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⚽ | Angelino resurrected in Germany "Director Guardiola, many more"


Angelino resurrected in Germany "Guardiola, many more"

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He was released to PSV Eindhoven after several loan transfers, but he was repurchased by the city after being active in the Netherlands.

DF Angelino joined Manchester City at the age of 16.After several loan transfers, PSV Eindho ... → Continue reading


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Transfer with time limit

Transfer with time limit(Kigentsuki Iseki) isサ ッ カ ーSuch asProfessionalIn sports, hold a contract with the club to which the athlete currently belongs and set a period for other clubs.TransferSystem to do. in Englishloan dealSay In Japanese media, the expression “rental transfer” is often used, but rental is a term used for lending for things such as movables and real estate, and in English, rental is not used for transfer targeting people. ..

Often timed transfers are often found in regular transfers (full transfers)Transfer feeInstead, the club to which the transfer is made pays a loan fee to the club from which the transfer is made, and the form in which the player's reward is paid off is common.


利 点

  • From the standpoint of the transferred team, they can replenish their strength while avoiding the risk of paying a high transfer fee. Clubs with particularly poor financial resources tend to use fixed-term transfers a lot.
  • From a player's standpoint, we can expect more opportunities to participate. Also, for both the transfer destination club and the players, the fixed transfer is a kind of "trial period", and there are many cases where the transfer to the fixed transfer destination club is recognized and the transfer is completed later. In addition, if it is assumed that the transfer will be completed in the future, there is a case where a contract is concluded that the transfer transfer can be changed to a complete transfer by paying the transfer transfer fee set at the time of transfer. ..
  • From the standpoint of the former club, the young players, who have difficulty giving a chance to participate, can gain experience in the match.
  • By transferring a foreign player who has surplus strength or does not fit the club for a limited time, it is possible to open up the foreign national quota and acquire a new foreign player.


  • Since the players maintain contracts with the clubs they are transferred from, they will not be a potential asset to the clubs to which they are transferred, even if the players are successful and make a name for themselves. Also, if the transfer source and the transfer destination are the same league, it may not be able to participate in the competition with the transfer source club because of the contract.
  • Even if you play an active role, depending on the intention of the transfer former club, as a general rule, you will return to the original club, so clubs that used a lot of strength reinforcement by time transfer will lose their strength after the time limit transfer period.
  • Since there is a risk of repeating rental transfers every year, there are few cases in which one club tends to be in a so-called “turning around” state for a long time.

Japan Football Association time-limited transfer system

Japan Football AssociationThen.J LeagueandJFL(Old JFLA fixed transfer system has been established for the professional soccer players to which he belongs.Transfer with time limitIs the official name set by the JFA,Rental transferThe term is also commonly used as a synonym.

In the case of a time-limited transfer, first, the transfer source club, the transfer destination club, and the athletes enter into a time-limited transfer contract based on the agreement. At this time, the transfer fee is stipulated as “according to the agreement between the transfer source club and the transfer destination club”, but it does not occur as a custom. Following this, the player signs a player contract with the club to which they are transferred,Terms and conditions of contractAs a general rule, the terms and conditions of the contract with the transferring club must be the same. In addition, the players will be included in the 25-frame contract A contract of the club to which they are transferred.

At the end of the time limit transfer period, athletes will automatically retransfer to the club they were transferred from. However, it is possible to extend the transfer with a deadline or change to a complete transfer by agreement of the three parties. When transferring to a full transfer, a transfer fee will be incurred if the transfer club intends to extend the contract, but in this case the age coefficient will be halved and the amount will be lower than a normal full transfer. Also, if the transfer club does not extend the contract, no transfer fee will be incurred.

There is no provision for cancellation of the contract during the transfer period with a deadline, and the cancellation will be decided by negotiation between the three parties in consideration of the circumstances of both clubs.

From the 2013 season, if you have a participation restriction contract such as "I can not compete in the game with the transferred club", it is obligatory to announce the conditions.

In the J League1994This system was introduced from. The first application was Verdi Kawasaki (currentlyTokyo Verdy) Was enrolled inShiro Kikuharaso,Urawa RedsWas transferred for a limited time with a one-year deadline. Since then, many athletes have been able to take advantage of the time-limited transfer, and it is now fully established as a means of transfer.

Cerezo OsakaFrom SpainMallorcaTransferred toYoshito Okubo,Kyoto Purple SangaFrom FranceLe MansTransferred toDaisuke Matsui,FC TokyoFrom ItalyCesenaTransferred toYuto NagatomoFor example, players who are transferring to overseas clubs are not a complete transfer in the first season, but a fixed transfer, and there are many cases in which they transfer to a complete transfer.

Training-type transfer with deadline

18-year-old players who are in a lower category than the club they belong to (eg J23 club players who belong to a J1 club or lower belong to the J2 club or lower) can be transferred for a limited period outside the transfer period. "Timed transfer" was introduced as a trial from the 2013 season.

Regarding the background of introducing this,Japan Football AssociationIt is,2016Top team youth training tournament restartedJ Satellite League"But2009Since it has been abolished in 2013, the number of opportunities for young athletes to practice is greatly reduced, so we are thinking of providing opportunities to participate in more official games and practicing. The trial was introduced in 2014, and after 2013, the decision was made based on the results of the trial introduction in XNUMX.[1].

