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⚽ | Tokyo Verdy enters women's beach soccer ... Enters the league from the 2021 season

Photo Tokyo Verdy enters women's beach soccer ... Enters the league from the 2021 season

Tokyo Verdy enters women's beach soccer ... Enters the league from the 2021 season

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Tokyo Verdy, which is promoting entry into new competitions with the goal of becoming a comprehensive club in order to embody the J-League philosophy, has entered women's beach soccer as a new companion for the 18th team.

Tokyo Verdy Beach Soccer will enter "Women's Beach Soccer" as part of a comprehensive club. J Lee ... → Continue reading


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Women's beach soccer

Tokyo Verdy 1969

Tokyo Verdy(Tokyo Verdy)Japan OfTokyoHometown[1],Japan Professional Soccer League(J League) Professional football club. The name is "Tokyo Verdy"(Tokyo Verdi).


1969Was founded inYomiuri Soccer ClubIs the predecessor[1]And,1991Joined the J League[1]Original 10One of. From the beginning of the J League to 2001, hometownKanagawaKawasaki CityI put it inVerdi KawasakiThe name (Verdi Kawasaki) was used (see below for changes in names and names).

The club name Verdi is PortugueseGreen"(Meaning "green")[1].. The bird drawn on the emblemArcheopteryx.. Mascot characterコ ン ド ルWith the motifVerdi-kun[1], Rivern with Archeopteryx motif[5].

Head OfficeCompany name(Company name) isTokyo Verdy Co., Ltd.(Until 1998Yomiuri Japan Soccer Club Co., Ltd.From 1998 to October 2009, 10Nippon Television Football Club Co., Ltd.Until March 2017Tokyo Verdy 1969 Football Club Co., Ltd.Business name)[1].

Home stadiumAjinomoto Stadium[1], Clubhouse/practice area is TokyoInagi-shiAnd Kawasaki CityTama-kuLocated acrossYomiuri LandOn the siteVerdi Ground[1]And with the top teamAcademyUsed together (see detailsStadium/practice fieldSee).


The team name (official name) is from "J. League membership to January 1999, 1"Yomiuri Japan Soccer Club"From February 2, 1 to October 2009, 10, "FC Nippon'[6][Note 1], October 2009, 10, the current name "Tokyo Verdy 1969It has become.

In 2001, when the hometown was moved to Tokyo, the name was changed from Verdi Kawasaki to Tokyo Verdy 1969. This 19691969To the predecessorYomiuri Soccer ClubOriginated from the founding of.2008The name was changed to "Tokyo Verdy".

On the record page of the sports section of the newspaper company,1998Until simply(I.e.",1999からKawasaki Frontale Since (Kawasaki F) joined the J League,V Kawasaki"(Nabisco CupSince Kawasaki F also participated in1997Since then this notation). After moving to Tokyo2001FromFC TokyoTo distinguish it fromTokyo V"(Some are "Tokyo").

Changes in team name
  • 1969-1991 Yomiuri Soccer Club
  • 1991-1998 Yomiuri Japan Soccer Club
  • 1999-2009 FC Nippon[Note 1]
  • 2009-Tokyo Verdy 1969
Changes in designation
  • 1969-1991 Yomiuri Soccer Club
  • 1992-2000 Verdi Kawasaki
  • 2001-2007 Tokyo Verdy 1969
  • 2008-Tokyo Verdy



In 1969Yomiuri ShimbunClub team (voluntary organization)Yomiuri Soccer ClubFounded as In 1972Japan Soccer League(JSL) was promoted to Part 2 and in 1978 to Part 1 of JSL. Five times in the JSL 1st division,Emperor's cup5 wins,JSL CupThe record of winning three times was left.


1991Prepared for the opening of the J League in OctoberYomiuri Shimbun,Yomiuri Land Co., Ltd.,Nippon Television NetworkAs an operating company with the investment of three Yomiuri Group companiesYomiuri Japan Soccer Club Co., Ltd.Was established.Kawasaki CityTodoroki Athletics StadiumWill be based in.

At the time of the establishment of the J League, the Yomiuri Group (particularly the president of the Yomiuri Shimbun) was a club investor in the J League, which advocated a "community-based" philosophy.Tsuneo Watanabe) Reluctantly repels this idea as "empty"[7].. Exclude the company name from the team name notationhome townMunicipality (PrefecturesName orMunicipalityContrary to the J. League's policy of "(name) + nickname", from 92 before and after the establishment of the J League93To the Yomiuri media (Yomiuri Shimbun・NTV・Sports report)Yomiuri VerdiWas used[Note 2]

1992 J League Cup(Navisco Cup)Shimizu S-PulseDefeats and shines as the first champion.

J-League Opening-2000

1993 J League opening season(May 5)soYokohama MAgainst the Dutch FWHenny MeyerScored the first goal of the J League (match lost 1-1). 2st stage wonKashima AntlersIt was second only to, but won the second stage.J League ChampionshipAnd defeated Kashima to become the first J-League year champion. The Nabisco Cup also won the second straight title.

1994Also won the 2nd stage. 1st stage conquestSanfrecce Hiroshima FCWas defeated in the championship and became the annual champion for the second consecutive year. Achieved three consecutive Nabisco Cup titles. The Emperor's CupJapan Football League(Former JFL) winnerCerezo OsakaLost to.

1993から1995The J League ChampionshipNational Kasumigaoka Athletic FieldMade in.1994It was once decided that the 2nd leg match would be held with equal strength, but due to the fact that the condition of the lawn was not good and it was decided to carry out the second term of the repair work, etc. Vowed to hold. I decided to hold it in the national, but it was originally plannedMay 11Is the nextMay 12Done inToyota cupI could not use it because I practiced forMay 12Postponed to.

1995, Arsind joined from Kashima. The first stage ended in 2nd place, but he won the second stage and went to the championship with Marinos. However, they lost both games and could not achieve the third consecutive title.

1996In NovemberRamos Rui 京都Transferred to. Because of poor performance due to poor performance during the first stageNelsinhoResigned as director. As a successorEmerson LeonBecame the director.Emperor's cupHe also finished in 7th place in the league. After the Emperor's CupEmerson LeonIs dismissed as director.

1997,Hisato KatoBecame the director.BismarckLeft the group. At the estimated transfer amount of 3 million yen, which was the highest transfer amount at that timeMaesono MasakiEarned. Ramos returned in August. However, with MaenChiura MiuraHowever, despite the fact that Alsindo was rejoined, the team's performance was sluggish in the first two-digit position, 1th in the 16st stage and 2th in the 12nd stage.

1998After the season, Yomiuri Shimbun and Yomiuri Land withdrew from management and became wholly owned by Nippon Television Network. Along with that, the operating corporation name was changed from "Yomiuri Nippon Soccer Club" to "Nippon Television Football Club", and the name of the top team was changed to "FC Nippon". At the same time, Miura andTetsuji ShitaniA player with a large salary left the team.

1999The active high school students introduced from the previous year (currentSpecially designated player) Was accepted as the oldest of the three playersTeikyo High School3 years (4th year after completing compulsory education)Hayano YanoBecame the first "strengthening designated player who participated in the J1 official game". Second place in the 1st stage in the league match. AlsoYuji NakazawaWas selected as the best eleven for the first time in 3 years as a team. The 2nd stage remained in 10th place.

