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⚾ | Starting lineup with uncertainties in both quality and quantity Taguchi, who joined the electric shock, is the savior, or the opening rote of swallow is predicted independently

Photo Yakult Yasuhiro Ogawa, Masanori Ishikawa, Kazuto Taguchi (from left) who joined from the giant [Photo: Yushi Arakawa]

Taguchi, a starting lineup who remains uncertain about both quality and quantity, is the savior, or he predicts the opening rote of swallows.

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In addition, Takahashi, Terashima, Kiyoshi Yoshida, draft 1st place Kizawa (Keio University), 2nd place Yamano (Tohoku Fukushi University) and others are looking for opportunities.

Ogawa, 10-year-old Ishikawa, Suarez, and Taguchi, who won 41 wins last season, have been confirmed or less than a month before the start of professional baseball on the 26th.start… → Continue reading


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