In addition, at the beginning of the J3 league2014から2015Was organized for players who belong to clubs belonging to J2 or higher and who have few opportunities to participate in the top team.J League U-22Regarding ``, apart from the rules for transfer with a deadline, a method of randomly selecting players from each club for each match was adopted, and it was effectively a'double registration' of the club and U-22 to which it belongs. Cumulative warnings and exits from U-22s were not to be reflected in the clubs they belonged to. Also,2016Even for U-23 teams in each club unit who are allowed to participate from the above, apart from these time-limited transfers, do not delineate or divide the player registration clearly with the top team,Professional baseballSimilar to the above, a system is planned that allows one team to freely register top and U-23 players.Uniform numberCan be the same as the top U-23 or separate, but changes during the season are prohibited.


In the world football world, fixed-time transfers have been widely practiced before its introduction in Japan. Limited transfers have also been introduced in some other sports in Europe.

In Japan, in addition to the soccer mentioned above,Ice hockey,volleyball,rugbyHas introduced a time-limited transfer system.wrestlingIn some cases, the transfer may be limited by negotiations between groups.

Also currentlyBaseball agreementCannot be done according to regulationsProfessional baseballHowever, the introduction of a similar system in Japan is being considered. In Japan, some baseball teams used to be called “study baseball”,Voluntary retirementWhile the baseball team in Japan has the ownership rights of the playersMajor LeagueUnder the umbrellaMinor leagueThere was a player with a concept similar to a transfer with a deadline, but due to the revision of Article 1998, Paragraph 11 of the Baseball Agreement in November 68, overseas transfer using the voluntary retirement system was prohibited. In addition, in Japan, after transferring to another baseball team, there was a case of returning to the original baseball team in a short time (Seiji Kobayashi,Iriki SatoshiEtc.), was perceived as a de facto loan transfer. From 2012Training player OfIndependent LeagueA transfer with a term of "dispatch" to[2].

Of professional basketball in 2011bj leagueInGreat East Japan Earthquake3 teams that were suspended due toSendai-埼 玉-Tokyo) Was introduced urgently to rescue athletes and was established in 2013NBL, That NBL and bj league were integratedB LeagueHas been fully introduced in.

In American professional sports, playersUnionTradeoff withFree agentDue to the relationship with the system, a fixed-term transfer system has not been introduced.

Outside the sports industry, JapanMinistry of DefenseIt is reported that the company is considering the establishment of a "term self-defense officer" system that will transfer employees of private companies to the Ministry of Defense for a period of two to three years, while also serving as employee training for private companies (Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Defense, "Rental transfer system" from private sector to secure human resources (Yomiuri Shimbun) Than)).


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PSV Eindhoven

PSV Eindhoven(PSV Eindhoven,Formal name: Philips Sport Vereniging, Dutch pronunciation: [ˈFi.lɪps ˌspɔrt fə.ˌreː.nə.ɣɪŋ]) Is Netherlands-EindhovenIt is a sports club based in.The best known is the football sector,EredivisieBelongs to (Part 1).simplyPSVIt is also written as, and when the Dutch pronunciation is written in katakana,P.S.F.Will be.Headquartered in EindhovenPhillipsIt was founded as a corporate club of (electronics manufacturer) and was the main sponsor until 2016, but did not enter the management side.[1]..A publicly traded company (NV), but not listed and supported by anonymous investors[1].


Founded in 1913.EredivisieThen 22 timesKNVB cupThen 9 timesJohan Cruyff SharHas won 9 times.Ajax,FeyenoordWithUEFA Champions CupIt is one of the three major Dutch clubs that have won the championship. In the final of the 3-1987 seasonSL BenficaDefeated (Portugal) to win, including Eredivisie and KNVB CupTreble(3 crowns) was also achieved. In the 1977-78 seasonUEFA CupAdvance to the final withSC BastiaDefeated (France) and won the championship.

"Bouren (boeren, Dutch pronunciation: [ˈBuːrə (n)], A peasant in Dutch) ”.EindhovenAmsterdam,RotterdamSince it is located in a rural area far from the city, it was initially used by rival club supporters in a derogatory sense, but PSV supportersBravantianI am willing to use this nickname because of my pride in culture.For uniformsNorth BrabantThe flag is designed and the state flag is also hung around the stadium.Home stadium can accommodate 35,000 peoplePhillips stadiumIt is located in the Strijp district of Eindhoven.


Relationship with Philips

PhillipsHerald Phillips, the founder of Philips, and Anton Phillips, Herald's younger brother, ordered the establishment of the club, and history began as a corporate team of Philips affiliates.The date of establishment is August 1913, 8, and the independence of the Netherlands (Napoleonic WarIt was established after a sports competition sponsored by Philips to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the defeat of France in France (official site).At the same time as the club was founded, Philips Sportpark was built as a home stadium.Because Philips was so closely involved in the establishment of the club, the concept of "chest sponsor" becameEredivisieSince 1982, when it was introduced in the Netherlands, Philips has been the breast sponsor without exception until 2016, which is the longest record in the Netherlands.

