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⚾ | Before the professional baseball open game, ZOZO Marine will be antibacterial to watch Wiz Corona

Photo Before the professional baseball open game, ZOZO Marine to antibacterial specifications to watch the game with Corona

Before the professional baseball open game, ZOZO Marine to antibacterial specifications to watch the game with Corona

If you write the contents roughly
The work was done by a construction company in Noda City, who was in charge of the work at the stadium in Chiba, which is his hometown, because he incorporated antibacterial work such as home remodeling into a full-scale business with Corona.

Professional baseball, where the open game begins this week.Against ZOZO Marine Stadium to support watching sports in Corona → Continue reading

 Cibatere + Plus

It will be "Ciba Tele + Plus" operated by Chiba Television Broadcasting.

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Antibacterial work


Noda-shi(Dashi) isChibaLocated in the northwest ofCity.

The population is about 15.2.Urban employment areaInTokyo metropolitan area.Healthy City UnionMember cities[1].Tokatsu areaIt is in.Edogawa,Tone Canal OfWater transportationProspered inSoy sauceOne of the five major production areas[2]..Brewing related heritageModernization industrial heritageHas been certified by.


In ancient times, it developed by water transportation around the banks of the Edo River.After the opening of the railway, mainly at the stationTokyo OfCity center OfBed townHousing development progresses as.Tobu RailwayNoda Line(Tobu Urban Park Line) "Nodashi StationAroundKikkomanFounded and headquarteredCastle townAlso known as.From here every day, all over the countrySoy sauceHas been shipped.

A wealthy merchant's mansion, soy sauce brewery, etc.Modernization industrial heritageMany of them still exist as "Noda City's brewing-related heritage".XNUMX views of Fujimi in the Kanto regionIt has been selected as "Fuji from Noda City".

There are various theories about the origin of the place name Noda, and one of the leading theories is that it is derived from the fact that a military commander named Noda Umasuke set up a mansion. It is not clear because there is a theory that says.


It is the northernmost city in Chiba prefecture,36th parallelPasses through.Prefectural office locationIsChibaIt is about 40 kilometers from.Tokyo OfCity centerIt is within 30-40 kilometers from.Urban employment areaInTokyo metropolitan areaIncluded in theTokyospecial areaThe commuting rate to the department is 13.2% (27 census).

Kanto PlainLocated almost in the center of the city, the city centerShimosa Plateau, East of the cityTone River, WestEdogawa, SouthTone CanalIt is surrounded by rivers on three sides.The opposite bank across the Tone RiverIbaraki, The opposite bank across the EdogawaSaitama.


Adjacent municipalities




Prehistoric / Ancient / Medieval

NodaEdo PeriodPoor previous record, but small(I.e.Are scattered and have been open for a long timelandIt can be seen that it is.Noda as an ancient ruinShell mound,Yamazaki shell moundEtc. remain, medium-sizedVillageIt is believed that there was.

中 世The ruins ofThe role of the next three yearsPlayed an active part inKamakura KagemasaCastle andFurukawaIt is reported that there was a castle of Umasuke Noda, a senior vassal of.However, the remains have not been found.

Also in OzakiKamakura ShogunateInfluentialLordwasNomoto IesadaA relatively large scale, which is said to be the castle ofCastleThere are also traces.In KinosakiChinese OfOne color several horsesThe remains of the castle are still thereHideyoshi ToyotomiIt is reported that there was a battle with the troops dispatched by.

Edo Period

Tokugawa Ieyasu OfEdoAfter entering the prefecture1590(Tensho18 years)Okabe NagamoriThe castle(I.e.It is said that it was built in Tsutsumidai and later moved to Tsutsumidai.These remainsLoreAlthough some remains, there are many unclear points about medieval information due to the lack of records.

Noda's record increases a little in the Edo period.This was blessed with the rise of the soy sauce industry that ships to Edo, which has become a major consumer.Water transportationUsingSoy sauceBigbrandIt is said that it prospered as a land.As land transportationNikko East ReturnWas passed throughYamazaki-juku・ Inns such as Nakazato-juku have also been established.

