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⚾ | DeNA Announces New Corona Infection of Raised De La Rosa Voluntary Training in Homeland, Dominican Republic

Photo DeNA's Frandy De La Rosa infected with new coronavirus

DeNA Announces New Corona Infection of Raised De La Rosa Voluntary Training in Homeland, Dominican Republic

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The team reported the new Corona infection of De La Rosa to the Nippon Professional Baseball Organization.

Although there were symptoms of taste and olfactory disorders, DeNA is currently improving on the 4th, in Frandy De La Rosa. → Continue reading


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New corona infection

Japan Baseball Organization

Japan Baseball Organization(Nipponya Kyuko,English: Nippon Professional Baseball Organization, Abbreviation:NPB) IsJapanese professional baseball OfJERA Central Leagueas well as the Pacific LeagueFormer to controlMinistry of educationSports and Youth BureauGeneral juridical person jurisdiction. "Professional baseball" in Japan refers to what is managed by the Japan Baseball Organization.

The English name is from the former Professional Baseball Organization of Japan2005change to.

Main business


  • March 2020, 3: Public interest incorporated foundationJapan Professional Soccer League(J League)New coronavirusEstablished a countermeasures liaison meeting, announced that there would be a team of experts, and had a press conference. (As of March 2020, 3 regarding installation and having a team of experts)

Relationship with Japan Professional Baseball Organization

Until 2007, as an organization that similarly organizes both the Se and Pa leaguesJapan Professional Baseball OrganizationExists, andNPB Not only does it share the English name "= Nippon Professional Baseball," but the commissioner of the "organization" also serves as the chairman of the organization.

For the time being, the "organization"Rules(Competition rules and player contract rules)EntertainmentAlthough it has been said that the faces are shared, the relationship between the two was vague. From fiscal 2008, the "organization"CorporationIt was made an internal organization of "Mechanism". Relatedly, the Commissioner Secretariat, the Se-League Secretariat, and the Pa-League Secretariat, which previously existed in the past, were also integrated into the Commissioner Secretariat. These series of organizational reforms2004Happened toProfessional baseball reorganization problemAt that time, in addition to the ambiguity of responsibility, he was exposed to the lack of ability to control the situation, and was criticized.

Successive Chairman (Commissioner)


Japan Baseball FederationOf the era1949ToMasataro MatsuriThere was a time when he was once commissioned,Banishment of public officeSince he was inside, he is retiring soon.


  • Usually, when calling two leagues, they are called "Se Pa" in the order of Central and Pacific.There is no clear reason, but in English, Central has the acronym C and Pacific has the acronym P, so they are in alphabetical order.[1], Central was the first to move when the two leagues split, and the GiantsV9As the number of spectators in the Central League increased due to such reasons, it was called "Popular League" and baseball news articles became centered on giants, and it was mentioned that Pacific had a long and wide difference in exposure.[2].
  • The Japan Baseball Organization is supposed to call the team with the name "military" removed. For example, before the warTokyo Giants Army"Is"Tokyo giant. "
  • The name of the team (abbreviation) is partly different from that used by the mass media. For example,HiroshimaIs "Hiroshima Toyo"巨人Is "Yomiuri. "


From 2004, every seasonsloganHas been established.

200470 years of Japanese professional baseballMiharaNamed in 1934 the first professional contract in Japan with the giant.
2005Full swing! Professional baseball.
2006All for cheers
2007Everything is for cheers-Challenge from the best in the world-WBC of the previous yearso,JapanReceived the victory.
2008Baseball power
2009What is baseball?
2010Here is the best in the world.WBC of the previous yearso,JapanReceived the victory.
2011Prepare! ~Why are you here~Just before the openingGreat East Japan EarthquakeAfter that, I asked all the professional baseball players about the significance of their existence.
2012This play that connects hearts
2014NEW PLAY BALL! Create a new ball history.80th anniversary of Japanese professional baseball.
2015Put the future on this one ballModern olympicEndeavor to revive the baseball game in Japan, and to foster successors.
2016-2020Baseball dream. Professional pride."Because baseball has dreams and pride as a professional."
2021With pride in your heart.Gratitude to play.

NPB partner companies/organizations (in Japanese alphabetical order)

Supporting company/group nameRemarks
Taisho Pharmaceutical
Nippon Life Insurance
My navi
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
  • Appointed in October 2014
  • Special sponsorship of the Japan Championship Series (“SMBC Japan Series”) since 2014
Past partner companies/organizations
Gulliver International
  • 2007 All-Star Game Special Sponsor
Sanyo Electric
  • The current brand name is "Panasonic'
  • 1987-2006 Special Sponsor of All-Star Game
Nippon Oil
Japan Coca-Cola
マ ツ ダ
  • 2008-2016 Special Sponsor of All-Star Game

 ■Hiroshima Toyo CarpBaseball shareholder

Olympic Games Return Movement

2015,2020 Tokyo OlympicsIn baseballsoft ballA campaign to return the Olympics to the official event of the OlympicsJapan Baseball Federation, Softball (public interest)Japan Softball AssociationDeploy in cooperation with.

