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⛷ | The number of users has decreased by 27% Gunma Prefecture Ski Resort Even if it is blessed with snow, the emergency declaration is a headwind


The number of users has decreased by 27% Gunma Prefecture Ski Resort Even if it is blessed with snow, the emergency declaration is headwind

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Since many people stay in Manza Onsen and Kusatsu Onsen in this area, it seems that the suspension of the government's tourism support measure "Go To Travel" had an effect.

The number of ski resort users in Gunma Prefecture from November last year to January this year decreased by 11% from the same period of the previous year to 1 people ... → Continue reading

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Tourism support measures

Kusatsu Onsen

Kusatsu Onsen(Kusatsu Onsen) isJapan OfGunmaAgatsumaKusatsu TownKusatsu area (Edo PeriodInUeno countryKusatsu Village, Agatsuma District,Bakuhan systemUnderJoshuFeeKusatsu Village area <InitiallyNumata DomainChiyuki〉)Spa.Kusatsu Shirane MountainLocated at the eastern foot.

3 per minuteThe above natural amount is the largest in Japan.It is one of the famous hot springs that represent Japan,Marishu XNUMXLinsan TheThree famous springs in Japan(OthersGero OnsenArima Onsen) Counted as one ()cf. 1502,1662).Made many times since the late Edo periodHot spring numbering Of付 付Then, it is the highest rank at that timeOzeki(Kusatsu Onsen is the University of Tokyo) was in place (cf. 1817).


"Kusatsu Onsen"Kusatsu Onsen" is also an ancient name, but in the past, it was "Kusatsu Onsen".Kusatsuyu/Kusatsu no Yu(Kusatsu no Yu)[*1][1], OrUeno country"Kozuke", which is another name forJoshu Kusatsu Onsen/Joshu Kusatsu no YuWas often called.I still followed thesename of poem"Kusatsu no Yu" and "Kusatsu Kusatsu no Yu" are frequently used.Also, now "Joshu Kusatsu OnsenThe name is also used, but in addition to the elegant nuances, this expression is "" in other regions.KusatsuAnd "Kusatsu Onsen" are confusing place names (*# Joshu Kusatsu and other KusatsuSee section) May include the intention to make a clear distinction.

The place name "Kusatsu" in this areaEtymologyIs a hot springHydrogen sulfideIt is said to be in "odorous water (grass water, grass water, grass water)" because of its strong odor.[2][3][4]..There is also a theory that it is odorous.[4]..KusatsuyamaKosenji Temple OfOmenIs "Mahaprajnaparamitakyo』(Popular name・ It is said that it is derived from the passage "Southern famous hot spring Kusatsu hot spring".[3][5], There is no such clause in Mahaprajnaparam[6],MythIs.At the templeYoritomo GengenWhen he visited the area, he said that when he cut the grass, hot water came out.[7] Is also transmitted, but the historical reality is doubtful as will be described later.Folk etymologyThere is a possibility of.

In addition, Kusatsu Onsen,Upper hair karutaof"KuThe reason why I sing "Kusatsu Yoitoko Yaku no Onsen" on the tag is because I read "Kusatsu" as "Kusatsu" locally, and the hot spring water is strong.Hydrogen sulfideThere is a theory that the origin of today's place name is that it was called "Kusozu" because of its odor.[8].

It has been known as a medicinal bath for a long time.Everything works except for love illnessIt is said that.[9]

Geology / geology


elevationIn the highlands of 1100-1200mHot spring townIs spreading.In the northwestKusatsu Shirane Mountain(Mt. Shirane <2,160m, Yugama>,Moto Shirane<2,171m>, Ainomine <2,110m>) towers (Joshinetsu Kogen National Park).

Spring quality

The hot springs at Kusatsu Onsen are basicallyAcidic spring(Acid hypotonic high hot spring).place(source) Depending onSulfur springEtc. can also be seen.pHIs very acidic at 2.1,Miscellaneous bacteriaHas a bactericidal effect.Downstream due to this strong acidShinaki DamAcidicneutralizeThere is a facility.It is also used for spa treatment, and its indications are皮膚病-Neuralgia-Diabetes mellitusAnd others.

Kusatsu Onsen is a groundwater that flows east from Mt. Kusatsu-Shirane.Volcanic gasIs believed to have occurred when they met.It is mainly composed of relatively new groundwater for several months to several years after it rains, and the amount of spring water is strongly influenced by the amount of precipitation immediately before.In addition, the closer it is to the summit of Mt.


sourceIn addition to the fact that there are six publicly managed sourcesHotelThere are also many small sources owned by such companies.The amount of hot spring water that self-sprays is extremely abundant, and the temperature of the hot spring is alsoCelsiusHigh around 50-90 degrees[10]..Mandai mineral sourceradiatorThe hot water is distributed by lowering the high water temperature.At Jikanyu, "Yumomi" is performed, which is characterized by lowering the temperature of the hot spring by stirring the hot spring with a wooden board (called a hot spring board) while singing Kusatsu-bushi for a long time (still for tourists). There is a facility for demonstrations, and the two communal baths are held as part of the hot spring cure).In the hot spring townYubatakeThere are various sources, large and small, including. 1975 (Showa50 years)Mandai oreMany small-scale hot springs have been abandoned since the use of hot springs and management of hot springs by the town began.[11]..In addition, each source of Kusatsu Onsen, including Yubatake, is green.ScaleThere are some things like, but this isCyanidiophyceaeSuch asHot spring algae.

