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⚽ | Kawasaki coach Oniki "The opening game is an honor" Just before the opening, J League interview

Photo: Kawasaki's Oniki (left) and Yokohama F. Marinos' Postecoglou at a press conference online = 24th

Kawasaki coach Oniki "The opening game is an honor" Just before the opening, J League interview

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Gamba Osaka coach Miyamoto, who was second last season, said his aspirations for the match against Kobe on the 2th, saying, "I want to play a match that makes soccer interesting."

Kawasaki's Oniki, who is aiming for the second straight victory, said that the 1 J12 teams, who are about to open, will attend an online press conference on the 24th. → Continue reading

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Interesting match

Gamba Osaka

Gamba Osaka(Gamba Osaka,Gamba Osaka) IsJapan OfOsakaSuita City,Ibaraki City,Takatsuki,Toyonaka City,Ikeda,Settsu,Minoh CityHometown[1],Japan Professional Soccer League(J League) professionalsサ ッ カ ーclub.


1980(Showa55) SobuMatsushita Electric Industrial Soccer ClubIs its predecessor,1993(Heisei5 clubs (10 years) that have been members since the opening of the J-LeagueOriginal 10) One.2005Will be the first title inJ1 leagueI won the championship and in 2008AFC Champions LeagueConquered, first in 2012th place in 17 seasonJ2I was demoted. In 2014 one seasonDomestic triple crown(J1 league-J League Cup-Emperor's cup) Is a strong club representing the J League. The number of titles won is 2nd among all J.League affiliated clubs, the most in clubs west of the Kinki region.

Home stadiumSuita City Soccer Stadium[1].. From 1993 to 2015, when J League members joinedExpo Memorial StadiumWas the home stadium. Practice groundExpo Memorial ParkIt is the Gamba Osaka driving range in the sports open space[1].. at firstKobe Universiade Memorial Stadium,Saikyogoku ArenaThe quasi-base,Yodogawa Ward(Shin-Osaka StationNear the club officeKyotanabe CityThe practice field and "Kinki representative" and "all Kansai" had strong implications.

Until 2011home town TheOsakaSuita City1 city.1997Has a practice field and club office in the stadiumExpo Memorial ParkMoved to.2004More Suita City, Ibaraki City and Takatsuki City,2006From the above, the 3 cities and Toyonaka city were defined as the 4 priority cities.[4][5].2010, The supporting associations of the four cities that had been conducting G Osaka support activities in each city until then became one, and together with G OsakaMunicipalities, "Gamba Osaka Supporters' Association" was established with the aim of promoting the healthy development of youth and revitalizing the town in cooperation with companies. In addition, OsakaOsakaSakai CityIs a home townCerezo OsakaIn contrast, G OsakaHokusetsu-KitakawachiRegion 14 cities 3 towns[Note 1] Is a priority area[4][6].. Hometown was then in February 2012Ibaraki City,Takatsuki,Toyonaka City3 cities[1][7]In April 2015Ikeda,Settsu,Minoh City3 cities[8] Was added to all cities in the Hokusetsu region.

The club nameGamba"Italianso"foot"," aiming for a simple and strong team with "legs"[1]. Also,Japaneseof"Do my bestAlso leads to[1],

  • A team that teams up to achieve victory as a team
  • A team that wins in every situation with Gamba
  • A team that uses Osaka as their hometown and receives support from Kansai fans centered around Osaka
  • Soccer clubs struggling to become the best club organization in Japan and the world

Is meant[9].. In addition,SpanishThen,shrimp"(To be exactShrimp), but this is just a coincidence and has no particular relationship. However, it may be called "shrimp" by the supporters of other teams becoming brown (eg, the game with Gamba is called "shrimp hunting").

From inception1995Up to now the club name was "Panasonic Gamba Osaka". The abbreviation was "Osaka" at the beginning of the J League, but since C Osaka, which has a hometown in Osaka City in 1995, was promoted to the J League, it was identified as "G Osaka" or "G Osaka" to distinguish it from C Osaka. It is written as “Ga Osaka”.

The operating companyGamba Osaka Co., Ltd.At the beginning of the establishment, Matsushita Electric Industrial (currentlyPanasonic) Held all shares, but in 1997Kansai Electric Power,Osaka Gas,West Japan Railway CompanyIs a shareholder. In addition, the capital is the smallest among J League clubs.

マ ス コ ッ ト TheSusumu MatsushitaDesign of "Gamba Boy'[1] so,ZeusIt's a reincarnation setting. Gamba is a vibrant soccer boy who wins the victory, holding in his hand the energy of the thunder-shaped fighting spirit. One of the few mascots with a human motif (Original 10Is the only mascot with a human motif). At the beginning of the J League opening, as per the design illustrationGreeceIt was designed to wear wind costumes,[10], From the latter half of the 1990s, it was changed to an illustration wearing a uniform. However, there were a few people who were wearing other than uniforms.

emblem The1995Until the clubマ ス コ ッ トGamba Boy itself was a substitute for the emblem, and the official emblem was created1996After that, with the same blue and black as the club colorOsakaPrefectural Bird"Moth birdIs arranged in the shape of a shield, which is a symbol of tradition.soccer ballIs drawn and is a proof of victorylaurelInstead of the tree in OsakaginkgoThe leaves are to decorate the surrounding area.



1980Was founded inMatsushita Electric Industrial Soccer ClubIs the predecessor[1].1984ToJapan Soccer League(JSL) Part 2[1],1986Promoted to JSL 1st division[1].The 70th Emperor's Cup All Japan Soccer Championship(1990) Win[1] And so on.

1991May 10Established the operating company Matsushita Soccer Club Co., Ltd.

1992-2012 (J1)


1992Club name toPanasonic Gamba Osaka". Member clubs since the establishment of the J League "Original 10It was one of theKinkiWas the only J League club in. When joining the J League, MatsushitaUniversal movieIt seems to be strong at the same time as the acquisition ofStephen SpielbergMovieJawsFromOsaka CastleThe name "Osaka Joe's" was a good candidate. But,Seto Inland SeaTosharkAppear and disappear事件The name of this club was rejected because it was unprofessional.[11].

Matsushita's first directorYoji MizuguchiMr. Matsushita was a close friend of the same year and served as the closing of JSLKunimoto KamamotoContinued to lead the way for J.Akihiro Nagashima,Isogai Yoko,Kenji Honnami,EgyptianAnd so on belonged.1992 J League CupFinished in 8th place,The 72th Emperor's Cup All Japan Soccer ChampionshipIs the best 8 results. However, in January 1993, Edgebaud passed away in a traffic accident before the start of the season.

1993 J League opening season(May 5),Expo Memorial StadiumUrawaPlay againstMasahiro Wadaの得点で1 - 0で勝利したが、1st・2ndステージとも8勝10敗の成績で、順位はそれぞれ10チーム中8位と6位。Jリーグ開幕初年は年間成績7位に終わる。Nabisco CupThen advance to the best four.Teikyo High SchoolI participated in the second grade of the era70th National High School Soccer ChampionshipThen, he scored 7 points and became the top scorer in the tournament, attracting attention as a large striker who led the school to victory.Masanobu MatsunamiIs the 93 clubs in the J League that just opened in 4 (Nagoya Grampus Eight,Kashima Antlers,Jeff United Ichihara) Has a formal offer and joined Gamba. I missed entering the bench at the opening day on May 5 of the same year, but on June 16, Suntory Round 6Sanfrecce HiroshimaThe first J goal scored in the match was 100 goals in the J League. After that, he seized the opportunity to participate from the first year and recorded 29 goals in 7 league games, and the day before the last birthday of his teens out of 7 goalsMay 11, NICOS Series Section 14Ichihara Ryokuchi Sports Park Seaside StadiumMatsunami, who was a high school rookie at the time, played full time from kickoff to extension.hat trickThe third point is the sudden death of the first half of extension (V goal).

1994, Kamamoto system second year. NagashimaShimizu S-PulseWhile transferred toAleynikovIn addition toTsubaiba,ProtasovSuch asSoviet representativeThe group joined. However, Tsubaiba, who should have been the key to defending, broke out due to an injury, and the first stage was 1 wins and 7 losses, ranking 15th in 12 teams. Tsubaiba returned to the 10nd stage, but became a regular in the lowest battle, suffering 2 consecutive losses.Nagoya Grampus Eight・Along with Urawa, it is now treated as a J. League bag.[12].. In the end, 8 wins, 14 losses, and 1th place, similar to the 10st stage. Cup matchNabisco Cup-Emperor's cupBoth are defeated in the best four. After the season, Kamamoto was dismissed as director due to poor performance.

1995,Siegfried HertBecame the director.Hill house,SculinaJoin us. Also from youthTsuneyasu MiyamotoThey were promoted to the club for the first time. He made a good start with 1 wins and 6 losses in the early stage of the 2st stage and participated in the battle for the top position, but after that he suffered 8 consecutive losses and the final stage result was 10 wins and 16 losses, 14th place out of 11 teams. The 2nd stage is 8th with 18 wins and 13 losses. For the first time, the overall ranking was at the bottom, and after the end of the season, Hert retired.Emperor's cupEntered the best four for the second consecutive year.


1996, The club nameGamba Osaka, And the corporate name is "Gamba Osaka Co., Ltd.”, respectively. Former assistant coachYozip KuzeBecame the director. The first half of the season was 1 wins and 15 losses, including V Kawasaki, who had lost 9 consecutive games since the opening of the league. However, he stalled in the second half of the race and his final yearly record was 8 wins and 7 losses, ranking 11th out of 19 teams. Of the 16 teams that participated from the first year, the annual result was the only four consecutive years of loss.Emperor's cupHas advanced to the best four for the third consecutive year,Nabisco CupThen I was defeated in the qualifying.


