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⚾ | Rakuten / Wakui becomes the opening pitcher in 3 teams. 10 times in total, the most active, 5th place in history Thailand's “great achievement”

Photo Rakuten, Hideaki Wakui [Photo: Yuji Arakawa]

Rakuten / Wakui becomes the opening pitcher in 3 teams 10 times in total, the most active, 5th place in history Thailand's "great achievement"

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Among other active pitchers, Tomoyuki Sugano (giant), Chihiro Kaneko (Nippon-Ham Fighters), Takahiro Norimoto (Rakuten), and Daisuke Matsuzaka (Seibu) have played major roles six times.

Experienced the opening pitcher 5 times at Seibu & 4 times at Lotte, 5 wins and 3 losses in total Rakuten's 2021 season opening pitcher (March 3, vs. ... → Continue reading


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Chihiro Kaneko

Chihiro Kaneko(Chihiro Kaneko,1983May 11 -) isHokkaido Nippon-Ham FightersBelongs toNiigataSanjo CityBackground[2] OfProfessional baseball player(pitcher). Right-handed and left-handed.

2005から2018Belonged toOrix BuffaloesNow, let ’s give your real nameRegistered nameI used it for2019The registered name was changed to "Nippon-Ham Fighters"Chihiro Kaneko(The reading is the same as the real name)[3].


Before entering professional

After being born in Sanjo City, in the 4th grade of elementary schoolNagano cityMoved to.After joining the Ishiwatari Training Association Youth Baseball Club at Asahi Elementary School in Nagano City, where I was transferred,pitcherStarted his career as.

Nagano Commercial High SchoolAfter going on to school, in the fall of 1st yearNorth Shinetsu TournamentHe pitched in the semi-final and won the extension.The team did not pitch to advance to the final,TsurugaSecond grade batteryTetsuya UtsumiLee KeiichiBefore, the team ends up in zero. In the spring of 2 years72th Selected High School Baseball TournamentParticipation in. In the second roundMasashi Chikazawa-Yoshihisa HiranoHaveToba High SchoolLost to.Summer Championship Nagano TournamentThen, in the second year, I won the runner-up. In the 2rd year, while referring to 3 times in the 2nd roundNo hit no runRecorded, but 12 in the semifinalsStrikeoutWhile recordingTsukahara Seiun High SchoolLost to.

After graduating from high schoolAdult baseball OfToyotaJoined the company.3rd year after joining the company2004ToCloserWhen it stands out asCity competition baseball tournamentBut I threw it well.

2004 NPB Draft ConferenceAnd it existed at that timeFree acquisition frameThroughOrix BuffaloesJoined the team.Osaka Kintetsu BuffaloesOrix Blue WaveBecame the first student of Orix Buffaloes, which was born by the merger of.This meeting will be held in the aforementioned merger andTohoku Rakuten Golden EaglesBy new entryProfessional baseball reorganization problemOrix Buffaloes was in jeopardy of participation until just before, because it was opened in the midst of.But of the scoutTerumitsu KumanoWas fascinated by Kaneko's "straight that would stretch endlessly without a catcher" when he inspected the practice of the Toyota Motor Baseball Club.Even though Kaneko had a breakdown in his right elbow at that time, the leaders of the team said, "(I have a breakdown in my right elbow now).Next year's draft meetingIt will be a big success so that it will surely be nominated at the top by multiple teams.Now (Orix Buffaloes alone) can be caught, "he emphasized, and as a result, he was able to make a nomination in the free frame.By the way, it was reported that "Orix will withdraw the acquisition policy" at one point because the failure of the right elbow was not completely cured even after it was almost decided to join the group in the free frame.According to Kaneko, in this reportProfessional baseballIt is said that the fact that he felt the harshness of his skin was useful after joining the group.

Orix era

2005Prioritize rehabilitation with doctors and physiotherapists due to the above-mentioned breakdown.As a result, I didn't have the opportunity to pitch in the official game of the XNUMXst Army.After the breakdown has healed,Second army (Surpass Kobe)As a member ofWestern leaguePitched in 12 official games.There was no victory or defeat,Defense rateIt left a good result of 0.69.