Before the 1960s

The Dutch Football League Championship (Amateur League, the predecessor of Eredivisie) was founded in 1888, but PSV first entered in 1915. After playing in the lower league for 10 years, he was promoted to the top league for the first time in 1926.AFC Ajax(First victory in the 1917-18 season)Feyenoord(1923-24シーズンに初優勝)に遅れて、1928-29シーズンにトップリーグ初優勝を果たした。1934-35シーズンには2度目の優勝を果たしたが、この時期のアヤックスやフェイエノールトは強豪としての地位を固めており、1930年代にはアヤックスが5回、フェイエノールトが3回優勝している。1949-50シーズンにはKNVB cupHe won his first victory in the 1950-51 season and won his third league title in 16 years. In the 3s, he played an active role as an ace, boasting an amazing scoring rate of 1950 points in 328 games.EredivisieDillen scored 1956 points in the 57-43 season when he started, which is still the highest score record for an individual season. In the 1-1962 season, he won the league title for the first time since the Dutch league was professionalized. From the 63s to the 1960sWilly van der KuilenWent a break in Dillen's record with a total of 308 points, which is still the Dutch record.In this era, salaries were inferior to other clubs, and PSV became a stepping stone for talented players to make a leap forward as a professional.

Golden Age (late 1970s-late 1980s)

He was away from the title in the mid-1960s and early 1970s, but when he took office in 1972, he won the KNVB Cup in the 1973-74 season for the second time in 24 years, and PSV was in the mid to late 2s. We have reached the first golden age.Veteran Kairen,WillyReneKerkhof brothers (twins), keeperJan van BeverenDriven by a young defender, a slightly striker, and a high-quality defender-like player, he won the KNVB Cup twice and the Eredivisie three times. In the 2-3 and 1974-75 seasons, he won the club's first league match for the second time in a row, and in the 1975-76 season.UEFA CupThen in the quarterfinals1. FC Magdeburg(West Germany) in the semi-finalsFC BarcelonaDefeat (Spain) in the finalSC BastiaDefeated (France) 2 games with a total of 3-0 to win.Won the first European title[2]..As a Dutch club, he became the second UEFA Cup champion after Feyenoord, who won the 1973-74 season. In 2, director Ravels retired and moved away from the title again.

In 1983, the director took office,Root frit,Eric HeretzHe won the league match in the 1985-86 season, where he was enrolled, for the first time in eight years.With the director in between, in 8Hus HiddinkWhen the coach took office, he achieved four consecutive league titles until the 1988-89 season.Heretsu,Ronald Koeman,Seiren Lerby,Wim KieftPlayers form a team, such as the 1987-88 seasonUEFA Champions CupThen, for the first time in club history, advance to the final.In the finalSL BenficaThe match was 0-0 and the penalty shootout was not settled, and in the penalty shootout, five people each succeeded in the penalty shootout, but the keeperHans van BlakerenSaved Benfica's sixth kick and scored his first victory[3].. Quarter-finalFC Girondin BordeauxThe match against (France) was a draw in both games, and in the semi-finalsreal MadridThey also drew in both games against (Spain), but they won by away goals rule.Oddly enough, the winning PSV couldn't win a single win in the five games since the quarterfinals, with a total of 2 wins, 5 draws and 1 loss.In the same season, he won the Eredivisie, KNVB Cup and UEFA Champions Cup, but at the end of 3.Intercontinental cupThen.Copa LibertadoresKing'sNacional Monte VideoHe played against (Uruguay), and although the match itself was a 2-2 draw, he lost at the end of the penalty shootout.Under the Hiddink administration, he won the Eredivisie three times, the KNVB Cup three times, and the UEFA Champions Cup once.

1987-88 season UEFA Champions Cup final

PSV Dutch flag0 - 0 (aet)Portugal flag SL Benfica
 PK battle 
Ronald Koeman success
Kieft success
Vanenburg success
Lerby success
6 - 5success
success Hajry
success Pacheco
Stuttgart, Neckar Stadion
Audience: 70,000
Chief referee: Italian flag

Romario, Ronaldo, Nilis (1990s)

In 1990, Hiddink retired andEngland national teamI oversawBobby robsonThe director takes office. He won two consecutive league titles in the 1990-91 and 1991-92 seasons, but did not perform as well as management expected in the European Cup, and Robson retired after the 2-1991 season.[4]..By a scout in 1988 under the Hiddink administrationRomanarioWas joined and became the main player, but Robson had a problem with his relationship with Romario.Romario was in the club until 1993, bringing three titles.Robson was replaced by a coach, who finished second in the 3-1992 league match. UEFA Champions Cup changed tournament format in 93-2 seasonUEFA Champions LeagueBut PSVFinalIt is one of the eight clubs that participated in. In the 8-1993 seasonA de mossThe director takes command,Gheorghe Popesque,Nii Lamptey,Arthur NumanThere were famous players such as, but finished in 3rd place.Blakeren retires after the season ends.Blakeren has defended PSV's goal for 10 seasons and is considered one of the best keeper in club history. In the summer of 1994Ronald WaterreusThe two keeper joined and competed for the position, and the younger Waterace took the position.De Moss was dismissed in October 1994, and in December after the coach tentatively commanded the team.Dick AdvocateWas appointed as the official director. Joined in the summer of 1994RonaldoScored 1994 points in the 95-30 season and is also a newcomerLuc NilisI formed a combination with Ajax, but with AjaxLoader JCFinished in 3rd place after. In the 1995-96 season, he improved the quality of play and finished second.UEFA CupThen advance to the quarterfinals.Lost to Barcelona.Of the defensive midfielderWim Young, Nilis, Newman, centre-backJap Stam,Phillip Cocu, YoungBow Devin ZendenIn the 1996-97 season when he was enrolled, he won the league title for the first time in five years. Nilis, who scored 5 points, became the league's top scorerDutch Footballer of the Year AwardWas awarded. The 1997-98 season is remembered as the Ajax season with NilisBelgianThe duo scored many goals, but lost to Ajax in both the league and the KNVB Cup finals. In the UEFA Champions League, he has participated in the finals for the first time since the 1992-93 season.Newcastle United FC(England) andFC BarcelonaHe scored more points than (Spain),FC Dynamo KievHe was eliminated from the group league in 2nd place.

