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🏀 | [Breaking news] Shimane vs SR Shibuya, Shimane returns the first half with a 3-point lead

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[Breaking news] Shimane vs SR Shibuya, Shimane returns the first half with a 3-point lead

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Whether Shimane can maintain the lead in the second half or SR Shibuya can reverse the 3-point behind, the match will continue in the second half.

Shimane Susanoo Magic vs Sun Rocker in Section 1 of B.LEAGUE Part 24 held at Matsue City Gymnasium ... → Continue reading


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Sun Rockers Shibuya

Sun Rockers Shibuya(Sun Rockers Shibuya,British: Sunrockers Shibuya) IsTokyoShibuya WardAs a home townB.LEAGUEBelong tobasketballIt's a team.


Mother isHitachi, Ltd.Men's basketball club[1]..The operating company is Hitachi Sun Rockers Co., Ltd.[4].

The club color inherits the yellow of the Hitachi era[1]..The club mascotPolar bearSundi[1][3], Official DJPatrick Yu.

The national title has been 21 times in total since the Hitachi era (All Japan synthesis2 times, National Athletic Meet 13 times, All Japan Business Group 6 times)[5].

Uniform sponsor (2020-21 season)

Successive uniforms



Business era

2000 OfBasketball japan leagueSemi-professionalization (JBL Super LeagueIt is a basketball club that was in Hitachi's company in line with the establishment ofHitachi Headquarters Rising Sun(Founded in 1935),Hitachi Osaka Helios(Founded in 1956) was founded in an integrated manner[7][5]..The nickname "Sun Rockers" has the meaning of "a group that aims at a fierce dunk that" shakes the sun (ring) "."[7][1][3]..ホームゲームはHome gamesYoyogi National GymnasiumIn addition to Tokyo, there are many Hitachi-related companiesChibaKashiwa, And even the birthplace of HitachiIbarakiIt was also held within.Especially in Kashiwa City, the women's team based in the same areaENEOS Sunflowers"Kashiwa City Basketball Class" is being held jointly.Due to the flow from Hitachi Osaka, during the Super League era, home games were held in the Kinki region centered on Osaka Prefecture.

Titles of national competitions (league, all-Japan, etc.) by independent teams other than the national polity, including the predecessor Hitachi headquarters and the Osaka era2014I didn't get it.However, in the 2008-09 season, he advanced to the finals for the first time in the All Japan League, and in the 2009-10 season, he advanced to the finals for the second consecutive year in All Japan (all three races lost to Aisin and finished second).And2015 All JapanThen, he won the long-awaited first victory and won the first title as a team.

2013,National Basketball LeagueThe team name was changed to "Hitachi Sun Rockers Tokyo(Hitachi Sun Rockers Tokyo), and a double franchise of Tokyo and Kashiwa.

Club teaming

2016 yearsB LeagueAlong with the inauguration, the club's management body was established as a subsidiary of Hitachi on April 2016, 4.Hitachi Sun Rockers Co., Ltd.(Hitachi Sun Rockers,Hitachi Sunrockers, Ltd.) Transferred.Team nameHitachi Sun Rockers Tokyo, Shibuya(NameSun Rockers Shibuya) And the home town is TokyoShibuya WardAnd the home arenaAoyama Gakuin UniversityIt was announced that it will be the Aoyama Gakuin Memorial Hall, which is the gymnasium inside.[7][2]..Initially, the hometown candidate has a practice base.ChibaKashiwaI was considering it in, but I gave up because I could not get support to secure the arena[8].


2016-17 season (B1 middle district)

In the 2016-17 season, 24 games will be held at the Seigaku Memorial Hall, whileOta City GymnasiumTwo games,Sumida City GymnasiumKashiwa City during one match and corporate team era[Note 1]In the remnants of the quasi-basedKikkomanTwo games were played at "Arena".

The 2016-17 season kicked off in the B1 Middle District.The opening cardYokohamaBattle (May 9-May 9.Yokohama Cultural Gymnasium) To get off to a good start with two consecutive victories over Yokohama.At the beginning of the season, it was second in the middle district,12Inter-conference from[Note 2]When he rushed into, he was forced to struggle and temporarily fell to 4th place in the middle district.In addition, it was an NBA player at the beginning of the yearRobert Sacre(OriginalLos Angeles Lakers) Has been acquired.

Incidentally,Kenta HiroseAccording to him, "The teammates come to the screen when they want to pass, or they request the pass when they want the screen to be screened. The players on the other side also move completely differently and switch even in defense. I wonder if it isn't. Where I couldn't share that kind of image, I couldn't fight as a team. "[9].

However, as a result of the addition of Sacre and the creation of a team based on defense, the team has been on an upward trend, resulting in 32 wins and 28 losses, 3rd in the middle district, 7th in the overall ranking, and the lower frame of the wild card. Decided to advance to the B League Championship.In the quarter final, the district won the championship(I.e.The season ended with a complete defeat in the quarter final.BT ToewsRetirement of head coach,Ira Brown,Yuto Otsuka,Soichiro FujitakaAnnounced the expiration of the contract.

