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⚽ | [Emperor's Cup Kagawa Prefectural Qualifying Round 3] Starting soon!Takamatsu vs Takasho

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[Emperor's Cup Kagawa Prefectural Qualifying Round 3] Starting soon!Takamatsu vs Takasho

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After this, from 2/21 10:00, the Emperor's Cup Kagawa Prefectural Qualifying Round 3 Takamatsu University (Men's) vs Takasho Club match will be held at Rinku Park.

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Emperor's Cup Kagawa Prefecture Qualifying 3 times

Rinku Park

Rinku Park(Rinku Koen)OsakaIzumisanoTajiri TownStraddlepark.


KIXLandfill on the opposite bank ofRinku TownWith an area of ​​61.2ha (of which 19.1ha was opened) that stretches along the seaBeach park(Currently, only Izumisano City and Tajiri Town area are opened, but in the planned areaSennan cityThere is also an area[1]). Designated administratorIsOsaka Prefectural Park AssociationIt is a facility in Osaka prefecture managed by.

Facing the sea on the west side of the park, takeoff and landing of airplanes taking off from Kansai International AirportKansai International Airport Connection BridgeCan be seen, and in the distanceAkashi Kaikyo Bridge,Awaji IslandYou can also hope.Excellent location, such as the setting sun on the west side, and occasionallyCosplayIt is also used for events and video recording.

In recent years,Rinku Relay Marathon,Rinku FireworksIn many cases, local events are held that are expected to attract a large number of customers.


Rinku Town StationIt is composed of a "symbol green space" near the coast and a "seaside green space" on the coast.

  • Symbol green space
    • Four Seasons Fountain-A circular fountain, lit up at night.Design with the motif of sunset orbit.
    • Inland sea / sandy beach ――It is connected to the open sea and there is a tide.
    • Hanakaido-Rock Garden
    • Taikobashi-A wooden bridge with a large arc that doubles as a bleacher when an event is held on the nearest stone stage.
    • General rest area
  • Seaside green space
    • Marble Beach-A 2.8km-long white beach lined with marble boulders.Rinku FireworksIt is also the venue for.
    • North Observatory
    • Hagi rest area
    • South Observatory

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