Kezman and van Nistelrooy (1998-2002)

Held in France1998 FIFA World CupNetherlands representativeWas fourth, and PSV paid for the success of the national team.Leading players such as Stamm, Koku and Yong have been transferred one after another, forcing a completely new team to enter the 4-1998 season. When Robson returns for the first time in six years, Nilis and new members joinLut van NistelrooyShowed an activity of scoring a total of 55 points, and dominated the 1st and 2nd place in the score ranking.In the last sectionFC UtrechtThe match was inferior to 0-2 at the end of the first half, but in the second half it made a big turnaround with 3 points and moved up to 3rd place in the UEFA Champions League qualification.

Robson retired in the summer of 1999, and Gerets, who was a player in the 1980s,Club bruggeBecame the new director of PSV.Mark van Bommel,Johann Vogel, Student at Club BruggeEric addoAnd so on.It was the first foreign club for Belgian coach Gerets, but Nilis and Van NistelrooyArnold BrugginkThe three tops, including the above, boast outstanding destructive power with a total of 3 points, and Van Nistelrooy won the league top scorer for the second consecutive season.Vogel and Van Bommel in the middle were also one of the key players in success, winning the 67th league title for the first time in three seasons.

Van Nistelrooy, who was severely injured in the cruciate ligament rupture after Nilis left the group in the summer of 2000, missed most of the 2000-01 season but joined the team.Mataya KejumanMade a big success and contributed to the league victory, also a new memberKevin HoflandJohn de Jongも実力を発揮した。ケズマンは2000-01シーズンに24得点を、2002-03シーズンに35得点を、2003-04シーズンに31得点を挙げてリーグ得点王に輝いている。2000-01シーズンのUEFA Champions LeagueThen.RSC Anderlecht(Belgium) andManchester United FCDespite the dust of (England), Kezman's beautiful score against Manchester United remains in the hearts of many supporters.Because I was ranked 3rd in the groupUEFA CupI went to, but in the quarterfinals1.FC KaiserslauternIn the match against (Germany), angry supporters broke into the pitch and became a stigma in the club's history.I couldn't advance to the semi-finalsEuropean Football Federation (UEFA) has imposed fines and a ban on home games (held in a central location).He won the Eredivisie for the second time in a row.

Van Nistelrooy, who was completely healed in the summer of 2001, moved to Manchester U.FC TwenteからJan Fennehol off HesselinkAcquired.I competed with Kezman for a position. In the 2001-02 season, he was late for the early game and allowed Ajax to be crowned without winning the third straight title.UEFA Champions LeagueThen.FC NantesHe lost to (France) 1-4 and went to the UEFA Cup in 3rd place in the group. In the 4th roundLeeds United AFCDefeating (England), the first Dutch confrontation in Dutch history was realized in the quarterfinals against the European Cup.The match against Feyenoord was a 2-1 draw in both games, but Feyenoord, who won the penalty shootout, advanced to the semi-finals.Gerets lost the trust of the club and was dismissed.

Second Hiddink coaching era (2-2002)

2002 summer,2002 FIFA World Cup South KoreaLed to the best 4Hus HiddinkThe director has been appointed as the new PSV director.Korea national teamPark Jisei,Lee Young-pyoJoined in the 2002-03 seasonArien RobbenStar players such as are born.He won the league title for the first time in two seasons,UEFA Champions LeagueThen it ended up at the bottom of the group league. Missed league championship in 2003-04 seasonUEFA Champions LeagueIn the group leagueDeportivo La CoruñaHe was eliminated from the group league in 3rd place with the same points as (Spain).UEFA CupIn the quarterfinalsBobby robsonSupervisedNewcastle United FCBroke

Keeper'sRonald WaterreusHas been in the league for 1994 seasons since 10 and has participated in 285 league games, but left the team after the 2003-04 season and Robben in the summer of 2004.Dennis Rommedah,Mataya KejumanThe main players such as have also left the group.Centre-backア レ ッ ク ス, The keeperGomez, ForwardJefferson FarfanDaMarcus BeasleyHiddink created a new team. 2004-05 seasonMark van Bommel,Johann Vogel, Koku, etc. make up the middle stage,Jan Fennehol off HesselinkAnd Park Ji-sung make up the forward.UEFA Champions LeagueThen.Arsenal FCHe came in second in the group after (England) and advanced to the final tournament for the first time after changing the tournament name.In the first round of the final tournament, the runner-up of the previous yearAS MonacoTwo consecutive victories over (France) in the quarterfinalsOlympic LyonThe match against (France) ended in a 2-1 draw in both games, but they won the penalty shootout and decided to advance to the semi-finals.It was the first time a Dutch club had made it to the semi-finals of the tournament since Ajax in the 1-1996 season.SemifinalAC MilanHe lost 0-2 to the first leg of the match, but returned to Thailand with the goals of Park Ji-sung and Koku in the second leg at home.However, in the second half loss timeMassimo AmbrosiniSoon after, Koku scored a second goal and was tenacious, but he was defeated on away goals.This match is a memorable match in club history, and many supporters remember the tears of Alex, nicknamed the tank.The 2-2 season is considered to be the best season in recent years, as it won the 18th league title for the first time in two seasons and the eighth victory in the KNVB Cup.