The relocation of Tokyo from the following year was approved by the J.League Board on February 2000, 2[8].


Club Slogan: 2002 "breakthrough": 2003BE TOUGH": 2004STRONG SOUL'

2001Hometown inKawasaki CityからTokyo[Note 3] Relocated to Tokyo Verdy 1969, the home stadiumChofu City OfTokyo stadium(Current: Ajinomoto Stadium) There is a practice fieldInagi-shiAnd aroundTama City,Hino cityShimizu construction,Keio Electric RailwayIs an affiliate advertising agencyKeio AgencyLocal companies also invested, and NTV's investment ratio became approximately 79%.2008ToTachikawaAlso invested.

In the 2001 season when the team name changed, the teamYasutaro MatsukiWas invited to the director again, and members who knew the golden age such as Kikuchi, Takeda, Nagai returned, and the formerJapan national football team OfTakashi Ogura-Akihiro MiuraJoined the transfer, andDaigo Kobayashi,Seitaro TomizawaJoined. The 1st stage is the lowest. Matsuki was dismissed at the end of the 1st stage due to poor performance and feud with the front, and directorYukitaka OmiIt was won in the middle of the season on the 2nd stageMarquinhosOf the Brazilian national teamEzimund OfBrazilianThe combination scored 2 points out of 22 points the team gave in the 14nd stage and finished 9th. 15th in the automatic demotion area in the overall rankingFukuokaHe remained in 3th place with only 14 points difference. The Emperor's CupJ2 OfKawasaki FrontaleLost to the best eight. Only this yearNobuhiro Takeda,Shinkichi Kikuchi,Kenji HonnamiRetired. Ogura received out of forceConsadole SapporoTransferred to.

2004 years,ArdilesSecond year of system.Emperor's Cup All Japan Soccer ChampionshipAnd won the first title after moving to Tokyo. The same dayAll Japan Women's Soccer ChampionshipOf the women's teamBelezaWon the first Japan-American simultaneous championship at the All Japan Championships.

2005, the third year of the Ardiles system. Win the Xerox Cup. Brazilian National Championship scorerWashingtonEarnedMay 7 OfG OsakaBattle,May 7 OfUrawaBattle,May 7 OfIwataMassive goals in the war echoed, Ardires was dismissed,BadonBecame the director,May 11 OfoakSuffered 1-5 defeat in the battle,J2I have been demoted. Badon retires after the season. Also, Washington, who scored 22 points, moved completely to Urawa,Kentaro Hayashi,Mt. Yoneyama AtsushiEtc. left the group. Obtained by winning the Emperor's CupAFC Champions League 2006He was worried that his participation rights would be stripped by the J2 relegation, but the participation was approved by AFC.

2006-2007 (J2)


Club slogan: "All for win.'

OBRamos RuiBecame the director. After the start of the season, the large number of goals scored was not resolved. The starting members change almost every game,Digimar,Hiki,Anai Wooson,BasilioFour foreign nationals were fired during the season. The final ranking was 4th. The Emperor's Cup is the first matchTochigi SCLost to (JFL affiliation at that time). The AFC Champions League fought two games, both of which lost the group league.


Club slogan: "All green sprint!'

Ramos system second year. Was the player chairmanMasayuki YanagisawaIncluding a large number of players. Of the former Japan representativeToshihiro Hattori,Nanami HiroshiStartTsuchiya Masao,Yusuke SatoEtc. Foreign nationals had already renewed their contractMarx Yokohama FMI moved toFluffy,デ ィ エ ゴEarned. Also, seven new players joined, resulting in about half of the members being replaced.Toshio HagiwaraThe representative said, "If the content is bad, it may be dismissed early."

The opening five games had 5 wins and 4 minute, but Section 1 (FukuokaBattle) to Section 13 (MitoWon the club worst tie 7 losses and fell to 9th place. It developed into the rioting of Ramos,京都After a good victory at 4-1 in the match, he continued to accumulate points without losing a single consecutive loss, and although he missed the championship in the final round, he returned to J1 with a 2nd place result. In addition, Hukki became the J1 scorer with 37 goals. After the season, Ramos retired and became Executive Director,Tetsuji ShitaniBecame the director. The Emperor's Cup is the first match of the JFLHonda FCLost to.

2008 (J1)

Club slogan: "All green sprint 2008 fighting strength'

Pilatiya system first year. The name was changed from "Tokyo Verdy 1" to "Tokyo Verdy".FC TokyoFrom former Japan national team MFTakashi FukunishiAnd GKYoichi Toi,Yokohama FMTo DFDaisuke Nasu,ShimizuTo DFTakuzo WadaEarned. As a new foreignerSao Paulo FCTo FWLeandro,In SeptemberMasashi OguroWas won. After the previous season(I.e.The fluffy that had been rented back to was acquired again after the opening but in JulyFC PortoTransferred to.

The first victory is in Section 5KobeIt will be a battle, but after joining Fukki, the number of winning stars will gradually increase. However, after leaving Hukki, he could not win as expected, and in September he lost all four races. In the final stage, Diego, which is the core of the team's attack, was missing due to cumulative warning and suspension of four games due to leaving the Emperor's Cup, and there was a serious lack of points and more goals near the end of the game, etc. 9th place at the end of Section 4. He was defeated by Kawasaki in the final section and was in 4th place.千葉Wins, the final ranking is 17th and J2 automatic demotion is decided. Shitani retired as director after the season.

Parent company NTV fell into the red for the first time in 37 years. As a result, the cost for 2009 will be significantly reduced, and it has been announced that there will be no contracts with many major players such as Doi, Hattori, Fukunishi for the next term (Doi and Hattori will remain in the form of re-contract). Some media have reported that they are considering the transfer of shares that NTV holds almost 100%.



Club slogan: "VERDY 40 EVER'

This year marks the 40th anniversary of the club's foundingTakuya TakagiBecame the director. Nasu transferred to Iwata and Diego transferred to Kyoto. Wada also returned to the rental source, Shimizu, and then transferred to Chiba. 2008 was a rental transfer to a J2 clubKenta TogawaYugo IchiyanagiAlso, I completely transferred to the rental destination. Newly experienced J1 promotion with Takagi at Yokohama FCKunihiko TakizawaKazuya Iwakura, Iwata's veteran MFTakahiro KawamuraI belonged to Tokyo V in my youth eraNagasato GenkiEarned. I have been renting for the past 2 yearsKento Tsurumaki Returned, but Daikoku also remained. And once, Toi, Hattori, who was announced as out of force,Funakoshi YuzoAnd signed a contract again.

After the withdrawal of breast sponsor CyberAgent, breast sponsors did not enter this year throughout the year. Takagi was dismissed in the middle of the season. Former director of Beleza, of youthTakeo MatsudaWas promoted to the top coach, but finished the season in 1th place without being involved in the promotion contest even once. The Emperor's Cup is JFLHonda lockDefeated by. NTV withdrew from management in September.


