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⚽ | Gamba Osaka announces the cancellation of the home opening game to welcome Kashima Antlers.5 players become positive for new corona

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Gamba Osaka announces the cancellation of the home opening game to welcome Kashima Antlers.5 players become positive for new corona

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In addition, Gamba Osaka is overcrowded immediately after the start of this season due to the AFC Champions League group stage coming up for about two weeks from the end of April, but it is an alternative day for the Nagoya Grampus match and the Kashima Antlers match. I'm wondering when will be set.

Meiji Yasuda Life J1 League Gamba Osaka was scheduled to be held on the 4th and 6th of this weekend, Section 2, Kashima Antlers ... → Continue reading

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Immediately after the start of this season

Nagoya Grampus Eight

Nagoya Grampus Eight(Nagoya Grampus Eight,Nagoya Grampus Eight) IsJapan OfNagoya city,Toyota City,Miyoshi CityCentered onAichiMake the whole area a home town[1],Japan Professional Soccer LeagueA professional soccer club that is a member of the (J League). The team from the beginning of the J League,Original 10One of.The name isNagoya Grampus(Nagoya Grampus).


Toyota Motor Industry Soccer Club(1939(Soubu) is the mother1991One of the 10 teams that joined when the J-League was launched (Original 10). Home stadiumPaloma Mizuho StadiumandEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu, The practice areaToyota Sports CenterThe first ground[1](Detail is#Stadium/practice fieldSee).Since Paloma Mizuho Stadium will be closed for renovation work from 2021, only Toyota Stadium will be the home stadium for a while after the 2021 season.

home townUntil 2011Nagoya cityIt was only, but since 2012, Nagoya City,Toyota City,Miyoshi CityCentered onAichiIt is expanding to the whole area.

The team name "Grampus" is in EnglishSea bream(Nagoya Castle OfGoldfish), "Eight" is the city emblem of Nagoya City "Marunihachi"Emblem of Nagoya, Aichi.svgIt comes from and represents the spread[1]..Officially, this team name is named by Nagoya City, but the "eight" part isShoichiro Toyoda(ToyotaIt is said that the president (at that time) named it because the total number of strokes of "Toyota" katakana is "8".[5].. In addition,2008The name was changed to "Nagoya Grampus" from the season,Chunichi ShimbunSaid that "to eliminate the imbalance of having 1 in the soccer team name of 11 people per team" and "to dispel that image because there are many around 8th place in league games"[6].

Since its inception, the team logo has been in the style of cursive "Grampus" with "NAGOYA" and "EIGHT" on the top and bottom, respectively, but from 2017 it will be a two-column "NAGOYA" and "GRAMPUS", and the font will be the emblem. Based on what is used in[7].


Until joining the J League

At the beginning when the Pro League Establishment Committee approached meToyotaReluctant to participate in the J-League, saying, "It is difficult to see the future," and decided not to participate in May 1990.[8]..In response, the professional league establishment committee persuaded that "the league will not be exciting without a team in Nagoya," and said that it has joined the J-League by collaborating with the prefectural association and local media.Toyota's announcement of participation was in December of the same year, seven months after announcing the decision not to participate.[8]..In addition, players who are active as professionals will be Grampus Eight, and players who will concentrate on the company business without participating in Grampus EightShizuokaSusono CityIt is inToyota Motors Higashifuji FC(at that timeTokai Adult Soccer LeagueBelongs.1993Transferred to each of the abandoned departments).

There was a requirement to join the team based on the idea of ​​community-based, "Do not add a company name to the team name", but Toyota did not give the team a corporate color at all, saying "If you do it anyway, do not put out Toyota's" To "character." For this reason, the association advises that "it doesn't matter if it's small, so if you don't put something that is your company's proof in your uniform, it won't be accepted as advertising expenses."Therefore, until 2001, when Toyota moved from a sleeve sponsor to a chest sponsor, the team logo was on the chest.

As a centerpiece of reinforcement for the launch of the J League1991ToDiego MaradonaWas almost decided[8]..After that, it was only waiting for Toyota Motor's decision, but it was withdrawn due to suspicion of Maradona's use of cocaine, and instead1992Clean image without scandalGary LinekerEarned[8]..After that, the first match after the overseas training camp was on August 8st in Brazil.Colin ChanceIt was a friendly match with.


Performed as a J-League pre-matchJ League CupIt is,Giordinho,Takashi Ogura,Yasuyuki Moriyama,Tetsuo Nakanishi,Okayama TetsuyaAre active.Among them, Kokura scored 5 points and finished in 3rd place.[9]..In addition, this yearEmperor's cupThen, of the 10 teams that had decided to participate in the J-League the following year, he was the only one to lose in the first round.

1990 era


Takafumi Ogura studied abroad in the Netherlands for a year[9].. May 5nd pre-season matchSS LazioIn battle,Tetsuya AsanoGary Lineker's goal defeated the Serie A team for the first time as a Japanese club team (score 2-1)[10].

The opening game of the J-League will be held on May 5th.Kashima AntlersToZico Ofhat trickLose 0-5[11]..Team tactics are poor due to Jorginho's request, and the expected lineker is also prone to injury and participates in 7 games and finishes with 1 goal[12], Team results were also sluggish.

Suntory stage 9th place (7 wins 11 losses), Nicos stage 8th place (5 wins 13 losses), annual overall 9th ​​place (12 wins 24 losses).Yamazaki Nabisco CupLost in 4th place in the group league,Emperor's cupLost the quarterfinals (best 8).


  • directed by : Gordon Milne(new)
  • 加入 : Stojkovic(January),Binitch(May)
  • Withdrawal : Lineker (at the end of the season)
  • Transfer with time limit : Tetsuya Asano (in the middle of the season)

Milne was appointed as the coach to break through the results of the first year of the league, but he was forced to stagnate more than the previous year.[13]..Kokura who returned from study abroad was appointed as a voluntary, and Sawairi tried to convert with center back, but failed one after another, his own teamPenalty areaA so-called "red dumpling" operation was also adopted, in which 5 to 7 people were defended.Milne's retirement became almost decisive without struggling with results and waiting for the end of the season[14], Give Milne a rest in November and the rest of the matchTetsuro MiuraCommanded as acting director[13]..For the next directorHus HiddinkHowever, the contract was not reached, and it was finally on December 12th.Arsene WengerWill be the new coach[13].

Lineker is closed on the 1st stage[12].. Stojkovic joined in July, but although he was a big foreign player of the active Yugoslavia national team, Stojkovic was often seen with skepticism at the beginning due to the results of Lineker who joined with noise.[15][16]..In fact, Stojkovic's own condition is not in place[17]At that time, Milne's tactics had collapsed, so he couldn't do what he wanted, but it was held in heavy rain on September 9th.Jeff United IchiharaLifting dribble in battle[15][18]With his outstanding techniques such as, he steadily captured the hearts of fans.Stojkovic, who was exhausted by the European soccer world at that time, came to Japan for only half a year, but renewed his contract after Wenger decided to replace him.[18][19]..On the other hand, Lineker did not return to the condition even after entering the 2nd stage, and finally decided to retire at the end of the season with the result of participating in 11 games and scoring 3 goals.[12].

8th in the Suntory series (9 wins and 13 losses), the lowest in the Nicos series (6 wins and 16 losses), and 11th overall in the year (15 wins and 29 losses). J-League new memberIwata-HiratsukaNagoya, which was lower than the previous year and had the same face as the previous yearUrawa-G Osaka3 teams"J League luggage"Was ridiculed[20].Yamazaki Nabisco CupLost the first round,Emperor's cupLost the second round.


Wenger, who became the new coach, was given full control of the team compositionBoro PrimoracWas welcomed as the head coach.Foreign players enrolled indicate their intention to replace other than Stojkovic[13], Has also set out to acquire new foreign players.Wenger instilled a winner's spirit of "always taking advantage of only the strengths" of the team that originally had representative class players but lost confidence in the battle for the bottom.[22].

