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⚾ | Athletics wins new guardian deity Agreement with Rosenthal


Athletics wins new guardian deity Agreement with Rosenthal

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During the Cardinals era, he was active as an absolute guardian deity, recording 2014 saves in 45 and 2015 saves in 48, breaking the season record of the team.

The athletics that the guardian god Liam Hendriks became a free agent and leaked to the White Sox is new ... → Continue reading


"MLB.jp" is the official website for major leagues in Japanese. Not only Japanese players such as Shohei Otani (Angels), Darvish (Cubs), and Ichiro (Mariners), but also various topics related to Major League from match results to player information (1 to 10 articles per day) 15). Please enjoy the world of Major Leagues, which is once again attracting attention due to Otani's major challenge.

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Guardian deity

Guardian deity(Shugoshin) is to protect something, Or an entity that follows it.Guardian deityAlso called (Mamorigami) (English: guardian, etc.).

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Guardian deity in the sports world

In the sports world, the above words turn around and are used as words to refer to those who protect something.

  • baseballIn the final stage of the match, the last team member throws a scene when a teammate leads or is very close to the opponent.ReliefCommon name of pitcher, "closer". From protecting your team's lead to the end.
  • サ ッ カ ー,handball,hockeyInGoalkeeperCommon name of.

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