Main source

Hot spring townIt springs in the center of Kusatsu Onsen and is the core source of Kusatsu Onsen in both name and reality.Hot water inside the enclosuregutterIs a facility for lowering the temperature of source water that is too hot without adding water.[12],YunohanaAlso serves as the purpose of collecting[12]..Yunohana collection is in the middle of the Edo periodKanseiStarted around 2 (1790)[13]..Collecting is done three times a year[12].
The current facility is aroundRotaryIt is maintained in. 1975 (Showa 50) Stayed at a hotel run by the mayor at that timeArtist-Taro OkamotoBut,Community developmentIt was in charge of design and supervision in response to the mayor's request for Taro to work as part of the plan.[14][15].
2008 years(HeiseiFrom the winter season of 20 years to the winter season of 2016, the number of balls reaches 28.LEDIt was usedPaper lanternJapanese styleilluminationAt night with 30 unitslight up"Yubatake Illuminations" was held to direct Yubatake[16].
The hot spring that passed through the wooden trough finally reaches the waterfall, but there used to be a communal hot spring called "Otaki no Yu" (now known as the town-run hot spring facility), around 1960 (Showa 35). Until it was demolished, there was the only "Takinoyu" in Kusatsu with a number.
white flag(Sushi Shirahata)
There is a white flag Yubatake in the corner from Yubatake toward the stairs of a temple called Kosenji.Yoritomo GengenIt is a source that is said to have been discovered by.You can also feel free to take a bath at the communal bath "Shirahata no Yu" next to the Yubatake.It is the only major source of Kusatsu that is cloudy (others are colorless and transparent).
West riverbank(Sai no Kawara, Nishi no Kawara)
It is a general term for the hot springs that spring in the wilderness area on the west side of the hot spring town. Today, the area is known as "Sainokawara Park" and has a promenade, so you can easily observe the hot springs.The name of the source is taken from the name of the riverbank near here, and since it was once on the west side of the town, it was called the west riverbank (Nishinokawara), and there are two places, here and the Jizo riverbank.SainokawaraIt seems that it was expressed as (Sai ​​no Kawara)[17] However, the signboards and guide maps installed in the Sainokawara Park now refer to the Sainokawara as "SAINOKAWARA".Here is the town-run "Sainokawara"[*2]There is an open-air bath, but the hot water here is drawn from the Mandai mineral spring, which will be described later.
The riverbank on the right side of the riverbank in the west is bright green and moco-moco, which is locally called "Marigoke".carpetLike (tea bud moss)[*3] I saw a colony of[When?]It has been lost due to the influence of the development around that time.In addition, Oku KusatsuNakanojo TownRokugo districtIn MotoyamaGunma Iron Mountain OfIron oreOpen pit diggingYou can see the largest herd in Honshu at Chatsubomi Moss Park, which is a hollow of the ruins (commonly known as hole hell).[18][19].
It is located a short distance from Yubatake.There is a long-standing tradition that it is effective against eye diseases, and as the name suggests, there is a Jizo-do (called Merai Jizo) beside the source.2006It was rebuilt in April (18).Long-term here with footbath and communal bathHot springProfessionalTime bathThere is also.
Nimono river(Glue)
It springs up beside Yukawa near the town-run one-day hot spring facility "Otaki no Yu".From the brown tank on the sidewalk that extends from Otaki no Yu to YubatakechimneyThere is a facility with a shape that looks like an extension, and it springs out in this.It is not supplied to the accommodation facilities, but only the communal bath "Boiled River Hot Spring" near the source and the aforementioned "Otaki no Yu".
Mandai ore(Bandaiko)
In 1970 (Showa 45)sulfurIt is a new source that erupts from a mine tunnel, and hot water is mainly drawn from here in high altitude areas.The temperature of the hot water is lowered by heat exchange at a very high temperature of 90 degrees Celsius or higher.The high temperature that occurs at this timefresh waterIs supplied to each household as hot water and on the roadMelting snowIt is also used for such purposes. The mine was named with the luck of "Let's have Mandai", but it was not possible to suppress the eruption of hot springs, andsulfurDeclining demand for mines[*4] After it was abandoned, it was washed away in the small killing area.
However, it has been effectively utilized due to recent technological advances and great efforts.Currently, when entering the town of Kusatsu, there is a place where steam is blown up like a jet on the mountainside in the neighborhood, but that is the source of Mandai ore (the source area is off limits due to the casualties). There are many ingredients contained at pH 1.7, but if you have a weak skin, it may affect your body.The overflowing hot water is flashy upstream of Yukawawater vaporIs being dumped while spouting.

Other sources

Cotton hot water(Watanoyu)
OkonomiyakiA source that springs from under the house, mainlyVillaIt is supplied to the land and inns and hotels that have opened in recent years.It is owned, managed and distributed by a company called Kusatsu Onsen Hot Water Distribution Co., Ltd. (which also manages the okonomiyaki restaurant mentioned above), rather than centralized management by the town.[20], There is no communal bath that draws this source.
Hot water(Netsunoyu)
It still springs directly to the bottom of the bathtub in the bathhouse where the hot spring show is held, but now it uses the white flag source.The hot water source is used in Chiyo no Yu.
Cradle bridge
A source that occasionally springs up in the upper reaches of the western riverbank.
Many ingredients are effective at pH 1.0-1.2Tamagawa OnsenIt is a strong acid spring that is comparable to the one, and once the annex of Ichii RyokanHot waterWas[*5] However, it is not currently used because the source is too remote and the amount of source is small.It still springs from the river and is sometimes visited by Noyu fans, but to get there, you have to go off the promenade and climb the river or waterfall.
Erwin von BeltsDiscovered and hereOnsen steamed bunThere is a history that the origin of "Saifuya" used this hot water to puff buns.

