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⚾ | Summers Mimura "Ah, Mar-kun Rakuten ?! It's exciting! Professional baseball!"

Photo Image: Masakazu Mimura Official Twitter

Summers Mimura "Ah, Mar-kun Rakuten! It's exciting! Professional baseball!"

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The other day on his Twitter account, Mimura suddenly muttered about the character of the game Momotaro, and the image titled "My King Bombie" was a hot topic.

"Ah, Mar-kun Rakuten! It's exciting! Professional baseball!" On the 28th, Masakazu Mimura of the comedy combination "Summers" ... → Continue reading

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Characters from Momotaro Electric Railway Series

Momotaro Electric Railway Series > Characters from Momotaro Electric Railway Series

Characters from Momotaro Electric Railway Series(Momotaro Dentetsu Series Tojo Jinbutsu) is a video game "Momotaro Electric Railway Series] List of characters that appear in.

Momotaro and his friends

RPGseries"Momotaro Densetsu] Served as the leading role and main party character in the series[Note 1]Momotaro-Kintaro-Urashima-Princess YashaIs mainly PBS in this seriesTBSParody of[Note 2][Note 3]) Appears as a member of the media.In addition, it is also the default name (default name) when playing with humans, and in most works, "President Momotaro" "President Kintaro" "President Urashima" "President Yasha" in order from 1P Is.In the early series, "Momotaro" may be katakana as "Momotaro", "Yaksha" may be "Yashahime", or the name may be completely different.

Momotaro, Kintaro, and Urashima are the authors of this series.Akira SakuraAnd the character designerTakayuki DoiWas working onWeekly Shonen JumpReader post page "Jump broadcasting stationIs based on the three characters "Taro's", Momotaro, Kintaro, and Urashima Taro, who appeared as sub-characters (like the graffiti of Doi drawn on the edge of the magazine).While Doi, the creator of Taro's, thought that he couldn't make full use of it in the magazine and was a failure character for me, Sakuma thought that he could use it in the game, and he said that he could use it in the game. It is said that "Momotaro Densetsu" was created as a result of the story of the project.[1].

Voice- Nozomi Sasaki("CR Momotaro Dentetsu")[2]
The main character of the Momotaro series.It has a chonmage tied on its headpeachI have a marked headband[3].
As a newscaster, he will be the host of the entire game and will report on the events that occur in the game.
On the title screen, game package, etc.saluteHowever, because of their short limbs, when they salute, their hands reach only their faces.[4][Note 4].
He mainly wears red suits and trousers, and wears a hat and an armband with "MR" written only on the package and title screen.
In the package of the initial work ("first generation" "SUPER")MustacheIllustrations that store the are used.It is said that this was because Doi, who was in charge of character design, saw an illustration of Momotaro with a mustache drawn by Akihiro Kikuchi, who was a disciple of Sakuma at the time.[5].
In "Reiwa", the character design has been changed, and the shape of the mage has been changed from a simple one.peachThe color of the clothes is based on white.Navy uniformThe coloring is reminiscent of.Also, unlike the design of Doi, the length of the right arm is longer than usual only during salute because the hand can reach the head during salute.In Doi's design, there are differences such as the diagonal lines on the left and right cheeks being expressed only on the left cheek.
Princess Yasha
Voice- Yokoyama Chisa("HAPPY"[Note 5]), Unknown ("CR Momotaro Dentetsu")
One-horned demon girl with green eyes, diagonally pointed ears, jagged bangs and bright light blue long hair[3] ..Daughter of the demon royal family who governs hell[Note 6].. The height is different from the "Momotaro Densetsu" series, and it is set higher than Momotaro.[Note 7].
Only "II" appeared as a slightly strong COM character, and after "III", he became a facilitator together as an assistant to Momotaro.
He is in charge of reporting the event and navigating the destination roulette, and in some works also serves as a local reporter when a typhoon damage event occurs.
Doi's artwork wears a red suit and skirt with a purple inner[4]Often, during the game, clothes such as purple suits and skirts, and light green innerwear[6]It is unified to ("12"-"WORLD (DS)").
The character design has been changed in "2017" and "Reiwa" respectively, and especially in "Reiwa", the changes from Doi's original design such as hairstyle (jagged → straight bangs) and hair color (light blue → dark blue) Is especially common.
Urashima (Taro Urashima)
Voice- Kusao Yi("CR Momotaro Dentetsu")[2]
A boy with ocher (orange) tied hair[3]..Mainly from "X" in the press studiodisasterIt reports extraordinary news about the system and hosts the start and end of variety games. In works after "X", it also appears on the save / load screen.
Appeared on the destination roulette screen in the SFC / GB version "II"[Note 8]However, in "III" etc.turtleAlso appears in the S League.
In "2017" and "Reiwa", the character design has been changed to black hair ("2017") and blonde hair ("Reiwa").
A boy with threads and cheek scratches (the right cheek is swirling and the left cheek is marked with a cross)[3]..Flying around the country, disastersTohoku FestivalWe are active in local interviews.The ending is "~ dado".
Until "HAPPY", it appeared when using the "Kintaro Card" as a character to undertake the extermination of Momosura.
In "III" etc.bearIt will also appear in the S League event.
The character designs of "2017" and "Reiwa" have been changed, and they are no longer threads.

COM character

COM characterIs a general term for computers operated by Momotaro Dentetsu on behalf of human players.COM character[Note 9]Is often abbreviated.

The strength is uniform up to "SUPER", but after "II", various COM characters with different thinking patterns are prepared, and the difficulty level can be adjusted according to the selected character (make everyone a COM character). You can also watch the game).In the mobile app version and the one-player mode after "DS", there is only a combination of one human and two COM characters, and even in the case of two-player play, one COM character is always included.

For strengthening the system for each workalgorithmTends to not catch up, especially there are inadequate points in using the card[Note 10]..In addition, one of the common points of weakly set COM characters is that they do not actively rub the poor god.[Note 11]..Therefore, when it comes to long streets, it easily falls into the red due to King Bombie.

The effect of the system "best condition" (temporarily gained special ability) that appeared after "15" is different for each COM character.Regardless of the character, the theme when the best condition occurs is "15"-"2017", "the best fanfare" (Takeshi Ike(Composer), "Reiwa" is "I'm in great shape from now on!" (Kazuyuki SekiguchiComposition).

In addition, the best effect on the human player side is that the number of dice will be 3 to 5 depending on the number of years, the card station will be a nice card station, and the amount of money you can get at the plus station will be three times as much as usual. After "3", the nice card station will be promoted to the super card station.Devil card[Note 12]Disappears immediately after acquisition.Only human players will be in great shape in the "luxury version" of the mobile app.The theme songs for human players are "15"-"2017", "The best song" (composed by Takeshi Ike), and "Reiwa", "19th rainbow" (composed by Kazuyuki Sekiguchi).

"II"-"7" first appearance

Aka Oni / Akaoni
"SUPER"-"15", "DS", "2010", "Tag Match", appeared in the mobile version.The class isapprentice(Up to "V") /Two-stage(After "X") /First stage(Mobile version).
A familiar character as the weakest enemy in the "Momotaro Densetsu" series.
In the early days, he didn't use cards because he was the weakest character, but in later works he used express cards, fuin cards, hibernation cards, and Tokusei Ordinance cards.However, we do not buy or sell cards.
Since the purchase of the property is sloppy and the destination is aimed at by the shortest route, there is a feature that the minus station can be stopped without any problems.Depending on the work, I try to stop at the plus station as much as possible.
In "2010" and "Tag Match", there is a great performance, but it is the same as in normal times.The theme song is "Theme of Bean Demon and Red Demon" (composed by Kazuyuki Sekiguchi).
In the PCE version and GB version "SUPER", in addition to being set as the default name for player 2 when COMP, the default name for player 3 when COMP is "Aoni".
Horse Oni / Horse Demon
Appeared in "II"-"16", "2010" and "Tag Match".The class isA paragraph(Up to "V") /Five sections("X" "2010" "Tag Match") /Three steps("11") /Four steps("12"-"16").
A demon in the shape of a bipedal horse. Unlike the "Momotaro Densetsu" series, it is slender.
I love agriculture and forestry properties, so I just buy agriculture and forestry properties.Although it goes to the destination, it often stops at Plus Station or stations with available agricultural and forestry properties.
The card uses some of the progressive and convenient systems, and basically does not interfere with the opponent.
When things go well, 10% will be added to the rate of return on the agricultural and forestry properties that you own, making it easier to get express cards at card stations.The theme song is "Dream Horse Racing-Maoni is in great shape!" (Composed by Takeshi Ike).
"II"-Appeared in "X".The class isTwo-stage(Up to "V") /Teacher("X").
A green pheasant that appears as a companion to Momotaro in the "Momotaro Densetsu" series.
Don't worry about the minus station in winter, go straight to your destination even if you have a poor god.
In "X", which became a master, he became a secret character and lucky luck was added.
It is set as the default name of player 4 in "XNUMXst generation" and "SUPER" (the same applies to COMP in "XNUMXst generation" and FC version "SUPER").In addition, the names of the companions are not reflected in the subsequent "Momotaro Densetsu" series, and this series and "Momotaro Dochuki』It is limited[Note 13].
Monkey Kawa
"II"-Appeared in "X".The class isThree steps(Up to "V") /Teacher("X").
A monkey that appears as a companion to Momotaro in the "Momotaro Densetsu" series.
A character who has a messy personality and uses a lot of attack cards.Also, when purchasing a property, there is a tendency to buy from the most expensive property.
In "X", which became a master, he became a secret character and lucky luck was added.
It is set as the default name for player 3 in "first generation" and player 2 in "SUPER" (the same applies to COMP in "first generation" and FC version "SUPER").
"II"-Appeared in "X".The class isFour steps(Up to "V") /Teacher("X").
A dog that appears as a companion to Momotaro in the "Momotaro Densetsu" series.It has white hair, a bandage on the navel that draws a cross, and three beards on each of the left and right cheeks.
A solid character who buys cheap properties steadily.
In "X", which became a master, he became a secret character and lucky luck was added.In addition, there is a tendency to prioritize property purchases over destinations.
It is set as the default name for player 2 in "first generation" and player 3 in "SUPER" (the same applies to COMP in "first generation" and FC version "SUPER").
Princess Yasha
Appeared in "II".The class isFive sections.
Anyway, a character who hates the poor god.Priority is given to rubbing when attached.
After "III", as mentioned above, he became an assistant and was replaced by Princess Kaguya.
Princess Kaguya
Appeared in "III"-"X".The class isFive sections(Up to "V") /celebrity("X").
The moon princess who has appeared as a key person in the "Momotaro Densetsu" series.
It inherits the characteristics of Princess Yasha in "II" almost as it is.
In "X", which became a master, he became a secret character and lucky luck was added.
"X" did not appear as a COM character at the end, but it appeared in the opening animation in "11" and "12".
Appeared in "II"-"HAPPY", "X"-"Tag Match".The class isSix steps(Until "HAPPY") /Kudan(After "X", "USA") /Seven steps("11") /Badan("12").
One of the boss characters in the "Momotaro Densetsu" series.
A character with high overall strength who surely aims at the destination from the early days.Cards can be used efficiently regardless of whether they are progressive or convenient.
From "11", when Princess Kaguya no longer appears, the feature of "prioritizing the rub of the poor god" was inherited.
From "USA", the setting of being a lone wolf and hating to win even with cowardly hands has been reflected in the behavior, and at the same time it is also a weak point.Therefore, they rarely use attack cards, and even if they get them, they may be thrown away immediately.It does not respond to the call to induce the best condition of Enma during the best condition. Don't ask for double-price takeover by "Ninja Nottori Kun".
Also, refuse all the help of historical heroes.Even if a human player or another COM character asks for help and is replaced by Shura, the support that can be refused will be refused (however, support such as buttobi and property purchase will be used).
When it is in good shape, the number of dice increases to 2 to 3 depending on the number of years, and it acts 1 times in 3 turn. In "2010" and "Tag Match", you will get a "Weapon Farewell Card" first, and if there is a poor god nearby, it will automatically blow off that opponent, and sometimes erase other players' attack cards. To do.The theme song is "Enchanted Rose-Asura is in great shape!" (Composed by Takeshi Ike).
Enma / Emma
"II"-Appeared in "WORLD (DS)" and "Reiwa".The class iscelebrity(Other than "X") /Ten-dan("X").
One of the boss characters in the "Momotaro Densetsu" series.
The strongest COM character in works where Sakuma does not appear.We also use the warp station to buy and sell cards, and head to the destination while stopping at the card station.There is no lack of measures against the poor god.
For card use, use it efficiently regardless of whether it is a progressive system or a convenient system.Sometimes I use a Tokusei Ordinance card when I am not in debt[Note 14].. After "WORLD (DS)", preferentially purchase cities where historical heroes appear.
When it's in great shape, there will be 4 to 6 dice, depending on the number of years.Furthermore, after "16", extra income will be earned under the name of "Fuin Card" and congratulatory money, and all other COM characters except Akaoni and Ashura may be in great shape.The theme song is "15"-"WORLD (DS)" is "The King's Pride-Enma is in great shape!" (Composed by Takeshi Ike) ..
In the PCE version and GB version "SUPER", it is set as the default name at the time of COMP of player 4.
"7"-"16", "2010", "Tag Match", "2017", "Reiwa", appeared in the mobile version.The class is鉄 人.
The original author and game director of the Momotaro seriesAkira SakuraIs the model.In the original design by Doi ("7"-"Tag Match"), "Jump broadcasting stationIt has the same design as the Sakuma that appears in.
The strongest COM character with built-in strong lucky luck[Note 15].
Depending on the work, it cannot be used unless you conquer the winning battle mode with COM ("Momotaro Juban Game (" X ")" "Fuun! Sakuma Castle (" 11 ")" "Fuun! Sakuma Castle Tetsujin's Counterattack Volume" ("12") "" Fierce fight! Sakuma Castle (" 15") "). In "12", two people will be dealt with, and in "2", three people will be dealt with at the same time.
It does not appear in "DS", "20th Anniversary", and "WORLD (DS)".this isNintendo DSThis is because there was a part where the iron man's specialty could not be expressed due to the nature of.
Property that no one monopolizes after "2010" When you stop at a station, the property of the other party[Note 16]One may be forcibly acquired at a triple price (funds go to the opponent player).
When things are going well, the number of dice will increase to 5-8 depending on the number of years, and luck will rise further. In "15" and "2017", the card station will become a nice card station (in "2017", the nice card station will become a super card. Become a station). After "16", all red squares become blue squares[Note 17]Besides, in addition to invalidating most offensive cards, the period of great performance itself is very long after "2010".Also, when all COMs are Sakuma, they may all be in great shape at the same time.The theme song is "15"-"2017", "Sakuma Tetsujin's Counterattack! ~ Sakuma Tetsujin's Best!" (Composed by Takeshi Ike), and "Reiwa", "Sakuma Tetsujin's Best / More! More! ).

"X"-"16" first appearance

Mame Oni
"X"-Appeared after "16" and "20th Anniversary".The class isFirst stage.
A type of Zako character from the "Momotaro Densetsu" series.A small demon that can only be seen with a magnifying glass with dark gray skin and reddish eyes. In "2017" and "Reiwa", the character design has been changed, wearing tiger-patterned pants and holding a pencil.
The weakest character who just rolls the dice.Moreover, after "16", only 1-3 (1-4 in "WORLD (DS)") is available.
I'm aiming for the destination, but I can stop at the minus station without any problems, and the purchase of the property is sloppy.I did not use any cards and did not buy or sell, but in "16" it is rarely a Tokusei Ordinance card shuffle card[Note 14]And onara cards, and in "20th Anniversary", I started to use 0 cards (however, I often use them for the purpose of canceling my debt like the Tokusei Ordinance card).
Although it will not be in great shape in "15", it may grow into "Hyper Mameoni", "Super Mameoni", "Ultra Mameoni", and "Max Mameoni", which will allow you to use express cards as the number of years of play progresses.
After "16", if the condition is good, the dice roll will be 1 to 6, and cards will be dealt to other players.The theme song is "Theme of Bean Demon and Red Demon" (composed by Kazuyuki Sekiguchi).
"X"-"Tag Match", "2017", "Reiwa", appeared in the mobile version.The class isThree steps("X", mobile version) /Four steps("11") /Five sections("12"-"DS", "Reiwa") /Six steps("2010" "Tag Match") /Seven steps("2017").
A type of Zako character from the "Momotaro Densetsu" series.A demon with a bone in his right hand (fork only for "2017"), featuring a large bulging belly and dark cream-colored skin. In "2017" and "Reiwa", the design has been changed and it has blue skin.
We are putting our lives on food properties, and we only stop at stations where food properties can be purchased.In the first appearance of "X", he was a weak character who just bought food properties without worrying about his money.
After "11", they often stop at the card station while aiming for the destination.With each work, the aggressive personality becomes stronger, and he uses a lot of obstructive cards.
When it is in great shape, the number of dice will be 2 to 4 depending on the number of years, and the hit rate of attack cards[Note 18] 3 timesAs a result, the reputation of food properties owned by Hunger has risen, and in addition, the rate of return has increased in "2017" and "Reiwa".100%It will be fixed.In addition, they may eat food properties owned by other presidents.The theme song is "15"-"2017", "Don't hesitate! ~ Hunger is in great shape!" (Composed by Kazuyuki Sekiguchi), and in "Reiwa", "Hunger is in great shape / I can't buy food properties!" (Composed by Kenichi Maeyamada) ).
After "16", only this character has special conditions other than the best condition.
Perfect-Sometimes power up when it's in great shape.Similarly, with 2 to 4 dice, the reputation of the food property you own has further increased, and attack cards have been added.hitting the targetIn addition, after "2010", no one but the person can buy food properties at all, and in "2017" and "Reiwa", the rate of return on food properties will increase.400%It will be fixed.The theme song is "16"-"2017" is "Complete Hunger" (composed by Takeshi Ike).
Slump-Even if you roll the dice, you get only 1-3, and the hit rate of attack cards is less than 10%.The theme song is "Great Depression Elegy" (composed by Kazuyuki Sekiguchi).
Appeared in "X".The class isFour steps.
A type of Zako character from the "Momotaro Densetsu" series.
A character who does not care about the minus station in winter like the pheasant, and goes straight to the destination even if there is a poor god.
Wind god(Fujin)
"X"-"Tag Match" is now available on mobile.The class isSix steps("X" "12") /Five sections("11") /Seven steps("USA"-"20th Anniversary", mobile version) /Badan("2010" "Tag Match").
One of the boss characters in the "Momotaro Densetsu" series.She has light blue skin and has a large bag.
A character who makes heavy use of Buttobi cards.Regardless of the type of property purchase, the budget and rate of return are calculated and purchased.
When it's in great shape, the accuracy of the Buttobi card will increase in "15", and it will move closer to the destination with a high probability. From "16", the number of dice will increase to 2 to 4 depending on the number of years, and you can fly even if you do not have a Buttobi card, at this time you can shuffle all the cards and erase all the Buttobi cards other than yourself. Sometimes.The theme song is "Riding the Wind-Fujin is in great shape!" (Composed by Takeshi Ike).
In "II", it is set as the default name of player 4.
Appeared in "X"-"12" and "Reiwa".The class isSeven steps("X" "12" "Reiwa") /Six steps("11").
One of the boss characters in the "Momotaro Densetsu" series.Has reddish skin.
In the first appearance of "X", a character who makes heavy use of express cards.
After "11", the characteristics of Sarukawa and Yamaba will be inherited, and attack cards will be used a lot.Also, there is a tendency to prioritize card stations over destinations.
Although "12" had not appeared for a long time at the end, it was revived in "Reiwa" for the first time in about 17 years.When things are going well, the number of dice increases, and lightning strikes the opponent to steal money.The theme song for "Reiwa" is "Raijin is in great shape / Attack to get money" (composed by Kenichi Maeyamada).
In the PCE version "II", it is set as the default name of Player 5.
Appeared in "X".The class isBadan.
One of the boss characters in the "Momotaro Densetsu" series.
A character who uses a lot of attack cards like Sarukawa.
Yuki Oni
Appeared in "12".The class isThree steps.
A red-haired girl in a sailor suit.
With normal specifications, the god of good fortune that occasionally appears when you stop at a minus station in winter, but in her case, at a minus station, there is a high probability that it will appear regardless of the season.
Therefore, you don't have to worry about the minus station in winter, and even if you have a poor god, you can go straight to your destination.
Appeared in "16", "2010" and "Tag Match".The class isTwo-stage("16") /Three steps("2010" "Tag Match").
A character who makes heavy use of poop cards.Add "dechu" (or "deshu") to the end of the word, etc.Baby talkSpeak at.A character created to commemorate the birth of a grandson to the game director Akira Sakuma[7].
In debt, the poor god is more likely to transform into a bomby monkey.
When things are going well, you can use the "Poop Card", "Tobichiri Card", and "Designated Poop Card" as much as you want, and the effect of the "Poop Rush Card" will be added to you, so you can pass through the squares with poop.On the other hand, you can't use the "Poop Ban Card" while the Mujaoni is in great shape.Also, the convenience cards of all other players may be changed to one poop card.Even if you make these attacks, the turn of the demon will not end.The theme song is "Watch out for Mujaki!" (Composed by Kazuyuki Sekiguchi).

