the away match venueTodoroki Athletics StadiumThe first by volunteers of Mito supporters who gathered inSummer FestivalWas held, and it was well received among the supporters of other teams.In the end, the team could only win 6 games a year, but the points accumulated in 44 games (19%) of 42 games (6 games won) were effective, and they were ranked 2th in the single-digit ranking for the second consecutive year. It was.

またEmperor's cupIn the first roundKashimaAnd "Ibaraki DerbyWas realized for the first time in the official game.Coincidentally, it is "Ibaraki Prefectural Day"11/13It became a match (the match was 0-1 and Mito lost).


Team slogan:Strong heart

Maeda system third year.There were two changes this year before the opening.The first camp after the team started in January from this yearFukushimaIwaki OfSpa Resort HawaiiansAt the same place, a fan club member event will be held on the last day of the camp. In February, "Ibaraki Soccer FestivalWith KashimaPreseason matchIs done[8]After that, it became regular once a year.Kashima is also an official shop in Mito City and a soccer school (formerly) for elementary school students and kindergarten children (1 types)Uchihara Town), Etc., so there was a competitive relationship with the latecomer Mito, but this match showed an improvement in the relationship between the two.Also from JFL this yearKusatsuWas promoted, and Mito played against Kusatsu.North Kanto DerbyWe carried out a joint participation campaign. Born in Hitachi in OctoberSinger-songwriter,echoThe official cheering song "Run ☆ HollyHock!" Has been released.

On the other hand, as a strengthening measure, the team is trying to solve the lack of deciding power in the previous year.パラグアイPeople FWDellisAnd changed the basic system from 4-4-2 to 4-5-1 to focus the ball on him.Despite losing streak in the early stages, the system change was successful and Delliss scored eight goals at the top of the team only in the first half.However, I paid attention to its scoring abilitySapporoDerlis moved to the middle of the season due to favorable conditions for the rental team, but in the latter half of the season, DF teams participated in a series of attacks and young playersフ ァ ビ オIt was a double-digit victory for the first time in two years due to the addition of.


Team slogan:CHEMISTRY ~ New fusion ~

Maeda system 4th year. In February, girls to liven up the support of the teamcheer leadingThe team "Mito Holy's" was established. JR from April 4ndMito Stationbuilding"EXCELIt was decided to undertake the operation of the artificial turf mini soccer field "" (Foot Parque Mito), which was newly installed on the roof of "".

The team will be on May 5th in Section 6SapporoBrazilian FW who joined by rental transfer in the war (Kasamatsu)Anderson hat trickAchieved.This was the first hat-trick that Mito players recorded in the 2rd J273 league match.Section 15Tokyo VFirst time in club historyNational Kasumigaoka Athletic FieldAnderson won 2-1 with two consecutive goals.

6 month 2 dayYokohama FCIn the game, Yokohama FC stopped the consecutive no-goal record in 770 minutes, and on June 6thoakIn the match, he caught up with the last-minute tie in the second half loss time and brought it to a draw, which greatly afflicted the top J2 clubs. On August 8thNakagawaThe "Suifucho Ground", which has been constructed on three sides of the riverbed of Mito City, has opened, and the club's long-cherished practice ground "Holly pitchThe right to use was given to Mito.

From the latter half of the season, coach Maeda started to shift from a series of short passes to an aggressive tactic that actively approaches the goal, holding the ball from a counter-focused defensive tactic to prepare for future advancement.While this was evaluated as "a necessary measure to improve the quality of soccer", it stopped defending even if the opponent's manager criticized it as "too reluctant", and on the contrary, "the content is good". I can't win. "As a result, points were sluggish and the season ended in 10th place, the same as last year. The average number of spectators per game also dropped to 1.


Team slogan:Believe in Myself Don't give up

Maeda system 5th year.Anderson, who scored 17 points the previous yearTosuTransferred to, and then captainTakeshi YoshimotoIs out of order.As a result, the team was late, the first victory of the season was the 13th round against Tokyo V, and the second win was also the 2st round.YamagataAt the end of the first half of the game (Section 26), there were only three wins.Audience mobilization also dropped further, in Section 3ShonanIn addition to the three-digit number of 3 players, the number of spectators was less than 958 in 12 of the 6 games hosted by the first half of the game.Not only the victory or defeat of the team, but also the club management with a low budget, the deterioration of customer service with a small number of people, the successive retirement of club staff, etc., the approach to supporters and the sales force to sponsors decline, and club management is questioned. The voice went up.In response to this situation, a majority of club shareholders asked Kobayashi's management responsibility, and on April 2000,Hiroshi MiyataWas appointed president.

The team is a veteran Brazilian midfielder who will be in the 10th season of the J-League to avoid the bottom of the league match for the first time in 9 years since the former JFL.BijuThe team's strength was redeveloped, such as by acquiring.In the latter half of the season, the number of goals conceded decreased from the first half due to the penetration of action soccer tactics that have been continued since the latter half of last year.The final result was 12th place and only 8 wins were given, but 3 of them were taken from J2 top clubs such as Tokyo V, Sapporo and C Osaka.

MF in JanuaryShohei OguraWas selected for U-22 (22 years old or younger) Japan, then on June 6th.Beijing Olympic Asia Second QualifyingI participated in the match against Malaysia.OguraShutoku High SchoolHe joined the team in 2004, participated in the top team from the first year, and became the highest generation representative of the "growth" players who entered Mito without going through other professional teams.

However, Maeda, who was rumored to be leaving, retired as a director only for the 2007 season.In addition, Captain YoshimotoYokohama FCOguraYokohama FMTransferred to each.In addition, Section 3 on June 6, which was the third win of the season.AtagoThe Mito Municipal Stadium, where the battle took place, underwent a major renovation work at the end of this match.

In addition, he was the captain at that time with a total of 310 points (commonly known as Mito GOAL) for the team.Takeshi YoshimotoIs decided by PK.


Team slogan:TOGETHER Concentrate the mind on the present moment.

Mito OBTakashi KiyamaIs appointed as a director.Reinforcement did not conspicuously acquire players from other J clubs, but focused on acquiring players who had a good track record in college soccer.Also,UrawaからTakafumi Akahoshi,Tokyo VからKento TsurumakiI got them by rental.