1997, Second year of habitual system. Isogai transferred to Urawa and Honami transferred to V Kawasaki. On the other handCameroon representative OfPatrick MbomaJoinedToru NiibaWas promoted from youth. Also, youth was promoted to the top team with jumping gradeJunichi InamotoEntered the J League official game for the first time at 17 years old, 171 days, which is the youngest J League participation at the time. When the first stage brought 1 wins and 8 losses (8th out of 17 teams) in 8 minutes, the 2nd stage won the J League record of 9 consecutive victories at the time, participated in the top battle and left the second place result. It was In addition, he has also won the annual record for the first time and finished fourth. In addition, Mboma scored 2 points, the club's firstJ League top scorerBest elevenEarned. After the season, Kuzé will be in his home countryCroatia national teamLeft as a staff member ofEmperor's cupIs an assistant coachFriedrich ConciliaLed in the best four for the fourth consecutive year.

Team slogan:Win together with Run Together!

1998,Frederick AnonettiWas appointed as the director, but it came to Japan after the European season ended, and until then Consilia was the director. Also,Hashimoto HideoWas promoted from youth,Himeji City Kotooka High School OfRyuji BantoWas trained as a trainee (Professional contract a few months later). The 1st stage is 14th (7 wins and 10 losses). In July, Mboma was in ItalySerie A OfCagliariTransferred to. The 2nd stage was 16th (5 wins and 12 losses), and the annual result was 15th. Also,Nabisco CupLost the qualifying,Emperor's cupWas eliminated in the third round.


Team slogan:Dream together

1999, Second year of the Consilia system.Masashi Oguro,Takahiro FutagawaWas promoted from youth. The 1st stage was 6 wins and 9 losses, finishing 16th out of 10 teams, and Antonetti retired as coach during the season. From the 2nd stageHiroshi HayanoWas appointed as the director, but finished in 5th with 1 wins, 9 draw, and 13 losses. The annual result was 11th. Also,Nabisco CupIs the second round,Emperor's cupWas eliminated in the third round.

Team slogan:Fierce fight declaration

2000, 2nd year of the Hayano system. The 1st stage was 5th with 2 wins, 8 draws and 13 losses. The second stage has won 2 consecutive games since the opening. Section 5HiroshimaHe won the battle for the first time in three years and won the lead.KashimaAnd Kashima in the 14th round, in the final roundIwataThe ranking was 4th. In addition, in the annual result, 6th place, 15 wins, 2 draws, 13 losses, surpassed for the first time in 3 years. Also,Emperor's cupThen advance to the best 3 after 4 years.

Team slogan:challenging

2001, 3rd year of the Hayano system.Yasuhito Endo,Satoshi YamaguchiEarned. 1th place with 9 wins and 6 losses on the 5st stage. After the 1st stage ended, Inamoto was the first club to transfer overseas,England-Premier League OfArsenal FCTransferred to. The 2nd stage was sluggish, and in Section 8C OsakaBattle (Osaka Derby,V goalThe day after (Loss), Hayano resigned as director. Coach'sKazuhiko TakemotoWas promoted to director, but the final result was 5th place with 2 wins, 8 minutes and 11 losses. The annual result is 16th out of 7 teams (14 wins, 2 minutes and 14 losses).


Team slogan:New challenge

2002,PreviousoakDirector'sAkira NishinoBecame the director. The 1st stage was 4th place with 1 wins, 2 draw and 4 losses by the interruption period. After restarting, he won four consecutive victories and temporarily moved up to 4rd place, and finally came in 3th place with 9 wins, 1 draw and 5 losses. He also competed with Iwata for the 4nd stage, but he lost to 2-0 in a direct confrontation and finished in 2nd place (2 wins and 10 losses). The annual ranking also reached a record high of 5rd place, achieving 3 wins, 19 draw, 1 losses, and the first time in two years. Also the number of goalsFoul pointsBoth were the smallest teams ever.

Team slogan:Over the Top

2003Is the second year of the Nishino system. 2 degrees a yearAdditional timeAs a result of accumulating the lost points, such as having suffered a goal in, he was temporarily involved in the fight for the remaining. The 1st stage was 4 wins, 4 minutes, 7 losses, 12th place, and the 2nd stage was 6 wins, 5 minutes, 4 losses, and 7th place. He lost the record for the first time in four years, with 10 wins, 9 minutes, and 11 losses. After the end of the seasonToru NiibaMoved to Kashima. April 4, December 17, 1996 Emperor's Cup SemifinalsHiroshimaHe dismissed during the 1998 season after the accident during his play in the battle.Koji ImatoDied.

Team slogan:Re:Start-Gamba changes-

2004, Nishino system third year.Siji Clay,Fernandinhoらを獲得。1st・2ndステージ共に優勝争いに加わり、1stステージ7勝3分5敗で4位、2ndステージ8勝3分4敗で3位の成績。なお、この年はユース出身のMasashi OguroScored the highest score of 20 in the Japanese league game. Also, J1・1st Section 15NiigataIn battleAkihiro KanameBecame the first J-League in historyType 2 registered playerScored their first score in the debut match by. In the cup game,Nabisco CupBest 8,Emperor's cupIt was the best 4 result.


Team slogan:With the power of hot blue, we will reach the top together

2005, Nishino system third year.Araujo,Yousuke FujigayaEarned. The first six games of the league match were only one win, but since the middle of the league match, Araujo, Masashi Oguro,FernandinhoThe attacking power with has come to function (total score is 82), and he is at the top of verse 22.Nabisco CupEntered the final for the first time. The final千葉Was defeated in the penalty shootout, but achieved a runner-up result. In the league game, it stalled at the end and at the end of Section 33C OsakaIs overtaken and retreats to 2nd place. Still, in the final section(I.e.Osaka, which was the leader with one differenceFC TokyoThe team won the league title for the first time since the club was founded and the Kansai team for the first time (see details2005 J1 final sectionSee). at the same timeAFC Champions League 2006Acquired the right to participate in (ACL).

This year, Araujo scored 33 points, the club's highest score of the season, the first time in the club since Mboma 1998.Top scorerAnd the club's first leagueMVPEarned. After the season ends, Araujo is transferred. Daikoku also scored 16 points this yearFrench second division OfGrenobleTransferred to. Also,1993From the opening of the J LeagueMasanobu MatsunamiRetired from active duty.


Team slogan:Hotter, bluer, stronger!!!-A new challenge-

2006, Nishino system 5th year. Large-scale reinforcement and FWMagno AlvesAnd G Osaka return for the first time in seven yearsRyuji Banto.oakFrom originalRepresentation from JapanMFTomokazu Myojin, Japan national team DFRyo KajiAcquired. Also, from youthYasuda University,Masao Hirai6 people, the highest number ever, have been promoted.

First appearanceAFC Champions League 2006Wins the tournament top scorer with eight goals, but loses in the group league.A3 Champions Cup 2006 TheChugoku OfDalian MitokuAnd defeated Chiba, South Korea OfUlsan HyundaiIt was defeated by and was the second place result.

The league match is before the final roundUrawaToPointsAlthough he was in second place with a 3 difference, he lost 2-2 in a direct confrontation with Urawa in the final round and could not win the league title (final ranking is third). In addition, Magno Alves is the third person in the club historyTop scorer26 points, and Banido also scored 16 points.

After the league match, Miyamoto Tsuneyasuオーストリア OfRed Bull SalzburgTransferred toFernandinhoAlso transferred.

Emperor's cupSo, for the first time after joining the J League (previousMatsushita ElectricAfter 16 years, including the times, he made it to the finals, but was defeated by Urawa.


Team slogan:Super attack

2007, Nishino system 6th year. FWValley,rentalIn DFNakata SotaEarned. It was done before the openingXerox super cupThen I played Urawa for the second consecutive year,Magno Alves Ofhat trickVictory with 4-0, including the first victory of the Super Cup.

Nabisco CupThen, advance to the final after two years. In the final(I.e.And win. Scored the finalsYasuda UniversityWon the tournament MVP and New Hero award.

In the league game, he got into the wave with the club's first opening four consecutive victories, and remained in good standing with 4 wins, 12 draws and 5 loss until the interruption period. He lost the direct confrontation with Urawa after the break, and ended up in third place for the second year in a row, but Urawa won the Emperor's Cup of the previous year.AFC Champions League 2007In the championship cup of the Emperor's Cup according to ACL regulationsAFC Champions League 2008Was decided to participate.

After the season, he has the highest number of foreign players in the club and also served as the game captain.Siji ClayIs transferred. Also,Yuta TadashiRetired from active duty.


Team slogan:Power

2008, Nishino system third year.Hayato Sasaki,Lucas,Masato YamazakiAcquired2008The season became a harsh schedule in which the official game was played in more than 300 days, with a record 61 games.

2 of the monthPan Pacific Championship 2008At the first matchLos Angeles GalaxyIn the finalHouston DynamoTo each of the1992 OfQueen's CupIt won the international title for the first time in 16 years since then.

XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Saitama StadiumIn the Urawa match of No. 13 (Section XNUMX), some G-Osaka supporters threw things into the audience seats on the Urawa side, and the supporters of both clubs collided with each other.BB sez TOKYO2 members of the group were banned from entering forever and the group was dissolved. In addition, the J.League imposed a 1000 million yen fine.

XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Suruga Bank Championshipアルゼンチン OfArsenal FCPlayed against and lost 0-1.