First appearance after "20th Anniversary"

Yang Guifei
Appeared from "20th Anniversary".The class isTwo-stage("20th Anniversary") /Seven steps("2010" "Tag Match") /Badan(After "WORLD (DS)").
One of the few female COM characters.According to Takayuki Doi, who was in charge of the original character design ("20th Anniversary"-"WORLD (DS)"), he was a character who repeated retakes to give a bewitching feeling.太極拳It is said that it is imagining the user of[8].
A character who pushes the best disturbing ability to the front. In "20th Anniversary", the rank was low, but in "2010" it has basic abilities, and after "WORLD (DS)", roulette at plus and minus stations will be the best result. became.
When it's in great shape, one other player at the beginning of each turn[Note 19]"Mysterious dance (a state where one card is dropped every turn)[Note 20]) "" Mysterious eyes (sleep)[Note 21]) "" Mysterious flame (property)[Note 16]"Erase one ownership)" "Mysterious upper eye (reduce money /" WORLD (DS) ")" "Mysterious lips (pull closer to me /" WORLD (DS) ")" "Mysterious sigh (starting point) Forcibly repatriated to Tokyo / "Reiwa") "is launched (it may be avoided depending on the attack).Furthermore, in Reiwa, a self-defense action called "a mysterious waist against the poor god (forcibly making the poor god attached to himself a mini bomby)" was added. In "WORLD (DS)", the number of dice increases to 1 to 3 depending on the number of years, and in "Reiwa", the number of dice increases to at least 5, and the number of dice to be touched increases according to the number of years.Since the attack is not a card attack, it penetrates Sakuma's best defense (in that sense, it is a strong COM character for Sakuma).The theme song is "2th Anniversary"-"Mysterious Eyes" (composed by Takeshi Ike) in "20", and "Youkihime is in great shape / softly!" (Composed by Kenichi Maeyamada) in "Reiwa".
Appeared in "2010"-"2017".The class isStepless(Because of his sloppy personality).
A type of Zako character from the "Momotaro Densetsu" series.
Instead of the train, the person walks on the map or in the destination station (the train at the ending), and the hair color is the usual train color.
In Doi's original designKazuhiko Torishima(Editor of "Jump Broadcasting Station") is the model.
Like an amanojaku, he focuses on eccentricities such as not aiming for a destination and purchasing twisted properties. He says "money is a circumstance around the world" and collects 1 to 10 million yen every month from one other player depending on the number of years. In "WORLD (DS)" and "3000", we collect 2017 times more than usual only in January every year.
On the other hand, when other players overlap with Amanojaku, money, cards, and properties[Note 16]You can randomly steal any of them.However, if you overlap with an evil spirit who does not have any of these, you will be skipped.
Sometimes I change the name of a player other than myself (it returns naturally in a few turns, and I can also return it with the "Other" command), and depending on the work, I change the destination to a station near me Sometimes.
When it's in great shape, it takes the following special actions on the first turn.
  • All but yourself on Earth will be sent to the route in "2010" and "Tag Match", and to the air route in "WORLD (DS)" and "2017".Even if you are already on the route (air route), you will be blown away.
  • Most of the squares change during turns other than the person himself.
  • The targets of change are plus stations, minus stations, and card stations. "2010" and "Tag Match" also include Nice Card Station, Super Card Station, 3 Card Station, and Express Station.
  • Candidates for change are 0 station,? Station, Buttobi station, and Black station.In addition, after "WORLD (DS)", teleport station, Ginji station, Poor God station, and in "2017", Fuin station, winter sleep station, summit station, galaxy railway station, trash box station, number station are also candidates.Multiple stations are not mixed, and all change to one type of station.In addition, there will be 1-2 dice depending on the number of years.The theme song is "3" and "Tag Match", "Amanojaku is Ecstatic!" (Composed by Kazuyuki Sekiguchi). In "WORLD (DS)" and "2010", "Hey! Hey! Amanojaku" (composed by Takeshi Ike).
Due to its unique characteristics, it is explained that the combination of Emma and Amanojaku is the strongest in the game of "WORLD (DS)".
Yellow demon (Kiki)
Appeared in "2010" and "Tag Match".The class isFour steps.
A yellow demon that looks like a card.Add "dao (or" o ")" to the end of the word.
A character specializing in cards as it looks.It will not be erased even if you use the card, and the damage cards other than the "Last Devil Card" and "Time Bomb Card" will be erased immediately after they are obtained.
When things are going well, you may give your cards to other players (lower players are more likely to get them).The theme song is "Kiichi Hogen!" (Composed by Takeshi Ike).
Appeared in "WORLD (DS)" and "2017".The class isFour steps("WORLD (DS)") /Two-stage("2017").
A very lucky character.Add "Rao" to the end of the word.
In the original design by Takayuki Doi ("WORLD (DS)")Fukusuke dollIt is a two-horned demon like this, and has a fan with the pink "LUCKY" written on it.
Revenues from plus stations, galaxy stations, destination arrivals, and some profit cards are always doubled (five times for plus stations and galaxy stations in August), and only half the price is always taken at minus stations.
When things are going well, the destination arrival fee is normal10 timesIn addition to doubling the extra income from normal income, the number of dice will be 2 to 2 depending on the number of years.The theme song is "Wonderful Lucky".
Appeared in "WORLD (DS)".The class isFive sections.
It has the same appearance as the "Bevicular" that appears when using the Bevicular card (described later), and is aggressive against other players.
Only he monopolizes Romania and makes money4 timesbecome.In addition, wine-based properties owned by other players may be hijacked for free.
When things are going well, the number of dice will increase to two or three depending on the number of years, and you will steal money and cards from other players, and downgrade the tour cards owned by other players.However, it does not steal money from opponents whose money is 2 yen or less, or steal damage cards.


The series' customary disturbing character. Based on the idea that the concept of a disturbing character did not exist in the "first generation" and the destinations themselves were different for each player, the sense of competition tended to be weakened, and after "SUPER", everyone aimed for one destination. It is a character born from the idea of ​​"some penalties for the person who is the most late in the battle for the destination" due to the change to the specification to have them.

The basic form "Binbogami" and its variations and characters appearing in a similar format are also listed. In "V", "Binbogami", "Mini Bombie", "King Bombie", and "Giga Bombie" appear in the garden of "Momotaro Land" as the background, but there is no actual harm here.


God of poverty

A disturbing character that appears after "SUPER".Originally the Zako character of the "Momotaro Densetsu" series.When someone arrives at the destination, the person who is farthest from the destination is treated as a punishment (sorry prize).While you're obsessed, you do all sorts of wrongdoing at the end of each turn, but basically you don't do any wrongdoing that damages the unattached player.In the hope that he is good, Setsusuke will be backfired one after another for the player and will be faced with a lot of trouble, and after "Super II", various more powerful wrongdoings such as King Bombie will be done. It may transform into a character.
By reaching or passing through the same square as other players, it is possible to rub the poor god on the opponent player.This is also the case while the poor god is transforming into another character.It may also be beneficial to the player in rare cases depending on the situation.[Note 22].

He wears a sling on his head, a loincloth with the word "bi" on his waist, and a necklace like beads on his neck, and no other clothes.[9]..In charge of character designTakayuki DoiAccording to the report, the poor god generally had a strong image of a thin and morbid figure, so he dared to make it a plump and fat character.[8].

The model isKazuo Enomoto(President of Banana Globe Studio, who was working on the layout of "Jump Broadcasting Station" with game director Akira Sakuma and designer Takayuki Doi). Appeared in commercials in "II" and "III", and in "II"DowntownCo-starred with[Note 23]..According to Enomoto, Enomoto's own words and actions can be a hint for Doi's character making, and Enomoto himself comes to say the lines that Doi made, and now which one comes first. There are some lines that I don't know what I said[10]..In addition, Enomoto, who was made into a character by Doi, appeared in the Jump Broadcasting Station, and the story was about a poor (Bomby) character.

The theme song is "Bimbo God"[11](Composed by Kazuyuki Sekiguchi) However, the songs are different after "SUPER" and "Super II" (song titles are the same).

"Omamori card (prevents the property from being sold)" "Achiike card (presses the Bombie system against other people)" "Binbogami direct hit card (presses the poor god against other people, but if you pay the amount presented by the other person There are also cards to deal with the poor gods, such as "Binbogami", but they have no effect on powerful forms such as King Bombie.

The evil deeds of the poor god
The works in parentheses are the works that appear.
Property system
  • Dispose of the property.The priority goes down in the order of initial> capital increase> monopoly. You can prevent it several times with the "Omamori Card".
    • Sold at half price[Note 24]And return ownership to a blank slate.The early works will sell 1 piece, but the later works will sell 2-5 pieces depending on the number of years. (All appearance works)
    • Sell ​​one to another[Note 16][Note 24]To do.The sale price is half price for "HAPPY" and 7/1 for "4" and "jr.".However, if the other party refuses, it will be sold at half price as usual, and the ownership will return to a blank slate. ("HAPPY" etc.)
    • Transfer one case to another person[Note 16]To do.Agriculture and forestry properties are also included because it is not for sale. ("V" etc.)
  • creditProperty in[Note 16]To buy.It has the same effect as a "credit card", such as the fact that it does not occur in the last year and that you can get the property but pay 8 times with interest. Up to "III", many people buy agricultural and forestry properties, and the damage is small, but in "DX", they are concentrated on high-priced properties. ("SUPER"-"DX")
  • インターネットI'm supposed to trade delicious local products in business, but for some reason I buy food properties and agriculture and forestry properties at double the price. ("X (nationwide)")
  • "investmentDoRemoraCalled "Commercial Code", the player's money will be used to increase the capital of other players' properties. ("12", "G"-"16")
  • Lower the capital increase rank of properties that have already increased capital by one rank. In "G" and "1", the rank of multiple properties may be lowered at once, or the property with the maximum capital increase may be returned to the initial state. ("DX" "G" "15")
  • He says "calculation is troublesome" and sets the rate of return of the specified property to 0% only for that year.Depending on the work, multiple properties are targeted at once. ("7"-"USA")
  • Replace the 1 million yen-5 million yen property you own with a cheap property that you have not purchased. ("WORLD (DS)")
  • They buy one property for twice the price, calling it "for their grandchildren." (Mobile version "KANTO")
    • They buy one property for five times the price, calling it "for their grandchildren." ("Reiwa")
Card system
  • I will buy a card. Costs for "II" and "DS", doubled for "III"-"16" and "20th Anniversary". ("II"-)
  • Get one card for free.
    • Either a normal card or a damage card ("SUPER")
    • One of the devil cards ("III" "DX")
    • Tokusei Ordinance Card ("2010"-, mobile version "KINKI"-)
  • Sell ​​the card.The selling price is 1/2 for "SUPER", "20th Anniversary"-for "Tag Match"auctionAlthough it is called 1/10. ("SUPER", "20th Anniversary"-"Tag Match")
  • Transfer one card to another player. ("1"-"V")
  • Discard the card.
    • Breaking tiles[Note 25]Destroy 1-5 cards with (also for damage cards).Depending on the work, it does not occur unless you have 3 or more cards. ("X (nationwide)"-"12", "G", "16", "20th anniversary"-)
    • Discard one express card. ("DS (TOKYO)")
    • Discard the card (including damage type) at the top of the card column. ("20th Anniversary", "2017", "Reiwa")
  • Extend the validity period of devil cards. ("20th Anniversary")
  • I borrowed the card (including damage type) in the progress column and tried to change it to a high-class card such as "Linear" or "Platinum" as a magic trick, but by mistake, such as "Poop" or "Yakimiso" I change it to a convenient card. ("X (Kyushu)")
  • Hidden the card for several months. As with the "V" end-of-the-century event, you can only see the number of characters on the card.Not only the cards you already have, but also the newly obtained cards will be hidden.[Note 26].. Not applied to COM characters (even human players of the same team in team battles in "Tag Match" are not affected). In "Tag Match", the whole team is affected (COM of the same team is also affected). In "2010" and "Tag Match", it only occurs until the 31st year. ("16" "2010" "Tag Match")
Lottery system
  • Draw a lot with the dice.You will be charged an entry fee, but if you win, you will receive a card.Some cards are pretty powerful. ("DX"-)
  • Time is money, and the button is pressed at the exact time (in seconds) specified by the poor god.If you fail, you will be charged an entry fee, but if you succeed, you can act again (only dice from "1").After moving, he will do bad things again. ("HAPPY"-"jr.")
  • If you roll two dice and get doublet, you can move as many as that number, but if you get other dice, you will be charged the entry fee.If getting doublet, nothing happens in the stopped square and there is no wrongdoing again after moving. ("2"-"G")
  • Travel chance. The circled part of "Tora * ru" isSlot machineIt rotates like this, and the following event occurs. ("V" "X")
    • "Be"-"Travel".You can go near your destination, but the odds are low.
    • "Bu"-"Trouble".Move away from the destination by the number of 1-2 dice.Or drop 1-3 cards or half your money.
    • "D"-"Trael".It catches strange creatures that eat the property.There are three types: roboppe, which eats agricultural and forestry properties, mogi mogi, which eats marine products, and horse horses, which eat food properties.Unlike the property sales of Binbogami, all the target properties have no priority. ("V")
    • "Le"-"Trarel".Money is taken by the poor god.
  • The theme is presented androuletteGuess with.If you make a mistake, you will be fined, but depending on the work, you will receive a reward card if you succeed, and even if you make a mistake (such as "Schwarzenegger" or "Ichiro" in the presidential quiz), you may receive a card.The probability of success is low.
  • Establish a subsidiary.If the first letter of the name is roulette and it becomes your name well, you will make a huge income, but usually it will fail and you will be in the red. ("II"-"DX", mobile version "TOKYO")
  • Two face illustrations of the poor god are stopped with roulette, named after "Aun's breath".If you can stop it with "A" and "Yeah", you will get a very small amount of income, but most of the time, you will fail and run a deficit, similar to the pattern of establishing a subsidiary above. ("X (Kyushu)")
  • Money is taken under the guise of "investing in stocks".Very rarely, the stock price soars and the money returns several times, but most of the time it remains the same. ("11")
Mobile system
  • Roll 1-2 dice and move away from the destination by the number of dice. ("20th Anniversary"-)
  • FartsBy doing this, everyone other than yourself on the screen will be skipped, making it difficult to rub.The same effect as the early "flatulence card" before the appearance of flatulence man. ("II"-"DX")
  • Pick up a bomb.It explodes at the beginning of the month, a few months later, and when it explodes, everyone on the screen is blown away. Fainting with the "Golden Card" -The bomb disappears on the "DX" galaxy railroad map.If the poor god transforms on the way, it will explode on the next turn when it returns (the bomb disappears when transformed into King Bombie). ("III" and "DX")
  • The Tokyo head office, Sapporo, and Kagoshima branch offices are hit by a pinch in a row, and if they do not go, damage will occur. ("III" and "DX")
  • You will be taken to the card counter.Basically, it is the closest card counter, but it does not come close to the destination and does not cover close-range counters. ("V", "2017")
  • I forget my wallet at the station where I stopped before moving on that turn.If you go to the original station, there is nothing, but if you select "Hurry ahead", there is a high probability that 1/4 of your money will be reduced.Due to the nature of the game, the amount of damage is not large enough to fit in a wallet, so Tsukkomi says, "Where are you selling such a wallet?" ("X"-"16")
  • Called energy saving, the dice roll is set to 1 or 2 for a while.If it is related to dice, it is effective even when not moving, and it affects not only when moving but also the bad deeds of dice and King Bombie that are rolled at events such as Shocker Ono. ("2010", "Tag Match", "2017", "Reiwa")
  • You can't move for the same number of turns as a single dice, but the poor god also stops doing bad things during that time.If the poor god moves to another player, the poor god resumes evil deeds, but the player remains immobile. ("WORLD (DS)")
  • By sneezing, one other player is blown away near the destination. (Mobile version "TOKAI" "Reiwa")
Quiz system
  • You will be given a quiz to choose your options.The theme differs depending on the work, and even if you answer correctly, there are no benefits, and if you make a mistake, you will be fined.
    • Railroad ("SUPER")
      Exceptionally, there are benefits when the answer is correct.If you are a god of good fortune, the answer is correct and there is no fine if you make a mistake.If you are an amanojaku, the correct answer is 10 yen. If you make a mistake, you will be fined.
    • Map of Western Japan ("12 (West)")
    • The United States of AmericaState ("USA")
    • National flag("G"-"16")
    • JapanesePrefecturesOr the location of the prefectural office ("16", "2010", "tag match", mobile version "JAPAN")
    • Kanji notation or currency of countries in the world ("WORLD")
    • Literary work ("20th Anniversary")
    • Addition using idiom numbers ("20th Anniversary")
    • Map symbol("2010" "Tag Match")
    • Name of first-class river ("2017")
    • Name of vegetables ("2017")
    • Japan's Three Great ○○ ("Reiwa")
  • The following events occur by imitating the conductor.In some cases, nothing is done. ("X (nationwide)"-"12")
    • Move a little away from your destination.Destinations are limited to those for which the station name can be confirmed (property station, card counter, port, etc.).
    • During the announcement of the red light, it is mistaken for a red square, and the same damage as when it stops at the red square occurs.
    • Money is taken in the name of heavy snow restoration costs.It occurs even in the season when it does not snow.
    • There is no damage, saying that the train will stop for a while due to passing trains.
    • Vehicles fail to connect and cause damage (sometimes they succeed and cause no damage). ("12"-)
  • Waste your money.Even if there is a line that seems to be profitable, it is actually meaningless.
    • Do luxury.The amount of damage will be at least billions. Perform after the 64th year. ("II (PCE)"-"DX")
    • Build a new office building. "II (PCE)" is a kind of luxury, so the damage is great. ("II (PCE)" "DX" "HAPPY")
    • Build an overseas branch office without permission. ("III")
    • Recruit employees. ("DX", "HAPPY", "2010", "Tag Match")
    • Publish the president's autobiography. ("USA")
    • Make a large donation as a volunteer. ("USA")
    • Electronic moneyCharge your card. ("20th Anniversary"-, mobile version "TOHOKU")
    • bannerAdsHit. (Mobile version "CHUBU")
    • Buy a card with a name that doesn't exist. (Mobile version "SETOUCHI", "2017")
    • Discard 1/10 of your money. ("DS (TOKYO)" "WORLD (DS)")
    • The vehicle is renewed. ("Reiwa")
  • Either Momotraman or Kintaro who is on standby will be returned. ("HAPPY")
  • At your current locationPoopTo make the square impassable. ("2010"-, mobile version "KYUSHU"-)
  • If the shortest distance to the destination is 11 squares or more, you will be charged a transfer payment fee. ("WORLD (DS)", "2017")
  • Donate your money to your destination regardless of whether or not you have it.Donations will belong to the first person to arrive (donations will not be lost if the destination changes along the way). ("HAPPY"-"jr.")
  • Last panel-Turning the picture of money will give you 4-10 times more money (depending on the work), and turning the picture of the poor god will give you 0 money no matter how much you have.The condition of occurrence is "the last month of the last year" and "the amount of money is positive and less than 1 trillion yen".[12]In the case of ", there is a 8/5 chance that it will occur (and it will not occur if you rub it against another player that month), which is a very rare bad deed (such as" DX ").
  • Transform into various bombies such as king bombies and mini bombies.See below for the makeover bomby. After "7", it may be transformed by applying a feint.With the exception of various bombies, they must act at least three times before returning to the poor god. ("II"-)
  • Disguise yourself as Billirin Monroe. ("USA")
  • Do nothing. ("SUPER")

King bomby

Voice- Demon His Excellency("CR Momotaro Dentetsu" only)

Appeared from "II" (excluding "WORLD (mobile version)").Five big bombies[Note 27]A basic transformation form by one person.Appearance is in principle after the 4th year (after "X" is from December of the 3rd year).At the end of the turn, it does a very damaging evil deed, but basically does not do a bad deed that damages an unattached player.The first person is "Ore-sama" (rarely "I" only in "II"), and is characterized by a high laugh of "Ghehehe!".The theme song is "Nightmare King Bombie" (composed by Kazuyuki Sekiguchi).
During the transformation, the entire map will be dim, and the sea (after "III") and the earth (after "11") will turn purple.Also, only for "II" to "HAPPY", the objects of special products of each region drawn on the map will change during the transformation, and in "II", the face of the poor god, after "III" All the objects turn into burning flames, and everywhere on the map is wrapped in flames (it is just a production, there is no actual harm). In the works after "11", the size displayed on the screen has become larger, and the production that becomes huge at the time of the first transformation is included.[13].. From "16", the dice used by King Bombie for bad deeds have changed to special dice (white eyes on a black background, only the 1st roll is red).