2006IsRelayPitched in 21 official games of the 4st Army. April 12 vs.Seibu LionsBattle (Skymark stadium), The first victory of the 7st Army official game in relief, the same card on July 1 (Invoice SEIBU dome) Is the first starting lineup for the 9st Army.In relief, he also recorded no runs in nine consecutive games.

2007In, the official game began as a middleman of the army.Although it was sluggish at the beginning of the season, he was refraining from pitching in the actual battle after entering the pro due to a breakdown of his right elbow.Cut ball,Sep-pa Exchange BattleDemodulated when I started throwing again during the period of. In August, the first victory against Seibu on August 8th, when he turned to the starting lineup again, was against August 8th.Tohoku Rakuten Golden EaglesBattle (Kyocera Dome Osaka) For the first time in the armyClosedWas recorded.In the end, in the official game of the 6st Army, the season ended with XNUMX consecutive victories after starting the starting lineup.To this result, the director of the XNUMXst ArmyTerry collinsSaid after the season, "I should have started the game a little earlier. (This season) one of the few players who can score high."In this year, he was married to a high school classmate.

2008The first child (eldest son) was born in January.In the official game, my firstOpening pitcher7 times 1 when nominated byGoalWith 10 strikeoutsWinning pitcherBecame.Later,Yoshihisa Hirano,Tom DavyAgainst the background of having withdrawn due to a breakdownStarting rotationEstablished on the axis of.However, due to lack of vividness from the end of April to the beginning of the Interleague Play, he was assigned to rescue personnel in the middle of the Interleague Play.If he returns to the starting lineup after resuming the league match, he will win 4 matches in July.Pacific LeaguePitcher divisionMonthly MVPAwarded. When he reached his first 9th win of the season in the match against Seibu on September 7, he entered the A class for the first time in nine years, with a ERA of nearly 10 points.Climax seriesContributed to the first advance.In the XNUMXst Army official gameKomatsuSecond place in the team afterThrow timesIn number, my firstRegular pitch timeReached.While recording the number of strikeouts in 8th place in the leagueNumber of hits-Number of home runsReached 2nd place in the league, and the wave of ups and downs was fierce.

2009Although he missed the opening pitcher for the second consecutive year in the official game of the 2st Army, he played a part of the starting lineup from the opening.Immediately after the opening, it was a little sick, but on May 5thFukuoka Softbank HawksIn the war, for the first time in two yearsComplete pitchRecord victory.In June, when only four wins were given to the entire team, one person earned three wins.All star gamesFirst appearance as a Pacific League coach recommended player.In the second round, he won the Best Pitcher Award for keeping three innings without any goals. In the match against Rakuten on August 2, he won two consecutive shutouts and won.Nobuyuki HoshinoSince then, he has achieved a double-digit victory for the second consecutive year for the first time in 12 years in the history of the team.On the other hand, from September, it has been slumping.Daisuke Katoon behalfCloserTurned to. The first of the season in the battle against Seibu on September 9saveAt the same time, he stopped the team's losing streak at 6.In the entire official game of the 11st Army, he recorded 8 wins, 4 losses, 2.57 saves, an ERA of 165 and 5 strikeouts (both ranked XNUMXth in the league).In addition, the number of hits and home runs was reduced from the previous year.

2010In the opening game with Rakuten (Kyocera Dome Osaka), he served as the opening pitcher for the first time in two years, and won a shutout victory with four hits.But on May 2stHanshin Tigers戦で8点リードの5回表に一挙5点を失って降板するなど、6月までは試合中盤に突如大量失点を喫することが相次いだ。しかし7月には、7月1日の対楽天戦・7月8日の対西武戦・7月14日の対Chiba Lotte MarinesIn battleYoneda TetsuyaSince then, he has recorded three consecutive shutouts for the first time in 45 years in the history of the team.After winning all five pitched games and selecting a monthly MVP for two consecutive months from the same month, he achieved 3 consecutive victories until the match against Nippon-Ham Fighters on September 2th.In 5, the team had the mostKoji NodaThe season ended with 17 wins since then, and the title with the most winsTakeshi WadaI shared it with (Softbank).In addition to reaching his first 200 pitches, he recorded 190 strikeouts and 7 complete games and 6 shutouts, the highest number of his own. The Rakuten game, which had 3 shutouts, and the Seibu game, which had 2 shutouts, both had good results with 5 wins each and an ERA of 1 point, while they suffered from 2 wins and 5 losses and an ERA of 6.18 in the Lotte game.After the season ends, the contract will be renewed with an estimated annual salary of 1 million yen.The only pitcher on the team has an annual salary of over 5,000 million yen.