Wenger first adopted 4-4-4 (or 2-4-3-1), in which the four midfielders lined up in a nearly flat shape.Zone defenseFrom a high positionPressingInstilled a systematic tactic to steal the ball and quickly switch between offense and defense.[18][21]..This was one of the standard tactics in Europe at that time, but in the J League at that time, it was 1-4-4.Box typeIn many cases, the idea of ​​protecting in the zone was also novel.[21]..Wenger gave detailed instructions, with a training menu set up so that the players themselves could choose from the judgment that the player's judgment and creativity would be impaired on the offensive side, as opposed to the systematic defensive side with many promises. Did not[23]..Stojkovic was placed as the key man in the attack and controlled the attack from a slightly pulling position (hence the system is also referred to as 4-4-1-1).[21][17].

March 3th of the first matchGamba OsakaIn the battle, Iijima and Stojkovic were sent off, and they suffered a complete defeat of 1-3.[23]..At the end of Section 8, Wenger sank to the bottom of 4 win and 1 losses, including 7 consecutive losses, partly because Wenger made trial and error on the player's optimal position.[23]..Different starting lineups are tried in every match[24]Especially in the center back, 8 people were in the starting lineup in the opening 7 games.[23]..At this time, Wenger also advised the players who asked for guidance on the unstable offensive side, saying, "Put the pass toward the future."[23]..Tetsuo Nakanishi, who was widely appointed in the middle stage, got this word as a hint.[23]In the following Section 9, he won the soccer magazine with a high score along with Stojkovic and Pashi, and the team also got out of the bottom, but after that it was not stable such as repeating victory and defeat, 16 before the interruption period. Finished the match in 6th place with 10 wins and 12 losses[25].

During the suspension period, a two-week training camp was held in France to organize the tactics.[25], When the league match resumed, Go Oiwa was fixed to the center back and the defense became stable.[26], Durix moves to the center so that Stojkovic can pass stably[17]..The first match of the league reopening, on June 6th (Section 17)Bellmare HiratsukaToExtended V goalIf you win the race at the end of the battle[26], I was not good at Stojkovic's successKashima Antlers7 consecutive victories until July 8th (Section 22)[17].. In Section 7 on May 12thVerdi KawasakiIn this match, Iijima, Stojkovic, and Torres are sent off, and coach Nakanishi is sent off, and coach Primorac is sent off.[17]..Including the cumulative suspension of participation, he lacked four main players and faced the next 4th section, but appointed young players such as Kina and Taniguchi to win 24-2 and finish the remaining three games with consecutive wins.[17]..4th in the Suntory series (15 wins and 11 losses).

Ogura, who had been withdrawn for a long time due to a serious injury, returns to the starting lineup in the opening game of the Nicos series on August 8.[17]..Both Stojkovic and Ogura's two topsCenter forwardDepending on the game development, both of them may have left in front of the opponent's goal, but by jumping into the vacant space, midfield players such as Okayama and Hirano / Durix who moved to the right side half due to Kokura's return The attack worked[17]..I will win 4 consecutive games from the opening[27]As a symbol of such game development, Nakanishi, who had only scored one goal in the midfield defensive position until the previous year, has scored points from the middle of the game for three consecutive games since the opening.[17].. After four consecutive victories, he stalled due to the heat of summer, fatigue due to overcrowded schedules, and the physical burden of tactics with a lot of momentum linked to the entire team.[28]..2nd place in the Nikos series (17 wins and 9 losses).3rd overall in the year (32 wins and 20 losses).For the first time in the team, Stojkovic wins the league MVP and Wenger wins the personal title of the best coach.

Emperor's cupThen, for the first time in club history, advance to the final.By the goal of Ogura and HiranoSanfrecce HiroshimaWon the team's first title by defeating 3-0[28].


Kokura, who was participating in the representative training camp in February, suffered a serious injury and was forced to leave for a long time.[29].. On March 3th, as the winning team of the previous year's Emperor's CupXerox Super CupAnd won the league matchYokohama MarinosDefeated 2-0 to become the 1995 annual champion.

The league match of this year was held in a one-season system with no division between the first half and the second half.Grampus has won four consecutive victories since the opening, but by that time rookie Fukuda and Mochizuki were filling the hole in Kokura.[30]..Finished the last round of the first half of the schedule with 15 wins and 10 lossesYamazaki Nabisco CupFrom the beginning of July after the intensive holding period ofTomakomaiCamped in[30]..During the camp, Wenger said, "A club with a name similar to yours (Arsenal FC) ”Tells the Grampus side that the offer is coming.[30].. In SeptemberUKWenger was also surrounded by the press because it was reported that the appointment of director was decisive, but at this point he avoided making a statement about his departure.[30].

Five consecutive victories when the second half of the schedule starts in August.A press conference was held on September 8th, immediately after the fourth race, and it was announced that Wenger would retire at the end of Section 5 on September 4th, and that Keiros would replace him at the same time.[30]..Section 21Kashiwa ReysolThe battle was lost at the end of the extended V-goal battle, and at that moment Wenger stood stunned in front of the bench.[30]..Wenger left the Grampus in this way, but he knew the damage of the change of director while playing the championship battle, and it was arranged that the right arm Primorac would remain in the Grampus by the end of the year so that it would work.[30]..The three games before Keiros took office were coachesJose Alberto CostaActed as acting director.The final result is 2nd place (21 wins and 9 losses).

Depending on the result of the second place in the league matchSuntory Cup Champion FinalAdvance to. In the first roundShimizu S-PulseIn the finalKashima AntlersAnd became the champion of the year. In NovemberAsian Cup Winners CupParticipated in and runner-up.Yamazaki Nabisco Cup lost in 7th place in Group League,Emperor's cupLost the second round.


As the annual champion of the previous yearSanwa Bank CupParticipation in.MLS cupWinningDC UnitedWon[31].. In March, Ogura underwent reoperation and was forced to leave for a long time.

リーグ戦では1stステージ12位(6勝10敗)、2ndステージ5位(10勝6敗)、年間総合9位(16勝16敗)と低迷。Yamazaki Nabisco CupWill advance to the semi-finals (best 4),Emperor's cupIn the first matchTokyo Gas Soccer ClubLose to[16]It was a year of great ups and downs.As a cause of sluggishnessIt is pointed out that Keiros's method was the opposite of Wenger's predecessor, and it was pointed out that it caused the problem of the three players who will be dismissed in 2000.[Source required]..Keiros will be dismissed in November after the season ends.

In addition, after Keiros, inviting a director who is said to be a "winning contractor" will continue to be dismissed in a short period of time without any results, but the consciousness of fans and sponsors "wins" from the result of approaching the victory in the Wenger era Club executives say that they have turned to "and have been dealing with short-term measures from beginning to end."[11]..In addition, it is a subsidiary of Toyota rather than a soccer club, and the vision as a club has not been decided, it is said that it has not become a professional club.[11]..This constitution is familiar with club management, but it will continue until around 2008 when vice president Kazumasa Kume becomes GM.[11]..In the meantime, he has been ridiculed as "the median of all ages" despite the competition for victory and demotion.[32].


Takashi Tanaka, who served as a coach until the previous year, will be promoted to coach as a successor to Carlos Queiroz.Kenji Fukuda shows an activity of scoring 16 points in the league match.

1stステージ3位(12勝5敗)、2ndステージ6位(11勝6敗)、年間総合5位(23勝11敗)。Yamazaki Nabisco CupLost in 2th place in the group league,Emperor's cupAdvances to the semi-finals (best 4).


Expected to be a candidate for victory with the addition of Narasaki, Yamaguchi, and Robisu[33]..Collision with some players over practice attitude[34], Koji Tanaka will be dismissed in April immediately after the start of the league match, saying that the team's circle has been disturbed and the results have been sluggish.When Sanchez took over as his successor, it improved a little, but when the 4nd stage started, it became sluggish again and Sanchez retired.Acting directorMazarópiAfter that, João Carlos took office in September.After taking office as João Carlos, he will recover by winning 9 consecutive wins.[33].

1stステージは8位(7勝1分7敗)、2ndステージ2位(11勝1分3敗)、年間総合4位(18勝2分10敗)。Yamazaki Nabisco CupAdvances to the semi-finals (best 4),Emperor's cupThen I won the championship for the second time.