"III" to "12" are collectively called "mecha bomby"Mech robotCan be repelled by (details will be described later, abolished in "USA"). In "15" and "16", you can prevent the attack only once by using the "Nine Death Life Card".

In principle, no wrongdoing is done on the transformation turn, except for "II (PCE)" (must be done), works after "USA" (with a certain probability), and forced transformation with a specific card. There are also cases where bad deeds are performed from the transformation turn, such as (must be done).

Kabuki with a white faceKumadoriIt features a pattern like that, with eyes that emphasize the eyes of the poor god, large lips and two upper teeth, and a bronze body.[13]..There is a scene that is described as a white devil with a bulge even in the work.Another design feature is purple[14]He has a sharp hairstyle, a sling with "bi" written on his head, and a loincloth on his waist that imitates a crown, and a devilish tail grows from his butt.FuroshikiWind plain green cloak[15]Wearing[13]..In charge of character designTakayuki DoiAccording to the report, "Kabuki's kumadori was used as a motif to express fear while retaining the remnants of the poor god, and the design emphasized the eyes and mouth on a white paint."[8]..Also, in the original design, the design was such that the poor god had horns, but it was said that this was different, and it was said that it was retaken many times until it reached the final draft.[16].

The motif of the name is the TV program "Thanks to everyone in Tunnels”CornerKamen NoriderAppears in "King Jocker Man. "Akira SakuraAccording to in the cornerTakaaki IshibashiThe reason for the name is that when I heard the character "King Jocker Man" yelling "Ki ~~~~~ Ng Jocker!", I came up with the line "Ki ~~~~ Ng Bomby!". That[17]..King Bombie is also in the works and emits the line "Ki ~~~~~ Ng Bombie!".

It can be said that it is the protagonist of the shadow of the series, as it is displayed alongside Momotaro on the package of most of the works or treated as larger than him.[Note 28].

According to Akira Sakuma, this King Bombie's relentless personality model isKazuhiko TorishimaThe fierceness of evil deeds is "Dragon quest』Because there was an aim to reproduce in the board game the fear that half of the money will be lost if it is wiped out.King Bombie and Suri's Ginji (described later) are said to be there to close the gap between the weak and the strong.

Also, although Akira Sakuma is not involved in the development, "Momotaro DochukiThe Bomby Great Demon King (voice: Demon Kakka) that appears in the movie is set to be the ancestor of King Bombie (character design is done by Takayuki Doi).As a change in the design, the head is written as "bi" and it is a chonmage, which imitates the loincloth, and the color of the cloak is orange. There are also evil deeds unique to Bomby Great Demon King that are not found in King Bombie, such as "Bomby Barrier" and "Great Demon King Division".For more information on the evil deeds of the Bomby Great Demon KingMomotaro Dochuki #Bomby Great Demon King's Evil DeedsSee.

In "2017", the design was changed and the motif is Kabuki's kumadori, which is the same as Doi's design, but the mouth is smaller and the body color is based on yellow.He also wears a belt with the word "bi" and trousers, and a cloak.Arabesque patternIt was changed to the furoshiki.It is also characterized by long legs.As for bad deeds, there is a pattern that is randomly selected from multiple bad deeds each time as before, but the bad deeds of Hurricane Bomby that first appeared in "12 (nationwide)" may be integrated into King Bombie and take that behavior pattern. (ThereHurricane BombieSee). The theme song for "2017" in the property skip mode is "Hurricane Bombie of Destruction" (composed by Takeshi Ike), which is the same song used for Hurricane Bombie.Hurricane Bombies rotate at high speed below the face, while King Bombies in 2017 rotate the whole body including the face (the speed of rotation is not as fast as Hurricane Bombies).

In "Reiwa", the design was changed again, and there was a part that used Doi's design as a motif and reference in "2017".[18]Unlike Fudo Myoo, who has blue skinNew designIt became.In the same work, a two-stage transformation to "Destroy" also appeared as a further worst form.[Note 29]..Also, unlike King Bombies in 2017, Hurricane Bombies no longer do bad deeds.The evil deed was taken over by "Pokon" who appeared from "Reiwa" as a son.

King Bombie's evil deeds
For the bad deeds of the mobile version,Features of Momotaro Dentetsu Series #Mobile App Version SeriesSee.
Money throwing system
  • Roll the dice and discard the amount according to the result.
    • Swing 10 dice. After "III", the number of shakes increases as the years pass (up to 3 times). After swinging all the times up to "G" ・ After "15", the amount of money is displayed every time you swing. Half price is covered by "Insurance Card" of "II" and "God Card" of "1" and "jr.". (All works)
    • Swing one dice. ("1")
    • Swing 30 dice. ("2010", "Tag Match", "2017", "Reiwa")
    • You can roll two or three dice and discard the amount multiplied by the roll.For example, if three 2's appear, it will be 3 x 5 x 3 = 5 billion yen. ("5" "Reiwa")
  • You will be deprived of 10 times as much money as you have been deprived of red trout. ("2017" "Reiwa")
  • Throw away 1 trillion yen. It only occurs until the 7th year. ("G"-"16")
  • Designate the nearest property station, and you will be in a state of monthly damage until you arrive at that station.Even if you return to the poor god, the effect will continue. ("DS (JAPAN)")
Card system
  • Discard all your cards.Including damage cards. (All appearance works)
  • Get a devil card. ("7"-)
    • In "7"-"V", you can get as many dice as you roll.
    • After "X", get the empty card bag.
  • Roll 3 dice and the cards are sealed for the number of turns.If all 6s are given, a set of 3 damage cards will be presented as a supplementary prize. ("16"-"WORLD (DS)")
  • Buy one type of card as many as the number of dice rolls.The price is paid, but you can get the card itself as much as you can enter the card field.
    • Swing 5 dice ("2010" "Tag Match")
    • 10 dice ("Reiwa")
  • Fill the convenient card field with "Go to ...! Cards". ("2010" "Tag Match")
    • Fill the card field with "Go to ... Cards"[Note 30].. ("2017" "Reiwa")
  • Blow away all the cards stored at the card bank station. ("2017" "Reiwa")
  • Obtain 8 time bomb cards. ("2017" "Reiwa")
Property system
  • Unpurchased property[Note 16]Will be purchased with interest rates for 8 payments, and the property itself will be presented to others.It does not occur in the last year. ("II")
  • Discard as many properties as the number of dice rolls. ("II"-"DX", "DS")
    • In "II", two dice are fixed, and the property is sold at half price without throwing it away.
    • 2-4 dice for "III" and "DX" (increased over the years).
    • In "DS", 3 dice are fixed.
  • Discard all properties at one monopoly station. ("II"-"DX", "1th Anniversary")
    • Sold at half price for "II".
    • In "20th Anniversary", exclusive stations with the number of dice rolls are targeted.
  • Discard 10 agricultural and forestry properties. ("DS (JAPAN)")
  • The player rolls 5 dice and the King Bombie rolls 10 dice, and the total number of dice rolls is used to compete.If you lose, you can throw away all the properties of one genre ("DX" and "HAPPY" include works of art purchased from dark buyers).The order of priority of genres is as follows, in ascending order of the number of early works, and in descending order of total amount in recent works.In the case of a draw, rematch until "HAPPY" and lose after "1". ("DX"-)
  • At the time of the next settlement of accounts, the rate of return for all properties, railway lines, and Mirai Bullet Train will be set to 0%. It only occurs in March. ("3")
  • For a few turns, it causes a hurricane and blows away a large number of player properties. ("2017")
Mobile system
  • In the name of vacation[Note 31]It will be skipped to the edge on the map.Candidate sites are up to "11"Hawaii-Okinawa, "12" and "G"-"16" are Hawaii, Okinawa,Guam, "20th Anniversary"-"Tag Match" is HawaiiNaha·Guam.If the target is a destination or is already in that square, it will be sent to another city. ("III"-)
  • Go to the previous destination. ("12" "USA")
  • Go to the farthest square from your current destination. ("DS (JAPAN)" "WORLD (DS)")
  • You can roll one dice and move as much as you roll, but you can throw away your money according to the roll.The effect of the stopped square is normal, but it will not do bad things again after moving.It is the only merciful wrongdoing in King Bombie, and he himself said, "I have mercy." ("HAPPY")
  • You can't move the same number of turns as one dice roll (1-4). ("USA")
  • Destroy the dice and you will not be able to use dice commands and cards that use dice for several months (express cards, cards if you want).This evil deed continues even if you rub it against another player or return to the poor god. ("15" "16")
  • You can be warped from the nearest warp station.Your money (including debt) will be 0, and the destination warp station will be randomly determined by roulette. ("20th Anniversary")
  • Taken to King Bombie's hometown "Bombiras Star".It consists of Bombiras station in the red square and 3 exits, and there is only one correct exit, and when you enter the lost exit, you will be returned to the starting point.[Note 32]..It does not do bad deeds or move to other players, but it also makes it impossible to dispatch mecha bombies.Upon returning, he will move to a specific station and King Bombie will return to Binbogami.For more information on Bombiras StationMomotaro Electric Railway SeriesSee. ("HAPPY"-"16", "2010", "WORLD (DS)", "2017", "Reiwa")
    • In "HAPPY", King Bombie is lying on the map, and every time he examines the mouth with the cursor, he suffers the same amount of damage as Bombiras Station.
    • In "HAPPY"-"V", if another player is replaced by a place-changing card and moves to Bombiras, King Bombie will move to the player who came to Bombiras.
    • After "X", some attack cards such as Ushiho card do not work.In particular, all types that are forced to return from Bombiras (mainly "Minabutobi Card" and "Summit Card") are invalid.
    • After "15", the best condition is forcibly terminated[Note 33](Not in great shape during your stay).
    • After "2010", not only will you be able to take money, but you will also be drawn one damage card as a supplementary prize. In "Reiwa", if you are lucky, you will not receive a supplementary prize, and powerful cards are mixed in the roulette, but it is absolutely impossible to obtain.
    • In "WORLD (DS)", "2017" and "Reiwa", all the cards you have are discarded when you arrive.
    • The position after returning is Warp station in "HAPPY" (Tomakomai-Tateyama-Muroto-Aso), Card counter / property station after "7" (bothShimoda).However, if the destination is during the division of the Japanese archipelago in "15" and "16 (GOLD)" and that location in "2010"Suzu, "X (Kyushu)"Takachiho, "12 (West)"Izumo Taisha, Overseas edition "USA"Miami-Winnipeg, In "WORLD (DS)"Novosibirsk..If that place is the destination, it will return to another place.
    • Like the Galactic Railroad Map, it is treated as the farthest place from the destination because it exists outside the earth, but if there are both players who were blown by Bombiras and players who moved to the Galactic Railroad Map, Bombiras is the purpose. It will be the farthest place from.Therefore, it is confirmed that the poor god will continue to attach to the player left behind by Bombiras when the other player finishes first.
    • It is also a feature that the scenery keeps changing almost every time for each work[Note 34].
    • Map songs of Bombillas stars are "HAPPY"-"V" is "The Bombillas Star" (composed by Kazuaki Miyaji), "X"-"2017" is "The worst Bombillas star" (composed by Takeshi Ike), " "Reiwa" is "Welcome to Bombiras Star!" (Composed by Kazuyuki Sekiguchi).
  • While obsessed with King Bombie, he becomes completely incapacitated. ("2017")
Lottery system
  • Predict the total of 10 dice rolls.If you fail, you can throw away a lot of money. In "15", if you deviate by 1, you will get a "King Devil Card" without throwing away your money. ("12" "USA" "15") If you can guess, you will be purely complimented.
  • Panel attack. It is safe to roll all the eyes from 1 to 6 in succession without duplication.If you duplicate it, you can throw away your money at that point, but the more times you hit it, the more it will be. ("V"-"G")
  • Amida Lottery.. Choose one from eight lottery, and if you draw a hit with each character of "ki", "n", "gu", "bo", "n", "bi", "-", roll 8 dice and roll out. Give money to everyone else according to the appearance (in "DX", the target is one person at random). It is safe if there is only one blank. ("DX"-"V")
  • Slot machine. It is safe if the three drums are aligned in the order of "ki", "n", and "gu", and since one is always hit, the remaining two can be aligned (drums are stopped manually). If you remove both places, the entry fee will be simply taken, and if you remove only one place, the entry fee will be passed to other players. ("X")
  • Nervous weakness. Draw 1 to 4 in order. ("X")
  • Split game.Roll 6 dice and if all the numbers are different, it's safe.If you have the same number, you can take money. ("20th Anniversary")
  • Until he returns to Binbogami, he likes the player and cannot unconditionally transfer King Bombie to another person.Do another bad deed in a row without consuming a makeover turn. ("1"-)
  • Reset the number of turns remaining before returning to Binbogami.Do another bad deed after the end. ("DS")
  • Destroy one robot lab and make it unavailable for several months (it is possible to stay in the square).The only bad thing is that the player is not directly damaged and other players are affected. ("DX")
  • For owning vs. King BombieMech robotIs destroyed. In "1" and "jr.", Only when the total of the two dice rolls cannot be hit. ("HAPPY"-"jr.")
  • Change the color of most stations only by the player's turn.
    • All except the destination, property station, port, airport, and warp station will be negative stations (red squares), and you will not be able to use the yellow card or ☆ wish card during the effect.The period is until you return to the poor god, so if you rub it against another person and go to Bombiras, it will continue until that person returns. ("11")
    • Calling "Experience the Bombiras Star on Earth", all but the destination, property station, port, and airport will be Bombiras Station (purple square).The number of turns of 2 dice is valid. ("20th Anniversary")
  • Set the points at the card counter to 0. ("2010" "Tag Match")
  • Saying "Spend empty!", Events at most stations other than minus stations do not occur for a while. ("WORLD (DS)")
  • Remove one historical hero who is encouraging the player from the group. ("WORLD (DS)")
  • Forcibly replace the player's operation with the lowest ranked COM character, "Mameoni". ("WORLD (DS)")
  • Giga Bombie is born.Occurs only when the count (described later) is 1.
    • In "7" and "jr.", This is forcibly generated without doing any other evil deeds (it is forced even on the turn to return to the original poor god).
    • In "15", it occurs additionally only when the count decreases by doing other evil deeds without returning to the poor god.
  • Appears at a women's bath event and is robbed of money.Occurs regardless of the state of the person or the god of poverty. ("7")

Mini bomby

Appeared after "II".A baby-like appearance with a ribbon on the head and a bib on the neck[9]..Do minor evil deeds at the end of each turn. In rare works after "16", he sometimes does good deeds.
There is no theme song for "II" and "III", and "Don't go back! Mini Bombie" (composed by Kazuyuki Sekiguchi) after "DX" ("DX"-"7" has the title "Pakupakukomarun". ).

  • Take away your money.However, it is a small amount (basically the same amount as Little Devil).
    • "Jr." robs 4.5 times as much as Little Devil (often more damaging than the evil deeds of the poor god).
    • After "12", it will be even less than Little Devil as the years go by.
    • Up to "HAPPY" and "jr.", He did bad deeds even on the turn when the transformation was released, but after "7" and "V", he did not do bad deeds on the turn when the transformation was released.
  • Pick up an express card. ("16", "20th Anniversary"-"Tag Match")

In "II"-"HAPPY" and "jr.", Even on the turn to return to the poor god, he does evil deeds and then returns.

Hurricane Bombie

Appeared in works from "12 (nationwide)" to "WORLD (DS)".Five big bombies[Note 27]One of them.It has a very tall and smart appearance and looks like a blue-bodied robot alien, with a yellow "H" on its forehead and upper body (abdomen and back).The original story of the shout "Dodo! Dodo! Dodo! Dodo!" Is "Kaza no Mataburo].It will not transform unless the person in question has a certain number of properties.When making a tornado, the part of the face does not move much, and the part below the face rotates at high speed. King Bombie does not appear in "WORLD (mobile version)", and the only high-ranking Bombie is in this form, so the title when transforming is "Legendary Destruction God".The theme song is "Hurricane Bomby of Destruction" (composed by Takeshi Ike).

According to Takayuki Doi, who is in charge of character design, the character was designed by ordering a slimmer character than Sakuma, and it was difficult to achieve both slenderness and an evil and strong atmosphere.[8].

  • At the end of each turn, a large number of properties are blown away at once.In addition, other players on the screen will also be involved.4-15 players attached, 1-8 other players on the screen[Note 35].
    • In "12 (nationwide)", "USA", and "G", the priority goes down in the order of initial> capital increase> monopoly> Momotaro Land ("USA"'s Nesme World).
    • In "2010", "Tag Match", and "WORLD (DS)", the priority goes down in the order of Normal> Protect City> "Momotaro Land" (Momotaro Land does not throw away on the turn when even one other property remains, "Momotaro Land" in "WORLD (DS)" is treated the same as Momotaro Land).

If you don't have any properties and the turn ends, you will return to Binbogami.In addition, it does not appear in "1", as a characterKing bombyHowever, the system is the same as before.If it appears in the behavior pattern of the old Hurricane Bombie, the theme song is also "Hurricane Bombie of Destruction".

Bomby Monkey

Appeared from "12" to "WORLD (DS)".Small with yellow hair(I.e...The movie does not play at the time of transformation, and it appears in the form of riding on the head of the poor god.The name comes from the poverty leaving (monkey), and the poor god cannot act while riding, insteadGood deedTo do.Only in this state, senior COM characters who dislike the poor god also try to approach.In the year when the first work "12" was released, "Poverty is leaving (monkey) statue" was installed at Myosenji Temple in Taito-ku, Tokyo.[19]..The theme song is "Bomby Monkey Baby" (composed by Takeshi Ike).

Bomby Monkey's good deeds
  • Erase debt and damage cards on the spot[Note 12].
  • Gives you 3 cards at the end of each turn.Candidates are Shinkansen cards, teleport cards, diamond cards, etc. ("12"-"DS", mobile version "TOKYO"-"CHUBU")
  • Gives you a card at the end of each turn.You can choose from the three cards presented.Candidates are almost the same. (After "1th Anniversary", after "KANTO" for mobile phones).

Guest Bombie

It is a transformation form of the poor god that appears only in each work (1-3 works). Many forms have appeared since "DX".

