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⚽ | Urawa Reds, Yudai Fujiwara, 1st year high school graduate, leave the front line ... Face bang in Shonan Bellmare

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Urawa Reds, Yudai Fujiwara, first year high school graduate, to leave the front ... Face bang in Shonan Bellmare

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The withdrawal period is expected to last for four weeks, and it is certain that he will miss several games, including the J4 League Round 6 match against Sagan Tosu, which is scheduled to be held on the 1th.

Urawa Reds of Meiji Yasuda Life J1 League officially announced on the 5th that midfielder Yudai Fujiwara will leave the front line.Wisteria from Aomori prefecture ... → Continue reading

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4 weeks

Sagan Tosu

Sagan Tosu(Sagan Tosu)Japan OfSagaTosu CityHometown[1],Japan Professional Soccer League(J League) Professional football club.


Founded on February 1997, 2, it has been a member of the J League since 4. Hometown population 1999 (Estimated population, As of June 2018, 6) are all 1 clubs in the J League, andJ League Centennial Vision ClubThe smallest of the 60 clubs that added[Note 1].. However,Saga CityWill host home games in Japan (until FY2014) and will open the club's official sports bar "THE Sagan" in Saga City.[4], The second largest city in Saga prefectureKaratsu CityWe are working on activities throughout Saga Prefecture, including the establishment of a subordinate organization (U-15 Karatsu) in Japan and the opening of soccer schools throughout Saga Prefecture. Furthermore, the sameChikugo RiverGeographically related to Tosu City in the basinFukuokaChikugo regionBut Tosu CityKurume,OgoriOrganize withChikugo River Basin Crossroad CouncilIs jointly supporting Sagan and is one of the sponsorsBridgestoneKurume CityAsakura CitySagan operates "Bridgestone Soccer School" established in[5] We also carry out activities outside the hometown area.

2016 J League Stadium Spectator Survey Report[6](Tosu vs. August 2015, 8Albirex NiigataAccording to the survey conducted in the war), spectators from outside Saga prefecture accounted for 31.4%, which is among the 2016 J-League affiliated clubs that conducted the same survey in FY40.Kashima Antlers-Gamba Osaka-Tokyo VerdyIt is the fourth highest number next to. Also, in the distribution of spectators in the prefecture, spectators from Saga City account for 4% of spectators in the prefecture, which is the same ratio as the hometown of Tosu City.

The team name "Sagan" means to confront and consolidate small forces so that the sand grains solidify into sandstone.[1].. It also leads to "Saga's"[1].. The management body is1997から1998Halfway through the seasonVoluntary organization "Sagan Tosu FC",1998From the middle2004UntilSagan Tosu Co., Ltd.,2005LaterSagan Dreams Co., Ltd.Is. Also,Serie AIt is said that the J-League officially recognized and unified accent is pronounced with the same intonation as "Juventus".

Home stadiumStation square real estate stadium[1], The practice areaTosu City Northern Ground[1] And Tosu City Athletics Stadium[1] Is. Details are below#Stadium/practice fieldSee section. The club mascot is the prefectural bird of Saga Prefecture.Click glassWith a motifWintos'[1].

As of 2020, this is the only club that has not been demoted to J2 after being promoted from J1 to J2 for the first time.


1997-2011 (formerly JFL, J2)


In October 1991, the Saga Football AssociationShizuoka Prefecture LeaguePart 1PJM Futures(The base at that time wasShizuokaHamamatsu city) Decided to attract to Saga Prefecture. In 1994, he moved his hometown to Tosu City and from the following year,Tosu Futures(Tosu F)J League Associate MemberAlso approved. However, the withdrawal of PJM Japan caused serious business difficulties,1997In January of the team management companySaga Sports Club Co., Ltd.Resolved to disband (in 1998Bankruptcy abolition). In response to the fact that there were over 5 signatures required to survive at that time, the team that became Tosu F's saucer in 1997May 2Yasuaki Nakamura, Chairman of the Saga Football AssociationVoluntary groupAsSagan Tosu FCWas launched[Note 2].

However, there was no office and no staff because it was quickly established.[Note 3].. Former J-League used to be an officer at an affiliated company as a front employeeYokohama MDispatched Managing Director as a Supervisor. Also, to the directorC OsakaFormer director actingHiroshi SowaIn addition to being appointed, former coach from C OsakaKazumi TsubotaIs head coach from Saga prefectureShinichi SatoMoved to Tosu for a limited time.

In addition,Urawa京都Training clothes from the local high school, Bibs from the local high school, and balls from the equipment manufacturer were donated.May 2In the league board meeting held in, although the qualification of associate member was lost because the organization was not succeeded, the former JFL to which Tosu F belonged,Nabisco Cup of the same yearParticipation in a special case was recognized[7].. Regarding players, 8 players whose contracts were suspended in the air after the dissolution of Tosu F (Takaki Riki,Shun Suzuki,Etsunori Matsuda,Masayuki Omori,Moriyasu,Tetsuya Tanaka,Junichi Mori,) and 4 of the rental players mentioned above, including Sato, and a total of 8 people from the 20 selections we made in a hurry.May 2The new system was announced[8].. Immediately before the start of the season, the affiliated company will bear the personnel costs of the players to supplement the strength and reduce costs, and the team will only pay the victory salary and participation salary.Employee playersConsider the system. In this, a flower shop in the city and an electrical shop cooperated,Kitauchi cultivationKoichi SekimotoJoined[9].

1998"Sagan Tosu Co., Ltd.Was incorporated (Nakamura was appointed as president)[1].. It was also launched in 1999J League Division 2It has also been decided to join.

In consideration of the dissolution of Tosu F, the new corporation did not set up a large sponsor, but aimed to stabilize the management by increasing the number of small shareholders. However, the deficit continued from the first year of incorporation[12] As a result, the number of shareholders increased as a result, and as a result, the number of shareholders increased. Business turmoil continued.1998In the off, the contract with the large sponsor, which had been arranged by the J.League for a two-year contract, ended, and the operating budget for the next period decreased significantly, resulting in the dismissal of many main players.[13].. Although the new force was replenished, the condition presented at the joining test was about 10 yen monthly salary, and it was obvious that the budget was insufficient.[14].

There was also a health problem in Nakamura, who had been tentatively appointed from the beginning,2001Was the director at the time in SeptemberKazuhiro TakasoPassed the personnel appointment to take office as president after the final round of the season.[15], Later withdrawn[16], The new year2002Teruko Koga, president of the construction and dismantling company, who was appointed as a director for six months[17].. However, Koga laid off a large number of executives and staff who opposed his policy and renewed the staff, but withdrawal of large sponsors made the management difficult, but Koga resigned as early as November of the same year. To express[18]After all, I left the office and deepened the confusion.


