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⚾ | "42" Jackie Robinson's last brave figure ─ 65 years ago, an astonishing out-of-field home run at Korakuen Stadium


"42" Jackie Robinson's Last Brave ─ 65 years ago, an astonishing out-of-field home run at Korakuen Stadium

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The Dodgers will play against the Yomiuri Giants at Korakuen Stadium on October 10, the day after their arrival in Japan.

Jackie Robinson has pioneered a new era in MLB (Major League).Even if I get discriminated against, I desperately ... → Continue reading

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Yomiuri Giants

Yomiuri Giants(Yomiuri Giants,Yomiuri giants,Yomiuri Giants, Yomiuri Giants)JapanIs a professional baseball team.Central LeagueBelongs to.Abbreviations are "Giants" and "Giants"巨人. "Japan Baseball Organization (NPB) This is the first team to be established under the umbrella of the team (Japan's first professional baseball team isJapan Athletic Association).The current director isTatsunori Hara(19th generation).CaptainHayato SakamotoServes (19th generation). As of 2020, the player chairmanTomoyuki KannoIs working.

Baseball history


1931,Yomiuri ShimbunPresident'sMasataro MatsuriIs central toMajor LeagueThe box office was successful by inviting the selected army to Japan and playing against the all-Japan national team and the powerful university teams centered on the six universities.In response to this, the positive power was invited again by the major league selection army, especially the last time it did not come trueBabe RuthAimed to invite[2]But,1932ToMinistry of Education(At that time) announcedBaseball control instructionEven if you invite a major league baseball player, you can no longer play against a college team.[3].

Tadao Ichioka,Yoshio Asanuma,Daisuke Miyake,Sotaro SuzukiThe four of them are working hard to form a professional baseball team as a countermeasure.as a result1934May 6, "Professional Baseball Team Founder's Association" held at The Industry Club of JapanMay 6The founding office was set up in.Players are also acquired in parallel, and as the first professional contract playerMay 6WithMihara, As the second playerMay 6WithHisadori KandaTo win[4]The team was formed.At this time, there were players who contracted only during the period of ALL STAR SERIES and players who contracted with the professional baseball team that was established after ALL STAR SERIES.[5].

1934May 10,ChibaNewly established on the Yatsu coast ofYatsu stadium30 people[7]Players gathered to form a teamMay 11, A major league selection team came to Japan and played a friendly match with the All Japan National Team nationwide.All 15 games of the All Japan National Team lost (1 game against All Tokyo, 2 games mixed between Japan and the US)[8]) And the content of the match was overwhelming,Babe Ruth,Lou GehrigThe national representative who held theseYomiuri ShimbunIt attracted a lot of attention due to the news.One match at this timeKusanagi StadiumIt is inEiji SawamuraWith the statueBabe RuthThis is a game in which Sawamura made a complete game with one goal, which is the basis of the statue.May 1219 players, mainly players of the All Japan national team, later became the predecessor of the GiantsDainippon Tokyo Baseball Club(Dainippon Tokyo and baseball club) was formed.From this,"Birthplace of the Yomiuri GiantsThe stone monument of "" is in Chiba prefecture, where the Yatsu stadium used to be.Narashino-shiYatsuIt is located in Yatsu Park,Nagashima Shigeo,Sadaharu Oh,Tatsunori HaraOf the successive giant army managers and playersBillSignThe stone plates with are lined up.Active players may visit[9].

1935May 1からMay 2Practice at Kusanagi Baseball Stadium untilMay 2Depart for the first American expedition.A total of 1 players at that timeChichibu MaruBoard the shipYokohama portDeparting for the United States, the players practiced for the match on board.Initially, it was planned to call itself "Dainippon Tokyo Baseball Club", but the local managerFrank O'DoulIt will be pointed out that "'Dainippon Tokyo Baseball Club' is difficult to understand."Former Giants Odor recommended the name Tokyo Giants, and that name was eventually used.Tokyo Giants has 128 games for 109 days all over the United StatesDouble headerI fought the schedule (including 17 games on the 34th).The main opponentsMajor League OfMinor classTeam.At first, it was unusual and the audience gathered, but it gradually decreased.Therefore, he aimed to secure fans by holding a doubleheader, but he said that the players were forced to bear the burden of physical strength, and there were a series of dissenting opinions. The US expedition ended with a good result of 75 wins, 33 losses and 1 draw.May 7Returned toMay 9From then on, he fought around the country, which triggered the formation of a series of professional baseball teams from the following year onward.

After returning from the US expedition, the name problem of the Dainippon Tokyo Baseball Club reignites.Will you continue to use the name Giants orGold medalThe question was whether to change to the "Golden Kite Army", which was named after the Giants.Next time1936Translated the Giants as a giantTokyo Giants ArmyOfficially renamed to (Tokyo Kyojingun).This is how the Giants began.

Prewar period

1936May 2,Japan Professional Baseball FederationWas formed, and on the 9th,Nagoya citySuburbsNarumi StadiumOpened inNagoya goldfish armyThe match against is the first match played by teams belonging to the current Japanese Baseball League, the Professional Baseball League.This match also served as a send-off party for the Giants' second US expedition and a memorial to the formation of the Kinko army.The first match was defeated by the Kinko army 2:1, but the second and third rounds that took place the next day The giant won in a row.Immediately after thisMay 2Continuing from the previous year, he set out for the second US expedition.In the United States, as in the first round, he toured 2 states against minor league class teams and played 1 games in 10 days, with a match record of 89 wins, 76 losses and 42 draw.The first professional baseball league in Japan started in spring, but the giant missed the spring tournament due to the above-mentioned American expedition and participated in the summer tournament. On July 33thGreat TokyoWin the battle and win the official team for the first time[10]..We suffered a total of 2 wins and 5 losses in this summer tournament,May 9ThanGunmaTatebayashiMorinji TempleBunbuku Baseball StadiumUrgentキャンプPut up[10]..The hard practice is known as "Morinji's Thousand Knock".It should be noted thatMay 7ToHaruyasu NakajimaIs a pairOsaka TigersThe home run hit in the battle is the first home run of the team.[11].. The 1936 Autumn Tournament was held with a point system of six small tournaments, a mixture of league and tournament matches, leading up to the fifth league match but lining up in Osaka in the sixth league match. ..May 9ToEiji SawamuraIs the first in the history of Nippon Professional Baseball in the match against OsakaNo hit no runAchieved[10].Susaki StadiumIn the three-game championship deciding match,May 12Won the 3rd round and defeated Osaka with 2 wins and 1 loss to win the first official match.[12].

1937May 9ToKorakuen StadiumOpen[13], Since then used as a substantial home.Spring match against July 7thSenatorBattle (Kamiigusa) And achieved the second consecutive victory following the previous year[12]..In the autumn match, he lost all seven games to Osaka and finished second with 7 games behind, and missed the championship for the first time.Before the war, the Giants and the two teams in Osaka would share the championship.

1939It will be a more year-round league match, and will be played against November 11th.南海Won the battle (Korakuen) and won the championship for two consecutive seasons. Two expeditions to Manila, January and December[10].1940May 7 からMay 8For up toManchurian league matchThen, he won the championship with a record of 14 wins and 2 losses.same yearMay 9Due to the worsening of the war situation, the federation issued a notice prohibiting English, and the uniform mark was changed from "GIANTS" to "giant" without using the Giants nickname.[10].May 11Won the Hanshin Tigers (Korakuen) and won the championship for three consecutive seasons.1941 TheMay 10Won the Hanshin Tigers (Korakuen) and won the championship for four consecutive seasons.1942 TheShido Commercial SchoolからHiroshi KawabataJoins the group.Although he was a catcher, he was also a pitcher because it was during the war.At the age of 17 in the spring league of the same year, he set the record for the youngest player in the history of the team, first pitching, first starting pitcher, first strikeout, first at bat, first hit / double, and first RBI.May 11Pair ofHankyuWon the battle (Koshien) and won the championship for 5 consecutive seasons.1943 TheMay 10Pair ofNagoyaWin the battle (Korakuen) and win 6 consecutive seasons[12]..Eiji Sawamura, who returned for the first time in three seasons due to conscriptionMay 10He was dismissed before the 1944 season after his last pinch hitter against the Hanshin Tigers, and died on December 3 after being drafted for the third time in the same year.

1944May 11Although the company survived as a baseball game was impossible, the business was suspended and the baseball team was dissolved.May 11The Japanese Baseball League, which had been renamed by the Japanese Baseball League under the guidance of the government, announced a temporary suspension statement for professional baseball, and prewar professional baseball was over.[10].

Before the war, he won eight times in 11 seasons and three times.No hit no runSawamura, who achieved 42 winsStarffin (registered name changed to Hiroshi Suda in September 1940)Achieved two no-hitter no-runsTeruzo NakaoRecorded 62 consecutive no-goal records and a season ERA of 0.73 (Japan record)Hideo FujimotoWas the first professional baseball contract playerOsamu Mihara, The first double-digit home run and triple crown in the history of Nippon Professional Baseball (1965Certified by the Professional Baseball Executive Committee)Haruyasu NakajimaThe first golden age was built with these.

Postwar period

1946Participated from the resumption of the league match, this yearGreat ringAnd the second place behind the game (1 game behind)Shochiku Robins # Forfeit Match No. 1See also).1947ToYomiuri ShimbunWill be in charge of management[Note 2], Team nameTokyo Yomiuri GiantsRenamed to (Tokyo Yomiuri Giants) and changed to nicknameYomiuri GiantsAndNankai HawksDue to the rise of the team and the turmoil after the war, it was difficult to secure the strength, and in 1947, the winning percentage fell below 5% for the first time in the history of the team.Tetsuji Kawakami,Chiba Shigeru,Aota NoboruThe players of the 1st Golden Age, including the team, returned from the battlefield and returned to the team.1948Off in the South SeaAkira Bessho (Registered name in the Giants era is Takehiko Bessho)The strength is gradually enhanced by acquiring. Last in one league1949Won the first victory after the war. 1947May 6ToToshio KurosawaDied, Kurosawa'sUniform number4 and Eiji Sawamura's uniform number 14 who died in the war are the first in the Japanese professional baseball worldPermanent numberIt became. 1949 season off, Nippon Professional BaseballCentral League,Pacific LeagueDivided into two leagues, the giant will belong to the Central League.

Suwon era


ReturnedShigeru MizuharaIn the first year of the league division, he was ranked 1rd out of 8 teams.


I came to Japan in the middle of the season and joined the groupYonamineFirst victory after the division of two leagues.


May 8, Victory in the 11th round against Hiroshima, the first official game in the history of Nippon Professional Baseball, 1000 wins in total.


First overseas campSanta MariaDo it with.In this season, he won the league title for the third time in a row without falling from the top position even once since the opening.It is the only record in the history of the team to win the championship in a complete run alone throughout the season.In the Japan Series, he defeated his nemesis, Nankai Hawks, from the 1st league era for the third consecutive year, and achieved the third consecutive victory in the Japan Series.Built the second golden age.


Shigeru SugishitaThe Chunichi Dragons will win the championship and take second place.


League championship.In the Japan Series, it will be a match against Nankai, with 1 win, 3 losses and 3 consecutive wins. Achieve the best in Japan with 4 wins and 3 losses.Around this time, Shigeru Chiba and Tetsuharu Kawakami, who supported the second golden age, began to decline, and Suwon had to replace the old and new.


Osamu Mihara, who won the league title and left the giant in place of Shigeru Mizuhara in the Japan Series, is the director.Nishitetsu LionsIt will be a confrontation with.Since then, in the Japan Series, the giant has been confronted with Nishitetsu for the third consecutive year, and the battle between the two has been touted by the media as "the decisive battle of Ganryujima."


From Rikkyo UniversityNagashima ShigeoJoined the team and showed an activity of 3% 29 home runs 37 stolen bases from the first year.Japan seriesThen, even though I won 1 consecutive games from the 3st round, from the 4th roundKazuhisa InaoHe suffered four consecutive losses due to his efforts, and lost to Nishitetsu for the third consecutive year with a reversal of 4 wins and 3 losses.Tetsuharu Kawakami has retired from active duty for this year[14].


May 6Hanshin 11th round (Korakuen) is the first time in the history of professional baseballTournament matchIt became.In this match・ Nagashima is the first time for both of themHome run(ON Abek bullet No. 1), Nagashima is Hanshin in the 9th backMurayama MinoruHe released his second goodbye home run on the day and won 2-5.The result is the league championship and the fourth straight victory, butJapan seriesLet's play against Nankai Hawks.Nankai AceTadashi SugiuraThe batting line was silenced in front of him, and he was eliminated with a straight loss of four consecutive losses.


Osamu Mihara was at the bottom for the sixth consecutive year at that timeOcean WhalesBecame the director of Ganryujima, and is called "Ganryujima Showdown" again.Taiyo played a championship battle with the giant by Mihara's skill, and finally defeated the giant to win the league.The giant finished second, 4.5 games behind the ocean.After the season, Shigeru Mizuhara retired from the coach.

Kawakami era


Tetsuji KawakamiIs promoted from the head coach and becomes the director.In his first year in office, he won the league championship with a batting average and home run double crown, centered on Nagashima, who was behind the second place Chunichi by one game.


The king who started the one-legged method from this yearHome runRBIHowever, due to Nagashima's sluggishness and lack of pitchers' pieces, he finished in 515th place in the Central League in a melee with a win rate of .4, and was the first B-class after the division into two leagues.


With the revival of Nagashima and the release of five double-digit winning pitchers who remained at two in the previous year, the pitchers were stable and won the league.Japan seriesThen, he defeated Nishitetsu, who could not win any of the previous matches, with 4 wins and 3 losses, becoming the best in Japan.Wang and Nagashima occupy not only the three batting divisions but also the second place in RBI and home runs.


In turn, he was unable to participate in the battle for the lead between Hanshin and the ocean, and although the king recorded 55 home runs, which was the season record, he finished in 11rd place, 3 games behind the winning Hanshin.

From around this time, King and Nagashima, who were fixed to Giants Nos. 3 and 4 (the batting order of both names was fluid),ON gunIt was called, and it was a special existence in terms of both ability and popularity.AlsoShigeru Makino,Arakawa HiroshiCoaches from other teams were invited.


In 1965Shoichi KanedaFrom the Japanese National Railways10-year player systemTransferred using.

9th consecutive year in Japan

He won the pennant race and the Japan Series for 9 consecutive years.This period is commonly referred to as "V9".

During this time, the giant gained immense popularity, coupled with the increase in exposure due to the spread of color television, and represented what children at that time liked.Giants, Taiho, and fried eggsHas become a buzzword.In addition, the manga "Serialization started around the same time and was later animated.Giant starAnd 'Samurai giants] Also gained popularity, and the profession of professional baseball players, especially giant army players, became the profession of children at that time.

During V9Best playerThe king has won five times and Nagashima has won three times.Also, under Director Kawakami and Head Coach MakinoLos Angeles DodgersTactics (Small ball) Was incorporated.In addition to ON, Masaichi KanedaKunio Jonouchi-Tsuneo Horiuchi-Ichizo Takahashi,Hidetake WatanabePitchers such asMasahiko Mori,Shozo Doi,Kuroe Tooru,Shibata Isao,Toshimitsu Suetsugu,Takada ShigeruThere were players such as.

However, in the latter half of the V9 period, due to the aging of major players such as Nagashima and the shortage of young people, they gradually struggled. In 1973Yuguchi IncidentIs exposed.Baseball team work and Kawakami's inhumane remarks received social bashing one after another, and since then in the professional baseball worldHeelThe image of is attached.


Chunichi DragonsAllowed him to win the league title for the first time in 20 years and missed V10 (the team's performance this year is the second place with no game difference and 1 behind the winning percentage).At the end of this year, Kawakami retired from the coach, and at the same time Shigeo Nagashima, Yukinobu Kuroe, and Masahiko Mori retired from active duty.

1st Nagashima director era


Shigeo Nagashima, who retired the previous year, becomes the director. Although he mentioned the catchphrase of "clean baseball", he could not fill the hole in his strength due to his retirement, and when he fell to the bottom in the sixth game of the opening, he could not rise as it was and lost to the whole team. In September, with 6 consecutive losses, a new record (at that time) in the history of the baseball teamFirst lowest in the history of the team(Yomiuri Giants in 1975) Ends.From Nippon-Ham off that yearIsao Harimoto, From the Pacific OceanKato firstTrade and reinforce.


Turn from the bottom of the previous year to win the league[Note 3]. But,Japan seriesThen, I lost to Hankyu Braves with 3 wins and 4 losses.


May 9, Sadaharu OhHank AaronSet a new world record for 756 home runs[15]..The team also won the league championship for the second consecutive year in a state of running alone.Japan seriesThen, he will play against Hankyu for the second consecutive year, but he will lose the series for the second consecutive year with 2 win and 1 losses.


Fight for the championship with Yakult. At the end of August, he was behind the 8nd place Yakult by 2 games and was in the lead, but after September the results plummeted, allowing Yakult to reverse and finish in 4.5nd place.From the battle at that time, questions were gradually raised against Nagashima about his qualifications as a coach.And off in 9, thenHosei University Baseball ClubIn OBSakushin GakuinStudy abroad in the United States as an employeeTakashi EgawaSo-called over the acquisition ofEgawa incidentOccurs.Eventually1979In February, Egawa onceHanshin TigersImmediately after joining the groupShigeru KobayashiIt will be settled by making an exchange trade with.However, this Egawa incident was subject to a total attack by the media.


Although he took the lead until May, his grades gradually declined after June, ending in 5th place in the B class.On the other handKiyoshi NakahataHowever, the rise of younger players will be seen, such as the acquisition of regular third base.In the same year, Noboru Aota became the head coach at the autumn camp in Ito.Tadashi Matsumoto,Kiyoshi Nakahata, Egawa,Nishimoto,Horny third sonThey were trained hard.later"Hell's Ito CampIt will be told as.


He dropped out of the pennant race early in the season, and criticism of Shigeo Nagashima was higher than ever.From the latter half of the season, young people were appointed to secure 5% A class.However, after the division into two leagues, it was the first time in the history of the team that it was a V-miss for the third consecutive year, and on October 2, Nagashima took responsibility for the team's slump and resigned leaving the word "man's kejime".As Sports Nippon reported on the day of the scoop that "Nagashima was dismissed," it was a de facto dismissal by an executive of the Yomiuri Shimbun.Fans were furious at this move,Yomiuri Shimbun-Hochi Shimbun(Sports report) Fans continued to discontinue subscriptions[Note 4]..In the same year off, the king also retired from active duty and put a period in the active life of the giant for 22 years.

Fujita, the era of director Wang

The first Fujita director era


Fujita MotoshiWas appointed as director, and Sadaharu Oh, who retired from active duty the previous year, was appointed as assistant director."" By Motoshi Fujita, Sadaharu Oh, Shigeru Makino (Head Coach)Troika systemIs born.Suguru Egawa with 20 wins, Takashi Nishimoto with 18 wins, and 11 wins this yearShoji Sadaoka, Hajime Kato, who has 12 wins, formed four starting pitchers and won the league title for the first time in four years.Japan seriesThen, like the giant, make Korakuen a franchiseNippon Ham FightersPlay against[Note 5].. Achieved the best in Japan for the first time in 4 years with 2 wins and 8 losses.Egawa is the fifth pitcher in history to win the Triple Crown (Best defense rate,Most wins, Highest win rate, most stolen strikes, most shutouts), Nishimoto won the Sawamura Award, Mitsuo SumiBest Relief PitcherThe pitcher title monopoly was achieved, and the results of pitcher-centered defensive baseball by Director Fujita were fully demonstrated.Rookie in the batterTatsunori Hara Newcomer KingEarned,Toshio ShinozukaMarked a high batting average of 3%, 5 minutes and 7 minutes, and Hanshin'sFujita TairaLeading batterThe rise of young people was conspicuous, such as fighting.