Things that appear in multiple works

Appeared in "DX" and "HAPPY".Do bad deeds at the end of each turn.It looks like a poor god with feathers without white eyes, and is modeled on the Momotaro team staff (at that time).It is a type that erases the property, but it can transform even if you do not have the property.The theme song is "Pakupakukomarun" (composed by Kazuyuki Sekiguchi).
  • Eat one of the food property, agriculture and forestry property, and marine products.The priority goes down in the order of ordinary> capital increase> monopoly.
  • I'm full and don't eat anything.
Even on the turn to return to the poor god, he does evil deeds and then returns.Also, even if there are no target properties, you will not be forced to return to Binbogami until the specified turn has passed.
Giga Bombie
Appeared in "7", "jr.", And "15".Five big bombies[Note 27]One of them.A space parasite that parasitizes the body of King Bombie.Appearance like a purple monster.The laughter is "Gehu! Gehu!".
The only form that was born from King Bombie, not from Binbogami, and never appears in a card that transforms Binbogami. There is no concept of "attaching to someone", and it appears, but at the end, it goes away after doing equal wrongdoing for everyone.
In "7" and "jr.", In "15", a count appears randomly in King Bombie after the 50th year.10 at first, but bad deeds[Note 36]It decreases by 1 count each time and appears when it reaches 1.Even if you return to Binbogami on the way, the reduced count will remain the same, and even if the appearance is random "0", once the count comes out, the count will always appear until the birth of Giga Bomby.When it appears, it does all the following evil deeds.The theme song is "The Birth of Giga Bombie" in "15" and "jr.", And "Dreadful Giga Bombie" in "7" (composed by Kazuyuki Sekiguchi).
  1. Set everyone's money (including debt) to 0. In "7" and "jr.", If you have a "god card", half the price will be covered.
  2. Eat all the cards (including damages) of everyone.
  3. The third wrongdoing depends on the work.
    1. Select one exclusive station for everyone and discard all the properties. ("1" "jr.")
    2. Send 8 "replacement cards" that will cause great damage to everyone. ("15")
After the evil deeds, it disappears and the poor god disappears until someone reaches the destination (the count returns to 10).Also, if you arrive at the square with "Hasan Sennin" with a remaining count of 5 or less, you can get the King Bombie count back to 10.[Note 37].
Black bomby
Appeared in "11" and "15".Five big bombies[Note 27]One of them.It features black lips and fangs, yellow eyes, cat-like ears and a monster-like tail, all black and emphasized like a king bomby, with a purple "B" in the crotch area.The laughter is "Gurufufufu!" And the first person is "Wale".Use the special move "Paint It Black" to turn most stations into black stations[20]..Do bad deeds at the beginning of each turn.The theme song is "Dark Black Bombie" (composed by Takeshi Ike).
According to Takayuki Doi, who is in charge of character design, the texture is designed to reflect light so that the outline can be seen.[8].
  • The card is sealed and cannot be used.If you steal the Black Bombie during the turn, the card is sealed on the spot.Also, even if you rub against another person by entering the destination, you cannot use the card at the property station that turn.
  • All squares other than the destination and minus stations (including property stations, ports, card counters, etc.) are changed to black stations only for the target player's turn.Even if you rub it against another person in the middle of the turn, you cannot use the card and the color of the square will not be restored that month (conversely, if you steal the black bomby, the color of the square will not change that turn).For more information on Black StationMomotaro Electric Railway SeriesSee.
The wrongdoing itself is the beginning of the turn, but it is at the end of the turn that it returns to its original form after the activity deadline, so if you rub it before the end of the turn, it will not return even if the activity deadline is reached.
Russian Bombie
Appeared in "20th Anniversary" and "WORLD (DS)". In "WORLD (DS)", it rarely transforms only in the Russian area.MatryoshkaHe looks like this and speaks in a Russian-conscious manner while doing bad deeds at the end of each turn.The theme song is "Sorrowful Russian Bombie" (composed by Takeshi Ike).
  • Have them choose one of the six split bodies.There is a "-(6-1) billion yen card" inside, and if you use it within one year and do not pay the specified amount, you will be forced to take 1 times the amount.
Air Prem Bombie
Appeared in "2010" and "Tag Match".airplaneAnd a figure composed of pilots.A person is directly on the plane, and it is unknown which is the main body[8]..The face of the airplane is rugged, but for that reason it is characterized by a refreshing tone.I do bad things at the end of each turn, but I can't do anything because the propeller doesn't move on the Galactic Railroad map.[Note 38]..The theme song is "Exciting Air Plen Bombie" (composed by Takeshi Ike).
According to Takayuki Doi, who is in charge of character design, the pilot's character is based on the character of the mini game running up the Empire Building that appeared in "USA".[8].
  • Fly the player to a property station somewhere other than the destination, and steal the transportation cost according to the square of the shortest travel distance.
Bakuretsu Bombie
Appeared in "2010" and "Tag Match".I'm wearing a gas maskGrenadeAppearance like.Appeared after the 16th year, if the conditions presented after the appearance are not met, nothing will be done and it will return to the poor god in a few turns.The theme song is "Amazing Bakuretsu Bombie" (composed by Takeshi Ike).
  • The condition is "movement of 9 squares or more in total".If this is met, it will explode at the end of the turn, damaging everyone's money on the screen, and the attached player will lose all the cards, but will be forced to return to the poor god.If you rub it on another person, the number of movements will be reset (at this time, it will not explode even if it exceeds 9 squares in total).
    • What the number of movements is counted --Progress on railroad tracks and routes (Insane Rush Card / History Hero'sTakusugi Takasugi(Approaching the destination) ・Ryoma Sakamoto(Ultra-high-speed ship) ・ Encourage the opponentShingen Takeda(Same for moving away from the destination), helicopter movement.
    • Those whose number of movements is not counted --Warp movement, wish card to ☆, aerial movement of the train itself (flatulence card, history hero'sYoshitsune Minamoto(Flying eight) ・ Encourage the opponentToshimichi Okubo(Abolition of the feudal clan), etc.).
Appeared in "G" as a transformation of the poor god (the transformation form corresponds to the following "things that appear in only one work", but the character itself appears in multiple works).Flimsy and whiteChickThe appearance of. In "G", he does bad deeds immediately after transformation or immediately after rubbing.The character itself is not a bomby[21]However, the treatment as a game is the same as Bomby, so it will be described in this section.The theme song is "Stunning Piyopee" (composed by Kazuyuki Sekiguchi).
The bad deeds in "G" are as follows.
  • The card is sealed and cannot be used.If you steal Piyopee during the turn, the card is sealed on the spot.However, if you rub Piyopee on another player during the turn, you can use the card at the property station.
  • Decide the color with roulette and change only the target player's turn to the same color (plus station, minus station, Bombiras station, card station, nice card station).The targets of change are plus stations, galaxy stations, minus stations, and card stations.Even if you rub it against another person in the middle of the turn, the color of the square will not return to the original color in that month (conversely, if you steal Piyopee, the color of the square will not change that turn).As a result, there is a possibility that blue trout will appear even in the Great Depression, in which case you will receive the same amount as the normal economy.
The wrongdoing itself is the beginning of the turn, but it is at the end of the turn that it returns to its original form after the activity deadline, so if you rub it before the end of the turn, it will not return even if the activity deadline is reached.
It also appears in "16", "2010", "Tag Match", and "2017", but it does not appear as a transformed form of the poor god, but as a famous monster "Snow Lover Monster Piyopy" (described later).When Sapporo is your destination, it will appear when you arrive, and all of the plus station, galaxy station, minus station, card station, and nice card station will become super card stations.Regarding this, Sakuma said, "Piyopee has been converted. In HokkaidoWhite loverIt's an image of[7].

Only one work appears

Space bomby
Appeared in "USA".A knight in red armor riding a Pegasus, appearing from beyond the universe.Although it is said to be a transformation, the contents are the poor god himself.SelfPerseusHe talks about his rebirth and gives weapons and armor, but at the end of the turn he does the wrong thing to fill the card bag.The theme song is "Shining! Space Bombie" (composed by Takeshi Ike).
  • Fill the card bag with a plate labeled "SPACE" for a few turns, as many as 1-2 dice rolls (cards that were already in place are discarded, and new cards are put in that place. Not possible). The name of "space" and "space" is the origin of bad deeds.
When everything is filled with the "SPACE" plate, it returns to the poor god.
Billyrin Monroe
Appeared in "USA".God of poverty isMarilyn MonroeDisguised as a train conductor, not a transformation, but just like the "train conductor practice" mentioned above.Do bad deeds according to the title of the movie starring Marilyn.The theme song is "Do you like money?" (Composed by Kazuyuki Sekiguchi).
  • How to Marry a Millionaire
    The original story is "hundredHow to marry a millionaire".Buy various brand products with the player's money.
  • Money not to return
    The original story is "Don't go homeRiver".Distribute the player's money to other players (the amount is not even). When playing two players, give the full amount to the opponent.
  • Niagara ("Niagara" in various strategy guides)
    The original story is "Niagara". Say "Finally the money is Niagara" and set the player's money to 0.It does not occur when the amount of money is negative.
  • Seven months cheating
    The original story is "SevenYearsCheating on the eyes".For 7 months from the next month, I will not be able to receive money even if I stop at the blue trout.
  • I like hot weather
    The original story is "ContactheatI like".Hot place (Mexico City,Acapulco,プ エ ル ト リ コ,Jamaica) Is skipped somewhere.Do not fly to the destination station like the Japanese version of King Bombie's "To Hawaii / Okinawa".
Missile bomby
Appeared in "15".Five big bombies[Note 27]One of them.I attached countless cannons to the shellturtleAppearance like a monster.From the cannon on the back at the end of the turnmissileFire and attack.The theme song is "Musashiru Missile Bombie" (composed by Takeshi Ike).The laughter is "Gubu! Gubu!".
  • Use a few offensive cards.In the case of the type involving other players, the missile bomby is the opponent (eg, if you are sword hunting, the card is taken by the bomby, if you exchange the card, you can exchange it for the damage system that the bomby has, etc.).Also, if the card attacks multiple players, it will directly affect other players as usual.The cards used are "Buttobashi Card", "Sword Hunt Card", "Card Exchange Card", "Devil Dispatch Card", "Fastball Card", "Ushiho Card", "Driving Card", "Weapon Farewell Card", "Goodbye Card", and "Fuin". "Card" "Babycular Card" "Naked Consistent Card" "Designated Poop Card" "Hibernation Card" "Hack Card".
Happiness Bomby
Appeared in "16".Huge風 船Appearance like.It causes damage to the attached player and benefits to other players.The theme song is "Pleasure Happiness Bomby" (composed by Takeshi Ike).
If you have 5 or more convenience cards, you will be transformed.
  • Discard all player's convenience cards that were attached immediately after transformation or immediately after being rubbed.
  • At the end of the turn, give another player a valuable card.
  • At the end of the turn, give the attached player 1 / 4-full amount to one other player.
  • At the end of the turn, the attached player's property[Note 16]To other players (the opponent is random per case).
According to Akira Sakuma, the song "Au Champs ElyseesCharacter with the image of[22].
Zombie Bombie
Appeared in "16".It consisted of a rotten head with nails on the top and a whole body full of bandages.zombie..If you don't have some non-damage cards, you won't transform.A rare form of wrongdoing at both the beginning and end of each turn.The theme song is "Devil's Zombie Bombie" (composed by Takeshi Ike).
In the original design picture drawn by Doi, it is red blood, but it has been changed to dark green blood in the game and in the artwork for the package and instruction manual.[8].
If you have 8 or more cards, you will be transformed.When the number of damage cards is 10 or more, it returns to the poor god.
  • At the beginning of the turn, seal the attached player's card.If you steal a zombie bomby during the turn, the card is sealed on the spot.
  • At the end of the turn, change the cards you have to 1-3, damage cards such as "zombie cards".
    • If squeezing occurs, at the end of the first turn, just perform a "directing" to seal the card.
If there are no cards ・ If all cards are filled with damage cards, it will return to Binbogami at the end of the turn.
Eraser Bombie
Appeared in "16".Appearance like an eraser.Appeared after the 8th year, and will do bad deeds at the end of the turn.If you do not have a property with a certain amount of money, you will not transform.The theme song is "Unprecedented Eraser Bombie" (composed by Takeshi Ike).
  • Property you own[Note 16]Erase one of the most expensive ones every month.
If you have 1 or more properties of 5 million yen or more, you will transform. After 5 months or when the turn ends without owning any property, it returns to Binbogami.
In Takayuki Doi's early rough sketches, it was a golem-like design made of an eraser.[22].
Tsurugi Bombie
Appeared in "Tag Match".
Armor warriorAppearance like.The helmet has a large "poor" character.If you don't have a monopoly city, you won't transform.The theme song is "Tsurugi Bombie of Bravery" (composed by Takeshi Ike).
  • Randomly select one station from the player's monopoly city and discard it (in a city where a historical hero appears, the historical hero will also leave). Cities that use "protect cards" and Okayama, where "Momotaro Land" is located, have the lowest priority.
If there is no monopoly city, it will return to the poor god at the end of the turn.
Devil Bombie
Appeared in "WORLD (DS)".
blackAppearance like.The theme song is "Devil Bomby of the Makai" (composed by Takeshi Ike).
  • It spits out 1 to 1 damage cards such as "devil cards", "replacement cards", and "zombie cards" in one turn and pushes them.
Charge bomby
Appeared in "WORLD (DS)".
It looks like a white giant and has a red "C" written on its abdomen.Eat fresh cards and use them as your own energy source.Appeared after the 32nd year.The theme song is "Craving Charge Bombie" (composed by Takeshi Ike).
  • Appears on the verge of running out of battery and discards all the cards you have first.
  • From the following month, you will be asked for as many cards as you roll the dice.This evil deed continues even if you rub it against another player or return to the poor god. Cards that activate the effect on the spot, such as "To the Red Square! Card", are not charged.If you collect the specified number of cards, you can get high-ranking cards such as "Nozomi Tour Card" as a thank you.
Nightmare Bombie
Appeared in "2017".
Appearance of Dracula.The theme song is "Cursed Nightmare Bombie" (composed by Takeshi Ike).
  • Burn one card every month, and the burned card will not be available for the next year.
King Bombie Jr. Pocon
Appeared in "Reiwa".
The appearance of a wind god with blue skin.The theme song is the same as King Bombie, "Nightmare King Bombie" (Kazuyuki Sekiguchi).
  • The son of King Bombie (designed by "Reiwa"), he was taught the hurricane dance by his father.Hurricane BombieIn the same way, the property is blown away, but unlike the property skipping mode of Hurricane Bombie that appeared in "12"-"WORLD (DS)" and King Bombie of "2017", one property is blown away in the first bad deed. In the second time, the number of properties to be blown away is fixed at 1. From the time of the second bad deed that appeared for the third time, a large number of properties will be blown away like Hurricane Bombie.The more properties you have, the more properties you can fly at one time, and up to 2 properties will be blown away.In addition, since a large number of properties are suddenly blown away from the player who has eaten the stakes from the time of the first appearance, the surrounding players may suffer more damage than the obsessed player.If you have few properties, you may hesitate to do nothing.
Big bomby
Appeared in "Reiwa".
The appearance of a thief with a mask that is treated as "poor."Thank youIs in charge of character design.The theme song is "Abyssal Big Bombie" (composed by Kazuyuki Sekiguchi).
  • When you have a debt (when you have a negative amount of money), the amount of the debt is doubled by the number of dice (for example, if you have -18 billion yen, if you get 5 dice, it will be 5 times. And the money will be -90 billion yen).When you have a positive amount of money, you will return to the poor god.The first guest bomby that only affects your money.Ver1.2.0 of the same work[23]After that, I couldn't use the "Tokusei Ordinance Card" while I was possessed.This is the first time an update has changed or adjusted the content of Bomby's wrongdoing.
Appeared in "Reiwa".
A train with the face of King Bombie (designed by "Reiwa"), the true identity of King Bombie's "most evil form".
According to King Bombie, who is operating remotely, it is a special train that he made to run a railway company.The theme song is "Devil's Destroy" (Maeyama KenichiComposition).
  • 3 to 4 black dice were rolled and forced to move by the number of eyes that passed through. The property station and the surrounding property stations were burned down, and all the properties in all the burned stations regardless of the owner ~ Destroy the case.The city that passed will be more damaged.The station that finally stopped is not treated as a goal even at the destination.By sea and air, it transforms into a steamer and an aircraft, respectively.It will appear until the 1nd year and will not appear at all after that[24].
  • Once transformed, it will not transform into this state for the next 5 years, and will not transform into King Bombie for 2 years from the other transformation.
Although not related to the Destroy issue, the package and instruction manual for "HAPPY" include King Bombie by Takayuki Doi, the original character designer.[13]There is train artwork that imitates (appearing in "Super II"-"WORLD (DS)").
Osaka aunt
Appeared in "12 (West)".Appears when you arrive in Osaka when you are at your destination.The poor god does not transform, but appears in the form of a baton touch (except during the transformation of the poor god).I wear glasses and alwaysMamachariRiding onInterrupt the player's actionsIt is almost impossible to proceed with the game properly because of the evil deed called nosy.The theme song is "Osaka's Auntie Appears!" (Composed by Kazuyuki Sekiguchi).
Nosy list
  • Refuse to roll the diceAnd use the aunt's hand card.Other players will be affected depending on the card used.
    • "1-6 Advance Card", "Galaxy Railroad Card", "Minabutobi Card", "Senjo Ichijo Card", "Buttobashi Card", "Osaka Card", "Hibernation Card", "Bachibachi Card", and "Paropunte Card" are eligible.
  • Refuse to use the cardIt is stopped on the spot for one turn.
  • When I try to use the card,Use your aunt's hand card.
  • When you stop at the blue troutI was told, "The money I can get here is a fake bill!" And I can't get any money.
  • When you stop at the yellow squareI was told, "I'm selling oil in some places!" And I can't get a card.
  • Refused when purchasing or increasing capitalThen, he said, "I'm not going to buy such a high-priced, low-profit property!" And it becomes impossible to shop.
  • Refuse to buy or sell at the card counterThen, he was told that he didn't know how to use the card, and he couldn't buy or sell.
  • Do nothing.
There is no limit to the number of turns, but when someone appears at the next destination, they will leave and the poor god will reappear.

Capsule Robo Mecha Bombie

A combat robot for King Bombie. It can be bought and sold at the "Robot Research Institute", and the price will increase depending on the number of years of play.Challenge the battle before the evil deeds of King Bombie are activated every turn, and if you win, King Bombie will return to the poor god, and the poor god will not do evil deeds that turn.[Note 39]..The battle is fully automatic, and the side that hits the first three attacks wins (the health gauge is displayed after "DX", and one shot = 3 damage notation after "HAPPY"). Only one robot can be dispatched in one turn.If you lose, it will be destroyed and King Bombie will do evil as usual.

In "III", you invest up to 1 billion yen in units of 99 million yen, and when the investment amount reaches the price of Mecha Bomby, you will buy it, but you can not sell it. In "11" and "12", there are attacks that deal 200 points of damage to all robots.Only one player can own four "III", five "DX"-"V", three "X", and one for "1" and "4".The original story was made to counter GodzillaMechagodzilla.

The theme songs for the battle with King Bombie are "III"-"X" is an arrangement of the battle songs of "Momotaro Densetsu", "The Greatest Battle in History" (composed by Kazuyuki Sekiguchi), and "11" and "12" are " Fight! Mecha Bombie "(composed by Takeshi Ike).

capsuleRobo system
All first appeared in "DX".It has a lower win rate than Mecha Bomby, but is cheaper than that. Up to "V" is disposable and will be discarded after the battle regardless of victory or defeat. After "X", if you win the battle, you can continue to use it like Mecha Bombie, but if you receive one attack, you will be defeated.There are the following three bodies.
  • Petit Cannon
    GunAttack with. In "11" and "12", "Olympus Meteor Bullet" doubles the damage.The weakest of all capsule robots.The winning percentage is 2 / 1-32 / 1 depending on the work. Abolished in "USA".The dialogue at the time of the attack is "Petit! Petit!".
  • B roller
    Attack by ramming (normal attack is "Azechoran!").The winning percentage is 1 / 16-1 / 4 depending on the work. Abolished with "X".The line at the time of the attack is "Chagarahagara!".
  • Yamato Zamrai
    Japanese swordAttack with. In "11" and "12", "Jumonji Sword" doubles the damage.The strongest of all capsule robots.The winning percentage is 2 / 1-8 / 3 depending on the work. Abolished in "USA".The dialogue at the time of the attack is "Bushi! Bushi!"
Mecha bomby system
It's more expensive than a capsule robot, but it has a higher win rate.There are the following two bodies.Depending on the work, even if you lose it, there is a 2% chance that it will not be discarded and you can use it again from the next turn.Depending on the work, there is a "Mecha Bomby Card" that you can get either Mecha Bombie or Mecha Bombie RX for free.
  • Mecha Bombie
    First appearance in "III".Modeled after King Bombie,missileAttack with (normal attack is "Gugagagagaga! Gugugogogogo!").The winning percentage is 1/2. Abolished in "11".The line at the time of the attack is "Pubibibibibi!".
  • Mecha Bomby RX
    First appearance in "DX".An improved version of Mecha Bomby.Normal attack "head"BazookaAnd double damage "(I.e.There is a "bazooka" (always hit in "DX", "HAPPY", and "X").The winning percentage was very high at 3/4 in the early works, but it was reduced to 11/1 in "2" and even lower in "12". Abolished in "USA".The dialogue at the time of the attack was "Mecha Bomby RX! Powerful Cell! King Bombie Taos!".

On the other hand, on the King Bombie side, there is a technique "Galactica Bonbeam" that doubles the power with the normal attacks "Bonbeam", "11" and "12".

Monster character

Dojira Momosura system

Monsters that appear with emergency news at the beginning of the turn.Ownership of all properties at the attacked station returns to a blank slate.

Appeared up to "V".Appears from the sea and burns the target city with a mysterious ray (only "III" has a grace period of 4 months). You can get rid of it from "II" with the "Momotraman Card (described later)". In "V", you can also prevent it with a shelter.Aim at major cities with many destinations and high-priced properties.The original story isGodzilla..The origin of the name is that the person who was a test player at that time said, "It's a stupid guy, this guy!"[17].
Appeared in "HAPPY", "7" and "V".A petite monster that may appear with Dojira.Attacks a city near Dojira and causes financial damage. There is no defense other than half-price compensation with a "non-life insurance card" and a "V" shelter.The original story isMinira.
Appeared up to "V".At the stationegg(Only "V", no eggs if protected by a shelter).Stations with eggs are impassable. Eight months later, it becomes an adult and attacks the station in the same way as Dojira (only "SUPER" is directly attacked by adults).It can be removed before hatching, with the "Kintaro Card" for "II"-"HAPPY" and the "Momotraman Card" for "8" and later.Aim for stations with many agricultural and forestry properties.The original story isMothra.
Appeared in "X"-"12", "G", "2010" and "Tag Match". Up to "G", it is basically the same as a normal Dojira, but if it cannot be repelled, it will destroy multiple stations in the surrounding area.The countermeasure is "Momotraman Card".
In "2010" and "Tag Match", the target property, etc. that is the destination is destroyed, but literallyStation itselfWill be destroyed and you will not be able to reach the station itself for a year. Half-price replenishment with "non-life insurance card", full replenishment by Shibuya insurance company, measures other than "protect card" became impossible, but Dojiras appeared-The poor god will leave until the destination arrives after restoration.
The original story isJirass(UltramanA monster that diverted the costume of Godzilla that appeared in. "15"-The reason why it did not appear in "20th Anniversary" is because it was "extinct (believed to be)"[25].
Appeared in "USA".Destroy multiple stations around the area as well as Dojiras.Measures will be taken with the "Air Force Card".A series of original stories is the movie "Independence Day』.

