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⚾ | "A ball like this at the age of 52 ..." A storm of excitement at the "pitching" of giant Masumi Kuwata, assistant pitcher and chief coach

Photo Giant Masumi Kuwata, Assistant Chief Coach [Photo: Getty Images]

"At the age of 52, such a ball ..." A storm of excitement at the "pitching" of pitcher Masumi Kuwata, assistant chief coach

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Other fans who saw the whole story said, "It's amazing to be able to throw such a ball at the age of 52." "I was waiting (waiting for it to be uploaded) without sleeping." "(Fans of the generation) It is a deeply emotional video that each person can indulge in, such as "The inner corner of the eye gets hot" and "What a gorgeous hitting pitcher".

"Heat throwing" against Maru, assistant pitcher Masumi Kuwata, the god video giant of the baseball team official YouTube, Okinawa on the 23rd ... → Continue reading


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