2011He underwent right elbow free cartilage removal surgery on February 2 because he complained of discomfort in his right elbow during the spring camp.[4].. Return to the actual battle in the Western League official game with Hanshin on May 5[5]With the same card on June 6, when he returned to the first army, he recorded his first victory of the season with three goals in six innings.On the other hand, in the match against Seibu on August 5, he became a defeated pitcher with the worst 6 goals for professionals. In September, he was selected as his fourth monthly MVP with 3 wins in 8 races, an ERA of 23 (earned run 8), and 9 complete games including 4 shutouts at the top of the league.In the final game of the regular season against Softbank on October 3, he was entrusted with the starting pitcher for the team's advancement to the climax series, but became a losing pitcher with 0.25 goals in the 1th inning.However, in the regular season, he reached the prescribed number of pitches even though he was late for the opening.Personal best ERA 2 ・WHIPAlong with recording 1.06, he achieved double-digit wins in the season for the fourth consecutive year with a record of 10 wins and 4 losses.

2012In addition to complaining of tension in the upper right arm during the spring camp and during the open war, he also developed back pain during the open war.[6]Therefore, he avoided pitching in the opening round that was originally planned.After making the first pitch of the season in the first match (against Rakuten on April 4) at the base, Kyocera Dome Osaka, after adjusting with the second army, he won the first victory of the season against Softbank on May 6. ..However, he complained of tension in his right elbow during practice on June 5, so he avoided the starting lineup for the Seibu battle scheduled for the following day.Subsequent examination revealed inflammation of the medial part of the right elbow, so the player registration was canceled again.[7]..On October 10, just before the end of the regular season, he returned to the 5st army against the Softbank and scored his fourth win of the season with a good throw without any goals in the 7th inning.Due to the above-mentioned breakdown, he only pitched in the official game of the 4st Army in 9 games, and his consecutive double-digit wins stopped in 2 seasons.

2013Inflammation of the pronator teres muscle of the right forearm left the spring camp on the way.As a result, I didn't pitch in the open game[8]However, he was the opening pitcher for the third time in two years.In the regular season, he reached the second 2-throw inning since 3 in the official match of the 2010st Army without leaving the front line.The number of pitches, complete games, number of pitches, and strikeouts are the league's top, winning stars, ERA is second in the league, and winning percentage is third in the league, winning the most strikeouts. 2With Darvish-Masahiro TanakaFor the first time in 2 years since thenSawamura PrizeAll 7 items of the selection were satisfied.However, while the number of complete games fell below the selection criteria,NPB公式戦史上4人目のシーズン無敗で最多勝、最高勝率、最優秀防御率を挙げた田中が沢村賞を受賞した。7項目の内、勝ち星(金子15、田中24)、勝率(金子.652、田中1.000)、防御率(金子2.01、田中1.27)は田中が上、奪三振(金子200、田中183)、完投数(金子10、田中8)、登板数(金子29、田中28)、投球回数(金子223回1/3、田中212回)は金子が上で、以上の項目で沢村賞を選考するようになった1982年以降で、全項目を満たした投手が受賞できなかった事例は、同年のTakashi EgawaThis is the fourth case of Kaneko at this time, following Darvish in 2008 and 2011.Also, to Kaneko this yearScore coverageWas the league worst 3.18.On the last day of the autumn camp (November 11th) after the end of the season, the director of the 16st ArmyKoji MoriwakiHowever, Kaneko was notified of the opening pitcher for 2014.[9].. In the contract renewal on December 12, the team decided to remain with an estimated annual salary of 20 million yen and a one-year contract, while refusing to offer a multi-year contract from the team.[10].