Hot spring town

Kusatsu Onsen Town(Kusatsu Onsen) is a hot spring town of Kusatsu Onsen.Foreign language notation isTokyo Olympics scheduled to be held in 2020Towardsroad signAs part of the internationalization project such as, etc.RomajiNotation "Kusatsu onsengaiFrom "to English translation notation"Kusatsu onsen townWas changed to.It was the first to be implemented in other hot spring towns all over Japan.It will be changed in other hot spring towns as well.In addition, "onsen"Is already an internationally common term for" Japanese-style hot springs "in the 2010s, so English with different nuances"spa"English without replacing"spa townThe "onsen town" that imitated "" was adopted.

In the center of the hot spring area, there is a hot spring town with an old-fashioned Japanese atmosphere centered on Yubatake, and it surrounds it.ResortHotels andPension, Otaki no Yu, Sainokawara Park, Terme Terme and hot spring center, as well as Kusatsu Ongaku no Mori International Concert HallKusatsu tropical zoneVarious facilities such as are located.Also, facing Mt. Kusatsu-ShiraneKusatsu Onsen Ski ResortThere is.On the outskirts of the town, a person who came to a hot spring and diedUnrelated BuddhaThere are many.

Using hot springsMedicalAs a facilityGunma University HospitalKusatsu Branch opened on December 1951, 26 (Showa 12)[21],High blood pressure-asthma-RheumatismThe hot spring was used for such treatment. The hospital was closed on March 2002, 14.[21].

A wooden wooden set up in the Yubatake of Kusatsu OnsengutterThe collection of Yunohana was started around 2, which is the middle of the Edo period.[13]..Well known sinceSouvenirIt is also distributed as.In modern times (2010s)PlasticOf screwing inconeIt is printed in red on a container with "Yunohana" in brush typeface and is sold for about 1,500 yen.

  • Positions of related events in the chronology-- 1790, 1913, 1951, 2002, 2015


Since ancient times, Kusatsu Onsen has been touted as "good for all illnesses" and has welcomed many hot spring guests.In addition to the heat retention effect of the hot spring, it is included in the bactericidal action and ingredients of the strongly acidic spring of Kusatsu Onsen.Aluminum sulphatebyconvergenceFrom cuts due to action and skin irritationLeprosy,syphilis,皮膚病Has accepted patients with a wide range of illnesses.

As a unique bathing method devised by Kusatsu Onsen, "Time bathThere is.This was combined with the low temperature of hot water, and was completed around 1877 (Meiji 10).[13]..A method devised to moderate the temperature of the hot springs at the source of Kusatsu Onsen, which is too hot for human bathing, without adding water, can prevent the hot spring components from being diluted with water.Fir the water with a hot water plate,YuchoTake a bath all at once and take a bath for 3 minutes.At its peak, it was held in 6 hot springs, hot spring, Shirahata hot spring, Matsunoyu, Chiyo no Yu, Washinoyu, and Jizo no Yu, but in the 2010s, Chiyo no Yu and Jizo no Yu 2 It was only done in hot water[22].

Yucho systemDoctor lawIt was abolished on July 2019, 7 because of concerns that it would conflict with.While keeping the name of Jikanyu, Chiyo-no-Yu and Jizo-no-Yu were made free of charge, and the temperature of the water was lowered from the previous 31 degrees to 48 degrees.[23].

Uchiyu Tour Japanese Style Village

Fifteen inns in Kusatsu Onsen offer a day trip bath service for the indoor baths of each inn under the name of "Wafumura".It can be used by purchasing a "passing bill" at a member inn.

  • Urara no Yu: Tsutsuji-tei
  • Eiraku no Yu: Tamura
  • Enju no Yu: Matsumuraya
  • Okumiage no Yu: Naraya
  • Kimiko no Yu: Osakaya
  • Saisen no Yu: Kusatsu Hotel
  • Tagichi no Yu: Hinoki Tei Makisui
  • Tamasudare no Yu: Tejiya
  • Mandai no Yu: Mochiun
  • Benten no Yu: Ekinariya
  • Yakushi no Yu: Yumotokan
  • Yasube no Yu: Nisshinkan
  • Ryujin no Yu: Gunryukan
  • Waka no Yu: Yamamotokan
  • Wakanoyu: Kusatsukan

Communal bath

In townCommunal bathThere are many.

The names of the communal baths and the sources of use are as follows.

  • Shirahata no Yu: Shirahata hot spring
  • Tatsumi no Yu: Yubatake source
  • Okinoyu: Yubatake source
  • Chiyo no Yu: Yubatake source
  • Longevity hot spring: Yubatake source
  • Shiramine no Yu: Yubatake source
  • Chitose no Yu: Yubatake source
  • Ruri no Yu: Yubatake Gensen
  • Mutsunoyu: Yubatake source
  • Kimi no Yu: Yubatake Gensen
  • Seki no Yu: Yubatake source
  • Boiled river hot spring: Boiled river source
  • Jizo no Yu: Jizo hot spring
  • Nagi no Yu: Sainokawara source (formerly Nagi no Yu source)
  • Fist hot spring: Mandai mineral spring
  • Megumi no Yu: Mandai mineral spring
  • Tsutsuji no Yu: Mandai mineral spring
  • Choei-no-Yu (former town-run hot water): Mandai mineral spring
  • Ao no Yu: Mandai mineral spring


Before the Azuchi-Momoyama period

Yamato Takeru(Yamato Takeru)[2],Gyoki[4],Yoritomo Gengen[4] Has openedMyth(Open hot water legend), But records of the same period (InscriptionAnd documents) do not show any content reminiscent of Kusatsu Onsen[*6].