2000 era


  • directed by : Joan Carlos (2nd year)
  • Join : Ryuta Hara,Taisei Fujita,Ryoji Ushihara(Substructure)
  • 加入 :,Wesley(May)
  • Withdrawal : Tetsuya Asano,Yuji Ito, Takafumi Ogura, Koji Noguchi, Torres, Go Oiwa (July), Shigeyoshi Mochizuki (July), Takashi Hirano (July)

The 1st stage is 12th (7 wins, 1 draw, 7 losses). The dismissal of Oiwa, Mochizuki and Hirano will be announced on July 2, immediately after the start of the 7nd stage.Regarding this, Yoshio Komiya, the vice president at the time, explained the reason, "Three people had high abilities, but in addition to neglected play, they disturbed order and discipline."[35]..This is due to Carlos' strong intention[34], Major players such as Stojkovic, who are worried about the decline in strength, begged for their retention, but the president officially announced the release of three people on the 7th.[36]..I didn't get any results from this upset[33], 2nd stage is 7th place (7 wins, 1 draw, 7 losses), 9th place overall (14 wins, 2 draws, 14 losses).Yamazaki Nabisco CupAdvances to the semi-finals (best 4),Emperor's cupWas eliminated in the third round.

After the end of the season, Robisu Wagner, who scored the most points for the team for the second consecutive year, was asked to retire, and Robisu was angry that "there are people who do not know soccer at the front desk". woke up[32].


The 1st stage is 3rd (10 wins, 2 draws, 3 losses). The final section on July 7stTokyo Verdy 1969At the end of the battle, Stojkovic retired from active duty.In addition, Carlos will be dismissed because of "a feud with a main player"[37].

The 2nd stage is 6th (7 wins, 1 draw, 7 losses).5th overall (17 wins, 3 draws, 10 losses).Yamazaki Nabisco CupAdvances to the semi-finals (best 4),Emperor's cupWas eliminated in the third round.


1993年のリーグ開幕から基本システムとして4-4-2を採用していたが、シーズン途中から3-5-2へと変更した。1stステージ3位(10勝5敗)、2ndステージ13位(5勝1分9敗)、年間総合6位(15勝1分14敗)。Yamazaki Nabisco CupLost in 3th place in the group league,Emperor's cupAdvances to the quarterfinals (best 8).


In 2 monthShigemu UedaWas appointed as Technical Director (TD).Panadić, Omori, and Koga's three backs and Nakamura and Yoshimura's double voluntary functioned and boasted high defensive power, but on the other hand, their scoring power was poor.A feud between Verdenik and the front over the strengthening policy has surfaced, and the director has changed after the 3st stage.


Yamazaki Nabisco CupAdvances to the quarterfinals (best 8),Emperor's cupWas eliminated in the second round.


1stステージ8位(5勝5分5敗)、2ndステージ5位(7勝3分5敗)、年間総合は7位(12勝8分10敗)。4年連続二桁得点のウェズレイが、当時ArsindBreaks the record of the total score of foreign players[15].

Yamazaki Nabisco CupAdvances to the semi-finals (best 4),Emperor's cupWas eliminated in the second round.


NiigataThere were four transfers with Tetsuya Okayama, Brothers Umimoto, and An Young-Hak.The ranking was 4nd at the end of Section 8, but Wesley left Nelsinho in April due to a conflict over how to use him.[15]Then, when Marquez left the group in May, it was on the decline. When Luisão joined in August, he scored four goals in six games, but when Nelsinho was dismissed in September, Luisão also transferred.[12]..Although he played a relegation battle due to the slump, he finished the last two games with 2 win and 1 minute and decided to remain in J1.

14th place in the final result (10 wins, 9 draws, 15 losses).Yamazaki Nabisco CupLost in 3th place in the group league,Emperor's cupWas eliminated in the second round.


Vergoossen will be the new coach with the aim of training young players[39], Shigemu Ueda, who invited Vergoossen in January, is dismissed from TD.

Vergoossen aims for "balance-oriented" tactics[32]..DefensiveZone defenseBased on the above, the overall positioning balance was emphasized, and there was a tendency to avoid risks until the attack was widespread and attacked at the point of the game.[38][32].anchorOriginally defensive positions Kim and Yamaguchi were placed in front of the role Fujita, and Honda and Nakamura with keeping power were placed on both sides, and this middle stage was the heart of the tactics.[38].

Vergoossen also tends to fit players into roles, but asks forwardsPost playThe player who played the role of the target was absent at that time[38][32]..Tamada, who has a different style, and Koga, a defender, are asked to play that role, but they don't work, and Tamada, who is not good at playing, gets sick. When Youngsen joined in July, his performance gradually improved, but his final result was 7th (7 wins, 13 draws and 9 losses).

Yamazaki Nabisco CupLost in 5th place in the group league,Emperor's cupWas eliminated in the second round.


Before the opening, the main defenders left the group one after another, and Spiral left for a long time due to an injury of 6 months in the opening game.[38]..Masukawa and Mt. Yoneyama were also injured in the early stages and missed.[38], Yoshida who has just been promoted from the subordinate organization is converted to the center back where the thinness of the layer became a bottleneck[40]..4 back formation (double voluntary type)4-4-2) To overcome the emergency, and after that, 3 backs and 4 backs were used together, and Abe and Ogawa were selected as side positions, and the number of young people appointed increased.[38].

It was a good start with 4 consecutive wins in the opening season, but with 2 consecutive losses, 3th place (10 wins, 7 draws, 2 losses) at the end of the first half of the schedule.[38]..Even if the second half of the schedule starts, the waves of ups and downs are fierce,In Section 8 on August 18thYokohama F. MarinosWhen he suffered a devastating loss of 0-3, some supporters took action and cracks occurred (next).Omiya ArdijaBoth apologize before the match)[Source required].

Vergoossen will retire at the end of the season on October 10th[39]..Stojkovic was asked to take over as director as a successor, and on October 10, Stojkovic himself indicated his intention to return to the Grampus.[41]After that, it was discovered that the license required to become the J-League coach was not obtained.[42]..Grampus gives up once, but re-requests because it was expected to obtain a license by the end of November[42], Concluded a provisional contract on November 11 and held a press conference[43].

11th place in the final result (13 wins, 6 draws, 15 losses).Yamazaki Nabisco CupLost in 4th place in the group league,Emperor's cupWas eliminated in the second round.


  • slogan : To the front.Beyond that. --Never give up for the win.-Never give up for the win.
  • directed by : Dragan Stojkovic (new)
  • Join : Masaya Sato,Sho Hanai(Substructure)
  • 加入 : Koji Nishimura,Takashi Miki,Bajalica,Maginun
  • Withdrawal : Sho Kamogawa, Yusuke Sudo, Yohei Toyoda, Keisuke Honda, Kim Jung Woo, Spiral

From this year, the name is "Nagoya Grampus"change to.Newly established this yearGMToKazumasa KumeGot[11].

Stojkovic becomes head coach as new coachGjurovskyStojkovic was in charge of offensive tactics, and Gjurovsky was in charge of defensive tactics.[44]..The assistant is the same club OB as StojkovicHalfner DidoIs appointed.

Stojkovic's tacticsSide attackZone defenseIn a systematic pass soccer based on the two pillars of, the side change was particularly effective this year.[38][45][46][47]..Close to a flat commanded compactly for its tactics4-4-2Is adopted[38][47], Akira Takeuchi was selected for the thin right side back[48]..Keiji Tamada is expected to be the core of the attack[49], I got back on track because I was asked to play well[50]..In addition, Naoshi Nakamura, who had been in various positions, was fixed to Volunteer and supported the team through offense and defense with a high pass success rate and devoted defense.[51].

He made a good start by winning 2 consecutive verses 7 to 6, and played a battle for victory until the final verse, and finally finished 3rd (17 wins, 8 draws, 9 losses).For the first timeACLWon the right to participate in.Also, in August, he has never been able to win a star since the opening of the J-League in 8.Kashima StadiumHe won his first victory against Kashima in Japan.

Yamazaki Nabisco CupAdvances to the semi-finals (best 4),Emperor's cupAdvances to the quarterfinals (best 8).


Club OBs Kazuhisa Iijima and Yuji Ito are newly appointed as coaches.

Section 3 of March 22ShimizuWon 3-1 in the battle and achieved 150 home game wins in total.By May 5, before the suspension period, Davi had scored nine points, and although he was the top scorer at that time, he scored only seven points except for Davi.One of the reasons for this was Jonsen last season.Post playIt was pointed out that Davi did not fit the role of Stojkovic, and it was urgent to acquire the target role to take advantage of the side attack aimed at by Stojkovic.[55]..At that time, the foreigner quota was fullAWe investigated the players that can be acquired in the slot and announced the acquisition of Kennedy of Australian nationality on June 6st.[56][57].. When Burzanović joins in July and the three capitals join in August, 7-8-3 with Burzanović at the bottom of the top will be tried, and it will lead to the next season from the 5rd round of the final game.4-3-3Has been adopted[38].