2014In early MarchinfluenzaAlthough he was temporarily separated from the team due to infection with[11], Starting in the opening match with Nippon Ham (March 3, Sapporo Dome) as appointed at the end of the previous year. In April, he won his first victory of the season in the battle against Seibu (Seibu Dome) on the 28th with a shutout of 4 strikeouts, the most of his own.[12]In the match against Rakuten on the 26th (Kyocera Dome Osaka), he recorded a shutout victory with 14 strikeouts and 1 hit.[13].Major League Baseball (MLB)The match against Hiroshima on May 4, which was inspected by the scouts of the four teams (Hot Motto Field Kobe[14]Then, in the bottom of the 7th inning at batKenta MaedaWhen he recorded the first RBI of the first army with a double from, he also won the throw with Maeda with the content of no runs in the 8th inning.[15].. June 5 vsYomiuri Giants (Giant)In the match (Kyocera Dome Osaka), he kept the 9th inning to 4 hits, 1 walk and no score.However.SumidaWas sent, so it was replaced.After that, the team could not score and the game went into overtime, so they missed the achievement of no-hitter no-run alone (Details later). The 9th pitcher in NPB history who missed the achievement of no-hitter no-run while hitting no points up to the 11th inning, and the second pitcher who dropped out of the 9th inning with no hits and no points[Annotation 1]..In the entire regular season, he won the most wins with 16 wins and the title with the highest ERA with an ERA of 1.98.Received the Sawamura Award, which was missed the previous year, for the first time in team history[16]Besides, even though the team missed the league victoryBest playerWas chosen for.In the case where the Orix player was selected as the best player, the teamJapan seriesWon1996 OfIchiroSince then.

After the season, it was held in Japan in NovemberUS-Japan baseball 2014so,Representation from JapanMember[17]As a starting lineup in Round 2[18]..He also stated that he intends to challenge MLB, saying that he has long admired the atmosphere of an American stadium.[19]..During the seasonDomestic FA rightsAfter exercising the domestic FA right and remaining in Orix, he became a team for the transfer to the MLB team.Posting systemIt was reported at one point that it might allow the exercise of[20]..But on November 11th right elbow骨棘(KotsukiSurgery to remove[21]For that reason, I gave up transferring to the MLB team for the time being[22].. On December 12, it announced that it would remain under the condition of a four-year contract and an estimated annual salary of 24 billion yen plus volume.[23].

2015He had an operation on his right elbow at the end of the previous year and left the battlefield due to rehabilitation of the affected area during the open war.[24]Therefore, in the official game of the 5st Army, he avoided pitching in the opening game. He returned to the actual battle in the starting lineup against Lotte on May 23,Ikuhiro KiyotaAfter losing 6 points such as hitting a full-base home run, KO in the shortest tie record 3 times after entering the pro[25].. In July, in the match against Softbank on the 7th (Hotto Motto Field Kobe), he dropped out after suffering 5 goals in his worst tie record.[26]..In the match against Lotte (Kyocera Dome Osaka) on the 1th of the same month, which was the official match of the 13th game of the team, the team won with a good throw of 9/3 in the 2th inning and 3 runs.[27]..However, the match against Rakuten on September 9nd, which was the starting pitcher (Rakuten kobo stadium Miyagi) In the bottom of the 4th inning, complaining of discomfort on the right shoulder and urgently disembarking[28].Yoshitomo TaniIn the final game of the season on October 10rd (Kyocera Dome Osaka's Softbank game), which was his retirement game, he returned to the actual game with a relief pitch for the first time in five years.[29]However, in the total season, he did not reach the prescribed number of pitches and ended up with seven wins.

Held in November1st WBSC Premier 12Then, selected as a candidate for Japan during the season[30][31]..However, he has not actually participated due to a problem with his right shoulder.On the other hand, on December 12, the contract was renewed with an estimated annual salary of 14 million yen and volume conditions.[32]..At this point, the basic annual salary reached the highest amount of active players in NPB (in Hiroshima on the 17th of the same month).Hiroki KurodaIs renewed with an estimated annual salary of 6 million yen)[33].