After modern times
  • 1899(Meiji 32) --Kawama Village incorporated a part of Nakagawa Village, Sashima District, Ibaraki Prefecture (south of the Tone River) and established Oaza Koyama, Uchinagaya, and Hase.
  • 1917(Taisho 6) --The Noda Soy Sauce Brewing Association, which was established jointly by local soy sauce brewers such as the Takanashi and Mogi families, becomes a joint-stock company.
  • 1921(10th year of Taisho)- Noda Soy Co., Ltd. Labor disputeOutbreak.Labor activists from all over the country visit.
  • 1922(Taisho 11) --Kikkoman soy sauce reaches 2500 households in the cityWater supplyStart supplying.After that, it continued until the city's water supply business was transferred to Noda City in 1975.[3].
  • 1923(12th year of Taisho)- Fukuda village incidentHappens.

1970 eraSince then, many factories and logistics facilities have moved along Route 16 andTobu Noda LineAs a commuting route in TokyoBed townThe conversion progresses.But,1990 eraOr laterReturn to the city centerUnder the influence of the phenomenon, young men are seeing the progress of aging as they flow out of the city on the occasion of going on to school and getting a job.

recent yearsUrban regeneration mechanismIs the southern part of the cityMizuki(Old(I.e.) As soon as we are developing in the district,Tsukuba ExpressThe population has begun to increase again as access to central Tokyo has become faster due to the opening of the company.

Changes in administrative areas

Higashi KatsushikaNoda TownANoda-shi
Higashi KatsushikaAsahimura
Higashi KatsushikaUmesato Village
Higashi KatsushikaNanafuku Village
Higashi KatsushikaKawama VillageC
Higashi KatsushikaFutian Village
Higashi KatsushikaKimagase VillageBHigashi KatsushikaSekiyado Town (2nd)D
Higashi KatsushikaFutagawa Village
Higashi KatsushikaSekijuku Town(1st stage)
A 1950(25)5/3
B 1955(30)7/20
C 1957(32)4/1
D 2003(15)6/6


Kazuhiko KanedaAccording to the memoirs ofTokyo dialectIt is said that there is no notable difference between the two, but along with the southwestern part of Ibaraki prefecture and the southeastern part of Saitama prefecture.ShimosaKatsushikaFor middle-aged and elderly people, probably because it was composed ofWest Kanto dialect(Other areas in Chiba and Saitama prefectures, etc.)East Kanto dialectThere are many speakers in dialects that seem to be a mixture of (Ibaraki Prefecture, etc.).in this case,accentAmbiguity and collapse are seen, though not as much as Ibaraki dialect.Tokyo accentFar from that.Similar dialects are heard in neighboring Nagareyama City, Yoshikawa City, Saitama Prefecture, Misato City, etc. (Katsushika dialect), The more north you go, the greater the gap with the Tokyo accent.The words spoken in Noda City, neighboring Nagareyama City, and the southwestern part of Ibaraki Prefecture, which are not so common in other areas, are listed below.

  • Ura (in standard languageLaterThe meaning of (behind). )


Looking at the population increase / decrease from the previous census from the 27 census, it decreased by 1.23% to 153,583 people, and the rate of increase / decrease was 54th out of 18 municipalities in Chiba prefecture and 60th out of 24 administrative districts.

Population distribution by age in Noda City and the whole country (2005)Population distribution by age and gender in Noda City (2005)
Purple-Noda City
Green-All over Japan

Changes in the population of Noda City (corresponding area)
Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsStatistics Bureau CensusThan



  • Noda City Citizen's Charter (1980(55)5/3Enacted)
  1. We love the nature of our hometown and protect a peaceful and safe environment
  2. Help each other and wish for the happiness of all citizens
  3. Raise your body, work hard, and create a fun family
  4. Follow the rules, deepen trust and affection, and build a rich society
  5. We aim to enhance our culture and culture, and aim for a hometown full of freedom and hope.