Specialty monster

Appeared after "15".When it stops in a specific square, it appears with a certain probability, and the contents are various such as support and obstruction.

The theme song is basically "Kaiju Dai March" (composed by Kazuyuki Sekiguchi) like Dojira Momosura mentioned above, but there are exceptions (the corresponding monsters are described in each item).


Snow lover monster Piyopee
("16" "2010" "Tag Match" "2017")
Frozen monster Ryuhyon
("2010" "Tag Match")
Between December and MarchAbashiri StationAppears with a certain probability when stopped at.You can freeze another player in exchange for an express card.You can choose who you want to freeze, but the cards you can redeem are random.
Lake Akan Monster Marimon
("2010", "Tag Match", "2017", "Reiwa")
Lake AkanSuddenly appeared, first after appearanceAkanPlayers who visit the station can choose 5 (3 in Reiwa) favorite cards out of 1 types of rare cards.
Scissors monster Tarabagani
HokkaidoA monster that lives in the entire area.Appears when a station in Hokkaido becomes a destination while Hokkaido is moving off the coast of Shikoku.Property when the player is in Hokkaido[Note 16]Is randomly discarded.If you own a king crab fishing fleet in Kushiro, you will not be damaged.
Fascinating monster Melomeron
Yubari StationAppears with a certain probability while holding 4 or more cards.Distribute the cards owned by the president who stopped in Yubari to other presidents other than the devil cards.
Shiretoko Monster Clionenne
Abashiri StationからShari StationAppears with a certain probability when you stop at the card station in between.Put the targeted president to sleep for 3 to 6 months.

Tohoku region

Shiritori Monster Apple Lira
Hirosaki StationAppears with a certain probability when stopped at.Play a shiritori match with the player, and choose a word that starts with "la" following "gorilla" in roulette.If you choose a word with "n" at the end, you will be given an apple bomb and you will lose money.
Oga Peninsula Monster Namahagen
("15"-"Reiwa", mobile version "TOHOKU")
In 2 monthAkita StationAppears when there is a player near (the only specialty monster in the mobile version,Oga StationAppeared from).The appearance period is also long.The original plan isNamahage.
Make full use of express cards and teleport cards to try to overlap the player exactly.Routes, air routes, and squares with poop can pass, but Mirai Super Express cannot.If they do overlap, everyone in the square can get half the money, throw away a few cards (including damages), or the property.[Note 16]Will be robbed of several cases.
If the player himself overlaps the square with Namahagen, he will not be damaged.
After "16", the "perfect card" may surely overlap the player, and after "20th anniversary", the "summit card" may be used to attack all the players.
The theme song is "Tohoku Russell!" (Composed by Takeshi Ike) from "15" to "2017", and "Designated Poop Card" and some of the "Tohoku Three Great Festival Events"[26]The same song is also used. In "Reiwa", "Cry! Namahagen" (composed by Kenichi Maeyamada).
Ironware Monster Iron Nambu
With the poor god attachedMorioka StationAppears when stopped in the vicinity.If you fight the poor god and win, the poor god will faint for a while and will not act.The original plan isNanbu Ironware.
Tako Monster Ninnikku
("20th Anniversary", "2010", "Tag Match")
TakkoWhen you stop at the station, it will appear with a low probability and you can get a "229 card".
Apotropaic monster Akabekon
("2017", "Reiwa")
Aizuwakamatsu StationAppears when there are two or more presidents in the vicinity and someone has a devil card.It is possible to erase the devil card and erase the devil card immediately after getting it.However, since he will stay for several months after his appearance, he will not be able to pass through Aizu-Wakamatsu Station during that time.
Whale monster bacon
("2017", "Reiwa")
In "2017", routes and air routes, in "Reiwa"Toba StationRarely appears on the air routes of nearby card stations.It will take you to a place within 1 to 6 squares from your destination.

Kanto region

Oya stone monster Goro Oiwa
("16" "2010" "Tag Match" "2017")
In 8 monthUtsunomiya StationAppears when there are two or more players near. In "2", all players are bombarded, and if they hit, they will be damaged.You cannot pass through Utsunomiya Station while it is appearing.However, there are cases where the card is released. In "16" and "Tag Match", each player shoots 2010-1 missile cards.I am accompanied by a subordinate named Koiwa Corps[8].
Before the appearance of the famous monster, "11"-"G" had already appeared in the ending as a thug who dropped 4th place.
The theme song is "Oiwa Goro's Theme" (composed by Takeshi Ike) in "16" to "2017".
Sticky monster Natto
Mito StationAppears with a certain probability when stopped at.If you roll two dice and get a 2-7 rollNattoI can't move for a few months, but if I get any other result, I can stop another player with natto.
Kamaboko Monster Odawaler
("15" "16")
Odawara StationAppears with a certain probability when stopped at.It presses against the player and causes damage. In "16", if you have a "voucher card", you will not be damaged.

Chubu region

Tea plantation monster Chacatequin
When you have a damage cardShizuoka StationAppears when you stop near (the lower square or the right square of Shizuoka Station is also acceptable).Due to the strong bactericidal effect of catechin contained in Japanese tea, damage cards[Note 12]Will erase.
Earthquake monster eel
("15" "16")
Hamamatsu StationAppears with a certain probability when stopped at.I try to cause a big earthquake, but I myselfcatfishnoteelIt is pointed out that it is, and it disperses easily.At that time, an express type (progressive type in "15") card is placed on the player as a sign of apology.
Owari Monster Shachihokogon
Nagoya StationAppears with a low probability when stopped at.Unconditionally give a lot of money to the player.
Plateau Monster Hisoch
("20th Anniversary", "2010", "Tag Match")
In 7 monthKaruizawa StationAppears before purchasing the property when it arrives at.Incapacitate for one turn while saying it's a vacation.
In September, residents will send a card as a sign of apology.
Echigoya Monster Daikhan
("2010", "Tag Match", "2017", "Reiwa")
Niigata StationAppears with a certain probability when stopped at.Instead of forcing a donation according to the dice roll, they will give you a vacant property in Niigata prefecture.
Divided monster Sekigahara
Gifu StationAppears with a certain probability when it stops at the square to the left of.Battle of SekigaharaIt is possible to choose either the East Army or the West Army and move to the property station in the selected direction.Where to move is randomly determined.


Naniwa Monster Takoya King
("16" "2010" "Tag Match" "2017")
Osaka StationAppears with a certain probability when stopped at.If you challenge the player and roll 8 dice to win, you will get a "Go to the region! Card", and if you lose, you will be damaged.
The theme song is "Osaka Auntie Appears!" (Composed by Kazuyuki Sekiguchi), which is the same as the Osaka Auntie mentioned above.
Pearl monster Pearl
The destination isToba StationAppears when the player arrives at that time."Mini Pearl" is scattered around.If you stop at the station where "Mini Pearl" is located within one year, you will receive a "Pearl Card" that can be redeemed for cash.
It came to be cashed immediately when it stopped from "16".The theme song is "Fun Aquarium" (composed by Kazuyuki Sekiguchi), the same as at the aquarium event in Osaka.
I'm sorry monster abalone
("2017" "Reiwa")
Ise stationAppears with a certain probability when arriving at.Challenge the player to a dice game, and if you win, you will get a "teleport card", and if you lose, the train will be destroyed and your money will be reduced.
Night view monster million dollar
("2017" "Reiwa")
Kobe stationWhen you arrive at, it will appear with a certain probability the following month.You will enjoy the night view and will be incapacitated for a month, but you will get a "teleport card".

Chugoku / Shikoku region

Ehime Monster Mikhan
("20th Anniversary" "2010" "Tag Match" "2017")
Niihama StationAppears with a certain probability when stopped at (card counter station).Move to the next square of the destination and roll the dice. If it is 1, it will enter the destination, if it is 1, it will stop there, and if it is 2-3, it will be returned to Niihama Station again.It is close to the effect of "Utakata no Yume Card" that appeared in the past series.
According to Takayuki Doi, who was in charge of the original character design (designing "20th Anniversary", "2010", and "Tag Match"), the talentAikawa Yuzu seasonThe illustration of the sign is a model[8].
Uzushio Monster Naruton
("2010" "Tag Match")
Naruto StationAppears with a certain probability when stopped at.Drag the player into the whirlpool and fly it to the trout on the sea.
Stupid Monster Awa Odley
("2017" "Reiwa")
In 7 monthTokushima StationWhen it stops at, it will appear at the beginning of August, and the player at Tokushima station will be off for one month.In addition, all the other players are invited to dance, and the danced player also takes a month off.If you change it, you will be able to act.
Dune monster Collar camel
("2017" "Reiwa")
Tottori StationWhen you arrive at your destination, it will appear the following month, and you will be able to use a card such as "Senjo Ichijo" or "Buy" (selection).It disappears with one action.
Lantern Monster Trafgra
Shimonoseki StationIt will appear with a certain probability if you have a plus money and you have 4 or more cards.You are challenged to play dice, and if you get a 1, your card and money will be zero, but if you get something other than 1, nothing will happen.Also, from April of the 8th year to March of the 4th year, it will appear with confirmation.

Kyushu and Okinawa region

Mentai Alien Piri Piri
Hakata StationWhen you stop at (Fukuoka Station in "WORLD (DS)"), it appears with a certain probability.If you roll one dice and get 1 or 5 (only 6 in "16"), you will get a "best card".As the name suggestsMentaikoIt is designed with the motif ofHakata HitokaWearing the "smiley face" used for.
The theme song is "Mentai Seijin Piri Piri" (composed by Takeshi Ike).According to Sakuma, the song was originally made by Ike, who was in charge of composition, for the map, but the tempo was fast and it was perfect if I tried to match it with tingling.[7]..In addition, Ike seemed to be dissatisfied with the song that he made with great effort, saying, "Would you like to use it for such an interesting character !?"[7].
Nagasaki Monster Salaudon
Kobe stationAppears with a certain probability when stopped at.Roll one dice and nothing happens if it is an even number, but if an odd number appears, it is forcedNagasaki StationWill be taken to. In "2010" and "Tag Match", not only Kobe StationKanazawa Station-Obama Station-Senzaki StationHowever, it started to appear, and you can get a card when an even number appears.The original plan isPlate udon.
Sweet potato monster Pupoo
("2010", "Tag Match", "2017", "Reiwa")
Kanoya StationAppears with a certain probability when stopped at.Appeared in the form of a pig.Make the player a constitution that flatulence does not stop for one year (the appearance will be the same as Phu Phu).Blows off with the same effect as a flatulence card only when another player is nearby.However, like the "flatulence man" that appears when using a flatulence card, you cannot do flatulence on the galaxy map or Bombiras star.[Note 38].
Amulet Monster Shisa
A specialty monster attached to a player who arrived when the destination was Naha (Okinawa in "16").Damage card every month[Note 12]In addition to disposing of the card, he will give you one "○○ (place name) card" every month until someone arrives at the next destination (rarely, you will be given a "thousands of first-class cards").Someone will return to Okinawa when they arrive at their next destination or after a few months.Move to another player by rubbing like the poor god and Oidon.
The theme song is "Uncle Shisa!" (Composed by Kazuyuki Sekiguchi).
Jumbled monster champawn
("2017" "Reiwa")
Nagasaki StationAppears with a certain probability when stopped at.The player who spawned will be a mixture of red, yellow, and blue squares for a while.However, using a great card will reset the jumble.
Banana monster Tatucky
("2017" "Reiwa")
Moji PortAppears with a certain probability if you stop at the station and have 5 or more cards.I sell a few cards of dice at a low price.


Hawaiian monster Alohameha
(Excluding "15"-"Reiwa" and "WORLD (DS)")
DestinationHawaii(In "2017" and "Reiwa"Honolulu) Appears when someone arrives.Randomly kill one person (excluding extraterrestrial opponents) every monthAlohame waveAttack with the water column by "" and incapacitate for 1 turn (in "2017", incapacitate for a few months).Although it is set to be an ally of the arriving player, it may end up unexploded due to poor control, and the target is selected from everyone including the arriving player.Someone arrives at the next destination, or after a few months, he says "I'm tired" and leaves.However, in "2", even if someone arrives at the next destination, they will not leave and will continue to appear for several months.
The theme song is "Hawaii Monster Alohameha" (composed by Kazuyuki Sekiguchi).
Indian Monster Zero Zero
("WORLD (DS)")
DelhiAppeared in.The number "0Was bornIndiaAfter that, everyone's money (including debt) is set to 0 yen.However, players who stop in Delhi can decline the offer, and if they do, nothing happens.
Mexican monster cactus
("WORLD (DS)")
MexicoReduce your money with a thorn attack on nearby players.
Cacao monster chocolate
("WORLD (DS)")
ガーナAppeared in.Increase the player's money slightly.
Radio monster Eiffern
("WORLD (DS)")
ParisAppeared in.Once upon a timeEiffel towerIn connection with the criticism of his eccentric appearance, as a revenge, he attacks all players with radio waves to prevent him from moving for multiple months.
Peruvian monster Chijoe
("WORLD (DS)")
NazcaAppears in (card counter).It will fly the player to the vicinity of the destination (3 to 6 squares before).
Big wall monster Berlin
("WORLD (DS)")
BerlinAppeared in.Berlin WallWill remove all the poop on the map in connection with the collapse and unification of Germany.
Tamaseku Monster Mar Marai
("WORLD (DS)")
SingaporeAppeared in.Keep all players away from their destination.
Belgian monster piss kid
("WORLD (DS)")
BelgiumAppears in the surrounding area.It will dispose of the damage card.

Other monsters

When it appears, it causes damage to all players.

Appeared in "V".Very huge (Momotaro says "800 Tokyo Domes")Shader clay figurineIt looks like this, and it came from space and randomly a few months later.One region[Note 40]All propertiesIs returned to the unpurchased state (in advance, which region is likely to be attacked is displayed as a percentage).Monopolize the city to prevent attacksシ ェ ル タ ーMust be built.The construction cost is half the monopoly price of the station (shelter is not capitalized), and if the monopoly breaks down, the shelter will be discarded.
The original name was "Gaogameka" in Aomori Prefecture, where a shading clay figurine was excavated.Kamegaoka Stone Age RuinsWas read upside down[17].
Ancient monster Debondbis
Appeared in "X (nationwide)". Inhabited 4-5 million years agoNautilusIt seems that a kind of monster has become a monster (the name is set as a scientific name).It has a conical shell, tentacles like octopus and squid, and protruding eyes like snails.
It emerges from the sea and sits over Japan, gradually robbing all players of their money for several months. In the second and subsequent appearances, all players can fight using the weapon "Dice Colon Cannon" developed by the Earth Defense Force (the dice roll becomes powerful), but they will continue to be robbed of their money until they can be repelled.

General event character

Appeared when stopped in the square

Pickpocket silver next

Appeared in all works.A man with a landing, a crew cut, and a small face, plus station ("SUPER"-"III", "2010"-), minus station[Note 41]・ Card station ・ Card counter station ("15"-) ・ Appears randomly in front of the player who stopped at Ginji station, and has moneyPickpocket(In the case of Ginji Station, it will always appear only if you have 1 million yen or more). Up to "III" will appear in place of the regular mass event, and from "DX" it will appear after the regular mass event is over.

Originally a character that appeared in the "Momotaro Densetsu" series, but the hairstyle is different from when it appeared in Momotaro Dentetsu, and it has become a mage.

Galactic railways, including railroads, buses, routes, and air routes[Note 42]・ Bombillas star[Note 43]・ Appears everywhere the president goes, such as on the moon.In some cases, it may appear in multiple players in the same month, and it will appear without problems even if the distance is far, such as between Hokkaido and Okinawa.

He is also a master of disguise, and in order to hide his identity and approach the target, or to upset the opponent with a strange appearance, he appears in various forms and robs 1/4, half, and full of his money for each disguise ( Half price and full price for "first generation", "X" and mobile version).After disguising, "Hehehe! The president shouldn't carry so much money"The deciding line is to lie (only the figure of the conductor, which will be described later after" HAPPY ").One of the development staffHiroshi Izawa(Izawa Donsuke) misunderstood that "Do you dress like a race queen after Ginji?", Which led to the story of trying to disguise.[27].

The disguise itself is different for each series, and in "III"-"20th Anniversary" and the mobile version, it is often disguised as current affairs and fashionable people and things at that time (after "16", the repertoire has increased significantly, The pattern changes as the years go by).Initially, the disguise was such that Ginji's original face could be confirmed, but gradually his arms rose, and he became able to disguise himself as a celebrity regardless of gender, eventually causing multiple humans to appear at once (described later). It has become possible to disguise itself as an animal (such as the "Chihuahua dog" described below) or an inanimate object (such as the "Ashimomo" described later).

In the regional editions ("X (Kyushu)", "12 (west)", "DS (TOKYO)") and the world edition ("USA", "WORLD (DS)"), people named after the local or national specialties. Disguise yourself as an object.

In "20th Anniversary", it is disguised as something related to the events of each year from 1989 to 2008, and a list is displayed with "bonus".However, there is no disguise associated with the events of 1995 (Great Hanshin-Awaji EarthquakeandSubway Sarin casefor[Note 44]), You can get a good card without taking any money.

After "2010", it is not based on current affairs, but disguise as a person who can be used across times and generations such as a literary master and a great man.Regarding this, Sakuma said, "Recently, the boom cycle is getting faster. I don't know who to choose. It's really difficult for personal current affairs. It's not as stylish as it used to be." Is[27].

During the one year during the event "Suri no Gin Next Hit Year" after "11", the appearance rate itself will be very high, and from "1" onwards, plus stations and card counter stations will be added as candidates for appearance stations. Will be done.

"SUPER"-"III" and "7"-"V" will be covered by "insurance card", and after "DX" "HAPPY" "16" and "20th anniversary", bring a "pat card" Can be avoided.

There is also a "pickpocket silver card" that intentionally calls him.

"III"-In "HAPPY", after a few turns, it will be forced to appear under the target and take half the price.According to him, "People's request is not unpleasant," he does not disguise at this time. In "III", you can defend with a "block card".Also, if you have a "Pato Card", you can get rid of it when it appears.However, if you have 0 yen at the time of appearance, you will get a lot of money, and if you are in debt, you will take over half the price.As far as I can see, it's not just a villain, but a certain amount of devotion.
After "2010", you can choose your opponent, and the appearance rate of Ginji will increase significantly for about a year in the relevant square.

The theme song is "Typhoon Boy Daze!" (Composed by Kazuyuki Sekiguchi) up to "III", and the exclusive song "Silver Dandy" (composed by Kazuyuki Sekiguchi) after "DX".

In "DX", it may appear at a women's bath event (half price is stolen as when dispatched to "Suri's Ginji Card", but the pato card is exceptionally invalid).

Disguise repertoire
The model is in parentheses.
Full amount --Yasunari Michibata (Yasunari Kawabata), Mori exorbitant (Mori Ogai), Osamu Dazai (Osamu Dazai), Shimazaki Thief Village (Shimazaki Fujimura), Shakesuppinya (William Shakespeare
half --Natsume gallstone (Natsume Soseki), Ginji Miyazawa (Kenji Miyazawa), Manosuke Akutagawa (Ryunosuke Ayukawa), Doppo Kunikida (Doppo Kunikida), Yukio Mishima (Mishima Yukio), Nakahara day and night (Nakahara Chuya), Ishikawa Pork (Ishikawa Tochigi), Matsuo free (Matsuo Basho), Shonagon (Seishonagon), Gin Tegujuperi (Saint-Exupery
1/4 --Muya Toga (Naoya Shiga), Takayo Ozaki (Ozaki autumn leaves), Masuji Ibuse (Masuji Ibuse), Taro Takamura (Kotaro Takamura), Koizumi Yakumo (Koizumi Yakumo
Full amount --Socrates, Roentgen, Edison, Munch
half --Julius, Caesar, Marco Polo, Hoichi the Earless, Goethe
1/4 --Leonardo da Vinci, Nightingale, Fabre
  • "Reiwa"
In this work, it is disguised as seafood, and the feature is that the disguise pattern changes depending on the time.
Full amount - Puffer fish(January / February, November / December),Sazae(May-August),Incense box crab(November / December),Toxiraz(March-May)
half - Oma tuna(May-August),eel(May-August),Saury(November / December),blue whale(All year)
1/4 - Firefly squid(May-August),Shirasu bowl(May-August),Natural sea urchin(May-August),Herring(March-May)

Memorial hermit

Appears when a memorable event occurs and gives you a valuable card. It rarely appeared until "11", but after "12" there are more opportunities to appear, and from "16" it may give more money.Basically, only one person who first achieved the conditions is targeted, but some conditions are targeted for all.