開幕から5試合は、ここ2年間のJ1在籍経験チーム(うち3〜5節は2007年J1在籍クラブ)との対戦となった。結果として5節終了時点で1勝2敗2分と健闘するが(うち前年J1在籍クラブ全てから勝ち点を取った)、3月31日に社長のHiroshi MiyataHowever, he resigned after discovering drunk driving at a social gathering with club staff in August of the previous year (as a successor).Furthermore, in April, the director strengthening managerTadahisa OnizukaRetired in connection with the resignation of Miyata mentioned above, and Mito HollyHock's first president, who contributed to the team's participation in the J-League (former surname Ishiyama), died.

Meanwhile, in May, he is a candidate for the Korean Olympics.Park PillarJoined, and the team's performance gained momentum, with three consecutive victories in May and July, and joined this season.Tomoyuki ArataAlthough he is a newcomer, he scored many points.Keisuke EndoWas also selected as the U-19 Japan National Team.Also, it was held at KKWING on September 9th.KumamotoIn the match, he won the 100th victory after being promoted to the J-League.In addition, September 2008, 9SendaiIn the match, Arata won his first victory from Sendai with two goals, but at the end of the leagueLong ballThe game content deteriorated and the game stalled, such as the battle being the main body, and the season ended in 15th place out of 11 teams.The points were just below the target of 50.

One million donations from volunteer supporters and a charity auction held in the final game of the home from late November to early December as expenses for hospitalization and surgery (renewal of Holy's costume), which is a mascot. Hospitalization and surgery costs of yen or more were collected.Since the beginning of the 11 season, Holy's costume has had his head cracked and his tail almost torn, and he managed to come to the match venue and event venue by wrapping the injured (damaged) part with a bandage.There were also children's voices pointing out their painful appearance at games and event venues.It is said that the useful life of the costume is about 12 years, and many teams in the J League have several spares, but since there are no spares and the team finances are tight, this fund-raising activity was carried out.


Team slogan:Forward.

With the victory of this match
Achieved the second consecutive win in 2009.

Kiyama system second year.Captain's DFTaishi Hiramatsu FC TokyoTransferred to, midfielder Akaboshi, who was the pillar of the team, returned to Urawa, and midfielder Park Joo-hoKashimaTransferred to, but from Urawa to FWHiroyuki Takasaki, Also from FC TokyoKota Morimura,Ehime FCTo MFKim Tae-yeonEach is rented.Also JFLFC RyukyuFrom onceNagoyaMidfielder with experience playing in J1Shunichi NakajimaWon.Furthermore, on February 2, he has a history of representing A for the first time since the team was established.Kota YoshiharaJoined.

Although he lost the opening game, he continued to win, winning four consecutive victories for the first time in nine years, and on April 9th.OkayamaIn battleTomoyuki ArataAchieved the second hat-trick of the team. In May, attackers such as Arata and Kikuoka were injured one after another, and it was noticeable that a large number of goals were conceded to the top opponents who had been ahead of them.Therefore, on May 2thShonanTo FWKohei YamamotoBut the next week, FC Tokyo MFShimoda KoheiBoth joined for a limited time. After June, he got better again and recorded four consecutive victories in the second cool (right figure).Just losing to the top four teams, he returned to fifth place.

Section 24C OsakaIn the battle, a total of 400 goals were achieved by the team.At this time, fans and supporters were soliciting who would score 400 goals, and one of the winners would be given an autographed match ball by a player who scored 1 goals.However, the 400 goals were Cerezo Osaka's defender.Kazuya MaedaSince it was an own goal by, the signature will be that of all the players who participated in the starting lineup in this game, and the winner was also one of all the applicants by lottery (because the own goal was not subject to voting). .. July 1thFukuokaFW in battleKeisuke EndoCompleted the team's third hat-trick, and in the match against Okayama on August 3th.Hiroyuki TakasakiHowever, he achieved the hat-trick of the fourth member of the team.

It was so good that Gehula, who said, "I can only see promotion," appeared, but in the third course, he stalled with eight consecutive losses including five consecutive shutout losses.At the end of Section 3, the possibility of J5 promotion disappeared.11/3ToK's Denki Stadium Mito(Ks Sta) is completed.Section 4811/8 OfSendaiIn battleDropHowever, he lost 0-4 and was in Sendai.J League Division 1(J1) The promotion was decided on the verge, and it was not possible to decorate the first match of Ks Sta.In the stadium after the renovation, it will be the second race of Section 2AtagoIn battleHideyuki NakamuraHe won 1-0 with the goal of K's Denki and scored his first victory, but in the third game, Section 3 (final section,12/5ShonanIn the match, he suffered a come-from-behind defeat from 2-0 and allowed Shonan to be promoted to J1 in the near future.

2009年の最終成績は21勝20敗10分の勝ち点73で、18チーム中8位となった。J2リーグ参加10年目で初めて勝ち越すとともに、前述の通り1シーズンで3人のFW(Tomoyuki Arata,Keisuke Endo,Hiroyuki Takasaki) Achieved a hat-trick, and the total score reached the 70s.


Team slogan:Go over.

Kiyama system third year. FW Arata who scored 3 goals in the league in two yearsIwataFW Takasaki, who completely transferred to Urawa and mass-produced points with Arata, also returned to Urawa.Also,Kazuhiro Suzuki,Jun Muramatsu,Hiromasa KanazawaThe contract with the players who participated in more than 100 games in Mito ended and they left the group.

As a reinforcementKusatsuWas rented toJunki KoikeAcquired by complete transfer.In addition, the previous yearK LeagueMidfielder playing inMasahiro OhashiReturned to Mito for the first time in 9 years.AlsoGifuFW who once experienced the top scorer at the university, JFLMasato KatayamaIs a complete transfer, FW from C OsakaKento ShirataniIs acquired by rental transfer.Shimoda Kohei,Kota MorimuraThe rental transfer period has also been extended, and seven new graduates have been acquired.In addition, this year the club has no foreign players.

Although he won the opening race, he has not won five races since then.The winning streak was only once in Section 5-6, and he sank to 7th place without improving his performance until the end.The total score was 1 points, which was 16th out of 19 teams, which was different from the previous year and suffered from lack of scoring ability.

This year, many attempts were made to escape the number of spectators in Mito from the J.League worst, among others.NHKOf the program "Kin's worst escape strategyA collaboration project was held throughout the year.Especially on October 10stoakIn the war, various events were planned with the goal of mobilizing spectators to exceed 1 people for the first time in the history of the club, and a record 10,181 people visited.Kiyama retired from the director this year, and from the next termTetsuji ShitaniWill be the director.


Team slogan:Call me.

The first year of the Hashiratani system. 1 college graduate newcomerFujikawa YujiSakuta Yuji OitaCompletely transferred to.aside from thatMasashi Owada Tochigi SCCompletely transferred to Kohei Shimoda and Kota Morimura also left the group due to the end of the rental period.In addition, Masahiro Ohashi, who participated in 35 games, left the group due to the termination of the contract.