On the defensive side, Bajalica's long-term withdrawal had a big impact, and in the first half of the game there was always a shortage of center back pieces.Maya Yoshida and Takahiro Masukawa started in almost all games, but in the match against Gamba Osaka on July 2, they were lacking due to injury and suspension, and Akira Takeuchi and Sato, who have little experience in center back, were appointed. Ta[58]..Yuki Maki, who has experience as a center back from the first half of the game, is also being considered, and in the second half of the game against Iwata on October 10, he actually started in the center back.[59].

The final result is 9th place (14 wins, 8 draws, 12 losses).Yamazaki Nabisco CupAdvances to the quarterfinals (best 8),Emperor's cupIs runner-up.ACLPassed in 1st place in the group league, but in the semi-finalsAl IthadLost to the best 4.

2010 era


  • slogan : Never give up for the win.
  • directed by : Dragan Stojkovic (3nd year)
  • Join : Tatsuya Arai
  • 加入 : Yume Kanzaki,Tanaka Marx Fight King,Mitsuru Chiyotanda,Danilson(With a time limit)
  • Withdrawal : Jun Aoyama, Kazuto Tsuyuki, Oribe Niikawa, Koichi Hirono, Kei Yamaguchi, Maya Yoshida, Bayarica
  • Transfer with time limit : Masaya Sato, Tomohiro Tsuda, Yoshiki Hiraki

Reinforce players who can be the main force such as Kanazaki, Tulio Tanaka, Danilson[60]..It was rare in Japan at that time to use it from this season4-3-3[61]The aim was to make the most of the speed and power of the individual.[47].. 3 Tall Kennedy sits in the center of the top, and Kanazaki and Tamada are agile and have a lot of exercise on both sides.[61]Moved fluidly to make a chance, and Tulio was an aggressive lineup trying to overlap in the game.[62]..The shape of the high-precision cloths of Abe and Tanaka on both side backs was also an iron plate to match Kennedy's head.[15]..Narasaki, Tulio Tanaka, and Masukawa lined up in front of the goal, and Danilson, who has superhuman physical ability, supported the middle stage.[61][47]..On the bench, the main players up to the previous year, such as Ogawa, Yoshimura, and Sugimoto, were waiting.[60].

At the opening round on March 3thGamba OsakaIf you win 2-1 toW cupFinished 12 games before the interruption by 7 wins, 1 draw and 4 losses.Danilson struggled in the early stages, but in May he got better andanchorEstablished as and strengthened its presence[60].. When the league resumes in the 7th round on July 17, it will rise to the top position by finishing the 13th round on August 8 with 14 wins and 18 minute undefeated.[45]..Without surrendering the lead as it is[45], In Section 11 of November 20thShonan BellmareBy winning 1-0, he decided to win the league match for the first time with three games left.[63].. This is the first time that the championship has been decided without waiting for the final round since 1, when the system was changed to the one-season system, and the final results of "2005 wins (23 minutes 3 losses)" and "8 points difference from 2nd place" are all. The league's most record, "10 points" also set various records with the league's most record Thailand[45][46][63]..Also, there has never been a losing streak throughout the season[45]Also, the next match after the defeat was definitely won.

Five people, the most in the team, are selected as the best eleven.Stojkovic was selected as the best director and Seigo Narazaki was selected as the MVP, and Kennedy won the top scorer.Former J.League won the Best Director AwardGuido BuchwaldSecond person following[64]So, Stojkovic is the first to win both MVP as a player.Narasaki was elected as MVP for the first time as a goalkeeper[64].

The Grampus won the championship by a large margin this year, but the total score of 33 and the total goal of 52 at the end of the 36rd round just before the final round were both inferior to the top teams.[60]..Even so, one of the factors that allowed him to win is the "strength of the game", which allows him to survive even in difficult game developments.[60].. There were 1 out of 22 wins with a one-point difference, and even in the match against Shonan, who decided to win, he was able to endure by one point despite being hit by 15 shots.[60]..The first 23 games were 20 wins, 2 draws and 1 loss, which shows that there were many developments in which they scored the first goal and defended.[60]..As you can see, the number of Grampus shots this year was 416, while the number of shots taken was 471, and the number of Grampus shots was more than the opponent in only 11 games.[60]..It was thought that the presence of Tulio Tanaka was important for such "game strength", and that it not only contributed to the offense and defense that seemed to be numerical, but also had a mental influence on the victory of the entire team.[60]..In addition, the total score of the three forward regulars this season is 3 points (Kennedy 33 points, Tamada 16 points, Kanazaki 13 points), while Tulio Tanaka, who has the most points other than forwards, is an aggressive midfielder. The four people appointed were 4 points in total, and it can be seen that they also relied on individual power here.[60].

Yamazaki Nabisco CupLost in 6th place in the group league,Emperor's cupAdvances to the quarterfinals (best 8).


  • slogan : Strong Believin'-With pride-
  • directed by : Dragan Stojkovic (4nd year)
  • Join : Teruki Tanaka,Kensuke Nagai,Yoshida Makito,Kazuki Sato(Substructure)
  • 加入 : Fujimoto Akira
  • Withdrawal : Masaya Sato, Keita Sugimoto, Shinta Fukushima, Magnum, Burzanović (October)
  • Transfer with time limit : Akira Takeuchi, Yoshiki Hiraki, Yuki Maki, Tomohiro Tsuda, Toru Hasegawa

February 2, prior to the start of the league matchXerox Super CupKashima AntlersAnd become the champion of the year.

The opening game on March 3thYokohama F. MarinosAnd 1-1, but on March 3thGreat East Japan EarthquakeDue to the effect of the occurrence, the subsequent game schedule will be significantly rearranged.As a Grampus, in addition to the team situation where there are many injured in the main forceACLIt was an unstable early season due to fatigue of movement due to participation.[47].. The ACL group stage barely breaks through in 2nd place, but on May 5th in Round 25Suwon Samsung BluewingsLose to 2-0[47]..At that time, the league match was struggling with 6 win, 1 draws and 2 losses in 3 games, but the team that was inspired by the long-awaited defeat of ACL was in Section 5 (29th match) on May 13th.Avispa Fukuokaに5-2と快勝すると、8月17日の第9節(21試合目)までの14試合を7連勝を含む10勝4分の無敗で駆け抜ける[47].

This season also used the same 2010-4-3 as in 3 from the start, but from the middle of the season Naoshi Nakamura will line up with Danilson.4-2-3-1Is used together[47]..As a result, continuous play is required rather than individual power, and Yoshizumi Ogawa, who is good at such play, regains its brilliance.[47]..Initially, there were many changes from the middle of the game, but in the final game where the battle for the championship was played, there were many 4-2-3-1 from the start of the game.[47]..The team as a whole will be linked to the demodulation of Ogawa, and will win all five games just before the final round to reach the final round in 5nd place. December 2rdLast section TheAlbirex NiigataThere is a possibility of winning with more than a draw, and Grampus wins 1-0, but the leaderKashiwa ReysolAlso won, so the season ended with 1nd place (2 wins, 21 draws, 8 losses) with 5 point difference.

It was a season that unfortunately missed the championship, but some say that this year's Grampus is "the strongest second place".[45]..In a later interview, Stojkovic said, "I should have won in 2011," Narasaki said, "The best fight was in 2011," and Tulio Tanaka said, "I wanted to win that season."[47].

Yamazaki Nabisco CupAdvances to the semi-finals (best 4),Emperor's cupAdvances to the quarterfinals (best 8).


  • slogan : Strong Believin'--With an oath in my heart, again. ---
  • directed by : Dragan Stojkovic (5nd year)
  • Join : Motoki Takahara,Ryota Tanabe,Taisuke Mizuno
  • 加入 : Danilson (complete transfer),Yosuke Ishibitsu,ダ ニ エ ル
  • Withdrawal : Hikaru Kuba, Akira Takeuchi, Mitsuru Chiyotanda, Tomohiro Tsuda, Koji Hashimoto, Toru Hasegawa, Sho Hanai, Yoshiki Hiraki, Genta Matsuo

3 backs are considered with the addition of Daniel[65], Actually used many times during the season.