Although he fought for the championship with Chunichi until October, he is behind the winning Chunichi by 10 games.


Tadashi Matsumoto Stealing king(Stolen base 76 at this time is a Central League record), Tatsunori Hara won the league championship by winning the RBI king (103 RBIs).Japan seriesThen.Seibu LionsPlay against and lose with 3 wins and 4 losses.

Suguru Egawa was the center of the pitchers during this period.Nishimoto,Shoji SadaokaIs.NishimotoEhime Prefectural Matsuyama Commercial High SchoolAlthough he joined the group outside the draft, Sadaoka of the same age due to his rebellious spirit,Hosei University卒で米留学経て入団した江川と肩を並べるまでに成長した。藤田の監督在任時の成績は、江川55勝(20-19-16)、西本48勝(18-15-15)、定岡33勝(11-15-7)の成績を残している。

King era


藤田政権の「トロイカ体制」で助監督を務めていた王貞治が監督として指揮を執るが、1984年・3位→1985年・3位→1986年・2位(優勝した広島とゲーム差なし、勝率3厘差)→1987年・優勝→1988年・2位と1987年に1度優勝したのみで、Japan series of the same yearLost to Seibu with 2 wins and 4 losses. Based in 1988Korakuen StadiumからTokyo DomeChanged to, butYoshimura Sadaaki,Warren CromartyThe result was 2nd place due to the retirement of the game, which is 12 games behind the winning Chunichi.The king resigned as the director for this year.

In 1987, the second army began this yearFarm Japan ChampionshipShines as the first in Japan.

The first Fujita director era


Motoshi Fujita returns to the director.Masaki Saito(20 wins, ERA 1.62),Masumi Kuwata(17 wins, ERA 2.60),Hiroki MakiharaWith (12 wins, ERA 1.79) and the three pillars functioning, the team will win the league by 2 games behind the 9nd place Hiroshima.1989 Japan SeriesThen.Kintetsu BuffaloesAfter losing 3 games in a row, he won 4 games in a row and won the 17th time in Japan.[17].


Kuwata, led by Saito, who won 2 times in a row for two yearsKazutomo Miyamoto(14 wins each),Yuu Kida(12 wins),Kada Norio(11 wins) and 5 people won double digits, Makihara also got 9 wins and a total of 80 wins with these 88 people alone, and the team wins 9 wins, so it accounts for about 70%, and the number of complete games is 130 (out of XNUMX games) Leading the pennant with a team centered on starting pitchersMay 9In the match against Yakult (Tokyo Dome), Yoshimura became the first home run in the history of professional baseball to win a goodbye.[Note 6]The fastest in history to win the league title for the second consecutive year. 2 games behind the 2nd place Hiroshima.However, I played against SeibuJapan seriesThen, he has been eliminated with a straight loss of four consecutive losses.


In the pitching team, Kuwata made an outstanding performance with 16 wins, but Saito, Makihara, Miyamoto, Kida, and Koda's starting pitchers were all in trouble and could not make savings other than Koda (Koda also has only one savings) and won 1 wins the previous year. The total of the 80 players raised is 6 wins.The relief team is even more serious, with the most savesMizuno Yuji3 is the most.It was a season in which the light and darkness of Hiroshima, which won the championship this year, Chunichi in 2nd place, Yakult in 3rd place, and the team with the rock-solid relief ace were separated.Batters tooKawasaki MasahiroHas recorded 66 sacrifice bunts, which is the number of sacrifice bunts at that time, and Hara has also updated the record of Sadaharu Oh with the number of sacrifice flies. In particular, there were many defensive blunders, and the team's sacrifice bunt rate was .156 this year, recording the worst of 2 teams for the second consecutive year, and the number of missteps was 12 in the previous year, which was 48. It fell to 76th place, the first B class in 1979 years since 12.After the seasonAkihito KondoHead coachMakoto MatsubaraThe batting coach left the team taking responsibility for the slump.


Due to the slump in the early stages, he lost the match against the ocean on May 5 and fell to the bottom for the first time in eight years.In particular, if Kuwata, the winner of the previous year, came out, he would be hit repeatedly and eventually became a consecutive win stopper throughout the season.However, the team transferred from Seibu in the middle of the seasonHiroku OkuboTo new foreignersLloyd MosbyJoining, growing upHiroshi IshigeHowever, he made a big leap forward due to his emergence as a relief ace, and by the end of the first half of the game, he took the lead.However, it stalled in August, and as a result of the battle for victory in the big melee with Yakult, Hanshin, and Hiroshima in the final stage, it was decided that V-Yu would be the second consecutive year even though it was finally ranked second with Hanshin.[Note 7]..Fujita retired from the director for this year.Shigeo Nagashima returns for the first time in 13 years to succeedDraft meetingWas attracting attention inHideki MatsuiObtained the right to negotiate with Hanshin, Chunichi, and Daiei after competition.

Masaki Saito, Masumi Kuwata, and Hiromi Makihara played a central role in the pitching team during this period.Saito had a sense of stability, Kuwata had a pitching technique, and Makihara had a pitching power.Fujita's performance during his tenure was 68 wins for Saito (20-20-11-17), 57 wins for Kuwata (17-14-16-10), and 42 wins for Makihara (12-9-9-12). I'm leaving.

2st Nagashima director era


Of the active big leaguerJesse BarfieldFrom YakultKazumasa NagashimaIt was expected to win the league title for the first time in three years, but the batting average was sluggish (team batting average was the lowest in the 3 teams, and the score and hits were also the lowest in the league). finished.Introduced off this yearFree agent (FA) China-Japan declared FA under the systemHiromitsu OchiaiTo win.On the other handTokuhiro KomadaSimilarly makes an FA declaration and transfers to Yokohama.It became a free contract from that YokohamaYayoiWas won.


Matsui and Ochiai's Abek home run came out in the opening round, and with that momentum, he ran alone in the first half, but stalled in the summer.The final round of the season (10nd place, which was behind the game by up to 2 games at the end of the seasonMay 10Battle against China and Japan <Nagoya Stadium>,So-called"10.8 decisive battle") Was the championship deciding match.The first-ever championship-decision match, which is the final match between teams with the same rate, attracted the attention of all over Japan and was widely reported in the media.Director Nagashima called it a "national event."That matchHiroki Makihara, Saito, and Kuwata won the league title by succeeding the ace "Three Pillars" at that time.Japan seriesThen, defeat Seibu Lions for the first time with 4 wins and 2 losses and shine as the best in Japan[Note 8]..Shinozuka retired this year.


KintetsuHideyuki AhanoWas acquired by exchanging trade with Isao Koda.HiroshimaKazuhisa Kawaguchi, YakultHirosawa KatsumiWas acquired by FA.In addition, the same Yakult became a free contractJack howell,Minnesota Twins OfShane MackAlthough it was called 30 billion yen reinforcement, Awano did not win, Kawaguchi lost and could not keep the rotation, Hirosawa could not hit with a chance, and it was the first full-scale in 6 years. I wasn't used to the outfield defense, especially the first conversion to the left fielder, and I got stuck in the defense.Saito won the most with 18 wins, and Makihara kept the rotation with 11 wins, but the previous year's MVP Kuwata was seriously injured while playing in the early game, and the next season was also closed.As for the closer pitcher, Kida and Ishige were hit hard every day and lost the war.The gears did not mesh with each other over the throwing, and he was steadily retreating from the battle for the championship, but the newcomerKawahara Junichi,Takayoshi YoshimuraAnd young peopleNishiyama Kazu,Takashi Goto,Naoki Sugiyama,Yuji YoshiokaAfter using the growth that had risen from the second army, the team's gears meshed with each other and won consecutive victories, eventually making 14 savings.However, he lost all to the winning Yakult and was unable to participate in the race for the championship, and ended up in 10rd place, 3 games behind the final winner Yakult.In addition, Hara retired from active duty in the final race of the same year.


There was a total holiday of Kuwata and retirement in the middle of the season of Makihara and Kawahara, and the relief team collapsed in the early part of the season and fell into the B class in the early stage, but 7 consecutive hits in the 9nd round of the 16th round against Hiroshima on July 2th. If you win the professional baseball tie record, the team will accelerate at once.Saito / New foreignerBarbino GalvesBoth won 16 wins and won the most wins, and also reinforced during the season to become a relief ace.Mario BritoAnd transferred to FA from Nippon-HamHirofumi KonoSupported the team, and Matsui missed the home run king by one, but achieved results as the main axis.RookieToshihisa Hitoshi-Takayuki ShimizuWith the rise of these, the change of generations was also decided.At that time, the league championship was achieved by repelling the largest 11.5 game behind the league history. "Make drama"" Often refers to a major reversal of the year.Japan seriesThen.Orix Blue WaveAlthough he played against him, he lost with 1 win and 4 losses.OffIka Okazaki-Kazumasa NagashimaWas notified that he was out of force and retired.


From SeibuKiyohara KazuhiroJoined by exercising FA rights.Along with Matsui, the smasher combination "King Nagashima" since ONMK cannonWas expected.At this time, Ochiai held an unusual press conference saying "I can't bother Nagashima" as if pushed out by Kiyohara, and transferred to Nippon-Ham.Lotte became a free contractEric HillmanSaito, who had won the shutout victory for the third consecutive year in the opening round, was knocked out and broke down to the main players including Hillman, although he reinforced 95 billion yen, which exceeded 30 billion yen in 33. A series of people and people with disabilities.Kuwata is backComeback awardAlthough he missed it, Matsui was fighting for a home run, but the team couldn't emerge at all and sank to the bottom until summer and had a hard time.After dropping out of the race for the championship, he improved his condition, but his final ranking was 1991th, which was the first B-class in 6 years since 4, and he finished the season with his second debt during the second Nagashima coaching era.In the same year off, in the first draftYoshinobu TakahashiJoined,Kazutomo MiyamotoRetired from active duty.


In the opening round, Kuwata, who made a comeback the previous year, became the winning pitcher and succeeded in the start dash.With the success of Matsui and rookie Yoshinobu Takahashi, he fought for the lead with Yokohama and Chunichi, but he won the first half of the game.Jo Seong MinBreaks down his right elbow in an All-Star game.GalvezMay 7Battle against Hanshin (Hanshin Koshien Stadium), The team ended up in 3rd place due to an accident such as leaving the team due to a violent throwing the ball at the referee.Matsui won the home base hitting king who missed by one for the second consecutive year, and the hitting point king,Highest base rateAlso won the title.Yoshimura Sadaaki・ Kawaguchi has retired from active duty.


Shinichi MurataWithdrawal from Hirosawa and the season withdrawal due to Kiyohara's breakdown in the second half, but the newcomer who won 20 winsKoji UeharaAnd the previous year Seibu was dismissedDomingo MartinezIn the middle of the season, he was able to fill the hole in Kiyohara and finished second, but the team saved 2 pieces.Uehara's savings this year were 15, making it a season in which pitchers other than Uehara still have challenges.During the off-season, Hirosawa became a free contract and transferred to Hanshin.


In the last year of the 20th century, Daiei made the FA declarationKimiyasu KudoAnd of HiroshimaSatoshi Eto, And HanshinDarrell MayWe will make a big reinforcement such as acquiring.Director Nagashima handed over his uniform number 33 to Eto and revived his uniform number 3 when he was active for the first time in 25 years.Matsui was established as No. 4, Martinez Kiyohara was No. 5, and Yoshinobu Takahashi was No. 6, and the batting line overwhelmed the others in the season.The pitchers are also Kudo, May, RookieTakanashi TakanariThe three left ones firmly protect the rotation.May 9In the match against China and Japan (Tokyo Dome), Eto caught up with a full-base home run in the bottom of the 0th inning, which was 4-9, and immediately after that.Tomohiro NiokaDramatically decided to win the league title for the first time in four years by hitting a walk-off home run.As a result, the team was behind the 4nd place Chunichi by 2 games.Japan seriesThe opponent is Daiei, which was led by the king who played a key role in the V9 era with Nagashima from 1995, and started from two consecutive losses, but after that, Uehara and Saito's struggle, which was a disappointing result in the season, led to four consecutive wins. With 2 wins and 4 losses, he achieved the 4th best in Japan and closed the end of the 2th century.


He competed with Yakult for the championship until the end of the season, but ended up in second place due to the poor pitching team.For the same year, Nagashima retired and said, "Life Honorary DirectorWas inaugurated.At the same time, pitchers Hiromi Makihara, Masaki Saito and Shinichi Murata retired.Head coach's successor to NagashimaTatsunori HaraWas appointed.

The first Hara director era


Hara head coach becomes director, with HaraYoshitaka ShikatoriUehara and Kuwata, who had been suffering from poor performance after rebuilding the pitchers, are back as head coaches.He has been selected to hold down Kawahara, who was prone to breakdowns and could not stay in the army all the time, and is active throughout the year.Matsui hit 50 home runs and pulled the line. In the first year, he won the league title by winning from all the Central League teams.Also,Japan seriesHowever, for the first time in the history of the team against Seibu, he won the first straight victory in Japan for the first time in 12 years with four consecutive victories.Matsui exercises FA rights during the off-season to major league baseballNew York YankeesTransferred to.


From Yakult as a cannon to replace MatsuiRobert PetaginiAcquired.However, Hara could not solve the problem of defensive position, and coach Katori was unable to maintain the pitchers who had been left to him, and the team finished in 3rd place.May 6For the first time in the history of the team, the team recorded the disappearance of its own victory in June, and at the end of the season, it suffered nine consecutive losses, and was behind the winning Hanshin Tigers by 6 games.Furthermore, around this time, the audience rating of the Giants began to drop significantly.[18][19][20][21]. AndMay 9, Hara took responsibility and resigned.There was no ceremony to resign[Note 9]..Regarding resignation, with HaraTsuneo WatanabeThe feud with the owner was reported to the mass media.Due to this confusionKawasaki MasahiroDeclined the request to become a coach, withdrew his retirement from active duty, and transferred to Chunichi.To succeed directorTsuneo HoriuchiWas appointed.

Horiuchi era


Horiuchi, who was the ace of the V9 era, became the director, and in addition to Yoshinobu Takahashi, who was born, the contract with Kintetsu ended by the previous year.Tuffy Rose, Did not participate after rupturing the ligament of the knee from DaieiYuki KokuboWon.It became a super-heavy hitting line in which the 4th batter who was active in various teams such as Kazuhiro Kiyohara, Petagine, and Akira Eto, who have been affiliated for a long time, lined up in one team.Nagashima Lifetime Honorary DirectorThe strongest hit line in historyIn fact, Rose was the first foreign player to win a home run in both leagues with 45 home runs this year, and Kokubo was the first right-handed hitter in the history of the baseball team to record 40 home runs. New record for professional baseball with 259 home runs per year[Note 10]Established.However, although he achieved a new record of 259 home runs, no batter scored 100 RBIs and the team had the most stolen bases.Naohiro Suzukiの9と機動力をあまり駆使しなかった事で繋がりを欠き、チーム盗塁数は25と12球団断トツかつ平成に入ってからのワースト記録(12球団11位の北海道日本ハムは45盗塁である)。投手陣も上原が2.60で最優秀防御率を獲得したもののその後が続かず規定投球回に到達したのはその上原だけでチーム防御率は4.50とワースト3位で完封勝ちは5とヤクルトに次ぐワースト2位タイと投手陣が打撃陣の頑張りを無駄にし、成績は前年と同じ3位だった。近鉄・オリックスの合併問題に端を発したProfessional baseball reorganization problemThen the team scout wentMeiji UniversityPitcherYasuhiro IchibaTsuneo Watanabe resigned from the position of owner, taking responsibility for the illegal transfer of money to.In addition, TV ratings also declined from the previous year.[22].


We named it "Fudo Myoo Batting Line" as a batting line that fights for one year by stopping the position battle and fixing the batting order, but Yoshinobu Takahashi,Tomohiro NiokaAll of them are out of order."" Which started from this yearSep-pa Exchange Battle”Was strong at 4th place (2nd place after Hanshin in the Central League), but in the previous yearHouston AstrosA new foreigner who was expected to pitch and hold down in 74 gamesDan Miceliが4月1日に行われた広島東洋との開幕戦で1点リードの9回に3点を奪われてセーブに失敗すると、次の登板もサヨナラ負けで2戦連続の敗戦投手と極度の不振で4試合に登板しただけで4月19日に球団史上最速で退団する等、投手陣の崩壊やチームの空中分解により、8年ぶりのBクラスとなる5位に終わった。また、前年の球界再編騒動および原監督の辞任騒動から巨人の人気が一気に下降した影響により、観客動員数の減少やテレビ視聴率の低下が顕著化する。そのためNippon TVEach key station has extended or canceled the terrestrial giant warfare broadcast, and the broadcast itself has begun to shift to recorded broadcasting and satellite broadcasting in the midnight frame.Due to this downturn from the middle of the 2005 seasonStove leagueIn anticipation of activities, Rose and Kiyohara, who suffered from injuries and poor results, left the team from around August and became the first senior director of the Hanshin Tigers as a coach from another team.Senichi HoshinoThe name went up.When the news of the invitation of senior director Hoshino surfaced, some alumni and fans rebelled against breaking the tradition that only people from the baseball team became directors.Hoshino Senior DirectorMay 9He held a press conference and announced that he would remain in Hanshin.May 10, Horiuchi retired after taking responsibility for poor performance and leaving a term of one year (Horiuchi himself states that he was dismissed)[23], Officially announced that Hara will return for the first time in three years as a new director from the following year.

The first Hara director era

In the first round, Hara was a coach who formed a team of coaches who were active players at the same time, but in the second round, he sought human resources with abundant experience in other baseball teams.To the head coachAkihito Kondo, Kazunori Shinozuka returns to defensive baseball coach.To pitcher coachTakao ObanaTheCareer(ShoheiAlso, a batting coach who served as a batting coach from 1994 to 2002 and returned to Hiroshima from 2003.Junzo UchidaHas returned.We also actively reinforced players, and the pitchers became a free contract with Orix.Jeremy Powell, FA declaredKiyoshi Toyota(Seibu),Shigeki Noguchi(Chunichi) was won.Lotte's in the fielderLee Seung-yeopAcquired.Received the Golden Glove Award four times in the past for money tradingMakoto KosakaObtained (Lotte).On the other hand, Kiyohara and Rose, who had already been out of the plan in the middle of the previous season, were released under a free contract and Eto was released with Toyota's human compensation.