New players with J-League experienceTochigi SCTransferred fromYuki OkadaWhen,KusatsuTransferred fromKei OmotoWhen,IwataからJuntendo UniversityGo on to J-League and try againTatsuya OkamotoThere are only 3 new graduates, and 9 new graduates have joined.Also in JuneKashimaFormer representative from Japan who played an active part inTakayuki SuzukiThere was a full transfer subscription (amateur contract at the request of the person).

At the press conference of the new system on January 1, 16, 2010 million yen was borrowed from the special account for stable holding of sports promotion voting games, and the repayment date is approaching the end of January 3000, but the repayment is From difficult thingsOfficial Match Stable FundAnnounced that it has applied for a loan[9].

But right after the start of the season3/11,Great East Japan EarthquakeAs a result, Mito was also severely damaged.Especially the home stadiumKs studioIs significantly damaged around the main stand.The surrounding area is also damaged,TEPCOFukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant AccidentbyradioactivityDue to concerns about the effects of the leak, he was temporarily suspended, but then resumed training.There was no other stadium that could be held as an alternative to the stadium (it was a quasi-base until the previous year).Kasamatsu Athletic Park Athletic FieldWas more damaged than Ks Sta, and all the surrounding stadiums in the prefecture were also damaged), so the main stand of Ks Sta was closed (for seismic reinforcement including repair of damaged parts), and behind the back stand and goal. It was decided to use the audience seats only.After that, construction progressed, and on October 10thTokyo VThe use of the main stand was resumed from the war (however, the first two games were "temporarily open" due to the work of removing construction materials, and on October 2th.KusatsuIt was a complete recovery from the match with).[10]

Due to the impact of this earthquake, it is expected that sponsors and TV broadcasting revenue will decrease sharply, so the reconstruction plan will have to be reviewed.[11].

Eventually, the movement to support the club became widespread.Gifu,KitakyushuDonated "Earthquake Reconstruction Assistance Invited Seats" in a direct confrontation with Mito as an away (the former, April 4th, the latter, May 30th).For each supporter who rushed to support Mito, we prepared 5 and 8 and invited them on a first-come, first-served basis.[12].. On June 6rd, as mentioned aboveTakayuki SuzukiAnnounced joining the group.It was widely reported that an experienced representative announced a non-compensation contract because of the assistance of the affected club. On June 6thTake and Give NeedsThe back and pants of the uniform, which had been blank due to the new sponsorship contract with, have been sponsored (it is the first time in 2006 years since 5 that all uniform sponsors are filled), and due to capital increase and donations from supporters, October 10th. Completed the loan of 20 million yen from the official game stability holding fund[13]..Furthermore, on December 12, the Mito City Council passed the investment from the home town Mito City for the first time.[14]..The turbulent 2011 season's operational crisis was thus avoided with the help of many inside and outside the club.

In addition, although the result of the league match was not as good as 20th out of 17 teams this year, there has never been a winning star.京都2 wins fromEmperor's cup・ In the 3rd round, there was a battle for victory in J1.G OsakaDefeated 3-2 at the end of the extra time and won the J1 club in the official game for the first time since the club was founded.And the Emperor's Cup advanced to the best 16.


Team slogan:Tatsu

The second year of the Hashiratani system.Keisuke Endo,Atsushi Hozaki KusatsuWhat,Junki Koike Tokyo VWhat,Sho Kamimura Niigata SingaporeWhat,Satoshi Tokiwa KitakyushuComplete transfer to,Taiki Tsuruno4 people left the group.ReinforcementKofuFrom the former representative of JapanDaisuke Ichikawa,KobeからKohei Mishima,TokushimaからNaoki Wako,NagoyaからKoji HashimotoEarned by full transfer,Kim Young Ki,Kosei Ishigami,Kohei Uchida,Suzuki YutoIs a new member.Also last season was an amateur contractTakayuki SuzukiAnd signed a professional contract.

In 8 monthTsukasa Shioya HiroshimaTransferred to.As an alternative DFFC TokyoからKazushi YoshimotoStartedG OsakaからKenta HoshiharaLoan transfer,Special designationMeiji University OfYuki YamamuraJoined.However, just one week after Yoshimoto joined, he was injured for eight months and was despaired this season.Sendai OfJunya HosokawaJoined.

This year has been strong with three consecutive victories since the opening, and Section 3 AwayKitakyushu戦で0-1と惜敗し連勝こそ止まったものの、第3節、4節終了時にはJ1昇格圏内の2位となる。その北九州戦を皮切りに、5試合連続勝ちなし(3分2敗)で一旦10位まで降格するも、第9節ホームKusatsuHe recovered from the game with four consecutive victories, and at the end of the 4th round, he remained in good shape with 12 wins, 7 draws and 3 losses.But Section 2 HomeTokyo VHe lost three games in a row, and fell into a slump with 3 wins, 22 draw and 10 losses in 2 games from the same section to the first game of the second half, Section 1 Away Tokyo V, and his ranking dropped to 7th place.In the second half, Section 12 HomeTottoriAlthough he won three consecutive games from the match, there were no other consecutive wins until the end of the season, and the final ranking remained at 3th place out of 22 teams.However, the average number of spectators per game was 13, breaking the 1 record.

October 9th, 28J League club licenseIt was announced by the J.League that the application will be subject to the J2 license and will not be subject to automatic promotion to J2012 or participation in the playoffs even if the results of the 6 league match are within 1th place.[15]..As a club, in order to achieve the goal of J1 promotion at an early stage,Ks studioDuring the renovation / extension to the J1 standard, it conformed to the J1 standard and was the base until 2009.Kasamatsu Athletic Park Athletic FieldIt is also suggested that discussions will be held with related local governments and other parties such as Ibaraki Prefecture, which manages the stadium, with a view to "temporary return" to the stadium.[16].


Team slogan:Road

The second year of the Hashiratani system.Kota Yoshihara,Hironobu OnoRetired.Tatsuya Okamoto TottoriWhat,Romero Frank YamagataComplete transfer to.OtherDaisuke IchikawaThey left the group due to the termination of the contract.On the reinforcement sideDaisuke TomitaReturned for the first time in 10 years,Yokohama FCからHiroaki Namba,NiigataからFumiya KogureFor rent,KobeからGakuto KondoAcquired by complete transfer.Four other new graduates have joined.