2016On March 3th, he started the opening game with Seibu (Seibu Prince Dome).He was the opening pitcher for the first time in two years, and although he didn't win or lose, he recorded the highest number of walks in the 25th inning by the time he was replaced in the middle of the bottom of the 2th inning.[34].. The first victory of the season against Rakuten on April 4 will be listed for the first time in two years and the 30th shutout in total.[35]And, in the match against Lotte on May 5 (both are Kyocera Dome), he achieved 20 wins in the official match of the 100st Army. Reached 133 wins for the 100rd NPB player with the lowest number of defeats in the history of the team (56 losses in total)[36]..On the other hand, he suffered from the same right shoulder pain as the previous year, so his registration was canceled on June 6.[37]..Later, when he returned to the first army, he reached the final pitching times of the Pacific League for the first time in two years.In the entire official game of the 2st Army, he pitched in 24 games, which is higher than the previous year.With a total ERA of 3.83, he had his worst walk of 59 and suffered his first loss (7 wins and 9 losses).On the other hand, on December 12, the contract was renewed under the same conditions as the previous year.Since Kuroda retired from active duty for this year, he reached the highest amount of active players in NPB with a basic annual salary (estimated 12 million yen).[38].

2017には、3月31日の対楽天戦(京セラドーム)で2年連続6度目の開幕投手を務めたが、前年に続いて勝敗は付かなかった。4月14日の対ソフトバンク戦(福岡ヤフオクドーム)では、5回裏まで1人も走者を出さなかった末に、被安打2の無四球完封勝利を自己最少の92球で達成。一軍公式戦での完封勝利は通算21回目で、NPB現役投手での最多達成者であるToshiya SugiuchiLined up in the record of[39][40]..It was also the only shutout victory for all pitchers of the same year against Softbank.In addition, in the match against Seibu on April 4, he recorded a complete game victory while suffering 26 goals. In April, he won all four games in the starting lineup.[41]Because of that, my teammatesT-OkadaWon the monthly MVP for the Pacific League March and April[42].. In the match against Rakuten on May 5, 23 goals in the 8st Army official match self-worst tie record[43], In the match against Hanshin on June 6th (both at Kyocera Dome), he suffered a black star with his worst 6 goals.[44]However, the match against Lotte on August 8 (ZOZO Marine Stadium) Completed a complete game with 2 goals, and achieved a double-digit victory in the 3st Army official game season for the first time in 2 years.[45]..In the entire official game of the 27st Army, he pitched 27 games (12 starting pitchers, the most in the league), marking 8 wins and 3.47 losses and an ERA of 6.After the end of the season, the contract was renewed on the condition that the estimated annual salary was 1 million yen (up XNUMX million yen from the previous year, the highest amount of active players of NPB).[46].

2018The opening pitcher of the regular seasonNishi YukiTeam circumstances left to[47]Against the background, he pitched for the first time in the official game against Lotte on April 4.However, from this match to the match against Seibu on May 3 (both at Kyocera Dome), he suffered his worst opening four consecutive losses.[48]The first victory in the official match was against Rakuten on May 5 (Rakuten Life Park) Carried over[49]..Even in the entire official game of the 17st Army, he pitched 4 games and was sluggish with 7 wins and 3 losses and an ERA of 87.Partly because he had a strong tension from his neck to his back, he ended the season without pitching in the actual battle after his registration was canceled on August 8.[50].. After the end of the season, the four-year contract from the 2015 season expired in this year, and the domestic FA right can be exercised again under the special system for persons with disabilities due to the withdrawal from the front for the reasons mentioned above. In the contract negotiations, the team offered a salary reduction that greatly exceeded the reduction limit of the NPB baseball agreement (up to 4% for players with an annual salary of over 1 million yen).[51]..In response to this presentation, Kaneko called himself on November 11th.Free contract playerI offered to the team to treat it as.The team also accepted Kaneko's offer.While leaving room for re-contracting with Kaneko, he told Kaneko that he would once exclude Kaneko from the list of contract holders and then apply to NPB for public notice as a free contract player.[51][52].. Announced as a free contract player by NPB on December 12nd[53]Because it was done, on the next 3 days,Hokkaido Nippon-Ham FightersHas embarked on negotiations for a membership contract with Kaneko[54].