Originally the character "Sennin" that appears in the "Momotaro Densetsu" series, the character who trains and teaches Momotaro and others.

Appearance conditions (example)
  • The total number of purchased properties reaches a certain level.
  • debtExceeds 100 billion yen.
  • The total number of arrivals at the destination reaches a certain level.
  • The number of monopolized stations reaches a certain number.
  • The number of times the "Buttobi Card" has been used reaches a certain level.
  • The number of times the pickpocket has been damaged and the amount of money stolen reaches a certain number.
  • The number of stops in the blue, yellow, and red squares reaches a certain number.
  • There are no properties, and the number of failures in selling properties of Binbogami reaches a certain level.
  • Ride all vehicles.
  • Stop at the same property station 10 times.
  • It will stop at all property stations other than overseas, stop at all property stations in one region, and stop at 1 more stations.
  • All the dice rolls on the express card will be 1.It may not occur with an express (tour) card.
  • The number of times the poor god has been evil is reached a certain number.
  • The total number of times the Tokusei Ordinance card has been used reaches a certain level.
  • Never buy a property for a certain period of time.


Appeared in the national edition after "X (Kyushu)" and "11" and in the mobile version "KYUSHU".PuddingA character with only a cylindrical head that looks like a plate. The details of the design, such as the presence or absence of a nose, are different between "X (Kyushu)" and "11" and later.In the original Doi designSaigo TakamoriAppearance that looks just like[8]However, it was said that Sakuma did not like the design and became a pudding-like design as he repeated retakes.[28].. The designs of "2017" and "Reiwa" have been changed to make them look exactly like Saigo Takamori.

KagoshimaAttaches to the player who arrived at the destination, and at the end of the turn, military funds and properties[Note 16]Do good deeds such as obtaining.The next time someone arrives at the destination, it disappears.Move to another player by rubbing like the poor god.

In "USA"Mexico City, In "WORLD (DS)"Easter islandAppears in.

The theme song is "Kagoshima Oidonbushi" (composed by Kazuyuki Sekiguchi).

Good deeds of Oidon
  • "Military funds" -You can get money according to the roll of 5 dice.
  • "Advance" -You can move by rolling the dice again.The effect of the stopped square is normal, and after moving, do good deeds again.
  • "Strengthen the defense" --The player will increase the capital of 1-10 properties owned by the player for free. Similar to the "capital increase card", "Momotaro Land" and "Nezmy World" of "USA" are also included, and it may be possible to increase capital twice in the same property. ("2"-"11")
  • "Profit increase" --- Increases the rate of return on the property owned by the player. A valuable rate of return event in the DS version where there is no "capital increase". ("WORLD (DS)")
  • "Procurement of Castle" --You can get 1-3 free properties that no one has purchased yet.
  • "Bloodless Fall of Edo" -You can monopolize one station in a city where no property has been bought for free. ("1th Anniversary"-)
  • "Procurement of famous horses"-"USA"-"15" will give you general progress cards, and other than that, you will get 1-4 express cards. ("USA"-)
  • "I came back to Kagoshima" --You can get a Kagoshima card. ("16" "20th Anniversary")
  • "Move to a region"-Similar to "Card to a region", you can select a region and fly (forced).There is no "hole in one" benefit even if you fly to your destination. It does not occur when you are in "Bombiras Star". ("2010" "Tag Match")
  • "Total attack" --- Move to the destination by helicopter (private jet in "WORLD (DS)") (forced).Use a private rocket if you are outside the earth or if your destination is the moon in "USA" or "16".The first action of appearance, during the division of the archipelago in "1" and "15 (GOLD)", during the freezing of Hokkaido in "16", after the destruction to "Dozillas" in "16" and "Tag Match", and in "2010" It does not occur if you are in "Bombiras Star" during the restoration work after the Kumamoto earthquake.

God of fortune

A character who gives you money and cards.It appears mainly when you stop at a minus station in winter and gives you a lot of money.Depending on the work, it will cancel the debt or give you 5 cards when you do not have a card, but contrary to the nameGod of povertyDoes not particularly compete with[29].Akira SakuraIs the model.

It is one of the enemy characters that appears in "Momotaro Densetsu", but it is a lucky enemy character that will give you money without harming you.

At the time of appearance
In "SUPER", he is sometimes called by the evil deeds of the poor god and gives a railroad quiz.
In "HAPPY", it also appears when you use the "Onasake Card" and brings various benefits.
When you pick up the "God of Fortune Card" until "11"[Note 47]In addition, after "12", it will appear at the card station and give everyone a small amount of money.
The theme song for the initial work is "Fukuhauchi" (composed by Kazuyuki Sekiguchi).


RegionexpositionInvitation to
Appeared up to "HAPPY".Appears when it stops at blue, red, and yellow squares.It encourages you to hold a local exposition with a capital investment according to the current number of years.If you invest, you will see the result two years later, and if you succeed, you will earn twice as much as your investment, but if you fail, you will lose twice as much as your investment.
In "HAPPY", the host station is specified.If you have a property at the time of the expo success, you will receive income according to the number (including the case where it is held by another person. If you fail, the property will also be damaged).
The original story isLolMourning black Fukuzo.Depending on the series at the time of failure, it can be seen that he is attacked by the angry president and desperately escapes.
Dark buyer
Self-proclaimed "suspicious person". "Thank you" is a habit. Appeared up to "HAPPY".Appears when it stops at blue, red, and yellow squares.The role differs depending on the work.
In "II", it appears when you use a damage card and buys it through the dark route.
In "III", it appears in the corresponding square and the property[Note 16]Will be sold for 1 million yen.I don't know the actual property price until I buy it.It is also possible to decline.
In "DX" and "HAPPY", it appears in the corresponding square and sells art (handled as a property genre) at a price according to the current number of years.If you buy it, it will be appraised, and if it is genuine, it will be worth more than the purchase price, and although there is no profit, the value will increase according to the number of years, but if you fail, you will simply lose the purchase price.
In "HAPPY", it may appear at a women's bath event.When it appears, it will cause the same amount of damage as Bombiras Station.
The theme song is the same as the typhoon event, "Typhoon Boy!" (Composed by Kazuyuki Sekiguchi).
Flame expert
Appeared in "HAPPY".Appears in blue, red, and yellow squares when you have a work of art.It will buy you at a higher price than your current possession price.You can decline, but if you do a few times, you may raise the price and negotiate.The model isSeinosuke Nakajima[5].
Monkey Face Stone / Dronkoz
Appeared in "7" and "jr."Appears only once in each of the blue, red, and yellow squares.Extra income is included.
The original story isMonkey rockandDrones.
Appeared in "12 (West)".Appears when the player who owns the Namba Comedy Theater stops at Namba Station.Extra income is included.
Yoshikazu without ears
Appeared in "12 (West)".Appears when stopped at Matsue Station in the summer.Receive financial damage.
Bissy / Fryone / Poor fish
"HAPPY"-A fictitious fish exhibited at the Osaka Aquarium in "12 (nationwide)".When someone owns this property, when they stop at Osaka Station, an event occurs in which they decide the main fish with roulette.
BissyBiwa lakePhantom inhabiting(I.e.With this setting, the body is small for a very large head, and the highest profit is obtained.The original story is Nessie.
Fryone said, "BadClioneWith the setting, there is almost no profit due to the badness of the gala.
As the name suggests, a poor-faced fish is a fish that looks like a poor god, and its profitability is negative.The original story isHuman face fish.
God of cards
Appeared from "11".Appears when you stop at the card station when your money is minus.It will draw another 1-2 cards (including damage cards as candidates).The model isKoichi SugiyamaSo, the costumes are different after "12".
Pepe Peman
"V"-Appeared in "WORLD (DS)".Occasionally appears at certain plus, minus, and card stations, and gives him a limited card, but there are many items that are difficult to use (if it succeeds, it advances 10 squares, but there are more failures, "Staccato Card", the appearance point of Pepe Peman "Pepepeman card" that can be moved somewhere).It is a cliché that a manzai will be entered after obtaining it, saying "What a meaningless thing!".
It features a head that looks like a red swim cap, spit-like protruding lips, and turquoise skin.
After "12", it may appear as "Pepepeman family" with father "Daddy Paman", mother "Mama Maman", brother "Nininiman", grandfather "Jijijiman", and at that time "Nozomi Card" and "Senjo" They will give you high-grade cards such as "First-time cards".In "11", it is not an event but "GalaxyTrainIt appears in the background of "Map".
The cards he gives are progressive until "11" and convenient after "12" (he says, "If it's progressive, it won't be used").
Sakuma at that timePepsi ColaWas the image character ofPepsimanA character born by ordering a character like.The name comes from the designer Takayuki Doi biting and mistakenly calling Pepsiman "Pepsiman".[8].
The theme song is "Kaiju Pepe Peman" (composed by Kazuyuki Sekiguchi). "Song Battle ~ Momotaro Dentetsu 20th Anniversary Album ~"When"101 songs Momotaro Dai March ~ Momotaro Dentetsu Original Soundtrack ~The original songs that arranged the same songs are recorded in each.
Train assistance,Duo agent in black
Appeared from "DX" (only "USA" is an agent).Appears with a low probability when stopping at a plus station, minus station, or card station.If you are a train assistant, you can construct the railroad tracks, and if you are an agent, you can roll the dice again to investigate (rejection is impossible).Events of other characters such as Binbogami and Devil will occur again.It may also appear at air, sea, and buried treasure stations. In rare cases, you may get a card in "2010" and "Tag Match".
Hasan Sennin
Appeared in "7", "jr." And "15".The only character that can compete with Giga Bomby.Appears when it stops at a specific place after the appearance count starts.It used to be said that it had the ability to extinguish Giga Bombie, but now that it is old, it is best to return the count to 10.
The model is like the poor godKazuo EnomotoSo, because it is based on the gag "The serialization has been prolonged and all the staff have turned into old people" in "Jump Broadcasting Station", the top of the head is bald except that the occipital and temporal regions have mojamoja hair. ..Name is"bankruptcyIt seems that it comes from.
A girl wearing a snow hat.It will appear with a certain probability if you stop in winter at a property station in the Tohoku region that is monopolized by other players and leave without doing anything (select "End"). "I came all the way when it was cold, but it's painful to just leave," he gives the player a powerful card.
NinjaNottori Kun
Appeared in "12 (West)"-"16", "20th Anniversary"-"Tag Match".Iga Ueno StationIt may appear when it stops at (in "2010" and "tag match")IgaAt the station, "USA"Hollywoodstation).Property owned by another player[Note 16]You can take over 1-3 cases for double the amount (even if you have insufficient money).
The theme song is "Ninja Nottori Kun" (composed by Kazuyuki Sekiguchi).
The original story isNinja Hattori.
Appeared in "USA" and "15".A cheerful American who appears very rarely when he stops at the blue square and sells valuable cards.Also, at the "USA" alien invasion event, they will appear to each player except "Bombiras Star" and come to sell the "Air Force Card".However, it does not appear during the "card price soaring" event.
The model is former Yokohama BayStarsRobert Rose(The nickname isBobby).
Bill Getz
Appeared in "USA". A millionaire with a nouveau riche hobby, who has a habit of saying "Fugo ~ Fugo ~" and "--Dabuhi".SeattleWhen you arrive at your destination, change some red, blue, or yellow squares on the map to "Birgets Mass" and sell them to players who arrive within a year at a high price.[Note 48]Give him a "Bilgets Card" that he can (the sale price seems to be his pocket money and will not appear during the "card price soaring" event).
Former storyBill GatesHe says that he is a true millionaire, but he doesn't look like him.
Shiro Sendai
Appeared in "2010", "Tag Match", "2017", and mobile version "TOHOKU".Sendai StationYou may get extra income for several months after appearing when you arrive at. He is a real person who was told that "the shops that this person visits are prosperous", and in a sense, it can be said to be a variant of "historical hero".
Arab millionaire
Appeared in "WORLD (DS / mobile version)".On rare occasions, a player who stops at a property station in the Middle East receives an invitation to join a party from an Arab millionaire, and if he participates, he will be stuck for a month, but as a thank-you gift of money and property (DS version) "Momotaro Land" is not applicable).
The happy prince
Appears very rarely when you stop at any of the plus station, minus station, and card station.Fairy tale "The happy prince] By the way, the prince will not disappear unless you give one of your cards to others.You cannot give a card that cannot be discarded.
Up to "15" appears when you pick up the "Happy Prince Card" at the card station.
The theme song is "Oujinokanashimi" (composed by Kazuyuki Sekiguchi).
Appeared in "2017" and "Reiwa".It rarely appears when it is farthest from the destination. It looks like a UFO, and when a dice rolls 6 (5 or 6 in "Reiwa"), it delivers from 7 to 15 squares from the destination.
Appeared in "2017" and "Reiwa".It looks like a frog costume, and when it stops at the red square, it appears randomly, and when the "2017" dice are rolled and 4 to 6 appear, the red square is invalidated and an express card is displayed on the spot. It can be used. In "Reiwa", if you get a 5 or 6, you get the same effect as an express card.
Mushroom girl
Appeared in "2017" and "Reiwa".It rarely appears when the number of cards in possession is 2 or less, and you can get as many cards as there are empty cards.
The theme song "2017" is "OH Mushroom Girl" (composed by Takeshi Ike).
Appeared in "2017" and "Reiwa".It will appear when you stop at a station one square below Kyoto Station, Gion Station, Arashiyama Station, and Kyoto Station, and you can erase your devil card or cancel your debt.The design isAkira KawashimaIs in charge.
The theme song is "Osekihan" (composed by Kazuyuki Sekiguchi).

Appears when you have a card

Angel / Michael
Appears when you get an "Angel Card".A fixed amount of money is left to the player every month.
From "DX", in rare cases, the angel grows into a higher-ranking Michael, and the amount of money received may be even higher.This card cannot be sold but can be discarded.
Little Devil / Devil / King Devil / Last Devil
Appears when you get the "Little Devil Card", "Devil Card", "King Devil Card", and "Last Devil Card", and robs you of a certain amount of money every month (the higher the price is in the order of Little Devil ⇒ Devil ⇒ King Devil ⇒ Last Devil).The card is not discarded, and after "7", the card enters either the convenient system or the progressive system (express system).After a few months, it disappears with the "Oharai Card".
After "15"Omihachiman Pharmaceutical CompanyIf you have a card, the silver bullet "Devi Killer" will be developed, and even if you get the card, it will disappear immediately.Also, when the human player is in great shape, it disappears immediately.However, the last devil that appeared in "2010", "Tag Match", and "2017" is an exception, and there is almost no means to erase it other than the natural disappearance after a certain period of time, the "shredder card", and the event of the card forced destruction system.
ウ イ ル ス
Appeared in "DX"-"16". Appears when you get a "virus card" (it didn't exist as a character in early works).Computer virusIt is a kind of, and it goes into either the convenient system or the progress system (express system) of the player's card room that it got, and eats one card in a month (it disappears when there are no more cards).
After "7", "" used in advancevaccineDuring the "card" period, if you use the vaccine card on the spot, it will disappear on the spot, and in "15" and "16"ShibuyaProperty "ITA "vaccine" that is developed when you own a "company"ProgramBut it disappears.
Depending on the work, even if you use the "shuffle card", it will not be passed on to other players.Also"hackerYou can send it to others with "Do", or attach it to everyone with "Paropunte Card".

Appears when using a card

Profit system

Appeared in "12", "G", "15", "16", "2010", "Tag Match", and "Reiwa". "Wild boarAppears when you use "Card".Continue straight until you hit a corner or a dead end.It cannot be used on routes (only for "12"), air routes, galaxy railroads, the moon, and Mirai Super Express.
Express merchant
Appeared from "20th Anniversary". A merchant who comes to sell an express card to a player who has used an "express merchant card".If you can buy a card at the card counter, you can buy other than express cards.
In Takayuki Doi's design, the model isBuffalo Goro OfAkihiro Kimura.. In the design of "2017", he is the game director of "2017" and has been developing as a main staff since "11".Tadayuki Kawada(OriginalHudsonThe design was modeled after the Sapporo development team "Team Kawada" representative).
Appeared from "DX". "hibernationAppears with a certain probability when hibernating due to "card" or "paropunte card".If you roll a number larger than Gussurin in the dice game, you will wake up from hibernation.
In this case, the player had to re-roll until "HAPPY", but after "7", the player loses.If you sleep with the "Nap Card", it will not appear.
The theme song is "Gussurin's Theme" (composed by Kazuyuki Sekiguchi).
Goddess of fate
Appears when you use the "lowest card".Only one wish will be granted from among several presented.Depending on the work, even if you do not use cards, it may appear very rarely when the player has no money or cards.debtWill cancel or give you a card.
Initially, only the "Momotaro Official Battle (Momotaro 15rd Year Battle!)" Appeared at events that do not use cards, but the point that it appears only for the lowest player is the same. The design is different between "USA" and "G" and "XNUMX" and later.
The theme song is the same as the happy prince, "Oujinokanashimi" (composed by Kazuyuki Sekiguchi).
Family at home
Appeared from "V". Appears when you use the "Stupid Card".Contains cash income.
Appeared in "II"-"12" and "G".A hero who gets rid of when a dojira appears.A "Momotraman card" is required to call it, and it is necessary to have a card up to "III" and to use it after "DX" to put it in "standby state".In "III"-"11", the card and standby state remain the same if you win the monster, but disappear if you lose. In "12" and "G", standby is 4 years regardless of victory or defeat.
In "II", if you have a card, you will be forced to dispatch, and it will be valid only once regardless of whether you win or lose. After "III", each player who can be dispatched can decide whether or not to dispatch. "1"-Effective for Momosura of "V" and Dojiras after "X".
In "II", the Momotraman summoned by any player was the same character, but in "III" they are distinguished by numbers, and after "DX", the names of "Momotra Brothers" are Aotraman, Akatraman, Kitraman, and Midtraman (colors are called). Same as the player's train). From "V", each person's body color has become the same as the name.
In "DX"-"jr.", It also appears when you use the "Galaxy Railroad Card" and takes you to a dedicated map.In this case, it has nothing to do with the standby for monster extermination.
The theme song is "Momotraman's Theme" (composed by Kazuyuki Sekiguchi).
The original story isUltraman.
"II"-"HAPPY" removes peach squirrel eggs before hatching.You need a "Kintaro card" to call it, and it is basically treated like Momotraman, but until "III", the card is valid only once instead of 100% win rate. In "DX" and "HAPPY", standby is effective until you lose, just like Momotraman. In "II" and "III", you can dispatch when Momosura appears, and even if you do not have or do not dispatch the card at that time, you can dispatch it by using the card on your turn. In "DX" and "HAPPY", you can decide whether or not to dispatch at the beginning of the turn if you put it in standby state when Momosura appears and before hatching after appearance, but if you do not dispatch even once in standby state, you will be dispatched later. It cannot be redone.
The theme songs are "Momotraman's Theme" (composed by Kazuyuki Sekiguchi) for "II" to "III", and "Ashigara Kintaro" (composed by Kazuyuki Sekiguchi) for "DX" to "HAPPY".
Air force
Appeared in "USA".alienGet rid of when invades.An "Air Force Card" is required to summon, and one fighter will scramble for each card.The greater the number of fighters dispatched, the higher the winning percentage.
The theme song is "Protect the Green Earth!" (Composed by Takeshi Ike).
Appears when using a "vaccine card".Depending on the work, virus invasion can be prevented in 8 months-5 years.