This year, he finished in 29th place as of the 7th round, but then stalled without winning 10 games, and the final round, which has been the winner since 2009.Yokohama FCHe lost the game and finished the season in 15th place.Section 19G OsakaThe number of visitors to the home game, which was the second time in the game, exceeded 2, and the average number of visitors per year was 1, breaking the previous year's mobilization record.

This year is the 2th year of J14 participationTosuIt became the longest in J13, overtaking 1999 years (2011-2).In addition, the J1 license was not issued for the same reason as the previous year, and only the J2 license was issued.[17].


Team slogan:so

The second year of the Hashiratani system.Naoki Wako oakWhat,Koji Hashimoto OmiyaComplete transfer to.Gakuto Kondo7 people left the group.ReinforcementShonanからKenji Baba-Yokohama FCからTakahiro Nakazato-NagoyaからYoshida MakitoFor rent,KobeからKim Seiji-NiigataからKenji Oyano-(I.e.からYudai TanakaAcquired by complete transfer.Three other new graduates have joined.During the seasonOsmarWas won.

Although the number of mobilizations increased further this year from the previous year, in terms of results, the number of winning stars did not increase, such as no victory in eight games from Section 23, and it ended in 8th place, the same as the previous year.In terms of income and expenditure, it became a deficit for the first time in four terms due to the withdrawal of uniform sponsors.[18].

Also this year, the stadium problem could not be solved and the J2 license was issued.[19].


Team slogan:Everyone Sho

The second year of the Hashiratani system.Hirose Rikuto TokushimaComplete transfer to.Kenta Nishioka8 people left the group.Reinforcement from ShonanKen Iwao-Go Miyaichi・ From MatsumotoPark Kwangil, From the middle of the seasonNiigata OfSuzuki MusashiBy renting such items, Takamasa Yamazaki was acquired by complete transfer.Three other new graduates have joined.

The ranking dropped sharply in 5 games after May with 7 minutes and 2 losses, June 5, Section 6KitakyushuHashiratani was dismissed the next day due to losing the battle and falling into the 21st place relegation zone[20]..Head coach's successorTakayuki NishigayaWas officially inaugurated after a provisional supervision[21]..Even after the change of manager, there was no consecutive win in the league match and the momentum did not continue, and due to the influence of the slump in the early stages, it was the lowest ever 1th place, but it remained.The Emperor's Cup is in the third roundKashimaDefeated the penalty shootout 3-2 and won the official game for the first time in the next 4th round.FC TokyoLost to.

This year, the annual number of spectators mobilized exceeded the 10 mark, but due to the usual circumstances, the J2 license was issued.


Team slogan:Full force

The second year of the Nishigaya system.Yudai Tanaka Kobe,Kenji Baba SanukiTransfer toSuzuki Musashi16 players left the group due to the expiration of the rental transfer period.ReinforcementIwataからTakaaki Kinoshita,TochigiからYosuke Yuzawa,OitaからAkihiro Hyodo,千葉からSho Sato,Makito Ito,KanazawaからKazuhiro Sato,NagoyaからKazuki Sato,YamagataからHiroki BandaiWill be the first return in 4 years with a complete transferRomero Frank,Vietnam national team OfNguyen Kong Huong,UrawaからShota SaitoAcquired by rental transfer.Two other new graduates have joined.

During the seasonYoo Lo MonIs a new member,YamaguchiからRyoji Fukui, From NiigataShu Hiramatsu,OkayamaからYuichi KuboWhile joining by rental transfer, he scored 9 points at the top of the teamKohei Mishima AndTransferred to.

Section 2016, held on July 7, 16FC GifuHe achieved 2 J200 wins in the match, but the final ranking was 13th.The Emperor's Cup is the representative of Saitama Prefecture in the first roundTokyo International UniversityWon, but lost to Shimizu in the second round.In addition, the J League license was issued as a J2 license due to the usual circumstances.


Team slogan:Forward

The second year of the Nishigaya system.Takamasa YamazakiIs the rental transfer destination JFLHachinohe,Ikegaya HayatoIs a rental transfer destinationTottori,Akihiro Hyodo KofuComplete transfer to,Yuichi Kubo,Romero Frank10 people left the group due to the expiration of the rental transfer period.ReinforcementYamagataからRyohei Hayashi,RyukyuからKeita Tanaka, JFL ・FC OsakaからTakuma Hamasaki,K League-Jeonbuk HyundaiからKwon Young JinWith a complete transfer,OmiyaからMikitoshi Kojima,AndからMaeda,SapporoSince last yearFukushimaPlayed inPaulon,京都Played JFL FC Osaka last yearTakanari SaitoIs acquired through a rental transfer.Tokai Part 1-SuzukaWas transferred to rentalTaisei Kadoguchi,Akihisa OkadaIs back,Shota SaitoRental transfer period has been extended,Ryoji FukuiMoved to full transfer, from youthYosuke NakagawaWas promoted. Also,Kochi UniversityからRyuya MotodaJoined the team, but this seasonS League-Albirex Niigata SingaporeTransferred to rental. On February 2th, he was active as an ace of Mito from 16 to 2012.Koji Hashimoto Kawasaki FrontaleIt was announced that it would return more.

During the seasonKumamotoからKeita SaitoWith a complete transfer,IwataからTakafumi Shimizu,KashimaからHayato KoizumiFrom SapporoYuto NagasakaWhile acquiring by rental transfer, Taisei Kadoguchi is JFLTokyo Musashino, Akihisa Okada transferred to Tokai 1st Division, Suzuka, training type rental,Hiroki Bandai Nagano, Keita Tanaka is Ryukyu,Makito Ito FujimoriTransferred to rental, Kwon Young-jin has been canceled.

From Section 8 to Section 20, he recorded 13 consecutive undefeated games, which was a new record for the club, and for a while he moved up to 4th place, but the final ranking was 14th.The Emperor's Cup lost to Kumamoto in the second round after an extra time. As usual, the J.League license was issued as a J2 license.After the season, he led the team for two and a half yearsTakayuki NishigayaRetired.


Team slogan: Renewal

New director千葉He also has experience as a coach and acting director.Shigeru HasebeInvited.

MFKoji Hashimoto, FWYuki YamamuraThey left the group when the contract expired. GKAkira Kasahara OmiyaTo, MFKohei Uchida TokushimaTo, MFKazuhiro Sato KofuTo, MFYosuke Yuzawa 京都To FWRyohei Hayashi Tokyo VComplete transfer to.DF with a limited term subscriptionPaulon(TochigiComplete transfer to), MFTakafumi Shimizu(Tochigi UComplete transfer to), FWMaeda(And(Return to) has expired for a limited time. DFJunya Imase(Toyama), GKIshii Aya(Fukushima), DFTakaaki Kinoshita(Fujimori) Is a loan transfer.

