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⚾ | MLB establishes June 6nd as “Lou Gehrig Day” every year US coverage with ALS patient support

Photo: Lou Gehrig, who was active in the Yankees [Photo: Getty Images]

MLB establishes June 6nd as "Lou Gehrig Day" every year US coverage with ALS patient support

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Gaelic, who was active in the Yankees, won the Triple Crown in 1934.

"The best first baseman in history", amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) diagnosed and retired Major League Baseball (MLB) every season from this season ... → Continue reading


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Gehrig (Gaelic) Includes language and cultureGaelicIt is an adjective meaning "about (Gaels)".As a noun, it means a group or individual language of the language spoken by the Gaelics.

Gale languages

When referring to Irish Gaelic or Isle of Man Gaelic, it is usually[ˈɡlɪk](Gayrik).In Scotland, "Gaelic" is usually[ˈɡɑːlɪk](Garlik) or[ˈɡælɪk]Pronounced (Garik).Scottish,Scottish EnglishThen.[ˈꞬalɪk].

Culture and history

  • Gaelic (Gaels) of.CelticIn the subgroup ofIrish,Scottish, Including ethnic groups.
  • Gaelic..Gaelic language.
  • ..Irish Gaelic history.
  • ..People with a mixture of Gaelic and Scandinavian cultures in the Middle Ages.
  • Gaelic Games..Traditional sports in Ireland (especially Gaelic football, Gaelic handball,Harling,Rounders
  • Gaelic Athletic Association..The governing body of Gaelic Games such as hurling and gaelic football.
  • (Gaelic revival).A late 19th century movement encouraging the use of Irish Gaelic and the revival of old Irish cultural practices in Ireland.
  • Gale typeface..The typeface used in Ireland.


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