The long-term withdrawal due to Naoshi Nakamura's injury and Keiji Tamada's poor condition continued to lack the main players from beginning to end, and Kennedy's inability to work for the full season was a pain.[46]..Kennedy, the top scorer of the previous year, was the mainstay of the team's possession soccer, and although tactical changes were considered due to the rise of young players such as Kensuke Nagai and Tulio Tanaka, Stojkovic tried to replace Kennedy with Toriou.[46]..Tulio's score increased and seemed to be successful at first glance, but as a result, he fell into a vicious circle that crushed the goodness of the previous year, and not only the total score decreased, but also the sense of defensive stability was lost.[46]..The final result is 7th place (15 wins, 7 draws, 12 losses).

Yamazaki Nabisco Cup-Emperor's cupBoth advanced to the quarterfinals (best 8).


  • slogan : Unlimited-Indomitable Challenge
  • directed by : Dragan Stojkovic (6nd year)
  • Join : Yuki Honda,Yusuke Muta,Reo Mochizuki,Thiago,Nikki Havenaar(Substructure)
  • 加入 : Kisho Yano,Jakimovsky, Kensuke Nagai (August, with a time limit)
  • Withdrawal : Tatsuya Arai, Mu Kanazaki, Alessandro Santo, Yuki Maki, Keiji Yoshimura, Kensuke Nagai (January)
  • Transfer with time limit : Makito Yoshida, Taisuke Mizuno

Muta will be in the opening roundKatayama recommendationSince then, he has participated in the opening starting lineup for the first time in seven years.[66]..Due to factors such as Kennedy's illness from the beginning of the league match, the unstable development continued, such as finishing the 6th to 9th sections before the suspension period in June with 13 consecutive losses for the first time in 16 years.[67].. September 9th, at the Shimizu matchRadon ChitchiWith the goal of Gamba Osaka, he scored the 1000th goal of the league match clubs and became the second club record after Gamba Osaka.Also, at the Emperor's Cup on the 2thAC Nagano PulceiroLost in the first match.

It was announced on October 10 that Stojkovic will retire at the end of the season due to contract expiration.[68]..In addition, chronic deficit improvement[32][69]Therefore, on November 11nd, Shohei Abe and Hayuma Tanaka[70](Although the announcement was made at a later date, Takahiro Masukawa decided to leave the group.[69][71]), Daniel on the 24th[72]It was announced that the contract would not be extended.

While he achieved excellent results for six years under the Stojkovic regime, it has been pointed out that it hindered the development of young people.[45]..The training policy focuses on the condition management of athletes, and the mainstay has been almost fixed since 2008 when he took office.[45][46]..After winning the championship in 2010, the results declined with the shadow of the stamina of the main players, and during that time, the young players were widening the ability gap with insufficient training content and load.[45][46]..As a matter of fact, many transfer teams have participated in the last 6 years, and the young players who got new opportunities to participate under the Stojkovic system (participated in more than half of the games a year) are Kensuke Nagai, Taishi Taguchi, Yuki Maki, Ryota Isomura. There were only 4 of them, which was a very small number.

The final result is 11th place (13 wins, 13 losses, 8 draws).Yamazaki Nabisco CupLost in 4th place in the group league,Emperor's cupWas eliminated in the second round.


Many of the main defense teams have left the team, and the new team, which has no choice but to appoint young people with insufficient training strength under the Stojkovic system, will be entrusted to Kazumasa Kume GM's ally Akira Nishino.[73][74][75]..Nishino had a strong impression of aggressive pass soccer, but at Grampus, he first started to improve the defense without the main force.[76][77]..The reconstructed defense line is Yuki Honda, Ryota Tanabe, except for the remaining Tulio Tanaka.Shun Obu(Specially designated player[78]) And other young players in their early twenties lined up[77]..Ryota Isomura, Asahi Yada, Taishi Taguchi and others also achieved great growth this year and established a style of defensive haste at the end of the season.[73].

In the opening round on March 3stShimizu S-PulseLose 2-3[79], Shun Obu became the first starting member of the Grampus as a specially designated player[80]..He won 2 consecutive games from the 3nd round, but was not stable as he lost 4 consecutive games immediately afterwards. In JuneLeandro DominguezHowever, he was not able to play satisfactorily due to injury in addition to the condition that had deteriorated.[12]..The final result is 10th place (13 wins, 9 draws, 12 losses).

Yamazaki Nabisco CupLost in 4th place in the group league,Emperor's cupAdvances to the quarterfinals (best 8).


  • slogan : 捷 moving
  • directed by : Akira Nishino (2nd year, retreat at the end of the season[82]
  • 加入 : Novakovich, Akira Takeuchi, Kensuke Nagai (complete transfer)
  • Withdrawal : Naoshi Nakamura, Keiji Tamada, Kennedy, Hejis
  • Transfer with time limit : Makito Yoshida, Chiago, Taisuke Mizuno

In April, Yoshihiro Fukushima, the vice president who was in the top management in the absence of a full-time president, retired.[83]As a result, Kazumasa Kume of GM became the first president of the club from a person other than Toyota, and concurrently serves as GM.[84].. Takafumi Ogura becomes assistant GM in June[85].

In the early stages, after making the worst start with 2 minutes and 2 losses, the 1st stage ends without improving.[81]..The defensive team led by Seigo Narazaki showed a sense of stability, but the offensive team did not score 17 points in 18 games, which was thought to be the cause of the slump.[81].. In the early part of the 2nd stage, Kengo Kawamata played an active role and made a good start with 5 wins in 3 games, but after August, his condition deteriorated and the defense team became less stable.[81]..In the final game, I changed to 4 backs and took the tactic of using Tulio Tanaka on the front line, but it was hard to say that it was effective.[81]..If the defense was stable, the score would not be blessed, and if the score increased, the defense would collapse.[81].

Nishino's retirement at the end of the season was announced on October 10th.[73]..It has been pointed out that Nishino has been overly trusting the players, and as a result, a vicious cycle has been created in which the coach is under-explained and the players are waiting for instructions.[73]..However, more than that, the lack of strength that a large number of main players flowed out at the time of inauguration was fatal, and there was also a difficult request to advance to the top while rebuilding the team.[73]..The lack of training of young people also became a shackle, and during the two years led by Nishino, there were always 2 to 5 injured people, and especially this season there were times when even the red and white battle was not satisfactory.[73].

1stステージ9位(6勝4分7敗)、2ndステージ10位(7勝3分7敗)、年間総合9位(13勝7分14敗)。Yamazaki Nabisco CupAdvances to the quarterfinals (best 8),Emperor's cupWas eliminated in the second round.


In the season, which was positioned as the "first year of reform," it was rumored that the director's personnel had a difficult time due to a battle for initiative between Toyota-born executives and President Kume. Started[32][85]..Along with that, Kazumasa Kume, who was also a GM, became a full-time president.Kokura entrusted with full authority to form a team[85]Will negotiate with existing players with clear assessment criteria, but its business-like and lackluster bargaining stance will result in the outflow of some of the leading players, including Tulio Tanaka.[32][92]..It was difficult to decide on new players who should make up for the decline in strength, and the remaining main players such as Yoshizumi Ogawa also had a sense of crisis.[92]..Even so, on January 1th, new players were announced along with the new team, and the policy of "soccer linked up to the fifth player" was also shown.[93].

At the opening round on March 2thJubilo IwataThe counter tactics that make use of Simović's height and Nagai's speed worked, and the result was repeated wins and losses, but the whole team was not in a negative atmosphere.[32][92]..However, Ogura himself denied the style.[32], The training that had been continued with the slogan "Soccer linked up to the 5th person" did not show any results even two months after the opening.[92]..In fact, although Ogura, who was in his first year as a coach, had established a theoretical system of tactics, he was later pointed out that he lacked the method of communicating it to the players and instilling it, and lacked experience as a coach.[94]..Earn points with realistic counter-soccer, but it doesn't work when countermeasures are taken, and in Section 5 on May 4th.Yokohama F. MarinosFinish the 1st stage without winning even one after winning[32].