Japan ham era

On December 2018, 12, Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters announced that it had agreed to conclude a one-year contract with Kaneko.[55]..The uniform number is the same as in the Orix era19But, "with a new teamI want to show my fans how to start from[56]And the registered name is "Chihiro Kaneko(The reading is the same as the real name)[3].

2019In the previous yearMLBSpread inOpener tacticsPolicy to adoptHideki KuriyamaThe "second starter" (second starter) who rescues the starting pitcher as an opener (short starter) from the first half of the game against the background of the director's launch.Long relief) Adjust as personnel[57]..Left pitcher even after the start of the regular seasonTakayuki Kato,Mizuki HoriWas the "second starting lineup" in the match appointed as the opener.On the other hand, following the Orix era, it will be appointed as the original starter at any time.[58][59].. In the match against Orix (Hotto Motto Field Kobe) on April 4, he won his first victory after the transfer with a good throw of 18 hit and no runs in the 5th inning.Masanori Hayashi5th person in the history of NPB 18st Army official war for the first time in about XNUMX years since thenAll team victoryAchieved[60]..In the entire official game of the 19st Army, he pitched in 7 games in the starting lineup and 8 games in the relief.His total record is 7 wins and 2 losses, but while he listed all the white stars only in the starting lineup, he recorded 0.49 holds on the relief pitching including the middle pitcher.Especially strong against Orix of the old nest, ERA 5, XNUMX wins and undefeated[61].

On October 10th, after the end of the entire team schedule, he announced that he would not exercise the overseas FA rights acquired the previous year during the Orix era and would remain at Nippon-Ham under a one-year contract.[1].

Characteristics as a player

Three QuarterFrom average ball speed about 144km / h[62], Fastest 154km / hstraight, Improved accuracy after startingVertical curve,slider,Cut ball,Two seams[63][64],Change up,Split[64],Power sinker[65],RarelyOne seam[66]Throw away.

Four ballsが少なく、与四球率は2018年までの通算で2.09と優秀な数値をマーク。オリックス時代には、2008年から3年連続で1個台にとどめていた(2008年1.85、2009年1.78、2010年1.94)。

Before pitching to the first batter, he takes a "pose with both hands on the temples of his hat", but this is because he "does not want the camera to capture what he is telling himself" when unifying his mind. It was started in the sense of hiding[67].

I hate sweating, so I love custom-made undershirts with long left sleeves so that the left palm with the glove is hidden in the fabric.[68]..In a game where he wears this shirt and pitches, depending on the distance and angle, the action of squeezing the ball between pitches may appear to touch the cloth on the left sleeve and knead the ball.In 2014 during the Orix era, the referees received attention during the pitching of the open game (March 3, Hanshin Tigers) and the official game (May 21, Sapporo Dome against Nippon-Ham Fighters). Ta[69]..The ORIX team said, "If the ball does not come into direct contact with the undershirt (the pitcher's prohibition is to rub the ball with grabs, body, and clothes).Official baseball rulesDo not conflict withJapan Baseball Organization"Confirmed by the refereeing department", allowing Kaneko to wear the above shirt even after receiving attention[70]..Kaneko himself continues to wear it while devising to raise the fingers of his left hand when he rubs the ball.[68].


Nickname is "cat""Chi-chan"Such.

In 2006 during the Orix era, I visited Miyakojima camp for training.IchiroAnd play in the red and white battle.Maeda DaisukeWhen I threw a curve at the first ball with the lead of the teammate (at that time)Kiyohara KazuhiroWas angry at me, saying, "Akan, who can't compete straight."[71]..Regarding this, he later talked about his theory that he had to suppress it with his best ball and appeal.However, according to his own book, Ichiro, who was hit by a changing ball after that, said, "Is the last ball a slider? Nice ball" when I passed each other. It gave me the courage to look forward, even though I wasn't confident. "

In 2009, during the Orix era, 1 yen was donated to the school for each win in the official game for the purpose of planting lawn in the schoolyard of the school.With 10 wins this year, the total donation amounted to 11 million yen.[72][73].