public facility

National agency
  • Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism
    • Kanto Transport BureauChiba Transport BureauNoda Automobile Inspection Registration Office
    • Kanto Regional Development Bureau Edogawa River Office (Headquarters)
    • Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Tonegawa upstream river office Mefuki branch office
  • Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare
    • Matsudo Public Employment Security Office Noda Branch Office "Hello Work"
Prefecture agency
Main facilities of the city


City council

September 2009, 9 at Noda City CouncilPublic Contract OrdinanceThe proposal was passed.This is a city orderPublic worksThis is the first ordinance in Japan to oblige workers to pay more than the minimum wage set by the city.While wage declines due to low price competition have been pointed out, the aim is to prevent the decline in the quality of workers and ensure the quality of work by securing a certain amount of wages.

  • Constant number: 28 people
  • Term: April 2018, 30 (Heisei 5)-April 31, 2022 (4 years of Reiwa)
  • Chair: Kiyoshi Tsuruoka (Seiseikai, 4th term)
  • Vice Chairman: Katsumi Yamaguchi (Seiseikai, 3rd term)
Parliamentary nameNumber of seatsMember name (◎ is representative)
Seiseikai11◎ Miho Takeuchi, Tadashi Hirai, Yusuke Nakamura, Nobuhito Kinase, Kinichi Kimura, Yuji Hamada, Eup, etc., Toshio Furuhashi, Katsumi Yamaguchi, Kenichi Fukatsu, Shinichi Someya
Komeito5◎ Yoichi Uchida, Fukuya Nishimura, Ayako Nakamura, Hirofumi Tsubaki, Miyuki Yoshioka
Regional club1Toshiaki Ikeda
Japan Communist PartyNoda City Council3◎ Koji Hoshino, Mari Oda, Katsunori Nagakatsu
Citizen network1Mieko Komuro
Democratic Union4◎ Yoshio Ishihara, Yoshio Ogura, Keiichi Takimoto, Naoki Ogura
Independent society1Sanae Taniguchi
New wind1Motoi Kurihara
meter27 (vacancy 1)

Chiba Prefectural Assembly

  • Noda constituency
  • Constant number: 2 people
  • Term: April 2019, 31 (Heisei 4)-April 30, 2023 (Reiwa 5 years) April 4, 29
NameParliamentary nameNumber of wins
Hirokazu IsobeChiba Democracy Association3
Atsushi KinaseLDPChiba Prefectural Assembly4

* As of May 2015, 27.

National politics

Representative nameParty nameNumber of winsRemarks
Ken SaitoLDP4Constituency

License plate

1997(9)10/20ToKanto Transport BureauChiba Transport BureauNoda Automobile Inspection and Registration Office started operations in the form of being split from Narashino Automobile Inspection and Registration Office, "NodanumberWas born.

Noda number jurisdiction:Matsudo-shi,Kashiwa,Abiko,Nagareyama, Noda City (Of these, Kashiwa City and Abiko CityLocal number"Kashiwa number" is given, and "Matsudo number" is given to Matsudo city).



  • One of the best in JapanEdamameProduction area
  • The largest in Chiba prefecturewheatPlanted area
Agricultural cooperative

Largest in the soy sauce industryKikkomanIndustry's largest company and white soy sauce divisionKinoene soy sauceThe corporation is located.It is the largest soy sauce producing area in Japan, producing about one-third of the domestic soy sauce.

Located in the Southern Industrial Park,TEPCO power gridShinnodasubstationHas a total output of 794 million kVA (2006(18)4Currently) and as one of the largest substations in the world1999(11)10ToGuinness World RecordsCertified by.

  • Industrial park
    • Noda Industrial Park (Major companies Daikoku Diesel Industry Co., Ltd., Saka Motor, etc.)
    • Southern Industrial Park (Major companies Snow Brand Megmilk,Hitachi logistics,Hitachi Construction Machinery Japan, Nittetsu Stainless Steel Pipe, Tokatsu Foods, Umego Denshi, etc.)
    • Northern Industrial Park (main companies,LixilSuch)
    • Nakazato Industrial Park (Major companies LIXIL,Shikishima bread(Pasco), etc.)
    • Sekiyado Hayama Industrial Park (major companies AjinomotoLogistics, Sekino Kosan, etc.)
    • Izumifune Industrial Park (Major companies Teacher, Logistics Partners, etc.)

