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⚾ | [MLB] 47-year-old legend The fan was surprised at the oversized bullet shot by his right arm in grass baseball "Don't love this guy ..."

Bartolo Colon, who belonged to Photo Mets, etc. [Photo: Getty Images]

[MLB] A 47-year-old legend's right arm fired an oversized bullet in grass baseball, which surprised fans "Don't love this guy ..."

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"Let's get him involved in the home run competition" "In a good way, a little tears are about to spill" "I have a lot of respect for Bartolo Colon" "Beautiful" "I can't help but love this guy !! "It's a contract with this guy." "Because of this, the National League shouldn't be DH-based." "I need to make a book and a movie about this guy." "He'll do HR again." Hit !! A true legend!

247-year-old with 247 MLB wins and 47 MLB wins reportedly to play in the Mexican League this season ... → Continue reading


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Home run competition

Home run competition(--Kyosou) is mainlybaseballHow many batters are played before the start of the matchHome runSideshow to compete for hitting.MLB All-Staras well as the Nippon Professional Baseball All-StarEspecially those held before the start of the matchHomelander Bee(Home Run Derby), But in Japan during the seasonHome runSince "home run derby" is also used in the sense of competition, it is often called "home run competition" when it is held at an all-star.


Roughly speaking, there are three types of rules for home run competition.

Ball number limit system
Compete for how many home runs the pitcher can throw a certain number of balls (often 10 balls).
Out number limit system
All non-home runs (strike, ground ball, fly, foul) are regarded as "outs", and the number of home runs hit before reaching a certain number of "outs" is competed. (Can be overlooked)
Time limit system
Compete for how many home runs you can do in a certain amount of time.

As a general rule, pitchers compete for the long hitting power of batters.straightThrow only.Home runs in this competition are limited to hitting the ball to the stand or outside the field.Running home runIs not included.In addition, the batter does not have to go around the diamond unlike a normal game, and only needs to stay in the turn at bat regardless of the whereabouts of the ball.

Home Run Derby (MLB All-Star)

Homelander Bee (NPB All-Star)

2019The outline of the event is as follows.

Among all-star players,Central Leagueas well as the Pacific LeagueFour players from each league who meet either of the following conditions will be selected by fan voting.

  1. A player who recorded 15 or more home runs in the official game of the Interleague Play in the previous year
  2. Players who have recorded 6 or more home runs as of June 30 in the official match between the Interleague Play and the League this year.

The eight elected players will participate in each match with four players, and will play one-on-one. 8 minutes (2018(3 minutes) Compete for how many home runs you can hit with an unlimited number of balls, and if there is a tie, an extra time of 1 minute will be played. A prize of 8 million yen will be presented to the winning player who has won the tournament of eight people.

The rules of home run derby have changed several times,2017Until now, one player had a 1-out system, and two players from each league were voted separately in two games (one player can participate in two games), but in 7 it was changed to the current method. ..

Home run competition (intercity baseball tournament)

1970 era,City competition baseball tournamentThen, as an attraction before the opening ceremony, a home run competition was held by one person selected from each national team.At that time, the opening ceremony of the Intercity Baseball Tournament was usually held at night, so the idea was to have workers returning from work enter.

Baseball game home run competition

Computer gamesInBaseball gamesBut1988of"Ultimate Harikiri Stadium"(Taito)Or later,Mini gamesThere is a home run competition recorded as.

In the home run competition in these games, the prescribed number of pitches is not set to 10, and the player can set any number of pitches and the pitcher adopts the element of "serious game" to throw a ball other than a straight ball. There is also.

Because of the simplicity of the contentAdobe FlashMade usingWinnie the Pooh's Homelander Bee!) AndMobile phone gamesMany are offered as.


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