In the summer of 2005, Van Bommel, Vogel, Park Ji Sung, Lee Young-pyo,Wilfred BoumaMany leading players have left the team,Michael ball,Mika Väyrynen,Belgium representative OfTimmy SimonsEtc. have joined.Ismail Isaty,Ibrahim AfellayYoung players from subordinate organizations have also joined. 2005-06 seasonUEFA Champions League・ In the group league, Milan,Schalke 04(Germany),Fenerbahce SKAlthough he was incorporated into a difficult group that lives with (Turkey), he finished second in the group by defeating Milan at home and advanced to the final tournament for two consecutive seasons.In the first round of the final tournament, he rematched with Lyon, and this time he lost two consecutive games and was eliminated from the tournament.Although he won the domestic league for the second time in a row, he lost to rival Ajax in the final of the KNVB Cup, and this match became Hiddink's last game.Hiddink won a total of six league titles, four KNVB Cup titles and one UEFA Champions Cup title in the first (2-2) and second (1-2) seasons. ..

Management turmoil and sports downturn (late 2000s)

In the summer of 2006, as a successor to HiddinkRonald KoemanThe director is appointed.Ecuador National Team OfEdison Mendes,Mexico National Team OfCarlos SalcidoAnd both2006 FIFA World CupAcquired a player from South America who participated in the event and contributed to the advancement to the final tournament.Andre OoijerJan Fennehol off HesselinkLeaving the club after the start of the season as a substituteYang KromkampPatrick KluivertWon. 2006-07 seasonJefferson FarfanArouna KonéCompete for the top scorer in the team, and at one point made a big difference to other clubs, but soon the difference in points disappeared.UEFA Champions League・ In the group leagueLiverpool FC(England),FC Girondin Bordeaux(France),Galatasaray SKAlthough it was in the same group as (Turkey), it decided to advance to the final tournament for the third consecutive season in second place in the group after Liverpool.In the first round of the final tournamentArsenal FCIn the match against (England), Alex won by attacking both his own side and the opponent's side, but in the quarterfinals he played against Liverpool again and lost a total of 2-0 in two games. After losing from the UEFA Champions League, Chairman Sufitema criticized Koeman for missing the championship in the domestic league, but PSV participated in the race to the end.Before the final round, three clubs, AZ, Ajax and PSV, lined up with 4 points, and AZ was in the lead with a goal difference. AZ is the last sectionSBV ExcelsiorPSV and Ajax won together after losing to Ajax, but PSV (+49), who reversed Ajax (+50) due to the goal difference, won the big come-from-behind victory from 3rd place. The 2006-07 season is one of the most exciting and close-knit seasons in league history.

In the summer of 2007, Koeman decided to stay after Chairman Sufitema retired and Chairman Jan Lekel took office.The main players Koku, Alex and Arouna Koné left the club,Kenneth Perez,Danko Lazović,Danny KoevermansEtc. join.Isaïl, who had been transferred to rental, has returned.Koeman will be on October 10st during his contract with PSVValencia CF(Spain) Because he became the directorJan WoutersFormer after a provisional directorNagoya Grampus Eight(Japan) DirectorSef VergoossenBecame a formal successor on a contract until the end of the season[5].. On December 12, Perez, who had just joined six months ago, transferred to Ajax, but Chairman Lekel asserted that the transfer was Perez's own choice.[6].. On February 2008, 2, he was in the middle of rehabilitation due to an injury he suffered in 26, but announced his retirement at the young age of 2005.[7]..PSV won the 21st victory in such a season of intense human movement. The fourth straight victory is the third feat in league history,HVV Den HaagOnly (1899-1900 season to 1902-03 season) and PSV (1985-86 season to 1988-89 season) have been achieved.

In the summer of 2008, the director took officeJohan Cruyff SharThen defeated Feyenoord and won the championship.It made a good start in the league match, butUEFA Champions League・ Group league first matchAtletico MadridI lost 0-3 to the battle and my gear went wrong.Liverpool FC(England)Olympic marseilleIn the group league where he lived with (France), he could only win the match against Marseille at home, and was eliminated from the group league at the bottom.It was the first time in six years since the 2002-03 season that he couldn't pass the European Cup. Stefence resigned in January 6Dwight LodewegesWas appointed as the successor manager, but the league match ended in 4th place. It's the first time I've finished in 4th place or lower since the 1980-81 season (5th place), and by chance, I won both seasons.AZ Alkmaarwas. For the first time since the 1996-97 season, he missed the UEFA Champions League qualification and insteadUEFA Europa LeagueI got the right to participate in the first tournament.

Former Schalke coach in the summer of 2009Fred RuttenHas been appointed as coach, and the first half of the 2009-10 season is the official match (domestic league, domestic cup,UEFA Europa League) Finished undefeated.FC TwenteIn the first half of the league match, he was undefeated, so at the beginning of the year he was in second place after Twente. 2 losses), Feyenoord in the KNVB Cup, UEFA Europa LeagueHamburger SVLost on away goals and decided to lose from the tournament. FebruaryNAC BredaHe suffered the first black star in the league match and was still in 3nd place as of March 14, but was later overtaken by Ajax and dropped to 2rd place.Due to the large number of draws, they were unable to increase their points and were unable to qualify for the UEFA Champions League for the second consecutive season.

