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🏓 | "At that moment, the road to the men's table tennis world was opened" Looking back on the 2016 men's team competition [Table Tennis Japan! ]


"At that moment, the road to the men's table tennis world was opened." Looking back on the 2016 men's team competition [Table Tennis Japan! ]

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Yoshimura was led in the final game 6-9, but caught up from here to 9-9, and at the end, he pitched with a sharper forecross and a curved foredrive against the sharp flick of Pitchford's forecross. I overtook Ford.

"Table Tennis Japan!" Broadcast on February 2 will feature Seiya Kishikawa, who has supported Japanese table tennis boys for many years, as a guest, 13 ... → Continue reading

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We will deliver the latest news such as table tennis information website column provided by TV TOKYO, competition and player information.

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Forecross Co., Ltd.(British: forecross.co., ltd) IsTokyoMinato-kuA video translation and production company headquartered in.

Dubbed versions and subtitle translations of movies, overseas dramas, documentaries, and exercise programs, and vice versa, dubbed subtitles in various languages ​​such as English, Chinese, and Korean versions of Japanese movies and programs, company introduction DVDs and product PR videos. We are working on such productions.The number of languages ​​supported is wide, and there are many translation production works other than English-speaking countries such as Asian and European languages.

Japan Voice Producers Federation[1]Regular member.


  • 2004 Separated from post production
  • 2005
    • Started video translator training course
    • Expanded production of foreign language versions such as Chinese, Korean, and Russian versions
  • Over 2006 titles produced annually in 300
  • 2007
    • Started video production business such as corporate video
    • Received the NHK Director's Award for works in charge of documentaries around the world
  • 2008 Expanded handling media such as government publicity animation, TV commercials, and subtitles for the hearing impaired
  • 2010 Started DVD sales business and moved head office to current location
  • 2012 Expanded video production business

Officer composition

  • Representative Director Kyoko Egashira (Kyoko Kamioka)
  • Director Yumi Arai

Major translation production works


  • NHK-BS World Documentary(レ ギ ュ ラ ー)
  • BS11 Earth Living Things Encyclopedia[2]
  • Romance Town
  • Matsushima × Machiyama TV watching unreleased movies(Subtitle part)
  • Oxford Mystery Lewis Inspector
  • Police doctor break
  • Autopsy Autopsy Report
  • Marchland
  • Light field
  • Air Force One-American Presidential Machine-
  • New Prime Suspect
  • Vera-The Policewoman of Belief
  • Wine tour
  • Timeless
  • European World Heritage Trip
  • Chase-Love is not rushed
  • Disbelief / true love
  • Asian mystery
  • The horror experience theater that really existed
  • Takebayashi survival


  • Mach! Series
  • Staek Revolution
  • Choi Guevara
  • The most dangerous way to love
  • Heartbeats
  • happy-to you looking for happiness 
  • Garfield the Hero 3D
  • Sammy and Sherry
  • Monsanto's unnatural food
  • The day when the world can no longer be eaten
  • Celeste & Jesse
  • Phils
  • Don Quijote Complete Edition
  • Imelda
  • Whores and whales
  • Presley VS Mummy Man
  • Love, sex and celebrity
  • Shaolin Jiangshi
  • Fengyun! Fighting King
  • Bicycle thief

DVD / Distribution

  • Sherlock Holmes Adventure
  • Happy Together
  • Mozart in the Jungle
  • Dr. Quinn
  • Please! Captain
  • Goodbye Dear Wife
  • Hiroshima International Art Animation Film Festival
  • Ghost Raban
  • The Ten Commandments of Moses
  • Jesus and the two Marys
  • Game master
  • Meg Ryan's Holocaust
  • The rise and fall of the Roman Empire
  • Night heart
  • Alive Miraculous Survivors
  • Love of Venus
  • New and amazing world

Foreign language version

  • Introduction to the University of Tokyo Hospital
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs Public Relations Animation Megumi[3]
  • Documentary movie Tamamushi Shrine revived
  • Panasonic CM
  • Government internet TV
  • Nagano Prefectural Police Campaign DVD
  • Winter Olympics TV-CM
  • Many sightseeing PR videos (English, Chinese, Korean, national language version)


外部 リンク

Deep and acute angle


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