Company with head office / head office

TSE First Section

Major companies with offices

Commercial facility

Besides, in the city, Noda area (City center), Along the old Nikko Kaido,Kawama StationShops are concentrated in the surrounding area.


  • Hotel Grand Bois (formerly Noda Tobu Hotel)
  • Clearview Golf Club & Hotel
  • Hotel Route InnNoda (scheduled to open on December 2020, 12)

ゴ ル フ 場

  • Noda City Public Golf Course (Hibari Course / Keyaki Course)
  • Chiba Country Club(Noda Course, Kawama Course, Umesato Course) 1954 --Japan's first shareholder regular membership golf club, first forest course
  • Purple Country Club(Sumire Course / Ayame Course) 1961-
  • Clearview Golf Club

Tennis club

  • Kawama Green Tennis Club
  • Auckland Tennis Club (Closed) 1983-March 2020
  • Royal SC Tennis Club 1987-
  • Noda Tennis Club (Closing)
  • Co-op Tennis Club(Closing) 1979 --2014 Noda Soy Sauce Co-op → Elcorp → Pal System

Financial institution

Sister cities/partner cities



The participation rate of residents is very high, and the distribution of public relations magazines (city bulletins) issued by the city and the collection of garbage are carried out through the residents' association.Most of the Noda City Bulletin is woven into the morning edition and distributed.2007(19)7/15In addition, the issue of Noda City Bulletin became the 1000th issue.As a special feature, we have posted the city bulletins and changes in the city bulletins.

Born by a mergerMamebus,Ichii HallAs a model case for the mergerMinistry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsWas introduced nationwide by.Obuchi CabinetImplemented as an emergency economic measure in the timesRegional promotion ticketWas the second in Japan along with the other four municipalities. (1999(11)1/29 : Shimane Hamada,June 2:HokkaidoNiikappu Town,FukushimaKitashiobara Village, Noda City, Chiba Prefecture,WakayamaShimizu Town,EhimeYawatahama City

Housing complex / new town
  • New Town in Noda City
    • Nanakodai Station West (Pallet Court)
    • Kawama Station South
    • Mizuki Noda Town (Yamazaki Noda)
    • Noda Umego housing complex
  • Home Town Noda Kameyama
  • Noda Sakuranosato Kensetsu housing complex
  • Noda City Library
    • Noda Municipal Kofu Library
    • Noda City South Library
    • Noda City North Library
    • Noda City Nodashiritsuseki Library
post office


secondaryMedical area(Secondary health care area) is the northern Tokatsu medical area (jurisdiction: Tokatsu area excluding Kamagaya city)[6].. The tertiary medical area is the Chiba medical area (jurisdiction: the entire area of ​​Chiba prefecture).

Medical facilitiesList only those with high special mention[6].


Before modern times

During the Edo period, Noda (formerly Noda-cho area) was a place of knowledge of Tenryo and Hatamoto, and there were few samurai-class rulers living in Noda.Therefore, it seems that there were no educational institutions such as the clan school that supported education in the Edo period, and there were not many terakoya except for the end of the Edo period.It was a very ordinary rural area with no history of giving birth to famous scholars or inhabited by scholars.The former Noda-cho area during the Edo period was not an area with advanced education, and it seems that only village officials, monks, doctors, and ronin were able to read and write.At the end of the Tokugawa shogunate, there were many terakoya in Noda that taught the common people, as was the case throughout the country, but most of them were taught by monks and doctors. It seems that she taught girls sewing, etc., such as literacy and abacus arithmetic.On the other hand, in the Sekiyado area, samurai lived in the territory of the Sekiyado domain, and a clan school was opened to educate the samurai's children, and scholars were invited to teach it.In Sekiyado, unlike the old Noda area, it seems that not only samurai but also peasant townspeople could learn if they were excellent.[8].