Club slogan: "The power of rallying'

Ryoichi Kawakatsu becomes the third director. Hattori,Yoshinari TakagiAll three new college graduates in 2009 were released due to financial difficulties without renewing the contract. Leandro, Daikoku and players who were the core of the attack team were also released, leaving 3 people out of the club. The new player is a student of Kawakatsu at the time of Hosei UniversityMasaki Yoshida,Takuro KikuokaFrom academyNaoya Saeki,Yasuya ShimizuSuch as 12 people. Athletes' personnel expenses were about 1 million yen, except for players who were transferred to rental[9].. Made a J League debut the previous year from youthToshiyuki TakagiHas been promoted since the 2010 seasonYoshiro Takagi,Yuki Kobayashi,Hidehito MinamiMade their debut in the J League with their youth affiliation. Promoted to J2KitakyushuFor the first time, and the only season victory was presented, and temporarily stagnated in 18th place. After that, it rewound and emerged to 4th place, but on November 11thFukuokaLost to J1 promotion and finished the season in 5th place. The Emperor's Cup is the first matchMachidaWas lost to the first round for the sixth consecutive year.


Club slogan: "Origin Return-All for VERDY-'

Kawakatsu system second year. From this year, the emblem letters have been changed from "FC NIPPON" to "FOOTBALL CLUB"[10].. The longest appearance in the team of the previous yearAkira Makoto Shibasaki Kawasaki FrontaleIn addition, Toshiyuki Takagi, who has the second highest score,Shimizu S-PulseTransferred to. Yuki Kobayashi and 4 others were promoted from youth, and the contract was not renewed in KawasakiYusuke MoriOr from Okayama with a fixed transferKim Taeyoung,Kohei Kiyama(Return for the first time in 4 years, JFLSanukiTransfer to), from OmiyaMasahiko IchikawaFrom KofuMaranyonEtc. Yoshiro Takagi in JuneEredivisie-FC UtrechtWas transferred to. In July, the original京都 OfYusuke Nakatani, OriginalArte Takasaki OfYuki AkibaEarned. Junior coach'sRyo NurushiRegister players,Kwansei Gakuin University OfRyota KajikawaTheSpecially designated playerRegistered as. In August, the former representative of JapanSeiichiro MakiWas won. He was involved in the J1 promotion battle, but eventually finished 5th and missed the J1 promotion. The Emperor's Cup broke the first match in seven years.


Club slogan: "One.'

Kawakatsu system third year. I was enrolled for 3 yearsSugawara SatoshiRetired.Seitaro Tomizawa Yokohama F. Marinos,Hiroki Kono FC Tokyo,Takuro Kikuoka Tochigi SC,Inoue Taira FC Gifu,Kensuke Fukuda Ventforet Kofu,Masaki Yoshida AndComplete transfer toKitakyushuWas rented toRyoji Fukui oakComplete transfer toRyuichi Taira,Masahiko IchikawaHas completed the rental transfer period. on the other hand,千葉Since last seasonC OsakaWas rented toMasaki Nakago,AtagoからJogimar,Yoshihiro Mitsushi,Kusatsuからア レ ッ ク ス,IwataからNishiki Hiroshi,京都からSuzuki Shingo,MitoからJunki Koike,OitaからRyosuke Tone,G OsakaからTaiyoichiIs acquired by full transfer.SendaiからShimakawa ToshiroWas acquired as a fixed-time transfer. Furthermore, Ryota Kajikawa, who was a specially designated player last season, joined. AlsoRyushi Sugimoto,Hidehito Minami,Shunsuke Tateno,Takahiro TanakaWas promoted from youth, and in FebruaryShoya NakajimaWas registered as a Type 2 registered player. The coaches are former Kashiwa coachShinichiro TakahashiAnd former Kyoto directorYutaka AkitaBecame the top team coach.

March 3th after the season startsKen SugimotoTheCerezo OsakaHe had joined the training on June 7 with a fixed transfer until July 17 of the same year.Bae DewonWas won. After Sugimoto returned to C Osaka, Akira Makoto Shibasaki was transferred from Kawasaki on July 7, 26 until January 2013, 1, and Nicholas of the third generation of Nikkei on July 31CR FlamengoFrom Matsumoto on August 2013th with a fixed transfer until January 1st, 1Ryosuke KijimaOn August 8th with full transferJimmy FrancaWas acquired from Shimizu as a limited-time transfer until January 2013, 1.

He defeated Chiba in the 6th round on June 23 and took the lead, returning to 20nd place in the first half of the league. However, in August, he became far from the victory and canceled his contract with Jojimar on August 2. Kawakatsu retires from director and general manager of reinforcement department on September 8. Takahashi became the director on September 8 after acting as the director, but he lost the match against Yokohama FC in Section 23 and was able to secure the 9th place or lower. I missed the advance to the playoffs. The final ranking is 6th. The Emperor's Cup lost to Shimizu in the third round. Takahashi retired after the season.


Club slogan: "TOKYO GLOCAL[Note 4] STANDARD'

November 2012, 11, before OBKitakyushuDirector'sYasushi MiuraWill be announced as director. with this,Satoshi Tokiwa,Akihiro Yasuda,Yuya Sato,Gold bell must,Mitsuhiro SekiAll 5 players were completely transferred from Kitakyushu and played under Director Miura when they were in Kitakyushuoak OfRyoji FukuiReturned after full transfer, renting to KitakyushuKirora orchid with vegetables,Kirouran bellHas acquired many players who were enrolled in Kitakyushu such as returning. OtherFukuokaからSuzuki Atsushi,ShimizuからNaoyasu TakaharaIs a complete transfer,ShonanからNaoya IshigamiJoined with a deadline. From youthKusumi Keishi,Kazuki Azai,Pope William,Yohei Yoshino,Naoki MaedaWas promoted,Shoya NakajimaWas also officially registered. In addition, the specially designated player of Kwansei Gakuin UniversityAkira IbayashiJoined.

on the other hand,Naoya Saeki,Yusuke Nakatani,Ryosuke Kijima,Yoshihiro Mitsushi,ア レ ッ ク ス,Yuki Akiba,Shota Arai,TakenakaIt was a transfer with a deadline without renewing the contract withJimmy Franca,Akira Makoto ShibasakiReturned to his affiliation,IwataWas rented toYuki KobayashiMoved to Iwata,Takuya Wada Sendai,Shohei Takahashi Omiya,Ryota KajikawaShonan,Tsuchiya Masao Kofu,Kota Fukatsu,Yoshihiro Mitsushi MachidaCompletely transferred to each. AlsoTakahiro Shibasaki Yokohama FC,Takahiro TanakaI was transferred to Kitakyushu with a deadlineKoji TakanoBoth transferred to Machida for a limited period of time, and transferred to Machida for a limited period of time.Kazuki HiramotoIs a transfer to Kofu with a deadline,ToyamaDuring the transfer toShunsuke TatenoSince the transfer period has been extended by one year, the team's team has changed significantly.

XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Kamata Mare SanukiIn a practice match withBae DewonIs touched by SanukiKohei FujitaDeveloped a situation in which an apology statement was posted on the club's official website, causing serious injury to the right ankle open dislocation fracture, and Miura's words and actions in the same match were also regarded as a problem, ``Although it was to protect the athlete, It was not a permissible act,'' and Miura was voluntarily banned from the league start and section 2 bench stoppages and Bae's external match suspension until the end of March.[11].. Nicholas returned to Flamengo on July 7 after the time-limited transfer, and participated in practice on July 2Maito MitousuWas won.