In addition, in this seasonKenta HiroseIs the first B1 League King of Steel,Leo VendrameWon the B1 League's first rookie king[10].

2017-18 Season (B1 East Area)

In August 2017, the official team name was unified to "Sun Rockers Shibuya".[11].

I was an assistant coach last seasonGeoffrey KatsuhisaIs appointed as the head coach.AlsoRyukyu Golden KingsWas the former head coach ofTsutomu IsaとChiba JetsWas an interpreter, but became an assistant coach[12].

Ira Brown(Ryukyu),Aki Chambers(千葉),Soichiro Fujitaka(Osaka),Yuto Otsuka(Toyama) Etc. have left the group.On the other handMikawaFromSendaiからManato Kikuchi,RyukyuからMorihisa YamauchiWas won.

As a result of the B1 residual playoffs last seasonAkita Northern Happinets(5th in the eastern area, 16th overall),Sendai 89ERSFollowing the demotion of (6th in the eastern area and 18th overall)Kawasaki Brave SandersWill be organized in the eastern district with[Note 3]..The final ranking was 5th in the eastern district, and he missed the championship.

2018-19 Season (B1 East Area)

Robert Sacre and Lakers era teammateRyan kelly,Shiga Lake StarsからSamba FayeWas won.

Geoffrey Katsuhisa head coach was dismissed on October 1th because he couldn't get the winning star as if he had only one win since the opening.Tsutomu Isa became the assistant coach and the head coach.The final ranking is 10th in the eastern area.The team was rebuilt, but the strongest players in the areaTokyo-千葉-TochigiThe match against was completely defeated.

2019-20 Season (B1 East Area)

Retired Daishiro Shimizu joined the coaching staff as an assistant coach last season.[13]..He released Takashi Ito and Yuki Mitsuhara, who had grown up, and Shinji Akiba and Tomoya Hasegawa.On the other handLevanga HokkaidoFrom Gohei Sekino and Daisuke Noguchi[14],Chiba JetsFrom Kosuke Ishii[15],Niigata Albirex BBFrom Ryunosuke Watanabe[16],Sanen Neo PhoenixFrom Shuto Tawatari[17]Was reinforced.However, Robert Sacre, who had decided to renew his contract off 19-20 seasons ago, announced his retirement.[18]..After that, Sebastian size as a foreign player[19]And Charles Jackson[20]Was reinforced and the roster was significantly changed.In the opening season, he won consecutive wins from Chiba Jets and started the season.In addition, it attracted attention as a dark horse for the 2015-5 season, such as winning the Emperor's Cup for the first time in 19 years from 20, but after the league match was interrupted due to the epidemic of the new coronavirus, the 19-20 season was canceled and Sun Rockers Shibuya The season is over.

  • October 2019, 10 Samba Faye achieves 20 B1 individual defense rebounds against San-en Neo-Phoenix[21]
  • October 2019, 10 Ryan Kelly achieves 23 B1 individual defense rebounds against Utsunomiya Brex[22]
  • October 2019, 10 Sun Rockers Shibuya reaches 27 visitors in total[23]
  • November 2019, 11 Kosuke Ishii achieves 3th B1 300-point shot against Seahorses Mikawa[24]
  • December 2019, 12 Sun Rockers Shibuya achieves 8 B1 wins in total[25]
  • December 2019, 12 Leo Vendrame achieves 22 points in total for B1 against Osaka Evessa[26]
  • January 2020, 1 Sebastian Size wins B League All-Star Dunk Contest
  • February 2020, 2 Morihisa Yamauchi achieves 1 B1 individual assists against Ryukyu Golden Kings[27]

Home coat

The following are statistics after joining the B League.

年度Participating classoverall
Home games
Seigaku Memorial HallOther
2016-17B13024Daejeon 3
Sumida 1
Kikkoman 2
2017-18B13024Sumida 6
2018-19B13026Sumida 4
2019-20B13025Sumida 5
U venue legend
  • Seigaku Memorial Hall-Aoyama Gakuin University Memorial Hall
  • Daejeon-Ota Ward General Gymnasium
  • Sumida-Sumida Ward General Gymnasium
  • Kikkoman-Nagareyama Civic Gymnasium "Kikkoman Arena"



Sun Rockers Shibuya Season results
Regular seasonplay offEmperor's cup
#Seasonleague地区RankingWinDefeatWin rateGame differenceHomeAwayOwn districtOther districtscoreGoalPoint differenceSynthesisResultRemarksHCref.Result

12016-17B1中 3 3228(.533)17 (0)16-14 (.533)16-14 (.533)22-14 (.611)10-14 (.417)44884395937 QF DefeatBT Toews[28]
22017-18B1to East Malaysia52832(.467)18 (1.0)13-17 (.433)15-15 (.500)13-17 (.433)15-15 (.500)42764410-134%9Geoffrey Katsuhisa
32018-19B1to East Malaysia42733(.450)25 (-)17-13 (.567)10-20 (.333)9-21 (.300)18-12 (.600)45164674-158%11Geoffrey Katsuhisa→Tsutomu Isa
42019-20B1to East Malaysia42714(.659)5.0 (1.5)14-7 (.667)13-7 (.650)8-7 (.533)19-7 (.731)45164674-158%5Tsutomu IsaWin