In June, we reduced capital and increased capital through third-party allotment.ToyotaBecame a subsidiary of (50.12% stake)[4].

Even if I entered the 2nd stage, I couldn't win, and on July 7th, Section 30Yokohama F. MarinosIt sounds good to say that we adopted 5 backs from the war to stabilize the defense, but this was the last resort because we could not attack as expected.[92][94][95]..Even if the initial offensive belief was bent, the bitter defensive soccer that aimed for points continued for three games after that, but it did not work at all.[32][94][95], Kokura is virtually dismissed on August 8[85][95]..As a successor, Gjurovski, who was the head coach under the Stojkovic system, was promoted after coaching, and it was announced that Tulio Tanaka, who left the team before the start of the season at about the same time, will return.[32][94][95]..Only 26 wins in 4 games led by Kokura[92]..At the time of the change of manager, he was 8th with 16 games left, and the difference in points from the remaining area was 7.[85].

When Gjurovsky took office, he first tried to bring the team back to "normal".[32][92][94]..The shortcomings pointed out as lack of physical practice were compensated by increasing the possession of the strengths, and the anxiety of the players who were leaning negatively was removed by instilling a spirit that makes the best use of the strengths.[92]..Then, in the 9th section of September 10th, when Tulio Tanaka returned.Albirex NiigataWins, and the consecutive unwins finally stop in 18 games, which is the club's worst record[32][94][96]..The following Round 12 was defeated, but Rounds 13 and 14 were the first consecutive wins of the season and temporarily emerged in the remaining area.[94]..However, the momentum was lost due to the interruption of 3 weeks due to International A Match Day etc.[32], Sections 15 and 16 will be 1 minute and 1 loss, and will face the final section in 16th place in the relegation zone[94]..The final section we metMay 11 OfShonan BellmareWar.Speaking of the result, it was possible to remain in the draw, but due to the sense of crisis, he rushed to attack and lost 3 goals, and as a result, the club's first J2 relegation was decided.[92][94][95][97].

1stステージ14位(4勝5分8敗)、2ndステージ15位(3勝4分10敗)、年間総合16位(7勝9分18敗)。15位のAlbirex NiigataThere was no difference in points, and he was demoted by the difference in goals and goals. Looking at the results of 3 wins, 2 draws and 3 losses after the change of director, the change of director was lost late.[32][92][94]..On November 11, the day after the final section, Kazumasa Kume announced that he would resign as president, taking responsibility for the demotion.[92][94]On the 6th, it was announced that Gjurovsky, who wanted to continue casting, would retire, and Tulio Tanaka's resignation was also reported.[32].

Yamazaki Nabisco CupLost in 6th place on the group stage,Emperor's cupWas eliminated in the second round.

2017 (J2)

J25 will celebrate the 2th anniversary of the club's founding. Many leading players left the team due to J2 demotion, but there were rumors of a transfer.Taji TaguchiAnnounced Remaining in the Club[99].

Yahiro Kazama was appointed as the new coach after returning to J1 in one year.[100]..Kazama advocated the concept of "fun soccer to win", and like the team led by Kazama until then, "attack to break the opponent's defense with an overwhelmingly high ball holding rate" and "aggressive to quickly regain the ball when it is stolen" Adopted an extremely offensive possession tactic centered on the two axes of "defense"[101][100][102][103][104]..The formation used 3 backs and 4 backs together, and Ryuji Izumi and Kazuya Miyahara who can handle multiple positions were heavily used.[81]..Members were not fixed and tried many players in different positions[103].

The club's first J2 opening match will be on February 2th.Fagiano OkayamaWar.If you win the first match 2-0, you will be in Section 4 on April 8th.Kamata Mare SanukiTo win and take the lead[81].. afterwardsShonan Bellmare,Avispa FukuokaIn the 6th section on June 3rdZuegen KanazawaAfter that, only one win in 6 games, temporarily retreating to 1th place[81]..At the end of Section 16, he was in the lead, and in the end it was only these two times that he took the lead throughout the season.At the end of the 2st round, 21 wins, 10 draws and 4 losses, and 7th place with 34 points, Shonan Bellmare, who is in the 6nd place in the automatic promotion zone, had 2 points difference.

When Gabriel Xavier joined on July 7, he scored 18 goals and 22 assists in 5 games from the 3nd round where he first appeared, and became the axis of the attack such as being selected as the monthly MVP in August.[81][105].. He won 7 consecutive victories from the 30th round on July 25 and returned to the promotion battle, but while he fell to 5th place with 30 minute 1 losses from the 3th round.V. Farren NagasakiOvertaken by, and regained four consecutive victories from Section 34, but fell short of one step and finished in 4rd place.J1 promotion playoffsWill turn to[81].

In the playoffs, the semi-finals were "natural enemies" with 2 games and 2 losses in the league match.Jeff United ChibaWas the opponent, but won with Simović's hat trick etc.[106][107]..The opponent of the finalAvispa Fukuoka..Grampus with the most 85 points in the league[81], Avispa Fukuoka with a minimum of 36 goals in the league[107]It was a final match like a spear and a shield.[108]..Although the match shook each other's goal net, it was not recognized by fouls or offside, the match ended with 0-0, and the promotion of Grampus was decided by the playoff regulations.[108].

As mentioned above, the total score of "85" of this year's Grampus was second.Tokushima VoltisWas the league leader with a big difference to 71[81]..On the other hand, the total goal of "65" was the 2th place in the J6 worst of the year.[81], The club that has been promoted from J2 to J1 has the most goals in history, and only 42 out of 7 games have no goals.

From this yearLevan cupThere is no right to participate in the J League Cup, which changed its name toEmperor's cupWas eliminated in the third round.

In addition, it is generally said that "relegation to J2 will reduce the number of visitors by 1 to 3%", but this year's Grampus has increased the number of visitors by more than 2 for the first time in the history of the J League.[109]..Around 2013, when the results continued to be low, the number of spectators was sluggish, and in the spectator questionnaire at that time, "attachment to the club" was the lowest.[109]..In response to this, the fan service related departments were reorganized and integrated into the marketing department, and the results of various efforts were fruitful.[109].

2018 (J1)

Acquiring representative class foreign players such as Joe and Langerac when returning to J1 and catching the topic[81]..Gabriel Xavier's transfer period has been extended[116]Kazama aims to become a "team that scores points" as the "foundation work" is over.[103].

He got off to a good start with two consecutive wins in the opening season, but he moved away from the victory from the third round and suffered eight consecutive losses from the fourth to the eleventh round.[81].Russian World CupBy the last verse 5 on May 20th, before the interruption by, there were only two wins in the end. June 15thEmperor's cupIn the second round of the first roundJFL OfNara ClubHe was defeated at the end of the penalty shootout, but won after the unusual situation of restarting only the penalty shootout on June 6, saying that there was a "clear mistake in the application of the law of the game by the referee in charge".[81][117].. Even if the league match resumed on July 7, the momentum did not return and the first half of the schedule ended with the bottom of 18 wins, 15 draws and 2 losses, with 3 games unwinned in the end.[81][118].

Grampus will make major reinforcements during the summer break[81].. Section 8 on August 1stVegalta SendaiWhen the second half of the battle started, the new force worked and won 7 consecutive victories and moved up to 11th place.[81][118][119]..However, after that, he finished 9 games with 3 wins, 1 draw and 6 losses.J1 entry playoffsReach the final round in 16th place, which is the target of[120]..There is still the possibility of demotionShonan BellmareIn the final round with, the 12th to 16th places were in a close battle with 41 points, with a goal difference.Jubilo IwataDecided to remain[81][120].

Joe, who scored 24 points this year, won the top scorer, and Xavier's 9 assists were ranked 4th in the league.[81]..On the other hand, 59 runs is the lowestV. Farren NagasakiAt the bottom, along with, the problems from the previous year were revealed again[81].

The final result is 15th place (12 wins, 5 draws, 17 losses).Levan cupWas eliminated in 4th place in the group league, and the Emperor's Cup was eliminated in the 2rd round after the above-mentioned turmoil in the 3nd round.

2019 (J1)

There is no change in the style that emphasizes attacks, and the overall level has been raised by reinforcing the right person in the right place.[104]..Among them, the new double voluntary is the heart of the new team, and the command tower type Schmidt that pulls the attack with an accurate pass and Yonemoto who has an excellent sense of balance between abundant momentum and offense and defense are compatible.[101]..On the other hand, there were many withdrawals of players who could be leaders such as Narasaki, Tamada, and Sato, and the rise of young people was expected.[104].