2005 as a team policyWorld seriesWonChicago White Sox"Small baseball" was put up following the above.At the beginning of the season, he was running alone at the top, but he was stalled due to a series of injured main players during the Interleague Play that started in May.On the other hand, Seibu became a free contract and challenged the United States, but he returned home without signing a contract.Tatsuya OzekiIn the enrollment test, in HiroshimaKimura TakuyaAlthough Hanshin was dismissed the previous year in an exchange tradeMexican leagueWas doing wellGeorge AriasIn June-July, he suffered a series of large-scale losses such as 6 consecutive losses, 7 consecutive losses, and 8 consecutive losses, and at one point he fell to the bottom.In the end, the team's ERA improved by one point or more, but due to the poor condition of the fielders, they finished in 10th place, and both became the first complete V-miss for 9 consecutive years and B-class for 1 consecutive years.The team, which took this result seriously, embarked on further reforms.First of all, in the leaders, he played an active part as a third base coach during the Seibu golden age to strengthen the running base.Haru IharaInvited as a fielder general coach.Reassigned Shinozuka defensive baseball coach to batting coach,Takao IseThe scorer was returned to the scene as an assistant batting coach.In addition, Kondo head coach retired and became general director, and Ihara will be reassigned to head coach just before the opening.In the playerToshihisa HitoshiWas released to Yokohama by exchange trade, and Kokubo transferred to Softbank in FA, but a veteran who was out of the force of SoftbankNoriyoshi OmichiWith free trade, ORIXYoshitomo TaniIn exchange trade, of Nippon-HamOgasawara MichidaiIn addition to acquiring each in FA, in Yokohama where FA negotiations on the premise of remaining were terminatedKen KadokuraAlso join.On the other hand, with the addition of Kadokura, Kudo will be released as a compensation player, and on the contrary, as a compensation player of Kokubo from SoftbankShintaro YoshitakeWas won.


May 5Made inNagoya DomeIn the 5th round of Chunichi, he achieved 5,000 wins in total for the first time in the history of professional baseball.Yoshinobu Takahashi, who had been hitting the cleanup until now, was the first, and Koji Uehara, who was late due to injury, was the starting lineup.CloserWe made a bold relocation such as appointed as.This was successful, and he continued to fight in a stable manner without the big losing streak like the previous year.The interleague game that was a demon gate was also cleared in 2nd place.AndMay 9Victory against Yokohama and was introduced from this yearClimax seriesObtained the right to participate in the Central League first.After a three-way dead heat with Chunichi and Hanshin, the winning magic number became 1.May 10From the bases loaded with two outs in the bottom of the 9th inning against YakultTakayuki ShimizuInfield hits andShinya MiyamotoThe second base runner survived during the bad throw on the first base, and won the league title for the first time in five years with a goodbye win.However, it was introduced in the same yearClimax seriesIn the 2nd stage, he lost straight with 1 wins and 2 losses on the middle day when he defeated Hanshin in the 0st stage with 3 consecutive wins.Missing the right to participate in the Japan Series, it has become the first ever "team that cannot participate in the Japan Series while winning the league".[Note 11]..The team ended up with a lack of expectationsJeremy GonzalezJeremy Powell,Damon HollinsLotte made a free contract with 3 foreign players from LotteSoichi Fujita, Free contract from YokohamaMark Kroon, Free contract from YakultSeth GleisingerAlex RamirezWas won.


Breakdown of main players from the open game, emergedHayato SakamotoDue to the sluggish growth of young people except for the above, it was difficult to carry out a satisfactory match, and the black stars were piled up.Immediately after the opening of the pennant race, the team dragged the slump in the open race and it became the opening race.May 3From the Yakult game (Jingu Stadium)May 4Until the Chunichi Dragons (Tokyo Dome), he suffered the worst record of the team's opening five consecutive losses.Lee Seung-yuop, who was the fourth batter in the opening round, and Uehara, who returned to the starting lineup from last year's closer, both failed to relegate to the second army due to poor performance and failed in the opening dash.However, he started to improve from around the interleague game, and in addition to the success of the active recruitment of young players, the pitchers did not pitch for one army for two years.Ochi DaisukeIn addition to pitching in 2 games in 68nd place in the league, he pitched 150 strikeouts with a fastball of nearly 101 kilometers and a fork with a head, and was the only relief pitcher in 12 teams who pitched more than 40 games.Yamaguchi TetsuyaPitched 3 games in 67rd place in the league, leaving a result of 3.91, which was significantly higher than last year's ERA of 2.32, and was the first in the history of the team.Win double-digit wins on all relief pitches11勝、6月1日に福岡ソフトバンク戦とのビジターゲームで当時日本球界最速の162キロをマークしたクルーンが61試合登板で球団新記録の41セーブを挙げた。また7回から9回の3イニングに喫した失点数は前年は168失点だったのがリーグ最少の132失点。投手を5人以上起用した試合は前年10勝27敗2分け、勝率.270だったのが29勝20敗2分け、勝率.592とリーグ断トツの成績を残し強力中継ぎ陣が確立された事で抑えから復帰した上原を含めた先発陣の不調[24]Was covered by the relief team.Also in the batterOgarami bulletと呼ばれる3番・小笠原と4番・ラミレスのアベックホームランが15試合あってそのうち7月8日に阪神に敗れて以降最終戦までの66試合で11試合も記録し、7月9日から最終戦までのホームランが100本と198本のホームランにモノを言わせた強力打線でパ・リーグを制したHisanobu WatanabeSupervisedSaitama Seibu LionsDestructive power that surpasses even[25]Armed with mobile baseball, which recorded 2 stolen bases in 78nd place in the league, he won the second half of the game steadily and accumulated stars, winning 7 consecutive games.May 9After winning 3 consecutive victories over the leader Hanshin Tigers, and finally recording 32 consecutive victories for the first time in 12 years, the team greeted at the same rate.May 10Win the final direct confrontation and take the lead alone, with a maximum of 10 games behind the Central League record after a close battle on the 13th.[Note 12]1989-Achieved the second consecutive league title since 1990[26].. The media and others called it the "Make Legend" because it reversed the 11.5 game behind and reversed the big difference behind the 1996 victory, which was called the "Make Drama".Climax seriesThen, in the second stage, he played against Chunichi, who lost straight last year, and won with 2 wins, 1 loss and 3 minute, including 1 win of advantage, for the first time in 1 years since 2002.Japan seriesHowever, in the 6th inning of the game that decided to win the league title in a row, captain Abe injured his right shoulder when he returned from his head with a second pick-off ball. Withdrawal.Abe's chances of participation decreased, and he lost the last two races after returning to Tokyo Dome while taking the lead in Japan first, and lost to Saitama Seibu with 2 wins and 3 losses.After the Japan Series, Uehara declared FA and major league baseballBaltimore OriolesTransferred to and traded from Nippon-HamMichael Nakamura-Takato KudoHowever, Nioka spent most of the season in the second army due to the rise of Sakamoto, a broken leg, and a scandal that drastically reduced his turn in the exchange trade with the two.Masanori HayashiHas transferred.In addition, Shimizu volunteered to transfer and transferred to Seibu through a monetary trade, and the young players who have supported him as the main force since the time of the second Nagashima regime have left the team one after another, although the shape is different.In addition, Yakult became a free contractDicky GonzalezWas won.


The season celebrated its 75th anniversary.Hara2009 World Baseball Classic Japan National TeamSince I was appointed as a manager, the open gameHaru IharaHead coachActed as acting director.In the season, Sakamoto was the first batter,Tetsuya MatsumotoWas appointed as a player, such as fixing to the second batter, and when he took the lead in the eighth game of the opening, he survived the season as it was.May 9He won the match against Chunichi Dragons 5-3, and won the league title for the third consecutive time since the V1965 era from 1973 to 9, and decided to win the 3rd Central League title.Climax seriesThen, in the second stage, we played against Chunichi and won with 2 wins and 1 loss including 3 win of advantage.Japan Championship SeriesI decided to participate in.1981 Korakuen seriesSince then with Hokkaido Nippon-HamJapan seriesWon 4 wins and 2 losses and won the 2002st time in Japan for the first time in 7 years since 21. Winner of the Korean Series in Nagasaki on November 11thKia tigersWithJapan-Korea Club ChampionshipWon the championship of Japan and Korea.I've been eager for giants at draft meetingsHisayoshi NaganoWas won by the 1st place nomination.


Immediately after the opening, he retired from active duty and became a coach only in the previous yearKimura TakuyaDuring pre-match practiceSubarachnoid hemorrhageAnd suddenly died in the fielderYoshiyuki KameiAs for the pitcher, Gonzales was out of order and Greisinger was out of order for a long time, but he was a rookie.Hisayoshi NaganoThe starting pitchers have been doing well for a while since the opening, and the starting pitchers have been in the lead for a long time, but since July, the starting pitchers who have been doing well have fallen into trouble.[Note 13], Sakamoto and Matsumoto get sick even in the fielders.Also of this year's closerMark KroonHowever, the pitchers were not stable, as the closer pitchers changed frequently.Even so, he continues to be involved in the battle for the lead until the end, but with the aforementioned sluggish pitchersNagoya DomeIt echoed that he lost 2 wins and 10 losses in the Chunichi home game, and finished in 1rd place, one game behind the winning Chunichi, and missed the league title for the fourth consecutive time.Climax seriesThen, in the first stage, he defeated Hanshin two times in a row and won, but in the second stage that followed, he lost to Chunichi with 1 win and 2 losses.This yearNankai HawksWas the last active player to experienceNoriyoshi OmichiRetired.In addition, Kroon, whose unstable pitching was conspicuous, left the team out of the plan for the next season.At the draft meeting, Chuo UniversityTakuichi SawamuraWas nominated and won in 1st place in the draft.


This yearMay 3Occurred inGreat East Japan EarthquakeThe opening was postponed from March 3th to April 25th due to the influence of.The opening round is in Yamaguchi PrefectureUbe City Baseball StadiumMade in[Note 14], 1952Franchise systemSince its introduction, it was the first giant-sponsored game opening game at a local stadium.In addition, the match schedule has been changed significantly, including the postponement of the use of the Tokyo Dome in April due to a request to save electricity.Introduced from this yearUnified sphereOgasawara and Ramirez fell into a slump, and the long hitting power of the entire batting team also decreased sharply (especially home runs) compared to 12, and the batting team I fell into a slump.On the other hand, the pitchers are rookieTakuichi SawamuraWas pulled by the starting pitchers, with their first victory on April 4st.On the other hand, in the first half, the closer could not be fixed,Shinnosuke AbeWas injured at the start of the season, and many foreign players who had won could not play an active role, so the first half of the race to the All-Star was sluggish in the B class.Enter the second half of the game and become a pitcherYuya KuboWe will continue to improve, such as winning seven consecutive games in August due to the fact that we were able to fix.In the final stage, it was a battle for 8rd place with Hanshin, but decided to advance to the climax series with 7 wins and 3 loss in 10 consecutive games with Hanshin and Chunichi in October, and finally 6rd place behind the lead by 5 games. It's finished.Climax seriesWill play against Yakult, but even though the starting pitcher made a good pitch, he stumbled on a succession pitch and was eliminated with 1 win and 2 losses.Nagano is the top batter in the batting team,Daisuke Fujimura Stealing kingHas won the title of.May 11, Head coach HRKiyotake HidetoshiThere was a problem that the team representative accused the chairman of the Watanabe baseball team for unjustly intervening.The representative of the Kiyotake baseball team was dismissed on the 18th for this reason (detailsKiyotake Ranreference).This off, in FAYokohama DeNA BaystarsからShuichi MurataFrom Fukuoka SoftbankToshiya SugiuchiWas acquired respectively.On the other hand, Ramirez, Greisinger,Saburo Omura,Kazunari Tsuruoka(Ramirez and Tsuruoka moved to DeNA, Omura and Greisinger moved to Lotte).


May 3, The team signed a contract with 1997 players from 2004 to 6, of which a total of 27 billion yen is the maximum standard amount (until 2007, it is not the upper limit and it is okay to exceed it, which is the understanding of professional baseball as a whole. It seems that the sanctions were stipulated in the case of excess (since 2007).Asahi ShimbunIt was reported in the article.In the early stages of the opening, the team suffered a slump, including the first shutout in the opening game in the history of the team.May 4Lost to Hiroshima against Hiroshima (Mazda) and became the lowest single[27], Recorded 8 innings no points in the opening 5 games with 46 shutout losses[28]In April, he recorded two consecutive losses in a row.[29]..However, as Hara believed that "it will definitely mesh", in May6 DayFrom the Hanshin Tigers25 DayRecorded 10 consecutive victories (3 minutes in between) until the game against LotteMay 5The winning percentage is 5%[30]..Even after entering the interleague game, it continued to perform well and took the lead in the league on June 6th.[31],May 6Won the match against Rakuten (Ksta Miyagi) and achieved the first exchange match victory of the Central League team with 17 wins and 7 losses.[32]..After that, it became a battle for the lead with Chunichi, but when he swept the Chunichi match from June 6 at Tokyo Dome (three consecutive wins with the same card) and took the lead on July 29.[33]、前半戦を中日と4.5ゲーム差、貯金20の首位で折り返す。後半戦に入っても7月は14勝4敗3分け(勝率.778)と一気に駆け抜けると8月には6連勝と7連勝を記録、May 8Light up the magic number 30 to win the championship[34],May 9Won the match against Yakult (Niigata) and decided to advance to the climax series[35], Without extinguishing the magic number to win even onceMay 9Won the match against Yakult (Tokyo Dome) and achieved the 3th league victory for the first time in 34 years[36]..In the end, 86 wins, 43 losses and 15 minutes, 2 games behind the 10.5nd place Chunichi.In the final round, he defeated DeNA 2-1 by goodbye and recorded undefeated against DeNA at Tokyo Dome.Shinnosuke Abe is the batterLeading batter,RBIThe two crowns, Nagano and SakamotoMost hits, 15 wins for pitchersTetsuya Utsumi Most wins, Toshiya SugiuchiMost strikeout,Highest win rateWon the double crown.As a team, the ERA of 2.16 is the best result since Nishitetsu Lions (1966) in 2.13, with Sawamura winning 2 in the second year and Sugiuchi and Houlton who transferred from Fukuoka Softbank 10 wins.1990Four pitchers with double-digit wins have been born since then.RookieKyousuke TakagiRecorded 29 consecutive games without any goals in the team record.Climax seriesIn the final stage, he will play against Chunichi in 2nd place, but after being pushed to the brink by being checked by Chunichi with 3 consecutive losses, he will advance to the Japan Series with 3 consecutive wins from the first 3 consecutive losses in the history of the climax series. Decide[37].. With Nippon Ham, which was realized for the first time in 3 yearsJapan seriesWas hit by an accident in which captain Abe was injured and left, but Abe released the final timely in the sixth race and achieved the 6nd time in Japan with 4 wins and 2 losses for the first time in 3 years.[38].Asia Series 2012Then in the finalTaiwan OfLamigo MonkeysWon 6-3 and became the first Asian champion.With this, he won all of the Interleague Play, Central League, Climax Series, Japan Series, and Asia Series, and achieved the first five crowns in the history of Nippon Professional Baseball.At the draft meeting, Tokai University refused to nominate the first round of Nippon-Ham the previous yearTomoyuki KannoWas won by a single nomination[39]. AlsoShun HigashinoTo Orix and exchangeToru AnanRyota KatsukiWas won.


Seven consecutive victories in the team's Thai record since the opening[40],May 5Before the match against Hiroshima at Tokyo Dome, Shigeo Nagashima, honorary coach for life and Hideki Matsui, a giant OBNational Honor AwardAward ceremony is being held[41]..13rd place in the exchange game with 10 wins and 3 losses[42]..In the first half of the game, Hanshin in 2nd place and the leader in 2.5 games returned.[43].May 8The magic number 39 to win the championship lights up[44].. 9th consecutive year on September 7thClimax seriesAdvance decision[45].. Immediately after the start of the match against Hiroshima (Tokyo Dome) on September 9, the second-placed Hanshin lost to Yakult 22-2, and at this point the giant's 6th Central League victory was decided for the second consecutive year.[46]..After the opening round, the giant did not give up the lead except for Hanshin, who temporarily took the lead in June.[47]..With HiroshimaClimax seriesThe final stage decided to advance to the Japan Series with three consecutive victories[48]..With RakutenJapan seriesThen, although he was checked with 5 wins and 2 losses by the 3th round, he was undefeated from the season in the 6th round.Masahiro TanakaI will bring it to Thailand with a black star at the beginning of this year[49], Lost in Round 7 and lost with 3-4[50]..Seibu's in FA this year offKataoka OsamuAnd of HiroshimaHiroshi Otake, ChunichiFree contractBecameHirokazu InabaEarned.


We celebrated the 80th anniversary of the foundation of the team.May 4,キ ュ ー バDomestic league "Serie Nacional de BaisbolIs the core player ofFrederich CepedaContract with[51]..At the same time, the team announced that it would form a friendly relationship with Serie Nacional de Beisbol.[52]..From the beginning of the season, he couldn't keep up with the momentum of both throwing and hitting, and at the stage of entering the interleague game, he was third with a 4.5 game difference from the leader Hiroshima, but in the interleague game he competed with Softbank for the championship, and with Softbank in the final game of the interleague game. Won the direct confrontation and achieved the victory for the first time in two years. With 3 wins and 2 losses in June, he took the lead on June 6 and has not fallen from the lead since then. In August, the game was 11 wins and 5 losses, 6 games behind the 8nd place Hanshin Tigers, but on the 8th of September, the magic number 13 for the first victory of the year was lit, and although it disappeared the next day, 13 Relights at 2 on the day. Won the match against Yakult on the 0.5th andClimax seriesAfter deciding to advance and winning the match against DeNA on September 2 with a magic number of 9 to win 26-6, the magic target team Hiroshima lost to Hanshin, so the 3th Central League for the third consecutive year. The victory was decided[53]..In addition, in the striking lineRegular turn at batThere are no 3% hitters who have reached, and Sugano is the starting pitcher.Hiroshi OtakeIt echoed that he faced CS in the absence of, and in the CS final stage with Hanshin in 2nd place, he lost in the first 4 consecutive losses in CS history and missed the Japan Series advancement.[54]..Same year off,Tokyo Yakult SwallowsからRyoji AikawaExercises FA rights and joins[55],AlsoYokohama DeNA BaystarsからTatsuhiko KaneshiroAlso joined.further,Texas RangersからMiles Mycholas,Aaron PoredaWas won.


