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🏐 | [Volleyball] JT Hiroshima loses 3 consecutive games

Photo [JT Hiroshima-Suntory] The second set, Kaneko 2 of JT Hiroshima cannot stop the spike of Yanagita of Suntory, and it is said to be 17-10.

[Volleyball] JT Hiroshima loses 3 consecutive games

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Hara said, "The current situation is that we can't stand on because we have been scoring continuously with a hard serve.

Volleyball V-League men's JT Hiroshima played against Suntory at the Yonago Industrial Gymnasium on the 27th and lost 0-3 ... → Continue reading

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Hara(Harakan Toku)

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サ ッ カ ー

  • Hiromi Hara -Urawa Reds, FC Tokyo director.
  • Masahiro Hara -Ryukoku University Soccer Club Director.
  • Yoshihiko Hara -Osaka Sangyo University Athletic Club Soccer Club, Akira Sakura High School Men's Soccer Club Director.

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