As part of that, the venue for the official baseball/softball games of the same year (only for stadiums equipped with video equipment), andCS satellite broadcastingBroadcasting of commercials at the time of live broadcasting. It is a setting that celebrities from various fields, NPB, softball players, OBs and OGs make pseudo catchballs, titled "# catchball".[5].


NameAffiliation/Position, etc.Order of appearance
Order of appearance
(Softball edition
Order of appearance
(New shoot
Order of appearance
(The 2 bullet
This /Rina IkomaNogizaka46171638-
Nice/Hirohiro IshiiTBSannouncer--4619
Ishiba/Takaaki IshibashiTunnels302917-
In /Mao Inoueactress151308-
Imami/Kenta ImamiyaFukuoka Softbank HawksInfielder101025-
Uesu/Kazuya UesugiMeisei Gakuen High School Pitcher--6332touchMore voice:Keiichi Namba
Uenoji /Ueno Juriactress--5225
Uenoyu /Yukiko UenoBicCamera girl softball Takasakipitcher063312-
Uemo/Hiroki UemotoHanshin TigersInfielder252462-
home/Uchikawa SeiichiFukuoka Softbank HawksOutfielder040404-
Depression/Reika UtsugiBicCamera girl softball Takasakidirected by160631-
Oh/Sadaharu OhFukuoka Softbank HawksBaseball team chair02020202
Oh/Otani XiangpingHokkaido Nippon-Ham FightersPitcher/outfielder333103-
Ogu /Shun OguriAn actor282743-
Ono /Matsuya OnoueKabuki actor--2016
The fire/Takayuki KajiyaYokohama DeNA BaystarsOutfielder--1605
And/Ryo KatsuchiAn actor131428-
Heel/Kiyoshiro KatoAn actor--5728
God/Uechi YusukeAn actor090915-
Turtle/Kamenashi KazuyaKAT-TUN--6535
River/Mayuko Kawakitaモデル--4218
Came/Ki Kitanoactress070744-
Kiyo/Ikuhiro KiyotaChiba Lotte MarinesOutfielder--2233
/Hiroki KurodaHiroshima Toyo Carppitcher--6736
Koba/Seiji KobayashiYomiuri Giantscatcher272664-
Kon/Konno Makoto262536-Girl Who Takes Time (Mamoru Hosoda)Than
slope/Masayuki SakamotoV6 (20th Century)--1011
Sato/Hiroshi SatoAn actor212021-
Stain/Shunsuke ShimizuTV Asahiannouncer--4520TOKYO support declarationTaken within the set
Shiyo/ShofuiteiRakugo performer--5108
Shira /Mai ShiraishiNogizaka46181739-
/Tomoyuki KannoYomiuri Giantspitcher080835-
Let/Fresh vegetable nameモデル--5430
Falcon/Takagi HayatoYomiuri Giantspitcher--3024
shelf/Kensuke TanakaHokkaido Nippon-Ham FightersInfielder050527-
Marble/Tamayama TetsujiAn actor--5506
Collapse/Atsushi TamuraLondon boots No. 1 No. 2--0910
Is /Rei Danactress121219-
Tiger/Sho Wada
Koji Hayashi
Yoshida Yoshi
TRICERATOPS--53263 people at the same time. In charge of the commercial song "shout!".
Bird/Takashi ToritaniHanshin TigersInfielder--5634
Naka /Takeya NakamuraSaitama Seibu LionsInfielder--1103
Naga/Nagashima ShigeoYomiuri GiantsSenior Managing Director of the baseball team, Honorary Director for Life01010101
Nishino/Nanase NishinoNogizaka46201941-
Nishiyu/Nishi YukiOrix Buffaloespitcher--6027
Nou/Atsushi NomiHanshin Tigerspitcher222158-
Nomo/Hideo NomoBaseball commentator323266-
Chopsticks/Nanami HashimotoNogizaka46191840-
Hase/Hiromi HasegawaAn actor--0704
Hamama/Masanori HamadaDowntown141529-
Higa /Todai MasahiroAn actor--1313
Open/Ryosuke HirataChunichi DragonsOutfielder--3717
Hirosea/Alice Hiroseモデル292833-
Hirose /Hirose Tinactress242334-
Wipes/Kazue Fukiishiactress--2415yuanKintetsuInfielderTokuichi FukiishiHave a father.
Fuji/Juntaro FujinamiHanshin Tigerspitcher313018-
Furu/Satoshi Furukawa宇宙 飛行 士232223-International Space StationTaken in 2011 at the time of my stay.
Masuta /Taichi MasuNippon TVannouncer--4823Tokyo DomeTaken in
Masuda/Hidehiko Masuda
Kei right Okada
Masuda--59141 people in 2 scene
Matsuihi/Hideki MatsuiBaseball commentator030306-
Matsuyu /Hiroki MatsuiTohoku Rakuten Golden Eaglespitcher--0507
Only /Shoji MiyakeFuji Television Network, Incannouncer--4922
Also/Kyounosuke MoritaTelevision Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.announcer--4721
Yana /Yuki YanagitaFukuoka Softbank HawksOutfielder--5031
Yamada/Tetsuto YamadaTokyo Yakult SwallowsInfielder--3212
Yamamo/Yamamoto Mizukiモデル111126-
Yo/Mitsuo YoshikawaHokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighterspitcher--1429

*Affiliation and title are as of 2015.


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