I participated for the first time in 2 yearsAFC Champions League 2008In the semi-finals, if you win ACL first-ever J-League confrontation with Urawa, the champion of the previous year, in a total of 2-4 in 2 races (1st 1-1, 2nd 3-1), the final on November 11th Then in AustraliaAdelaide UnitedIn a total of 2-5 (0st match 1-3, 0nd match 2-2) in 0 races, it was the first time in club history that the J.League team was in 1999 (the predecessor of the AFC Champions League, the Asian Club Championship).Iwata, Won the third club in Asia after Urawa in 2007. Also, the undefeated victory of the third club in ACL history, and the first everAwayIt was a victory in all wins (6 out of 4 wins).Yasuhito EndoWon the tournament MVP. Also,AIn addition, he was awarded the Asian Club of the Year Award, and Director Nishino was awarded the Asian Club of the Year Award.

On the other hand, when the league game slightly stagnated at the beginning of the season,Ryuji Banto Liver dysfunction, Endo withdrew due to viral infection. In addition, the ace strikerValley UAE OfAl AhliTransferred to. Also,Yokohama FMからRonnieHowever, he did not fit into the team and was greatly stalled in the middle stage. In particular, there is no victory from J1 Round 19 to J1 Round 24, and he falls out of the fight for the championship. The final ranking was 8th.

Held in Japan in DecemberFIFA Club World Cup 2008Won the first quarter-final against Adelaide, the third match of the year, 3-1. The semi-finalsEuropean champion OfManchester UnitedLost 3-5. 3rd place matchNorth and Central America Caribbean King OfPachucaIn 1-0, he won 3rd place, following Urawa in the previous year.

Since the dates of the Emperor's Cup and the Club World Cup were parallel, games were played at intervals of a few days after the quarterfinals, but they advanced to the finals for the first time in two years.oakIn the final with the second half of the extension, the starting point of Harido, who entered in the middle, became the final point and won 1-0,Matsushita ElectricHe has won his second championship in 1990 years since the 18 Games of the times. This made it the fifth club to win all three major domestic titles. at the same timeAFC Champions League 2009He also won the right to participate.


Team slogan:SHOBU-and to the world standard-

2009, Nishino system third year.Leandro,Cho Jae JinFW, such asTakagi Kazumichi,Park Dong HyukWe have won DF and others who have experience of representing Japan and Korea.

May 5, Leandro J2 Round 1 OitaACL Group League Round 4 on April 8 in the battle SriwijayaOf the official match that continued from the matchConsecutive game scoreAchieved a new record for the club for seven consecutive games. Eventually J7 Round 5 on May 10[13] Record up to 9 matches up to Kashiwa. Also, in the same match April 4 J12 Round 1 OmiyaHe also scored a club tie record for 1 consecutive games, scoring J6 consecutive game scores that continued from the match.

May 5, ACL Group League Round 20 FC SeoulIn the match, I was promoted to the top team in the club's first high school second year this year.Takashi UsamiBut in 1997Junichi InamotoThe club's youngest record, which was recorded by, is recorded at the official game first appearance and first score at 17 years and 14 days. However, he lost the game, and ACL's consecutive undefeated record which continued from ACL in 2006 was interrupted in 19 games. And in round 16(I.e.Lost to ACL consecutive title.

From the opening of the leagueTakahiro FutagawaRyo KajiAnd the expected new strength didn't fit in with the team, and it wasn't going well, especially from the second half of May to the middle of July, where he lost 5 games at the World Expo (including ACL and Nabisco Cup). Enjoyed. In August, team scoring leader LeandroQatar OfAl SaddTransferred to.NiigataからPedro juniorAlthough it took a long time to fit the team and the result was not obtained, at the moment it was the maximum with KashimaPointsThe difference became 19.

November 11, J8 Section 1 京都With Pedro Junior's second goal in the match, he achieved 2 goals in the league match club, the third club after Kashima and Iwata. November 3th,AYasuhito Endo is the fifth Japanese player, and J League players are 5Hidetoshi Nakata(Hiratsuka) SinceAsian Player of the Year AwardWas awarded.

In the latter half of the race, he managed to recover, and although he had the possibility of winning until Round 32, he lost the victory by losing 33-1 in a direct confrontation with leader Kashima in Round 5. Even so, in the end, I got 3rd,AFC Champions League 2010Got the right to participate.

Emperor's cupScored eight goals in six Emperor's Cup games after defeating Kashima in the quarterfinals and playing insults in the league.LucasHas also been active in the finals for the second consecutive year. In the finalNagoyaDefeated 4-1 to achieve the seventh consecutive Emperor's Cup victory. After the Emperor's Cup final, I belonged to it from 7.Naoki MatsushiroRetired from active duty.


Team slogan:Dream-All in one-

2010, Nishino system 9th year. Without the large-scale reinforcement that has been done in the last few years, with newcomersrentalOther than return, FWDodoZe CarlosOnly the acquisition of, and prioritized the maintenance of the current strength.

Six consecutive games have not been won since the season started. The league game has not been won for five consecutive games since the opening of the league.After that, the main players who have left the game have continued to run out of order, the foreign players have been sick, and even the goals near the end of the match have made it difficult to catch the wave. He was far away from the battle for the lead and entered the suspension period at 6th place. Also, Pedro Junior moved to a Brazilian club, and Ze Carlos also moved halfway.

AFC Champions League 2010Is the Group League Section 3Singapore Armed ForcesIn battleMasao HiraiIs the seventh Japanese player and the youth playerMasashi OguroHe broke through the group league for the third consecutive year due to his success in achieving a hat trick since then, but he won ACL this year in round 3.Ichiwa JonanLost to.

The second half of the league,IwataからKorean representative OfLee Gun HoEarned. Won this yearNagoyaHe lost two games in a direct confrontation with him and was allowed 2 points to allow him to win the solo run, but he was in second place,AFC Champions League 2011Won the right to participate. Hirai, who decided the hat-trick at ACL, was the team's top scorer with 14 points (2nd in Japanese in the league), and became the mainstay while being a third-year high school student.Takashi UsamiIs the first high school student to come from the G Osaka sub-organization, scoring 7 goals, which is the highest record of the season for J. Leaguer.J League Best Young Player Award(Newcomer King) was awarded. Third yearTakei ChoyaAlso left on the wayTomokazu MyojinIt was a season in which many young players made a leap, including contributing to the team as a substitute for.

Emperor's cupThen in the semifinalsShimizuHe lost to the Emperor's Cup for the third consecutive time.

After the end of the seasonYasuda University Netherlands 1st division-FitesseWas transferred to C Osaka for rentalAkihiro Kaname Spain 1st-MallorcaToHiroshimaWas transferred to rentalMasato YamazakiTo Hiroshima,Akihiro Yasuda KitakyushuToLucas Atletico ParanaenseWas completely transferred to.


Team slogan:Shin Shinshin -Toward a new future-

20th anniversary of club establishment2011, Nishino system third year.K League-Jeonbuk Hyundai MotorsFrom former U-23 Korea National TeamKim Seung Young,Brazil 1st division-SC InternacionalSince last season C scored 14 goals in OsakaAdriano, College studentMasaya Kim,Hiroharu Fujiharu,Shota KawanishiFrom youthKotaro OmoriWas promoted and rented immediately after the openingCorinthians-ALからAfonsoWas won.

Umbro (Distributor:Descente) And a new uniform supplier contract for the 2020 season. It has been held every year since 1995Ishikawa Prefecture West Green Park Athletic FieldWithdrew from the home game at.

Occurred on January 3Impact of the Great East Japan EarthquakeTherefore, J1 Sections 2 to 6 were postponed. In response, a charity auction was held on the club's official website to raise money for the disaster-stricken areas.KobeAnd "Tohoku Pacific Ocean Earthquake Charity Match ?LET'S SUPPORT OUR FRIENDS Let's act for our friends now!?"ButExpo Memorial StadiumIt was held in. On October 10nd, J2 Round 20 was the 1th anniversary gameUrawaAchieved 6 wins in J1, the sixth club in the battle.

AFC Champions League 2011Broke through the group league at the top, but was defeated in round 16 by C Osaka, who hadn't lost the league for eight years at the time.Nabisco CupLost to Urawa in the semifinals.Emperor's cup TheMitoLost in the third round.

In the early stages of the league, Adriano recorded a club tie record score for 6 consecutive games and showed the ability to run alone at the top of the score ranking, the league's top score on the attack side, but on the defensive side, consecutive run goals from the opening In 18 league worst games, the total number of goals scored was the highest in the league for a period of time. June, Adriano of QatarAl Jaish, Usami in JulyGermany-Bayern MunichWhile I was transferred toKusatsuTo FWRafinhaEarned. Undefeated the summer after joining Rafinha, Section 22(I.e.Although he took the lead in the battle since March 2009, he was defeated in the Round 3 Nagoya match,oakSurrendered to the top. afterwards,Last sectionAlthough he had the possibility of winning the championship, he finished 3rd in the final ranking for the second consecutive year.

After the season, served as a director for 2002 years from 10Akira NishinoRetired.


Team slogan:Dynamic

2012, To the directorJose Carlos SehornIs appointed. First in club historyBrazilianI became a director. The coaches are also exRepresentation from Japan OfRubisu Wagner3 people joined including.Satoshi Yamaguchi,Hashimoto Hideo,Shimodaira TakumiWhile Lee Gunno and others left the group,FC TokyoからYasuyuki Konno,KofuからPaulinho,TokushimaからAkihiro Sato,FC SeoulからLee Seung-yeolWith a complete transfer,ShimizuからYouhei Takeda,CA Tabon da SerraからEdouardWas acquired by rental transfer,Niki DaikiFor the first time in 6 years,Shinichi TeradaKurata AutumnReturned from the rental transfer destination for the first time in 3 years. I am a college graduateHiroyuki Abe, From test studentsKeigo NumataFrom the youthKen Tajiri,Nishino Takaharu,Katsuhisa InamoriWas promoted.