In the early stages, it was a development that competed with DeNA for the lead.May 4HaraInfluenza B virusIt was announced that Kawai head coach will be acting as a director after being infected at home for the time being.[56]..After a week of rest, he returned to the match against Hiroshima on April 1st.[57].. At the end of April, Abe, Sakamoto, and Kamei were out of order.RaysWas a free contract fromJuan FranciscoWon.In the interleague game, he lost for the first time in four years and finished in 4th place.[58].. Although he surrendered the lead position to Hanshin in the latter half of June, he soon returned to the lead position in July.However, he suffered three consecutive losses against Yokohama DeNA on the last card of the first half of the game and fell from the top, passing the first half of the game in second place.[59].May 7,New York MetsFrom 3AAlex CasteanosWas won.May 8Achieved 10,000 official games in total in the game against Yakult (Jingu)[60]..Became the fourth professional baseball team after Hanshin, Orix, and Chunichi[61]..By the way, there was a home run of Murata in the game, and the giant defeated Yakult 6-5.In the second half of the game, he played a fierce battle for the lead with Hanshin and Yakult.However, even if Castellanos and others were reinforced, the batting line was still sluggish, and he missed the chance to take the lead many times, and in the final stage he would worship Yakult and Hanshin.AndMay 9The decisive hit was to drop the Yakult game at Tokyo Dome 1-2 and turn on Yakult's winning Magic 3May 10With Yakult's victory decided, the challenge to win the league for the fourth consecutive time ended in failure, and the regular season ended in second place. Before the opening of CSMay 10ToBaseball gambling of affiliated playersAnnounced involvement in[62].Climax seriesのファーストステージは、シーズン3位の阪神と対戦、2勝1敗で勝利する。そして迎えたシーズン1位のヤクルトとのファイナルステージに挑み、初戦こそキャプテン・坂本の2ランホームランなどもあり勝利を挙げたものの、2戦目以降は勝ち頭のマイコラス・菅野で落とし、打線も2戦目以降は規定打席越えの3割打者が1人もいなかった事を象徴する貧打、26イニング連続無得点などもあり3連敗した[63]..In the end, it was 1 win and 4 losses (including 1 advantage), and the result was that they missed the Japan Series for the second consecutive year.This is the first time the giant has been eliminated on the CS final stage for the second consecutive year.And after the CS, Hara announced his resignation.[64],May 10, Hara officially announced his retirement as a coach at a press conference, and put a period in the coaching life of 2 years of the second system and 10 years including the first system.[65]..As the next director, a baseball critic at the baseball team OBTakashi Egawa,Kawasaki MasahiroHead coach[66],Yoshinobu TakahashiBatting coach and outfielder[67]Etc. were reported as candidates.May 10, Announced that from the 2016 season, in addition to the XNUMXst and XNUMXnd armies, a XNUMXrd army centered on training players will be formed.[68].May 10, Yoshinobu Takahashi has been announced as a new coach and will retire from active duty for 2015 only.[69].. at the same timeHirokazu InabaTatsuhiko KaneshiroRetired and became the infield defense / running base coach of the XNUMXst army and the batting coach of the XNUMXrd army, respectively.May 10, Takahashi's inaugural press conference was held. With a 3-year contract, the uniform number is "24", which is the same as when he was active.[70]..Also, former director Tatsunori Hara2016May 1In addition, it is decided to become a special adviser to the team[71].May 11, Yoshinobu Takahashi's retirement and inauguration ceremony was held at the Giants Fan Festa 2015 held on this day.[72]..In the off-season, reinforcements were made to win the league and recapture Japan.Saitama Seibu LionsからRyota WakitaniReturns to the old nest, for a long hit revivalNew York YankeesFrom the 4th candidateGarrett Jones(Registered name: Garrett),Chiba Lotte MarinesBecame a free contract fromLewis CruiseWas acquired, and the striking line was strengthened.

Takahashi era


The team got off to a three-game winning streak in the opening three-game series (VS Yakult).It is the first time in 3 years since the 3 coach Motoshi Fujita that the giant has won the opening three consecutive games as a new coach.[73]..In the early stages, the Giants continued to go one step further with 4 wins, 15 losses and 10 draws in April, although they fought for the lead with Hanshin and Hiroshima, but in May when the month changed, they lost 3 consecutive games from the Chinese-Japanese match on the 5st. In the sudden stall and the same as the previous year, the batting team was sluggish, and the batting rate and the error rate in the pinch hitter were the lowest in the 21 teams, the pitchers were killed and the middle team was hit, etc. It was.Although the exchange game ended in five minutes, if Hiroshima's advancement began at the same time that he suffered three consecutive losses of the same card in the game against Softbank on June 7 and entered a debt life, he would be deprived of the lead.After that, although the leader Hiroshima was behind by 12 games at one point, Sawamura was hit by a goodbye home run by Kikuchi in the 6th inning, which was leading 10-3 in the game against Hiroshima on August 4.5, giving him a chance to win the same card three times in a row. When crushed, Hiroshima picked up from there and began to widen the gap again.May 8He turned on the magic because he lost in a direct confrontation with Hiroshima, and after that he continued to lose, helping to reduce the magic of Hiroshima.May 9Lost in the match against Hiroshima and decided to win the league in Hiroshima, and the V loss was confirmed for the second consecutive year.After that, in the final stage, it will be a battle for 2nd place with DeNA, but 2nd place in the season is confirmed.Hayato SakamotoBecame the first top hitter,Tomoyuki KannoWon the best ERA and the most strikeouts for the second consecutive yearTakuichi Sawamura Save kingIt was the one who achieved a double-digit victory by giving a bad impression that the right to become a winning pitcher of Ace Sugano was extinguished three times.Reito TaguchiIt was only.In the climax series, he played against DeNA, who was in 3rd place for the first time in the climax.However, he lost in the 1st stage with 2 win and 1 losses, and his dream of participating in the final for the fifth consecutive year disappeared.May 10Foot specialistNaohiro SuzukiAnnounced retirement from active duty[74][75]..In addition, off, we will carry out major reinforcement with a total of 30 billion yen.From SoftbankYoshihiko Morifuku, From DeNAShun Yamaguchi, Former RakutenCasey maggie, From Nippon HamYangtai SteelAs a new foreigner who is a candidate for restraintArchimedes CamineroWas won.


With five consecutive victories in the opening season, he made a good start and competed with Hanshin for second place in the early stages.However, during this time, FA reinforcement teams such as Shun Yamaguchi and Dai-Kang Yang, who won the FA last season off, left one after another due to sluggishness and breakdown. Losing has started since mid-MayMay 5After losing to the Hanshin Tigers (Koshien), he suffered three consecutive losses to Hiroshima, and while the four consecutive losses continued, he faced an interleague game. I enjoyed it. In June, as the first GM of the team OBYoshitaka ShikatoriWas inaugurated. Shun Yamaguchi suffered an injury in mid-July and was subject to extremely heavy penalties such as suspension of participation, fines and salary reduction until the end of the season.In addition, after the end of the first half of the war, Masaki Saito, the second army coach, became the first pitcher coach (bench) and was in charge of the bench.Takao ObanaIs in charge of the bullpen, in charge of the bullpenKazuya TabataIs a Hiroshima full-time scorer who has been struggling since the first half of the game, and a patrol batting coach to his successor, the second army coach.Junzo UchidaAnnounced that he will take office.After the second half of the game, the attack-oriented measures to convert Maggie to second base were successful, and although he recovered until he played a battle for 3rd place with DeNA, he lost in the game on October 10 and DeNA won, so 1th place in the season was confirmed. .. The result of the 4 billion yen reinforcement was the unbelievable result of B class.It's been 30 years since the giant became B-class, and it was introduced in 11.CSへの出場を球団史上初めて逃した。カード別の対戦成績では広島に7勝18敗と大きく負け越した以外、他の4球団には勝ち越しているが、同一リーグの4球団に勝ち越しながらBクラスに転落したのはNPB史上初。打撃陣は2位にマギー(20個)、4位に長野(17個)、6位に坂本(16個)、7位に村田(15個)ワースト10に主力選手がランクインしたのに代表される様に球団史上ワーストの129併殺と攻撃もちぐはぐであと一本が出なかったのに合わせ、投手陣は先発が菅野、マイコラス、田口だけで27の貯金を作った先発陣とは対照的に中継ぎ陣は2006年の62を下回る57ホ ー ル ドAnd this is also the worst in the history of the team (Tokyo Yakult, which is the worst of 12 teams and 11th place, has 85 holds). Mathieson with 27 holds was stable, while Mathieson was followed by 10 holdsKentaro Nishimura..It was a miscalculation that Tetsuya Yamaguchi, who had 19 holds last season, had 3 holds, and Morifuku, who had a new strength, had 16 holds in the last year of Softbank, but he couldn't establish a winning pattern.By the way, it was the Central League worst 6 wins that made 10 games with one point difference including the game on October 1st.The result was to reveal the weakness of the close battle.As part of efforts to rejuvenate after the season, Murata was notified that he was out of force, and Kataoka, Aikawa, Tetsu Matsumoto, Fujimura and others retired.Miles Mikolas, who played a part in the starting lineup, also decided to return to the majors and left the team.

Infielder in the match against Yakult on September 9thDaisuke NakaiIs the opponent pitcherKeiji IwahashiHe hit a home run from, and this became the 1th home run of the team.[11].


The team logo has been redesigned, with "G" in the center, "1934" in the year of establishment on the left and right, and "TOKYO" in the lower part.

Seibu declared FA as the main reinforcement playerRyoma Nogami, The day beforeAlex Guerrero, A new foreigner expected as a starting candidate to replace Miles MikolasTaylor JungmannAcquired.In addition, in early MarchKoji UeharaReturned to the Giants for the first time in 10 years. In mid-March, he was involved in the baseball gambling problem and became a training player after being disqualified.Kyousuke TakagiIt was decided to register under the control for the first time in two years.This year is young from the beginningKazuma Okamoto,Naoki YoshikawaAlthough there was a glimpse of young people's activities such as starting lineup, in JuneShinpei Shinohara,Genki Kawano InstagramI posted an inappropriate video to and was suspended, and in JulyTakahiro KakizawaWas found to have stolen and resold his teammates' baseball equipment and uniforms, and the contract was canceled. There were a series of scandals following the previous year.The owner takes responsibility for a series of scandalsShoichi OikawaResigned as a successorTomoichi YamaguchiBecame a new owner[76].

開幕後は打線の好調で上位戦線につけ、マイコラスの抜けた穴や田口や野上の不調で負けが込み始め菅野が8完封、昨年傷害事件を起こしシーズン終了までの出場停止を命じられた山口俊が2完封と先発の完投は21と断トツで12球団トップだったものの、先発陣が不調になった時にカバーしなければならない中継ぎ・抑えは抑えのカミネロが度重なるリリーフ失敗で二軍降格になったのを皮切りにマシソン、アダメスと抑えが固定出来ずセーブ数は25と12球団ワースト、そのマシソンも怪我により戦線を離脱したり、本来は先発枠であった山口俊をリリーフに回す等リリーフ陣に至っては生命線であるホールドが73と球団史上ワーストの57ホールドだった前年よりは上がったものの2年連続12球団ワースト(12球団11位の中日は82ホールドである)と崩壊し始め、前年同様広島に大きく負け越し、首位独走を許すことになった。7月以降は育成から這い上がったメ ル セ デ スSupported the starting lineup with Sugano.However, Naoki Yoshikawa, who had been expecting from the opening round, left the front line due to a broken left hand due to head sliding in the match against DeNA on August 8, and Hayato Sakamoto hurt his left flank in the match against Hanshin on July 1 before that. Deregistration of the 7st Army due to the incident, and a new foreign pitcher in the game against Yakult on July 17Taylor JungmannHowever, he had a broken left hand and many injured people in the summer.Perhaps because of that influence, the debt started to rise in September while the teams were competing for the second place and below, and the third place was competing with DeNA, Hanshin, and Chunichi.After all, he competed with DeNA for 2rd place until the final stage of the season, and although the CS advancement on his own disappeared once, DeNA moved up to 5rd place because DeNA lost to Yakult on October 9, and at the same time the possibility of CS advancement on his own. Is back. Won the final round of the season (Hanshin Tigers) on October 3th, and the 3rd place was confirmed. It was the first CS advancement in two years.However, the team's worst tie has been confirmed to have a V-miss for 1 consecutive years and a winning percentage of 10% or less for the first time in 3 years. I will take responsibility for the victory or defeat of the coach and quit, "he said and accepted his resignation.It is the first time that the same director has resigned without a crown since Tsuneo Horiuchi.Also,Kazuma OkamotoOn the same dayMochizuki AtsushiThe home run from Japan was 100 RBIs, the youngest in the history of professional baseball. Play against Yakult in the CS first stage. Sugano achieved the first no-hitter no-run in CS history in the second round at the same time as he decided to advance to the final stage for the first time in three years (the first time in eight years for the season to finish third) with two consecutive victories.In the final stage, he played against Hiroshima, and in the first round, Sakamoto hit the base for the first time, but Shunta Tanaka did not take advantage of the double play.If you lose 2 point on the back, it will be 3 timesSeiya Suzuki, 7 timesYoshihiro MaruHe took a home run and lost an additional point and lost 6-1.In the second round, Taguchi, who won only two wins in the season, made a good throw with one hit and no runs in the sixth inning. Even though I got 2 point in the 2th inning. From the 6th inning, Takahashi changed to Taguchi and switched to the field that "predetermined".This pitcher change backfired, and although he had no goals in the 1th inning, he announced his retirement in the 6th inning for the 1 season only.Takahiro AraiWas tied in a timely manner, and furtherRyosuke KikuchiHe took a 3-run home run and lost the game.In the 3rd round, Imamura took 2 points in a timely manner and took a home run again in the 3rd inning.The counterattack, which scored one point in a timely manner, also turned into water on the burnt stone, and he was not enthusiastic about throwing, and was eliminated from the final stage with three consecutive losses.Toshiya Sugiuchi,Ryota Wakitani,Yamaguchi Tetsuya,Kentaro Nishimura,Takayuki TerauchiIs retired from active duty. The players who supported the two consecutive victories will take off their uniforms as in the previous year.Also,Daisuke Nakai(Transferred to DeNA),Jen-Lei Liao(Transferred to Seibu) and others are out of force,Casey maggie,Archimedes CamineroIt was also announced that both foreigners would leave the group.

The first Hara director era

As Takahashi's successor, it was announced that his predecessor, Hara, would return for the first time in four years. On October 4, 2018, all coach names were announced by the team[77].. It was also announced that there is no head coach position since 1999.[78]..The following day, the 23rd, an inaugural press conference was held in which both parties lined up.

Nominated first in draft meetingYuki TakahashiObtained the right to negotiate with.

November 11th, off the same year after the new system was launched2018 Japan-US baseball"Exhibition Game Giants x MLB All-Star Team" will be the first official game[79]..Even now off, we are doing large-scale reinforcement.Yoshihiro Maru, who was the main reinforcement player, declared FA from Hiroshima and won the MVP of the Central League for the second consecutive year.[Note 15], Seibu declared FAGinjiro Sumiya, Orix became a free contractHiroyuki Nakajima, From the padresChristian Villanueva, From the MarinersRyan Cook,Hisashi IwakumaWon.On the other hand, as human compensation for SumitaniTetsuya UtsumiHas been decided to transfer to Seibu, and as Maru's personal compensationHisayoshi NaganoWas announced to be transferred to Hiroshima, and veterans who had grown up were leaving the group one after another in return for large-scale reinforcement.


January,Koji UeharaRetired from active duty.

In the early stages, Naoki Yoshikawa, Maru, Sakamoto, etc. were in good shape and took the lead, but in May, due to the malfunction of Kanno and Okamoto, they got a little sick, and were overtaken by Hiroshima, which had recovered at the same time, and fell from the lead to Hanshin. Also overtaken, the exchange game will be held in 5rd place.In the interleague game, he won 3 wins and 2 loss in addition to Softbank, and even though he won the interleague game for the first time in 1 years, he lost to Softbank in the final game and did not win the interleague game for the first time in 5 years. Finished (5st place in the Central League).In addition, he won the game against Orix on June 3, and returned to the top position.During this timeAkihiro WakabayashiHowever, the pitchers were stable from the beginning.Kota NakagawaThe rise of young people, which had been an issue, has come to be seen a little.After the interleague game, the team has won 10 wins and 1 loss to the All-Star, and in the first half of the game, the game difference with the 2nd place is greatly increased to 9.5 and the game turns back.Also in June, Nippon-HamYohei Kaguya,Takahiro FujiokaMitsuo Yoshikawa,Shingo Usami2 body 2 exchange trade and as a new foreignerRuby De La RosaIn July, RakutenYuri FurukawaTheWada Koiとの交換トレードで獲得した。その後7月下旬から8月上旬にかけ大型連敗があり、2位DeNAに最大10.5あったゲーム差を0.5まで迫られた。しかし6月18日以降首位から陥落することなく9月21日、対DeNA戦(第24回戦)にて3対2で勝利し、5年ぶり37回目のリーグ優勝を果たした[80].

Play against Hanshin in 3rd place in the climax series.4 wins and 1 loss, including advantages, for the first time in 6 yearsJapan seriesI decided to advance.In the Japan Series, he played against Softbank for the first time in 19 years since the predecessor Daiei era, but the pitchers collapsed and suffered four consecutive losses without winning one, and lost in the straight four consecutive losses since the 1 Seibu match.

Shinnosuke Abe announced his retirement immediately after winning the league (later appointed as second-arm coach), and Mathieson also announced his retirement.[Note 16]..Shun Yamaguchi is the team's first offPosting systemUsingToronto Blue JaysTransferred to[81].


Before the seasonWashington NationalsOf the active big leaguer who contributed to the best in the worldGerardo Parra,Chicago White Sox OfThyago Vieira,SK Wyverns OfAngel Sanchez, Was won.

XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,New coronavirusOn this day, which was delayed by about 3 months due to the influence of, Naoki Yoshikawa won a come-from-behind victory 3-2 with a home run, and achieved 6000 wins in total for the first baseball team in the history of professional baseball.[82]The next day, he scored 6 points in a row of batters in the 3th inning due to the close battle with 1-7 up to the 8th inning (6001th win). In the third race, he allowed the first move and scored 3 points in the 4th inning to reverse and win 5-7.Succeeded in the first sweep in the history of the team in the opening card three consecutive battles with the Hanshin Tigers, which had been eight times in the past (achieved three consecutive wins with the same card). In June and July, both traded with RakutenZelas WheelerTakanashi YuheiIn a trade with Lotte in SeptemberKazuya KazukiEarned[83].. On September 9th, Sugano won the match against Hanshin 15-6.Victor Starhin以来82年ぶりの球団開幕投手での開幕11連勝を達成。開幕から快調に走り、7月に一度東京ヤクルトに首位を奪われるもすぐに奪い返し、その後は一度も首位を譲る事はなく、9月15日に9.5ゲーム差で2位につけていた阪神の自力優勝を消滅させ、残り46試合で達成した2013年を抜いて原政権最速となる残り48試合で優勝へのマジックナンバー38が点灯。一度もマジックを消滅させる事もなく、10月30日の対ヤクルト戦終了前にマジック対象チームである2位阪神が引き分け、3位中日が敗戦した為、2年連続38回目のリーグ優勝が確定した[84]..And on November 11th, Captain Sakamoto hit a double in the first at bat in the final match of the Tokyo Dome with Tokyo Yakult, and Kawakami, Nagashima, Ou, Shibata, the sixth person in history since Abe who retired last year.[85], 31 years 11 monthsKihachi EnomotoHe was the second youngest player in the history of professional baseball, and achieved 2 hits, the youngest in the history of baseball teams and right-handed hitters.In the title, Sugano won the most wins and the highest win rate, and Okamoto won the home base hitting king and the hitting point king.It is the first time in 2000 years since Ramirez in 2010, the first time in 10 years since Hideki Matsui in 2002, and the first time in 18 years since Shigeo Nagashima in 1963 for Japanese right-handed hitters.Due to the influence of the new coronavirus, the opening race was delayed by about 57 months, so the climax series was not held and automaticallyJapan seriesAdvance to.The Tokyo Dome, which is the base of the event,City competition baseball tournamentBecause it is used in the Giants-sponsored gameKyocera Dome OsakaIt was implemented with Softbank for the second consecutive year.[86]。9月16日に両リーグ最速で優勝へのマジックナンバー38が点灯し、9月の終了時点では22、10月14日の終了時点では9となっていたのが亀井、中川、大竹、増田大輝が9月の終盤から10月にかけて揃って離脱したのが理由[87]で終盤の戦いに苦戦を強いられマジックナンバーが一桁になった次の日から優勝した10月30日までに2勝しか挙げられず、優勝を決めた東京ヤクルト戦も3-3で引き分け、自力で優勝を確定させた訳ではなかったのが祟り、10月以降は13勝18敗4分けと9月までの勢いが完全に失速しその不調は日本シリーズに入ってからも続いてしまい、いずれの試合も3回までに失点して投手陣が崩れ打線も4点しか奪えずに日本シリーズ史上初の2年連続ストレート4連敗となり、最低打率、最少得点、最小安打の日本シリーズワースト記録更新、2013年楽天戦からの同一監督(原監督)による9連敗の球団ワースト記録更新(連敗数は球団ワーストタイ)という数々の不名誉な記録を更新し敗退した[88]..In addition, it is the first time in history that he has become the worst team in Japan for more than eight years, and was unable to even bring one inning to a tie other than 8-1 throughout the Japan Series and lost four straight losses in a row.