Senbiki MitokuBecame the director[1], Aimed at attack-oriented soccer, but it didn't work, and he couldn't win 17 round from the 44th round to the final round, and ended up at the bottom. In terms of points, I was ranked 1th out of 2 teams in J12 this year.Yokohama FCThe final result was less than half, and the final record was J3 worst at the time with 28 wins in the season and 30 consecutive wins without stars (up to 2 consecutive updates in the next season)[19][Note 4].
The team is in danger of survival even during the season, and Koga resigned in October 2003.[20].. Former former Chairman of the Reform Committee was established as the next director election body.Saga UniversityThe president'sHisao KusudaWas appointed as the new president[21].. However, the next year's management plan produced by the new organization has 5 visitors, which is almost five times the actual number of visitors. The J-League Advisory Committee sought improvement as a matter of course, as it included too much corporate sponsorship money, but Kusuda and other new management withdrew their appointment as the next director because "there is no prospect of cash flow".[22].. After all, Koga was to stay, but at that time the chairmanSuzuki Masaru"If the business continues as it is, it will be unavoidable for the J. League to be expelled and withdrawal recommended." It was hard to find a manager who would try to accept a team in this state, but in the end I was introduced by the J. League.(I.e.Director'sIkuo MatsumotoWas appointed.
2004In the season, Matsumoto replaced about half of the players and entered the season, and in the first half of the year it was almost five minutes such as winning Matsumoto's old nest Kawasaki, which had accumulated points at a record pace, but in the second half the breakdown Participants continued, and there was only one win in 22 games.
This year, outside the pitch, Koga, the president, played players and coaches.Soka GakkaiandKomeitoParticipated in related events and election activities (Matsumoto et al. participated twice but refused the third time)[23]), neglecting to request disclosure of financial statements from shareholders[24] The public-private confusion of club management including the violation of the commercial law was revealed. The front office centered around Koga and Matsumoto, who protested against this matter, conflicted with each other, and Koga banned Matsumoto from entering the clubhouse.[25].. Management has continued to be extremely confused, and once the J League has settled 100% due to a radical solution.Capital reductionHowever, J.League affiliated company, J.League Photo Co., Ltd., proposed to temporarily invest until a new main sponsor is found, subject to the acquisition of a new sponsor.[26]Of the 6 shareholders by the end of June set by the J. League, it was not possible to get consent from 169 of them, and the investment from J.League Photo was returned to a blank sheet.[27].. In addition, Koga presented an unprecedented management reorganization plan at the supporter meeting of this season called the dismantling plan of Tosu Stadium, which was strongly protested by Tosu City, the investor of the stadium, and the local government also requested the retirement of Koga. The disappearance of the club was a reality as the company, supporters and investor made a three-way turmoil.
Koga announced his third resignation in the fall[28].. Once a new management team to replace it was decided, but the J. League raised doubts about the management structure of the corporation that Ryoichi Inoue, who will be appointed as the new president, will operate separately. Disbanded, or even forced to relegate to lower leagues such as JFL) even if it survived) could not refuse. Also at that timeLive doorWas the presidentTakafumi HorieAlso indicated the intention to acquire the club, but it did not happen.
after that,May 11Said that Inoue, who had been the new presidential candidate for Koga, declined, and that he will proceed with discussions centering on the companies recommended by the prefecture.May 11ToFurukawa YasushiOriginal video from Governor of Saga PrefectureDirectorHuman resource network companyCreek and RiverRunYukihiro IkawaIt is thought that Igawa and Koga took the "first step" toward the smooth transfer of the management system on the 20th, when Igawa and Koga met with the prefecture and J League officials for the first time to meet. It was However, by some shareholders on December 12Extraordinary general meeting of shareholdersAnd proposed a proposal to appoint four directors, including Inoue (to be seen as to leave their influence in the new organization or to prevent the transfer)[29].. At the same time,Administrator in charge of strengtheningIt was also discovered that five Koga critical employees, including a public relations and sales representative, had received a dismissal notice on the 5th.[30](Withdrawn on November 11th) and dark clouds drifted ahead. However, seeing this as the last chance for the team to survive, Tosu City announced that it would return the hometown and discontinue support to the club if negotiations were unsuccessful.[31].. The election of new directors was rejected[32].
After all,2005Established in January with a major investment in IkawaSagan Dreams Co., Ltd.To the management rights of 2400 million yen (transfer cost of 2100 million yen,2004August-2005It has been announced that it will be transferred at a cost of 1 million yen in January. The old corporation will be dissolved (cleared), and finally the management problem will be solved. Ikawa, who became the president of "Sagan Dreams", issued two conditions, "Continuous use of Sagan Tosu's club name" and "Continuing Matsumoto", but both conditions were accepted.[33].
Club slogan: "Dream battle'
The club slogan from this year is based on the parent company, Sagan Dreams, and has three Kanji characters that use "dream" as the initial letter.
Has a track record in JYuji Miyahara,Ryoji Ushihara,BijuComplete transfer,Yugo Ichiyanagi,Daisuke Yano,Kosuke HattaEtc. with a transfer with a deadline. Also,Arai Tatsuki,Kazuya Iio,Takaji cureThe talented person such as was acquired from the lower league. Many years in head coachTokyo VTaughtYasuyuki Kishino, Former to coachKashima OfIntroducing NaitoWas invited.
In the early stages, the lack of cooperation due to the large number of new players was conspicuous, but the tone gradually increased, and at the end of Section 15, he was in second place in the automatic promotion zone. However, in Section 2KusatsuLoss of battle due to incomprehensible PK judgment (Iemoto Masaaki(Refer to) and a series of people with disabilities centered on DF, etc., but finally finished in 8th place, but achieved J1 promotion with overwhelming strength. 京都There was also a good fight with three wins.
As an individual, Nii became the J17 Japanese top scorer with 2 points. Also,Takaaki SuzukiHe also scored 15 points, and two people earned 2 points for the 2004 team's total score.
Club slogan: "Dream Super War'
Former Korean representativeC OsakaBut the MF who played an active partYoon CrystalOr DFKim YusuReinforce 3 Korean players. The Japanese players have also been substantially replaced and actively reinforced. Matsumoto said, "We want to go to the point where we can compete among the top 2 teams," as players began to see growth in the attacking team, including Nii becoming the Japanese top scorer for J5. Also, during this period, Matsumoto's "general manager" was rumored to have been reported in some media, but he eventually continued to cast directors (however, the following year Matsumoto left the actual command to head coach Kishino).
At the beginning of the season, a match that could only be scored in a new house was delayed, and the team temporarily fell to the bottom. In the second half of the game, the defense was particularly stable (3 goals after the 20rd cool and XNUMX goals were the lowest in the league).Yokohama FCHe won the same 14 wins and moved up to 48th place in the 4th round. Section 49Tokyo VAfter losing the battle, the promotion to J1 disappeared, but the final ranking was 4th, the highest ever.
Club slogan: "Dream dream'
Matsumoto retreats from the directorGMWas appointed to, and Kishino was promoted to succeeding director.MitoTo FWAndersonEarned. Fukuoka University to GKTaku AkahoshiJoined the group. On the other hand, Arai, who became the J2 Japanese top scorer for the second consecutive year,千葉Transferred toTransfer with time limitWas insideTakeshi HamadaKim YusuReturned to the affiliation source. Furthermore, GKSchneider Junnosuke SendaiTransferred to.
Of the opening roundFukuokaWithDerbyDefeated by. The results of the 1st cool were worse than the previous year, but from the 2nd cool, the injured person returned.OitaHave been transferred sinceYuichi ShibaoyaAlthough the defense centered on was stable and accumulated 25 points, he could not hold on to the 3rd and 4th cools and lost the possibility of J47 promotion after losing to the Tokyo V match of Section 1.
However, he scored 24 points and became the Japanese top scorer.Satoshi FujitaOr from FWSide backWas converted toTakuma HidakaThe young players are growing. Also, in the 4th round of the Emperor's CupNiigataBroke
Club slogan: "Dream kick'
Off,Yoon Crystal-Takayuki Yamaguchi-Hiromasa Murashishi-Yoshida MegumiWithout renewing the contract with players in their thirties, we focused on young players. As a result, the oldest playerHiroyuki IshidaAt age 28 (born 1979), all players except Ishida were born in the 1980s.
In the opening gameYamagata, And in the 2th year of J10 participation, he gave the first victory of the opening round and was involved in the J1 promotion battle with that momentum. This year, I won the championship without giving upHiroshimaIt was the first time in the history of the club that he became the provisional leader, due to the competition time. MF in AugustKeisuke FunayaHowever, in the 3rd cool, there was a noticeable dropout to the lower team, and he dropped out of the promotion battle. The final ranking is 6th. The Emperor's CupOita,KobeAnd won the J1 group and advanced to the best 8.
Club slogan: "Dream promotion'
Kishino system third year.Satoshi Fujita OmiyaKeisuke Funaya, who has transferred for a limited time, belongs toIwataWhile returning toBrazil 2nd and 3rd42 games in the club of 29 goals scored FWTozin, MFYusuke Shimada, OriginalRepresentation from Japan OfTakuya YamadaOr right SBMasayuki Yanagisawa, Left SBKeita IsozakiAnd so on.
However, immediately after the start of the season, he lost three consecutive games and was at the bottom for the time being. In MayYokohama FMThanYukihiro Yamase,Halfner MikeFrom Oita in AugustHovertoTheTransfer with time limitEarned in. At one point, he was placed close to the J1 promotion battle, but ended in a high-ranking confrontation (Sendai, Shonan, Kofu) and ended up losing 1 in 2 division, finishing 5th. The Emperor's Cup lost to G Osaka in the fourth round. After the season, Kishino retired as director.
In addition, since 2009, the J League affiliated clubs in the Kyushu area have been established for the purpose of developing young people.Kyushu Challengers LeagueBecause I decided to participate inJ Satellite LeagueWithdrew from.
Club slogan: "Yumeichi rock'
Kishino was scheduled to be promoted to the successor coach Kishino, who had returned to the scene as a coach from the previous year, but it was decided that he could not supervise in the J league with the AFC A-class license acquired by Yun. Necessary for appointment as directorS-class licenseGM Matsumoto, who was the only member of the team to return to the position, returned to the director for the first time in four years (GM dismissed). Yoon will be the head coach, and will mainly take charge of the actual team and at the same time acquire the S class license in parallel.[34].
KishinoYokohama FCBecame the director ofHighland cure,Masayuki Yanagisawa,Takeoka Yuto,Masaki Watanabe4 players and some coaches are transferred.Koji Hirose TochigiIn addition to the complete transfer toHalfner Mike,Yusuke ShimadaAlso, the transfer period with a deadline expired and he left the group. on the other hand,Fukuoka UniversityTo MFNaoyuki Fujita, MF from a Korean universityKim Min friendAnd DFLu NarumiEtc. joined the group,Honda FCTo MFRyota Hayasaka,KobeTo DFRyuhei Niwa,SendaiTo DFKosuke KitaniEach with a complete transfer,京都To FWYohei ToyotaThe team has changed a lot, for example, with a timely transfer.
Although it was ranked high in the first half of the game, it stalled after the middle stage. The final result is 9th place. In addition, Kim Min-Tum was the representative of South Korea this year, and it was the first selection of representative A from Tosu.
Club slogan: "Dream unity'
Yoon, who acquired the S-class license last year, becomes the director. Again to the GK coachTakaki RikiIs appointed. Incidentally, Matsumoto assumed the post of advisor, but retired at the end of May 2011, during the term of office.
Former captain DFKazuya Iio, A midfielder who had a fixed transfer since the middle of last seasonYousuke Nozaki Yokohama FCTo, DFTakuma Hidaka SapporoTo, MFYu Eto TokushimaTo, MFHirokazu HasegawaRespectively transferred to Oita, GKToshimitsu Asai, DFIchihara, MFShu Park, MFHiroo Kim, MFGroundworkLeft the group, GKShinichi SutoRetired, FWHiroki Bandai TheKusatsuWas transferred to a limited time.
Reinforcement is DFNobuhisa Urata, DFKim Akira, MFRyota Nagata, MFKenichiro Yoneda, MFKim Byung SukIs a complete transfer, MFTomokazu Okamoto, MFKuniyoshi TakahiroJoined by a transfer with a deadline, GKTatsuro Okuda, DFMorita So, FWRyunosuke NodaIs a new member, DFTerukazu TanakaBecame a full transfer, and the transfer period of Toyota's time limit was extended. Unlike the previous year, this year we were able to retain much of our main strength. Furthermore, on April 4, after the start of the season, he left Shonan as long as the previous year due to the breakdown.Arai TatsukiWas completely transferred and returned for the first time in five years.
The opening gameFC TokyoWas defeated byGreat East Japan EarthquakeThe first moment after Kishino left the team in the Yokohama FC match of Section 8 (second game) after the interruption due to the momentum, he gained momentum and emerged to second place at the end of May. Both June and July struggled a little with one win each, and at the time when half of the season's games (2 games) were exhausted, they were 5 wins, 2 losses, 6 minutes (7 points) in 1th place, and 19 in the J7 promotion zone. There were 6 points ahead of the ranking. However, from the 6th round (27th game), he was undefeated for 7 consecutive games (1 wins and 3 minutes) and resurfaced at 10nd place in the 24st round (20th game). Won the direct confrontation with Tokushima, who was third in Section 16.Section 38Drew to Kumamoto and finished the season in 2nd place.
J12 promotion was decided at the extraordinary board meeting in December. In the 1th year since J1999 was founded in 2, Toyota was promoted to J13 for the first time, and Toyota, who scored 1 points, became the club's first J23 scorer. With the promotion of Tosu, the 2 teams that belonged to J2 when it was founded are promoted to J10 at least once for all teams.