Meanwhile, from Omiya to GKKenya Matsui, DF from TokushimaDaisuke TomitaAnd MFYuki KimuraAcquired, MFKeita Tanaka(Ryukyu), DFMakito Ito(Fujieda), MFRyuya Motoda(Niigata S) Returned from loan transfer, DFDiego(Joinville EC), FWTakeshi Kishimoto(C Osaka), MFHiroyuki Mae(Sapporo), FWJefferson Baiano(AA Santa Rita), MFAtsushi Kurokawa(Omiya) joins for a limited time. GKRyo Hasegawa(Municipal Funabashi High School), MFYuichi Hirano(Kokushikan University) Is a new member, MFShoki OharaIs promoted from youth.

The 2019 J-League license will meet the 1 admissions for home stadiums if they meet the J15,000 promotion requirements in terms of performance.Kasamatsu Athletic Park Athletic FieldCarry out renovation work to satisfy the license (if the J1 promotion requirements are not met, continueK's Denki Stadium MitoApply for a J1 license on the premise.This was recognized, and the J1 license was issued for the first time as a club, conditionally.[22] However, as the final ranking of the season reached 10th, "it was decided that the ranking requirements for promotion to J1 could not be met and short-term renovation work of the stadium would not be carried out", so the 2019 season will finally be J2 licensed It was changed[23].


With three consecutive wins in the opening season, he took the lead in the second round, and although he took the lead in the next round, he was undefeated in 3 races (2 wins and 12 draws) from the opening and regained the lead from the ninth round.After falling to the top at the same time as the first defeat of the season in the 7th round, he moved to 5st and 9nd place, but he could not win 13 races from the 1th round and was 2th at the end of the first half.In the second half of the game, he maintained 18th place or higher in the J4 promotion playoffs, but in the 4th and 1th rounds, he suffered the first consecutive defeat of the season and fell to 6th place. Immediately after, he defeated Kashiwa and moved up to 34th place. He lost to Tokushima in Section 35 and retreated to 7th place, and moved up to 5th place again in Section 38. Although he achieved the highest ranking, he missed the playoffs by a small margin.


With the announcement of the new stadium construction concept, which will be described later, a special case of "Stadium Exception Rule 2020" applied from the 2019 license (application for 2)[Note 4] I applied for the application of.As a result, even if the J1 license is approved and the ranking of J1 promotion projects is met, K's Denki Stadium Mito can continue to be used as the base, unlike the previous year.[24]

After that, at the J.League board meeting in September, normal J9 license issuance was approved by applying the above exceptions.[25].

In the J2 league matchKazuma YamaguchiIs 4th in the league with 15 goals,Masato NakayamaScored 6 goals in 13th place, surpassing Tokushima who won the championship and scored 68 points, the most in the league. Was 4 (with duplication), dropping from the previous year to 62th place.



League match

Cup match

Stadium/practice field


Home stadiumMito City Stadium(K's Denki Stadium Mito, commonly known as "Ks Star"). Until the renovation in 2009, K's Denki had a capacity of only 5,000 and had no lighting equipment, so it could not meet the J.League home stadium regulations, so it meets the holding standards.Kasamatsu Athletic Park Athletic Field(Naka City) Has been a home stadium for many years, and Kasamatsu in 2002National high school general physical education meetIn 2000, when the renovation work was carried out as the main venue of (Inter-High)Hitachinaka City Athletic Park Athletic Field(Hitachinaka City)WhenHitachi Stadium Athletics Stadium(Hitachi City) Was the main venue for the sponsored games.Also, some of the night games on weekdays are in neighboring prefectures.Tochigi Green StadiumHeld in[Note 5].

The reason why the Mito City Stadium (Ks Sta) was not renovated until 2009 is due to the conflict between the club and Mito City when JFL entered. FC Mito merged with Prima Meat Packers FC Tsuchiura, who decided to promote to JFL in 1996, and was aiming for activities in JFL based in Mito City, but the reaction of the city was extremely chilly.[26]..Was the mayor of Mito at that timeHiroshi Okada TheMito Commercial High SchoolHe was an alumnus of the baseball club cheering squad and hated soccer because he was an overwhelming baseball sect, but strangely, Toru Ishiyama, who was the club representative at that time, was an alumnus of the soccer club of the school, so he decided to attract JFL to Mito City. Both became friends with dogs and monkeys immediately.[27][28]..In the end, both sides did not come close to each other, and instead of admitting that Mito City would eventually be the home base, they told the club, "Do not seek any financial assistance, including the supply of stadiums and driving rangesToMemorandumWas submitted[27][28]..This feud left a stigma in the club for a long time, and even when HollyHock entered the J League, Mito City did not budget for the maintenance of the stadium with this memorandum as a shield, and used stadiums outside the city such as Kasamatsu. It was forced.

In 2007, renovation work will begin to make the aging Mito City Stadium a home stadium. The renovation work of Mito City Stadium was completed in November 2009.The naming right gave the name "K's Denki Stadium Mito" (Ks Sta), and it was sunny to set up a home stadium in Mito City on November 11, 2009.Vegalta SendaiIt started to be used from the war, and held three games at the end of this year, officially changed the base registration to Ks Sta from 3, and held all the games in principle.

In addition, since Ks Sta has not met the J2009 standard capacity (1 people) even after the renovation in 15,000, the Mito City Council announced a policy to renovate Ks Sta to J1 standard.[29][30], Started the business.Initially aimed at completion in 2016[31] However, due to the problem of land acquisition, there is no prospect of starting full-scale construction as of 2017.[32], At the Mito City Council in March 2017Yasushi TakahashiMayor Mito will be held in Ibaraki Prefecture in 2019Lively Yagi Castle Yume KunigataIt has stated that it intends to start construction after the completion.[33].

On the other hand, in-field renovation work is being carried out in advance to renew the official athletics stadium certification in 2016.2015Requires lawn replacement work and associated curing period[32] Therefore, from the beginning of the opening5The five games scheduled by now will be held in Kasamatsu for the first time in five years, and will be held in Mito (K's Sta) after the Oita War on May 5th.[34].