When I first joined ORIX, there were no players with the same surname (Kaneko) on the team, so the notation name on the press and scoreboard was the last name (""(I.e.") Was the only one. In 2010, from Softbank immediately after the opening (April 4)Keisuke KanekoHas been transferred, so the notation name is temporarily "Chihiro Kaneko"change to.However, he pointed out that he was "unbalanced", and from the match against Lotte on May 5, the scoreboard display was changed to the full name "Chihiro KanekoChanged to[74].. With Keisuke Kaneko's return to Softbank on January 2012, 1, there are no other players with the surname Kaneko, but from 17 until 2012 when he left Orix, ``Chihiro KanekoContinue to be written[75], Even in the official record where other players have only surnames, they were always displayed in full name[76]..In 2019, when he transferred to Nippon Ham, a team member with the same surname will be the coach.Kaneko MakotoSince it is only, the notation name is unified to the surname again.Also on the back name of the uniform, "KANEKOIs used.

In the match against the Giants on May 9, 2014 (mentioned above), who had to be replaced by a substitute hitter while keeping hits to the end of the 5th inning in the starting lineup, the relief team continued to throw even after entering the extra time. Continue recording. In the 31th inningTatsuya Sato Kataoka OsamuTeam's first hit, in the 12th inningTakahiro Ubara Yoshiyuki KameiThe team lost 12 to 0 after being entangled up to 1 times in the final, such as allowing a home run in the final.[77]..Kaneko commented on this result in a straightforward manner after the match, saying, "I knew that (the giant hit line) was a no-hitter, but I was 9-0 (score) until the 0th inning, so I am aware of a no-hitter. I was thrown to the end without anything. If I had a goodbye (winning in) in the bottom of the 9th inning, I'm happy that it will be recorded as a no-hitter no-run, but my mission is to win the team. I couldn't do that, so I can't comment on no-hitters (that I couldn't achieve no-run). "[78]..In addition, the team that allowed the first hit by extension after continuing to throw no hits by the succession pitcher from the starting pitcherJapanese professional baseballSecond official game (first case in NPB official game)[Annotation 2])Met[79].

Orix era2011In October, from the original photobook site "PHO Cho +", the first under his supervisionOfficial photobookWas sold (currently closed).

In 2011 and 2015 during the Orix era, a paid capacity "fan meeting" was held at a hotel in Osaka City after the end of the season because of his desire to "create a place for interaction with fans."[80].

Detailed information

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2006Oryx2110001101. 50012028.02041812223113113.541.36
20073672206212. 75034384.07542021681031262.791.13
2008292500010900. 526717165.01851934081263078733.981.33
2009322152111840. 579683171.21491534041652054492.571.07
2010302976217801. 680831204.11841744131905285753.301.12
2011202052310400. 714613155.1126938221233045422.431.06
2012992114300. 57126563.26521501563019172.401.26
20132929103115800. 652881223.11661058032006155502.011.00
2014262643116500. 762763191.0157742031996048421.981.04
201516150007601. 53837993.08581800791034333.191.11
201624232117900. 438676162.01431359021257071693.831.25
2017272761212800. 600754184.11602156021411080713.471.17
201817170004700. 364430100.097113503723047433.871.32
2019Nippon Ham26190008702. 533460109.2106104000752042373.041.33
20203440001301. 25019944.04951712471029255.111.50
Total: 15 years3762724321121298858. 59481141979.1176715552873616884747316633.011.60
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200623Pacific League-------
2007248 bit3 bit-----
2009264 bit3 bit4 bit10 bit5 bit5 bit5 bit
2010273 bit1 bit1 bit2 bit1 bit4 bit6 bit
2011285 bit3 bit7 bit5 bit-7 bit7 bit
2013301 bit1 bit2 bit3 bit1 bit1 bit2 bit
2014313 bit3 bit1 bit2 bit2 bit2 bit1 bit
2017342 bit3 bit4 bit6 bit3 bit6 bit9 bit
  • -Is less than 10th