In the 5th year of the Meiji era, the Meiji government began to improve the school system and decided to divide the whole country into 8 university districts, 256 junior high school districts and 53760 elementary school districts, and to establish elementary schools in each.In Noda, Aiko Elementary School (which was soon renamed Noda Elementary School and then Mogi Elementary School in the name of a large donor) was opened in 6, and elementary schools were opened one after another from 5 to 8th year. It was.However, the initial education system is undeveloped and the school system undergoes various trials and errors.[9].

After modern times

It is also an advanced city for school education, and has started Saturday schools and open Saturday clubs as "Saturday measures" ahead of the rest of the country.In addition, you can create your own supplementary textbooks such as My Steps (math, mathematics) and small classes.Two-semester systemVarious such as introductionpolicyIt is carried out. In 2014, instead of Saturday School, the only biweekly "Saturday class" in the prefecture was started.

Besides the aboveCareer educationIn the second year of junior high school, Noda City unifies and conducts three days of work experience learning.There are more than 2 recipients inside and outside Noda City, and even by school, there are nearly 3 on a large scale.There are many places where workplace tours are conducted in the first year of junior high school.In addition, some sixth graders are conducting workplace tours as part of their career education.


The Nathaniel Hawthorne Association of JapanPlaces the secretariat in the Yukio Kawamura Laboratory, Faculty of Science and Technology, Tokyo University of Science.

Vocational school
high school
Junior high school

Higashi Katsushika Regional Junior High School Ekiden Race TournamentIs held from Matsudo City and Noda City.

primary school

  • Noda Kindergarten
  • Central kindergarten
  • Miyazaki kindergarten

Special school

  • Chiba Prefectural Noda Special Needs School

Area code of phone number

Noda CityArea codeIs "04" in the whole area.

Formerly the area code of the former Noda city area04712(No city code), but1966(Showa41 years)1/30Than,0471(City code is22)change to.

Originally, the area code for Abiko City, Kashiwa City, Nagareyama City, and Noda City was 0471, but due to the shortage of city code,2002(14)2Of the area codes of "0471" so far, "71" was changed to the city code and the area code was changed to "04".

The reason for shifting the digits by two is that the beginning of the city code should not start with "2", and this was the first example of double-digit area code due to a digit shift.SaitamaTokorozawa"042-9" (before that, "0429"), Chiba PrefectureKamogawaOf the "0470" such as, the area code of the area where the beginning of the city code is 9 has also been changed to "04", and when calling these area code 04 areas, 04 will be turned first. Become.However, the weather forecast is "0471-177" as before.

Even now, the phone number part remains "0471"SignboardAnd so on.

The following two buildings correspond to the accommodation station, and the city code is as follows.

  • Kamihanawa Bureau: 7120 (0000-3000 series), 7121-7125, 7126 (1000-9000 series), 7197 (8000-9000 series)
  • Japan Post: 7120 (8000-9000 series), 7127, 7128 (0000-1000 series), 7129
  • Mitsubori station: 7120 (5000 series), 7138 (0000-4000, 7000-8000 series)
  • Seki-juku Bureau: 7120 (4000, 6000 series), 7197 (0000 series), 7198
  • Higashitakano station: 7120 (7000 series), 7196 (0000-5000, 8000 series)


Railway line

There is only one railway running in the city, the Tobu Noda Line.To access the city center by train, you need to go through the stations on each line that connects to the Noda Line.[Annotation 1].

Long time agoNoda Jinsha RailwayWas laid.The Noda Line is a circular line that connects satellite cities, and in addition to the existence of a single-track service section, it does not operate at all in the city, and as a municipality within 30 kilometers from the city center, it goes to the city center. The time required is relatively long.On the other hand, has carried out activities aimed at attracting Tokyo direct railway (to be described later), the prospect of realization is not standing.Also,Joban Line Transport Capacity Development / New Line Construction Promotion Period AllianceIs working to improve the transportation of the Joban Line and promote the construction of new lines.