Team results, records

  • Please refer to each individual's page for the personal records of the players and managers who belong to the team, which only describes the records related to the team.
  • Unless otherwise specified, the figures up to the 2012 season.

Records of matches, wins and losses, and winning percentages

  • Winner (highest win rate in regular season) 47 times (Nippon Professional Baseball record)* 2 38 times since the division of the league.
(Autumn 1936-Spring 1937, Autumn 1938-1943, 1949, 1951-1953, 1955-1959, 1961, 1963, 1965-1973, 1976-1977, 1981, 1983 Year, 1987, 1989-1990, 1994, 1996, 2000, 2002, 2007-2009, 2012-2014, 2019-2020)
  • Japan twice

1951 1952 1953 1955 1961 1963 1965 1966 1967 1968 1969 1970 1971 1972 1973 1981 1989 1994 2000 2002 2009 2012

  • Interleague play championship twice
(2012, 2014)
  • Climax series victory 5 times
(2008, 2009, 2012, 2013, 2019)
  • Asia Series victory once
  • Longest consecutive win record, longest consecutive regular season win rate, longest record 9 years (Nippon Professional Baseball record)
  • A class 77 times * 2 63 times since the league system.
(Autumn 1936 ―― 1946, 1948 ―― 1961, 1963 ―― 1974, 1976 ―― 1978, 1980 ―― 1990, 1992 ―― 1996, 1998 ―― 2004, 2007 ―― 2016, 2018 Year-2020)
  • B class 9 times * 2 8 times since the league system.
(1947, 1962, 1975, 1979, 1991, 1997, 2005-2006, 2017)
The bottom is only once in 1975.
  • Longest record in consecutive A class 14 years (1948-1961)
  • Longest record in B class for 2 years (2005-2006)
  • Most wins of the season 92 wins (1955)
  • Most consecutive wins of the season 15 consecutive wins (July 1951, 7-August 16, 8) * 3 Draw
  • Most defeats of the season 80 losses (2005)
  • Most consecutive losses of the season 13 consecutive losses (May 2017-June 5, 25)
  • 16 draws, the most draws of the season (1978)
  • Seasonal highest win rate .769 (Autumn 1938) (after 2 leagues .731 1951)
  • Minimum win rate of the season .382 (1975)
  • Total games 10735 games (Nippon Professional Baseball record, 2 games since 9514 league system)
  • 6066 wins in total (2 wins since the Nippon Professional Baseball record, 5283 league system)
  • Total losses 4336 losses (2 losses since 3926 leagues)
  • Total draw 333 draws (2 draws after 305 leagues)
  • Total win rate .583 (Nippon Professional Baseball record, 2 league system or later .574)
  • Minimum game difference 0.0 games (1974, 1986)
  • Maximum game difference 27.0 games (1975)
  • Maximum match time 6 hours 21 minutes (August 2015, 8 vs. Hiroshima Toyo Carp)
  • Minimum match time 1 hour 14 minutes (March 1951, 3 vs. Osaka Tigers)

Team hit record

  • Total home runs 10478 (Nippon Professional Baseball record, 2 after 10039 league system)
  • Most points of the season 738 points (2004)
  • Most hits of the season 1375 (2009)
  • 2 doubles, the most in the season (221)
  • 3 doubles, the most in the season (57)
  • 259 home runs, the most in the season (2004, Nippon Professional Baseball record)
  • 2340 most baseball hits of the season (2004, Nippon Professional Baseball record)
  • One home run, the smallest in the season (Autumn 1)
  • Most RBIs of the season 719 RBIs (2004)
  • Most stolen bases of the season 212 stolen bases (1950)
  • Seasonal most sacrifice hits 144 Sacrifice hits (1990)
  • Most sacrifice fly of the season 43 Sacrifice fly (1978)
  • Season's most four dead balls 591 (1950, Nippon Professional Baseball record)
  • Season's most strikeouts 1083 strikeouts (2004)
  • Seasonal batting average .292 (1952)
  • Batting average of the season .208 (1943) (after 2 league system .227 1961)
  • Game score 26 points (August 1946, 8 vs. Central Japanese Army, October 31, 1948 vs. Taiyo Robins)
  • 27 hits in the game (October 1948, 10 vs. Taiyo Robins)
  • 2 doubles in the game (October 11, 1948 vs. Taiyo Robins, Nippon Professional Baseball record)
  • The most 3 base hits in the game 4 (August 1947, 8 vs. Hankyu Braves, August 16, 1957 vs. Ocean Whales)
  • ゲーム最多本塁打 8本(1984年7月4日対ヤクルトスワローズ、1984年9月4日対中日ドラゴンズ、1985年6月28日対阪神タイガース)
  • 59 most bases in the game (October 1948, 10 vs. Taiyo Robins)
  • 25 RBIs in the game (October 1948, 10 vs. Taiyo Robins)
  • Game's most stolen bases 5 stolen bases (April 1943, 4 vs. Nishitetsu Army, September 11, 1951 vs. National Railways Swallows)
  • The most sacrifice hits in the game 4 sacrifice hits (twice in 1952, once in 2, once in 1966)
  • Game most sacrifice fly 4 sacrifice fly (October 1939, 10, Nippon Professional Baseball record)
  • 16 games with the most four dead balls (August 1946, 8 vs. Chunichi Dragons)
  • Most strikeouts in the game 17 strikeouts (August 2004, 8 vs. Hanshin Tigers)
  • Most innings scored 13 points (June 1972, 6 vs. Yakult Atoms 23 times, Nippon Professional Baseball record)
  • 10 most hits innings (May 1941, 5 vs. Hankyu Army 11 times, August 4, 1951 vs. Hiroshima Carp 8 times)
  • 2 innings with 6 doubles (October 1948, 10 vs. Taiyo Robins 16 times, Nippon Professional Baseball record)
  • 3 innings with 4 bases (August 1947, 8 vs. Hankyu Braves 16 times, Nippon Professional Baseball record)
  • イニング最多本塁打 4本(1985年9月9日対横浜大洋ホエールズ4回、1987年5月12日対阪神タイガース7回、1999年7月31日対広島東洋カープ1回、2000年6月21日対中日ドラゴンズ7回)
  • 18 innings with the most bases (October 1948, 10 vs. Taiyo Robins 16 times)
  • 13 RBIs with the most innings (June 1972, 6 vs. Yakult Atoms 23 times, Nippon Professional Baseball record)
  • Most stolen bases in innings 5 ​​stolen bases (May 1937, 5 vs. Nagoya Kinko Army 16 time)
  • Inning most sacrifice hits 3 sacrifice hits (many)
  • Most innings Sacrifice fly 2 Sacrifice fly (many)
  • 8 innings with 1959 dead balls (October 10, 20, 5 times against Chunichi Dragons)
  • Most strikeouts in innings 4 strikeouts (August 2004, 8 vs. Hanshin Tigers twice)
  • Maximum consecutive points 10 points (April 2003, 4 vs. Yokohama BayStars 27 times)
  • Most consecutive games scored 174 games (August 1980, 8-September 4, 1981)
  • Most consecutive innings No score 31 innings (June 1985, 6 vs. Hanshin Tigers 5 times-June 4 vs. Chunichi Dragons 6 times)
  • Most consecutive at-bats 9 at-bats (July 1996, 7 vs. Hiroshima Toyo Carp 9 times, Japan record)
  • Maximum number of consecutive hits 9 hits (September 1954, 9 vs. Hiroshima Carp 29 time, 1 walk)
  • Most consecutive innings 21 innings (July 1985, 7 vs. Chunichi Dragons 10 times-July 6 vs. Yokohama Ocean Whales 7 time, Japan record)
  • Most consecutive games 33 home runs (April 2004, 4-May 2, consecutive records from the opening)
  • Most consecutive innings 6 innings (October 1967, 10 vs. Hiroshima Carp 10-2 times)
  • Most consecutive home runs 3 people (5 times in total)
  • Maximum number of consecutive hits 4 home runs (1 walk)
  • 5 consecutive four dead balls (May 1963, 5, Swallows 3 times, April 2, 1964, Swallows 4 times)
  • Most consecutive games stolen base 16 games (July 1951, 7-August 29)

Team pitcher record

  • Most hits of the season 1427 (2005)
  • 193 home runs, the most in the season (2004)
  • 529 most dead balls of the season (1978)
  • Season's most stolen strikes 1123 (2003)
  • Most goals of the season 737 points (2005)
  • Seasonal ERA 1.38 (1943)
  • Seasonal ERA 4.80 (2005)
  • 25 hits in the game (September 1994, 9 vs. Hiroshima Toyo Carp)
  • 8 home runs, the most in the game (April 1949, 4 vs. Daiei Stars)
  • 16 games with the most four dead balls (July 1985, 7 vs. Hiroshima Toyo Carp)
  • 16 games with the most strikes (June 1967, 6 vs. Ocean Whales, August 7, 1994 vs. Hanshin Tigers)
  • ゲーム最多失点 19点(1994年9月10日対広島東洋カープ、2003年6月11日対ヤクルトスワローズ、2003年9月16日対中日ドラゴンズ)
  • 10 hits most innings (1994,1997,1998,2003 times in 4, XNUMX, XNUMX, XNUMX)
  • Most innings 3 home runs (many)
  • 10 innings with the most four dead balls (July 1978, 7 vs. Hiroshima Toyo Carp)
  • 4 innings most stolen (July 1997, 7 vs. Hanshin Tigers 4 times, April 3, 2005 vs. Yokohama BayStars 4 times)
  • Innings most goals 12 points (September 2003, 9 vs. Chunichi Dragons 16 times)
  • Most consecutive games Shutout victory 4 games (9 times, Japan record)
  • Most consecutive innings No runs 50 innings (June 1966, 6-June 15)
  • Most consecutive games 18 home runs (August 2001, 8-September 11, 9)

Successive homes

1937It has been used as a substantial base since the opening of Korakuen Stadium,Franchise systemThe designation as the base by the introduction is 2 after the division of the two leagues.
Second armyHome of
Inside the Tamagawa Ryokuchi Square (TokyoOta-kuDenenchofu
Yomiuri LandWithin (KanagawaKawasaki CityTama-ku

Successive directors

TaiziIs the league title, ◎ is the best in Japan

Tokyo Giants Army1Daisuke Miyake[*1]19341935
2Yoshio Asanuma19361936
3Fujimoto definition19361942
4Haruyasu Nakajima[*2]19431943
5Hideo Fujimoto[*3]19441946
Yomiuri Giants6Haruyasu Nakajima(2st stage)[*4]19461947
7Osamu Mihara[*5]19471949
8Shigeru Mizuhara[*6]19501960
9Tetsuji Kawakami19611974
10Nagashima Shigeo19751980
11Fujita Motoshi[*7]19811983
12Sadaharu Oh19841988
13Fujita Motoshi(2st stage) ◎19891992
14Nagashima Shigeo(2st stage) ◎19932001
15Tatsunori Hara20022003
16Tsuneo Horiuchi20042005
17Tatsunori Hara(2st stage) ◎[*8]20062015
18Yoshinobu Takahashi20162018
19Tatsunori Hara(3st stage)2019
  1. ^ Coach in 1954 and technical advisor in 1955.
  2. ^ Retired due to a call.
  3. ^ Also serves as a player.After taking office as Nakajima, he returned to full-time as a player, and in 1956 and 1957 he was a coach and a farmer.
  4. ^ Also serves as a player.
  5. ^ Haruyasu Nakajima acted for him from April 1949th to July 4rd, 15.
  6. ^ In 1950, he also served as a player. Tetsuharu Kawakami acted for October 1960.
  7. ^ On July 1981, 7, Sadaharu Oh acted for him.
  8. ^ May 2014, 5, April 5-2015, 4Kawasaki MasahiroIs acting on your behalf.

Life Honorary Director

Board Member

PositionOfficer name
DirectorOwnerTomoichi Yamaguchi
Acting director ownerMatsuda Noboru
CEOThe president(General Manager of Organization Headquarters)Tsukasa Imamura
Managing directorHonorary Director Lifetime SupervisionNagashima Shigeo
In charge of the Federation of Directors
DirectorYoshio Okubo
Full timeStatutory Auditor
Statutory AuditorYasushi Masago
Corporate OfficerDeputy representative of the teamAtsuhiro Otsuka

Permanent number

  • 1 : Sadaharu Oh(1989 -)
    Determined in honor of the achievement of the new world record for home runs (868).The Giants have been using it for a total of 30 years with players, assistant directors and directors.
  • 3 : Nagashima Shigeo(1974 -)
    During the second director era2000Resurrected for two years.
  • 4 : Toshio Kurosawa(1947 -)
    While activetyphoidDied in.First in Nippon Professional Baseball with Sawamura, described belowPermanent numberIt became.
  • 14 : Eiji Sawamura(1947 -)
    Killed in action in the Pacific War.PostwarKatsuyoshi ImaizumiShigeru SakamotoHowever, it became a permanent retirement number at the same time as Kurosawa mentioned above.It should be noted that March 2014, 3, Sawamura's hometown.MieIse City OfIse City Kuratayama Park Baseball FieldWas held for the first time in 65 yearsHanshinIn the open battle withTatsunori HaraAll the players including the manager put a permanent absence number "14", HanshinOBIn the same town as SawamuraNishimura YukioThe match was played with all players wearing the pitcher's uniform number "19".
  • 16 : Tetsuji Kawakami(1965 -)
    I wore it after I retired, but in January 1965Baseball hall of fameIt was a permanent absence after the decision to enter.Kawakami, who was the director at the time, changed his uniform number to "77" from this year.
  • 34 : Shoichi Kaneda(1970 -)
    Established in honor of the first 400 wins in the ball world.

In addition, from the start of the 2006 season, a statue in the shape of the uniforms of these permanently missing players (only the uniform number and no player name in Roman letters) has been installed on the pillars behind the outfield stand of Tokyo Dome.The unveiling ceremony was held in the opening game of the same year, and the person himself and his bereaved family were invited.[Note 19].

Sawamura Eiji Prize Winners

1947ToSawamura Eiji PrizeAfter the enactment, 14 giants won the award (not the giant's native playerTakehiko BesshoOnly).Above allMasaki SaitoHas won the award three times for the fourth person in history, and is the most tie record for professional baseball.There are five giant pitchers who have won multiple awards (seven including pitchers who have also won other teams).

Perfect game, no-hitter no-run achievement pitcher

Two pitchers in the history of the team so far in the giantPerfect match, 12 pitchers in the history of the baseball team 15 times in total (including postseason)No hit no runHas been achieved.In addition, he has achieved one no-hitter no-run by succession.

Perfect game achievement pitcher
datePitcher nameScoreOpponentStadium
1950/06/28Hideo Fujimoto4-0West Japan PiratesAomori Municipal
1994/05/18Hiroki Makihara6-0Hiroshima Toyo CarpFukuoka Dome
No-hitter no-run achievement pitcher (season)
datePitcher nameScoreOpponentBaseball field
1936/09/25Eiji Sawamura1-0Osaka TigersKoshien
1937/05/01Eiji Sawamura4-0Osaka TigersSusaki
1937/07/03Victor Starhin4-0EaglesSusaki
1939/11/03Teruzo Nakao1-0Tokyo SenatorKorakuen
1940/07/06Eiji Sawamura4-0Nagoya goldfish armyNishinomiya
1941/07/16Teruzo Nakao3-0Nagoya ArmyKorakuen
1943/05/22Hideo Fujimoto3-0Nagoya ArmyKorakuen
1952/07/26Otomo17-0Shochiku RobinsOsaka
1967/10/10Tsuneo Horiuchi11-0Hiroshima CarpKorakuen
1968/05/16Kunio Jonouchi16-0Ocean WhalesKorakuen
1970/05/18Hidetake Watanabe2-0Hiroshima Toyo CarpKorakuen
1976/04/18Kato first5-0Hiroshima Toyo CarpHiroshima
2012/05/30Toshiya Sugiuchi2-0Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles(Sep-pa Exchange BattleTokyo Dome
2018/07/27Shun Yamaguchi5-0Chunichi DragonsTokyo Dome
No-hitter no-run achievement pitcher (postseason)
datePitcher nameScoreOpponentBaseball field
2018/10/14Tomoyuki Kanno4-0Tokyo Yakult Swallows(Climax seriesShogun
Reference record
datePitcher nameScoreOpponentBaseball fieldRemarks
1971/09/06Katsuya Sugawara4-0Yakult AtomsShogun7th inning 1 Death Rainfall For cold games.
2017/06/14Shun Yamaguchi
3-0Fukuoka Softbank Hawks(Interleague play)Tokyo DomeNo-hitter no-run by succession.

The first no-hitter in history

No hit no runThe first achiever of Nippon Professional Baseball was born from the Tokyo Giants.He was a great pitcher at the time of the giantEiji Sawamura 1936May 9ToKoshienAutumn Osaka 1st league match held inOsaka TigersAchieved in a match against.

The most Thai no-hitters in history

Sawamura who achieved the first no-hitter no-run in history is the next1937May 5ToSusakiThe second time in the spring game and the Osaka Tigers game held in Japan, and more1940May 7ToNishinomiyaOpened inNagoya ArmyAchieved the third no-hitter no-run in the battle.This was achieved after the warTokiba Yoshiro(Hiroshima Carp → Hiroshima Toyo Carp), Which is the most tie record for Nippon Professional Baseball.

The first no-hitter in foreign history

1937May 7 OfEaglesIn a match with (Susaki)Victor StarhinHas achieved the first no-hitter no-run in foreign history.

The first no-hitter in postseason history

2018May 10,Tokyo Yakult SwallowsWithClimax seriesIn the first stage second round (Jingu)Tomoyuki KannoAchieved a no-hitter no-run.This is the climax series andJapan seriesThis is the first record in the history of postseason including.

The first perfect game in history

Only two giants, one of the four baseball teams that have survived since the inauguration of Nippon Professional Baseball in 1936, have achieved a perfect game.It was the first perfect game of Nippon Professional Baseball to be decidedHideo Fujimoto.1950May 6,Aomori City Baseball FieldHeld atWest Japan PiratesSecond time in a match with (pre-war and 2-league era)1943AlsoNagoya ArmyAchieved in the battle) No-hitter No-run was displayed in a perfect game.Although it was the first great achievement of Nippon Professional Baseball, since it was the return trip to Hokkaido, there were four reporters who covered the game and there was no photographer, so the coverage was small, and the newspaper also paged due to papermaking circumstances. I couldn't break it, and no photos were posted.