On July 7th, Keio University, which was a member of Tokyo V from junior to youthHayama GoWas registered as a specially designated player.

In the league game, even after winning the first victory in the FC Gifu match in Section 6, we will continue to win unmatched games. A number of injured people have continued, and there has never been more than two consecutive victories, and the final result was 2 wins, 14 minutes, 14 losses, and 14th place.

The Emperor's Cup lost to Kawasaki F in the third round.


Club slogan: "ONE FLAG'

Miura system second year. From the academy, he supported the club for many years and was captain of 2Kazuyoshi Iio Junki KoikeWithYokohama FC,Shoya Nakajima FC Tokyo(In 2014, halfway through the seasonToyamaTransfer to the deadline),Ryosuke Tone Nagoya,Seiichiro Maki Kumamoto,Nishiki Hiroshi Police United FCA lot of main players of 2013 transferred. AlsoYohei Yoshino TheHiroshimaCompletely transferred to and remained in the form of a rental bag (rental deadline ended on August 8, transferred to Hiroshima).

on the other handSendaiからNaoya Tamura,Nippon Sport Science UniversityからKenji KitawakiEarned. From youthNaoto Sawai,Hiroki Sugashima,Yuki Anzai,Makinosuke HatanakaWas promoted and transferred with a deadlineShunsuke Tateno,Takahiro Tanaka,Hidehito Minami,Ryushi Sugimoto,Takahiro Shibasaki,Kazuki HiramotoIs back.ShimizuからHiroshi KangariWas acquired by transfer with a deadline until July 7st of the same year. Also for new foreignersGuillarmeNiudoAlso joined with a deadline. CoachDaimon Terakado,Shuichi MaseからKuninaga Tatsunori,Yoshitaka YasudaBecame. Most of the athletes were from the academy and became young members.

Of the team scorer last year after the start of the seasonNaoyasu Takahara SagamiharaTransferred with a deadline to the previous yearRyukyuBelonged toHideki NagaiReturned for the first time in 6 years. See you on August 8thOpera rioBelonged toAbdaWas won.

After the end of Section 31,J3Director Miura was dismissed because he was in a slump in 20th place on the verge of relegation. In addition, Yoshitaka Yasuda and Hiroshi Yoshioka have both been dismissed, and Tatsunori Kuninaga has also resigned.[12].. The successor director of Tokyo V Youth DirectorGoichi TogashiWas appointed as a coach,Nadeshiko League OfNippon Television BelezaWas the coach ofTatsuya Murata, GK coach was a training GK coachYoichi ToiWas appointed, andKazuhiko TakemotoWas invited as the technical director.

Even after the change of manager, the games that could not be won continued, and the annual ranking was 20th, the lowest rank in club history. The Emperor's Cup lost to Kitakyushu in the second round.


Club slogan: "ONE FLAG ambition'

Second year of the Togashi system.Satoshi Tokiwa Kumamoto,Suzuki Atsushi Fukuoka,Gold bell must Shonan,Niudo Sapporo,Kirora orchid with vegetables And,Takahiro Tanaka Kanto Department 1-Briobecca Urayasu,Shunsuke Tateno China part 1-Matsue City FCTransferred toAbdaWas withdrawn after the contract expired. AlsoSagamiharaWas transferred to theNaoyasu TakaharaAnd from August of the previous yearGifuWas transferred to theYusuke MoriCompletely transferred to Sagamihara,Naoki MaedaTo Matsumoto,Kusumi Keishi JFL-V OitaEach was transferred with a deadline.

On the other hand, from youthKento three polesMasano NakanoWere previously promoted and were both members of Tokyo V YouthChuo UniversityAndKomazawa University OfAki OkiEarned. Foreign players are ChineseShenzhen Benin Football ClubからBruno Coutinho, From SagamiharaWesley, Of the Hong Kong LeagueNanhua Foot TeamBelonged toComprehensive completionWith a complete transfer,EC VitoriaからAlan PinheiroWas acquired as a fixed-time transfer. Also, from July of the previous yearTottoriWas transferred to theAkihiro YasudaHas returned. The average age of the players was 24.95, making it the youngest team in the J1 and J2 leagues of the same year.

In terms of staffKazuhiko TakemotoBecame the general manager. After joining the interpreter in 2012, I served as a training GK coach, but returned to the top team. For trainersTokyo University of AgricultureThe soccer club has joined.

With the goal of "more than 60 points and 9th place", he returned to 8th place with 7 wins, 6 minutes and 8 losses in the first half of the season. In JulyKenji Kitawaki FC Suzuka LamporeToKirouran bell AkitaAnd Kodai YasudaAtagoTo each with a time limit,ShimizuからYoshiro TakagiReturned for the first time in four and a half years with a time-limited transfer.


The Emperor's Cup lost to Omiya Ardija in the second round.


Club slogan: "ONE FLAG true value'

Second year of the Togashi system.Bruno Coutinho,Comprehensive completion,AkitaWas transferred to theKirouran bellLeft the group,AndWas transferred to with a deadlineNaoki Maeda Yokohama FM,Ryoji Fukui Yamaguchi,Yuya Sato 千葉,Kento three poles Kashima,Akihiro YasudaOf the transferee with a deadlineAtagoComplete transfer to,Pope William Gifu,Makinosuke Hatanaka Machida,ButSuzuka,Hiroki SugashimaWas transferred to Chiba for a limited time.

Meanwhile, from GifuTakeshi OtaFrom MachidaTomohiro Hira,NauticoからDouglas,Thailand 2nd Division-Air Force United FCからYuji Funayama,ShimizuからJunpei TakagiComplete transfer from Yokohama FMSuzuki RyoudaiIs acquired by transfer with a deadline. Also, I was transferred with a deadlineKenji Kitawaki,Kusumi KeishiReturns,Alan PinheiroMoved to full transfer,Yoshiro TakagiThe time-limited transfer period of has been extended.

From youthHayashi Shogo,Inoue Shione,County dreamHas been promoted, and in terms of staffSendaiWas in charge of the Academy Scout atTomohiro HasumiBecame the coach of the top team.

In 7 monthG OsakaからTakahiro Futagawa,NiigataからYuuri HayashiWith a fixed time transfer (withdrawal in September)Gluja MoriokaI was transferred to for a limited time.

Although he won the opening game since 2012, he has not won nine games from Section 5 to Section 13, and has only two wins in the away game, and no consecutive wins. Although he was involved in the J9 race, he was spared the J2 relegation even though it was difficult to decide the J1 race in Section 2. The ranking dropped significantly from the previous year to 41th. After the season, Director Togashi retires, andTatsuya Murata,Tomohiro HasumiBoth coaches,Yoichi ToiThe GK coach also retired and the leaders were all replaced.

The Emperor's Cup lost to Yokohama F. Marinos in the third round.


Club slogan: "ONE FLAG KIZUKU'

New directorMiguel Angel RotinaIs appointed. 2005BadonSince then, he has been the first foreign director in 12 years.