  • City center station: Noda city station
  • Nearest station to city hall: Atago station
Tobu Railway

Also, in the southern district, next doorNagareyamaIt is inCanal stationMany customers use[Annotation 2].

Unfinished line

Planned route
Long time ago,Nagareyama StationFrom Nodashi StationOyama StationThere was a plan to extend to.
Planned between Kuki City, Saitama Prefecture and Sekiyado TownLocal railwayRoute.
Planned route
2000(12)1 OfTransportation Policy Council Report No. 18AtsubwayLine 8 (Yurakucho Line)ofKameariThe extension section from the beginning is Noda City, and the target year (2015(27)) It was positioned as a route where it is appropriate to start maintenance.The route is planned to be Toyosu-Toyocho-Sumiyoshi-Oshiage-Yotsugi-Kameari-Noda City.However, the extension plan has not been materialized, and no official announcement has been made to the citizens by the local governments of other related cities.
For early commercialization, the city will develop the Yashio-Noda city area in advance, and at YashioTsukuba ExpressAiming to mutually enter with.In this case, from Yashio, pass through Soka City, and then take the Musashino Line in Koshigaya City.Koshigaya Lake Town StationWe are planning a route to Nodashi Station via Yoshikawa City and Matsubushi Town (9 stations set: length 18.2 km).

Transit Bus



There is no highway in the city,Nagareyama OfNagareyama interchange(Joban Expressway),as well asKashiwa OfKashiwa InterchangeIf you use (same as above), you can go to Noda city in about 5 to 10 minutes.[Annotation 3].

toll road

With the Shimosatone Ohashi Toll Road in 2020, all toll roads in the city became free.

Past toll road
  • Matsudo Noda Toll Road(1977(Showa 52) From September 102007(19) There was a charge until September 9, but with the expiration of the charge collection period, it became free from October 30, 2007. )
  • Shimosone Tone Bridge Toll Road(1990(2) From March 1st2020(Reiwa 2nd year) There was a charge until January 1, but with the expiration of the charge collection period, it will be released free of charge from January 10, 2020. )[11].

General national road

Prefectural road


  • Sakai Ohashi(Tone River, Yuki Noda Line)
  • Shimosatone Ohashi(Tone River, Ibaraki Sekijuku Noda Line)
  • Mefuki Bridge(Tone River, Tsukuba Noda Line)
  • Noda Bridge (Edogawa, Koshiya Noda Line)
  • Hoju Hanabashi (Edogawa, Jikisugito Line)

Famous places, historic sites, sightseeing spots, festivals, special events

Recruited by the Kanto Regional Development Bureau of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and TourismXNUMX views of Fujimi in the Kanto regionIn addition, four places in the city have been selected as one view of "Fuji from Noda City".Noda's soy sauce productionAnd Takanashi garden etc.100 Chiba Heritage Sites (Tone River / Edo River and Water Transport Zone)Has been selected.

Sights and historic sites

Modernization industrial heritage

Nearby Tourist Spots

Hot bath facility

OnceOtone Onsen,Noda no Yu YushokukanHowever, in recent years, the number of hot bath facilities such as super public baths has increased.There is fierce competition with hot bath facilities in neighboring cities, towns and villages.These bathing facilities are concentrated within a radius of 5 kilometers.

  • Open-air bath Yunosato
  • Noda Onsen Honoka
  • Nanakodai Onsen

Festivals and events

  • Noda's Tsukumai
  • Mai Tsuku
    • In the rain-making ritual performed at the summer festival, a frog-faced performer in white costume performs a light work on a pillar with a height of 5 meters and on a rope.
    • At the festival of Hachiman Shrine in Shimizu Village, stick art, Iai art, and lion dance are dedicated to prevent the plague.
  • Mitsubori Mud Festival[12](Stomach mud festival)
    • Noda Mitsubori Katori Shrine

Cultural property

Country / prefecture designation and countryRegistered cultural propertyList[13].