The final perfect game of baseball and professional baseball

The last perfect game at the end of the 2020 seasonHiroki Makihara.1994May 5Fukuoka DomeAtHiroshima Toyo CarpThe 15th person in history in the war,1978 OfYutaro Imai(Hankyu Braves) Since then, he has achieved the only perfect game in the Heisei era (Hiroki Makihara's perfect match).This match was the 7000th official match since the team was founded.Also, as mentioned above, 15 no-hitters have been born in the team, but only Fujimoto and Makihara have achieved a perfect game, and it has been 44 years since Fujimoto's feat, and the uniform number at the time of achievement is Both were "17".

Changes in uniforms

Baseball team founded-Suwon coach era

  • 1935 In the first US expedition when the baseball team was founded (Dainippon Tokyo Baseball Club), the number was changed to Chinese numerals.uniformWas used.The left chest is marked with "Hinomaru" and the letters "TOKYO" are entered, the right sleeve is the (back) number, and the left sleeve is the kanji for "Japan".The color is gray.The hat is dark blue and the mark is orange with a "T".
  • 1936 - 1937 The name of the team became "Tokyo Giants", and the second US expedition[10]..The uniform number is Arabic numerals and the chest letter is flower letters (generally)WasedaIt is a two-column set with "TOKYO" on the top and "GIANTS" on the bottom.The color is gray.The hat is dark blue and the mark is gold thread "G"[89]..After returning to Japan, the white background is black on the chest with "GIANTS", and the hat is white with a dark blue brim and black "G" mark.[90]..The same thing was made on a gray background, and when wearing it, the hat was dark blue, and the "G" mark was red with white borders.CloisonneIt was made of.Both have black double lines on the sleeves and single side lines on the pants.
  • 1938 - 1940 Minor changes to the white uniform and doubled the side lines of the pants.This uniform will be the prototype of the uniform when V9 was achieved after the war.
  • 1941 Pacific WarIn the year of the outbreak, the military color became darker and the letter on the chest of the uniform was changed from "GIANTS" to the kanji "giant".There are two types, white and gray, and the hat mark is also "big", and a national defense-colored field cap type has also been made.
  • 1945 - 1947 Two types of uniforms are made on a white background with an enji color or black on the chest and "GIANTS" on the left sleeve.Yomiuri ShimbunAt that timeCompany emblem(The circle is marked with "Shogo 賣").
  • 1947 - 1949 Return to a style similar to prewar uniforms. 1936-Similar to the uniform used in 1937, but with double sidelines on the pants.There are white and gray backgrounds, but gray pants have a number (same as the uniform number) on the waist.
  • 1950 Japan's first baseball uniformLagran sleeveAdopt[Note 20].
  • 1951 - 1952 A design aimed at children is used with a red chest logo and uniform number on a white background. From the middle of 1951, the placket line that had continued since the end of the war disappeared and became simple.For the first time, the word "TOKYO" appears on the left sleeve for visitors.
  • 1953 - 1960 Adopt orange and black, which will be the team color of the Giants. In 1953, when I went to the United States to hold my first overseas camp, I wore a uniformWilsonPlace an order with.The finished product isMLB OfNew York GiantsThe design and colors used were almost the same as (NYG).[91][92]..The logo on the chest has also changed from the traditional flower letters to the same typeface as NYG, but this uniform is made by Wilson (the same as the one used for the second US expedition before the war, it is a two-tiered "TOKYO GIANTS" The one with the written chest logo was also made), and the one made by Japan used the conventional flower letters.From this year, a uniform with the "TOKYO" logo on the chest for visitors and "GIANTS" on the left sleeve has appeared.The home was white and the visitors were gray (for the home made by U, the one with "TOKYO" on the chest was also used).The hat mark of this year was the "TG mark", which is a combination of the "T" in Tokyo and the "G" in the Giants, but the YG mark (a mark that overlaps Y and G) that has been used until now the following year To appear.
  • 1959, In September, adopted for home use with red edges of lines, uniform numbers, and chest marks.Used until the end of the season.Adopted for the test broadcast of color TV broadcasting scheduled to start the following year.
  • 1960,May 6From the match against Hiroshima Carp to the end of the season, uniforms with vermilion on the brim of the hat and red, white and black edges on the chest logo and uniform number were used for color TV.Also, from this uniform, a chest number is attached under the chest logo.
    • For home use, if it remains a white background, color TVs at that timehalationTo wake upbeigeThe ground uniform was adopted.

Kawakami-The second Fujita era

  • 1961 - 1974 The longest-used design (2016Current).Returning to the combination of black and orange, the home version will be cream, the visitor version will be blue gray, and the neck and pants will have double lines of black and orange.In addition, black and orange lines are on the neck and belt loop, led by Tetsuharu Kawakami.V9 era (1965-1973)[Note 21]It becomes a symbol of the everlasting giant symbolized by.Shigeo Nagashima retired, Tetsuharu Kawakami retired1974Was used up.1972Around, excellent elasticityKnitsIt has been switched to the dough.
  • 1975 - 1980 With the appointment of Shigeo Nagashima (first), the typefaces of "GIANTS" and "TOKYO" (chest logo, left sleeve logo) have changed.San Francisco GiantsIt will be the same type as, and the typeface of the chest number and uniform number will also change.In addition, the neck line, both sleeves and pants line become single and thick.This design has been used up to the press conference of the players nominated at the draft meeting in 1980 by the current director Tatsunori Hara (only Hara alone).
    • 1976The "TOKYO" logo on the left sleeve for the home has changed to "YOMIURI", and it is written in English above the uniform number (Romaji) Player name is entered.
  • 1981 - 1992 With the appointment of Motoshi Fujita, he will return to the type of the V9 era, but the player name will continue to be entered, and the left sleeve for the home will be "YOMIURI".Repeated minor changes, the basic design is1992Was used up.
    • 1984Only, the 50th anniversary emblem of the team is in the right sleeve.
    • 1986From the button type to the pullover type V-neck.
    • 1990For home use, it will change from cream to off-white.

Second Nagashima Director-Horiuchi Director Era

  • 1993 - 2005 Model change due to the return of director Shigeo Nagashima.From the pullover type to the button type, the racket line from the neck to the chest enters, and the belt loop line disappears.In addition, the one for visitors will be changed to gray, and the hat will be changed from black to midnight blue (dark blue).
    • 1994Is the 60th anniversary emblem of the team,1995-1997Is an emblem commemorating the league victory of the previous year,1996Put each team slogan (challenge) emblem on the right sleeve.All of these feature the mascot Jabbit.
    • 1997 - 2001AroundSecond armyonly,Konami sponsorThere was an emblem with the Konami logo on the "YOMIURI" logo on the left sleeve.
    • 2001, Adopted "Back Number Day Uniform" that removes the player name on the back on the second day of the three consecutive home games.
    • 2002 - 2004 Both home and visitors have a second uniform limited to pre-match practice in open and official games.2004Used up to. Player name will be on the back from 2003[94]..Furthermore, from July 2002, 7, due to the organizational change of the Yomiuri Group, the company that operates the team has become a joint-stock company.YomiuriからYomiuri Giants Co., Ltd.Transition to (See below for details.), The chest logo for visitors will change from "TOKYO" to "YOMIURI", and the typeface of the chest number and uniform number will change to Impact.
    • 2004, The typeface of chest number and uniform number for visitors returns to the conventional one.
    • 2005, The chest logo for visitors is from "YOMIURI", the same YG mark as the hat is on the left chest, and the chest number moves to the right abdomen.

2nd Hara Director --Takahashi Director --3rd Hara Director Era

  • 2006 - Tatsunori HaraWith the return of director1972It has been 34 years since the knit fabric was made.DescenteFrom the companyア デ ィ ダ スIt will be made by the company.At the same time, the design was changed.For both home and visitor pantsア デ ィ ダ スThe adidas brand logo is on the right chest of the three lines, and a narrow striped shadow (vertical stripes of the three lines) is included.The chest logo has been changed from Waseda typeface to square typeface, and at the same time, the player name has changed to the same typeface, and the size of the uniform number has become slightly smaller.Also, the edge of the brim of the hat turns orange.
    • For home use, the basic design other than the typeface remains the same.
    • For visitors, the jacket is black, the pants are light gray (close to white), the chest logo for visitors is "GIANTS" in the same style as for home, and the chest logo, chest number, and uniform number are gray and white. The left sleeve has been changed from "GIANTS" to "YOMIURI", which is the same as for home use.
    • 2007The captain's mark (black letter "C" on the orange circle and black line on the side of the orange edge) is placed on the captain's right sleeve.
      • 2006 - 2007Limited to home games on Sundays and public holidays, the design incorporates the "Giants" cursive text (the same logo used in the 2002-2004 second uniform for visitors) on a white base. Used in combination with Gothic-style italic uniforms with chest and uniform numbers.
    • 2008, Initially limited to the visitor game of the interleague game, we used a light gray one that is similar to the one for home use and is close to white on both the top and bottom.Black cutting is applied to both armpits.It has also been used in visitor games since the end of the interleague game, and has been officially adopted since 2009.
    • 2010The upper and lower parts for visitors are dark gray, and the cutting parts on the sides are also the same color.This ground color is based on the one used in the "75th Anniversary Uniform" worn the previous year (see Limited Edition Uniform below).
    • 2011The ground color for visitors is a light gray color called "light onyx".
      • Only in 2011, based on the idea of ​​director Tatsunori Hara himselfGreat East Japan EarthquakeA black ribbon (mourning badge) was sewn on the left sleeve of both home and visitor uniforms to commemorate the victims and pray for the reconstruction of the disaster area.[95].
      • 2013On the right sleeve to commemorate the Central League victory last yearChampion emblemWas pasted[96].
    • 2014As a milestone of the 80th anniversary of the foundation of the team, the typeface (Waseda typeface) used by the home chest logo "GIANTS" for 70 years has been restored, and the back name has been adopted from the Gothic typeface since 2005 (former typeface). Slightly smaller).The left sleeve is embroidered with two large and small star marks representing 22 times in Japan.For visitors, the ground color will be changed from gray to a light blue ground that has been used for 2 years from 1961 to 1992.However, the chest logo "GIANTS" has been used since 32.
      • In 2014, a champion emblem was pasted on the right sleeve to commemorate the previous year's Central League victory.[97].
  • 2015From the American "ア ン ダ ー ア ー マ ー(Under Armor) ”produced uniform (Under Armor brand logo on the right chest for home). In 1953, with the motif of the uniform at that time with the word "TOKYO" on the chest for the first time after the war, the chest racket line that continued from 1993 and the chest number adopted from 1960 were eliminated, and the side line of the pants became single. , It became a simpler uniform.Especially for visitors, the light blue background remains the same as the previous year, and the letters "TOKYO" (Waseda logo) have been revived on the chest for the first time in 2002 years since 13 (the typeface for the home remains the Waseda logo), and the uniform number. The typeface of was changed slightly, and the back name for home was changed back to the square typeface.[98]..In addition, the captain's uniform has been redesigned with the captain mark up to the previous year, and has been embroidered on the "YOMIURI" from the right sleeve to the left sleeve.[99].
    • In 2015, a champion emblem was affixed to the right sleeve to commemorate the previous year's Central League victory.
    • 2017, minor change. Based on the concept of "1953 ~ Return to origin ~", it was changed to a uniform closer to the one in 1953.For visitors, it returned to light gray for the first time in 4 years, and the orange line on the hat brim was abolished.[100].
  • 2021Than,MizunoChanged to company uniform. The chest number has been revived for the first time since 2014[101]. Also,New Era JapanConcluded the first official cap contract in the history of the team[102].

Limited edition uniform

Reprint uniform

  • 2007, As a project to commemorate the achievement of 5000 winsTokyo DomeMay 6 - May 6Made inTohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles-Hokkaido Nippon-Ham FightersWithExchange battleI wore a reprinted uniform with the motif of the V9 era uniform.
    • The difference from the uniform at that time is that the right sleeve has a 5000 win commemorative patch.Also, use the usual helmet as it is.
  • 2009, As part of the 75th anniversary event of the baseball team, the second of the Dainippon Tokyo Baseball Club eraThe United States of AmericaReprinting the uniforms used in the expedition, July 7-July 7 vs.Yokohama Bay StarsI wore it in 3 consecutive battles and faced the game[103].
    • The difference from the uniform at that time is that it has a shadow stripe and the adidas logo (black) on the right sleeve.In addition, the helmet as of 2009 will be used as it is.
  • 2010"August hosted by the Central League"Old uniform series", The one in 2 after the division into two leagues was reprinted.
  • 2012August-September hosted by the Central LeagueLegend uniform series』In 1981 when the director at that time, Tatsunori Hara joined the reprint for the home.


  • 2010,May 7Pair fromTokyo Yakult SwallowsLimited to three consecutive races, we adopted uniforms based on those who won the grand prix in the uniform design contest by fans of junior high school and younger.
    • The design adopted is "Giants Stars", which is studded with stars and lightning bolts.The number is on the left chest, and the "GIANTS" logo is below it.
  • 2012, Yomiuri Giants and Yomiuri Shimbun are official partners of the giantsAdidas JapanImplemented a new project "Tokon 2012" with a corporation.He wore an orange uniform and played in seven official games.The uniforms actually worn by coach Hara and the players will be put up for charity auction and used as donations for reconstruction after the earthquake.
    • As for the design, the base of the upper body for home use is white to orange.The side part is white from the side. The "GIANTS" logo and rocket line are black on a white border.In addition, use the usual trousers.
  • 2013, "Orange Soul 2013" was used in 9 games hosted by limited uniforms.The design is based on orange and the sleeves are white from both shoulders.The uniforms actually worn by coach Hara and the players will be put up for charity auction as in 2012, and will be a donation for disaster recovery support.[104].
  • 2014, "Orange Soul 2014" was used in 8 games hosted by limited uniforms.The design is orange, and the racket line is black, white, and black.The uniforms actually worn by Hara and the players will be put up for charity auction and will be donated to support the reconstruction of the earthquake.[105].
  • 2015, "Orange Soul 2015" was used in 7 games hosted by limited uniforms.The design is mainly orange, white on both sides, black, white and black lines on the collar and cuffs, and the "GIANTS" logo is black on the white edge.[106].
  • 2016, "Orange Soul 2016" was used in 7 games hosted by limited uniforms.The design is entirely orange, with black, white and black lines on the collar and cuffs, and the "GIANTS" logo is black on the white edge.[107].
  • 2017, Used in 2017 games hosted by limited uniforms as "Orange Soul 7"[108].
  • 2018, "Orange Soul 2018" was used in 7 games hosted by limited uniforms.The design is black on the sleeves and orange on the front.[109].
  • 2019, Used in 2019 games hosted by limited uniforms as "Orange Soul 7"[110].
  • 2020, "Orange Soul 2020" was scheduled to be used in 3 games hosted by limited uniforms[111].

Transition of the team flag

  • 1935-- 1940: "G" in white letters on an enji background
  • 1940-- 1944: Due to an English ban issued by the military during the war, the "G" part was changed to the kanji "giant"."Giant" in white letters on an enji background
  • 1946-- 1949: "G" with dark red letters on a white background
  • 1950 --1959: The team flag is changed after the division of the two leagues.White letters are added to the dark red background, and the letters "G" and "Yomiuri" are added in the center. "讀 G 賣"
  • 1960-Present: White letters on an enji background."Yomiuri" in the upper left and a large "G" in the lower right

Sponsors of uniforms, etc.

  • The Central League has allowed the sponsor logo to be posted on home uniforms since 2006, but the Giants have been a uniform supplier from the same year until 2014.ア デ ィ ダ スSponsored the logo and posted it on the right chest (sometimes posted on the right sleeve in limited uniforms). Instead of the company from 2015ア ン ダ ー ア ー マ ーWill be a uniform supplier, so the logo will be included instead.ア ン ダ ー ア ー マ ーContracted with 5 billion for 50 years.
  • Until July 2016, it was the only team in the 7 teams that did not post a sponsor on the helmet (instead, the team slogan "GIANTS PRIDE" was included).From July 12, the same yearNidecBecomes a helmet sponsor[112].
  • From 2016 to the middle of the 2018 season, Nihon University had an official sponsorship contract[113][Note 22].
  • In 2017, the imported car "ジ ャ ガ ー-Land rover"(Jaguar Land Rover Japan) has signed an official car contract.70 Jaguar and Land Rover cars will be rented to managers, coaches, players and staff.
  • From the 2019 season, a major online distribution companyDAZNSigned an official sponsorship contract with.AlsoDAZN TheYomiuri Shimbun GroupConcluded a "comprehensive alliance agreement" with.DAZNThe broadcast of the Giants-sponsored game inYomiuri Shimbun GroupOf seriesNippon TVIt is done in the form of permission from, and the G + (Gitas) logo is always included.It is said that the total annual sponsorship fee is about 20 to 30 billion yen.The president of the Yamaguchi baseball team said, "Negotiations between the Giants and DAZN have been going on for four years. I refused because of the Yomiuri / NTV network. There was a hesitation. Under such circumstances, he suggested consideration for coexistence with the game broadcast on TV and an unprecedented approach. "

Major team songs and cheering songs

The Yomiuri Giants have two definitions, a team song and a cheering song, and three team songs have been established so far.On the other hand, there are cheering songs created by the team, but in a broad sense, the number of cheering songs by players by private cheering teams is very large.Therefore, only the team song will be introduced here.

All song titles are "" in the chronological table posted on the official website of the team.Giant army songHowever, for the sake of distinction, the common name is written in parentheses.The first and third composers are "Hanshin Tigers Song (Grated Rokko)Is also the composer of.

  • The first "Giants song (baseball champion)"1939Announcement (Lyrics:Eighty Saijo, Composition:Yuji Koseki
  • 2nd generation "Giants Song"1949Announcement (Lyrics: Aoshi Okano, Supplementary lyrics:Ko Fujiura, Composition:Mt. Yoneyama Masao
  • 3rd generation "Giant Army Song (with fighting spirit)"1962Announcement (Lyrics:Sanpei Tsubaki, Supplementary lyrics: Yaso Saijo, Composition: Yuji Koseki)

The closest station to Tokyo DomeJR Suidobashi StationThen.2006May 7からDeparture melody"With fighting spirit" came to be played.

Main campsite



Team features

Team name

"Dainippon Tokyo Baseball ClubAfter being established as1935During the American expeditionFrank O'DoulBy the suggestion ofNew York GiantsBased on "Tokyo GiantsNickname was used[10][115]..After that, the Giants was translated as the Giants as the official team name.Tokyo Giants Army".1947ToJapan Baseball FederationWill introduce "Kanji + Nickname" for each team.Yomiuri GiantsIt becomes.

It was sometimes called "Tokyo Giants" in American newspapers, television, movies, and English newspapers.In addition, the account name of the team's official Twitter account is "Tokyo Giants".

