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⚽ | Full-scale start of soccer instruction Miyagi Prefectural Association dispatches to elementary school class

Photo Physical education class conducted on a trial basis by dispatching a soccer instructor = Sendai City (provided by the Prefectural Soccer Association) last November

Full-scale start of soccer instruction Miyagi Prefectural Association dispatched to elementary school class

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Kenji Ogoshi, managing director of Miyagi Co-op (Sendai City), who sponsors the project, said, "We will support it as an aid to community contribution activities."

In the new year, the Miyagi Football Association will start a business to dispatch soccer coaches to elementary school physical education classes.New Coronaui ... → Continue reading

 Kahoku Shimpo

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Kenji Ogoshi, Managing Director

Miyagi Consumer Cooperative

Miyagi Consumer Cooperative(Miyagi Seika Tsukiyodo Kumiai)Miyagi-FukushimaBusiness scope, consumptionConsumer cooperative.Coop Tohoku Sunnet Business UnionJoin.It boasts the highest household participation rate in Japan.


2020As of MarchMiyagiIt has about 95 union members, with a household membership rate of 75.1% in Miyagi prefecture and a household membership rate of 29.2% in the Fukushima area, making it the highest household membership rate in Japan.[1][2][3]..Supply is 12590 billionYenBeyondTohoku regionWhile being the largest consumer co-opEndo chain SeiyuAfter joining the umbrella ofMiyagiIt has become one of the largest retailers based within.However,Ishinomaki metropolitan areaMost of the stores have multiple stores inSendai metropolitan areaConcentrated in, and in other areas 1Metropolitan areaThere is about one store open. As of March 1, the number of stores is 2020,Joint purchase17 branches, 6 school branches[4]..While opening 2-3 new stores a year[5], The surrounding small stores are also closed.The number of members of group purchasing has increased by about 2016 to 5 in the five years up to 1, and the supply is also increasing.

2015IsMatsushima Townso,AcorpOpened A & COOP Matsushima store and Coop Drug Matsushima store as stores to be developed as a joint business with Miyagi (established and operated by Coop Matsushima Co., Ltd. with joint investment by both corporations).

さ ら に2017The smallest population in the prefecture on April 4Shichikashuku TownToFamilyMartIn collaboration with "FamilyMart + COOP Shichikashuku", a new store was opened in the busy base area "Nanairo Hiroba", which is scheduled to be built near the town hall.[6]..This is a format in which "Corp Convenience Co., Ltd.", a subsidiary of Miyagi Cooperative, operates as a franchise, and then "FamilyMart + COOP Tsurugaya Store" is opened as the second store near the existing Miyagi Cooperative Tsurugaya Store. Although it was opened and the Miyagi Co-op itself is accepting membership, it will be separated from the existing Tsurugaya store.

2016May 10, Consumers' Co-op Corp Fukushima (Corp Fukushima Headquarters:FukushimaFukushima), Fukushima Prefecture South Co-op (Fukushima Prefecture South Co-op Headquarters: The same prefectureNishishirakawa-gunYabuki Town) And announced a policy to merge by March 2019[7]..It is reported that the merger method will be that Corp Fukushima and Fukushima Prefecture South Co-op will transfer and sell all businesses to Miyagi Co-op.It was reported that if realized, the merger of co-ops across prefectures would be the fourth case in Japan.[8]..In addition, the merger will strengthen the management base and strengthen the opening of stores in Fukushima Prefecture, where there were few new store openings.

2019May 3, Co-op Co-op Fukushima, Miyagi Consumer's Co-op takes over all the businesses of Fukushima Prefecture South Co-op.The store in Fukushima Prefecture after the business succession is "COOP Fukushima" (ShirakawaThe Fukushima Prefecture South Co-op store continues to be used as the Corp Fukushima Tenjincho store).


List of stores

Stores that existed in the past

  • Izumicho store (Miyagino-ku, Sendai) --For relocation to Serabi Yukimachi store.
  • Aiko store (Aoba-ku, Sendai) --For relocation to the new Aiko store. Opened in December 1982 and moved to Shin-Ayashi store in 12.
  • Funaoka store (Shibata Town)
  • Higashi-Sendai store (Miyagino-ku, Sendai city) --Due to the opening of the Shindenhigashi store.
  • Nakada store (Taihaku-ku, Sendai) --Due to the opening of the Yanagiu store.
  • Midorigaoka store (Taihaku-ku, Sendai) --Due to the opening of the new Yagiyama store.The current "Ko-Pu no Ie (Uchi) Midorigaoka".
  • Yagiyama store (Taihaku-ku, Sendai) --Due to the opening of the new Yagiyama store.After renewing the site as the new Yagiyama store clothing building, it was finally integrated into the new Yagiyama store and closed.
  • Yamanotera store (Izumi-ku, Sendai) --Due to the opening of the Akaishidai store.
  • Natorigaoka store (Natori City) --Due to the opening of the Natori West store.
  • Shiogama Tamagawa Store (Shiogama City) --For relocation to Shiogama Sakaemachi Store.Before the store closed, it had a sign saying "46th anniversary of opening".
  • Furukawa Nakazato Store (Furukawa City) --Moved to Furukawa Minami Store due to construction of city planning road.
  • Ishinomaki Ekimae Store (Ishinomaki City) --For relocation to Ishinomaki Ohashi Store.The site is a parking lot.
  • Eye Topia Store (Ishinomaki City)- Great East Japan EarthquakeDue to the influence of.After that by renovation2012May 10Reopened as "Miyagi Cooperative Cultural Center Itopia".Converted to a facility with an event space, cooking room, and meeting room[22].
  • Yuriage store (Natori City) --Due to the effects of the Great East Japan Earthquake.
  • Tsurugaya store (Miyagino-ku, Sendai) --For relocation to the new Tsurugaya store.
  • Matsushima store (Matsushima-cho, Miyagi-gun) --With the integration of functions with the ACOOP Matsushima store operated by ECOPP Miyagi, the new construction was relocated to the site of the store as "A & COOP Matsushima store".The site was designated as "Corp Drug Matsushima Store"Drug storeConverted to a store specializing in.Both stores will be jointly funded by Miyagi Co-op and Ecorp MiyagiCorp Matsushima Co., Ltd.Takes the form of being operated by.
  • Rokuchome store (Wakabayashi-ku, Sendai) --Due to the opening of the Arai store.


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