Defensive results by year

Every time






2006Oryx214610. 909
20093272513. 970
201030124810. 984
20112093631. 938
2012921510. 944
201329234722. 972
201727102712. 974
2019Nippon Ham26815001.000
total3761133671012. 980
  • At the end of the 2020 season




Pitcher record
  • First pitching: July 2006, 4, vs.Seibu Lions3rd round (Skymark stadium), Relief pitching in 9th place on the 2th table, 1 goal
  • First strikeout: Same as above, two times in the tableGinjiro SumiyaFrom strikeout
  • First starting lineup: July 2006, 7, 1th round against Seibu Lions (Invoice SEIBU dome), Losing pitcher with 4 goal in 7 innings
  • First victory: August 2006, 8, 9th round against Seibu Lions (Kyocera Dome Osaka), 8 times Table 1 Relief pitching in 3rd place, completed, completed, 1/2 without a goal
  • First hold: August 2006, 8, 13th round against Fukuoka Softbank Hawks (Fukuoka Yahoo! JAPAN Dome), 9st in the 1th inning, and 4rd place in 1st death, 2/3 in XNUMXst
  • First save: June 2007, 3, vs.Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters3rd round (Skymark Stadium), 8th inning, 1st death, 2nd place for relief pitching / completion, 1st 2/3 no goal
  • First starting victory: August 2007, 8, 18th round against Seibu Lions (Goodwill dome), 5 runs in 3 runs
  • First complete throw victory/First closed victory: June 2007, 8, vs.Tohoku Rakuten Golden EaglesRound 20 (Kyocera Dome Osaka)
Hit record
Record of milestone
  • 1000 innings pitched: July 2013, 7, 24th round against Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters (Kyocera Dome Osaka), 12rd inning, 3st deathMicah Hoff PowerAchieved by striking out from * 335th person in history
  • 1000 strikeouts: April 2014, 4, against Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles 25th round (Kyocera Dome Osaka), 4th inningShintaro MasudaAchieved by striking out from * 136th person in history
  • 100 wins: April 2016, 5, vs.Chiba Lotte Marines9th round (Kyocera Dome Osaka), 7th inning 2 runs * 133rd person in history
  • 1500 innings pitched: August 2016, 8, against Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles 19th round (Kyocera Dome Osaka), 15th inning, 7rd deathJaffet AmadaAchieved by striking out from the sky * 173rd person in history
  • 1500 strikeouts: April 2018, 4, against Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles 10th round (Kyocera Dome Osaka), 1th inningCarlos PegueroAchieved with a strikeout * 53th person in history
Other records
  • All team victory: November 2019, 4,Orix Buffaloes6th round (Hotto Motto Field Kobe), 5th inning no runs * 18th person in history
  • No hits and no points up to 9 times: May 2014, 5, vs.Yomiuri GiantsNo hits in the 9th inning (Kyocera Dome Osaka), 4 walks, 1 error, no runs.Team loses 12 times 0 to 1
  • All star gamesParticipation: 3 times (2009, 2014, 2017)

Uniform number

  • 19(2005 -)

Registered name

  • Chihiro Kaneko(Chihiro Kaneko, 2005-2018)
  • Chihiro Kaneko(Chihiro Kaneko, 2019-)

Appearance song

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注 釈

  1. ^ 2006 yearsTomoya YagiNext.
  2. ^ Held at Ichinomiya Stadium in 2, the year before the two leagues were separatedChunichi DragonsversusTokyu FlyersIn the battle, the starting lineup of ChunichiShigeru SugishitaHas been pitching no hits since the start of the game, but in the top of the 8th inningYoshio HamadaI hurt the finger of my dominant hand (right hand) with the ball that I shot, so I got off the board only this time.At the time of leaving the board, only two runners were allowed due to his own walks and one due to the missteps of his teammates. In a hurry from the 2th inningHattori NobuhiroStood on the mound, but in the top of the 0th inning with a score of 0-10, the lead batterHiroshi OshitaRecorded the team's first hit and goal with a solo home run by.In the end, Chunichi lost after fighting up to 9 times while keeping the Tokyu line to no-hitter no-run until the end of the 10th inning.


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