Interfering system

Appears when the opponent player uses the "Ushiho Card".Advance only one square for a while.
A demon with limbs growing from his face, which became a COM character (mentioned above) from "2010".
In "SUPER", a railroad quiz may be given by being called by the evil deeds of the poor god (mentioned above).
Appeared in "Amanojaku Card".It blocks the use of cards and the viewing of data, and also allows the player to roll only one or two dice.
The model isKazuhiko Torishima.
The theme song is "Amanojaku's Theme" (composed by Kazuyuki Sekiguchi).
Appeared from "HAPPY". Appears when you use the "quiz card".Give a four-choice quiz to players other than the user.The player who is asked to answer incorrectly will be fined ("punishment" according to himself), and the fine will be presented to the card user.
Poop/ Lord poop
Poop appears when you use "Poop Card", "Yakekuso Card", "Tobichiri Card", "Designated Poop Card", etc., and when you use "Bachibachi Card" for Tonosama Poop (Bombillas stars are not applicable).Blocked stations will be closed (except when using the "Poop Rush Card").HoweverhelicopterIf you are traveling by warp or warp, you can arrive at a closed station.It disappears after a few turns or with a "vacuum card".
"Poop card" is the station where you are, "Yakekuso card" and "Tobichiri card" are random (the latter is multiple, depending on the work, near the other party), "designated poop card" is wherever you like, "Bachi per card" Is installed at the destination.The lord poop moves in conjunction with the change of destination.The first person of the lord poop is "Washi", and the ending is "Puyon".
Fartsマ ン
Appeared from "DX". Appears when you use the "Flatulence Card".A hero of justice from the Methanegas Nebula.Blow the player far away (about 3 screens) with a flatulence.Occasionally, it becomes a flatulence and fails.Invalid outside the earth.Cannot be protected by block cards.
The theme song is "Soreyuki Onaraman" (composed by Kazuyuki Sekiguchi).
Crying horse
Appears when you use the "Fastball Card" after "HAPPY", "7" and "V". In "HAPPY", destroy one block card of one opponent, and after "1", destroy several of all cards to all opponents with a fastball. After "1", it is invalid for Bombiras star.Cannot be protected by block cards.
The theme song is "HAPPY"-"G" is "Star of a fastball" (Kazuaki Miyaji(Composer), "15"-"2017" is "9th inning close call!" (Composed by Takeshi Ike), "Reiwa" is "Star of a fastball"[Note 49](Composed by Kazuyuki Sekiguchi).
The model is "Giant star"ofYusei Hoshihiso,Uniform number59 left throw.
Use elephant
Appears when you use the "Card Use Card".Use any of the cards owned by the player without permission (If the card cannot be used, leave without doing anything[Note 50]).
The model isIndian mythologyGod of·Ganesha.
Appears when you use the "Mokarima Card".A property with the guts that sits at the entrance of the opponent's building and does not move even with leverage[Note 16]Requests to hand over (some failures).
Girl who doesn't understand
Appeared when using "Unknown Card" after "DX".You are asked to change your destination, and you are forced to change your destination.
Appeared when using the "Great Earthquake Card" up to "III". Return ownership of all properties on one screen to a blank slate.Since the earthquake itself does not aim at someone's property, there is no damage if no one has the property at the station on the screen.
Appeared when using "Edokko Card" in "DX" and "HAPPY".Set the amount of money of one opponent to 1 yen (originally, opponents with 0 yen or less are not targeted).
Appeared as "Chibaba Card" in "III" and "DX" (appeared in "DX" when obtained).After a long talk endlessly, in "III" you can move by choosing from Sapporo, Tokyo, Osaka, Hakata (even at your destination), and in "DX" the effect of the Buttobi card is forcibly activated several times.The model is Tatsuya Chiba, a staff member of Momotaro. Doi's four-frame manga "Chibaba no Housoku" is published in the strategy guides for "III" and "DX" released by KK Bestsellers, with Chibaba as the main character.
Tsunami man
Appeared in "DX" and "HAPPY". Rarely appears when using "Paropunte Card".(I.e.And make the card counter by the sea unusable for a while.
Frugal hermit
Appeared when using the "Sumptuary Law Card".A different color character of the commemorative hermit.According to the effect of the card, the player will be suspended from purchasing the property for one year.
Bakamon father
"DX"-"12" appeared. Appears when you use the "Bakamon Card".Make the player scream and make the action of the month impossible.Depending on the work, the express card may be thrown away, or the Bombiras star may be excluded.
Appeared in "USA", "15", "16", "2010", "Tag Match", "2017", and "Reiwa". A vampire kid that appears when you use the "Bevicular Card".Suck money from other players (sometimes fail).It has no effect on opponents who have less than 0 yen or are on Bombiras.
In "WORLD (DS)", COM characters (vampire) Was promoted.
The theme song is "Oh My Bevicular" (composed by Kazuyuki Sekiguchi).
Originally"Monster Para ☆ DiceIs a character for ""Chocolate bananaA character that seems to be the prototype is drawn in the recruitment of 11 volumes of 4-frame manga.
Marsa's Woman
Appeared up to "HAPPY". Appears when using "Marsa Card".Uncover the tax evasion of one player and raise a huge surcharge of 1% of the total property.However, the person who used the card can also be the target.If the subject is in debt, he / she will take over half the price, and if there is no sentence, he / she will receive a gold card.
If the number of players is 3 or less, you may enter an unrelated building and cause no damage at all.
In "HAPPY", you may go to another player with a feint.
The theme song is "Game the Woman of Marsa" (composed by Kazuyuki Sekiguchi).
Almond Schwatchnegger
"7"-Appeared in "X". "eraserAppears when you use "Card".Randomly attacks one of the stations that only others have properties, and returns the ownership of all the properties at that station to a blank slate.
The model isArnold Schwarzenegger.

Appeared at a specific event

Appeared in all works.Always follow the player (president).Only a few middle-aged men with brown hair can be seen when using the "Nakiotoshi Card" of "II".He has a good personality, is sullen, and is inspiring.It is closely related to the progress of the game, such as explaining the card, explaining the status of the property, arranging the event, and selling the property at the time of debt repayment.
In the early days, it may move against the president's will, and in "the first generation" most of the damage-related events were caused by the secretary (the nature is close to the poor god of the later series), and in "II" it is a "definite card". Buy the property without permission.
Shocker O field
After "7" and "V", he appeared as the moderator of the race event held in a specific year.The model is realShocker O field(Akira Sakura(I worked at the office of), so to introduce my name(Reality)It is standard to add such as.The race event rolls the dice, and basically the person who finishes first or the person with the highest total number of rolls wins, but there are various rules.
Until "tag match", an event will occur with a certain probability. "12"-"Tag Match" can be held or canceled (the right to choose is the lowest player among humans).After that, each player rolls three dice, and the order is shuffled in descending order.
In "WORLD (DS)" and "2017", an event always occurs in a specific year.The race is set on a regular field, so it will be postponed while someone is on the Galactic Railroad or Bombillas.[Note 51].
The theme song at the time of appearance was "X"-"2017", "Justice always wins!" (Composed by Takeshi Ike), and the song used during most of the events is "GO! GO! Race by train" (composed by Takeshi Ike). (Composed by Kazuaki Miyaji), depending on the work, "Riding the Rapeseed Railway" (composed by Kazuyuki Sekiguchi), "Peron Yoiyasa!" (Composed by Kazuyuki Sekiguchi), "In Tokyo of Flowers" (composed by Takeshi Ike) used.
A number of race events
  • Train competition ("7")
  • tunnelDigging race ("V")
  • IbusukiSand steam bath Gaman tournament ("V", "X (Kyushu)", "15") The temperature rises only when it comes out, but it gives up randomly.
  • Wanko sobaGluttony ("X (nationwide)")
  • YufuinCow-eating screaming tournament ("X (Kyushu)")
  • Saga Balloon FestivalRace ("X (Kyushu)" "11" "12 (nationwide)")
  • OigawaRailway bridge construction race ("11" "12 (nationwide)")
  • SuzukaBrorollo Race ("12 (West)")-Suzuka's property "Circuit Course" owners will also receive extra income in addition to the winning prize.
  • Choshi Electric RailwayRace ("12 (nationwide)" "G")-The person who finishes the latest wins.
  • Hot dog eating competition("USA")
  • Skyscraper BuildingStair climbing race ("USA")
  • Peron competition ("15" "16" "2010" "tag match" "2017")
  • Flower Tokyo Round Race ("16")
  • Moriko HaruRace ("WORLD (DS)" "2017") --The person with the fewest number of squares moved wins. If you win by yourself, you will get 1 billion yen.
  • Destination Battle Royale ("WORLD (DS)" "2017") --There will be 8 destinations.You can get a card instead of the prize because the destination arrival fee will be paid as usual.
  • Ikaho Hot SpringStone steps running up race ("Reiwa")
  • IzumoKunibiki race ("Reiwa")
Ukulele craftsman
Hawaii Property "ukuleleCraftsman of "Koubou".If I think that the ukulele is selling well with that skill, I go abroad and tilt the workshop.
The model is in charge of musicSouthern All Stars OfKazuyuki Sekiguchi.
The theme song is "Waikiki Sunrise" (composed by Kazuyuki Sekiguchi), which is the same as the arrival BGM when Hawaii is the destination.
16th generation Sekiguchi Tadashiemon
Appeared from "DX" (named after "X").Arita's property "Arita wareA craftsman of "Kimono Kobo".If you don't like the result of the new pottery, it will break, and it has a strict craftsmanship.The achievement was recognized in recent works,Human national treasureCertified by.
Like the ukulele craftsman above, Sekiguchi is the model.
Typhoon kid
In July-OctobertyphoonAppears when the event of.Damage will occur to properties in the area where the typhoon has passed.
The design has been changed several times depending on the work.In Takayuki Doi's design, there are designs with the letters "Tai (" USA "is" H ") written on gray clouds and designs like boys with maracas dressed in yellow on the clouds. ..
The theme song is "Typhoon Kozodaze!" (Composed by Kazuyuki Sekiguchi).
12-next February(I.e.Appears when the event of.Ski resortHeavy snowfall makes a profit, but heavy snowfall in a big city causes great damage.
The theme song is "Snowman Waltz" (composed by Kazuyuki Sekiguchi).
Santa Claus
Appears very rarely in December.Property to the player[Note 16]Will be presented.
Initially "ChristmasIt will appear when you use the "card" in December, and the type of business and amount of money you will receive will differ depending on the number of years.
If you are in debt, you will give up the present on the spot except for agricultural and forestry properties.
The theme song is "Santa has come to the game" (composed by Kazuyuki Sekiguchi).
mad scientist
Appeared in "USA".I live in "Mad Station" in Canada.If you stop at Mad Station and invest according to your budget, the invention will be completed in a year.When a masterpiece is born, the invested player receives royalty income, but when a bad work is born, it causes damage.It takes one year to complete the invention, so I cannot request it in the last year.
The theme song is "Mad Scientist's Theme" (composed by Takeshi Ike).
Momo Ichiro
"HAPPY"-Appeared in "jr."Owning a professional baseball team in Kobe, he is selected as an MVP and brings extra income.
The model isOrix Blue Wave(At the timeIchiro.
The theme song is "Rumor MVP" (composed by Kazuaki Miyaji).
Masura & Blue Monkeys
Appeared in "III"-"V".A deaf monkey demon who sings with a backing band.
Originally"Momotaro Densetsu] Series (after "Momotaro Densetsu II"), a boss character who annoys the people of the smiling village with a bad song.
"Dome Stadium" in TokyoandMiyazaki's "Sea Dome"It appears in a live event at, but it causes damage because it is deaf.
The theme song is "Mashira no Theme" (composed by Kazuyuki Sekiguchi), and this song is also used in the "Momotaro Densetsu Series".
A sloppy man
Appeared in the variety game "A lot of devils!" In "X".A slender mysterious man dressed in white zentai.Every April, the vacancy in the card room of all players is filled with devil cards.
The theme song is "Sutto Kodokoi Man's Theme".
Takeshi Hippopotamus / Sugi Tabe / Kunel Sanders
Announcing the property selected as the best food in Japan (world champion in "USA" and "WORLD (DS)").
Kaba Takeshi appears in "HAPPY" "7" "jr.", The model isTakeshi Kaga..Sugiyo Tabe appears in "V"-"12".
Kunel appeared from "USA".The original story of appearanceKernel SandersBut the name is his nameItoi ShigesatoTypical catch phrase "Kuneru playIs multiplied.Japanese is suspicious in some places.
The theme songs are "HAPPY"-"12" for "Great Festival" (composed by Kazuaki Miyaji), and "USA"-"2017" for "Kunel Sanders" (composed by Takeshi Ike).
ToysFactory manager
After "II"ShizuokaAppears as owning a toy factory in Japan and asks for investment in new products.If the request is successful, the profit will be several times higher, but if it fails, the factory will go bankrupt and the ownership will return to a blank slate.
The model is Hisanaga Otsuka, who was in charge of the 4th generation of "Jump Broadcasting Station".
Tansu ni Gone
Appeared from "15" to "2010".Yokohama car companyIf you own a car, it will appear with a certain probability, and it will rebuild the performance of the Yokohama automobile company and raise the profit margin.
The original story isCarlos GhosnGon to chest of drawers.
The theme song is "Challenge to the Future" (composed by Kazuyuki Sekiguchi), but this song is also used at other events.
Dr. Inchiki
Appeared in "16".GeologyAuthority.Appeared at the Hokkaido Great Movement Event.Invent an idea to save Hokkaido that was hit by the ice age.After the eventCape SoyaA statue of the doctor is erected in.
Hachitoku ball
Appeared from "20th Anniversary".When you stop when Tateyama station becomes your destinationSatomi HakkendenAn event occurs and "Hachitoku no Tam (Jin, Yoshi, Rei, Satoshi, Tadashi, Shin, Takashi, Yuu)" is scattered at any of the "Plus Station", "Minus Station", or "Card Station" in Honshu. If you collect all 8 balls by yourself, you will be taken to your destination on the spot and you will receive 1 times the normal arrival fee (10 times for the second time, 2 times for the third time, 20 times for the fourth time, After the 3th time, the amount will be increased 30 times).When players with balls stop in the same square, a dice game occurs and the one with the larger number can take all the opponent's balls.The number of dice changes according to the number of balls the player has. In "4th Anniversary", when you enter the destination at this event, eight balls will be scattered all over the country again, but in "40", "Tag Match" and "5", the destination will be Tateyama Station again and it will not occur until someone stops.
The theme song is "20th Anniversary"-"2017" is "Catch! Eight Balls" (composed by Takeshi Ike).
Double your money
"2010"-Appeared in "WORLD (DS)".Appears at the beginning of the turn and doubles the player's money.It appears concentrated in the early stages when each player has a small amount of money, and rarely appears after the middle stage. The 1st to 7th years are most likely to appear.Also, if you have more than a certain amount of money, it will not appear[30].
The theme song is "Double Money Man's Theme" (composed by Takeshi Ike).
The Fiend with Twenty-one Phantom
Appeared in "2010", "Tag Match", "2017", and "Reiwa".A mysterious monster who challenges the player to a dice game.If you roll 7 dice and the result is 21 or more, you will get 1 card, and if it is 20 or less21 monthsI can't move from the spot.However, while being stranded, the god of poverty does not attach (even if you try to rub it, it slips through).
The theme song is "Phantom XNUMXst Holiday Song" (composed by Kazuyuki Sekiguchi).
The original story isPhantom Twenty FacesIkkyu.
Phantom thief Zipangu
"20th Anniversary"-Appeared in "Tag Match".Aim for museum propertiesA thief..When it appears, it moves a random number on the route at the beginning of each turn (poop can break through).Since it is hidden except when moving, the only way to find it is to remember the stopped square.When the player stops in the hidden square, you will be caught and you will receive a card.
In "20th Anniversary", he appeared near the player who owns the Ueno Royal Museum.When you stop in Ueno, the ownership of all the properties in Ueno is returned to a blank slate.
In "2010" and "Tag Match", two alter ego will appear at another airport at the same time as they appear at the airport.When you stop at the station where the purchased museum is located, the ownership of the museum is returned to a blank slate.Nothing happens when you catch the alter ego, and while the alter ego disappears when the first museum is attacked, the real thing does not disappear until you attack several places unless you catch it.
The theme song is "Phantom Thief Zipangu's Theme" (composed by Kazuyuki Sekiguchi).
Appeared in the mobile version "AOMORI".Shader clay figurineA character that imitates.Wooden stationIt will appear when you invest more than 100 billion yen at the investment event of.In addition to giving you cash and cards, you will not lose your money even if you stop at a minus station, and you will get rid of the poor gods and mini bombies when they are attached (the king bombies have no effect).

History hero

Characters with historical figures as motifs[Note 52].. As "Inventor of Edo" in "DS"Hiraga GennaiAppeared for the first time, became regular as a "historical character" in "20th Anniversary", and was renamed to "History Hero" after "2010".Even in the mobile version, it appears as a "help character" in all works after "CHUBU".

The theme song is "Taiga no Sandrop" (composed by Kazuyuki Sekiguchi).

Only while monopolizing a specific property station, a person related to the property will help (can be refused), and the property will have various abilities.[Note 16]Supports acquisition and attacks on the other party.However, some people act in a way that interferes.Historical hero actions do not consume player turns (with exceptions).

Only the mobile version of "HOKKAIDO" cannot be refused support, and will continue to support even if the monopoly collapses.
In "2010", "Tag Match", and "2017", support can be forcibly stopped with a "useless card".
In "WORLD (DS)", it may be removed due to King Bombie's wrongdoing (mentioned above).
In the mobile versions of "SHIZUOKA" and "TOKAI", a "lonely struggle card" that can stop the support of heroes who support others for one year will appear.

The characters who appear are as follows. Items in <> are exclusive target property stations, and items in parentheses are works that appear.

First appearance in "DS"

Hiraga Gennai
Takamatsu> ("DS (JAPAN)")
Sanuki> ("20th Anniversary", "2010", "Tag Match", "SETOUCHI", "2017", "Reiwa")
Fukagawa> ("DS (TOKYO)" "KANTO")
  • Invented products produce various effects.
"Acid Mail"-Incapacitates one other player three times[Note 53].
"Buckentall" -Stealing a property owned by another player.
"Bukkenkau" --Purchase unpurchased properties at half price.
"Card Woom" -You can get one card. ("DS")
"Bukkenzenbu" --- Purchase and arrange all the properties of the station that can be monopolized at half price.
"Chikakunar" -If you are far from your destination, you can move closer.
"Card Maker" -You can choose and get one of the three cards. ("3")