About the name

Baseball agreementThe constituent teams described in Article 38 are "Yomiuri Giants Co., Ltd." and the team name is "Yomiuri Giants". For NPB teams, the company name part of the team name is used as an abbreviation in various media, but the Yomiuri Giants is exceptionally not "Yomiuri" but "巨人Is a general abbreviation[116]..This is an abbreviation that has been used since the time when the team name was "Tokyo Giants" (initially there were other teams calling themselves "Tokyo Senator" and "Great Tokyo Army", so it is because of the identification point of view. Even after "Giants" was abbreviated instead of "Tokyo" as "Yomiuri Giants", it continues to be used as a custom.[Note 23](If you point to the main team and say "giant", the accent is "kyojin".ImaginaryIs placed in). The abbreviation "giant" is widely used in television, newspapers, news sites, ticket printing, and so on.In these media, even when the team name is abbreviated with one letter, it is not "reading" but "hugeIt becomes.

on the other hand,Japan Baseball OrganizationIn (NPB), the official abbreviation is "YomiuriMay be used (not called "Yomiuri Giants").This is because, unlike general abbreviations, the abbreviations are customarily omitted from the team name, such as "Tokyo Yakult," "Yokohama DeNA," and "Chiba Lotte."For example, the notation of the team to which you belong on the official NPB website[117],Professional baseball draft conference"Yomiuri" is used in such cases. Many other team fans prefer to use the name "Yomiuri" instead of "Giants", but on the contrary, giant fans rarely use the name "Yomiuri", and the name "Yomiuri" is part of the official name. Despite this, there is a slight anti-meaning when using it.In addition, the team, affiliated players, OBs, etc.Giant armyAlthough the abbreviation "" is commonly used[118][119], Media, and other teams use this abbreviation less often[120][121][122].

Chinese-speaking countries (especially Taiwan, where baseball is popular) follow the traditional Chinese character name of giant, "Yomiuri Giants"use.[123][124]

マ ス コ ッ ト

  • The first mascot is Mr. Giants.Pet markAs a result, a large emblem was attached to the right chest of the jumper at that time.[Note 24]..It is said that Mr. Giants was inspired by Shigeo Nagashima's thick eyebrows, Sadaharu Oh's big eyes, and Tetsuharu Kawakami's drum belly.[125]..The design was done[Note 25].. latermanga artist OfKenji Morita Magazine "Shonen"So, let's make this character the main characterComic(Comicalized version) (Serialized from the April 1965 issue to around 4).During serializationLotteReleased a bubble gum called "Mr. Giants Gum" from (there was no professional team at that time), and Tommy (currently:タ カ ラ ト ミ ー ) From a doll toy called "Story Mr. Giants"Imai Science Co., Ltd.The plastic model was released from.The manga was not animated,1965May 7ToAsahi Sonorama (currently Asahi Sonorama)からSono sheetReleased, the theme song "Let's Go! Mr. Giants" (lyrics-/ composition- Aya Kobayashi / song - Nishirokugo Boys and Girls Chorus) And the drama, and the role of Mr. Giants was the anime "Super jetterOsamu IchikawaAlso from the Giants, Sadaharu Oh, Shigeo Nagashima, Masaichi Kaneda, baseball commentatorShinya SasakiAt that time, the announcer of Nippon Television appeared in the role of himself.
  • The second generation was a "boy on a bat" who rode a bat and added a hat, face and limbs to the ball, and was used as a pet mark for a long period of 2 years from 1980 to 1991.
  • The third generation has been used since 3.Javit".This is a combination of YG, which is the logo mark of the team,RabbitIs entwined.Used as a pet mark.In addition, five characters will appear as the "Jabbit Family" in the costume characters. Since 5, each individual character has been given a nickname ([4][Broken link]See).
  • The pet mark has been changed since 2006, and the cityscape of Tokyo (Tokyo Dome andTokyo Metropolitan Government BuildingThe giant "G-KING" was drawn in the silhouette of (etc.).The mascot remains Jabbit.
  • From January 2011, 1, the pet mark was changed to "Winning Jabbit".A smart design that incorporates the image of strength and coolness from ordinary Jabbit. Used until the 11 season.The mascot remains Jabbit.

Mascot girl

Cheering style

Giants support is led by private cheering teams in each region.It is a style of cheering and cheering with a megaphone or clapping.However, the cheering party has adopted a cheering style that does not use a megaphone. Was active until the 2010 seasonTokyo Yomiuri Giants cheering partyIn (Tokyo), one member of the Tokyo teamUnauthorized resale of baseball watching ticketsIt was found that he had violated the game watching contract agreement and the special support permission rules, and the cheering party in Tokyo voluntarily dissolved after taking responsibility for it.Newly establishedYomiuri Giants cheering party TheTokyo Yomiuri Giants cheering partyIt is said that it will carry on the tradition and style of the company and carry out support activities.As a result, the Kanto areaYomiuri Giants cheering party・ HokkaidoTokyo Yomiuri Giants Cheering Party Hokkaido・ In the Kansai areaYomiuri Giants cheering party Osaka・ In China, Shikoku and Kyushu, the Yomiuri Giants cheering party GLOVE (Hiroshima / Kyushu) will lead each region.

How do you look when you supportLotteLike other baseball teams except for, coaches and coaches who have already left the team or are wearing uniforms and shirts for visitors in home games.Kimura TakuyaEtc.) ・ Players (especiallyHideki Matsui) Uniforms and shirts, and the uniforms and shirts of the New York Yankees (with Matsui's uniform number 2009), to which Matsui belonged until 55, were often worn, and their uniformity was not very high. However, since 2012, replicas of special orange uniforms have been distributed on specific match days called Orange Soul, so the proportion of regular uniforms and orange uniforms is increasing.

Sales/fan service


An official fan club whose service started in 2007. As of 2013, the number of members has exceeded 30.

The service is a point system, and you will come to the official game hosted by the Giants (all games for the first army, only games held at Tokyo Dome for the second army), and bring the card you can get when you join the fan club to the dedicated booth. And "visit points" are added, points are added according to the records of Giants teams and players in the game of the day, and the final total is added as "game points" of the day.In addition, the online shop "GIANTS SHOP ONLINE" (#External linkSee) andTokyo SolamachiPurchase products at the "Giants Official Store" inBS Nippon TelevisionYou can also collect points by watching the Giants game broadcast on the Internet and visiting the Giants game (irregular) as an official game sponsored by other teams.If you accumulate points, you can exchange them for original goods and watching tickets for each achievement point, and you will be invited to watch the giant game in the suite room of Tokyo Dome or the excitement sheet by lottery.Until 2013, the accumulated points will not disappear even if they are exchanged, but will be added cumulatively (pick-up method) and reset every season, but from 1, if you exchange them for goods etc., the points for exchange will be added. Disappeared (exchange method) and became valid until November 2014 of the following season.

There are three types of members: Prime, Junior (all paid), and Enjoy (free), but the services you can receive differ depending on the type of member.[126].

In addition, this fan club was reborn as CLUB GIANTS as a new Giants official fan club from November 2018.With this service, in addition to being able to participate in pre-sale of tickets exclusively for CLUB GIANTS members, there are various benefits such as gifts for membership souvenirs and easy collection of G-Po.[127].

Central League metropolitan area 3 team joint project

2012From the Yomiuri GiantsTokyo Yakult Swallows-Yokohama DeNA BaystarsWith the three teams jointly with "GSDB projectOnly fan club members are given visit points in the giant game sponsored by Yakult / DeNA, other member-only events are held, advance ticket sales for the relevant games are prioritized, and mutual visits between stadium DJs, cheer teams, and mascot characters are held. ..

A traditional battle ~ THE CLASSIC SERIES ~

With the Yomiuri GiantsHanshin TigersJoint project.

Since the early days of Nippon Professional Baseball, which has a history of more than 80 years, the Yomiuri Giants and Hanshin Tigers have played many famous games in the history of baseball, and they are "eternal rivals" and the confrontation between them is "tradition". It was called "a battle".In connection with this2016,Giant·Yoshinobu Takahashi, HanshinTomonori KanemotoWith the new directors of both teams, the two teams have a common visual and series logo so that the battle between the two teams will be revived and many fans will be given even more dreams and excitement. Jointly implement various initiatives under the banner of[128]The project.This is the first time that both teams have jointly planned.


  • Except for the time when the team was founded, all the coaches are the players of the team, and it is the only team that is not supervised by the OBs of other teams. Most of them are giants. Since the two-league system, there are only people who have never been enrolled in other teams (the first coach when the team was founded:Fujimoto definitionSince he has no experience as a professional player, he will be treated as a giant army, not an OB of another team.As an exception,Fujita MotoshiHad been a coach of the ocean before becoming a giant coach).However, the coach and the director of the second and third armies are also serving as non-born people.
  • Other teams have no long-term rest, dismissal or resignation of the coach in the middle of a season (in 1 during the one-league era).Haruyasu NakajimaHas resigned.Since then, there has been no such situation since the two-league system was established).
  • 1949 OfSE LeagueSince its establishment1950から2009Of the 60 times, 33 times have won the league.Tetsuji KawakamiUnder the supervisionV9Achieved the third golden age (1965 - 1973) Since then, he has won the Central League 2010 times (including 35 times in the Japan Series) for 13 years from the time of Shigeo Nagashima's first coach to the time of Tatsunori Hara's second coach in the latter half of the 6s.
  • For 6 years from 1958, when Daiei was absorbed and merged daily in the Pacific League and Daiei disappeared and became a 2004-team system, until 47 when Kintetsu was absorbed and merged with Orix and Kintetsu disappeared. He was competing against all 6 teams at that time in the Japan Series (the best in Japan also experienced with all 6 teams).The giants have been defeated in the Japan Series by four teams: Nishitetsu / Seibu, Hankyu / Orix, Nankai / Softbank, and Rakuten.The compatibility with Nishitetsu and Seibu is bad, and the match record is 4 wins and 3 losses, which is a big loss. Started activities in 7RakutenAlso the Japan Series match against2013It became the first (and only) Central League team to have played against all existing Pacific League teams as of 2013.
  • It was the lowest in 1975, the smallest of the 1 existing teams, and only the Giants had the lowest.In addition, by avoiding the bottom in 12, Hankyu Orix held the longest record of avoiding the bottom for 1 consecutive years (2016-39) for 1964 consecutive years (2001-). It became a team.This record has grown for 40 consecutive years in 1976.
  • Posting transfers abroad were not previously allowed, but in 2019Shun YamaguchiRealized the posting transfer for the first time (the transfer destination isToronto Blue Jays).
  • In 1994, the unborn player who transferred from the giant by exercising domestic FAYokohama Bay StarsTransferred toTokuhiro KomadaOnly.
  • Despite the fact that other teams won the leagueClimax seriesFinal stage andJapan seriesEven if you are defeated in Japan, you may have a championship parade, but in the case of a giant, there is a condition that the championship parade will not open unless you become the best in Japan.
  • 2015 Year of 3 MonthYomiuri ShimbunAccording to a survey by the Interleague Play, it is the only team out of all 12 teams in the Interleague Play that, in principle, is moving in two flights, except for local events, as a measure to avoid disasters.[129].
  • Many of the games at the Giants' local stadium are sponsored games, and visitors have not held them since 1972, but if they are held once in 2004 and 2005, they will be played in Yakult and DeNA games after 1. The number of games held locally by visitors is increasing. From 2010Sep-pa Exchange BattleWas introduced, and although it was sometimes held in the sponsored game, it has not yet been held in the visitor.
  • Reigning as the leader of the ball world,Nagashima Shigeo,Tatsunori Hara, Even outsideHiromitsu Ochiai,Kiyohara KazuhiroAlthough there are many right-handed hitters such as, the right-handed hitter who unexpectedly recorded 1 home runs in one season among giants was in 40.Yuki KokuboDid not appear until was recorded.Six years later, in 6Alex RamirezRecorded 40 home runs for the first time as a foreign right-handed batter, and finally recorded 49 home runs, which is the most record.Until 40, only the outsiders Kokubo and Ramirez recorded more than 2018 home runs for the giant right-handed hitter, but in 2019Hayato SakamotoWas the first right-handed hitter to record.
  • He has won the Interleague Play twice in 2012 and 2014.All other yearsPacific LeagueTeam has won, and until 2017 the GiantsSE LeagueWas the only team that had won the Interleague Play[Note 26]..Only the Giants have won the Interleague Play twice in the Central League.
  • Introduced in 2007Climax seriesThen, from 2007 to 2016, the year of introduction, the series has advanced for 10 consecutive years.This was the only record of all 12 teams in the Interleague Play, but in 2017 it finished in 4th place and missed the climax series for the first time in the history of the team.[130].
  • As of 2020, it is also the only team that has a record of both "3 consecutive wins after 4 consecutive losses" and "3 consecutive losses after 4 consecutive wins" in the Japan Series.[131].


Official match after the Japan Series

1955The official game of the Japan Series continued to be postponed due to the cancellation of unseasonable weather in three games against the ocean, so it was not possible to fully digest it by the start of the Japan Series game against Nankai.Therefore, the Japan Series, and even after thatUS-Japan baseball-New York YankeesBecause of the friendly matches that invited them, the three remaining ocean matches were finally exhausted in late November when those tournaments ended.The final round was held on November 11rd.

The giant has finished the pennant race with undigested matches in the following season.

  • In the fall of 1937May 10 OfTokyo SenatorThe battle will be the trigger.
    Shigeru Mizuhara hit the ball with the attack of the Giants on the 1st and 2rd bases in the bottom of the 9th inning, which was led by 1-1.pitcherGround ball.Pitcher →second basemanFirst basemanHowever, the first base is safe.At this time, Senator's second basemanHisadori Kanda"Of the first base runnerKikuji HirayamaInterfered with the throw. "This was recognized and the first base was out, and the game was over.Giants dissatisfied with this decisionJapan Baseball Federation(First for professional baseball)Sued match).May 11The board of directors of the Federation decided to invalidate this match and replay it, but the Osaka Tigers have already decided to win the year, and even if this match were played, it would not affect the ranking of the season. ,May 12Was decided to cancel.
  • 1949: In addition to the temporary suspension of the official game due to ALL STAR SERIES, the Japanese Baseball League was dissolved on November 2 due to the division of the two leagues, so the pennant race was discontinued on November 11.For this reason, 26 games (Hankyu)Daiei1 match each for the Battle and Hanshin Tigers,Taiyo3 games) ended undigested.
  • 1951: 120 games were scheduled, but the schedule for ALL STAR SERIES was approaching, so it was discontinued on October 10, and the official game was played without digesting 9 games (6 games against the Japanese National Railways and 2 games against Hiroshima). Finished.At this time, the league championship was confirmed in response to the decision to "discontinue" on September 4.
  • 1953: Five games against the Japanese National Railways have not been digested, but this is also the Japan Series, and ALL STAR SERIES has two teams this year (Ed Lopat, the US All-Star Team).New York Giants) Was invited, and the schedule for the remaining games could not be adjusted, so the five games were canceled.The Giants of this year were camping abroad, and returned to Japan on April 5, which was a big factor in not being in time for the opening of the Central League on March 4.
  • 2004:Orix Blue WaveOsaka Kintetsu BuffaloesA series of events that originated in the merger ofSphere reorganization problemTwo days (two games between China and Japan (Nagoya Dome)) were the target of the strike.Since no alternative date was set for these two games, the league ended in 2 games.

The first two-day match in history

1961May 9Pair ofNational railwayIn the battle (Korakuen), the first two-day straddling match in history was held.The beginning of the matter was the attack of the Japanese National Railways in the 2th inning. Shigeo Nagashima, who caught the ground ball on the 11rd base, should have stepped on the base and made it out, but the 3nd base runnerMasataka TsuchiyaThe legs were fast.However, Tsuchiya, who thought he was out, was in the third base coaches box.Kuninobu SunaoshiPrompted by the manager, I ran toward the home.Nagashima who saw this chased Tsuchiya and crossed between the three, and the catcher who received the ball thrown from Nagashima thereFujio ShigeruTouched Tsuchiya.Hidenosuke ShimaAlthough the ball umpire once declared out, the Japanese National Railways insisted that Nagashima obstruction, and as a result of the umpire's discussion, the decision was overturned and home-in was allowed, so the Giants side insists that Tsuchiya was a lineout this time. Both teams became a dispute.More excited fans set fire to the stands and threw things into the ground, and two fans were arrested for the current offense of obstructing official duties. After a break of nearly two hours, Tsuchiya's home-in was recognized and the match resumed at 2:2, resulting in the end of the match the next day.May 9It was 0:11 and it was the first two-day match in history.

The most recent two-day match2018May 9 OfHanshinversusHiroshima21rd round (MAZDA Zoom-Zoom Stadium Hiroshima), There is a case where the start of the match was delayed by 1 hour and the match ended at 0:03 the next day due to the interruption in the rain.[132]In addition, according to the Central League tournament regulations1990から2000When there was an agreement of "unlimited time, 15 extra times, draw rematch", there were some cases that crossed the day as a result of fighting 15 full innings.

Alleged home run

In the opening game of 1990, the game with Yakult Swallows at the local Tokyo DomeToshio Shinozuka Naoyuki NaitoThe hit ball released from is 1st basebase umpireWas servingHarunobu OsatoUmpireWas judged to be a home run.In response to this judgment, Yakult said, "The hit ball passed in front of the light pole and entered the foul stand."Katsuya NomuraThe coach protested, but the decision was not overturned.In the sports news of each station broadcast on the same day, this hit ballVTRWas broadcast repeatedly, and many concluded that "the hit ball broke in front of the light pole and entered the foul stand."From this year in the Central LeagueOutfield refereeWas abolished and it was done by a four-person system.After this suspicion, the pole of Tokyo Dome was painted yellow so that the hit ball could be seen, and then changed to orange.

Gambling by affiliated players

In October 2015, of the playersSatoshi FukudaIs found to be playing baseball.After that, the same playerMasao KasaharaTatsuya MatsumotoIt was also found that the two of them were also playing baseball gambling. In NovemberJapan Baseball Organization(NPB)commissioner-Kumasaki KatsuhikoDisqualified the three players, and the team that received them canceled the contract with the three players (de facto dismissal).In addition, a fine of 3 million yen was imposed on the team for insufficient guidance and management. The NPB Commissioner dismissed the players in the baseball gambling case in 3 at Nishitetsu Lions (currentlySaitama Seibu Lions), Which originated from the match-fixing pitcherBlack fog case』Since then.

In addition, in order to clarify the responsibility of this case, the team has dismissed three players, and Atsushi Harasawa, managing director and representative of the team, resigned from responsibility.Tsunekazu MomoiChairman·Hiroshi KuboThe president returns 50% of director compensation (indefinitely),Kojiro ShiraishiOwner ・Tsuneo WatanabeThe special adviser has decided on his own disposition, such as a full refund of director compensation (two months).

Among some giant players other than the three playersBetting mahjongAnd bettingPlaying cards,high school baseballUsedgamblingThe Yomiuri Giants Stadiumlocker roomAbout 3 people, including 10 pitchers involved in baseball gambling, participated in betting mahjong, and 11 players participated in betting cards for playing card games such as millionaires and poker. He also announced the fact that gambling was routinely rampant within the team, such as betting 1 yen each time and collecting fines from players who made mistakes in defensive practice.[133]..Betting cash is a gambling offense, but the team has taken strict precautions while hiding the names of the players involved.[134][135]

2016On March 3th, the giant held an emergency press conference and a new oneKyousuke TakagiIs newly found to be suspected of being involved in baseball gambling.On the same day, the baseball team accused Kyosuke Takagi of punishment and accused NPB of violating a baseball agreement prohibiting baseball gambling.[136].. With the discovery of the fourth person, the giant Tsuneo Watanabe, owner Kojiro Shiraishi, and Tsunekazu Momoi, chairman of the baseball team, resigned to take responsibility for a series of baseball gambling problems.[137].. On March 3, the NPB investigative committee announced a disqualification plan to disqualify Kyosuke Takagi for one year and impose a fine of 22 million yen on the team.[138]..After that, the Kumasaki Commissioner officially makes the same disposition as the investigation committee proposal.[139]..In response to this, the Yomiuri Giants notified Kyosuke Takagi on the same day that he would be effectively dismissed from the contract.[140].