In terms of staff, become a top team coachShinji FujiyoshiIvan Palanco Santiago, GK coach, top team interpreter and coachSugawara Satoshi, Physical coach, top team assistant coach, and retired last yearHideki NagaiWas appointed as a youth director and assistant general manager, and former director Goichi Togashi was appointed director of the reinforcement department. A Spanish coach has been appointed as a conditioning coach since July 7.

Besides Hideki Nagai mentioned aboveYuji FunayamaRetired.Kenji Kitawaki YS Yokohama,Kusumi KeishiIs JFLFC Imabari,Hidehito Minami Yamagata,Ryushi Sugimoto Nagoya,Suzuki Ryoudai G Osaka,Wesley Annapolis FCComplete transfer to.Aki Oki Nagano, Is JFL ・Line Mail Aomori FC,County dreamIs G Osaka,Pope William (I.e.Transfer to each with time limit,Hiroki Sugashima The千葉The time-limited transfer period to was extended.

As a new forceUrawaからMitsuru Nagata,NagasakiからRyota Kajikawa,MachidaからKeisuke Naito,C OsakaSince last yearNaganoWas enrolled inHashimoto HideoComplete transfer from C OsakaHiroyuki Takeda, G from OsakaTatsuya UchidaEarned with a fixed transfer,Yoshiro TakagiMoved to full transfer.MachidaWas transferred to with a deadlineMakinosuke HatanakaReturns,Takahiro FutagawaThe time-limited transfer period of has been extended.

2 types were registered from youth last yearKota WatanabeWas promoted.

In 7 monthVillareal CF BからCarlos MartinezEarned,Masano Nakano FC ImabariTransferred to a deadline.

The opening game was lost to Tokushima, but after that the defense was improved[13], Alan, Douglas and the other two attacking teams are active, with 2 consecutive wins from Section 2 to Section 6, 5 consecutive wins from Section 27 to Section 30, 4 consecutive wins from Section 34 to Section 38, etc. We have accumulated points. In the 4th round, he lost to Yamaguchi and fell to 40th place, but after winning the 7st round against Kyoto and the final round against Tokushima, he finished 41th. The team has decided to advance to the J5 promotion playoff for the first time in history.

Promotion PO SemifinalsEga Health StadiumSo I lost to Fukuoka 0-1.

The Emperor's Cup lost to Chiba in the second round.


Club slogan: "ONE FLAG KIZUKU(Same as last year)

The second year of the Rotina system.Kazuki HiramotoJunpei Takagi,Masaki Nakago,Keisuke NaitoRetired from active duty (Naito returned later).Yoshiro Takagi Niigata,Yuki Anzai Kashima,Kazuki Azai Tosu,Aki Oki Tochigi Uva,Pope WilliamOf the transferee with a deadline(I.e.Complete transfer to.Daisuke Takagi Yamaguchi,Takeshi Ota Toyama,ButHokkaido Tokachi Sky EarthTransferred to theMasano Nakano TheFC ImabariThe time-limited transfer period to was extended.

New playersOitaからNaoto Kamifukumoto,SanukiからLee Rong Nao,千葉からYusuke HigaTaishi Wakasa,MitoからRyohei Hayashi,GunmaからKazuma Takai,YamagataからYuhei SatoCompletely transferred from NiigataMori Shunsuke,ShonanからYuta NarawaIs acquired by transfer with a deadline.Nippon Sport Science UniversityからHasegawaJoins, and from youthHiroya FujimotoWas promoted.Tatsuya UchidaHiroyuki TakedaMoved to full transfer and was transferred to Chiba for a limited timeHiroki SugashimaIs back. February 2,G OsakaWas scheduled to return this season with the expiration of the transfer contractCounty dreamWas canceled due to a breach of Article 9 "Acts that disturb the order of the club" in the Japan Football Association player contract.Takahiro FutagawaHas extended the transfer period again, but on March 3thTochigi SCHas been announced for a timely transfer to.

XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Carlos MartinezCanceled the contract after mutual agreement between the club and himself due to family circumstances.Hercules CFTransferred to. Kazuma Takai to Yamaguchi on July 7 and August 10Makinosuke Hatanaka Yokohama F. MarinosCompletely transferred toNaoto SawaiOf the French that partnered with VerdiAC AjaccioWas transferred to a limited time. Meanwhile, from G Osaka on June 6Izumi SawaOn October 8stNagasakiからKagawa YuukiWith a fixed transfer, on July 7KobeからLeandroWas completely transferred.

He made a good start with no loss of 10 games (4 wins and 6 draws) from the opening, but he lost four consecutive games from Section 11 and temporarily dropped to 4th place. From June, he recovered his condition and participated in the J14 high-ranking battle due to the success of Izumizawa and Kagawa who joined the summer. Surviving the high-ranking battle, which became a big melee, the final result was 6 points and 2th place. We achieved the playoff advance for the second consecutive year.

J1 entry playoffsThe first roundNACK Stadium OmiyaSo Omiya 1-0, the second roundNHK Spring Mitsuzawa StadiumSo beat Yokohama FC 1-0[14], The decisive battleYamaha stadiumLost 1-16 to Iwata, who came in 0th place in J2, and missed the promotion to J11 for the first time in 1 seasons.[15].. The day after the decisive match, director Rotina and coach Ivan were announced to retire.[16][17].

The Emperor's Cup in the fourth roundUrawa RedsLost to.



50th anniversary of the club's founding. Signed a corporate partner contract since last yearAkatsukiAcquired the shares and Verdi became an affiliate of Akatsuki. Akatsuki has announced that he will dispatch management members and participate in management.

Changed the emblem and logo design for the purpose of making the team a comprehensive sports club.Teams from other sports such as beach soccer and volleyball will also use the same design (the soccer division will be used from 2020 due to registration).

New directorGarry John WhiteWas appointed[18].. To coach(English edition, To the physical coachHirokazu NishigataWelcomed.

Hayashi ShogoLeft the group when the contract expired,Yusuke HigaRetired from active duty.Douglas VieiraAkira Ibayashi Hiroshima,Alan Pinheiro 千葉,Hashimoto Hideo FC Imabari,Hiroki SugashimaIn PortugalPortimonense SC,Mitsuru Nagata Tokyo United FC,Hiroyuki TakedaTochigi SCWas transferred to theTakahiro Futagawa FC Tiamo HirakataComplete transfer to. I was transferred with a deadlineTakeshi Ota(Toyama)WhenDaisuke Takagi(Yamaguchi), (Hokkaido Tokachi Sky Earth) Are all transferred to the transfer destination,Kagawa Yuuki,Izumi Sawa,Mori ShunsukeWas withdrawn after the transfer period expired.

As a new forceAndからTomoyuki Suzuki,AtagoWill be the first return in 6 yearsJunki Koike,Yokohama FCからTakuya Nagata,千葉からNaoya Kondo,FC Older BusからNemanja KoitchWith a complete transfer,ShonanからHitoshi Suto,TosuWill be the first return in 8 yearsHiroki Kono, OfWaumersonIs acquired by transfer with a deadline. It was a transfer with a deadline of the previous yearYuta NarawaMoved to full transfer.Chuo UniversityからTatsuya AzaiJoins, and from youthAki MoritaYamamoto RinWas promoted.

