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⚽ | JFC, J promotion looking ahead New name Veros Kronos Tsuno

Photo Ryo Miyagi (left) and Chairman Hiromi Matsuzaki of JFC Miyazaki announcing the new name

JFC, J promotion prospect new name Veros Kronos Tsuno

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Originating from Tsuno Town, which has been the base since last year, he aims to enter the J-League with a change of heart.

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A lot of information about Miyazaki such as news and sports. Miyazaki Nichiichi Shimbun, the leading news agency in Miyazaki Prefecture. By utilizing the news gathering network spread throughout the prefecture, we will deliver seasonal news and topics closely related to the region.

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Change of mind


Tsunomachi(Tsucho) isMiyazakiKoyu-gunBelongs totown..It is divided into the central area of ​​the prefecture.


Middle eastern part of Miyazaki prefecture,Miyazaki CityIt is located about 40km north-northeast of.On the west sideKyushu mountain areaIt is a mountainous area included in a part ofHinata NadaTo face.

Adjacent municipalities

Place name

  • Chuanbei

All towns 1 large character.


Chronological Table

  • May 1889, 22 (Meiji 5) --The merger of the metropolitan village and Kawakita villageKoyu-gunMetropolitan villageWas launched.
  • 1920 (Taisho 9) August 8-Municipal village enforces town systemTsunomachiWas launched.


Successive mayors

  • 2007-: Masakazu Kono-Fourth term

Hometown tax payment system

Of 2017Furusato tax paymentThe amount of tax paid by the system exceeded 79 billion yen, making it one of the top class in Japan.On the other hand, it has jurisdiction over the systemMinistry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsIt has been judged that the high-priced gifts provided by the town are inappropriate, and since June 2019, it has been a limited participation (designation) measure with a period of 6 months.[1][2].


National politics

House of RepresentativesSmall districtIn the electionMiyazaki 2 wardIt belongs to (Nobeoka, Hyuga, Saito, Koyu-gun, Nishiusuki-gun, Higashiusuki-gun).The members elected in recent years are as follows.

Miyazaki Prefectural Assembly

With HonmachiKawanami Town,Kishiro Town,Shintomi-cho,Takanabe TownIn the constituency (West rice villageexcept forKoyu-gun).The fixed number is three.The members elected in recent years are as follows.

  • 2007/4
    • Hiromi Sakaguchi (Liberal Democratic Party)
    • Hironori Zushi (independent)
    • Goro Matsumura (Liberal Democratic Party)

Sister cities/partner cities


Pacific WarIn the middle, Tsuno Town accepted school children from Itoman Town.
* In both Tsuno Town and Saroma TownToyo Tire & RubberThere is a tire test course.


Population distribution by age in Tsuno Town and the whole country (2005)Population distribution by age and gender in Tsuno Town (2005)
Purple-Tsuno Town
Green-All over Japan

Changes in the population of Tsuno Town (corresponding area)
Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsStatistics Bureau CensusThan


high school

Junior high school

primary school


  • Tsunoseiai Kindergarten


Major companies

  • Kosoku Group Tsuno Solar Park (solar power generation)
  • Green biomass factory (biomass power generation)
  • Sun Agri Foods
  • Tsuno Agricultural Products
  • Tsuno Pellet Industry
  • Japan Plus Industry Miyazaki Factory
  • PCP Tsuno Factory (Pet food manufacturing)
  • Miyazaki Solar Way Tsuno Power Plant (Solar Power Generation)
  • Miyachiku Tsuno Factory (meat processing)
  • Ariake Sangyo of Western barrels



  • Fujimi (exercise) park (Japan Association of Athletics Federations certified ground)

Physical education facility

  • Tsuno Town Gymnasium

Cultural facility

  • Tsuno Town Library
Public hall
  • Kidohira Public Hall
Farming training center
  • Tsunogumi Agricultural Training Center
  • Fukuharao Farming Training Center
  • Yamasue Farming Training Center
Other cultural facilities
  • Tsuno Town Engetsu Memorial Hall