On June 2018, 6, the club announced that it had submitted application documents for the 29 season J2019 club license acquisition.[35]..Apply for both Mito (K's Sta) and Kasamatsu with a capacity of 22,002 as home stadiums, and if you obtain a J1 license and meet the ranking conditions and are promoted to J1, you will need to make a short-term renovation to meet the J1 stadium standards. After giving it, in principle, I played a home game in Kasamatsu, and if I could not achieve J1 promotion, I decided to continue using Mito (K's Sta), and I was able to obtain a J1 license conditionally.[36]..However, in the end, because the J1 promotion conditions could not be met in terms of grades, the short-term repair of Kasamatsu was postponed, and the change to the J2 license was confirmed.[37](Similar application was made in 2019 and it is approved[38]).

However, during that time, negotiations for the expansion of the K's Denki Stadium stand were difficult and progress was not progressing, so on August 2019, 8, Mito Mayor Yasushi Takahashi said at a regular meeting, "The side stand behind the goal, which is currently a lawn seat. In September 26, the Mito City Council will post a supplementary budget of 1 million yen for formulating the basic plan, revealing that it has decided to make it possible to meet the J2019 standard with the number of people that can be accommodated after standing up. I suggested that.And the planning and design in the future 9 fiscal year, are going to want to complete the prospect of the 500 fiscal year[39].

Main home

New stadium concept

Apart from the K's Denki Stadium renovation movement in Mito City, the club held a press conference on November 2019, 11, and announced its policy to develop its own stadium and academy base.[40][41]..It is said that they are considering multiple candidate sites with the intention of locating both near the railway station or interchange in Mito City.The stadium is expected to be a ball game-specific stadium with a capacity of 1 to 1 people who meet the J5 standard, and the total construction cost is expected to be 2 billion yen.Assuming the development by a privately-owned private system, companies that support design, construction, finance, etc. have already said that "billions and tens of billions (units) have been talked about from multiple companies outside the prefecture" regarding financing. It is also revealed that the clubs are gathering, and it is said that it aims to be completed in 100, which is the 30th anniversary of the club's founding.On the other hand, in response to the movement of this club, Mito City has suggested reviewing the design and start time of J2024 standardization work of K's Denki Stadium, saying that it will watch the transition of the club's new stadium construction plan.[42].

As mentioned above, in the 2020 license submitted in July 7, we have applied for special application based on the above new stadium construction plan, cleared the ranking to meet the J2021 promotion project in J2020 in 2, and J1 Even if the license is approved, K's Denki Stadium will continue to be available.

Number of games by stadium / tournament

  • Since joining J2000 in 2.[43]
年度League matchJ League CupRemarks
20000-9Hitachi 9
Tochigi 2
Tochigi 1Since Kasamatsu renovation work is underway, Hitachinaka will be tentatively set as the registered base this year.
2001711Tochigi 3Completion of Kasamatsu renovation, relocation of headquarters
20042190Tochigi 1
200720Hitachi 1
Ashikaga 1
Mito repair work started
2008-172Hitachi 1
20093193-K's Sta (Mito) renovation completed
20101710Officially relocated from Kasamatsu to K's Denki from this year
2011190Held at K's Denki all games sponsored from this year
The main stand was damaged by the earthquake, and there are times when it cannot be used.
201221First issue of J2 license
2015165The first five games will be held in Kasamatsu for K's Denki's lawn curing (above)
2018Conditional J1 license issuance also changed to J10 license depending on the 2th place in the year
2019Conditional J1 license issuance also changed to J7 license depending on the 2th place in the year

Stadium dj

Stadium DJHitachi City OfCable TV"JWAYShinobu Terada is in charge[44]..Terada often voluntarily participates in away games as a member of the supporters as well as the facilitator of the home game, and before the start of the game, he is in the away side supporter's seat.TramegaIntroducing players in one hand, similar to home games.Also, the production inside the stadiumIbaraki UniversityIt is run by volunteers from students[44], Terada's DJ activities have also been unpaid volunteers since he was a student at Doshisha University in 2003.[45].

Stadium gourmet

The restaurant at the stadiumOkonomiyaki,Curry and riceFrom the standard menu such asMito Natto"Nebari-don" usingClass B gourmetWe have a wide variety of menus that make use of regional colors, such as "Chaashu Burger," which won the "Mito One Grand Prix."However, a food poisoning incident occurred in 2009, and at one point all restaurants were ordered to suspend operations.Soon after, the food that caused the problem was identified, and the store was reopened with the ban on opening the store.

Practice field

From 2018, practice will be a complex facility in Shirosato TownShirosato Town Shichikai Townspeople Center"(Commonly known as" Atsumare ") is used. Until 2017NakagawaIt is a team-only ground maintained on the riverbed ofHolly pitchIn addition to (Suifucho, Mito City)Mito City Soccer / Rugby Field(Twinfield, Kawawada-cho, Mito City) and other grounds near Mito City were used.

The J-League requires that "a full-sized natural turf ground adjacent to the clubhouse is always available" as one of the conditions for issuing the J1 license, but both Holly Pitch and Twinfield have a clubhouse in the vicinity. It was difficult to set up.Adjacent to Mito City that saw this plightCastle townHowever, the old school was closed in March 2015Shirosato Municipal Shichikai Junior High SchoolAsked the club about a plan to utilize the school building and ground.Although it is a little far from Mito city, the school building is relatively new since it was built in 1997, the site is large enough to secure two natural grass grounds, and many of the townspeople have agreed with it. Therefore, the club is also positively considering the relocation of the practice area, and in July 2, the club signed an agreement to use the facility as a clubhouse and practice area for at least 2016 years.[46]..In the off-season of the same year, a thank-you event was held during the former seven meetings.[47].

In response to this, Shirosato Town started facility renovation work sequentially from the end of 2016.It was developed as a facility that has the functions of a town hall branch and a public hall.Just before the construction is completed, the change contract resolution including the additional construction will be rejected.[48] Although there were twists and turns such as, the change contract bill was finally passed, and the facility was completed in January 2018.[49].

In the future, there is a plan to relocate the player dormitory currently in Mito City by utilizing the nearby public housing.[50].

home town

Relationship with Mito City

As mentioned above, it is difficult for HollyHock to obtain sponsors because it is not supported or supported by the local government due to the conflict with Mito City at the time of entering the JFL.[26], I was forced to leave with an unstable management base.Even if HollyHock became a J-League club that sang "community-based", there was still no financial support from the city, and the match was held far away from Mito, so the interest and recognition of the local Mito citizens is high. It was extremely sluggish and continued to operate on the lowest scale of the J League in all aspects of spectator mobilization, team performance, and club budget.