Coach Michael Boris resigned on May 5 to return to Germany due to family circumstances. Previous year,AC AjaccioWas transferred to theNaoto SawaiReturned on May 5[19].

In the first half of the season, 7 wins, 7 draws, 7 losses, and 14th place. White retired on July 7 due to poor performance, trying to supervise youthHideki NagaiBecame the first top team manager. The same day in ThailandRatchaburi FCBelonged toKang SuirHas been announced. See you on August 8thToyamaからMizuki Arai,CR FlamengoからCrevinhoOn 8th August in TurkeyGentil Villery SKからGillton ParaibaWas completely transferred. On the other handKota Watanabe Yokohama F. MarinosComplete transfer to,Ryohei Hayashi MachidaAfter a timely transfer to, Nemanja Koitch was terminated.

After the change of director, he was in good shape with consecutive wins, but he was unable to win the top team and was sluggish. He finished the season in 13th place without ever being involved in promotion battles. Nagai's follow-up was announced before the final round.

The Emperor's Cup in the fourth roundHosei UniversityLost 0-2. It's been 29 years since I lost to the university team, and 41 years since I've lost.


Club slogan: "GO BEYOND A new era'

This year was the first time for the original 10 teams to have the same number of years in the J1 and lower leagues.

Nagai system second year. The GM, who had been working for 2 years, retired and was GMKazuhiko TakemotoBecame the GM of the women's division. For new GMAkatsukiSince then, he has been appointed as an outside director. To strengthen department managerAtshiko EjiriIs also a coach of the top team and a teacher of Nagai in middle schoolHirofumi YoshitakeWas added.

Naoya TamuraRetired from active duty.Tatsuya Uchida Gunma,Ryota KajikawaNaoto Kamifukumoto Tokushima,Lee Rong Nao Ryukyu,Tomoyuki Suzuki MoriokaComplete transfer toTatsuya Azai Numazu,Takuya Nagata KitakyushuWas transferred to a limited time. AlsoGilton ParaibaKang SuirHas expired the contract,WaumersonHas expired the time-limited transfer period.

As a new forceIwataからYoshito Okubo,YamagataからHaruya Ide,TottoriからTakayuki Fukumura,Figuerense FCからMateusWill be the first return in eight years from IwataShohei TakahashiIs acquired by transfer with a deadline.Nippon Sport Science UniversityからRyoya YamashitaJoins, and from youthHaruya Baba,Matsuhashi Yuan,Taiga Ishiura,Fujita Joruru Chima,Masaki AnoHas been promoted (Baba, Ishiura, and Fujita have registered two species since the previous year, and Ishiura and Fujita are in the match). I was transferred with a deadlineMizuki Arai,Hitoshi Suto,Hiroki KonoMoved to full transfer,CrevinhoThe time-limited transfer period of has been extended. AlsoRyohei HayashiMasano NakanoHas returned from a loan transfer, but Hayashi transferred to Gunma in March and Nakano transferred to Morioka in August. Was appointed captain in AugustHiroya Fujimoto Portuguese League 1st Division OfGil VicenteWas transferred to a limited time.

The result of the league match is 13th place with 15 wins, 14 draws and 12 losses. It was an uneasy ending next season, with 36 games unwinned (7 minutes and 3 losses) from verse 4.


Club slogan: "UNITE AS ONE'

20th anniversary of Tokyo relocation.Due to the failure of promotion in the previous year, the number of years of enrollment in the lower league exceeded that of J10 for the first time as an original 1 team.

Nagai system third year.By becoming a consolidated subsidiary of Xebio, the front desk team has been renewed.Hideyuki HanyuPresident and directors Masahiro Yoshida, Hiroshi Saito, and GM Daisuke Umemoto have retired, and have been appointed as new presidents, acting representative directors, and directors.AlsoHirofumi YoshitakeRetired as head coach and was a scout managerTakashi HoriBecame a coach.

Naoya KondoLeandro,GunmaWas transferred to theRyohei HayashiRetired from active duty.Hasegawa Yamagata,Naoto Sawai Yamaguchi,Masano Nakano Morioka,Takuya Nagata Kitakyushu,Fujita Joruru Chima Tokushima,Inoue Shione Kobe,Yoshito Okubo C Osaka,Hiroki Kono Kanto Soccer League2 partsNankatsu SCCompletely transferred to.Tatsuya Azai TheNumazuExtend the loan transfer period toShohei TakahashiCrevinhoHas expired the loan transfer period.Also promoted from youth this yearMaaya SakoBefore the start of the seasonFujimoriTransferred to a training-type loan with a time limit.

As a new forceMitoからBoniface Nduka, From NumazuYuya NagasawaFrom KitakyushuKoken Kato,G OsakaからTatsuya Yamaguchi,SagamiharaからSeitaro Tomizawa, I belonged to Verdy two years agoGilton Paraiba[20]Was completely transferred to Tokushima last yearRyota KajikawaTosuWill be the first return in 4 yearsKazuki AzaiIs acquired by transfer with a deadline.Juntendo UniversityからHisaya Sato,Meiji UniversityからKyota MochiiRyo Sato,Chuo UniversityからDaiki FukasawaJoined.Also from youth on February 2, just before the openingRiku HashimotoWas registered on March 3th.



International title

Domestic title

By individual


Individual grade

hat trick

J League Cup
  • 3 points[22]
    • Tomoyoshi Miura (September 1992, 9 YLC Section 19) G OsakaBattle)
    • Bismarck (1993 August 8 YLC Semifinals G OsakaBattle)
    • Ezimund (May 2002, 5 YLC Qualifying Group B/Section 12 VISSEL KOBEBattle)
    • Mboma (July 2003, 7 Qualifying Group A / Section 16 Jubilo IwataBattle)

Stadium/practice field

Home stadium

During the Yomiuri club era, the practice field was in Yomiuri Land,Japan Soccer League(JSL) home gamesKomazawa Olympic Park General Athletic Field Athletic Field,Todoroki Athletics StadiumWas being used. Also, the players of the training organizationTokyoKanagawaIt was gathered from an area that spans across.

After joining the J League, in the V Kawasaki era (hometown Kawasaki city)Todoroki Athletics StadiumWas the home stadium (other holding stadiums areThis itemSee).

The concept of relocating the headquarters from Kawasaki to Tokyo dates back to the first year when the J League was established.1993, In Chofu, TokyoUS Army Chofu BaseThe "Musashino no Mori Stadium (tentative name) concept" is raised on the site (later "Tokyo Stadium → Ajinomoto StadiumVerdi announced plans to relocate to the same area, and Chofu City unanimously decided "Resolution on attracting professional soccer teams" at the regular assembly of the city council.[23], Aggressively embarked on the attraction. The J-League, who received a complete denial of the community-based philosophy, rejected the fact that the base of the stadium until the completion of the stadium a few years later is unclear and there is also a plan to move in the first year of the J-League opening.[7].. In addition, Kawasaki City, which received a notice of relocation at the time of embarking on a large-scale renovation of the Todoroki Athletic Stadium, repulsed.[24], Notified that he did not agree to the move. Chofu City also received criticism[25] Presenting a peaceful solution as a prerequisite for attracting[24].. Soon after, Verdi agreed with the J.League Executive Committee's recommendation to withdraw a blank sheet, and the relocation plan had disappeared.[24].