It was the first official game of the seasonAFC Champions League 2012Lost 0-3 in the first match of the group league. Also, J1 Round 2 C Osaka match (Osaka Derby), including the J1 Round 3 was defeated 5 consecutive games. After J1 Section 3May 3Director Sehorn, head coach Luhisu, and physical coachWellingtonAnd strengthening general managerHiroyasu YamamotoSacked. The successor of the coachMasanobu MatsunamiWas the first club OB and the youngest club to take over as director. In ACL, he won only one victory, and was the only J-League player to compete in the group league this year.

He won his first league match in Round 6 (Kawasaki), but only 12 wins (2 minutes and 3 losses) in 7 games before the interruption. 15thNiigataAnd the points difference was 6 (reducing the league match due to the schedule change due to ACL participation in Gamba one game less than Niigata) in 1th place and sluggish in the relegation area. In response to this, as a summer reinforcementRCD MallorcaからAkihiro Kaname,Al SaddからLeandroReturned with a time-limited transfer. Also, from ShimizuKeisuke IwashitaIs acquired by transfer with a deadline. Meanwhile, the contract with Rafinha was canceled in June. In July, Lee Seung-yeolUlsan Hyundai FC, TeradaYokohama FC, HoshiharaMitoWithdrawal due to loan transfer to each.From the middle stage onward, with the success of Leandro and the patriarch of the new force, the latter half of the game will recover slightly, but at the time of Section 33, 16th place in the relegation range will reach Section 34 (final section).Eventually, he lost to Jubilo Iwata 1-2 and was relegated to J2 for the first time.This year, the total score was 1 points, which was the first place in the league, but the total goal was 67 points, which was the 17th place in the league.Although he sometimes won with a large number of points, he could not win even one in a game with two goals or less in one game.In addition, Home finished with only 65 wins (1 minutes 2 losses) out of 1 games.

Emperor's cupMade it to the final after three years,oakLost to ACL and missed the right to participate in ACL. After the season, Matsunami retired as director.

2013 (J2)

Team slogan: "Revival-To win further evolution-'

firstJ2Welcomed in2013, Former to directorShimizuDirector'sKenta HasegawaWas appointed[1].Nakata Sota (I.e.What,Hayato Sasaki SendaiHowever, most of the main players remained on the team. Pre-season reinforcements include the London Olympics’ representativeOh Jae-suk,Kansai UniversityFrom youthKenya OkazakiEarned. On the other hand, promotion from youth was postponed for the first time in 14 years.

The opening game was a little stumbling, but it recorded 12 consecutive undefeated games (6 wins and 6 minutes). Although he suffered the first black star in Round 13 Kobe, he recorded 13 consecutive victories since Round 6. At the end of the 16th round, he moved past Kobe and moved to the top position. In June, when the national team Endo and Konno were absent, they survived undefeated and returned to the lead in the first half. In the second half of the race, the headmaster and Leandro, who had joined for a limited time transfer from the summer of 6, will leave the group due to expiry of the contract,Steaua BucharestからRocha,Germany·TSG1899 HoffenheimTimed transfer to has expiredTakashi UsamiReturned for the first time in two years. In the summer, Rocha and Usami worked well, but after hitting the home's first black star in the 2nd match against Nagasaki, they slowed down a little and then regained their lead position in Kobe in the 32th match. Even so, if the teams continue to win in Round 35 or later, they will regain the top spot in the victory in Round 37 Kumamoto and at the same time be promoted to J39 in one year. In addition, he won the J1 championship in Round 1 Yamagata, the final round of the home match. This was the first time to win the title at the Home Expo. In addition, the J41 and J2 categories won the third club after Kashiwa and Hiroshima. The total score was 1 points, which is 2 points higher than 3 points in second place Kobe.

The average number of visitors to the home game season was 12,286 (83.1% compared to the previous year), which was lower than the previous year, due to the fact that the number of spectators at the home was held on many weekdays during the year, but it was strong in various places in Away. Recorded mobilization. The average number of spectators in the J2 in the previous year was less than 6000, but most of the 2013 away game against Gamba recorded more than 1. Among them, it has contributed to the increase in mobilization of J2 spectators, by setting record high mobilization records for multiple clubs such as Toyama, Matsumoto, and Okayama, and increasing the number of visitors for J15 as a whole by about 2% from the previous year. The phenomenon that occurred around J2 as a wholeAbenomicsIt was called "Governomics" or "Asynomics" after analogy.



Team slogan:"Rising G"

We met at J2 for the first time in 1 years2014, Hasegawa system second year.NiigataからHigashiguchi Noriaki,千葉からTsuneki YonekuraEarned,Kohei KawadaFor the first time in 3 years,Masaya KimReturned from the rental site for the first time in two years. For foreign players,Chris ECからrinse,Paulista FCWith a fixed transfer fromEbsonEarned. From youthHiroto UchidaNaoki Ogawa,furtherYousuke IdeguchiWas promoted to the fifth class in club history. In the middle of the season, EbsonSanukiTransfer to a deadline,Ryo KajiBut,MSL-Chivas USAI completely transferred to(I.e.-KofuWas enrolled inPatrickWas acquired as a fixed-time transfer.

XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Nabisco Cup・In the Group League Section 3 Tosu battle,Takato AkitoPlayed for the first time in the official game at the age of 16 years, 8 months and 12 days, and set the record for the youngest participation in club history that Usami recorded in 2009.

In the Nabisco Cup, which has been participating from qualifying for the first time in seven years, advance to the final tournament in the A group first place. In the quarter-finals, I finished second in the same group AKobeIn the finals of 2 (4 races 1-2007 in total), in the semifinals(I.e.He won a total of 2-5 in two races and advanced to the final for the first time in seven years. In the final this yearEmperor's cupI met each other in the fourth roundHiroshimaHe was able to win two points by the 35th minute of the first half, but returned one point in the first half and scored two points in the second half to win the lead. In the final of the Nabisco Cup, he was the first ever to win the reversal championship from a difference of two points, and has won the second Nabisco Cup title since 2.

In J1, the team scorer Usami of the previous year was injured just before the start of the season, and the first half of the game fell into an extreme lack of score.Brazil World Cupによる中断前は4勝3分7敗で降格圏の16位に低迷。それでも、後半戦は復帰した宇佐美や中断期間に新加入したパトリックを中心とした攻撃陣が機能し、中断後早々5連勝で降格圏から一気に抜け出すと、8月末から10月にかけては10年ぶりとなる7連勝を記録し優勝争いに加わる。第32節、負ければ優勝の可能性が消滅する首位UrawaBy controlling Tennoyama and narrowing the gap to 2 points, he won Urawa in the victory in the 33rd round Kobe battle and surpassed the goal difference to rise to the first position. And the final section, the bottom awayTokushimaThe match ended in a scoreless draw, but 2nd place Urawa and 3rd place had the possibility of winning.KashimaHave won the second J2005 victory for the first time in 9 years since 2. The league title in the J1 promotion first year is 1oakIt is the second case since then, and the reverse victory from the maximum point difference of 2 was the largest in J League history.[14].. After the interruption, it showed a violent reversal with 15 wins, 3 draws and 2 losses, and the total score was 2 points in the league second place. The total number of goals scored was 59 goals in the league second place tie, and the closed game recorded a new club record of 2 games. I left the numbers I did.

At the Emperor's Cup, held in January of the following yearAFC Asian Cup 2015Due to the influence of, the schedule became earlier than usual, and other J1 clubs were quickly defeated as it was held in parallel with the league match,J3WinningKanazawa, Tokushima, Hiroshima,2013 Emperor's CupOmiya, who lost at the end of the penalty shootout at2010Defeat Shimizu who lost in the semifinals of2012It's been two years since then and the final advance has been made. This year in the finalJ1 promotion playoffsを制した山形を3 - 1で下し5年ぶり3回目(前身時代含めると4回目)の天皇杯制覇を果たした。これにより、2000年の鹿島以来14年ぶり2チーム目、日本人監督のもとでは史上初、さらにJ1昇格1年目のクラブでも初のDomestic triple crownWas achieved.


Team slogan:"Moving G"

2015, Hasegawa system second year.SendaiからShingo Akamine,Yokohama FMからShohei Ogura,IwataからYousuke FujigayaFrom the youthMizuki Hayashi,Naoya Senoo,Shota Umesaka,Takeshi Hirao4 people were promoted. July 7th,ShimizuThanYu NagasawaEarned.

XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Indonesia Super League OfPersilla JakartaFriendly match "Panasonic Cup 2015" was held in Indonesia and won 4-0.

Challenged as the Triple Crown on February 2Fuji Xerox Super CupDefeated Urawa, who was second in the league last year, 2-2 and won their second victory in eight years.

May 5th, 27nd grade registered playerDoanMade a professional debut in ACL Round 16 Round 2 FC Seoul, and immediately after J1 Round 10 Kashima made the youngest league debut in club history.