He won 2010-10 against Feyenoord on October 24, 10.Jonathan ReisIs 3 points,Ola ToivonenIs 1 points,Jeremain LensIs 2 points,Jujak BarrageIs 2 points,Orlando EnherarScored one goal (one goal is an own goal). PSV in 1Go Ahead EaglesWar and 1998FC VolendamHe scored the same score in the match, and was the third to win by 10 points.[8].. For 2010-11 seasonUEFA Europa League・ In the first round of the final tournamentLOSC reel metropolePlayed against (France) and won a total of 2-5 in two games.In the second round of the final tournamentRangers FCDefeated (Scotland) 2-1 in two games, but in the quarterfinalsSL BenficaLost in two games with a total of 2-3.In the domestic league match of the same season, he lost the battle for victory with Ajax and Twente, and ended up in disappointing third place.Suffering from financial problems, he received a large amount of assistance from the Eindhoven city council to eliminate the possibility of developing an asset seizure.Due to the serious financial situation, it was impossible to acquire a well-known player.Captain and heroicIbrahim AfellayDuring the winter transfer periodFC BarcelonaSold to (Spain), Hungarian winger Jujak became a Kinman club in the summer of 2011FC Anji MahachikaraTransferred to (Russia).

In the summer of 2011Dries Meltens,Tim MatavžPolish keeper who joined by rental etc.Przemyslaw TitonLater, the purchase option was exercised and he was completely transferred. 2011-12 seasonUEFA Europa League・ In the group league, the group leader with 5 wins and 1 minute decided to advance to the final tournament, and in the first round of the final tournament.TrabzonsporDefeated (Turkey), but in the second round of the final tournamentValencia CF(Spain) Lost 2-4 to the first leg. Due to poor grades on March 2012, 3Fred RuttenThe dismissal of the coach has been announced, and assistant coach Koku will be appointed as a provisional coach until the end of the season.Experienced in PSV as a player and youth team managerFC EindhovenThe director became an assistant coach[9]..It was decided to lose from the tournament by drawing to the second leg against Valencia, which was the first match of Koku, but in the final of the KNVB CupHeracles AlmeloWon 3-0 and won the 7th victory for the first time in 9 seasons[10]..Approximately 17,000 PSV supporters rushed to Rotterdam at the venue for this match.Ola ToivonenScored the opening goal with a splendid heel shot, and Mertens and Rens added points.The league match ended in 3rd place again and missed the UEFA Champions League qualification, but the victory of the KNVB Cup, which became the trophy for the first time in about 4 years, was comforting. On April 4thDutch Football AssociationIt was classified into Category 3 by the fiscal index classification by.This is a "healthy" category, with each club categorized based on financial strength.[11].. Previously directed PSV on May 5thDick AdvocateBecame a formal director with a one-year contract[12].

Currently (2010s-)

A promising stock from a subordinate organization in the summer of 2012Zakaria Labyad Sporting CPSold to a Danish who had already signed a contractMatthias JergensenJoined.Former captain Van Bommel joins from Milan[13],SC HeerenfänFrom wingerLuciano NarsinghAcquired.Johan Cruyff Suhar defeated Ajax 4-2 to win[14], UEFA Europa League Qualifying PlayoffsFK ZetaIn the match against (Montenegro), he won a total of 2-14 in two games and decided to participate in the group league.Group leagueThen.FC Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk(Ukraine),SSC Naples(Italy),AIK SolnaIn the same group as (Sweden), he won the away game with Naples 3-1 but this was Naples' first defeat in 18 years in the home game against the European Cup.[15]..However, PSV lost the tournament in 3rd place in the group after Dnipro and Naples.In the league match, he scored 60 points in the first half alone and was in the lead at the time of the winter break. In January 2013IF ElfsborgObtained from (Sweden)[16].. Also a club alumnus in the summer of 2013Phillip CocuBecame a director in the summer of 2014Borussia MGからLuke de JongWith a complete transferバ レ ン シ アからAndres Guardado,Manchester CityからKarim LekikuWas acquired by a loan transfer. In the 2014-15 seasonMemphis DepayWith the success of Frenkie de Jong and others, he made a good start from the beginning and recorded 10 league games including 17 consecutive wins in the middle game, and ran alone in the lead. April 2015, 4HeerenfänWon 4-1 and won the league title for the first time since the 2007-08 season[17].

Stadium and practice facilities

January 1911, 1 years oldFritz PhillipsThe inauguration and first match of Philips Elphtal was held by (later to become CEO of Philips), but the club had not yet been created.The neighborhood of the stadium was called Phillips Dorp (Phillips Village), close to the center of Eindhoven. Even after the club was founded in 1913, the home stadium has been consistently in the same location.When the club was first founded, it was called Philips Sportparc and was a small ground with a capacity of 300 people.[1].. In 1941, it became a stadium with a capacity of 18,000 and was damaged in World War II, but in 1958 it was rebuilt again to accommodate 22,000. The corners were renovated in 2000 and 2002, and are nowPhillips stadiumThe name has settled down to a capacity of 35,000 at the time of the soccer match.There is a plan to expand the capacity to 45,000, tentatively2018 FIFA World CupThe plan was decided to be implemented if the venue was decided to be the Netherlands and Belgium, but Russia was decided to be the venue for the FIFA World Cup in a vote held in December 2010.