1999In October, Verdi once again announced plans to move to Tokyo.[26].. Of "Tokyo Stadium"2001It is expected to open fromTokyo Gas Soccer Club(CurrentFC Tokyo) Is active on the premise of future use of "Tokyo Stadium"), even after relocationKawasaki FrontaleHas promoted an environment in which J1 matches can be held with equal effort.[27], We got the permission to move from Kawasaki City, but after the move to Tokyo, we didn't approve of holding home games, etc. Verdi moved home town from Kawasaki city to Tokyo from 2001 season[Note 3]And

After moving to Tokyo, Ajinomoto Stadium (“Ajista”) will be the home stadium.This itemSee). When using Aji Sta in a match hosted by Tokyo V, the upper level of the stadium will be closed in J2 due to cost reduction in many matches. If it rains on the day of the game, most of the lower floors may get wet, and some of the upper floors may be open. In 2006, less than half of the 24 home game games were held at Ajista, and we were forced to hold them at another venue. Because it was supposed to be recognized[28], In the same year, Tokyo V belonged to J2, while FC Tokyo belonged to J1.

In 2009, Chairman Nobuaki Choi sought to withdraw from Ami-sta from the latter half of 2010, due to the balance between usage fees and FC Tokyo.[29] But,Cui and his management have retired in June 2010This idea was frozen.

Practice field

Since moving to Tokyo, he has also been active in local activities, and has the highest number of local activities among the J clubs. According to the management philosophy of the operating company of Tokyo V, home town[Note 3]In addition to Inagi City, where the operating company's head office is located,Machida-shi[Note 5] Of Minamitama area exceptHino city,Tama City,Tachikawa,Hachioji CityWe recognize that, and the four cities of Inagi, Hino, Tama and Tachikawa are also investing. Other,Nerima-kuThere is a stadium that has been designated as a semi-hometown for a long timeShibuya Ward-Shinjuku ward(National Kasumigaoka Athletic FieldSurroundings),KitaActively developing events and PR activities in areas such as (Ajinomoto Field Nishigaoka area).

On October 2010, 10, President Hideyuki Hanyu revealed that he is planning to withdraw from Miuri Land due to "practical rent is too high". The usage fee for Yomiuri Land was about 29 million yen per year, which was extremely high, and even in 3 when the usage fee was exempted, it was still pressured to about 5000 million yen, which was cited as the reason. Was[30].. As a candidate for the new practice area, there is a buddy facility of a major shareholderHachioji City[31] And so on.

On December 2010, 12, it was officially announced that Yomiuri Land will continue to be used as a training field in 31.[32].. In addition, from 2011 in some practiceTama City Athletics StadiumTo use.


Uniform color
カ ラ ーshirtPantsstockings
FP (1st)绿绿绿
FP (2nd)whitePioneer Goldwhite
GK (1st)Navy blueNavy blueNavy blue
GK (2nd)グ レ ーグ レ ーグ レ ー
FP 1st
FP 2nd
GK 1st
GK 2nd

Team color

  •     グ リ ー ン

Uniform sponsor

Posting locationSponsor nameNotationPosted yearRemarks
chestJapanese gasNICIGAS2021-2019-2020 is the clavicle
clavicleSEGA SAMMY HOLDINGSSEGA Sammy2021- [33]Submit on the left
Upper backMiroku Information ServiceMjs2009-2008 pants
Lower backE-grounde-grand2017-

The history of uniform supply

  • 1992:Puma
  • 1993-1996:Mizuno(In the 1995-96 year cup game, the uniform used for the league/cup game was used in the 1993-94 year)
  • 1997-2006:Nike(Since Nike did not have a J League supply contract in the 1997 league game, it was not possible to attach the Nike logo and it was treated as Verdi's independent production)
  • 2007-2010:Kappa
  • 2011:Enere
  • 2012-Present:Athletic

Successive uniforms

Chronology of successive uniform sponsors

chestLeft clavicleRight clavicleUpper backLower backsleeveFront of pantsBack of pants
1992Coca-ColaBefore banCoca-ColaBefore banMcDonald's[Note 6]-Before banPUMA
2003M supportFIELDING
(J2) /
by CyberAgent
2008Amoeba- /
Nippon Television 55
2009-MjsCentral High School
2010- /
Law Office Authens- /
2011Iida SangyoXEBIOVictoriaennerre
2013- /
2014- /
Green heart[Note 7][Note 8]
2015Green heartBRI
2016CreateGreen heartNishiki Shukai Group
2017ISPS HANDAe-grandGoodcom Asset
Watch World
2019AkatsukiNICIGAS- /
Paidy[Note 9]

On the emblem, there are two stars that represent the number of league championships.

Fostering organization

We have been training by a youth organization since the Yomiuri soccer club era, as well as the "Verdi Soccer School" in Tokyo as a training organization for men's top teams,KanagawaSagamihara City(Keio Electric Railway Line),TochigiOyama City,ChibaNarashino-shi,Shizuoka,IwateHas been deployed to. He keeps a good grade in the youth age and is often promoted from youth to the top.2005Tokyo V YouthJapan Club Youth Soccer Championship (U-18) Tournament,Takamado Palace All Japan Youth (U-18) Soccer ChampionshipAchieved 2 crowns. In 2010, Tokyo V YouthTokyo soccer tournamentWin theThe 90th Emperor's Cup All Japan Soccer ChampionshipParticipated in (1st round lost). One of the characteristics of Tokyo V's training organization is that players raised in clubs often teach children as coaches. Also, in a different place,Buddy Planning InstituteIn collaboration with (Buddy Sports Kindergarten), we have set up "Tokyo Verdy Soccer Kindergarten" in Nagayama, Tama City.

The major world and national titles of Tokyo V Youth are:21 times, which is the highest number of J League youth teams.

The major national titles of Tokyo V Junior Youth are:A total of 17 times, the highest number of junior youth teams in the country, including the J League junior youth.

The major national titles of Tokyo V Junior are:The highest number of junior generation teams, including the J. League junior, 10 times in total.

Other than soccer, along with the move to Tokyo in 2001,volleyballTakes over the Tokyo Teachers ClubTokyo Verdy Volleyball TeamWas launched.OthertriathlonBeach volleyball,e sportsteam,BaseballThere are teams such as Tokyo Verdy Bambata.These are part of the J.League's goal of becoming a comprehensive sports club.


The academy has[35].

  • Verdi Youth
  • Verdi Junior Youth
  • Verdi Junior

Branch/Semi-Branch/Partner Club

Branches, quasi-branches and affiliated clubs have[36].