Hot springs in Kusatsu, Joshu[*7] The oldest record ever reported aboutSengoku periodIt was written by a person later than that time about the matters of the first half.that is文明4 years (1472),ShinshuSaigonji TemplePriestInvited byJodo Shinshu Honganji School8th King SejongLotus EchizenYoshizaki (currently Fukui Prefecture)Awara CityYoshizaki)Yoshizaki GoboCome more grassMissionaryHowever, since the year of the record is different from that of other records and it was written in posterity, it is not as clear as the truth (excerpt from the Kusatsu Onsen Onsen Tourist Course).Anyway, it is the oldest known historical material.

Azuchi-Momoyama Period

During the Warring States period, many appeared in the literature, and the hot water taken from the hot springs in KusatsuMr. TakedaSubordinateSanadaSulfur that can be stored in Kusatsu or ShiraneSengoku DaimyoI give it to.BunrokuIn October 3 (1594)Yoshitsugu OtaniIs confirmed to be staying in a hot spring[24].Hideyoshi Toyotomi Tokugawa IeyasuThere is also a letter recommending Kusatsu Onsen.Nobuyuki SanadaThe recreation method isHot springShinanoKusatsu Onsen is often used for recuperation and afterwards for nature appreciation.It seems that he was familiar with the effects, so he recommended it to his acquaintances.Retainer OfToshimasa ShimadaTakes care of the hot springs as soon as they plan[25]..Taiko and Toyotomi Hideyoshi were in Bunroku March 4 (April or May 3)[*8] I liked hot springs so much that I made a detailed plan for Kusatsu Yuji.[26].

In addition, as the history of Kusatsu Onsen, "Azuma mirror"according to,TakehisaAugust 4 (around September 8)[*9] ToYoritomo Gengen Mt. AsamayamaMakigariWhen you didYoshinaka KisoDiscovered that Yoshinaka's orphan was lurking in Kusatsu, and gave Yumoto's surname to Kusatsu.GroundAfter that, Mr. Yumoto managed the hot springs.Hojo-AshikagaIt is often said that "I served", but there is no such description in "Azuma Kagami".It would be a myth to make people nearby recognize their rights. (From "Hagiwara Akimizu Remains Collection")[Source required]

Edo Period

Edo PeriodInitiallySanada OfNumata Domain, After thatHeavenAsEdo ShogunateIs under the direct control of.Mr. Yumoto is from the Numata clanElderIt was heavily used as, but later the head familyReformIt will be disposed of.Despite the inconvenience of transportation compared to the present, the number of hot springs is more than 1 per year.The early modern periodThere are 60 hot spring inns throughBakumatsuWas prosperous enough to be called "Kusatsu Senken Edo stance".Kusatsu Onsen has a strong spring quality, so it is a hot spring called "Kusatsu no Riseyu" that you can enter to care for your skin after the hot spring cure.Shiman Onsen,Sawatari OnsenThere is.

18st centuryAt the beginning, the custom of reserved hot water called "Kakoi-yu" and "Maku-yu" was established, and later the indoor bath was set up.


MeijiEra,スウェーデン OfHumanitiesAdolf Erik NordenskoldWrote a visit to Kusatsu, in which many sick people are treated at Kusatsu Onsen, and Kusatsu is made up of those sick people, and the sick people are affected.syphilis,Hansen's disease (leprosy),beriberiIt is said that.Hired foreignerCame to Japan asGermanyPerson doctorErwin von Belts,andMissionaryMary cornwall leghByA spa that works for leprosyEstablished as[27], Hansen's disease in Kusatsu OnsenkyoVillageIs done.

After that, in 1931 (Showa 6)Leprosy prevention methodWas enacted, and in 1932 (Showa 7) immediately after thatNational Rai Sanatorium Kuryu RakusenenHas been opened.

TaishoIn the periodKaruizawaからLight rail(Kusugaru Electric Railway) Opened to Kusatsu, and laterTakasaki-ShibukawaFrombusAlso came to enter.Naganohara Line (currentlyAzuma Line) Is Naganohara Station (currentlyNaganohara Kusatsuguchi Station) Was openedPacific WarLater in 1946 (Showa 21).

After the war, in JapanHansen's disease treatment "Promin"Was introduced, which brought about a great therapeutic effect.furtherRifampicinWith the advent of Hansen's disease, Hansen's disease was almost overcome, and spa therapy was rapidly abolished, and Kusatsu Onsen, which had been established as a hot spring resort for Hansen's disease, was forced to change direction.After that, Gunma Prefecture will be on the road as a hot spring tourist destination that attracts general tourists.

In 1975 (Showa 50), the amount of spring water was 4700 L / min.Mandai oreThe use of the hot spring started, and the centralized hot water supply system by Kusatsu Town was set up.The scale of Kusatsu Onsen expanded at a stretch because the amount of hot water supplied was increased and it became possible to supply hot water to hills where there was no hot spring facility until then.[28].

In 2006 (Heisei 18), "" sold at souvenir shops, hotels, inns, etc. in Kusatsu OnsenYunohanaMany of them are not collected at the hot spring, but are made of sulfur.Calcium carbonateIt turned out that it was manufactured by mixing and it was a Yunohana of a nearby hot spring.In response to thisFair Trade CommissionIt is,Freebie display methodWe ordered the exclusion of 4 companies that manufactured and sold the product for violation (good misidentification), and issued an exclusion recommendation to 6 companies.[29]..However, it has been pointed out that artificial bath salts may still be sold in different packages.[30]..The Yunohana sold by Kusatsu Town is in a plastic container whose publisher is labeled "Kusatsu Town, Gunma Prefecture".[31]..This is only sold about 5000 pieces a year[30].

Joshu Kusatsu and other Kusatsu

The place name "Kusatsu" exists in addition to this place.In name recognitionShigaKusatsu CityCan be said to be the first.Fifty-three Stations of the TokaidoOne of the bestPost townIsKusatsuAndCeiling riverIsKusatsu RiverIt has been a famous area for a long time.Kusatsu Town in Gunma Prefecture and Kusatsu City in Shiga Prefecture signed a friendship exchange agreement in 1997 (Heisei 9) with the ties of sharing place names.