Club slogan: "Super!'
The team's first J2 battle in the second year of youth system. DFNobuhisa Urata AtagoIn, MFYukihiro Yamase ToyamaIn, MFRyota Nagata YamagataComplete transfer to DFTerukazu Tanaka, MFKenichiro Yoneda, MFJun Yanagisawa, MFKim Byung SukIs leaving, DFKim AkiraAnd FWArai TatsukiRetired. Last seasonKusatsuFW that was transferred toHiroki Bandai TheYamagataTransferred to.
On the other hand, the FW that had a limited time subscriptionYohei ToyotaAnd MFKuniyoshi TakahiroJoined the transfer, MF Tomoyoshi OkamotoHiroshimaThe extended transfer period from was extended. Also,IwataTo MFKeisuke Funaya,KofuTo DFInuzuka YusukeAnd DFHisashi AkiraEach with a complete transfer.SendaiTo MFYoshiki TakahashiBut,Yokohama FMTo DFKinne HouAnd MFKouta MizunumaBut,Corinthians-ALTo FWTozinJoined in a transfer with a deadline. Also,2011 OfSpecially designated playerWas FWOkada Shohei, MFKohei Kuroki, DFKyohei KurokiHas newly joined. Takahashi and Tojin have returned for the first time in 3 years, and Funaya for the first time in 4 years.
In the opening game, he drew with C Osaka, and won the first J3 victory in the Yokohama FM match in Section 1. While being criticized as "enough to achieve by promotion" and many critics anticipate the "relegation iron plate" at the bottom, in the league game, a tactic that combines abundant exercise amount with a short counter from the front line press is used. Function[35], 6 wins, 6 draws, 5 losses, 10th place in the first half[36].. In the second half of the game, he lost three consecutive games from Section 27, but won four straight games from Section 3. Decided to remain J30 in the match against Iwata in Section 4.[37], At the end of Section 33, they moved up to 3rd place, and the final ranking was 1th, which was the highest since 18 when J2005 was 5 teams in the first year.[38].. Toyota scored 2 points, ranking second in the score,J League Best ElevenWas elected to. The home game was 11 wins, 3 losses and 3 losses, which was the highest win rate among all 2012 clubs in the 18 season.[39].
Nabisco CupBecame the 5th place in the group and lost the group league.Emperor's cupIn the third roundJFLKamata Mare SanukiLost to.
Club slogan: "Super!'
Youn system third year. In addition, Yoon signed a two-year contract until 3. In addition, income in FY2014 was about 2 billion yen, almost double from 2012.[40].
DF when the contract expiresInuzuka Yusuke, DFMorita SoHowever, MF with another transfer with a deadlineTomokazu Okamoto(Hiroshima), DFKinne Hou(Yokohama FMAfter returning toNiigataComplete transfer to), FWTozinLeft the group. In addition, the midfielder who had transferred from the middle of 2012 with a deadlineKuniyoshi Takahiro ToyamaComplete transfer to DFKyohei Kuroki AtagoTo, MFKohei Kuroki KumamotoTransferred to each with a deadline.
On the other hand, there were also offers from other clubs (some said that there were also high-priced offers from overseas, he himself said later.[41]) FWYohei ToyotaAnd renewed the contract. In addition, the MF who had a fixed subscription in 2012Yoshiki TakahashiAnd MFKouta MizunumaJoined by full transfer respectively. other than this,FukuokaTo MFSueyoshi Junya,MijonariosTo MFJonathan,Onse CaldasTo FWデ ィ エ ゴEarned in full transfer,Yokohama FMTo DFKanai Mitsufumi,G OsakaTo DFMasaya Kim,Sao Paulo FCからRoniEach with a fixed transfer. As a new force, in 2012Specially designated playerMF played asKiyotake Isao, DFTatsuya Sakai, DFShohei Kishida3 college graduates and localSaga To High SchoolFW fromHira HidetoJoined. Of these, FW Diego left the group in two months due to family reasons.
Okamoto and Konane Hou, who had been the axis of defense, got out, and there were also times when each team studied the tactics up to the previous year.[42][43]Despite winning the season's first victory in the third game of the opening race, it dropped to 3th place from Section 4 without winning 6 games (2 minutes 4 losses),FIFA Confederations CupAt the end of Section 13 when the league game was interrupted by, 2 points, 4 minutes, 7 losses, 10 points, and 16th place in the automatic demotion zoneShonanOnly 1 point difference from the bottomOitaとの勝点差すら僅か3であった。7月にリーグ戦が再開した後も、8月上旬までの7試合で2連敗2回を含む2勝1分4敗で、16位との勝点差が1から3という状態が続いており、前半戦だけで前年の総失点数を上回る40失点(リーグ最多)を喫するなど、調子は必ずしも上向かなかったが、7月後半に入り、FWロニとの期限付き移籍契約を解除し、MFNilssonIs a full transfer from Brazil Metropolitano, MFNaoya KikuchiFrom Niigata, FWRyuji BantoTheC OsakaAll of them have been acquired one after another with a fixed transfer. Furthermore, in the beginning of August, three GKs registered in the top team left the battlefield due to successive injuries, and the specially designated player GK remains.Eisuke Fujishima(Fukuoka University) Only situation[44] In a hurry,ShimizuTo GKAkihiro HayashiWas acquired as a fixed-time transfer.
Section 21 home right after the forest acquisitionOmiya戦で勝利し連敗を止めた後、3連勝2連勝各1回を含む6戦負けなしで一気に16位との勝点差を10に広げる。直後に3連敗した(うち2敗は菊地・林がそれぞれ契約で出場できない新潟戦、清水戦)ものの、その後のリーグ戦最終5節を4連勝を含む5戦負けなしで終え、結局13勝7分14敗の勝点46で12位となった。
Yamazaki Nabisco CupThen in the B group, 6th place.Emperor's cupIs the club's first best four record (defeated Yokohama FM in the semifinals).
Club slogan: "Super!'
Yoon system 4th year. MFNilssonWhen,AtagoDF who was on transfer with a deadline toKyohei KurokiLeft the group when the contract expired. FWRyunosuke Noda NagoyaTo GKTakuya Muro OitaIn addition to full transfer to DFKosuke Kitani GifuTo, MFKeisuke Funaya MitoComplete transfer to each. Also, DF at the end of the transfer with a deadlineMasaya Kim G OsakaReturn to. FWOkada Shohei ShonanTo, MFSueyoshi JunyaAnd MFJonathanWill be transferred to Oita each with a deadline, and MFKohei Kuroki TheKumamotoExtended the transfer period to the.
On the other hand, DF who had a fixed subscription in 2013Kanai MitsufumiAnd, MF who joined with a deadline from the middle of 2013Naoya Kikuchi, FWRyuji Banto, GKAkihiro HayashiGK who was a special designated player in addition to joining all with full transferEisuke FujishimaDF of the former U-17 Korea Rep.Kim Min HyukIs a new member. Also,IwataTo DFYasuda University,KofuからChoi SeineAll are completely transferred, MF from IwataSuganuma Minoru,oakTo MFHiroyuki Taniguchi,HiroshimaTo MFTomokazu OkamotoAll of them were transferred with a deadline (Okamoto moved to a full transfer in the middle of the season). Okamoto has returned to Tosu after two seasons.
On July 7, a soccer school coach belonging to the club was arrested for being unlicensed and driving drunk. In response to this matter, the club canceled the coach contract on July 5, and the J.League punished the liability and fines of 7 million yen.[45].
Yun said before the season's opening, "not only fighting for the top ranking, but aiming for a title of some sort."[46] This season, in Section 12 provisionally, he took the lead for the first time by the team.[47],World Cup Brazil TournamentDF during the suspension periodLu Narumi OfK League-Gyeongnam FCDespite being transferred to Rookie, rookie DF Kim Min Hyuk maintained his good condition from the latter half of the previous year by filling the hole, and again with the 8th closed victory of this season in the 2th round vs. Nagoya on August 18. Took the lead[48] Immediately after that, on August 8th, the club announced that it had canceled the contract with director Yoon on the day before (August 8th).[49].. Regarding the extremely unusual situation in which the leading team was replaced by the manager, the strengthening managerTakayuki Nagai"(With Yun), the vision and way of thinking of future team building did not match the club." "I decided to change the manager while looking ahead to the battle from next year onwards. The team side told you to resign.[50].. To replace his coachYoshida MegumiWas promoted[51].
After the change of director, I tried to switch to a tactic that incorporates possession, but it did not function sufficiently[52]On the contrary, the in-house integrity kept quiet, and after the Yoshida system started94th Emperor's Cup2 games in a row including 10 games in a row (in the meantime, 2 wins, 1 minute, 5 losses in the league, 8 goals and 14 runs;Montedio YamagataLost to)[53], Down to 5th place. With some suggestions from the players, we returned to the previous vertical tactics that emphasized fast attack, and recovered the momentum with 8 wins, 5 minute and 1 losses in the following 2 games.[52]Although he survived the last four games undefeated (4 wins and 3 minute), the final round of home in Section 1UrawaThe possibility of winning disappears because of the draw in the battle. Final sectionKashimaWon in the battle and kept provisional 4th at the end of the match[54] However, due to the weather, the final round was held at a later date.oakIt was lined up with the difference in the number of points and the number of goals scored, and as it was exceeded by the total score, it retreated to 5th place and the season ranking was confirmed,AFC Champions League 2015Missed the opportunity to participate in[55].
In the financial results announced the following year, a net loss of 3 million yen was recorded, marking the second consecutive loss. It is said that the decline in entrance fee income and the recording of a loan loss allowance due to the bankruptcy of "Glass One Technology", which was a back sponsor of uniforms[56].
Club slogan: "Next Stage ~Challenge~'
Former new directorIwataDirector京都Coach'sHitoshi MorishitaInvited (former directorYoshida MegumiReturned to the coach). Coach'sKim Hee-tigerIs newK League ChallengeTo enterSoul Eland FCToSatoshi Shimizu-Keisuke NakamuraBoth coaches of former coachYoon CrystalWas newly appointed as directorK League Classic-Ulsan HyundaiWhile still in the middle of 2013, he retired in 2014.Kosuke KitaniJoined as a coach (returned). Also from KyotoTomoo Tsukoshi,MachidaからTakanari SuedoWas invited as a top team coach and an interpreterKim Jong-unBecame a coach.