I participated for the first time in 3 yearsACLThe first matchGuangzhou wealth, Section 2Jonan FCThere was a mood of losing two consecutive games and losing qualifying, but Section 2Buriram United FCDraw the match and win ACL's first victory in Round 4 Buriram. Section 5 Guangzhou Wealth Battle won 5-0. In the final Setsujo Minami FC match, he won 3 times, 1 minute, and 2 losses with a come-from-behind victory and decided to pass the lead. In the knockout stage round 16FC SeoulPlay against. In the 1st round, 3-1 was the enemy land, and in the 2nd round, it was 3-2 at the home, winning consecutively to advance to the best 8. The quarter-finals are the Korean champions of the previous yearJeonbuk HyundaiWithJapan-Korea decisive battleDefeated two games with a total of 2-3 to advance to the best four. The semi-final is 2 ACL champion, who has won the Chinese Super League for the fourth time in a row.Guangzhou constantWithJapan-China decisive battleHe lost a total of 2-1 in two races and did not reach the final for the first time in seven years.

Nabisco Cup participated from the final tournament under the influence of ACL. In the quarter-finals, after defeating Nagoya at the end of the penalty shootout, they defeated Niigata in the semi-finals, and decided to advance to the finals for the second consecutive year. did not become.

1st stage early stageYasuyuki KonnoThe team didn't feel well because of his injury, but after returning to Konno, he recovers. However, due to the crowded schedule with ACL, players were tired, and the game continued to catch up even if they preempted, and as a result, they finished in 1st stage 4th place.

In the 2nd stage, all the cup games were won and the crowded schedule continued, which made a big difference between Hiroshima, which ranked first in the year, and Urawa, who ranked second in the year. In the final round that we reached the fourth place in the yearYamagataWins, FC Tokyo, who is third in the year,TosuAs he drew, he moved up to 3rd place with a goal difference.ChampionshipI decided to participate.

CS won the semi-final against Urawa at the end of the extra game 3-1 and advanced to the final. In the final match against Hiroshima, which was ranked 1st in the league, they lost the first round at home with consecutive goals in the end and lost the second round at Away. Missed.

The Emperor's Cup has participated from the 8th round due to having entered the ACL top 4 or more. Kawasaki in the fourth round,ExpoDefeated Tosu in the quarter-final, which was the last official match in, and revenge for Hiroshima, who lost in the semi-final with CS, and advanced to the final for the second consecutive year. In the final, he defeated Urawa with two points by Patrick and won the Emperor's Cup consecutive titles since the 2/2 tournament. The official game of the year was a hard schedule, reaching 2008 games, which is the highest number in all J2009 clubs after 2008 games in 61.


Team slogan:Ambition

25th anniversary of club establishment2016, Hasegawa system 4th year. Based in a soccer stadiumSuita City Soccer StadiumMoved to. Also,J3 leagueTo the second teamGamba Osaka U-23Is participating in the war.

From youthTakato Akito,Mizuki Ichimaru,Ryo Hatsuse,DoanIs promoted (Doyasu is promoted in jumping grade).Kwansei Gakuin UniversityからKureya Taisho,Otsu High SchoolからHiroki NodaKazumi KazunariJoined. From EhimeKenya OkazakiReturned from the transfer with a deadline. From Yokohama FMAdemisonWith a deadline,Fujimoto AkiraIs acquired by full transfer.Tomokazu MyojinrinseWas transferred.

February 2th, at Suita Soccer StadiumEclipseThe match "Panasonic Cup" was held and won Nagoya 3-1.

AFC Champions LeagueThen I joined Group G.Shanghai Port(China),Suwon Samsung(Korea),MelbourneAlthough they entered the same group with (Austria), they won the second team in the history of Japanese soccer in 2013 after Hiroshima was not won and the worst points since 2 when the group stage became a home and away system 2004 It was decided to lose GL without making any money.

On the 1st stage, DF Niwa left the club early in the opening season, making it difficult for the center back to make it to the start dash. Although the new force Ademiwson played 4 points, the condition was not improved due to the crowded schedule with ACL, and he was sluggish at 15th place with 6 points difference from the leading Kashima. Especially at home, he lost 3 wins, 2 minutes, and 4 losses. After the 1st stage, Usami is in the first part of Germany at the summer transfer market.FC AugsburgFutagawa, who is a member of Gamba Osaka, moved to Tokyo Verdy for a limited time.

J League CupThen, he went on to the finals and advanced to the finals for three consecutive years. Of the finalUrawa RedsIn the match, the score was 1-1, and in the overtime it wasn't possible to settle in the game, but it was a penalty, but lost 4-5 and became a runner-up.

2ndステージは10勝3敗4分け、勝点34の4位にとどまり、年間総合順位でも勝点58で3位の鹿島に1ポイント及ばず4位となり、チャンピオンシップ進出はならなかった。天皇杯ではベスト8まで勝ち進んだが、ベスト8でYokohama F. MarinosThis season ended uncrowned.


Team slogan:Win

2017, Hasegawa system 5th year. Acquired Ademiuson, who was a member of the transfer with a deadline, from the complete transfer, from ChibaHaruya Ide,OmiyaからIzumi Sawa,NagoyaからHayato MoriFrom Yokohama FMフ ァ ビ オLast year I was in Tokyo VSuzuki RyoudaiFrom ShimizuGenta MiuraReinforced. Also, as a player whose main battle is the U-23 teamSapporoからShogo Nakahara, From Tokyo VCounty dreamFrom the youthRyotaro ShokunoIs promoted,Higashi Fukuoka High SchoolからTakao Reo,Funabashi City High SchoolからTakayuFrom KoreaBae Su YoungJoined. On the other hand,Keisuke IwashitaIn Fukuoka,Hiroyuki AbeTransferred to Kawasaki,Tatsuya UchidaTo Tokyo V,Nishino TakaharuMoved to Chiba for a limited time,Shingo AkamineHas completely transferred to Okayama, the transfer destination with a deadline. Immediately after the start of the season, from KashimaShuhei AkasakiWas transferred for a limited time, and had been deregistered due to a major injury in the previous year.PatrickRe-registered.

AFC Champions League 2017Participated in the East District Playoffs 2 playoff round at homeJohor Darul Takjim FC(Malaysia) won and decided to enter the main battle. In the main match, he joined Group H and aggressively hired young people such as Genta Miura, Ritsu Doyasu, Ryo Hatsuse,Adelaide United(Australia) 1 win and 1 draw, but while leading the game 2-0 in the match, Masaya Kim slipped into the goal and tried to handle the long ball, and got caught up in the goal. In addition, mistakes such as master, Endo failing PK, also overlap,Jiangsu Suning(China)·Jeju United(South Korea), losing 4 consecutive points and losing at the bottom of the group for the second consecutive year[15].

In the summer transfer marketJonan FCからHuang Gisuke, Nishino, who had transferred to Chiba for a limited time, is back. On the other hand, Doan is the NetherlandsFC GroningenNiwa and Patrick were transferred to Hiroshima for a limited time.

April 4, Section 16C OsakaWithOsaka DerbyThen, it became a problem that some supporters posted a flag with a character reminiscent of the Nazi Guards "SS". The club apologized on the 20th of the same month, and announced the disposition of the supporter group on the 21st of the following day. Furthermore, on May 5, it was announced that sanctions by the J.League and the Arbitration Committee had been decided on the issue of the inappropriate flag posting of the supporter group during the match against C Osaka.[16].

On September 9, it was announced that the director Hasegawa will retire during the season. In the Emperor's Cup, he was defeated by Kashiwa Reysol in the fourth round, and he was defeated by Cerezo Osaka in the semifinals of the Levan Cup and was crowned. There was no other player who scored double digits in the attack team except Nagasawa, which was the worst 7th place in the history of the Hasegawa administration, 4 points in J2, and after the retirement announcement, the club ended the season with 1 games not yet won, which is the worst record. ..


Team slogan:Recapture

2018,Levy KurpiBecame the new director.UrawaからShinya Yajima,YamagataからShinya SuganumaIs back.Tokai University Sagami High SchoolからTatsuya Yamaguchi,Maebashi Ikuei High SchoolからRiku Matsuda,Higashi Fukuoka High SchoolからFukuda YuyaFrom Mitsubishi Yowa YouthKeito NakamuraJoined the group. From youthAkio Tani,Lotus shibamoto,You ShiraiWas promoted.

J1 league matchIn the 3rd loss from the opening, the J1 league has 18 teams2005For the first time since then, there were 16 teams2000It's been 18 years since thenYBC Levin CupAlong with the loss of one game, the number of undefeated official games continued from the previous year increased to 1[17].. There were many injuries.

After that, he was out of the lowest rank and advanced to the knockout stage in the Levan Cup, but his condition did not improve in the J1 league match, and after finishing 17 games in the first half of the league, 4 wins 3 minutes 10 losses Sluggish in the 15th place with sexuality, againEmperor's cupThen, we played in the second round of the first matchKwansei Gakuin UniversityWas defeated from 1-1 at the end of the extra game 1-2.World CupOn July 1, the day after five consecutive J5 league games were not won after the interruption due toTsuneyasu MiyamotoBecame the successor to the top team[18].

After the change of director, in the middle of the seasonRenofa yamaguchiからKosuke Onose,KobeからChima WatanabeHowever, Nagasawa transferred to Kobe with a deadline in the form of trading with Watanabe.



Team slogan:GAMBAISM

2019, Miyamoto system second year.Guangzhou constantからGolden rights,BuriramからNaoaki Aoyama,KumamotoからTatsuya Tanaka[19] Earned. Also,SendaiFrom Yajima,TokushimaFrom Kureya[20],KanazawaTajiri returns from a transfer with a deadline. Furthermore, immediately after the opening, from SpainDavid ConchaIs acquired as a transfer with a deadline. Also from youthKohei Okuno,Kwansei Gakuin UniversityからRuo TakaoIs a new member.

On the other hand, Nagasawa, Futagawa, Fabio, and Hatsuse, who had transferred for a limited time, were each transferred.