Take the lead with three consecutive wins in the opening season[81][154]..After that, he repeatedly wins and loses, but as far as the home is concerned, he achieved five consecutive victories until the 11th round and set a new club record, during which time he continued to have no goals at home.[155]..At the end of Section 11, he was in second place with a point difference of 4 to the top.[81][154]..In Section 12Kawasaki FrontaleIn the 8nd round on August 10th, he had not won for 22 games until he played against Kawasaki Frontale again and won, and during that time the ranking retreated to 10th place.[81]..After that, he lost 23 consecutive games with a draw in Section 3 and finished 11th, and canceled the contract with Kazama on September 9.[102][154].

With the Kazama system for two and a half years, Kazama's aiming attack-oriented style was being established.[102]..The defensive aspect, which was an issue, will work if the attack is successful, and in fact, it was evaluated as a winning candidate early this season.[101][102]..However, the fragility of the defense when the ideal deployment is not possible due to aggressive tactics cannot be denied, and until the previous year, many goals were accumulated against the opponents attacking in the organization.[101]..With the addition of Schmidt and Yonemoto this season, the ability to hold and capture the ball increased, and in the early game, the average of one game was "1 points" and "2.3 goals", which was a good start.[101], After the 13th section, the number of developments that yield to the opponent who pulls and protects has increased[102]..Even so, Kazama's stance of trying to stick to the traditional style deviated from the consciousness of the players seeking results, and it was possible that the club side could not see it and dismissed it.[102].

On the same day as Kazama's dismissal, it was announced that Massimo Ficcadenti, known for his "defensive haste", which is the opposite of the aggressive tactics of Kazama, will be appointed as his successor.[81][102][154]..Unlike under the Kazama regime, where tactics were relatively free, Ficcadenti tried to discipline and rebuild the team.[156]..However, it took time for the players who were accustomed to the tactics of the Kazama system to become accustomed to the defensive haste, and the results were not good due to the malfunction and injury of the main foreign players such as Joe Xavier Net. I barely decided to stay with 8 draws and 1 losses[154].

The final ranking is 13th (9 wins, 10 draws, 15 losses).Levan cupAdvances to the quarterfinals (best 8),Emperor's cupWas eliminated in the third round.

2020 era

2020 (J1)

Ficcadenti continued to oversee.Eight games of the 2019 season, which he commanded from the middle, said that he had "worked for remaining" and proceeded to build a new team toward the start of the 8 season.[170]..Ficcadenti uses high from the frontpressWith a solid tactic centered on a vertically fast short counter that makes use of the ability of the attacker with speed and breakthrough power, and the defense that erases the goodness of the opponent with a precise block, ideallyLiverpool FCWas given as an example[171][172][173]..The formation is due to the fact that there are many players who can compete on the side.4-2-3-1Was adopted, and Takuji Yonemoto and Sho Inagaki's defensive combination was often used for the vital voluntary, contributing to both offense and defense with a high amount of exercise.[171][173][174].

At the opening round on March 2thVegalta SendaiAfter drawing toNew coronavirus infectionThe league match will be suspended for a long time due to the spread of the infection.For Grampus players and officials, Mu Kanazaki on June 6nd[175], Langerak on June 6th[176], Kazuya Miyahara on July 7th[177], Shuto Watanabe and one team staff member on July 7th[178], 7 cooking staff in the dormitory on July 27[179]Was announced as a positive test. The league match will resume in July, but due to this interruption, the league match andLevan cupThe schedule has been significantly reorganized and becomes an abnormally overcrowded schedule.[174][180],Emperor's cupHowever, the regulations including the participating teams have changed significantly.

On June 6st, during the suspension period, the contract with Joe will be terminated due to breach of contract.[181][182]..Joe did not attend the January camp to treat his injury and returned to Brazil during the suspension period.[183].. On June 6th in the old nestColin ChanceAnnounces Joe's return, but Grampus cancels the contract as mentioned above because he did not allow him to leave the team in the first place.FIFAThe decision was entrusted to the dispute resolution office of[183][181].. FIFA enacted on November 11 that Joe and Corinthians ordered the Grampus to pay compensation[184].

When the league match resumes on July 7, in Section 4Shimizu S-PulseVictory, win 4 consecutive rounds from 6th to 3th with a draw, and make a good restart[185][186].. In the 8th round on August 19th, he continued to win all the games.Kawasaki FrontaleWith steadfastness as a weapon, he always kept 1th place or higher after the 0th round, and the final result was 4rd place (6 wins, 3 draws, 16 losses).[185][187]..For the first time in 3 years, due to the result of 9rd place in the league matchACLDecide to participate[187]..At this point, I was supposed to play from the playoffs,[187], Kawasaki Frontale, who won the league match, also won the Emperor's Cup, so he moved up to the GrampusGroup stageParticipation from is confirmed.

The total number of goals conceded this season is 28, the lowest in the league[180]..Kawasaki Frontale, who won by 83 points to 2nd place with 18 points, are exceptionally defensive compared to 2 goals of 42nd place Gamba Osaka and 4 points of 37th place Cerezo Osaka, which have almost the same total points. It was obvious[180]..This is the fourth lowest since 34, when it became a 2005-game system.[185], The no-goal match was 2008 games, the most record in the league history, along with Oita Trinita in 17.[188]..The goalkeeper and centre-back Langerac, Maruyama, and Nakatani played full games in all games, and the number of individual shutouts was the highest in history.[188][180]..The regular team is almost fixed, such as Inagaki and Mateus also participating almost fully.[180][189], The total number of 488 appointed was the smallest in the league and the number of player changes was small[188].

Behind the "stickiness" is a strong defensive consciousness that permeates the entire team.Langerak, who is good at shooting stops, has a great sense of security that he will prevent shooting from outside the area, and two center backs will crush the dangerous space in front of the goal and the shooting course to make it as easy as possible.[190][188][191][192]..This kind of defensive theme was born, and in addition to the full participation of the three core defensive players, Inagaki, who supported the midfield with abundant momentum, was also almost full participation, which led to the result.[180][188][190]..Defensive nets were set up everywhere to reduce the burden on the final line, and front line players also devotedly participated in the defense.[190]..On the other hand, the total score of 45 was 12th in the league, and 9 games out of 6 losses were 1 point behind, leaving a challenge on the offensive side.[193][194].

The Levin Cup advanced to the quarterfinals (best 8), and the Emperor's Cup did not participate in the 3rd place Grampus in the league due to the regulation change due to the new coronavirus infection.

2021 (J1)

Large-scale reinforcement in anticipation of increased burden on players due to participation in ACL[180], It became a team to compete for each position with multiple regular class players[211]..It is expected that the attack power will be raised by sharing the image of stealing the ball at a higher position and improving the accuracy and ideas of the counter, and improvement was desired with the addition of former Japan national team attackers such as Kakitani and Saito.[212].

2 month 28 dayAvispa FukuokaIn the opening round with, he won 2-1 despite an own goal. In Section 3 on March 6thHokkaido Consadole Sapporo1-0 to win in Round 4 (18th match due to ACL rescheduling) on ​​April 10thSagan TosuUndefeated and undefeated until he lost 1-2[213]..While no runs and no defeats continue, the following records are being updated ([] is the old record).

  • Club record of consecutive wins in the opening season-6 games (up to Section 6)[214][215]) [4 games, 1996 and 2007[216]
  • Club league record for consecutive no-goal matches in the same season-9 matches (Section 2-Section 19 (10th match))[213]) [Club: 4 games] [League: 7 games, 2014, XNUMXUrawa Reds[217]
  • League record for no-goal duration-823 minutes (Section 1-Section 10 (11th match))[213]) [J1: 731 hours, 1993,Shimizu S-Pulse[218], J2: 770 minutes ・ 2006 ・Yokohama FC[213]

In addition, since November of the previous year, the number of consecutive undefeated games across the season was "11 games", which was in line with the club record.[219], Sagan Tosu lost to the Thai record.In addition, the "6 games" of the opening consecutive wins are in line with the league record only after the abolition of the extra time of the league match in 2003.[216].