Game difference: Difference from 1st place (difference from PO area)  District 1   # :Wildcard  QF :Quarter finals  3 decisions : 3rd place match  SF : Semifinals   FINAL : Final B1: 9-14th place has no PO   champion   B2 championship   Promotion   Relegation   Residual  
Updated June 2021, 04

Past league games


年度leagueDivisionTimesRegular seasonセ ミ フ ァ イ ナ ルfinalFinal result
2000Japan LeagueSL346157 bit---7 bit
2001Super league12198 bit---8 bit
200228137 bit---7 bit
2003311177 bit---7 bit
200448208 bit---8 bit
2005515114 bit12---4 bit
2006611135 bit---5 bit


年度leagueTimesRegular seasonセ ミ フ ァ イ ナ ルfinalFinal resultHC
2007-08JBL116196 bit---6 bitShuji Ono
2008-09223122 bit2113second place
2009-10323194 bit02---4 bit
2010-11416205 bitEarthquakeNo playoffs due to
2011-12524183 bit02---3 bit
2012-13622204 bit02---4 bit


年度TimesRegular seasonconference
セ ミ フ ァ イ ナ ル
finalFinal resultHC
2013-1411836East 5nd---8 bitTim Lewis
2014-152459East 1nd2002---3 bit
2015-16334205 bit02---5 bit


Players and staff

Current roaster

Sun Rockers Shibuya (B1 East District 2020-21) Roaster
playerス タ ッ フ
Line#Nameageheight WeightCountryBackground
G / F1Gohei Sekino26age (1994/8/1)1.83 m (6 ft 0 in) 80 kg (176 lb)Japanese flagTokai University 
PG9Leo Vendrame captain27age (1993/11/14)1.83 m (6 ft 0 in) 83 kg (183 lb)Japanese flagTokai University 
C1027age (1993/5/22)2.08 m (6 ft 10 in) 102 kg (225 lb)United States flagTennessee Tech University 
SF12Yo Nishino (+) (special)22age (1998/7/27)1.98 m (6 ft 6 in) 88 kg (194 lb)Japanese flagSenshu University 
1428age (1993/1/4)2.06 m (6 ft 9 in) 104 kg (229 lb)United States flagUniversity of North Carolina 
G16Ryunosuke Watanabe26age (1994/8/24)1.89 m (6 ft 2 in) 90 kg (198 lb)Japanese flagSenshu University 
PF23Daisuke Noguchi37age (1983/5/26)1.96 m (6 ft 5 in) 90 kg (198 lb)Japanese flagNippon Sport Science University 
SF24Kenta Hirose35age (1985/7/11)1.93 m (6 ft 4 in) 90 kg (198 lb)Japanese flagAoyama Gakuin University 
SG27Kosuke Ishii33age (1987/9/29)1.82 m (6 ft 0 in) 78 kg (172 lb)Japanese flagTokai University 
G32Morihisa Yamauchi (C)31age (1990/3/23)1.75 m (5 ft 9 in) 75 kg (165 lb)Japanese flag 
F34Ryan kelly29age (1991/4/9)2.11 m (6 ft 11 in) 104 kg (229 lb)United States flagDuke University 
SG44Kaito Morizane23age (1997/8/26)1.86 m (6 ft 1 in) 78 kg (172 lb)Japanese flagSenshu University 
SG73Shuto Tawatari31age (1990/1/6)1.85 m (6 ft 1 in) 79 kg (174 lb)Japanese flagUniversity of Tsukuba 
PF86Allen Hachimura (+) (special)21age (1999/12/20)1.98 m (6 ft 6 in) 98 kg (216 lb)Japanese flagTokai University 
Head coach
Tsutomu Isa

Assistant coach
Kyle Baillie
Ken Hamanaka
Tashiro Shimizu
Sports Science & Performance Director
Nobuhisa Yoshida
Yukari Tasou
Athletic trainer
Shinya Sakurai
Team manager
Okabe Taiga
Assistant manager and interpreter
Kensho Kadoma

Symbol Explanation
 captain Team captain Cruz Roja.svg Disabled person
 (C) Off coat captain (+) Mid-season contract
 (Return) Naturalized athlete (S) Suspension
 (A) Asian special frame player (Shin) Athletes applying for naturalization (B3)
 (Special) Specially designated player (International) Achievement abroad student (B3)
外部 リンク

Update day: August 2021, 04

Permanent number

Major players in the past

注 釈

[How to use footnotes]
  1. ^ Hitachi Kashiwa Soccer FieldAdjacent toHitachi Kashiwa General GroundThe gymnasium is used mainly during the former Japanese league era
  2. ^ SR Shibuya at that time was in the middle district ((I.e.,Yokohama,Niigata,Toyama,San-enAnd the same district. ), So I decided to fight the teams in the east and west areas.
  3. ^ In addition to SR Shibuya and Kawasaki, in the eastern area,Levanga Hokkaido,Tochigi Brex,Chiba Jets, And the same Tokyo as SR Shibuya will be the home townArbulk TokyoBelongs to.


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