Although he won his first victory of the season in the second round, he won seven rounds from the fifth round. A large number of young players such as Shokuno, Yajima, and Nakamura were appointed from the Osaka derby in Section 2 to try to get back, but at one point they fell into the J5 automatic relegation zone. However, he managed to pick up at the end of the first half and finished the first half in 7th place.

Mid-seasonFC Augsburg[21] Since Usami has completely transferred, the second time in 2016 years since the summer of 3,HiroshimaSince Patrick has transferred with a fixed period for the first time in two years since the summer of 2017,Leeds United[22] Since Ideguchi has completely transferred, he returned for the first time in a year and a half since 2017. Also,(I.e.からSuzuki YutoWith a fixed transfer,YamaguchiからDaisuke TakagiWas completely transferred. In addition, until September last seasonBilbaoBelonged toFormer Spanish national team OfMarker SusaetaWas completely transferred.

Meanwhile, Ace Huang Gisuke of FranceBordeauxKonno, who has contributed to the domestic triple crown and J1 return/residueIwataVeteran Fujimoto京都Oh, Jae-sukFC TokyoTo Nakamura of the NetherlandsFC TwenteTo the EnglandManchester City[23] To Yonekura千葉A large amount of main class players and young players have leaked, such as being transferred to.

The Emperor's Cup is the third roundHosei University0-2 was defeated, resulting in the loss of college for the second consecutive year.

October 10, section 4SapporoWin the battle,Kashima,Yokohama FM,UrawaIt was the second J1 to achieve 400 wins.

Levan cupThen, after advancing to the semifinals for the first time in two years,SapporoDue to the away goal rule of 2-2 in 2 games against the opponent, it was not possible to advance to the final for the first time in 3 years. In addition, the crown has been confirmed for four consecutive years.

The final result of the league match is 12 wins, 11 minutes, 11 losses, 47 points and 7th place.


Team slogan: GAMBAISM

2020, Miyamoto system second year.Toulouse FCからMasako Gen,TosuからYuuji Ono,Satoshi Ishikawa,OkayamaからJun IchimoriWith a complete transfer,IwataからRyo Niisato,oakからHaruta Saruta,(I.e.[24] からTabinas JeffersonIs acquired by transfer with a deadline. Also,FC TokyoOh Jae-suk and Ichimaru from Gifu returned from the time-limited transfer. Also from youthShuhei Kawasaki,Tsukamoto,Karayama Shoji,Kansai UniversityからKurokawa Keisuke,Kwansei Gakuin UniversityからYuki Yamamoto, Shin Wono is a new member. further,HiroshimaPatrick, who had returned from a fixed transfer since then, has moved to full transfer.

On the other hand, former Spanish national team Susaeta and Concha, and Kureya, Yonekura, and Kazumi, who had transferred for a limited time, were each transferred.

Also, in the middle of the season, Endo, who has been enrolled since 2000,IwataI just returned this season with a loan transfer toOh Jae-suk NagoyaIchimaru is completely transferred toRyukyuTransferred to each of them for a limited time.

In the league match, after winning the opening match for the first time in nine years, he moved up to 9nd place for a while, but in the summer he lost a stall for a while due to consecutive losses, and remained strong with no loss in 2 races, and was 12nd in the league. Obtained ACL participation right and Emperor's Cup participation right for the first time in 2 years.Also, there has been no victory at Panasonic Stadium Suita so far.Nagoya Grampus Eight,Kashima Antlers,Kashiwa Reysol,VISSEL KOBEWon the first victory from.

The Emperor's Cup lost to Kawasaki 0-1 in the final and ended in runner-up.


Team slogan: TOGETHER as ONE

Miyamoto system second year.FC SeoulからJu Se Jong,AndからLeandro Pereira,TosuからThiago AlvesAcquired.Also,Yokohama FCFrom Kazumi,YamaguchiHayashi returns from.On the other hand, Watanabe, Takae, Ichimaru, Matsuda and others have each transferred, and Endo and Tani, who are transferring for a limited time, have extended the transfer period.In addition, promotion from youth was postponed for the first time in eight years.

After the opening round, an infection with the new coronavirus occurred in multiple team members, forcing the top team to suspend their activities from March 3th to March 9rd.[25]..Even after resuming activities, he couldn't improve his condition, and when he finished 10 league games, he was in 1th place with 4 win, 5 draws and 18 losses, and the number of points was 3.

In consideration of such circumstances, the contract with the director Miyamoto was canceled on May 5.[26]..Initially Director of the Strengthening Academy and directed in 2012Masanobu MatsunamiTakes tentative command until the successor is decided[26]However, on June 6st, it was announced that the current system would be continued with Matsunami as the successor director.[27].


International competition players


Results of the three major domestic competitions
J1 leagueJ League CupEmperor's Cup JFA All Japan Soccer Championship
RankingNumber of times年度GradeNumber of times年度GradeNumber of times年度
Win22005, 2014Win22007, 2014Win42008, 2009, 2014, 2015
2 bit32010, 2015, 2020second place32005, 2015, 2016second place32006, 2012 2020
3 bit62002, 2004, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2011Best 471993, 1994, 2002, 2008, 2011, 2017, 2019Best 481994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 2000, 2004, 2007, 2010
4 bit21997, 2016Best 872003, 2004, 2006, 2009, 2010, 2012, 2018Best 841992, 2001, 2005, 2016
6 bit12000Eliminated the second round31999, 2000, 2001Best 1641999, 2002, 2003, 2017
7 bit21993, 2001, 2019Lost qualifying51992, 1996, 1997, 1998, 2020Eliminated the second round31998, 2011, 2013, 2019
8 bit12008Eliminated the second round21993, 2018
9 bit12018
10 bit31994, 2003, 2017
11 bit11999
12 bit11996
14 bit11995
15 bit11998
17 bit12012

Team scorer by year

年度Team scorerscoreRemarks
1993Japanese flag Akihiro Nagashima12 points
1994Japanese flag Toshihiro Yamaguchi16 points
1995Dutch flag Hill house20 points
1996Croatian flag Muladenovic11 points
1997Cameroon flag Mboma25 pointsLeague scorer
1998Japanese flag Hiromi Kojima17 points
1999Japanese flag Hiromi Kojima
Brazilian flag Luisinho
6 points
2000Japanese flag Hiromi Kojima9 points
2001Croatian flag Nino Boule17 points
2002Brazilian flag Magron22 points
2003Brazilian flag Magron15 points
2004Japanese flag Masashi Oguro20 points
2005Brazilian flag Araujo33 pointsJ1 scorer
2006Brazilian flag Magno Alves26 pointsJ1 scorer
2007Brazilian flag Valley20 points
2008Brazilian flag Valley10 points
2009Brazilian flag Leandro11 points
2010Japanese flag Masao Hirai14 points
2011Republic of Korea flag Lee Gun Ho15 points
2012Brazilian flag Leandro14 points
2013Japanese flag Takashi Usami19 points
2014Japanese flag Takashi Usami10 points
2015Japanese flag Takashi Usami19 points
2016Japanese flag Yu Nagasawa
Brazilian flag Ademison
9 points
2017Japanese flag Yu Nagasawa10 points
2018Republic of Korea flag Huang Gisuke16 points
2019Brazilian flag Ademison10 points
2020Brazilian flag Patrick9 points

Derby match


Domestic title

International title

Other titles


Asian Football Federation(AFC)

J League

J League Cup

Other awards

Club records

Most scored match

  • J1 league match
    • 7-1 [October 2004, 10 2nd Round 2th C Battle of Osaka (Expo)]
    • 7-1 [July 2005, 7 Section 2 Tokyo V Battle (Expo)]
    • 7-2 [August 2012, 8, Section 25, Battle of Sapporo (Expo)]
  • J2 league match
    • 8-2 [July 2013, 7 Section 3 Gifu Battle (Nagara River)]
  • J3 league match
    • 6-1 [September 2016, 9 Round 18 Kagoshima Battle (Suita S)]
  • J League Cup
    • 6-3 [September 2016, 9 Quarterfinal Round 14 Hiroshima Battle (Suita S)]
  • Emperor's cup
  • AFC Champions League (ACL)
    • 15-0 [March 2006, 3 Group League Round 22] Danang FCBattle (Expo)】 (ACL's highest score Thailand record)

Most goals scored

  • J1 league match
    • 1-7 [May 1996, 5 Round 4, Kashiwa Battle (Expo)]
  • J League Cup
    • 1-7 [August 1994, 8 Semifinal Round V Kawasaki Battle (Mizuho)]

Consecutive win record

  • J1 league match
    • 9 consecutive wins [August 1997, 8 9nd Round 2 Shimizu Battle (Nihondaira)-September 4, 1997 Round 9 Yokohama F Round (Expo)]
    • 9 consecutive wins [September 2018, 9 Round 1 Kawasaki (Suita S)-November 25, 2018 Round 11 Nagasaki (Suita S)]
  • Emperor's cup
    • 15 consecutive wins [November 2008, 11 Round 16 Kofu (Expo)-December 4, 2010 Quarterfinals Urawa (Expo)]
  • AFC Champions League (ACL)
    • 8 consecutive wins [October 2008, 10 Final T Semifinal Round 8 Urawa Round (Saitama)-May 2, 2009 Group League Round 5 Shandong Lu No Tai Tai MountainBattle (Shandong)]