However, with the appointment of Koichi Kato as the new mayor in April 2003, the city's response will change.The city side began to improve the environment with HollyHock in mind, such as the maintenance of Holly Pitch and the renovation work of Ks Sta, and after the relocation of the headquarters in 4, the number of spectators was gradually increasing.However, in 2009, financial difficulties occurred due to the withdrawal of sponsors.Due to the above commitment, the city was unable to obtain financial support, and in January 2010Official Match Stable FundIt became a situation to borrow 3000 million yen from.In March of the same year to catch upGreat East Japan EarthquakeDamaged by.In May of the same year, he announced his active support for the club while he was forced into a difficult situation for the club to survive.Yasushi TakahashiIs appointed as the new mayor.As a result, the relationship between the two sides improved dramatically, and Mito City passed the investment in the club in December of the same year while the city hall was completely destroyed by the earthquake and was forced to work in the temporary government building.The 12-year feud with Mito City has finally been resolved, and the memorandum has been invalidated with the consent of both parties.[28].

Currently, Ks StaJ1 licenseRenovation to increase the number of seats for acquisition has emerged as a new problem (mentioned above), and the company aims to appeal to the consensus of the citizens as well as the government.

Home Town Promotion Council

Originally the home town was only Mito City, but in 2002 the surrounding areaHitachinaka City-Naka City-Kasama City-Omitama City-Ibaraki Town-Oarai Town-Castle town-Tokai villageThe "Mito HollyHock Hometown Promotion Council" was established with the addition of the eight municipalities.Since then, "Municipal Day" has been set up every year when home games are held, and regional alliances have been made as quasi-home towns, such as free invitations for residents, exhibitions introducing the area, and lottery distribution of special products.In 8, it was revealed that the five municipalities of the council announced their investment in the club.[51].

8 municipalities officially approved as hometowns on November 2017, 11[6].


Uniform color
カ ラ ーshirtPantsstockings
FP (1st)tag[2]tagtag
FP (2nd)white[2]whitewhite
GK (1st)绿绿绿
GK (2nd)Yellow x orangeyellowyellow
FP 1st
FP 2nd
GK 1st
GK 2nd

Team color

Uniform sponsor

Posting locationSponsor nameNotationPosted yearRemarks
chestK's HoldingsK's K's Denki2001-1999-2000 back
Upper backAtrae: AtraeFebruary 2019-2019 is written as "Atræ"
Lower backNone--
Front of pantsTakano FoodsTakano Foods2021- [52]
Back of pantsNone--

The history of uniform supply

Successive uniforms

Chronology of successive uniform sponsors

chestLeft clavicleRight clavicleUpper backLower backsleeveFront of pantsBack of pants
Before banK's K's DenkiBefore banIbaraki Bank-Before banPUMA
2000Tomoe Dairy
2001K's K's Denki-
2005- /
- /
- /
Shigakusha Moa
2006imxCMCShigakusha Moamitre
2007imx /
2008Mito SecuritiesIbaraki Airport
2011- /
One Heart Wedding
seekel- /
2012- /
- /
2013- /
-- /
2015Girls und Panzer
2016- /
Vietnam Airlines
-(Anko mark)
2020-: Atrae---
2021Takano FoodsSoccer Junky

* Commemorative logos were attached to the sleeves of 2014 (20th anniversary of foundation) and 2019 (25th anniversary of foundation).


  • Mito HollyHock Youth
  • Mito HollyHock Junior Youth
  • Mito HollyHock Junior

Official song

  • Run ☆ HollyHock! (Lyrics / Composition / Arrangement / Song: eco)
The first official support song released in 2005.Choreography for cheerleading was also devised.At the match venueBGMThe melody was imprinted on many away supporters who visited the game because it was often used as a song, so it was nicknamed "Mito's Brainwashing Song".[55].
  • Dyed blue (Lyrics / Song: shotaro Composition / Arrangement: Haru Wada)
Announced in 2011.At the match venue, it was mainly used for the digest video of the match and the BGM when the ball person entered.
  • Ole Holy Hock ~ Show Aoi's Soul ~ (Lyrics / Composition / Arrangement / Song: Jun Isoyama)
It was announced at the home Yokohama FC game on November 2014, 11 with his mini-live. CDs are not sold as of 1[56].
  • Infinite power (lyrics, composition, arrangement, song:Space Mao
It was announced at the home Tochigi SC game on November 2014, 11 with his mini-live. In addition to the title song, the CD also includes "Ano Koga Suki".
  • Superstar (Lyrics: NAOI HIRO Composition: NAOI Arrangement: Ryo Miyata Kazuki Song: BxAxG)
Announced as a new support song on February 2015, 2[57].. Mini-live and pre-sale of CDs were held at Home Oita on May 5th.[58].

e sports

20202/10,e sportsAnnounced the establishment of the team and started recruiting players.Hire 2 people for residents, working / students in Ibaraki prefecture[59][60].


J2 participation

2, the first year of J2000 entryKasamatsu Athletic Park Athletic FieldWas under renovation workHitachinaka City Athletic Park Athletic FieldHitachi Stadium Athletics StadiumThe sponsored game was held mainly at the two venues.Of these, nine games were played at the smaller Hitachi, which included two home games against Urawa, and the stand with a nominal capacity of 2 was overcrowded (about 9 spectators) centered on Urawa supporters. ), But criticisms gathered for the bad pitch condition.After that, the match was held at Hitachi in 2 (8,464 match)SendaiIt wasn't done until the war).In addition, Mito added 200 yen to the ticket selling price of each seat type only in Urawa Red Diamonds in the name of burden of security costs, but it was rare in the J League at that time to change the ticket price depending on the opponent.[Note 6]

Mito Nachio

Hideki Maeda, who became the coach in 2003, introduced reaction soccer with thorough exclusive defense in order to compete on an equal footing in Mito, which is inferior to other clubs in terms of funding and strength. Almost everyone from the DF, the side, the middle stage, to the front line pulls deep into their own team, the attack is never attacked from themselves with a single counter, and no matter how many points behind, they will never increase the number of people in front and continue to protect. , Extreme defensive tactics.

Since this tactic has abandoned possession (ball holding) in the middle, it sometimes suffered a large number of goals because it could not withstand the wavy attack of the opponent, but when the counter hits well, it often wins. In particular, for the top clubs that have aggressive tactics, it was decided to instill a sense of "a team that can be defended and can lose only at the counter, and cannot be underestimated."In addition, not only the upper ranks but also the lower rank clubs that joined the J League after Mito were thoroughly drawn, soYokohama FCI didn't think the opponent had a team to retreat. "Yusuke AdachiYokohama FC coach), "I tried to set up when Mito came out in front of me, but I didn't come out.[61]"(Kazuhito MochizukiAtago(Director) often surprised opponent players and managers.