In April 2016, it was confirmed that one person other than the above four players entered and exited the illegal casino.However, despite the fact that Yami Casino is illegal under Japanese law, the name was not announced because it is not a violation under the baseball agreement to bet money at Yami Casino.In addition, when the gambling survey was conducted again in March, 4 people participated in betting mahjong and 4 people participated in betting cards, and the number of participants in gambling increased from the time of the November survey in the previous year.[141].


Always be a gentleman


Masataro MatsuriBut"Giants are always紳士SauceThe word[Note 27]Giants are required to be a model as a member of society and as a human being, and when appearing on TV or moving,suittieHas been obligatory to wear[Note 28][Note 29]. Kiyohara KazuhiroAccording to his book "Rebellious Heart", how to carry luggage is also decided.

It is also said that growing beards, dyeing hair, and long hair are not preferable.However, beards are often tolerated, especially during the second Nagashima coaching era.Yayoi,Shinichi Murata,Yusaku Iriki,Naoki Sugiyama,Tetsuhiro MonnaBesides,Lloyd Mosby(Belonging to the previous year when Nagashima took office),Jesse Barfield,Henry Cotto,Dan Gladden(Long hair in addition to beard),Shane Mack,Barbino Galves,Domingo MartinezMany players played with a beard.Except during the second Nagashima coaching eraKaoru Nimura, The mustache was a trademark during the Nippon-Ham eraOgasawara MichidaiThe trademark of foreign players is the beard, which was described as "Lion Maru" in the ocean era.John ShipinAndSan Francisco GiantsHave been transferred sinceMLB314 in totalHome run OfReggie Smith, Transferred from Kintetsu BuffaloesTuffy Rose OfCornrow(Sipin shorts his hair and shave his beard before camping.[142][143], Ogasawara talked to a man before the press conference and shaved his beard himself[144][145]).With permission from the team with the condition that it is limited to off-seasonYoshinobu TakahashiIs blonde or mustache,Daiki MotokiHad had brown hair.

Tattoos are also not recommended.There are tattoos on both armsDicky GonzalezAlways wore long-sleeved undershirts, even in the summer, to hide them.

In addition,Kiyohara KazuhiroWas wearing pierced earrings when he was a giant, but there was an opinion that "should be removed" mainly from alumni. Koji UeharaAs for, I was wearing a suit when I left for Miyazaki camp, but I was packing my luggage in a paper bag at a department store.

Katsuya NomuraIn his book "Giants Army Theory", he expressed a positive view on "gentleman baseball" as mentioned above, and prohibited brown hair, piercings, tattoos, etc. even when he was the director.Also,Tsuneo HoriuchiApproved only brown hair and piercings after taking office as director[Note 30]The time gave a rather negative opinion.Nomura argues that "building a strong team requires strict rules, and players should stand out in play, not in brown hair, piercings or tattoos."He also says that humanity is trained under strict rules, which has a positive effect on baseball.

Registered name

1994 OfIchiropunchWhen the registered name by the nickname of the Japanese player became popular, the giant probably did not leak.Hirofumi KonoThe registered name of the nickname is "Genchan(Because it resembles the Peking Man[146]), But was rejected by the federation[147]..The Central League board said it would accept "Gen"[147]However, the giant did not respond, and now it has turned around.Policy not to accept the registered name itself as a teamCame to take[148], Katsunori (Katsunori Nomura) AndSabouraud(Saburo Omura) has also returned his registered name to his real name when he transferred to the Giants.

If it is not a nickname like the one above,Koreans in JapanSuch asSpecial permanent residentThe player who corresponds to is not the ethnic name of the real name in the family register but the Japanese stylePopular nameThere is an example of registering in, and an example of renaming only the registered name as it is for the purpose of carrying a lucky charm.

For foreigners and similar playersJeremy GonzalezBut was already enrolledLewisGonzalesandJeremy・ PowellAn example of "GG" (reading is "GG") so as not to be confused withMichael NakamuraChanged the registered name to "MICHEAL", the same as in the Nippon-Ham era,Garrett JonesHowever, since there are many registered cases for "Jones", there are cases where it became "Garret" in a way that strengthens the impact.

Giants time

There is an implicit rule that players and staff gather 30 minutes before the scheduled time called "Giants Time"[149]..Late demon[150]Is described asHideki MatsuiIt has been pointed out that most of them were late for this "Giants time".[151].

One battle of tradition

Mainly in the media, etc.Hanshin TigersBattle "One battle of traditionMay be expressed as.

Baseball team management company

The Giants operating company is undergoing a complex transition. When the Dainippon Tokyo Baseball Club was established in 1934, the Yomiuri Shimbun provided a great deal of backup, but the actual investment amount was small, and it was an independent company related to Matsutaro Shoriki (the largest shareholder was a temporary shareholder). Was enrolled on secondmentKeisei Electric RailwayMet.As for the number of investment sharesToshiba,Hanshin Electric Railway[Note 31][Note 32],Tokyu Electric Railway,Yoshimoto KogyoWas followed by this). 19472, Yomiuri Shimbun acquired all shares and is completely affiliated.The two letters "讀賣" were placed on the right shoulder of the baseball team flag, and the company name was changed from "Dainippon Tokyo Baseball Club" to "Yomiuri Kogyo", but in 1950.1Separated as "Yomiuri Giants" (1st term).However, it has been absorbed by the Yomiuri Kogyo in just one year and two months.

1963, Yomiuri ShimbunKyusyuYomiuri Kaikan (at that time) in Yomiuri KogyoYurakuchoSOGO<CurrentBic cameraYurakucho store> and the Yomiuri Shimbun Tokyo head office building at that time <currentlyPrintemps Ginza> Was merged to establish the "Yomiuri Shimbun Western Headquarters" as the business headquarters within the Yomiuri Kogyo.The intention was to make up for the deficit of the newspaper business in Kyushu, which is uncertain, with the income of professional baseball and real estate, but as a result, Yomiuri Kogyo has three businesses: professional baseball, real estate, and newspapers.conglomerateIt became a (complex company). In 1988, it inherited the newspaper business in the Tokai region from the poorly managed Chubu Yomiuri Shimbun, and named it "Yomiuri Shimbun Chubu Headquarters." 20027Due to the reorganization of the Yomiuri Shimbun Group,Yomiuri"(19926(Renamed from Yomiuri Kogyo) changed the newspaper business to Yomiuri Shimbun Tokyo Headquarters Chubu Branch (Chubu Headquarters changed to Yomiuri ShimbunYomiuri Shimbun Tokyo Head OfficeAbsorbed in) andYomiuri Shimbun Western HeadquartersDivided into and became a professional baseball specialist, "Yomiuri GiantsThe company name of "(2nd term) has been revived.Along with this, the chest mark on the visitor's uniform is also " From "YOMIURIIt was changed to "(used until 2004).

Original uniform number

The pre-war giant army basically follows the New York Yankees by batting orderUniform numberI had decided.

For example,1936In the summer, No. 1Takeo Tabe(Since I left the group before participating in the official game due to a conflict with the upper management, after thatSeiichi HayashiWas inherited), No. 2Shiro Tsuda,No. 3·Haruyasu Nakajima,No. 4·Nagasawa Fujio,No. 5·Kentaro ItoUp to, the number and batting order match.The Giants at that time did not have a player with a uniform number of 6, so the number 6 is a uniform number of 7.Osamu Tsutsui, 7 is the number 8Toshio ShiraishiHowever, the basic order was to have a catcher for No. 8 and a pitcher for No. 9.Uniform number 9Eiichiro YamamotoThe catcher's uniform number starts from 10 and the 10 isTakeshi Nakayama, No. 11Tamotsu Uchibori, No. 12Nobuo KuraIt continued. The pitcher's uniform number starts from 13Kenichi Aoshiba(No. 13), Eiji Sawamura (No. 14), Toshihide Hatafuku (No. 15), and so on.No. 16 was missing again, followed by Victor Starffin (No. 17) and Hachiro Maekawa (No. 18).Players who joined after the fall are not subject to the Yankees number, and like Tabe, No. 19 left the team due to a conflict with the upper management, but returned afterwards.Shigeru Mizuhara, Hayashi changed to No. 1 and became vacant No. 20 was the team's first left-handed pitcher, Yuzaburo Narita, who joined from Aomori Tomo, and No. 21 joined as an assistant manager but returned to active duty due to the awkwardness of the summer team Osamu Mihara decided to put it on, and Sadayoshi Fujimoto put on the team's largest number 22.

Because the number of players has increased1938Since then, it has often deviated from this basic, but Tetsuharu Kawakami's number 16 is a remnant of the Yankees' uniform number, which can be said to be evidence that Kawakami joined as a pitcher.

Color TV uniform

1957,Masataro MatsuriThe owner serves as chairmanNippon TV Color TVThe test broadcast has started.Positive power changed the uniform of the giant as an idea to popularize color television.

The first change is19599..The orange x black x orange line on the sleeves, the uniform number, and the "GIANTS" edging on the chest have been changed to red.However, since this change was only for the home and the conventional uniform was used for the visitor, it was returned to the original uniform at the end of the official game of the year without being noticed by the fans.[Note 33].

Next, color TV uniforms appeared1960May 6..The uniforms with red hat brim, chest logo, and uniform number for both home and visitor overturned the team color of the giants.Since halation occurred when white objects were displayed on color TVs at that time, the ground color for homes was also changed to beige for the Dolan effect.

However, this uniform has a bad reputation among the players, and it is reported that all of them issued orders and changed clothes all at once.Although there were no players who disagreed, the commentators spoke for that voice.Daisuke Miyake"The idea is the other way around. It's like having professional baseball for color TV."Tokuro KonishiAlso"Cleveland IndiansOrMilwaukee Braves (now Atlanta Braves)It's a copy of the Giants, not like the Giants. "

In this way, the uniform for color TVs had a bad reputation in the world, and the league championship was kidnapped by the Ocean Whales, which was the lowest for the sixth consecutive year until the previous year, so this uniform is also not useful for this year. became.At the timeTokyo 23 WardThere were only about 100 color TVs in Japan, and it was not possible to contribute to the original purpose of "spreading color TVs" (the reason why color TVs became popular was1964 OfTokyo OlympicsIs).

50th trio

Hiromi Makihara, Norihiro Komada, and Sadaaki Yoshimura, who have grown remarkably as young players in 1983,Uniform numberIt was called the 50th trio after that.Uniform number50Komada was the first in the history of Nippon Professional Baseball on April 4th.First at bat full base home runMake a shocking debutRegular turn at batBatting average .199, 286 home runs with 12 at-bats not reached, especially strong with 10 hits in 7 at bats with bases loaded.Grand slamI got the nickname of.Uniform number54Makihara is the first pitcherClosedHe won the rookie of the year with 12 wins.Uniform number55Yoshimura stayed at 104 at bats, but had a batting average of .1 and 3 home runs, including three consecutive home runs from the first professional home run.This year, the giant won the Central League championship and was noted as a promising young man.Yoshimura changed his uniform number 326 from 5, Makihara changed his uniform number 86 from 7, and Komada changed his uniform number 87 from 17.

Sponsored game holding method related

Local stadium held

In the past, it was actively held at stadiums in local cities, especiallyHokkaidoseries(Maruyama,Asahikawa,Sapporo Dome2-3 consecutive battles in Kyushu series (Heiwadai,Kitakyushu,Fukuoka Dome,KumamotoEtc.), every other yearHokurikuseries(Kanazawa,Toyama Prefectural,Toyama Citizen (Alpen Stadium),Fukui2-3 consecutive battles.It has been held continuously because Toyama is the birthplace of Matsutaro Shoriki),Tohokuseries(Morioka,Sendai,KoriyamaWe have taken the initiative in conducting 2-3 consecutive battles.AlsoAkita,Aomori MunicipalEtc. were also held.

After the opening of the Tokyo Dome, the Tohoku series and Hokuriku series were abolished because the games were organized around the stadium (and until the beginning of the 21st century, almost night games), and the Hokkaido and Kyushu series also had venues. The number of games was reduced by narrowing down to one place (only night games at Fukuoka Dome and Sapporo Dome) (in 1, one game in the Kyushu series was held at the Giants campsite Miyazaki).

However, since the abolition of local holdings has become a disaster and the number of fans has become serious, the Tohoku series and Hokuriku series have been revived since 2005, and the number of holdings in local cities is increasing again.However, of these, for Sapporo and Fukuoka, after 2005Sep-pa Exchange BattleAs it became customary to go on an expedition (albeit as a visitor) in a match hosted by the Pacific League team, the Giants-sponsored match in these areas2010It has not been held since then.However, the team side does not abolish it but treats it as "pause"[Note 34]..Also, in the match in Sendai in the Tohoku series, a team that is also a franchise has appeared, and it has not been held since 2008 because it can be dealt with in the same way in the interleague game.

Currently, every yearKyocera Dome OsakaIn addition to one card (basic two games), the Tohoku series (other than Miyagi Stadium), the Hokuriku series, the Kyushu series (other than Fukuoka Dome), and Kinki (other than Fukuoka Dome) every year or every other year.KoshienOther than) ・ Tokai (other than)Nagoya DomeOther than) ・ China (other than)Hiroshima(Other than) ・ One game (set with Kyocera Dome Osaka) is organized in either Shikoku, and 1-8 games a year (9 games in 2016) are held locally.Hanshin has the largest number of games held in the Central League (7 games), but Hanshin has the largest number of giants on the baseball stadium base because almost all of them are Osaka Dome.

Long term load

City competition baseball tournamentIs held at Tokyo Dome, so a long-term road is organized every year during and for the two weeks before and after the event.During this time, the giant will play a sponsored game at a local stadium.In particular, the tournament will be held from late August to early September (2002 - 2010[Note 35]), One card was always a local expedition sponsored by the giant.For example, in 1, 2007 games were played outside Tokyo Dome, including the games hosted at Sapporo Dome (August 11-September 8).

There was a long-term expedition when the Intercity Baseball Tournament was held from late July to early August, but at this timeAll starThere was no sponsored match because there were often matches with other visitors in the Kanto area who could get in between and go to the stadium from home.[Note 36].

Hosted game at Osaka Dome

The baseball team east of KantoKinki areaOpportunities to play home games in various places1952ToFranchiseIt is rare since the system was established, and at the beginning of the system, due to the difficulty of the stadium, etc.Saikyogoku,OsakaThere were only a few teams playing games.Especially1955 OfDaiei StarsHeld 15 games in Saikyogoku and was effectively a quasi-base (parent company's)DaieiIs also related to having a studio in Uzumasa, Kyoto).

Before the establishment of the franchise, giants rarely had games that were treated as homes (second attack) even at stadiums in the Kinki area, but after that was established, there was an opportunity to play home games in the Kinki area.Saikyo pole stadiumThere were few except for the open game (mainly against the Hanshin Tigers) in.But,1997The Osaka Dome was completed in the same yearYomiuri Shimbun Osaka Head OfficeSince the 45th anniversary of the first issue of the stadium also overlapped, two official games with Yakult were held at the stadium.After that, it started to be held almost every year at Osaka Dome. Opened at Tokyo Dome after 2City competition baseball tournamentの開催時期が8月下旬から9月初めに移動したためによる処置であった。2006年、2007年及び2010年、2013年は4月に、2012年は7月に開催され、現在も都市対抗開催期間中の長期ロード中の7月下旬に組まれている。また、2007年と2013年に関しては、同一リーグであるHanshinIs a franchise in Hyogo prefecture (Kobe) But it was assembled. In 2020, the official game was canceled due to the new coronavirus, but it was held at Kyocera Dome because the Intercity Baseball Tournament will be held at Tokyo Dome during the Japan Series.

As far as the official match is concerned, the match against Hanshin has not been held in Osaka or Kobe by either the Giants or the Hanshin Tigers.

Day game held at home

During the Korakuen Stadium era, day games were held on Sundays and during long holidays except in the summer, but since 1988 when the Tokyo Dome opened, it has been partially held in the opening series and during the long holidays. However, since a large amount of broadcasting rights revenue can be expected from terrestrial television broadcasting, it is no longer held as a day game, and almost all sponsored games, including local ones, have become night games.For day games, there are no night game facilities at Sapporo Maruyama Stadium and Asahikawa Starhin Stadium.[Note 37]It was about to be teamed up with the Hokkaido series (currently Sapporo Dome) at[Note 38].

After that, the merit of holding a night game decreased due to the decrease in terrestrial TV broadcasting due to the decrease in the audience rating, and in consideration of the ease of arrival of the audience, the day game will be held again on weekends and holidays. The number is increasing, and at present, about 20 games are held annually.Since Tokyo Dome is an indoor stadium, day games are organized even in the summer.

Night game starts at 6:XNUMX

The Giants' night game has been set at 6 pm for many years,2012May 7Made inDeNAI went on a trial basis in the battle at 7 o'clock.This is until the day beforeThe 83th City Counter Baseball TournamentWas held, and various work such as removing the support stage at the venue was carried out, and there was an opinion from the fans that "I want to see the game from the start of the game even on my way home from work", so I went for this one game only. ..

2013Also, in the five games from July to August, it was called "7 night game" and the game was set to start from 8:5.This is also until July 630, the day beforeThe 84th City Counter Baseball TournamentDue to the withdrawal work due to the fact that was done and the request from the fans.In particular, there will be a service that reduces draft beer from 2 yen to 800 yen in half for two games during the period.[153].

2014However, it will continue as "7 night game" in 5 games in July, and the game will start from 630:6.This is alsoThe 85th City Counter Baseball TournamentIn response to the preparations for the event and the requests from fans.

However, in the past, there were many starts at 7:XNUMX pm in the early days of night games.

Broadcast of the sponsored game

Basically, on terrestrial broadcasting, night games are broadcast from 19:00 to 20:54, and day games are broadcast from 15:00 to 17:00 (depending on the broadcast date).

For many years, the TV broadcast of the sponsored game has been affiliated with the Yomiuri Shimbun.Nippon TVContinues to be monopolized by (1959May 6Only the viewing match and the Hanshin TigersNHK General TelevisionSince it was broadcast to affiliated stations nationwide, it gained a large number of giant fans nationwide. Since 2002, the monopoly by NTV has collapsed, and on terrestrial broadcasting, several night games were broadcast on NHK General TV on Saturday, and also broadcast by other stations (TV Asahi-Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.) Has also come to be done. Since 2004, the number of terrestrial broadcast games has been reduced, both TV Asahi and TV TOKYO have withdrawn, and NTV has only a few games a year if it is limited to night games.[Note 39]..Except for special circumstances such as the opening game, the option to extend the broadcast time for night game broadcasts (up to 21 minutes until 24:30)[Note 40]Was also abolished.

Instead of the decrease in terrestrial broadcasting, NTVSatellite broadcasting in JapanIsBS Nippon TelevisionIt is broadcast including the extension option (it may not be broadcast in games broadcast on NHK as mentioned above).

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