DF for playersYasuda University Kobe, FWRyuji Banto Omiya, DFKanai Mitsufumi 千葉MF who was in full transfer and was transferring with time limit respectivelyKohei Kuroki KumamotoIn, MFSueyoshi Junya FukuokaComplete transfer to MF respectivelyJonathanLeft the group due to cancellation of contract, FWOkada Shohei TheShonanExtended the transfer period to the. Also, DFTatsuya Sakai AndTo, DFShohei Kishida NagasakiEach became a transfer with a deadline.
On the other hand, the MF who had a fixed subscriptionHiroyuki TaniguchiAnd MFSuganuma MinoruJoined the full transfer.ShimizuTo DFYutaka Yoshida, MF from IwataWhite star eastBoth are complete transfers,京都To FWRyosuke TamuraJoined each with a fixed transfer. A midfielder who has joined the team as a specially designated player since two years agoFukuda Koto・ FWRyogo YamazakiIn addition to the twoShunpei Sasahara(Shugakukan High School)・MFKamata Daichi(Higashiyama High School), a total of 4 new members. During the summer transfer period, MFKiyotake Isao KumamotoOn the other hand, DF Tatsuya Sakai and FW Shohei Okada both returned with an expedited transfer period.
This year, the club emblem was renewed (described later), and the club slogan was also renewed from the form of "super!
This season, in search of a model change from "defensive emphasis + short counter" tactics in the youth era to "attack that breaks from passwork", the first stage has a consecutive victory at the beginning of the season, but it rises to 1rd place, but home The defense was destroyed, including 3 runs in the Urawa match, and in the final stage he lost 6 consecutive games and finished in 4th place. In the 11nd stage as well, Ace Toyota and other injuries continued to lower the ranking without finding out the chances of emergence, temporarily lowering to 2th place just before the relegation area. Towards the end, the system was changed from the previous "14-4-2-3" formation to "1-3-4-2" to stabilize the defense, and in the final stage there was no loss of 1 races (5 wins, 2 draws) He finished the season at 3th place a year. The number of losses was the same as the previous year, with 11 losses and 12 games with the most draws in the league.[57]. Also, in this season, he lost 4 wins, 8 draws, 5 losses at home, the first to lose after being promoted to J1. Especially on the 4th of April 12st stage Section 1YamagataRound 11 of the 7nd stage from the battle to November 2 (Home final round)SendaiI couldn't get the winning star at home for 7 months before the war[58].
Yamazaki Nabisco CupThen the sixth place in the A group.Emperor's cupIs the best 8 results (defeated to G Osaka in the quarterfinals).
Club slogan: "Sagan Soul-Sand'(1st stage),Sagan Soul ~ Rock'(2nd stage)
The slogan of this term is to prepare different ones for the 1st stage and the 2nd stage.
As the director of the new seasonHamburger SV,VfL WolfsburgCommanded inFelix MagatIt was reported that they once agreed to a basic one-year contract with Tosu.[59] However, on the 2015st December 12, Magat finally refused the request for Sagan Tosu to take office as director.FacebookAt the same day, Tosu side also contacted the refusal and the invitation was not realized.[60]. Tosu is in a hurryFC TokyoDirector'sMassimo FiccadentiOffer to, Contract Announced January 2016, 1[61]. It can be said that it is the heart of FikkadentiBruno ConcaHas been a physical coach for several Italian teams, but has been appointed as a physical coach. Became the first Italian coach in club history. On the other hand, he was the director of the previous seasonHitoshi MorishitaIs withdrawn from the contract. Coached/Directed for 6 yearsYoshida MegumiAlsoGifuTransferred to coach. Physical coachTomoo TsukoshiAlso withdrew when the contract expired.
GKTatsuro Okuda(IwataTransferred to), MFSuganuma Minoru(In summerKumamoto), DFShunpei Sasahara(Tokai UniversityGo to school) but withdraw from the contract when the contract expires. MF who served as captain for 4 yearsNaoyuki Fujita KobeIn the midfield of 32 games in the previous seasonKouta MizunumaCompletely transferred to FC Tokyo respectively. FW that was on a fixed-term subscriptionRyosuke Tamura 京都Return to. MFKiyotake Isao(Kumamoto) and DFShohei Kishida(Nagasaki) In addition to extending the transfer period with a deadlineRyogo Yamazaki Tokushima, GKEisuke Fujishima 千葉Each was transferred with a deadline.
As a new force,TochigiTo MFKeiya Nakami,C OsakaTo MFKusunoki Junpei,OmiyaTo FWTakamitsu Toyama,oakTo DFFujita YutoGK from IwataSakawa AyumiIs acquired by transfer with a deadline. DFEnlarge Sanmaru(University of Tsukuba) And GKShugo Tsuji(千葉U-18) is a new member.
FW in MayHira Hideto GunmaIn addition to the transfer with a training type deadline to, during the summer transfer period,KashimaTo MFTsuyoshi Aoki,FC Steaua BucharestTo MFAymen TaharThe originalGentil Villery SKFWMustafa El CavillWas obtained by full transfer. Meanwhile, MF Keiya NakamiKanazawaTo, DFTatsuya SakaiAnd MFWhite star eastTo Nagasaki, DFRyuhei NiwaTo Chiba, DFNaoya Kikuchi SapporoTo, MFTomokazu Okamoto ShonanTo, MFChoi SeineEach transferred to Gifu for a limited time, and MF Kusunoki JunpeiA league-Western SydneyHe was completely transferred to, and as a result, nine players were released during the season.
FikkadentiYoon CrystalContinued from the times4-2-3-1The style was changed, and the middle stage was diamond-shaped.4-4-2 (4-1-2-1-2)”, and adopts a battle-oriented fighting method that can connect from a vertically fast attack with a short counter mainly to a precise defense to an interlocking attack[62].. However, the change in tactics from the team style cultivated over many years requires a long time to penetrate, and especially the attack power is significantly reduced. In the 1st stage, the number of goals scored was 2nd place in the league (15 goals), but the defense was revived, but the score was only 10 points in the league worst, only 4 wins (5 losses 8 losses). It remains in the 1th place with one difference to the relegation zone. However, when entering the 15nd stage, the tactics of Fikkadenti permeate. Members are fixed, especially defensive MF (anchor)Yoshiki Takahashiで固定されるようになると序盤は6戦負け無し(4勝2分け)でステージ優勝争いにも絡めるようになる。最終的には第11節からの4戦勝ち無し(1分け3敗)が響いて優勝争いから脱落し8位にとどまったものの、年間11位で5年連続のJ1残留を果たした[62].
Yamazaki Nabisco CupIn the quarterfinals (renamed "YBC Levan Cup" after the quarterfinal), B Group finished in the bottom of the group with 4 minutes and 2 losses, not winning.
Emperor's cupThen, although they advanced to Round 16 (4th round), they lost to home in Hiroshima 0-3 and missed the quarterfinal advance which continued from the previous year.
Club slogan: "PASSION + ONE'
Second year of the Fikkadenti organization.
DFKeita IsozakiAnd DFHisashi AkiraRetired from active duty.GunmaFW that was transferred with a deadline toHira Hideto(FukushimaTransferred to),千葉DF who was transferred with a deadline toRyuhei Niwa(KagoshimaMoved to), but withdrew from the contract due to expiration. FW that joined during the previous yearMustafa El CavillAnd MFAymen TaharCancel the contract with. A midfielder who has been a captain for seven yearsKim Min friendTo leave due to military service (K League Classic-Suwon SamsungGK who served as a regular player for three and a half yearsAkihiro Hayashi FC TokyoTo MF who had been enrolled for 7 yearsRyota Hayasaka SapporoTo FWOkada ShoheiCompletely transferred to Gunma respectively. Also,KumamotoMF who was transferred to with a deadlineKiyotake IsaoTo Chiba,NagasakiDF who was transferred to with a deadlineShohei Kishida OitaWhat,TokushimaFW that was transferred toRyogo YamazakiTo Tokushima,ShonanMF who was transferred to with a deadlineTomokazu Okamoto AndWhat,GifuMF who was transferred with a deadline toChoi SeineMF who was transferred to Nagasaki in the K League classic Suwon Samsung for a limited timeWhite star east K League Challenge-Suwon FCCompletely transferred to each. Also MFKeiya Nakami(Kanazawa), DFNaoya KikuchiIn addition to extending the fixed transfer period of (Sapporo) respectively, GK who transferred to Chiba for a fixed timeEisuke FujishimaDF had transferred to Matsumoto for a limited time in NagasakiTatsuya SakaiWas transferred to Oita with a deadline. GK who was on a fixed term subscriptionSakawa AyumiHas become a transfer with a deadline (transfer to Gunma with a deadline).
As a new force,NagoyaTo MFKazumi Ogawa,Yokohama FMTo DFKobayashi Yuzo,oakTo DFTetsuro Ohta,Jupiler Pro League-Sint-Troyden VVTo FWYuuji Ono,SendaiTo MFAki Mizuno,Primera B. Nacional-Atletico TucumanTo DFFranco Subtuni,Air stelliga-SV hornTo GKShuichi Gonda, K League Classic from Suwon Samsung to FWZhaodongEach with a complete transfer,(I.e.To MFHarakawa RikiIs acquired by transfer with a deadline. U-18 from the previous year2 types registrationHad been MFIshikawa KeitoAnd FWRyosuke TagawaWas promoted to the top team. In March after the start of the seasonSerie A-CagliariTo FWVictor IbarboWith a fixed transfer, in JulySerie B-CesenaTo GKFantini SunIs acquired by full transfer.
MF before the summer transfer periodKamata Daichi Bundesliga-FrankfurtComplete transfer to. DF Franco Subtoni canceled the contract during the league match, and DF Tetsuro OtaYamagataTo MF Kazumi Ogawa and FWTakamitsu Toyama NiigataTransferred to each with a deadline. On the other hand,K League-Ulsan HyundaiTo DFChung, K League ·Whole southTo MFAnsuke, FC Tokyo to MFHiroki KonoFW Victor Ibarbo, who was a transfer for a limited time, joined the company after the contract expired.
Club slogan: "ITADAKI (top)'
The third year of the Fikkadenti system. GK coachTakaki RikiLeft the group (KitakyushuInaugurated as GK coach).
