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⚽ | Atsuto Uchida teaches! What is PAOK Shinji Kagawa's "skillful turn"?


Atsuto Uchida teaches! What is PAOK Shinji Kagawa's "skillful turn"?

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Atsuto Uchida's crown program "FOOTBALL TIME" is also being distributed on DAZN, which broadcasts the team's games.

Shinji Kagawa will play for PAOK in the first part of Greece from this winter.Atsuto Uchida at DAZN, which broadcasts the team's game ... → Continue reading


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Crown program

Crown program(Kanmuri Bangumi)TV program-Radio programIn the program name, performers and advertisers (sponsor) A program with a unique name (nickname)[1].

When there is only one advertiser of a program or it accounts for a large part of the total amount of advertisement, the company name or product name may be added to the program name, and it is particularly called a crown sponsored program.

As a typical crown program, "All Night Nippon"Is mentioned.This show gives a different main personality to each day of the week, for example on Thursdays "Ninety Nine All Night Nippon", Each of which is broadcast as one program name.

Main crown programs

Includes finished programs. Italic program nameIs a finished program (regular broadcasting has ended and nowSpecial program(Excluding those broadcast as).Local talentThere are so many crowned programs, so that programKey station in Tokyo・ Only the talents broadcast on the Internet are listed.

Entertainer / talent

Idol / singer

Announcers, actors, cultural figures, etc.

Programs with different crowns depending on the day of the week

And many more

Sponsored crown program

And many more


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