Commercial facility

Main commercial facilities
  • A Coop Tsuno
  • Pantry Keisuke
  • Eastern Kyushu NK Farm
  • Home Plaza Nafco Tsuno
  • Komeri Hard & Green Tsuno
  • Drug Eleven Tsuno
  • Family fashion Kayama
Local industrial type commercial facility
  • Roadside station

welfare facility

  • Tsuno nursery school
  • Osuzu nursery school
  • Ichinomiya nursery school
  • Shinrakuji nursery school
Elderly welfare facility
  • Group home Aozora
  • Osuzuso Group Home Suzu

Energy facility

  • Green Biomass Factory Tsuno Power Plant
  • Kosoku Group Tsuno Solar Park (solar power generation)
  • Miyazaki Solar Way Tsuno Power Plant (Solar Power Generation)

公共 機関

  • Miyazaki Prefecture Tsuno Meat Sanitation Inspection Center

Medical institution

  • Tsuno Town National Health Insurance Hospital
  • Takashima Clinic
  • Tsuneyoshi Clinic
  • Nagatomo Clinic

Religious facility

  • (Tsuno Shrine, Hinata) Tsuno Shrine
  • Kompira Shrine
  • Sugawara Shrine
  • Crescent Shrine
  • Mikazukibaru Shrine
  • Miyanoo Kumano Shrine
  • Miyahara Shrine
  • Entsuji Temple
  • Ikuma Temple
  • Jodo Temple
  • Chofukuji Temple
  • Hoonji Temple
  • Ryounji Temple

Financial institution

Agricultural cooperative
  • JA Osuzu Tsuno Branch

Japan Post Group

Japan Post
  • Tsuno Post Office
  • Toto Agricultural Post Office



The central station is Tsuno Station.

Bus route

General route bus



Hyuga City]-(26)Tono IC -[Koyu-gunKawanami Town

General national road

Prefectural road

Main local road


Sights and historic sites

Every year, Mt. Osuzuyama opens in April, a campsite opens and a waterfall tour is held in July, and a maple festival is held in November.
At the summer festival (summer festival) held on August 8st and 1nd every year,MikoshiIn Tsuno TownPilgrimageI will go.Also, fourDrum standWalks through the town, and many tourists rush in.It is held every year without stopping during the Pacific War, but in 2010Foot-and-mouth diseaseIt was canceled due to epidemic prevention measures.
At the winter festival (winter festival) held on December 12th and 4th every year, a flame-lit Kagura dedication is held.
  • Tono Winery
The Tono Wine Festival is held every October.
Opened on November 2013, 7.


  • Tsuno Osuzu Marathon: Held every year on February 2th.

  The current events are half, 10km, 5km, and 3km.

In 40, the 2008th time, about 1,403 people from all over the country participated.
In 41, the 2009th time, about 1,600 people from all over the country participated.
In 42, the 2010th time, about 2,000 people from all over the country participated.
The 43rd 2011 was canceled due to an outbreak of bird flu.
In 44, the 2012th time, about 1,800 people from all over the country participated.
In 45, the 2013th time, about 2,800 people from all over the country participated.
In 46, the 2014th time, about 3,300 people from all over the country participated.
In 47, the 2015th time, about 3,000 people from all over the country participated.

Sports facilities, etc.

Specialty goods

  • Sea urchin
  • Tono Wine Selected as one of the "2004 Best Wines in the World" (XNUMX edition).
  • Gold blowfish (white blowfish)

Celebrity from Tsuno Town

Persons related to Tsuno Town

  • Toshiaki Nagatomo (former mayor, honorary citizen of Tsuno Town,Otsu CityFrom)
  • Midori Mori(Tsuno Town Love Song Composer)


  • Since the place name of the entire town area is "Oaza Kawakita", all the postal codes are "889-1201".This is the only example in Japan other than the municipalities without large letters.
  • Long time agoMagnetic levitation railway(Maglev methodLinear motor car) MiyazakiLinear test lineWas laid from Hyuga City to the town, and experiments were conducted, but the linear test on the Miyazaki test line was completed in 1996 (Heisei 8).On the siteKokusai Kogyo HoldingsHowever, in March 3.6, a mega solar power plant with 1 solar panels arranged in columns over a length of about 2520km above the elevated Miyazaki test line, a linear motor car that runs north-south near Hyuga-nada in Miyazaki Prefecture, was completed. It worked.[3]
  • 2010/3Foot-and-mouth diseaseWas first seen.Detail is,Outbreak of FMD in Japan in 2010checking ...


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