Called "Kusatsu Onsen"Public bathHowever, it is located in Kusatsu City, Shiga Prefecture (see the image on the right. Currently closed).Besides Kusatsu CityYamanashiKofu CityInAichiNagoya cityAtsutaIt used to be (closed in 2012).At the public bath "Kusatsu Onsen" in Kusatsu City, artificial hot spring flowers were added.Outdoor bathIs provided.The public bath "Kusatsu Onsen" in Kofu CityUses a unique source and flows directlyIt is provided at.Nagoya cityPublic bath"Kusatsu Onsen" used Yunohana ordered from Kusatsu Onsen (Kusatsu Onsen in Kusatsu Town, Gunma Prefecture).

Soccer and Kusatsu Onsen

J LeagueSecond division league (J2 league) Soccer clubThe Spa Kusatsu GunmaWith Kusatsu TownMaebashiAll Gunma prefectures centered onhome townIt is said. 1999 (Heisei 11), the predecessorGunma Prefecture Soccer LeagueWhen the team "Liaison Kusatsu" was in danger of survival, it was spared dismantling mainly with the cooperation of the local soccer club, but Kusatsu Town and Kusatsu Onsen Ryokan Cooperative are also reaching out and as Kusatsu Onsen. To the four players who stayed in the team at the accommodations in Kusatsu OnsenPart-time jobWe provided support by arranging and creating an employment environment for spending time with females.The team that survived the crisis changed its name to "The Spa Kusatsu" in April 2002, and Kusatsu OnsenYubatakeThe inauguration ceremony was held in[32]..Its name is "spa" which means "hot spring for medical treatment" in English.SPA) ”And is derived from“ Kusatsu Onsen ”, the birthplace of the team.On August 8st of the same year, the teamマ ス コ ッ ト"YutomoWas born[32].. On February 2003, 15, Kusatsu TownLarge printKusatsu Onsen Football Club Co., Ltd. (Kusatsu Onsen FC) was established in Kusatsu as the operating company of the Gunma Prefecture adult soccer team "The Spa Kusatsu" (currently Thespakusatsu Gunma).[32].

The team made a leap forward and became the J2 league soccer club "Thespakusatsu Gunma".The shadow of "Kusatsu" included in the club name has faded because the name of Kusatsu, the birthplace of the club, is so conspicuous that it may be misunderstood that only the small area of ​​Kusatsu Town is the home town. Therefore, it was a new name devised to avoid this and to appeal that Home Town is all prefectures in Gunma prefecture.

In addition, part-time employment at Kusatsu Onsen is still the second team as of 2020 (Reiwa 2).The Spa Kusatsu Challengers[33](Kanto Soccer LeagueAffiliation) continues.

  • Positions listed in the chronological table of related events (x2 = 2 cases)- 1999, 2002 (x2), 2003

Chronological Table

Before the Muromachi period

Azuchi-Momoyama Period

  • Date unconfirmed-Jodo Shinshu Honganji school 11th lordObviousVisiting grass and bathing.
  • Date unconfirmed-Ieyasu TokugawaRoom・ Suruga Gozen (Hideyoshi Toyotomi's half-sister ・Princess Asahi) However, he came to the grass and took a bath for illness treatment.

Edo Period

  • Kanbun2 years (1662) - Scholar-LinsanThis year, the fifth year after his death,Chinese poetryBunshu "Razanbayashi-sensei Bunshu" (modern name: Razan Bunshu) is published (Itamoto)[*10] Is Munenaga Arakawa)[34]..In the third volume of the book, about the most famous hot springs in Japan, including the hot springs of Joshu Kusatsu, "Moroshi Tayu Onsen, the most author of the hot springs, Settsu no Arima Shimono no Kusatsu Hida no Yushima Kozo Toya (verbal translation example: Moroshu It has many hot springs, the most notable of whichSettsu OfArima, Shimotsuke <*Ueno countryKusatsu, which seems to be a mistakeHidaYushima <*Gero Onsen>, These three places) ".This is currently "Hayashi RazanThree famous springs in JapanIt is a matter called.However, as already mentioned in the position of 1502 on the chronology,Marishu XNUMXIt is probable that the three famous springs of Mt.
  • GenrokuYear (during 1688-1704) --Around this timeOutdoor bathThere were still 5 (communal baths).
  • Masanori3rd year (1713) --The Yubatake incident occurs.Three families insanely self-employed with hot water that should be shared in the areaBathhouseAll the villagers got angry at the fact that they drew hot water and set up an indoor bath, and the three families took over.Official riteAppeal to.As a result, the three families have a yubatake (flowing hot water) to draw hot water to the indoor bath.gutter) Was avoided, but it was restricted to use only the outdoor bath for the guests of the bathhouse.However, as a result of this incident, the tendency to set up indoor baths in bathhouses rapidly became stronger.
  • Kyoho2nd year (1717) --The 8th generation of the Edo ShogunateGeneral-Tokugawa YoshimuneHowever, the Kusatsu hot spring that was pumped upEdo CastleLet me take a bath[13].
  • Ernst & Young9 years (1780)- Chinese scholar・ Kurakusa / Bath[13].
  • Kansei2 years (1790) --From around this timeYubatakeAtYunohanaGathering begins[13].
  • Kansei3 years (1791) --- in EdoPoet-Issa KobayashiHowever, he travels to Kusatsu for several nights.
  • culture55/25(June 1808, 6) --Shinshu Kashiwabara (Shinano Province)Mizuuchi-gunKashiwabara Village, Current Nagano PrefectureKamisui DistrictShinanoLarge printIssa Kobayashi returns to Kusatsu.
  • 13th year of culture (1816) --In Yubatake, "Yutaki noLanternIs set up / donated to Kusatsu OnsenNight lightsIs installed in the Yubatake and creates an excellent landscape.Existence.
  • 14th year of culture (1817)1817 --The oldest surviving in KyotoHot spring numberingSumiya Kobei board[*10]"National hot spring function bookIs published / The rating of Kusatsu Onsen under the name of "Kusatsu Kusatsu no Yu" is the University of Tokyo.
  • BunseiYear (1818-1831) --EdoPlaywright-Tokosha XNUMXHowever, he came to the grass and took a bath twice.
  • Bunsei 8 (1825)- Killing riverbankSulfur mining begins at[13].
  • KaeiFirst year (1848)- Military scholar-Sakuma Zouzan(MatsushiroClan) came to the grass and took a bath and wrote "Touno Diary"[13].
  • Ansei2nd year (1855) --This year, there are 15 outdoor hot springs (communal hot springs) / Onza-no-yu, Hot-no-yu, Beriberi-no-yu, Cotton-no-yu, Matsu-no-yu, Chiyo-no-yu, Jizo-no-yu, Washinoyu No-no-yu, Tomi-no-yu, Atagawa-no-yu (boiled-gawa-no-yu), Hakuju-no-yu, Tamano-yu, Ruri-no-yu, Nagi-no-yu.
  • Keio2nd year (1866) --This year, 20 outdoor hot springs (communal hot springs) are counted / 2 places in Ansei 15nd year, Kasa-no-yu, Fuchi-no-yu, Kompira-no-yu, Kimiko-no-yu, Hyakuri-no-yu Is newly added.