Midfielder who was on transfer with a deadlineTetsuro Ohta(AomoriTransfer to), DFTatsuya Sakai(YamagataTransfer to), GKEisuke Fujishima(YamaguchiMoved to) and withdrew when the contract expired. DF who was also transferring with a deadlineNaoya Kikuchi(Sapporo), MFKazumi Ogawa(Niigata) To each team, FW Takamitsu Toyama (Niigata)OmiyaIn, MFKeiya Nakami(Kanazawa)ButAndCompletely transferred to DFTsuyoshi Aoki KumamotoI was completely transferred to. Also FWYohei Toyota K League 1-Ulsan HyundaiIt became a transfer with a deadline.
On the other hand, MF who was on a fixed termHarakawa RikiJoined the full transfer.京都To DFYuji Takahashi,Tokyo VTo DFKazuki Azai,KobeTo MFHideto TakahashiJoined the full transfer. MFRyoya Ito(Fortuna DusseldorfU-19) is a new member. In March after the start of the season, GKShugo Tsuji Yokohama FCTransfer from Yokohama FC to GK at the same timeYohei TakaokaHas a fixed subscription, andBulgarian Professional Soccer League-PFC Beroe Stara ZagoraTo MFKohei KatoWas completely transferred.
League matchThen, from Section 6, suffered the worst 1 consecutive losses after J7 promotion,World CupAt the end of Section 15 before the interruption due to, 3 wins, 4 minutes, 8 losses, 13 points, 2th place in the J17 automatic relegation zone.YBC Levin CupHowever, he finished at the bottom of Group D with 1 win, 2 draws, 3 losses.
During the summer transfer period, DFChung KashimaComplete transfer to MFAki MizunoFW transferred to Kumamoto for a limited time, while FW Toyota returned from a fixed transfer to Ulsan. Also,NagasakiTo DFInui Daichi,UAE-Al Nasr SCTo DFJoanne OmariEach with a fixed transfer,Liga Espanyola-Atletico MadridTo FWFernando Torres, FW from KashimaYume Kanzaki,TokushimaTo MFShimaya HachinoriEach was acquired by a complete transfer.
In the 20th and 21st rounds, the first consecutive league wins in the season led to 15th place, but a match that could not be won continued, and it fell to 17th place in the automatic relegation zone again. Of the U-29 coach and top team coachKim AkiraIs appointed as director[64].. He survived five games from the change of manager to the final round with 5 wins and 3 minutes undefeated, and finished the season in 2th place with 10 wins and 11 minutes and 13 losses. The number of goals scored was 14, which was second only to Kawasaki's 34th place tie in second place, but the score was 27, which was J2's lowest with 29 goals less than Iwata.
Emperor's cupThen,2013 competitionIt has been five years since then, but he has made it to the quarterfinals, but lost to Urawa.
Club slogan: "Sandstone soul'
Jimna Stick TarragonaDirector'sLouis CarrerasIs appointed as director (of former directorKim AkiraIs returning to the top team coach).FC BarcelonaWas a long-time academy coach, but was appointed as a coach until 2014.ShonanCoach'sKim Hee-tigerReturned as a coach.
GKFantini Sun, MFKohei Kato(Vigev LodzDF who has withdrawn from the contract due to contract expirationInui Daichi(Yokohama FCComplete transfer to), DFJoanne Omari(Al NasrReturned to) and withdrew when the transfer was completed with a deadline. GK who was on transfer with a deadlineTaku Akahoshi(Active retirement), GKShugo Tsuji(Transferred to Yokohama FC), MFAki Mizuno(SC SagamiharaMoved to). DFKim Min Hyuk Jeonbuk Hyundai, DFYutaka Yoshida Nagoya, FWRyosuke Tagawa FC Tokyo, GKShuichi Gonda Portimonense SCCompletely transferred to. MFHiroki Kono Tokyo V, FWKei Ikeda FELDA United FCTransfers to the deadline.
On the other hand, GK who was on a fixed term subscriptionYohei TakaokaJoined the full transfer.FC Dynamo MinskTo DFNino Garovich,NiigataTo DFTeruaki Hara, FC Tokyo to GKOkubo,CF ReusTo MFIsaac Cuenca,FC AshdodTo DFCarlo BursicJoined the full transfer. MFYuta Higuchi(Kanoya University of Physical Education), GKKin Hiro(Suin High School) Is a new member. U-18 FWIshii KaiseiIs promoted to the top team. U-18 GKItohashi YoseiAnd MFDaisuke Matsuoka2 types are registered.
Aiming to strengthen attack power by aligning many talents on the front line[65]Tried to build a 4-3-3 offensive lineup in a preseason match, but suddenly faced a defensive lineup in the opening game against Nagoya and suffered a 0-4 defeat. Is not working at all[66]Scored just 10 goal in 1 games in the J-League worst record[67] There was also a result that was contrary to the direction I aimed for, and there were also voices inside the team who were worried about Carreras' tactics.[66]In the 10th round of the Oita battle, Kinmei Teru took temporary command because of Carrelas's poor physical condition.[67]Announces retirement of Carreras after match[66]。第11節G大阪戦で7試合ぶりに得点、3-1で勝利し連敗を5で止めると、第13節まで3連勝し一旦14位まで順位を上げたが、第14節から3連敗し再び最下位、第17節清水戦に4-2で勝利し、17位松本と勝点および得失点差で並び、総得点で上回る16位で前半戦を終える。
DF during the spring transfer periodKeisuke Iwashita FukuokaFrom the transfer with a deadline. U-4 MF in AprilFumi HondaRegistered 2 types, and in June, signed a formal contract with MF Matsuoka Daiki, which was 6 types registered, MFRyoya ItoAnd canceled the contract. Furthermore, during the summer transfer period, GK OkuboShimizuCompletely transferred to. DF Nino GarovichFC Dynamo MinskIn, MFShimaya Hachinori Tokushima, FWVictor Ibarbo NagasakiWas transferred to a limited time. In addition, the contract with DF Carlo Brusic was canceled, and FWFernando TorresRetired from active duty.
On the other hand, DFPark Jung Soo oakFrom FWThiago Alves Jeonbuk Hyundai MotorsFrom FWKenshi Kanamori KashimaFrom DFKanai Mitsufumi NagoyaTransferred with a deadline. In addition, the FW that the next year's subscription was decidedForest land(Osaka University of Physical Education) Special designation, U-18 DFAyumu Ohata, MFRyunosuke Sagara2 types are registered.
Club slogan: "GO'
Second year of gold system (first time since the beginning of the season). MFHiroyuki TaniguchiIs retired from active duty.FW during loan transferVictor Ibarbo(Nagasaki), MFShimaya Hachinori(Tokushima), MFHiroki Kono(Tokyo V) To the transfer destination with a time limit,FC Dynamo MinskDF who is transferring toNino Garovich HNK RijekaComplete transfer to, DFYuji Takahashi, DFEnlarge Sanmaru(that's alloakTo), MFIsaac Cuenca(SendaiTo), MFFukuda Koto(ShonanTo), DFFujita Yuto(KofuTo), MFYuuji Ono, GKSatoshi Ishikawa(that's allG OsakaTo) are completely transferred.MF who was subscribed for a limited timeKanai MitsufumiHas expired (loan transfer)NagoyaShimizuTo), DFKazuki Azai YamaguchiIn, MFIshikawa Keito KumamotoTransfer to each with a time limit.Furthermore, in March after the start of the season, FWYume KanzakiTransferred to Nagoya for a limited time.
On the other hand, FW with a limited time subscriptionKenshi Kanamori(KashimaFrom) and DFKeisuke Iwashita(FukuokaFrom) is a complete transfer member.京都To MFTomoya KoyamatsuAnd MFYosuke Yuzawa,Kobe(In the latter half of the previous yearMitoTransfer to DF for a limited time)Daiki Miya,TokushimaTo DFHiroto Uchida,AndTo DFEduardoAnd GKTatsuya Morita,Jeonbuk Hyundai MotorsTo FWThiago Alves,Guangzhou wealthTo DFWang JiananAcquired by complete transfer.Also, the midfielder who left SendaiLiang YukiJoined,Plaza ColoniaTo FWRenzo LopezIs a time-limited subscription, DFPark Jung SooExtended subscription period from Kashiwa. DFTatsuya Morishita(Meiji University) And FWForest land(Osaka University of Physical Education) Is a new member, and GKItohashi Yosei, DFAyumu Ohata, MFFumi HondaIs promoted to the top team from U-18.
Due to the termination of contracts with large sponsors, etc., a huge deficit of 2019 billion yen was recorded in the fiscal year 20, and the main players were released to reduce labor costs, and the style changed to a possession style centered on young people.[68]..At the beginning of the season, the score was sluggish for 5 games in a row, and in August, 8 players and managers were added.New Coronavirus Infection (COVID-19)Was infected with the disease and was forced to suspend team activities for about two weeks during the season.[69] However, due to the dynamics of young people such as rookie, he finished the first half and was provisionally ranked 14th.
GK in October in the middle of the seasonYohei Takaoka Yokohama FMWhile completely transferred to GKPark Iru-gyuJoined the transfer from Yokohama FM for a limited time.
Although there was a stagnation period in the second half of the league, such as 4 consecutive losses and 7 wins, Honda from youth, Ohata and 2 types registered DFShinya NakanoActive appointment such as is gradually successful[70]Overwhelmed the league this year(I.e.Only do not allow victory against[71]、ラスト5戦を無敗(1勝4分)で終え、13位でシーズンを終えた。なお、この年記録したシーズン15引き分けは、延長戦が廃止された2003年以降では、2005年のFC東京、2011年のベガルタ仙台、2012年の横浜F•マリノスが記録した14引き分けを抜きJ1最多記録となった。
Club slogan: "Full power'
The third year of the money system. DFKeisuke IwashitaRetired from active duty, DFKobayashi YuzoRetired as a professional soccer player (Criacao ShinjukuTransferred to). FWZhaodong, MFAnsuke, DFWang JiananIs the contract expiration, DFPark Jung Soo, FWRenzo LopezHowever, they left the group after the loan transfer period expired. DFHideto Takahashi Yokohama FCIn, MFHarakawa Riki C Osaka, DFTeruaki Hara ShimizuIn, MFTatsuya Morishita Nagoya, DFDaiki MiyaAnd FWKenshi Kanamori Fukuoka, FWThiago Alves G OsakaCompletely transferred to each.FW during loan transferYume KanzakiIs in Nagoya, MFIshikawa Keito YamaguchiComplete transfer to, DFKazuki Azai Tokyo VWas transferred to a limited time.
On the other hand, GK who is subscribed for a limited timePark Iru-gyu(Yokohama FMFrom) is a complete transfer member.OmiyaTo MFNobufumi Sakai,千葉To FWKeita Yamashita,OitaTo MFShimakawa Toshiro,KagoshimaTo FWRyo Wada, DF from ShimizuFan Socco, Yokohama FM (from the middle of the previous year京都Play with) to MFKeiya Sendou,TochigiTo DFMasaya Tashiro,GunmaTo MFNanasei Iino,Maccabi Tel Aviv FCTo FW(English edition,FK VllazniaTo FW(English editionAcquired by complete transfer. DF, DF (or moreChuo University) Is a new member, and FWKodama Mio Oto, MFRyunosuke SagaraIs promoted to the top team from U-18.
Also, after the start of the seasonSapporoTo MFNakano YoshihiroFor a limited time, while GKKin Hiro NaganoWas transferred to a limited time.