Players / Managers / Coaches


Domestic title

Other titles


年度Best Player (MVP)Best elevenTop scorerNewcomer KingBest director
1993から1994Has no winners.
1997から1998Has no winners.
2000から2002Has no winners.
2003-Masatake Narasaki
2005から2007Has no winners.
2008-Masatake Narasaki
Kazumi Ogawa
-Kazumi Ogawa-
2009Has no winners.
2010Masatake NarasakiMasatake Narasaki
Fighting king
Takahiro Masukawa
2011-Masatake Narasaki
Fighting king
Fujimoto Akira
2012-Fighting king---
2013から2017Has no winners.
2019から2020Has no winners.

Stadium/practice field

Home stadiumPaloma Mizuho Stadium[1] andEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euIs. In addition, the past home game holding stadium is "This item"checking.

Initially, since the home town was only Nagoya City, only Paloma Mizuho Stadium was registered, but with the addition of Toyota City and Miyoshi City to the home town in 2012, Toyota Stadium, which had been treated as a quasi-base until then, was changed. Added to the headquarters.Almost half of the league games held on weekends are held.Most of the weekday events such as cup games are held at Paloma Mizuho Stadium.However, in 2017, he was demoted to J2 and could not participate in the League Cup, so there were more games by Paloma Mizuho.

The Grampus is in collaboration with Nagoya City.201911In addition, the current Paloma Mizuho Stadium was completely renovated.2021With the implementation from (reconstruction completed / resumption of use undecided)2020 J1 LeagueIt has been announced that the event will be temporarily suspended at Paloma Mizuho Stadium upon completion.[220][221].

Practice areaAichiToyota City OfToyota Sports CenterThe first ground[1].

Academy / Development

January 2010スペイン OfLiga EspanyolaBelongingReal SociedadConcluded a cooperation agreement on player training with[222] And young players are participating in Real Sociedad practice[223].

Native player






Uniform color
カ ラ ーshirtPantsstockings
FP (1st)"Red"blackblack
FP (2nd)whitewhitewhite
GK (1st)yellowyellowyellow
GK (2nd)purplepurplepurple
FP 1st
FP 2nd
GK 1st
GK 2nd

Team color

  •   "Red"
    • For home use, the pants were red until 2006, but from 2007 to 2014, 2018, 2020-was black, 2015-2016 was white, and 2017 was navy. The pants turned red again in 2019.
    • From 2001 to 2002, he used the 3rd uniform (black for shirts, pants and stockings).
    • The color scheme of the uniforms for the cup battle from 1992 to 1994 was shirt / red, pants / white, stockings / red for the 1st, and shirt / white, pants / red, stockings / white for the 2nd.


  • 1992-1993: Grampus-kun is adopted as the emblem as it is (league battle uniform. Cup battle uniform is also used in 1994).
  • 1994-1997: The league uniform uses a circular emblem with a team flag as a motif.There is no emblem in the cup battle uniform (1995-), and the "Grampus" logo on the chest replaces the emblem.
  • 1998: Uniforms are unified in league and cup games.No emblem
  • 1999-2010: Adopted "NGE (Nagoya Grampus Eight)" and Grampus-kun with the motif of shield and crown.
  • 2011-2016: At the top of the emblemThe 75th Emperor's Cup All Japan Soccer Championship(1995 years),The 79th Emperor's Cup All Japan Soccer Championship(1999 years) and2010 J1 LeagueIt has three champion star marks (★) that represent the victory of.Each star is engraved with "EC 3," "EC 96," and "J00 1" that represent the title and year.
  • 2017-Present: The basic design remains the same, but the titles and eras engraved on the stars are gone.

Uniform sponsor

Posting locationSponsor nameNotationPosted yearRemarks
chestToyotaGR YARiS2001-1992-2000 sleeves[Annotation 1]
1992-2020 (excluding some periods)[Annotation 2]) Is "TOYOTA" notation
clavicleProto corporationGoonette2020-Posted on the left
KDDIau 5G(1st)
au (2nd)
2020-Posted on the right
Upper backDensoDENSE2003-2004
Lower backToyota TsushoToyota Tsusho2016-2012-2015 sleeves
sleeveToyota financeTS32016-2004-2015 pants
Front of pantsToyota Media ServiceTOYOTA
GAZOO Racing
Back of pantsNone--

Training wear sponsor

Posting locationSponsor nameNotationPosted yearRemarks
chestToyota homeToyota home2012-
backUCC Coffee UCCUCC COFFEE2018-
Left sleeveSchool corporation Toho GakuenAichi Toho University
Toho High School
2016-"Toho High School" 2016-
Right sleeveRayfieldRAY Field2016-

Long time agoMeiji dairy industryWas also a training wear breast sponsor.

Uniform supplier itinerary

  • 1992-1996: League matchesMizunoThe cup gameLecoq Sportif
  • 1997: The league matchUmbro, Cup match is Lecoq Sportif
  • 1998-2010: Lecoq Sportif
  • 2011-2016:Descente(Le Coq Sportif)
  • 2017-Present: Mizuno

Successive uniforms

Chronology of successive uniform sponsors

chestLeft clavicleRight clavicleUpper backLower backsleeveFront of pantsBack of pants
1992-Before ban-Before banTOYOTA-Before banLe Coq Sportif
1993Mizuno /
Le Coq Sportif
1997UMBRO /
Le Coq Sportif
1998Le Coq Sportif
2001TOYOTA[Annotation 3]HISAGO
2002TOYOTA L & F
2005TOYOTA L & F
2006Toyota Loom
2008Chubu Electric Power
2009Toyota Loom
(Le Coq Sportif
2012Toyota Tsusho
2015Toyota Loom
2016Toyota TsushoTS3TOYOTA
GAZOO Racing
Tokai Tokyo Securities
2020TOYOTA /
GR YARiS[Annotation 2]
Goonetteau 5G
2021GR YARiSToyota Loom

Club information

Mascot character

Mascot characterIs named after the team name "Grampus"OrcasesIs the motif.

As a Grampus familyGrampus-kunIn addition, there are Grampus-kun (wife), Grampus-kun Jr. (son), and Grampus (daughter).


Nagoya Grampus Supporters Association

  • Tokai prefecture OfGovernor・ A team support organization consisting of the Soccer Association, the Mayor of Nagoya / Soccer Association, and the investment company, the secretariat of the supporters' association, and 631 corporate members (as of November 2009).Corporate members include Toyota Motor subcontractors, dealers nationwide, and major commercial broadcasters (Aichi International Broadcastingexcept for.Outside Aichi prefectureMie television broadcastingCompanies and organizations such as (corporate members) are also members.
  • Every year before the season, a party-style event is held at a hotel in Nagoya City, attended by sponsors, corporate members, directors, and players.

Successive stadium DJs


The financial results of Nagoya Grampus Eight are as follows.

Profit and loss

年度incomeAdvertising feeAdmission feeAllocationOthercostexpensePersonnel expensesAdministrative expensesProfitNet income
  • Amount of money: million yen
  • Personnel costs are included in the project cost.

Source: J-Club financial results list for each fiscal year. 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010

年度RevenueAdvertising feeAdmission feeAllocationUpbringingOthercostPersonnel expensesmatchHomeUpbringingwomanSaleProfitNet income
  • Amount of money: million yen

Source: J-Club financial results list for each fiscal year. 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015

年度RevenueAdvertising feeAdmission feeAllocationUpbringingSalesOthercostPersonnel expensesmatchHomeUpbringingwomanSalesSaleProfitNet income
  • Amount of money: million yen

Source: J-Club financial results list for each fiscal year. 2016


年度Total assetsTotal debtNet worthCapital
  • Amount of money: million yen

Source: J-Club financial results list for each fiscal year. 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016


[How to use footnotes]

注 釈

  1. ^ No logo is used, only the symbol mark is used.Also, from 1992 to 2001, the Grampus team logo was put on the chest until the "TOYOTA" logo was put on.
  2. ^ a b TOYOTA GAZOO RacingPosted in the match on October 2020, 10-November 24, 11 as part of a collaboration project with[224].
  3. ^ Only the chest "TOYOTA" is posted by regulation during the 2009 AFC Champions League match, only the chest "TOYOTA" is posted by regulation during the 2011 and later AFC Champions League matches, uniform design, uniform number font, etc. I used a different design than for the league.


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