Meiji Era

  • As a result, the generational change of the inn industry in the area has progressed at a stretch, and at Kusatsu Onsen, the mixture of Hansen's disease patients and general customers at the hot springs, which had been common throughout the country, was abolished.[35].
  • 1877 (Meiji 10) --Around this time, the bathing method for Jikanyu was completed and the hot water massage began.[13].
  • 1878 (Meiji 11) --From GermanyImperial UniversityInvited to a medical universityErwin von BeltsHowever, for the first time coming to the grass and bathing[35].
  • Dr. Bertz, who will visit frequently after that, published a medical treatise on the high effect of hot spring treatment on Kusatsu Onsen, and he visited Kusatsu Kogen.LandscapeInform the world of the splendor of Kusatsu Onsen and its attractiveness as a tourist destination[35].
  • 1887 (Meiji 20) --Opening of a village (Yunosawa village).While the momentum to eliminate Hansen's disease patients from the Kusatsu Onsen town is increasing, Hansen's disease patients are located on the eastern outskirts of the Kusatsu Onsen town, which was designated by the Kusatsu Onsen Improvement Association.ValleyOpened the autonomous village "Yunosawa" in Japan, and from the worldisolation"Another Kusatsu Onsen" was born[35]..Yunosawa was the most hated area in Kusatsu, called "Throwing Valley" or "Bone Gahara".[35].
  • 1890 (Meiji 23) --Dr. Bertz in Kusatsu about 6000TsuboAiming to create the world's highest level ideal hot spring resort by purchasing the land and hot springs[35]..However, this plan was frustrated due to the opposition of local residents.[35].
  • 1897(30th year of Meiji)- Kamiyama Rehabilitation HospitalThe third director, Bertrand, inspected the Yunosawa village / then tried to build a hospital, but was struck down by the interference of the local residents.
  • 1907(40th year of Meiji)3/18 --The countryHow to preventHas already existed since the Meiji eraLeprosyThe existence of a patientDeveloped countryI think it's a national humiliationpublic opinionStrongly complements[35].

Taisho era

  • 1913 years(Taisho2 years)
  • 1915 (Taisho 4) --British missionary of St. Barnabas Church in UshigomeMary cornwall legh(Ms. Lee) visits Yunosawa village for the first time[35].
  • 1914 (Taisho 3)- Large printIn KusatsuJapanese sweetsFounded the shop "Mitsumitsuken Saifuya".Currently (2010s) this shop is in Kusatsu OnsenHot spring bunManufacture and sellLong-established storeIt is the first of the.
  • 1916 (Taisho 5th year)
    • Ms. Lee moved to Kusatsu for missionary and salvation projects / Since then, she will devote her second half to the Yunosawa village.[35].
    • One month, one day- Japanese painter-Kawabata RyukoBut,YubatakeDraws "Derived from Reisen" under the theme of "Yutaki Lantern", and becomes a successful work.
  • 1917 (Taisho 6) -Ms. Lee opens St. Barnabas Clinic in Yunosawa Village.As a result, Yunosawa, where Hansen's disease patients gathered from all over the country, will become a large settlement.[35].
  • 1918 (Taisho 7)- poets-Hirai KomajiroComes and bathes,TravelogueHe wrote "Yukemuri".Here, I write down two songs that are said to be the origin of Kusatsu-bushi, "Kusatsu Yoitoko Shirane's snow blows a wind without heat" and "Souvenirs for Kusatsu Yoitoko-ri, the scent of Yuka remains on the sleeves".
  • Around 1918 (Taisho 7)[36] --Kusatsu Bushi (Kusatsu Onsen)Folk songThe hot water massage song) is born[37].
  • 1922 (Taisho 11) A certain month-WriterNaoya ShigaKurakusa / Bath[13].