Consecutive undefeated record

  • J1 league match
    • 13 games [April 2007, 4 Round 22 Battle of Iwata (Expo)-August 7, 2007 Round 8 Battle of Niigata (Expo)]
  • Home
    • 25 games (20 wins and 5 minutes) [March 2006, 3, Section 29 Omiya Battle-August 4, 2007, Section 8 Niigata Battle] (J11 record most Thailand record)
  • AFC Champions League (ACL)
    • 19 games [May 2006, 5 Group League Round 3] Jeonbuk Hyundai MotorsBattle (Expo)-May 2009, 5 Group League Section 6 Shandong Lu No Tai Taishan (Shandong)]

Consecutive loss record

  • J1 league match
    • 8 consecutive losses [May 1995, 5 Suntory Round 10 Urawa Battle (Omiya)-July 15, 1995 Round 7 V Kawasaki Battle (Expo)]

League win record

  • First victory [May 1993, 5 Suntory Round 16 Urawa match (Expo)]
  • 100 wins in total [August 1999, 8 16nd Round 2 Kashiwa Battle (Expo)]
  • 150 wins in total [November 2002, 11 16nd Round 2 Urawa match (Komaba)]
  • 200 wins in total [April 2006, 4 Section 15 Yokohama FM Battle (Nissan)]
  • 250 wins in total [April 2009, 4 Round 17 Yamagata (Expo)]
  • 300 wins in total [October 2011, 10 Section 2 Urawa Battle (Expo)]
  • 350 wins in total [September 2014, 9 Round 20, C Osaka match (Expo)]
  • 400 wins in total [May 2017, 5 Round 20 Tosu Battle (Suita S)]

Personal records

Youngest participation

  • Official game
    • 16 years 8 months 12 days- Japanese flag Takato Akito[April 2014, 4 Nabisco Cup Group League Round 16 Tosu Battle (Beast)]
  • J1 league match
    • 16 years 11 months 18 days- Japanese flag Doan[June 2015, 6 3st Round 1 Kashima Battle (Expo)]

Youngest score

  • Official game
    • 17 years 14 days- Japanese flag Takashi Usami[May 2009, 5 ACL Group League Round 20 FC Seoul Battle (Expo)]
  • J1 league match
    • 17 years 179 days- Japanese flag Junichi Inamoto [April 1997, 4, Section 20, Battle of Shimizu (Expo)]

Most participation

  • Japanese player
    • 566 matches- Japanese flag Yasuhito Endo (2001-2018) *Ongoing [First appearance: March 2001, 3, 10st Round 1, Fukuoka Battle]
  • Foreign national athlete
    • 122 matches- Brazilian flag Siji Clay (2004-2007) [First appearance: March 2004, 3 13st Round 1 Kashima Battle]

Most total score

  • Japanese player
  • Foreign national athlete

Highest score in the season

Consecutive game score

  • Official game
    • 9 match
      • Brazilian flag Leandro[April 2009, 4 ACL Group League Round 8 vs Sri Wijaya-May 3, 2009 J5 League Round 10 Kashiwa]
  • J1 league match
    • 6 match
      • Cameroon flag Mboma[August 1997, 8 23nd Round 2th Round C Battle of Osaka-September 7, 1997 9nd Round 13th Round Yokohama F]
      • Brazilian flag Araujo[September 2005, 9 Round 3, Tokyo V Battle-October 22, 2005 Round 10, Round Kobe]
      • Japanese flag Ryuji Banto[August 2006, 8, Round 27, Battle of Nagoya-October 20, 2006, Round 10, Battle of Kofu]
      • Brazilian flag Leandro[April 2009, 4 Round 12 Battle of Omiya-May 5, 2009 Round 5[13] Kashiwa Battle]
      • Japanese flag Hashimoto Hideo[July 2010, 7 Round 28, Kobe Battle-August 15, 2010 Round 8, Nagoya Battle]
      • Brazilian flag Adriano[April 2011, 4 Section 29 Yamagata Battle-June 8, 2011 Section 6[Note 2] Sendai Battle]
      • Japanese flag Takashi Usami[March 2015, 3 Round 22 Round 3 against Kofu-April 2015, 4 Round 29 Round Matsumoto]
      • Republic of Korea flag Juan Wijo[September 2018, 9 Round 15, Kobe Battle-November 26, 2018 Round 11, Shonan Battle]

hat trick

  • J1 league match
    • 4 points
      • Brazilian flag Magron[July 2002, 7 14st Round 1 Shimizu Battle]
    • 3 points
      • Japanese flag Akihiro Nagashima[June 1993, 6 Suntory Round 5 Nagoya Battle] (First Japanese player hat trick)
      • Japanese flag Masanobu Matsunami[November 1993, 11 NICOS Round 20 Ichihara Battle] (J14 youngest record at 18 years old 364 days)
      • Japanese flag Toshihiro Yamaguchi[Suntory Round 1994, Hiratsuka, April 4, 6]
      • Ukrainian flag Protasov[June 1995, 6 Suntory Round 28 Shimizu Battle]
      • Cameroon flag Mboma[April 1998, 4, 18st Round 1, Kashiwa Battle]
      • Yugoslavia flag Drovnyak[August 1998, 8 8st Round 1, Yokohama F Battle]
      • Japanese flag Hiromi Kojima[April 2000, 4 22st Round 1 Fukuoka Battle]
      • Japanese flag Masashi Oguro【2004年10月2日 2nd第8節 C大阪戦】【2004年11月6日 2nd第12節 新潟戦】【2005年4月23日 第7節 FC東京戦】
      • Brazilian flag Araujo[July 2005, 7 Round 2, Tokyo V] [September 13, 2005 Round 9, Hiroshima]
      • Brazilian flag Fernandinho[March 2006, 3 Round 12 C Battle against Osaka]
      • Brazilian flag Magno Alves[March 2006, 3 Round 12 C Battle of Osaka] [November 2, 2006 Round 11 Match of Kyoto]
      • Brazilian flag Valley[September 2007, 9, Section 1, Battle of Nagoya]
      • Brazilian flag Rafinha[August 2011, 8 Round 20 Kawasaki Battle]
      • Brazilian flag Leandro[August 2012, 8 Round 25 Sapporo Battle]
      • Brazilian flag Patrick[September 2014, 9 Round 27 Tosu Battle]
      • Japanese flag Takashi Usami[June 2015, 6 27st Round 1, Yamagata]
  • J2 league match
    • 4 points
    • 3 points
      • Brazilian flag Leandro[April 2013, 4 Round 21 Toyama Battle]
  • J League Cup
    • 4 points
      • Japanese flag Yu Nagasawa[April 2018, 4 Group League Round 4 Nagoya Battle]
    • 3 points
      • Republic of Korea flag Juan Wijo[June 2018, 6 Group League Playoffs against Iwata]
  • Emperor's cup
    • 3 points
      • Brazilian flag Magno Alves[February 2007, 2 Urawa Battle] (First Super Cup Hat Trick)
  • AFC Champions League (ACL)
    • 4 points
      • Brazilian flag Magno Alves[March 2006, 3 Group League Round 22 vs Da Nang (Expo)]
    • 3 points
      • Brazilian flag Fernandinho[March 2006, 3 Group League Round 22 vs Da Nang (Expo)]
      • Brazilian flag Leandro[March 2009, 3 Group League Round 17 vs FC Seoul (Seoul)]
      • Japanese flag Masao Hirai[March 2010, 3 Group League Round 23 vs Singapore Armed Forces (Singapore)]
  • Pan Pacific Championship
    • 4 points
      • Brazilian flag Valley[February 2008, 2 Final vs Houston Dynamo (Hawaii)] (First hat-trick in the tournament)

Memorial goal

  • J1 league record
    • 100 goals in total- Japanese flag Masanobu Matsunami[Suntory Round 1993 Hiroshima Battle, June 6, 9 (Expo)]
    • 10,000 goals in total- Japanese flag Maeda Masafumi[May 2005, 5 Round 8 Nagoya Battle (Expo)]
    • 15,500 goals in total- Brazilian flag Rafinha[September 2011, 9 Section 18 Yokohama FM Battle (Nissan)]
  • Club records
    • 1st goal- Japanese flag Masahiro Wada[May 1993, 5 Suntory Round 16 Urawa Battle (Expo)]
    • 100 goals in total- Japanese flag Hiroshi Yamamura[September 1994, 9 NICOS Round 21 Hiroshima Battle (Fukushima)]
    • 200 goals in total- Dutch flag Hill house[November 1995, 11 NICOS Round 22 C Osaka Battle (Expo)]
    • 300 goals in total- Japanese flag Junichi Inamoto[September 1997, 9 20nd Round 2 Kashiwa Battle (Expo)]
    • 400 goals in total- Japanese flag Hiromi Kojima[April 2000, 4 22st Round 1 Fukuoka Battle (Expo)]
    • 500 goals in total- Japanese flag Kota Yoshihara[April 2002, 4 13st Round 1 FC Tokyo Battle (Expo)]
    • 600 goals in total- Japanese flag Satoshi Yamaguchi[April 2004, 4 3st Round 1 Shimizu Battle (Expo)]
    • 700 goals in total- Brazilian flag Araujo[July 2005, 7 Round 6 Hiroshima Battle (Hiroshima Bi)]
    • 800 goals in total- Japanese flag Ryuji Banto[August 2006, 8 Round 30, Niigata Battle (Expo)]
    • 900 goals in total- Japanese flag Ryuji Harito [March 2008, 3 Section 30 Tokyo V Battle (Expo)]
    • 1,000 goals in total- Brazilian flag Pedro junior[November 2009, 11 Round 8 Kyoto Battle (Expo)]
    • 1,100 goals in total- Republic of Korea flag Lee Gun Ho[July 2011, 7 Round 10 Omiya Battle (NACK)]
    • 1,200 goals in total- Brazilian flag Leandro[September 2012, 9 Round 22 Urawa Battle (Saitama)]
    • 1,300 goals in total- Japanese flag Nishino Takaharu[October 2013, 10 J20 Round 2 Toyama Battle (Expo)]
    • 1,400 goals in total- Brazilian flag Patrick[July 2015, 7 11nd Round 2st Kofu Battle (Expo)]
    • 1,500 goals in total- Masaya Kim[April 2017, 4, Section 1, Battle of Niigata (Denka S)]

Other records


Home stadiumSuita City Soccer Stadium(Panasonic Stadium Suita, Panasonic Stadium Suita). Until 2015Expo Memorial StadiumIs a home stadium, and a practice ground is attached to the south of the stadium.1997UntilKyotoKyotanabe CityMatsushita Electric Works (currently:PanasonicI was using the practice ground that was on the site.