Strength reinforcement

For a long time, one of the characteristics of Tosu's reinforcement of its strength was to actively reinforce new graduates and young players who had few chances to compete in the match, so that they could participate in many matches. EspeciallySpecially designated playerSystemTransfer with time limitSince the introduction of the system, there have been many cases in which they have been positively utilized and directly connected to full transfer (formally joining) from the following year. In the past, the players who joined Tosu tended to be "players who could not be recruited from other teams" for a long time.[35]Although there were many cases where specially designated players did not join after the next year, the building used as a business hotel was rented as a player dormitory.[72] The environment is being improved.

The reason for this is that Tosu's financial strength cannot rely on the reinforcement of large transfer fees and contract fees. Tosu's personnel costs were about 2014 million yen in 11.[73] And this isJ1 of the yearIt is the 18th club out of 14 clubs affiliated with, which is lower than the average (about 15 million yen). For this reason, based on the policy of cultivating young people to grow into a mainstay, we have enriched the teaching staff and are working hard on hard training such as thorough running.[35].

Especially from January to February every year before the start of the season, the altitude of 1m in Tosu cityAsahiyama290 steps of "early morning stone steps training" to repeatedly climb to the mountaintop[74][75] Practice three times a day (1 part practice) including[76]The severity of this training also refers to transferees[77].. This three-part practice was introduced when Ikuo Matsumoto was supervised, but Matsumoto1979When he was the director of the Japan Youth National Team in 54, he had four months of practice, including nighttime gym practice, for one month without a break.[78]..In addition, although training in Asahiyama was not done as a team at the end of 2015, there are cases where players who have personally worked on it or transferred to Tosu come to know more about Tosu.[79][80].

Regarding new players, from the 2016 season onwards, from specially designated players, players of the lower organization2 types registrationThere is a change in the direction of doing. Management has become stable with a large sponsorship contract since 2015[81] Due to this, the total labor cost has risen due to the aggressive acquisition of representative class players, with 2018 billion yen in the 26 season and 7000 billion yen in the 2019 season, ranking 25th in the league this year. Has become[82]..However, due to the withdrawal of large sponsors, etc., a deficit of 18 million yen was recorded in FY5, and a deficit of 8100 million yen, which was the largest amount in J League history, was recorded in FY19.[83]..As a result, labor costs in 2020 have been significantly reduced to 16 million yen, which is less than half of the previous year, with 11 players retired or retired.

2009(21) Some of the players who belong toSagaNo one is from (2007Belonged toTatsuya KambaraBut the last) was the only J League 36 clubs (at that time) that had no hometown prefecture. Since thenType 2 registered player(2010), (2010-2011), (2016-2017),Itohashi Yosei(FY2017),Specially designated player OfNakajima DaikiThere was no player from Saga other than (2015), but in 2019Yuta HiguchiIs finally resolved by joining the group.