Showa period

  • 1929 years(Showa4 years)- Kihachi Ozaki-Kotaro Takamura-Yumeji TakehisaKurakusa / Bath[13].
  • 1931 year (Showa 6 year)
    • Unconfirmed date-Enacting the National Leprosy Prevention Law (old law) and promoting a policy of complete isolation of all leprosy patients will increase the pressure from the national and local governments on the Yunosawa village.[35].
    • A certain month, a certain day-at TakijiriharaNational Hansen's Disease SanatoriumOne of the "National Kusatsu Sanatorium (currentlyNational Sanatorium Kuriu Rakusenen) ”Start of construction.
  • 1932 (Showa 7) November 11-National Kusatsu Sanatorium (currently National Sanatorium Kuryu Rakusenen) opened / The number of compulsory patients is 16 men.[35]
  • 1933 (Showa 8) A certain month- poet-Shigekichi SaitoThere was Raikusa-bathing, read the song as "only if you go to your e valley Iru flow hot water Te Fukiide also Izuko is Atatakashi"[13].
  • 1935(10)
    • July --Establishment of Kusatsu Onsen Ryokan Commercial Association (currently Kusatsu Onsen Ryokan Cooperative)[38].
    • Construction of the monument to Dr. Erwin von Bälz on the west riverbank[13].
  • 1936 (Showa 11) --JapanMilitarismHas supported the Yunosawa village both physically and mentally in the midst of risingJapan Anglican SocietyMs. Lee abandons the continuation of the salvation business in Yunosawa Village[35].
  • May 1941-The dissolution ceremony of the Yunosawa village is held at the Kusatsu St. Barnava Church.[35].
  • 1942 year (Showa 17 year)
    • May-Completed forced relocation of Hansen's disease patients from Yunosawa Village to Kusatsu Sanatorium (currently Kuryu Rakusenen) / The number of patients accommodated was 5 (1,263 men and 835 women).[35]
    • December-The disappearance of the Yunosawa village.
  • 1943 (Showa 18) -Kusatsu Town,Mary cornwall legh"Ms. Lee's Mountain" donated by Ms. Lee was opened as "Satoku Park".
  • 1944 (Showa 19) --The number of Hansen's disease patients at Kusatsu Sanatorium (currently Kuryu Rakusenen) is the highest in the history of the same place (1,335 people).[35].
  • 1945 (Showa 20) January 1-Naganohara Line (currently Agatsuma Line) opens to Naganohara Station (currently Naganohara Kusatsuguchi Station).
  • April 1946, 21-Passenger business begins at Naganohara Station (currently Naganohara Kusatsuguchi Station).Change from freight station to general station.
  • April 1950-Kusatsu Onsen Ryokan Commercial Association was reorganized and renamed Kusatsu Onsen Ryokan Association (currently Kusatsu Onsen Ryokan Cooperative)[38].
  • December 1951, 26-In the Yunosawa areaGunma University HospitalOpening of Kusatsu branch hospital.
  • 1953(28)8/15 --The countryLeprosy prevention methodThe situation surrounding Kusatsu Sanatorium (currently Kuryu Rakusenen) will change drastically.[35].
  • 1955 (Showa 30) --The number of Hansen's disease patients at Kusatsu Sanatorium (currently Kuryu Rakusenen) begins to decrease.[35].
  • December 1956, 31 --The Kusatsu Onsen Ryokan Association was reorganized and renamed the Kusatsu Onsen Ryokan Cooperative.[38].
  • 1957 (Showa 32) July 7 (May 1 in a separate document) --Establishment of Kusatsu Onsen Tourism Association.[39][40]
  • 1962 year (Showa 37 year)August 10- BertzThe birthplace of the doctorGermanyThe city ofBietigheim-BissingenKusatsu Town, which has a hot spring acclaimed by Dr. Bertz,sister cityConclude a pact[41].
  • March 1969, 44-with Kusatsu TownKanagawaHayama TownHowever, Dr. Bertz signed a sister city agreement to deepen the friendship between the mountain hot spring resort and the beach resort.[41].
  • June 1972, 47-with Kusatsu Onsen (Gunma Prefecture)Noboribetsu Onsen(Hokkaido) Concludes a sister hot spring agreement[41].
  • 1975 year (Showa 50 year)
    • Mandai oreStarted using the source.
    • Artist·Taro OkamotoBut,Hot springSkiFor the purpose of coming to the grass and bathing.I stayed at a hotel run by the mayor of Kusatsu at that time, and with the mayorCommunity developmentWhile the story aboutYubatakeI was asked to design the surrounding area and received this.Thus, the stone fence, which was a rectangular flat and inorganic-like enclosure,GourdThe wood inside the enclosure, transformed into an organic form of shapegutterA new Yubatake with an impressive landscape was born, which has a paired relationship with the linear modeling of.In addition, Taro designed the promenade "Sidewalk and Ikoi no Ba" where you can go around the Yubatake.[14][15]
  • June 1981, 56-with Kusatsu Onsen (Gunma Prefecture)Gero Onsen(Gifu) Concludes a sister hot spring agreement[41].
  • 1987 (Showa 62) One day in a certain month --Completion of Sainokawara Onsen[13].
  • 1988 (Showa 63) Grand opening of Kusatsumachi Onsen Museum,Kusatsu Onsen Bus TerminalStart of service[13].