Jointly held in 2000 in the Netherlands and BelgiumUEFA Euro 2000At that time, it became one of the venues. In 2006UEFA CupBecame the venue for the finalSevilla FC(Spain)Middlesbrough FCDefeated (England) to win the championship. In the 2000 years of the 10s, the average number of spectators per game was 1 to 31,000, ranking third in the Netherlands after Ajax and Feyenoord.All seats are fixed and covered with a roof, and all seats are equipped with heating equipment. In the summer of 34,000, the high fence around the pitch was removed and replaced with a 3 cm high railing.Invasion of the pitch without permission will result in a fine of € 2005 and a 90-year ban on stadium entry.

In the stadiumRed MichelinThere is a 1-star accredited restaurant (Avant Garde) in the Dutch version, where you can dine while watching a soccer match.This is the only stadium in the Netherlands with a Red Michelin starred restaurant.About 3.5km northwest of the stadium, there is a practice facility called De Herdgang, which is a complex facility with a pitch of natural and artificial turf.The top team may open the practice to the public, and the base of the subordinate organization (Jong PSV) is De Herdgang.Near De Herdgang is a lush park called Phillips Youngfpark.

Average number of spectators per game in Eredivisie's Big 3[18]
SeasonAverage number of spectators


Domestic title

  • Eredivisie: 21 times
    • 1962-63, 1974-75, 1975-76, 1977-78, 1985-86, 1986-87, 1987-88, 1988-89, 1990-91, 1991-92, 1996-97, 1999-00, 2000-01, 2002-03, 2004-05, 2005-06, 2006-07, 2007-08, 2014-15, 2015-16, 2017-18
  • KNVB cup: 9 times
    • 1949-50, 1973-74, 1975-76, 1987-88, 1988-89, 1989-90, 1995-96, 2004-05, 2011-12
  • Johan Cruyff Shar: 10 times
    • 1992, 1996, 1997, 1998, 2000, 2001, 2003, 2008, 2012, 2015

International title

Goodwill title

  • Philips Tournament: 3 times
    • 1982, 1984, 1985
  • Torneo Internacional de Futbol de Maspalomas: 3 times
    • 1984, 1985, 2000
  • Trofeo Villa de Madrid: 1 time
    • 1984
  • Polish Masters Cup: 1 time
    • 2012



Main sponsorDutch flag PhillipsConsumer electronics
Official PartnerUnited States flag NikeSporting goods
German flag Mercedes-BenzAutomobile
Dutch flag Royal Swinkelsbeer
Dutch flag Rabobankbank
Dutch flag VDL groupIndustrial product manufacturing
Belgian flag BDO InternationalAccounting affairs
De Lage Landen
Driessen HRM Payroll
Official supplierUnited States flag Coca Cola Beverage
Athlon Car LeaseCar leasing
GymnaUniphy[1]Medical support
Maison van den Boer

Current member

2020-21 season opener formation
As of April 2021, 1[19]
No.PosPlayer name
4Dutch flagDFNick Viergever
5German flagDFTimo Baumgartor
6Cote d'Ivoire flagMFIbrahim Sangaré
7Israeli flagFWEran Zahavi (Flag of France.svg)
9Dutch flagFWDonyell malen (Flag of Suriname.svg)
10Dutch flagMFMohamed Ihattaren (Flag of Morocco.svg)
11German flagMF
13German flagGKLars Unnerstal
14Dutch flagMFMarco van Ginkel
15Mexican flagMFEric Gutierrez
16German flagGK
17Brazilian flagMFMauro Junior
18Dutch flagMFPablo Rosario (Flag of the Dominican Republic.svg)
19Dutch flagFWCody Gakpo (Flag of Togo.svg)
No.PosPlayer name
20Argentina flagFWMaxi Romero
21Belgian flagGK
22Dutch flagDFDenzel Dumfries (Flag of Aruba.svg)
23England flagFWNoni Madueke (Flag of Nigeria.svg)
24Dutch flagDFArmando Obispo
27German flagMFMario getze
28French flagDFOlivier Boscaca
29Dutch flagFWJoel Piroe (Flag of Suriname.svg)
30New Zealand flagMFRyan Thomas (Flag of England.svg)
31German flagDFPhilipp Max
33Dutch flagDFJordan Teze (Flag of the Republic of the Congo.svg)
38Swiss flagGKYvon Mbogo (Flag of Cameroon.svg) ★
53Belgian flagFW

* The national flag in parentheses indicates other nationalities, and the star indicates a player outside the EU.