numberDesignation / registrationCADNameLocationOwner or administratorDesignated dateRemarks
1Country designationImportant cultural property (building)Former Hananoi family residence902 by Ma Shimizu, Noda CityNoda-shiShowa 44 years 6 month 20 Date1 Building
2Monument (historic site)Yamazaki shell mound26-4 Yamazakikaizukacho, Noda City, etc.Noda City, etc.Showa 51 years 12 month 23 Date
3Monument (scenic spot)Takanashi Garden486-3 Kamihanawa Nishimitsuno, Noda City, etc.Takanashi Honke13
4Prefecture designationTangible cultural property (building)Atago Shrine Main Hall725-1 Noda, Noda City, etc.Atago Shrine161 Building
5Tangible cultural property (painting)Kinumoto's Colored Reclining Buddha545 Shimosangao, Noda CityFumonji TempleShowa 57 years 4 month 6 Date1 width
6Tangible cultural property (sculpture)Wooden legend Shinran saint sitting statue379 Nakato, Noda CityJokyoji TempleShowa 52 years 3 month 8 Date1 body
7Wooden Amida Nyorai sitting statue379 Nakato, Noda CityJokyoji TempleShowa 53 years 2 month 28 Date1 body
8Tangible cultural property (crafts)Embroidery Buddha1192-1 Higashikananoi, Noda CitySeitaiji Temple211 width
9Intangible folk cultural propertyNoda's Bappaka Lion DanceHachiman ShrineBappaka Lion Dance Preservation SocietyShowa 41 years 12 month 2 Date
10Mitsubori Mud FestivalKatori ShrineMitsubori Doro Festival Preservation SocietyShowa 61 years 2 month 28 Date
11Noda's TsukumaiNoda, Noda CityNoda Tsukumai Preservation Society5
12Monument (historic site)Noda shell mound551-1 Shimizu, Noda CityChiakisha Co., Ltd.Showa 11 years 7 month 17 Date
13Country registrationRegistered tangible cultural property (building)Noda City Civic Center (former Mogi Saheiji family residence) main building, etc.370 Noda, Noda CityNoda-shi92 of
14Kofu Hall250 Noda, Noda CityKofu Hall91 of
15Masuda family house owner, etc.Noda City Imagami Sengen Shita 2574-1IndividualOctober 19, 10, June 2, 255 of
16Tobe Goemon family house owner, etc.699-3 Nakanodai, Noda City, Kawagishi, etc.Individual194 of
17Kaishi Atago store (former Mogi Fusagoro family residence building) and others740-2 Noda character Atago back, Noda cityKomuro Co., Ltd.202 of
18Mogi Honke Housekeeper, etc.1087-1 Tanibata, Shimizu, Noda City, etc.Individual2213 of
19Mogi Shichirouemon House Owner and others339 Noda, Noda CityIndividual3018 of
20Registration memorial (place of scenic beauty)Noda City Civic Center (formerly Motegitasuku Sahei) Garden370-8 Noda Aza Tanibata, Noda CityNoda-shi201 of

Famous people

Political / economic
Movies / videos
Literature / art
manga artist
Rakugoka / Entertainer
An actor

A person with a connection to Noda City

  • Of a professional golferRyo IshikawaHas been practicing at a driving range in Noda City since he was in elementary school.

Works set in Noda City

  • Nursery rhyme "Kagome KagomeIs said to be the birthplace of Noda City, and the "Kagome Uta Monument" is erected in front of Shimizu Koen Station on the Tobu Noda Line.
  • Before the construction of the Noda Automobile Inspection and Registration Office of the Kanto Transport Bureau Chiba Transport Bureau, the site was1991(3) degreeNHKContinuous tv novel"Your name isIt was used as a location shooting location.


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注 釈

  1. ^ OmiyaIn the directionTobu Sky Tree LineIt is a connecting station withKasukabe Station.oakIn the directionTsukuba ExpressIt is a connecting station withNagareyama Ootakanomori Station,as well asJoban LineKashiwa station, which is a connecting station with.
  2. ^ This canal station is the closest to the Noda Campus of Tokyo University of Science in Noda City.
  3. ^ Noda's name is also printed on the signboards of both interchanges.


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