Heisei-Reiwa era

  • 1990 years(Heisei2 years) August 8-Mt. KusatsuKosenji Temple境内Under the stairsIssa KobayashiMonument (Monument) (Kusatsu Town and Kusatsu Town)Board of educationby).
  • May 1992, 4-Europe's premier luxuryResort areaIsチ ェ コThe city ofKarlovy Vary(Former name Carlsbird) andBertzKusatsu Town, which has Kusatsu Onsen, which was acclaimed as "more than Karlsbad" as a doctor, concludes a sister city agreement[41].
  • April 1996, 8-Abolished the National Leprosy Prevention Law[35].
  • 1997 (Heisei 9) --- "Kusatsu Town" in Gunma Prefecture and "Kusatsu City" in Shiga Prefecture, which share the place name "Kusatsu", conclude a friendship exchange agreement.
  • 1999 year (Heisei 11 year) - Gunma Prefecture Soccer LeagueAffiliated team "Riaison Kusatsu" (The Spa Kusatsu GunmaHowever, the team survived with the cooperation of the local soccer club, and the players were at the accommodations in Kusatsu Onsen, etc.Part-time jobIt was decided to continue practicing while working with the mediation provided by.[32]
  • 2000 (Heisei 12) A certain month, a certain day- Road Station Kusatsu Athletic Chaya ParkInside, the opening of the Bertz Memorial Hall, which honors Dr. Erwin von Bälz.
  • 2002 year (Heisei 14 year)
    • One day in April-Gunma Prefecture adult soccer team "Riezon Kusatsu" (predecessor of Thespakusatsu Gunma) changed its name to "Thespakusatsu Gunma" and held an inauguration ceremony at Kusatsu Onsen Yubatake / The name is "for medical treatment" in English It is derived from "spa" which means "hot spring" and "Kusatsu Onsen" which is the birthplace of the team.[32]
    • August 8-The Spa Kusatsu, mascot "YutomoIs born.In terms of character settings, Kusatsu Onsen's "Netsu no Yu"(Netsunoyu)Was born from.
  • September 2003, 15- Large printAt Kusatsu, Kusatsu Onsen Co., Ltd.footballThe club is established as the operating company of the Gunma Prefecture soccer team "The Spa Kusatsu" (currently Thespakusatsu Gunma).[32].
  • 2004 year (Heisei 16 year)
  • 2006 year (Heisei 18 year)
  • Year-end-Discovery of disguised Yunohana production area sold in Kusatsu Onsen district.
  • 2008 year (Heisei 20 year)
  • Winter-The first limited-time event "Yubatake Illuminations" will be held to illuminate Yubatake at night.[16].
  • Unconfirmed time-Gunma PrefectureTsumagoi Village Geothermal power generationWhen the plan was surfaced, Kusatsu Town expressed opposition, saying that the planned construction site was only a few kilometers away from the source of Kusatsu Onsen and could affect the hot springs, but no scientific basis was given. It was.However, there was no scientific basis that there would be no effect.
  • September 2011, 23- National Route 145Hachijjo BypassAll lines opened.Ueshin ExpresswayThe area of ​​3 hours has expanded from Kusatsu Onsen.The effect was reflected in the form of a steady increase in the number of tourists at Kusatsu Onsen, which exceeded 2013 million in 25 (Heisei 280).[44].
  • April 2013, 25-New establishment of "Gozanoyu"[45].
  • One day in July 2014-New event space "Yuji Square"[45].
  • 2015 year (Heisei 27 year)
  • February --From this time on, the foreign language notation of "Kusatsu Onsen Town" has become old.RomajiThe notation "Kusatsu onsengai" will be changed to the English translation "Kusatsu onsen town" / * For details, see "#Hot spring townSee.
  • May --New opening of "Atsunoyu" to show off traditional hot spring massage[45].
  • Renewal of Sainokawara open-air bath[45].
  • July 7-Kusatsumachi Onsen Museum is closed.
  • November 11-Kusatsu Municipal LibraryKusatsu Municipal Hot Spring LibraryOpen[46][47].
  • 2016 (Heisei 28)/12/24[48] --"Yubatake Illuminations" (for a limited time) has been redesigned[49][50]/ In charge of designKaoru Kamen[50].
  • December 2017, 29 --Specialized newspaper for tourism and travel industry "Tourism economic newspaper"31st100 hot springs in JapanKusatsu Onsen won the first place overall in 2017 and became the top for 1 consecutive years.[45][51]..Second place isIbusuki Onsen(5th place last time), 3rd placeBeppu Hachiyu(2nd place last time)[51]..Kusatsu Onsen is No. 1 in the spring quality category and atmosphere category, No. 2 in the highlight / experience enhancement category (No. 1 is Ibusuki Onsen), and No. 3 in the local food culture category (No. 1).Wakura Onsen, The second place was Ibusuki Onsen)[51].
  • 2018(30)1/23 - Moto Shirane(Kusatsu Shirane MountainMain peak)eruption..In Kusatsu Onsen town, accommodation cancellations occur one after another[52]/ Although Kusatsu Onsen is located about 5 to 7 kilometers away from the new crater, inquiries and cancellations from hotel reservation guests who felt uneasy occurred one after another, and a survey of 105 facilities affiliated with the Kusatsu Onsen Ryokan Cooperative Association was conducted. According to the report, at least about 26 accommodations were canceled by the evening of the 5,500th, for a total of about 2 people.[52]..Economic loss is estimated to be less than 3 million yen at this point[52].
  • 2019(ReiwaFirst year)7/31 --With this dayYuchoAbolition of the system.Free Chiyo-no-Yu and Jizo-no-Yu from August 8st[23].



Transit Bus

  • JR Bus Kanto Naganohara Kusatsuguchi Station- Kusatsu Onsen Bus Terminal --Shirane Volcano
  • Kusakaru Kotsu Karuizawa Station --Kitakaruizawa - Kusatsu Onsen Bus Terminal --Shirane Volcano
  • Seibu Kanko Bus Karuizawa Station --Onioshidashi --Shirane Volcano - Kusatsu Onsen Bus Terminal
  • Kusatsu Onsen Town Tour Bus Kusatsu Onsen Bus Terminal --Kusatsu Town Circulation
  • Ueda Bus Kusatsu Onsen Bus Terminal - Shinkazawa Onsen - Ueda Station * Seasonal operation

Express Bus



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