Such "super defensive tactics" of Mito will eventually become "super defensive tactics" of Italy.CatenaccioFrom some supporters,Mito NachioIt came to be called.Originally a slang born from the internet football community, it gradually became popular among football fans and eventually became often used in the media to describe Mito.Since 2007, the final year of coach Maeda, Mito has changed its policy to aggressive soccer that enhances possession, but "Mito Nachio" is still synonymous with Mito.

Supporter-led event

Mito supporters will perform a line dance together after winning the home game, hurray with some players, club president, and Holy, and hold summer festivals such as stalls and games behind the goal of the away game.Summer Festival"Maeda Festival", which honors Hideki MaedaYamagataWe hold a lot of unique events such as "Call Battle" which is always held in the game with.

These are basically clubs with no touch and are completely led by supporters. Especially, the Han Festival is a "J League strange festival" and many other club supporters also participate.Detail is"Summer FestivalSee.

Collaboration with New Japan Pro-Wrestling

From 2008新 日本 プ ロ レ スWe are planning a collaboration with. At the New Japan Pro-Wrestling Hitachinaka Tournament held at the Matsudo Gymnasium in Hitachinaka City on February 2, Holy-kun and cheerleaders made an appearance. June 14thTosuThe war will be held at the Mito Civic Gymnasium on June 6th.新 日本 プ ロ レ スHe is an experienced soccer player who also promotes the Mito tournament.Masahiro ChonoParticipation in the opening ceremony and limited sale of "I am Chono !!" seats.

Collaboration with Girls und Panzer

Belongs to the Home Town Promotion CouncilOarai TownIs the stage of the TV anime "Girls und PanzerWas aired in 2012 and gained popularity, but the club president who watched it sympathized with the position of the school to which the main character belongs.[62]..Production companyBandai visualIn negotiations with, November 2013, 11, Section 10Tokyo VCollaborative planning in battle[63].. A sponsorship contract was signed with the company in 2014, and a joint press conference was held before the opening.[64]Since then, related goods have been actively sold and collaboration events have been actively held.[65][66][67][68].

Audience mobilization

Since the first year of joining the J.League, it has been struggling to attract customers for a long time, and in particular, the number of spectators mobilized from 2005 to 2009 was the lowest in the league for five consecutive years. It was a position.The lowest mobilization in 5 and 2010 isKofu,TosuHowever, both were in danger of the club's survival at that time. Was the lowest in 2010GifuIs the home stadiumNagara River StadiumHowever, due to renovation work, only 3 games can be used, and other home games can be accommodated in the 3,000 range.Nagaragawa Ball Games MeadowThis is because it was done in.

In 2010, October 10stoakIn the battle, we carried out a campaign called "Worst Escape !! 1 People Challenge DAY" and reduced the ticket price to reach 1 spectators for the first time.[69]..This pattern is from NHK's variety show "Kin's worst escape strategyWas also taken up[70].

2011 isGreat East Japan EarthquakeDamaged byKs studioDespite not being able to use the main stand for 19 seats for 12 of the 7,000 home games due to repairs, the annual mobilization number was 20th out of 18 clubs, surpassing the worst 2nd place for the first time It was.

The number of mobilizations has been increasing year by year since 2012, and in recent years there has been an improvement trend.

Home game with a large audience

RankingDate and TimeAffiliationOpponentNumber of spectatorsMatch place
12016/3/6J2Cerezo Osaka10,420K's Denki Stadium Mito
22010/10/31Kashiwa Reysol10,181K's Denki Stadium Mito
32013/6/15Gamba Osaka10,025K's Denki Stadium Mito
42006/8/19Kashiwa Reysol9,482Kasamatsu Athletic Park Athletic Field
52017/9/2Nagoya Grampus9,240K's Denki Stadium Mito


The financial results of Mito HollyHock are as follows.

Profit and loss

年度leagueincomeAdvertising feeAdmission feeAllocationOthercostexpensePersonnel expensesAdministrative expensesProfitNet income
  • Amount of money: million yen
  • Personnel costs are included in the project cost.

Source: J-Club financial results list for each fiscal year. 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010

年度leagueRevenueAdvertising feeAdmission feeAllocationUpbringingOthercostPersonnel expensesmatchHomeUpbringingwomanSaleProfitNet income
  • Amount of money: million yen

Source: J-Club financial results list for each fiscal year. 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015

年度leagueRevenueAdvertising feeAdmission feeAllocationUpbringingSalesOthercostPersonnel expensesmatchHomeUpbringingwomanSalesSaleProfitNet income
  • Amount of money: million yen

Source: J-Club financial results list for each fiscal year. 2016


年度Total assetsTotal debtNet worthCapital
  • Amount of money: million yen

Source: J-Club financial results list for each fiscal year. 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016


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注 釈
  1. ^ Tokugawa familyFamily crest "Trefoil AoiUsed inAsarum caulescensTo be exactMallow familyDifferent from the HollyHock,Birthwort familyIt is a plant of.
  2. ^ The uniform number of the first costume used until 2008 was 12.Also, in 2010, it was named 920 (Kuni) after the club president Kunio Numata.The uniform number is not drawn on the illustration.
  3. ^ Therefore, the number of times the top team has participated in the Emperor's Cup is the total from Prima Meat Packers FC Tsuchiura (76th competition77th competitionSee each section of).Therefore, while the predecessor of the club organization is FC Mito, the predecessor of the top team under its umbrella is Prima Meat Packers FC Tsuchiura.
  4. ^ In the case of a new stadium, it is the third year counting from the first promotion year, provided that the license is obtained for the upper league (J1 in this case) and the promotion is achieved by satisfying the ranking of the upper league (J1) promotion projects. By the time of applying for the license, the planned construction site, construction cost, and other budgets will be presented concretely, and it will be obligatory to complete by the time of applying for the license in the fifth year.However, if the construction of the new stadium has started by the 3th year counting from the first promotion, "Stadium Exception Rule 5" (when renovating an existing stadium, from the exception application to the start of the 5rd year = 1th season Can be used in combination with
  5. ^ Hitachinaka City Athletic Park Athletic FieldThe lighting was not enough for the J2 holding standard.Also at that timeTochigi SCWas still in the regional league.In addition, some weekday games were held in Hitachinaka during the twilight hours.
  6. ^ otherFC Tokyo,KobeIn addition to adopting a two-stage fee systemOmiyaHad adopted a two-step rate system in the 2007 season.
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