First appearance in "20th Anniversary" other than the mobile version

Oda Nobunaga
Gifu> ("20th Anniversary", "2010", "Tag Match", "CHUBU")
Toyoake> ("TOKAI")
Nagoya> ("2017")
  • Destroy one-several other players' cards, named after Senryu, who says, "If it doesn't ring, kill it."
  • Extinguish the damage card. ("20th Anniversary")
  • Transform the poor god who is attached to other players into King Bombie. ("20th Anniversary", "2010", "Tag Match")
  • Destroy properties owned by other players. ("CHUBU")
  • If you are at a station far from your destination, call it "surprise tactics" and let your destination reach the goal.However, the turn does not end at that point. ("TOKAI" "2017")
Hideyoshi Toyotomi
Nagoya> ("20th Anniversary", "2010", "Tag Match", "CHUBU")
Nagahama> ("KINKI" "2017")
> ("TOKAI")
  • In honor of Senryu, who says, "If it doesn't ring, let's ring it, let's ring it." ("20th Anniversary" "2010" "Tag Match" "KINKI" "TOKAI")
  • Get unpurchased properties for free. ("CHUBU")
  • Bring in a Bomby Monkey because it resembles a monkey (bring a modified Bombie attached to another player).
  • Give me one arbitrary card. ("1th Anniversary" "KINKI")
  • Sword hunt,Taiko Inspection SiteHe will give you a sword hunting card or a Taiko inspection card. ("CHUBU" "2010" "Tag Match")
Tokugawa Ieyasu
(I.e.> ("20th Anniversary" "2010" "Tag Match" "CHUBU" "TOKAI" "2017")
浜 松> ("SHIZUOKA")
  • In honor of Senryu, who says, "If it doesn't ring, wait until it rings," the rate of return at the exclusive property station will be doubled in 3-6 months (half a year later in "2010" and "Tag Match"). ("2th Anniversary" "20" "Tag Match" "SHIZUOKA" "TOKAI" "2010")
  • Double the rate of return on one property in a year. ("CHUBU")
Mitsuhide Akechi
Toki> ("20th Anniversary" "2010" "Tag Match" "TOKAI" "2017")
wise> ("CHUBU")
Fukuchiyama> ("KINKI")
  • Raise cash in the name of military funds raised by Sakai merchants.
  • 1 discount on unpurchased properties-arrange purchases at half price.
  • The Honnoji TempleNamed after Kyoto Station in early June (Gifu station in "CHUBU"[Needs verification], At Omiya station in "KINKI"), he robs his assets, damages him, and leaves, and after that he stops working.
Kenshin Uesugi
Joetsu> ("20th Anniversary", "2010", "Tag Match", "2017")
(I.e.> ("CHUBU")
  • Steal one-several properties owned by another player.
  • In honor of the episode "Send salt to the enemy", you may give 1/4 of your money to other players without permission.
Shingen Takeda
Kofu> ("20th Anniversary", "2010", "Tag Match", "CHUBU", "2017")
  • In honor of "Furinkazan", do one of the following:
"Wind"-Move closer to other players ("20th Anniversary"), move one other player away from the destination by the number of dice rolls ("1", "Tag Match", "2010"), Dice Swing multiple times ("CHUBU").
"Hayashi" --Use "Fuin Card", "Ushiho Card", and "Hibernation Card" for other players ("20th Anniversary", "2010", "Tag Match", "2017"), and move closer to other players. ("CHUBU").
"Fire"-damages other players.
"Mountain"-Incapacitated that turn ("20th Anniversary", "CHUBU"), incapacitating other players for several months and closing the square itself ("2010", "Tag Match", "2017") ..
Yoichi Nasu
Nasu> ("20th Anniversary", "2010", "Tag Match", "KANTO", "2017")
  • Roll one dice and get the property for free according to the result.However, there is also a loss.
Date Masamune
Sendai> ("20th Anniversary" "2010" "Tag Match" "TOHOKU" "2017")
  • Exchange one express card for a higher-ranked card, or evolve a single-use card into a tour card (both can be rejected).
    • The only way to get a new "Linear Tour Card" that appears in "2010" and "Tag Match".
  • If you don't have an express card, you will get one express card.
Saigo Takamori
Kagoshima> ("20th Anniversary", "2010", "Tag Match", "KYUSHU")
  • Distribute cash to all players in honor of the idea of ​​"Keiten Mistress".The most encouraging players get.
  • Sometimes "everyone's card" is dealt to all players. ("2010" "Tag Match")
Dr. Clark
Sapporo> ("20th Anniversary" "2010" "Tag Match" "HOKKAIDO" "2017")
In "HOKKAIDO", even if you do not monopolize Sapporo, if you own the property, it will appear after the 15th year.
  • In honor of the maxim "Boy, have ambitions", buy properties in descending order of money as much as you have.
    • "20th Anniversary"-"2017" does not include properties with some purchase benefits such as "Momotaro Land" in Okayama and "Detective Agency" in Harajuku.
Kuroda Kanbei
Hakata> ("20th Anniversary", "2010", "Tag Match", "2017")
Fukuoka> ("KYUSHU")
Himeji> ("KINKI")
  • Get 1-several unpurchased properties for free.
  • Incapacitates other players for several months after a water attack. ("2010" "Tag Match")
Mito Komon
Mito> ("20th Anniversary", "2010", "Tag Match", "KANTO", "2017")
  • Give me an express card. In "2010" and "Tag Match", they may give you a "special card".
  • Steal a property owned by another player in honor of the punishment of a villain in a historical drama.It can take away an entire monopoly station.
  • If you get a devil card, it will disappear immediately. ("KANTO")
  • He gave me a ramen shop property after I ate ramen for the first time in Japan. ("2010" "Tag Match")
  • When the pickpocket Ginji appears, it will appear with a certain probability and will drive away the pickpocket Ginji. ("2017")
Mito torture
Mito> ("20th Anniversary" "KANTO")
Appearance condition isIf you do not monopolizeTherefore, multiple players may be targeted at the same time.
  • Damage every month until you reach your destination.However, it does not appear when Mito is the destination.
Yamanaka Kanosuke
Yasugi> ("20th Anniversary", "2010", "Tag Match")
  • Raid the card counter and get the cards sold there.Cards may be obtained from other than the card counter.
  • He sometimes gives me a poop-type card after an anecdote that he escaped from the kitchen while being covered with excrement when he was caught by an enemy and pretended to be abdominal pain.
  • If there are 3 or more empty cards, we may ask you to get the damage cards for the empty cards after praying for the hardships.
Yoshitsune Minamoto
Hiraizumi> ("20th Anniversary" "TOHOKU")
京都> ("2010" "Tag Match")
Kurama> ("KINKI")
Minmaya> ("AOMORI")
Atami> ("SHIZUOKA")
Atsuta> ("TOKAI")
Tappi> ("2017")
  • If you are some distance away from your destination, you can select one of the eight candidate sites (property stations) and move the entire train in the air (rejection is possible), named after "Hachijou".You can't buy a property.
    • There may be no squares near the destination in the candidate sites.
    • Rarely fails and moves to the wrong place.
Motonari Mori
Hiroshima> ("20th Anniversary", "2010", "Tag Match", "SETOUCHI")
  • Gives you 3 cards, named after "3 arrows".
Ryoma Sakamoto
Kochi> ("20th Anniversary" "2010" "Tag Match" "SETOUCHI" "2017")
Nagasaki> ("KYUSHU")
  • Steal one-several properties owned by other players. "1th Anniversary"-In "Tag Match", priority is given to properties at exclusive stations.
    • If there are no properties owned by other players at the time of encouraging, they will give you a "Shinkansen card" ("Shinkansen tour card" for "KYUSHU" and "SETOUCHI").
  • After the Meiji Restoration, if you are in a port or a route because you were planning to become a sailor, you will get the same effect as a "ship card for migration". ("2010" "Tag Match")
    • Niigata Port-Ryotsu Port and Yawatahama Port-Beppu Port does not appear on the route.
Kinokuniya Bunzaemon
Wakayama> ("20th Anniversary", "2010", "Tag Match", "2017")
Arita> ("KINKI")
  • Bring cash when encouraging.
  • If you throw away the card, you will buy it for 1/5 of the price.
    • The price is paid on the spot for the first time and in January every year after the second time.
Musashibo Benkei
Gobo> ("20th Anniversary", "2010", "Tag Match", "KINKI", "2017")
Hiraizumi> ("TOHOKU")
  • Steal cards from other players after pleading to steal a thousand swords.
  • If you have Minamoto no Yoshitsune on your side, you may get a card from Gojo Ohashi without stealing it from others, or you may prevent a card attack from your opponent. ("2010", "Tag Match", "2017")

First appearance in "2010" other than the mobile version

Mouse kid
Asakusa> ("2010", "Tag Match", "KANTO")
  • Steal other players' money.
  • Steal another player's card. ("2010" "Tag Match")
Takusugi Takasugi
Hagi> ("2010", "Tag Match", "SETOUCHI", "2017")
  • If you are some distance from the destination, proceed on the route to a place within 6 squares from the destination (can be rejected).Routes, air routes, and Mirai Super Express are also included in the route.Nothing happens in the square after arrival.
    • It also appears at stations on the Galactic Railroad.
    • Routes are auto-selected, avoiding bombies (or rubbing on the move).
Toshimichi Okubo
Kagoshima> ("2010", "Tag Match", "KYUSHU", "2017")
  • Abandoned DomainAfter that, if another player is near the destination, move it far away.
  • Abandoned swordAfter that, all the cards of all players may be erased.
Fukuzawa Yukichi
Nakatsu> ("2010", "Tag Match", "KYUSHU", "2017")
  • book"Academic SusumeAfter the first sentence of "", he will give you a "Taira no Masa Card" that averages the money of all players. ("2010", "Tag Match", "2017")
  • It may happen that the money of all players is averaged without permission.
Sorin Otomo
Oita> ("2010", "Tag Match", "KYUSHU")
  • Property owned by another player, named after the first cannon used in Japan[Note 16]Destroy a city with a cannon.
Kiyomasa Kato
Kumamoto> ("2010", "Tag Match", "KYUSHU", "2017")
> ("TOKAI")
In "TOKAI", after monopolizing Nakamura, he will help when he arrives for the second time.
  • After exterminating the tiger, the effect of "double the destination arrival fee" is obtained, which is the same as the effect of the "tiger ni wing card".
    • Since it overlaps with the effects of cards and events, for example, if you have a "tiger and wing card", it will be quadrupled.
Amakusa Shiro Tokisada
Amakusa> ("2010" "Tag Match")
Kamiamakusa> ("KYUSHU")
If you monopolize the station for 30 years (10 years in "KYUSYU"), you will be encouraged (in "2010" and "Tag Match", the station will only appear after the 50th year).
  • You will always be able to select 1 to 5 dice and roll.
Tokushima Tanegashima
Tanegashima> ("2010", "Tag Match", "KYUSHU")
  • Destroy one-several other players' cards, named after the birthplace of the Tanegashima gun.

First appearance in mobile version

Kazutoyo Yamauchi
Kakegawa> ("CHUBU" "SHIZUOKA")
  • He gives me an express card because he got a famous horse thanks to his wife's help. ("CHUBU")
  • Raise cash in the name of his wife's lie. ("SHIZUOKA")
Sanada Yukimura
(I.e.> ("CHUBU")
Kyobashi> ("KINKI" "2017")
  • They will give you "special cards", "buttobi tour cards", "takeover cards", etc. ("CHUBU")
  • Gives you a "jo card" when you help. ("KINKI")
  • Lead a vassal to generate various effects. ("KINKI" "2017")
Sarutobi Sasuke
<Kyobashi> ("KINKI" "2017")
Appeared as a vassal of Yukimura Sanada.
  • Generate effects such as "Prefectural Buttobi Card" and "Property Jump Card".
Kirizaku Saizo
<Kyobashi> ("KINKI" "2017")
Appeared as a vassal of Yukimura Sanada.
  • Incapacitate another player for several months.
Yuri Kamanosuke
<Kyobashi> ("KINKI")
Appeared as a vassal of Yukimura Sanada.
  • Steal a card from another player.
Miyoshi Kiyoumi entrance
<Kyobashi> ("KINKI" "2017")
Appeared as a vassal of Yukimura Sanada.
  • If you are obsessed with the Binbogami, push it against other players.Also effective for King Bombies.
Yoritomo Gengen
Kamakura> ("KANTO")
Atami> ("SHIZUOKA")
  • Raise cash in the name of military funds collected from the Gokenin. ("KANTO")
  • Protect your monopoly city. ("SHIZUOKA")
Kaneuri Kichiji
Hiraizumi> ("TOHOKU")
  • Raise cash.
Sakaue Tamura Maro
Aomori> ("TOHOKU" "AOMORI")
  • We will arrange 1-3 unpurchased properties at half price.
Uesugi Takayama
Yonezawa> ("TOHOKU")
  • Purchase and arrange the card at half price.
  • Due to the Sumptuary Law, the purchase of properties and cards may be banned for one year.
Goshogawara Tachibuta
Goshogawara> ("TOHOKU")
  • Destroy 1-several properties owned by other players.
Mamiya Rinzo
Wakkanai> ("HOKKAIDO")
  • You can buy and sell cards by selecting one station at the card counter and moving around.
    • We will arrive at the destination the following month.
    • Initially, there will be only one candidate site, but it will be added sequentially.
Takeaki Enomoto
Otaru> ("HOKKAIDO")
  • Double the rate of return on the property at the monopolized station.
Toshizo Hijikata
Hakodate> ("HOKKAIDO")
Omiya> ("KINKI")
  • Steal one-several properties owned by other players.Rarely fails.
Takadaya Kabei
<Hakodate> ("HOKKAIDO")
When you buy a specific property, you don't have to monopolize it.
  • Hakodate, Otaru, named after having been in the shipping businessTomakomai, Wakkanai,Kushiro,Abashiri,NemuroYou can move by selecting one place from.
    • The destination arrives at the beginning of the next month and the turn ends (if the destination is the destination, it arrives as is).
    • The candidate sites are initially only in Hakodate, but will be added one by one.
Komatsu Belt Sword
Kagoshima> ("KYUSHU")
Beach> ("KYUSHU")
  • It gives you cards (including damage cards) that the encouraging player hasn't yet obtained, in honor of the aggressive adoption of Western technology.
Michio Shinohara
Dazaifu> ("KYUSHU")
  • Reduce the choices when a quiz is given, named after the "God of Learning".
Nagasaki> ("KYUSHU")
  • They sell cards at half price after selling weapons to Satsuma and Choshu.
Dejima> ("KYUSHU")
  • If you get a devil card, it will disappear immediately.
Natsume Soseki
Matsuyama> ("SETOUCHI")
  • book"I am a cat", Rotate the" cat slot "and generate the following effects according to the words that appear.
    • "Nekodamashi" -Incapacitates another player that turn.
    • "Cat petting" --- Increase the rate of return on one property you own for three consecutive months.
    • "Katsuobushi for cats" -Gives you a card.
    • "Cat to bell" -Move the poor god.
    • "Cat again"-Give a card to another player, but the player who receives it becomes incapacitated for several months in exchange.
    • "Cat Jarashi" --The encouraging player becomes incapacitated that turn.
Kogoro Katsura
Hagi> ("SETOUCHI")
Izushi> ("2017")
  • If the poor god attaches to the supporting player, named after "Nige no Kogoro", he may be left behind.
Yoshida Shoin
<Hagi> ("SETOUCHI")
  • Matsushita Village SchoolEducate other historical heroes who are encouraging and increase their stats after serving as a lecturer.
Shoichiro Shiraishi
Shimonoseki> ("SETOUCHI")
  • Invest your private fortuneStrange soldiersGives me cash in honor of continuing to fund.
    • They may withdraw if their funds run out.
Ito Hirobumi
<Shimonoseki> ("SETOUCHI" "2017")
  • Increase the rate of return on several food properties after being a foodie.
Inoue Kaoru
Yuda hot spring> ("SETOUCHI" "2017")
  • Borrow from Satsuma or England to raise cash.
  • The money may be used to repay 1% of the total debt.
    • If the monopoly of Yuda Onsen collapses and Inoue leaves, or if the game ends, the debt will be cancelled.
Masashiro Omura
Yamaguchi> ("SETOUCHI")
  • After commanding the Choshu clan soldiers as a commander, attack other players in the following ways.
    • "100 Minnie Guns"-Incapacitates another player for 1-1 months.
    • "Delay Advance" -You will not be able to use express cards for 1-1 months with another player.However, if you are incapacitated by "Acidmer" in Hiraga Gennai, "Nekodamashi" by Soseki Natsume, "Matatabi in Cat", or your own "4 Minie Guns", those effects will disappear and the action itself will disappear. Will be possible.
    • "Armstrong Cannon" -Destroy properties owned by other players at nearby stations.
Musashi Miyamoto
Musashi Miyamoto> ("SETOUCHI")
  • After the dual wield, you will be able to roll two dice at all times.
    • Over the years, the number of dice that roll will increase (up to 5).
Isamu Kondo
Omiya> ("KINKI")
  • Incapacitates the player with the Good Luck Girl for several months.The expression is that the god of poverty is misunderstood as a priest of the Emperor, and the person who is hiding is beaten with a knuckle and fainted (named after the episode that the god of humor got into his mouth).
Okita Soji
<Omiya> ("KINKI")
  • If you are obsessed with the poor godRepelI have something to do.After thatUntil the end of the gameThe poor god will not appear.
Mitsunari Ishida
Sakai> ("KINKI" "2017")
  • Gives you a "summit card" when you help.
  • They will give you "extension card", "special card", "joe card", "stealing card" and so on.
Sen no Rikyu
<Sakai> ("KINKI")
When you buy a specific property, you don't have to monopolize it.
  • You will receive a "free card" when you help.
  • Buy your card at 8-10 times the price (can be rejected).
Kiyomizu Temple> ("KINKI")
Gion> ("2017")
  • Remove all poop on the railroad tracks.
  • If you don't have any poop when you help, you will be given a "Buttobi Card".
Prince Shotoku
Nara> ("KINKI" "2017")
  • They will give you a "Shinkansen tour card" when you help.
  • Evolve a single-use convenient card into a tour card. (Example: "Stolen Flying Card"-> "Stolen Flying Tour Card", "Takeover Card"-> "All-you-can-Takeover Card")
  • It erases the damage card.
Tsugaru Tamanobu
Hirosaki Castle> ("AOMORI")
  • Get unpurchased properties and properties owned by other players for free.
Xu Fu
Kodomari> ("AOMORI")
  • Evolve express cards to one rank higher cards and single-use cards to tour cards (rejectable).
Lake Jusan> ("AOMORI")
  • Steal cards from other players.
Yoshiki Tokugawa
Shizuoka> ("SHIZUOKA")
  • If you are obsessed with the poor god, make it disappear from the map.
Jiro Shimizu
Shimizu> ("SHIZUOKA")
  • Quiet the turmoil of industrial properties and avoid the crisis of bankruptcy.
  • Exchange the used card for a tour card.
  • Have your card delivered to the card bank station.
Shimoda> ("SHIZUOKA")
  • Fire a poop from a black ship floating off the coast of Shimoda, obstructing the path of other players.
Masayuki Yui
  • Get unpurchased properties for free.However, every time it appears, the dice are rolled, and when 1 is rolled, it self-harms and leaves, and it will not appear after that.
Masako Hojo
Nirayama> ("SHIZUOKA")
  • Take over properties owned by other players.
Ishimatsu in the forest
Enshu Forest> ("SHZUOKA")
  • Gambling with a part of your money.If it succeeds, it causes profit, and if it fails, it causes damage.
Toyotomi Hidenaga
> ("TOKAI")
After monopolizing Nakamura, he will help when he arrives for the third time.
  • Deliver your card to the card bank station.
    • If you refuse, you can sell one of your cards (this can also be refused).
Dozo Saito
Gifu> ("TOKAI")
  • When another player arrives at the destination, move another square to block the arrival.
Masanori Fukushima
Qibao> ("TOKAI")
  • Get a property with a price of 1 million yen or more for free.
    • However, the dice are rolled each time it appears, and if a 1 is rolled, it fails.
Noricho Motoi
Matsusaka> ("TOKAI")
  • It will give you one of the three most stroked cards you've ever obtained.
Matsuo Basho
Iga> ("TOKAI")
  • Generate extra income by writing miscellaneous haiku.
Kira Uenosuke
Kira> ("TOKAI")
  • Reduce the damage caused by the evil deeds of the poor god and devils.
Hachisuka Koroku
Jiangnan> ("TOKAI")
  • Get a property with a price of 1000 million yen for free.
Furuta Oribe
Mino> ("TOKAI")
  • Roll the dice and make a large extra income if you roll 4-6, and a slight loss if you roll 1-3.
Takenaka Hanbei
Tarui> ("TOKAI")
After monopolizing Tarui, he will help when he arrives for the third time.
  • Turn one of your cards into an infinitely usable card (some cards are not eligible).However, it will leave after appearing several times.
Takato Todo
Tsu> ("TOKAI")
  • Appears just before being attacked by King Bombie and rolls the dice, and if a 6 is rolled, the attack is prevented.
Katsuie Shibata
Fujigaoka> ("TOKAI")
  • You will receive a "free card" when you help.
  • Steal half of the other player's money.

Appeared in "WORLD (DS)"

  • From "Earth was blue", change all red squares (including squares changed by cards and events) to blue squares and quadruple the income in blue squares.
  • You will be presented with a property station that can be monopolized with your current money, including "Momotaro Land", and will skip it.You can act again after moving.
  • Get free unpurchased properties except "Momotaro Land".
  • Put other players to sleep for multiple months off.
  • When attached to King Bombie, Hurricane Bombie, Russian Bombie, Devil Bombie, and Charge Bombie, it transforms into a mini Bombie.
  • If you don't have any express cards when you make friends, they will give you a single-use express card.
  • Evolve a single-use card into a tour card.
  • When you make friends, they will give you a "King! Card".
  • In connection with "The earth is spinning", the poor god of other players is made into a hurricane bomby.
  • Slightly reduce other players' money.
  • After discovering universal gravitation, if you hand over the designated card you have, you will sell it at 20 times the current selling price by alchemy.
  • If the poor god is attached, it will disappear from the map with dynamite.
  • If you don't have any offensive cardsNobel Peace PrizeIs awarded and extra income is generated.
Wright brothers
Kitty hawk>
  • When it is far from the destination station, it will fly to the property station (evolves into 4 stages).
    • "Biplane" --- Select from 4 nearby property stations and fly.Evolve into a monoplane.
    • "Monoplane" -Randomly select from 8 property stations and fly.Evolve into a reciprocating machine.
    • "Reciprocating machine" --- Select from 8 property stations near the destination station and fly.Evolve into a jet plane.
    • "Jet" --- Select from 4 property stations that are extremely close to your destination station and fly.
  • Throw other players farther than your destination.Rarely throw it near the destination.
Washington DC>
  • When it appears, it will give you a "Tayra Masa Card".
  • Equalize everyone's money without permission.
Jeanne d'Arc
  • They offer free monthly properties in Western Europe for less than 1 million yen, regardless of owner, but a few months later they are caught by the UK and leave.
  • Guided by fate, you reach your destination.The turn ends after the move.
  • Change the destination when it is farthest from the destination than other players.
Genghis Khan
  • Steal the properties owned by other players except "Momotaro Land".
Zhuge Liang
If you stop in Chengdu three times and monopolize the property, you can make friends (even if you stop before the monopoly, it will be counted).
  • Restore the number of times the tour card has been used.
ク レ オ パ ト ラ
ア レ ク サ ン ド リ ア>
  • Divide your property to increase your money or give you a card.
  • Attract other players and take a month off.Rarely fails.
  • Dispatch Caesar to other players to reduce their money, destroy cards, and give damage cards.
Marie Antoinette
  • I will buy the highest card I can buy with my current money.
  • It raises the rate of return on the industrial properties you own.
Duffel Bag>
  • It upgrades express cards.
  • It randomly changes the cards you have.
  • Extinguish devil cards.


[How to use footnotes]

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Related item

  • Momotaro Electric Railway Series
  • Momotaro Densetsu Series
  • Akira Sakura --The game director of the Momotaro series.In addition to appearing as "Sakuma Tetsujin" in the Momotaro Dentetsu series, the character "God of Fortune" modeled after Sakuma has also appeared.
  • Takayuki Doi --Character designer of the Momotaro series.For titles for home video game consoles, he has designed most of the characters in the works up to "WORLD (DS)" ("2017" is in charge of only Momotaro and Binbogami). In addition to appearing with the Sakumara development staff when entering "first time" in "Super", it also appears on the number input screen of "Super DX" and when buying up all properties in "USA".


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