Newly Participating Players/Special Designation/Type 2 Registered Players (2004-2018)
YearsHigh school graduateUniversity graduateSpecially designated playerType 2 registered player
2004Yoshiki Takahashi,Takashi ShigeruHidenori Kato,Shota Oide,Hiroshi NarasakiYuzo Tashiro
2005Yoji Nakabayashi,Toyoki HasegawaTakaaki Suzuki
2006Kim Jong-un,Taiji TsukiToshimitsu Asai,Yu Eto,Tatsuya Kambara,
Koji Hirose,Takuma Hidaka,Satoshi Fujita
Yuki Kuriyama,Masatoshi Mihara
2007Genki Ota,Takashi Soejima, Yuki Kuriyama,
Kenzo Taniguchi,Jozue
Taku Akahoshi,Uchima Anji,Yousuke NozakiKohei Kawada
2008Shimasuke,Groundwork,ParkKohei Kawada,Hirokazu Hasegawa
2009SamuelMasaki Watanabe, H. Hasegawa,Takeoka Yuto,Kei IkedaKohei Kawada,
2010Naoyuki Fujita,Lu Narumi,Kim Min friendKohei Kuroki,Ryo Morimoto,Ryunosuke NodaMorita So,,,
2011Morita SoRyunosuke Noda,Tatsuro OkudaKohei Kuroki,Okada Shohei,Kyohei KurokiDaiki Tsukisari,
2012Kohei Kuroki, Shohei Okada, Kyohei KurokiTatsuya Sakai,Kiyotake Isao,Eisuke Fujishima,Shohei Kishida
2013Hira HidetoTatsuya Sakai, Isao Kiyotake, Shohei KishidaEisuke Fujishima,Fukuda Koto,Ryogo Yamazaki
2014Eisuke FujishimaFukuda Koto, Ryogo Yamazaki
2015Shunpei Sasahara,Kamata DaichiFukuda Kyoto, Yamazaki RyogoNakajima Daiki,Nagaishi Takumi
2016Shugo TsujiEnlarge SanmaruIshikawa Keito,Ryosuke Tagawa,
2017Keito Ishikawa, Kosuke Tagawa, Komatsu Fujimatsu...Itohashi Yosei
2018Ryoya ItoIshii Kaisei,Daisuke Matsuoka,
2019Ishii Kaisei,Kin Hiro, Matsuoka DaikiYuta HiguchiForest landItohashi Yosei, Matsuoka Daiki,Fumi Honda
Ayumu Ohata,Ryunosuke Sagara
2020Yousei Itabashi, Satoshi Honda, Ayumu OhataForest land,Tatsuya MorishitaKodama Mio Oto,Shinya Nakano,Ryunosuke Sagara,
2021Kodama Mio Oto, Sagara RyunosukeDaisuke Matsumoto,Shinya Nakano ...
  • Athletes with "†" are new graduates or those who are enrolled in Sagan Tosu while still in school (including a job offer).
  • In 2019, Daisuke Matsuoka was promoted from youth to the top position while still in high school.



ク ラ ブ


Stadium/practice field

Home stadiumStation square real estate stadium[1] AndSaga General Athletic Field Athletic Field(Saga City) But holding home games irregularly. In 2001 (Section 37, Kofu Battle)Okinawa Prefectural Sports Park Athletic Field(OkinawaOkinawa City) Held the first J League official match in Okinawa.

Practice areaTosu Stadium Northern Ground(North Tosu City Ground)[1], Tosu City Athletics Stadium[1] However, the Saga General Athletic Field Athletics Stadium,Ogori City Athletics Stadium(Fukuoka) Is also used[84]. In April 2013, a clubhouse was completed in the north ground of Tosu Stadium.

Number of games by year and stadium

*After J2 membership since 1999.
年度TosuSaga RikuOtherJ League CupRemarks
1999171NoneTosu 1
200119Nagasaki 1
Okinawa prefecture land1
2002222None(Not attended)
2008251Tosu=Naming rights"Beaster" by adopting
2012143Bear aster 3
2014Bear aster 1
Saga Riku 2
2015Bear aster 3
2019Station station 3Tosu = "Station Studio" by changing naming sponsor
Saga Riku = changed to SAGA Star due to facility name change[Note 5]
Reference --1997 J League Cup: Tosu 3

Stadium dj

  • YUYA(Tosu F era ~)
  • (2018)

Current player


Uniform color
カ ラ ーshirtPantsstockings
FP (1st)tagtagtag
FP (2nd)whitewhitewhite
GK (1st)yellowyellowyellow
GK (2nd)OrangeOrangeOrange
GK (3rd)Charcoal grayCharcoal grayCharcoal gray
FP 1st
FP 2nd
GK 1st
GK 2nd
GK 3rd

Club color


  • Pink used in accents and club emblems inherits the Tosu F club color (pink and navy)"[85].
  • The uniform used for the 2011/2012 season has the same basic color of "blue/pink", but as a design advisorArita wareFamous potter of14th Saida KakiemonWas involved in the supervision and made suggestions such as how to insert the line.
  • For the 2013/2014 season,New balanceAmerican sports equipment manufacturer under its umbrella(English editionAnd a supplier contract. The contract with Sagan Tosu for the companyLiverpool FC(Premier League),Sevilla FC(Liga Espanyola), the third club after Asia, the first supplier contract in Asia[86]. Since 2015, the supplier has been changed to New Balance due to the expansion of the New Balance body into the soccer market.[87].
  • The 2015 FP 2nd uniform uses shirt/grey, pants/black, and stockings/grey.
  • Women's Day named after Mother's Day was held on May 2019, 5, when a limited uniform for FP was adopted[88].

Logo emblem

The emblem as "Sagan Tosu" is from 2015 and is the third generation.

  • First generation (1997-2005): A combination of the initials "S" and "T" of the club name and a map of Saga Prefecture as a motif[85].
  • Second generation (2-2006): Positioned as "the first year of promotion to J2014" and redesigned the logo and emblem. New emblemClick glassIncorporating (magazine, a natural monument that inhabits the Chikushi plain), this crow is drawn with the hidden letters of sagantosu.[85]. Also, V, which is the acronym for Victory, of five colors (blue, yellow, black, green, red from the top) in pink and sagan blue is drawn, and these five colors mean five continents. "True champions in the hearts of all who love Sagantosu." (Japanese translation: "Become a true champion with everyone who loves Sagan Tosu") tightens the emblem.[85]. The new logo has a sharper image that feels stronger, and the top and bottom decorations of the logo are "V" images, and we are particular about winning.
  • 3rd generation (2015 -): Renewal of the emblem for the first time in 8 years[89]. Although the overall shape has not changed significantly, as the club explained, "The design that emphasizes the strong click glass that moves forward", the silhouette of the click glass that had been sideways until now faces the front and flutters. And expressed "the power of the team to always push forward". Also, there are some changes in the color scheme, such as changing the background of the five-color V line from a blue background to a white background. There is no change in the logo.

Uniform sponsor

Posting locationSponsor nameNotationPosted yearRemarks
chestKimura Information TechnologyK Kimura Information TechnologyFebruary 2020- [90]
clavicleTakeshita ConfectioneryTakeshita
Black mont blanc
2020-Posted on the left
Takeshita's Milcook
Posted on the right
Upper backSagan Tosu AID[Note 6]PRIDE OF 172021-
Lower backNone--
sleeveSaga ShimbunSaga newspaper2012-2020-Chest (provisional posting) and sleeves in November of the same year
Front of pantsYasuhisa HaraKingdom
2021- [91]
Back of pantsMallage SagamallageAugust 2020-December 11
February 2021- [92]

Training wear sponsor

Posting locationSponsor nameNotation
Practice chestSeki furnitureFurniture production area
Seki furniture
Practice clothesNone-
Practice clothesNone-

Youth uniform sponsor

Posting locationSponsor nameNotationPosting team
sleeveHanayashikiHanayashikiU-12 / U-15 / U-15 Karatsu / U-18

The history of uniform supply

Successive uniforms

Chronology of successive uniform sponsors

chestLeft clavicleRight clavicleUpper backLower backsleeveFront of pantsBack of pants
1997-Before banDIREC TVBefore ban--Before banNIKE
2000Toyo Shinyaku
2001Asahi Midori
50th anniversary of municipal organization
Hot spring
2005-- /
- /
Value Link
- /
HS Securities
[Note 9]
2012Saga newspaper
2013Warrior Sports
2014Glass OneB
2015No.1 popular tourist destination in Kyushu
Huis Ten Bosch

New Balance
2020Saga newspaper[Note 10] /
K Kimura Information Technology
Black mont blanc
Takeshita's Milcook
- /
- /
Furniture production area
Seki furniture
- /
2021K Kimura Information TechnologyPRIDE OF 17-Kingdom


Sagan Tosu Academy is U-18 (Type 2), U-15・U-15 Karatsu (Type 3), U-12 (Type 4) Training section "youth section" and extension section "soccer school"[94].. U-18 is not in Tosu City but in Takagase Town, Saga CitySaga Health Promotion Center Soccer/Rugby Field(Completed in 2014)[95].. In addition, it is a dormitory system, and there are two dormitories for athletes near the Health Exercise Center and Sakai Nishimachi, Tosu City.[96].. The two U-15 teams and the U-2 do not have specific practice bases.