  • Verdi SS Iwate-Iwate Prefecture
  • Verdi SS Oyama-Oyama City, Tochigi Prefecture
  • Wings SC-Kanuma City, Tochigi Prefecture
  • Verdi SS Rest-East Tokyo (Adachi, Katsushika) and Chiba Tokatsu (Nagareyama, Kashiwa)
  • Verdi SS Ajunto
  • Verdi SS Sagamihara-Sagamihara City, Kanagawa Prefecture
  • Wings --Narashino City, Chiba Prefecture
  • FC Verdur Mishima-Mishima City, Shizuoka Prefecture
  • SSCANTERA-Hidaka City, Saitama Prefecture

Main titles won


World Convention

Two wins (2[37],Year 2017[38]

World invitation competition

Two wins (2, 2006)

Domestic competition

Two wins (2, 1993)
One win (1)
One win (1)
One win (1)

Junior youth

World invitation competition

One win (1)

National convention

6 wins (1986, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, 2004)
5 wins (1989, 1993, 1996, 2003, 2004)
5 wins (1997, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2006)

Regional league

One win (1)

ジ ュ ニ ア

National convention

3 wins (1988, 1999, 2007)
One win (1)

National Futsal Tournament

6 wins (1991, 1994, 1999, 2002, 2007, 2009)

Women's football

Business problems

Verdi Kawasaki period

From the time when the Yomiuri soccer club was the parent company to the time when the Yomiuri group was the parent company, the entire group spent a large amount of money to strengthen the team.Yomiuri GiantsUnlike the team name, the company name can not be written, so the deficit generated by the team management cannot be deducted as the advertising cost of the parent company.[39], The same business model as professional baseball[40] Has become a structure in which only the deficit swells and the deficit of 1996 billion yen in 20, 1997 million yen in 26, 5000 billion yen in 1998[26].Tsuneo WatanabeSays "Verdi Kawasaki's deficit is at its limit"[41], In 1998, Yomiuri Shimbun and Yomiuri Land withdrew from management.

For this reason, in 1999, we worked on significant cost savings,Todoroki Athletics StadiumCrowd mobilization continues to decline faster than expected[42],Kawasaki FrontaleSince it is inevitable to compete with the[43][26], "There is no return even if you invest" (Nobuhisa SakataPresident)[8] Announced plans to move to Tokyo after leaving Kawasaki. Because the J.League side has adopted a stance of accepting for stable management and improvement of management[24], Has been implemented since 2001.

2006 year 3 month,cyber-agentBecame the largest shareholder after Nippon Television Broadcasting Network, which acquired 48.1% of the shares and held 50.7% to maintain the company as a consolidated subsidiary.[44] However, in January 2008, CyberAgent sold its shares because it could not make a profit as expected.[45][Note 10].. Again, Nippon Television became a single major shareholder.

Tokyo Verdy 1969 or later

August 2009, 9,Nippon Television NetworkEstablished in July of the same year, Nippon Television Football Club's shares are owned by Yomiuri Club OB Choi Nobuaki and others.Tokyo Verdy Holdings Co., Ltd.Transferred to (Tokyo VHD) on September 2009, 9[46]..Along with this, the Yomiuri Group has completely withdrawn from running a professional soccer club (now not Verdy, butCerezo OsakaSupporting as a silver sponsor of).

Prior to this, the above-mentioned transfer of shares was approved by the J League Board on September 2009, 9.[47].. Where,

  1. Operating expenses for Tokyo V in fiscal 2009 will be borne by Nippon Television Network Corporation.
  2. By November 2009, 11, Tokyo VHD will have to finalize a contract worth 16 million yen as sponsor fee income and meet the planned amount.
  3. If the sponsorship contract is less than the amount planned, the J League will be withdrawn from the 2009 season.

Etc. were imposed. On October 2009, 10, the trade name (company name) of the operating company was changed from Nippon Television Football Club Co., Ltd. to "Tokyo Verdy 21 Football Club Co., Ltd." (hereinafter referred to as Tokyo VFC in this section).

Among the above conditions, sponsorship support expressions for the sponsorship fee of 5 million yen gathered by November 4, 2009, and the J. League membership was approved by the Board of Directors in the 11 season.[48].

J. League Extraordinary Board on January 2010, 1[49]When the board of directors deliberated on the management situation on February 2, it was found that the budget was 16 million yen higher than the budget approved by the board of directors. At the same time, he was informed that he would sign an agreement created by the J League before the Council.

According to an operational audit conducted by the J. League in May 2010, about half of the sponsor's income of 5 million yen was actually deposited, and if the compensation for personnel expenses was included, about 5 million yen was invested. Since it was required, there is a strong possibility that the funds will bottom out in June 4000 under these conditions. Following a meeting between J-League Chairman Kenji Onibu and Tokyo Verdy Chairman Nobuaki Choi held in February, the J-League signed an agreement at the extraordinary board of directors in May, and 4 million yen were assumed to continue the team in 2010. The yen loan facility was decided, all the shares of Tokyo VFC shares were transferred to the J League as a loan condition, and the management team was replaced. On top of that, after July, the league led the way to rebuilding the business and provided loans as needed to establish a stable operation policy. However, the full amount of the emergency loan line of 6 million yen was not paid.[50][51].

Information and communication giant "Nexties”Researched that it is considering acquiring a majority stake in Tokyo V[52], June 6, both companies announced that "negotiations were blank"[53].

2010May 6, Tokyo VHD's approximately 98.8% of Tokyo VFC shares have passed through Japan Professional Soccer League, Inc.J League EnterpriseTransfer to[54] At the extraordinary general meeting of shareholders of Tokyo VFC, the resignation of the old management team and the election of the new management team were carried out.[55], J League Secretary GeneralHideyuki HanyuBecame the president of Tokyo VFC[56].. There were some people around Hanyu who advised that it would be better for the J League to crush it here in the future.[57].

October 2010, 10: Operate sports academy with J. League extraordinary boardBuddy Planning Institute(Buddy) as the largest shareholder[Note 11], An office of a video production company,Mountain love[Note 12]], etc., decides on 13 investors, in addition to develop sports equipment storesXebioBy concluding a comprehensive sponsorship contract with, the 2011 budget of 8 million yen was secured, and the club's survival after 1500 was officially approved.In response to this, Hanyu retired from the J League (the president of Tokyo VFC continues to throw), and Takeshi Suzuki, the president of Buddy, became the chairman of Tokyo VFC.[60].Club License First Instance (FIB)From 2013, "Individual Notice" was issued in XNUMX regarding matters that require improvement in club management.[61],Year 2014[Note 13]"Correcting notice" in management is[63] Has been done.

2017 years from 2International Sports Promotion Association A large amount of financial support from multiple corporations led by Haruhisa Handa, such as (ISPS), as major sponsors[Note 14]Went[65].

December 2018, 12 of the game companyAkatsukiAnnounces Acquisition of Tokyo V Shares (Transfer from Existing Shareholders) and Signs Corporate Partner Agreement by 2021 Season[66].. As a result, Tokyo VAffiliate(Equity method(Not applicable).

On December 2020, 12, due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, revenues from soccer schools and admission fees fell sharply, and a deficit of about 14 million yen in 2020 and nearly 6 million yen in 2021 is expected, and in two years It was reported that the deficit is expected to be close to 4 billion yen[67].

The following day, on the 15th, it was reported again that shareholder XEBIO was reluctant to increase capital and that working capital could run out by the end of January 2021.[68].

An extraordinary board meeting was held on the 25th, and Xebio exercised the stock acquisition rights purchased 10 years ago.Tokyo V became a consolidated subsidiary of Xebio, and announced the resignation of President Hideyuki Hanyu and a new system with Xebio Holdings Vice President Noriaki Nakamura as president.[69].


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