Loan transfer player

No.PosPlayer name
11German flagMF (FC Bayern Munich)
14Dutch flagMFMarco van Ginkel (Chelsea FC)
No.PosPlayer name
38Swiss flagGKYvon Mbogo (RB Leipzig)
No.PosPlayer name
--Dutch flagDFDerrick Luckassen (RSC Anderlecht)
--Belgian flagMFDante Rigo (ADO The Hague)
--Czech flagMFMichal Sajilek (FC Slovan Liberec)
No.PosPlayer name
--Japanese flagFWDoan (Arminia Bielefeld)
--Portugal flagFWBloomers (Olympiacos FC)

Missing number

12 --Supporter 99 --Foxy (club mascot)

Successive presidents

  • 1913-1920 JW Hoffkes
  • 1920-1921 J. van der Rail
  • 1921-1925 JW Hoffkes
  • 1925-1926 N. Harbertuma
  • 1926-1927 A. Brugmann
  • 1927-1928 J. Smiths
  • 1928-1932 A. Curse
  • 1932-1939 A. Van Anroi
  • 1939-1945 CM Morels
  • 1945-1951 A. Volwinde
  • 1951-1954 CM Morels
  • 1954-1963 A. Van Streen
  • 1963-1970 MJ Janssen Frachon
  • 1970-1983 AP Flunewert
  • 1983-1993 JH Lutz
  • 1993-1996 WG Maer
  • 1996-2004 Harry van Raei
  • 2005-2010 Fritz Sufitema
  • 2010- R ・ W ・ J ・ Ferkelk

Successive directors

Term of officeNameTitle
カ ッ プ
Domestic Sue
Par cup
カ ッ プ
1914-1916Dutch flag Case Maindels
1916-1921Dutch flag Wout Bitenweff
1921-1922Dutch flag Jan Bos
1922-1926England flag
1926-1927Dutch flag Ben Hofstede
1927-1928Dutch flag Ignas Crane
1928-1929Dutch flag Yope Crane Wentink1
1929-1935England flag1
1935-1938England flag
1938-1942Dutch flag Jan van den broke
1942-1945Dutch flag Kuen Delsen
1945-1951England flag11
1951-1952England flag
1952-1956Dutch flag Hype de Leeuw
1956-1957Yugoslavia flag
1957-1958England flag
1958-1959Dutch flag Case fan Daike
1959-1960Yugoslavia flag
1960-1962Austrian flag Franz Binder
1962-1967Dutch flag1
1967Yugoslavia flag Milan Nikolić
1967-1968Dutch flag Wim Brokland
1968.7-1972.6German flag
1972.7-1979.12Dutch flag321 (UC)
1979.12-1980.6Dutch flag
1980.7-1983.6Dutch flag
1983.7-1986.6Dutch flag1
1986.7-1987.3Dutch flag
1987.3-1990.6Dutch flag Hus Hiddink331 (CC)
1990.7-1992.6England flag Bobby robson2
1992.7-1993.6Dutch flag1
1993.7-1994.10Dutch flag A de moss
1994.10-1994.12Dutch flag
1994.12-1998.6Dutch flag Dick Advocate112
1998.7-1999.6England flag Bobby robson1
1999.7-2002.5Belgian flag Eric Heretz22
2002.7-2006.6Dutch flag Hus Hiddink311
2006.7-2007.10Dutch flag Ronald Koeman1
2007.11-2007.12Dutch flag Jan Wouters
2008.1-2008.6Dutch flag Sef Vergoossen1
2008.7-2009.1Dutch flag1
2009.1-2009.6Dutch flag Dwight Lodeweges
2009.7-2012.3Dutch flag Fred Rutten
2012.3-2012.6Dutch flag Phillip Cocu1
2012.7-2013.6Dutch flag Dick Advocate1
2013.7-2018.6Dutch flag Phillip Cocu32
2018.6-2019.12Dutch flag Mark van Bommel
2019.12-2020.4Dutch flag
2020.4German flag Roger Schmidt

Successive players

Successive captains

playerUniform numberEnrollment periodTerm of office
Dutch flag1927-19321928
Dutch flag1926-1942
Dutch flag1937-1955
Dutch flag1954-19651954-1965
Dutch flag Willy van der Kuilen1964-19811965-1973
Dutch flag Jan van Beveren11970-19831973-1983
Norway flag91981-19881983-1986
Dutch flag Root frit101985-19871986-1987
Belgian flag Eric Heretz21985-19921987-1992
Dutch flag41986-19931992-1993
Dutch flag Erwin Koeman31979-1982, 1990-19941993-1994
Dutch flag Arthur Numan51992-19981994-1998
Belgian flag Luc Nilis101994-20001998-2000
Dutch flag Mark van Bommel61999-2005, 2012-20132000-2005, 2012-2013
Dutch flag Phillip Cocu81995-1998, 2004-20072005-2007
Belgian flag Timmy Simons62005-20102007-2010
Dutch flag Ibrahim Afellay202003-20102010
Dutch flag Orlando Enherar82009-20132011
Swedish flag Ola Toivonen72009-20132011-12
Dutch flag Giorzinio Weinardum102011-20152013-2015
Dutch flag Luke de Jong92014-20192015-2019
Dutch flag Ibrahim Afellay1720192019

Club record holder

Total score
Most points in one season
Total number of matches
Consecutive no-goal time
  • 1 bit Brazilian flag Gomez / Dutch flag --1159 minutes (2004, Dutch record)
  • 2 bit Brazilian flag Gomez --957 minutes (October 2006-December)
  • 3 bit Brazilian flag Gomez --817 minutes (October 2006-December)





Sports other than soccer

There are 17 clubs called PSV Eindhoven, all of which are members of the Philips Sport Verenigingen. There are more than 20 members in 5000 sports (as of 2003).

Belongs to PSV Eindhoven's swimming clubPeter van den HohenbandInhe De BruinIt is,2000 OfSydney Olympics OfSwimmingOccupied 8 medals (5 gold medals).Swimming clubs are known next to soccer, but other clubs are also at a high level in their respective national competitions.


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