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⚽ | The latest logo sweatshirt of "B / (Bee Slash)" wearing soccer is now available


The latest logo sweatshirt from "B / (Bee Slash)" wearing soccer is now available

If you write the contents roughly
It's a perfect brand for those who "love soccer" and "like to wear street fashion", so even if you don't know it, why not check out the balanced style B /?

Balance Style Co., Ltd., which proposes a "lifestyle with soccer," is a life style that wears soccer ... → Continue reading


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Street fashion

Street fashion(English: street fashion) Is for people who go to the city (street)FashionIn particular, it refers to the fashion of young people who create new trends.[1].


It is not the fashion created by fashion designers and apparel companies, but the fashion that is actually supported and transmitted by the young people who gather in the city against the background of each era, society and culture.[2]..Of the timesMusic,sub cultureIt is closely related to the trends of.1990 eraSince then, its influence has grown in particular, and this kind of fashion has become popular.Designer コ レ ク シ ョ ン OfThemeIt is often taken up in.

Mods,hippie,Punk,Japan OfAstringencyEtc. are typical. , Etc.

fashion designerOr company-led, notス ト リ ー トTon (hang out)YouthBorn spontaneously from among usFashionThat.

Probably born from grassroots streetwear, not from the studioFashion..Street fashion is generallyYouth cultureRelated to and most often found in major urban areas [3].

New York Times,ELLEMagazines and newspapers such as, generally feature candid photographs of individuals dressed in urban and stylish clothing. [4]

Japanese street fashionAlways keeps multiple very diverse fashion movements at the same time.Mainstream fashion often diverts street fashion trends as an influence.Street fashion is becoming more and more popular today.Most major youth subcultures have associated street fashion.


Street style development

The impact of sports practices on street style

Major sites





ニ ュ ー ヨ ー ク


The impact of social media on street style

Fashion blogger


An example

Related literature

  • Across Editing Room, "Street Fashion-50 Years of Youth Style"PARCO Publishing,Year 1995
  • Zeshu Takamura"The Street Style"Graphic company,Year 1997
  • "Street Fashion Theory: Thinking about the Possibility of Japanese Fashion" Sanno University Publications Department, 2011

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