When G Osaka was the only J League club in Kansai,Kobe Universiade Memorial Stadium,Saikyogoku ArenaBut I've played home games. Also, from 1995 to 2010Ishikawa Prefecture West Green Park Athletic FieldWas playing a home game at[28].

Food Festa was introduced in June-July 2008, and the closest station to the Expo Memorial Stadium "Koen East Exit StationA food court is held on the way from "" to the stadium. Since August 2008, the name has been changed to "Gourmet G Yokocho" and it is being held at home games. Since 8, we have also opened a shop behind the main stand. With the relocation of Suita Soccer Stadium in 2009, the food court also moved into the stadium, and the name was changed to "Gourmet G".[29].

The clubhouse and the official shop “Blu SPAZIO” were located next to the practice ground until 2015 when the home was at the Expo. Both facilities have moved to the stadium due to the 2016 Suita Soccer Stadium relocation, and the museum "Blu STORIA" where the trophies that have been acquired so far and spikes with the autographs of the past players have been exhibited is the official shop. Adjacent to the side[30].

Relocation from Expo Memorial Stadium

Used as a home stadium since the opening of the J LeagueExpo Memorial Stadium International Football FederationAs it did not meet the international standards set by (FIFA) and was aging,2008Construction and relocation plan for new stadium announced in July[31].. A new stadium will be built in the Expo'XNUMX Commemorative Park, and the funds for the construction will be allocated by donations without funding from the government.2013The groundbreaking ceremony for the stadium construction was held in December and was completed in September 12.2016 J LeagueThe home stadium was relocated to Suita Soccer Stadium.

Number of visitors

Most visitors match

J1 league match

AFC Champions League

  • Suita City Soccer Stadium
    • 14,756 [April 2016, 4 MD6 Shanghai Port Battle]
  • Expo Memorial Stadium
    • 20,639 [November 2008, 11 Final match against Adelaide United]

J2 league match

  • Expo Memorial Stadium
    • 18,193 [July 2013, 7 Round 20 Kobe Battle]

J3 league match

  • Suita City Soccer Stadium
    • 8,038 people [April 2016, 4 Section 10 C Great War 4]
  • Expo Memorial Stadium
    • 1,711 [April 2016, 4 Section 23 Oita Battle]

Reference record

Minimum attendee match

J1 league match

  • Suita City Soccer Stadium
    • 13,731 [April 2016, 4 15st Round 1, Kashiwa Battle]
  • Expo Memorial Stadium
    • 2,720 [April 1999, 4 28st Round 1, Kyoto Battle]
  • Ishikawa Prefecture West Green Park Athletic Field
    • 7,739 people [November 2001, 11 3nd Round 2 Hiroshima Battle]
  • Kobe Universiade Memorial Stadium
    • 7,774 [September 1995, 9 NICOS Round 27 Iwata Battle]

J2 league match

  • Expo Memorial Stadium
    • 6,559 [September 2013, 9 Section 15 Mito Battle]

J3 league match

  • Suita City Soccer Stadium
    • 1,552 [July 2016, 7, Section 24, Fukushima Battle]
  • Expo Memorial Stadium
    • 1,066 [August 2016, 8, Round 7, Ryukyu]

Number of visitors by year

Number of visitors
Maximum number of visitorsMinimum number of visitorsaverage
Number of visitors
Number of matchesHome match venue
Number of visitorsOpponentVenueNumber of visitorsOpponentVenueLeague matchLeague cupACL
1993J388,28641,054V KawasakiKobe Yu13,069NagoyaSaikyogoku21,57118Expo15,Kobe Yu2
Expo 2, Kobe Yu 1(Non-participation)
1994492,08437,292Urawa12,568Iwata22,36722Expo17, Kobe Yu 4
Saikyogoku 1
Expo 2
1995346,05419,486V KawasakiExpo7,320ShimizuExpo13,31026Expo21, Kobe Yu 3
Saikyogoku 1,佐賀1
(Not held)
1996120,05813,517NagoyaKanazawa5,025Iwata8,00415Expo14,Kanazawa1Expo 7
1997135,08816,071UrawaExpo4,716京都8,44316Expo15, Kanazawa 1Expo 3
1998148,29018,890Iwata3,282oak8,72317Expo16, Kanazawa 1Expo 2
2001175,84921,5986,175FC Tokyo11,723Expo14, Kanazawa 1
2002191,42922,712Iwata6,130Hiroshima12,762Expo 4
2003153,32416,146Kashima4,828千葉10,222Expo 3
2004187,75218,011Iwata4,42912,517Expo14,Okayama1Expo 2, Kanazawa 1
2005271,41622,884Kashima6,646Niigata15,96617Expo16, Kanazawa 1Expo 5
2006276,39520,916Urawa8,388Oita16,259Expo 1Expo 3
2007296,46520,98212,16317,439Expo 5(Non-participation)
2008274,16920,773Yokohama FM10,039oak16,124Expo17Expo 1, Kanazawa 1Expo 6
2009301,10520,394京都10,159Yamagata17,712Expo16, Kanazawa 1Expo 1Expo 4
2010283,11120,973C Osaka9,093京都16,654Expo 3
2011278,98120,991Kashima11,364Iwata16,411Expo17Expo 4
2012251,23219,393FC Tokyo8,218Tosu14,778Expo 3
2014J1250,73819,569C Osaka10,898Shimizu14,74917Expo17Expo 5
2015271,98418,842(I.e.10,702Nagoya15,999Expo 2Expo 6
2016430,80634,231Yokohama FMSuita13,731oakSuita25,342Suita S17Suita S2Suita S3
2017412,71036,177C Osaka13,074Omiya24,277Suita S4
2018399,24235,24211,824Sendai23,485Suita S5(Non-participation)
meter446Expo 369 / Suita S51
Kanazawa 12 / Other 14

Number of visitorsTaiziIs the highest record ever


Uniform color
カ ラ ーshirtPantsstockings
FP (1st)Blue x black[1]black[1]Black or blue[1]
FP (2nd)white[1]white[1]white[1]
GK (1st)"Red""Red""Red"
GK (2nd)yellowyellowyellow
GK (3rd)dark bluedark bluedark blue
FP 1st
FP 2nd
GK 1st
GK 2nd
GK 3rd

Team color

    Blue,    black

Game shirt1997Season Blue and black vertical stripe design is used.This was playing at Gamba Osaka at the end of the 1996 season.Isogai YokoHad proposed to change to vertical stripes, but he never moved to Urawa in 1997, so he never wore it.[32].

Uniform sponsor

Posting locationSponsor nameNotationPosted yearRemarks
clavicleDaiken IndustryDAIKEN2019-Written on the left
2012-2014 pants
2015-2018 sleeves
DaicelDAICEL2018-Written on the right
Upper backRohto PharmaceuticalROHTO2003 2nd-
Lower backShip Healthcare HoldingsSHIP
2020-2016 2nd-2019 pants


  • Rohto changed the logo in the summer of 2004, but played the game with the old logo for that season, and has been wearing the new logo since the 2005 season.
  • The 2006 season is a symbol of the Japan Football Association because it is the 2005 J1 League annual championship club.YatagarasuThe champion mark with was attached to the right sleeve.
  • The field player's 3rd uniform had a white shirt until 2, when the 2006nd uniform was blue. In 2011, the mascotGamba BoyWe adopted a yellow game shirt that was inspired by lightning.
  • 左胸のエンブレム上に9つの星が付けられているが、上の4つは2014年の国内3冠(J1リーグ戦・ナビスコカップ・天皇杯の優勝)、2015年の天皇杯、下の5つは2005年のJ1リーグ戦、2007年のナビスコカップ、2008年および2009年の天皇杯、2008年のAFC Champions LeagueRepresents the five wins. Also, since 5, one star has been added to the international match uniform.
  • 2001-2002 2nd uniform change shorts and 2003-2008, 2013-15 used 2nd uniform pants white.
  • On October 2011, 10, J2 Round 20 was the 1th anniversary gameUrawaIn the game, I wore a black game shirt for this game only.
  • August 2012, 9,Nadeshiko League OfSperanza FC Osaka TakatsukiJ1 Round 28 held on the same day asNiigataIn the war, he wore a limited edition yellow uniform.
  • August 2017, 8,Jubilo Iwata BattleThen, titled "GAMBA EXPO",Sun towerAdopted a white uniform in the shape of[33].
  • August 2018, 9,Sanfrecce HiroshimaIn the war, we adopted a black / red uniform that shaped the inside of the Tower of the Sun as "GAMBA EXPO 2018" following the previous year.[34].
  • August 2019, 8,Jubilo Iwata Battle"GAMBA EXPO 2019" will be held at At that time, I treated the colorful hand mold on a black backgroundNoritake KinashiAdopted a commemorative uniform by[35].

The history of uniform supply

Successive uniforms