U-18 is2017からPrince League KyushuBelongs to.Until then, he belonged to the prefectural league and was the top league.Premier LeagueI had no experience of belonging.Promotion to the top is also for youth 1st genTakashi FurukawaI had almost no chance to participate except for (2000 promotion)Daisuke Akashi(Promoted in 2001),Morita SoWith only two people (promoted in 2010), Oita Youth, who produced multiple Japanese national teams, and Fukuoka Youth, who is constantly sending players to the top, were behind the development team in 2. Have representative experience by ageIshikawa Keito,Ryosuke TagawaTwo of them have been promoted to the top. At this time, Minoru Takehara, the president of the club, commented, “I'm finally here.”[97].. Then in 2019Japan Club Youth Soccer Championship (U-18) TournamentFirst advance to the final and runner-up[98]..In addition, he won the Sendai Youth in the Premier League entry playoff, which was his third challenge, and was promoted to the Premier League.[99].

The two U-15 teams togetherKyushu Youth (U-15) Soccer LeagueBelong to. U-15 Karatsu was founded in 2007 from a local desire to find a club and a training base for middle-aged generation aiming to find fans in the western part of the prefecture.[100].2017U-1532th Japan Club Youth Soccer Championship (U-15) TournamentAnd won Tosu's first national title in all categories[101].. Also, in the same yearThe 29th All Japan Youth (U-15) Soccer Championship TournamentIt also won the U-15 generation's double crown.

The development department has been sluggish for a long time since the club was established, but since the club's management became stable, it has been actively conducting overseas expeditions by utilizing the support of the prefecture.[102], Training in Italy/Korea/Austria etc. and participating in local competitions in team units and individual players.2018In the NetherlandsEredivisieBelongs toAjaxConcluded a partnership contract (3-year contract) with the aim of improving the system of the training academy, instructors, and athletes.[103].. same year,Tatsuya High SchoolRyukoku High School concludes an agreement with Saga Ryukoku Gakuen, which operates the school, to accept U-18 players as scholarship students who are exempt from admission fees and are treated as attendees when participating in official competitions.[104] ,2020ToECCIn partnership with U-18 players, we will hold lessons of the original curriculum that interweaves English conversation used in soccer into daily conversation.[105]We are strengthening the system of the training age.

In addition, there are three soccer schools in Tosu City (Tosu/Northern/Commerce Center)Motoyama・SagaKawazu-Small town-TakeoIn addition to being implemented in various parts of the prefecture,KurumeAlso opened a school. However, opening a school outside the prefecture where the club is headquartered is against the J.League rules, so it is also a sponsor.BridgestoneHas established a soccer school, and Sagan Tosu is allowed to conduct the operation management as a special case.[106].


U-15 Karatsu
  • Kyushu Youth (U-15) Soccer League: Winner (2013)

Overseas expedition

  • K-League U-17 Championship (Korea/Pohang): 2017nd Place (XNUMX)
  • Stefano Gusella International Tournament (Turin, Italy): Winner (2019)

Academy player

Club information

Permanent number

While other clubs have the supporter number "12", Sagan Tosu has the same number "17". This has the implication that it is "the 11th player fighting together" as the "next" of a total of 5 players (16 at the time of establishment, now 18) with 17 starting players and XNUMX reserve players.[107].

Saga Prefecture Professional Soccer Promotion Council

Club management has stalled, and club dissolution has become more intense2004(16)9, Saga Prefecture and municipalities within the prefecture have jointly established Sagan's professional soccer promotion council, a support organization for Sagan, in collaboration with companies and organizations in the prefecture. In this association, in order to make Sagan run by a club that participates in the prefecture, we invite citizens of each municipality to the home game (held at Tosu Stadium and the Saga Prefectural Athletics Stadium), as well as a youth soccer team that invited Sagan players. It is the development of classrooms and various events. Also,2005Before the start of the season (17), the office of this association was moved to Tosu Stadium. It will be an annex with the club office, and it will strengthen cooperation with the team.

As of December 2014, 12 companies and organizations are members.[108]

History of attracting customers

2003(15) "Road To 25,000 In Tosu Star"
A campaign to attract large numbers of customers called "Road To 25,000 In Tosu Star" launched mainly by supporters behind the goal.2003(15) February 7Albirex NiigataIt was a mechanism to gradually increase the audience starting from the battle,Avispa FukuokaExcept for Derby, he didn't act.
  • 08/02 vs Fukuoka Target 10,000 (Result 5,756) *2003(15) Average audience mobilization 3,172
2004(16) “Road to 25000 Epicenter TOSU! Shake Tosu Star”
Based on the reflection from the previous year, a new campaign called "Road to 25000 Epicenter TOSU! Tosu Tosu Star" will be launched. this isMay 9Introduced a new system called the ticket bank in the customer attraction campaign focusing on Derby with Fukuoka. The plan was to invite local elementary school students with tickets donated by soccer fans across the country. With support from 40 clubs including J club supporters from all over the world, we succeeded in inviting 2111 children. Not full, but later takes over club managementYukihiro IkawaPrompted the first game of.
  • 09/04 vs Fukuoka Target 25,000 (Result 9,565) *2004(16) Average audience mobilization 3,610
2006(18) "I want to make Yume Plan 21 Tosu Stadium full"
Tosu City's “Youth Sounds Development Project” that fulfills children's dreams is adopted by a student of Tosu Kita Elementary School third grader, “I want to make Tosu Stadium full”. This is one of the sponsors of the government, the backup of the club, and the sponsor.BridgestoneAlso expressed support.May 11 OfShonan BellmareWith the goal of fighting, he gathered 18,231 spectators, the most (then) J League official match at Tosu Stadium, which led to Bridgestone's continued support and increased annual sponsor fees.[109].
  • 11/12 vs Shonan Target 20,000 (Result 18,231) *2006(18) Average audience mobilization 7,465
2007(19) "BS Day "Let's go anywhere! Bridgestone Summer Festa with brass band""
Bridgestone continued its support in the form of taking over the "dream plan" of 2006, and supported the last home game in August as the crown match "Bridgestone Day" (BS Day) with the concept of "making the last memories of summer vacation".2007(19) February 8Mito Holy HookThe battle will be set on BS Day, various projects will be held such as collaboration with the highest-class corporate brass band "Bridgestone brass band Kurume" and a local high school brass band, and 16,661 people will be mobilized on the day[109] However, the target of more than 2 was not achieved, and the average number of spectators was less than the previous year.
  • 08/25 vs Mito Target 20,000 (Result 16,661) *2007(19) Average audience mobilization 6,114
2008(20) “Dream kick for 2 BS days”
Based on the reflection that we could not reach the goal of exceeding 2 people in the previous year, supporters also developed a new customer attraction operation called “×2 movement”. Bridgestone side will also mobilize on an unprecedented scale2008(20) also carried out, on September 9Roasso KumamotoAchieve more than 21,029 people in the battle, 2. After that, I decided to promote to J12011(23)May 12It remained as a club record until the record of 22,532 people was recorded at the Kumamoto match.
  • 09/20 vs Kumamoto Target 20,000 (result 21,029) *2008(20) Average audience mobilization 7,261


tv set


  • Ore from YUYA! Sagan Tosu (NHK Saga Broadcasting Station, Monday 19:45-20:00)
  • Weekly Sagan Tosu (NBC Radio Saga, Friday 18:00-18:10.18:20-18:30)
  • Next Stage Challenge Sagan Tosu!! (Inside NBC radio Saga, Tuesday's "Information Convenience Store Saga")
  • sagantosu Heat Wave (FM Saga, Friday "Friday Night Talkin' Radio")
  • SaganBMX (Ebisu FM, Monday 20:00-21:00)


From March 2018, 3 to the end of November,JR KyushuMinami Fukuoka vehicle ward Of885 series1 formation of the clubWrapping vehicleIs operated as[110]. In addition, JR Kyushu will be held on the day of the gameHizen Yamaguchi Station -A temporary train "Sagan Tosu" is operating at Tosu Station.


Sagan Tosu's financial results are as follows.

Profit and loss

年度leagueincomeAdvertising feeAdmission feeAllocationOthercostexpensePersonnel expensesAdministrative expensesProfitNet income

Source: J-Club financial results list for each fiscal year. 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010

Amount of money: million yen

Personnel costs are included in the project cost.

年度leagueRevenueAdvertising feeAdmission feeAllocationUpbringingOthercostPersonnel expensesmatchHomeUpbringingwomanSaleProfitNet income

Source: J-Club financial results list for each fiscal year. 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015

Amount of money: million yen

年度leagueRevenueAdvertising feeAdmission feeAllocationUpbringingSalesOthercostPersonnel expensesmatchHomeUpbringingwomanSalesSaleProfitNet income

Source: J-Club financial results list for each fiscal year. 2016

Amount of money: million yen


年度Total assetsTotal debtNet worthCapital

Source: J-Club financial results list for each fiscal year. 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016

Amount of money: million yen


[How to use footnotes]

注 釈

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  2. ^ Since Sagan Tosu as a voluntary organization was established after the resolution of dissolution of Tosu F, there is no legal succession relationship with Tosu F, and there is no direct continuity between Tosu F and Sagan Tosu as an organization. There is no. For this reason, the players who belonged to the Tosu F era have been assigned “Tosu Futures” as the previous team in the procedure, so the actual “residual” is also officially treated as “transfer”.
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