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🏀 | NBA reporter predicts the best Sixth man in the first half of the game What is the rival of “favorite” Jordan Clarkson?


NBA reporter predicts the best Sixth man in the first half of the game What is the rival of "favorite" Jordan Clarkson?

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"I found a house that fits my role," said Steve Ashburner, who scored an average of 13.8 points and 6.4 rebounds from last season's Sixth Man Montrezl Harrell (Los Angeles Lakers). It is introduced that the results are decreasing compared to the previous year.

The NBA for the 2020-21 season has exhausted all the official pre-star competition dates. At NBA.com, you can ... → Continue reading

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Sixman(6th Man, The sixth man)basketballOn the bench start in the gameSub memberA player who can play an especially active role.


In basketball, there are five people on the court,Starting memberIt comes from being the sixth player who can play an active role in the same way as. Normally, it is normal to put the main player in the starting member, but Sixth Man is different from a mere reserve member, and it is used in a special way such as to change the flow of the game in the middle of the game. There are also many. In reality, it depends largely on the director's tactics and strategies.

Sixth man tactics and rolesWas createdBoston Celtics OfRed hour backIs considered to be.

Sixth Man Features / Trends

Distinguish from a mere substitute playerSixmanThe player called has the following characteristics and tendencies.

  • He is the first substitute player in the game to replace the starter, and he appears more frequently than other substitute players.
  • Although it is a bench start, it records a play time equal to or longer than that of the starting member.
  • Can handle multiple positions without problemsUtility playerIs often selected.

Sixth man appointment example

  • Appointment of players with weaknesses
A player who has high ability but is difficult to use as a starting lineup due to holes such as lack of height, weak defense, and lack of stamina. There are various types such as undersized scorers and veterans with big shots, and most of them fall into this type.
Jamal Crawford
Ben Gordon
Robert Horry
Leandro Barbosa
Nate Robinson
  • Appointment of starter class players
In basketball, players are basically allowed to change freely, and taking a break from players is also an important strategy, especially in competitive games. Therefore, in order to prevent the strength down while the main starting lineup is resting, it is a case where the main player is used as a Sixth man.
Manu Ginobili
Jason Terry
Mike Miller
  • Appointment of utility player
Can handle multiple positionsUtility playerBy placing the in Sixth Man, you can create flexible tactics.
Boris Diaw
Tony Cucocci
Lamar Odom

Typical Sixth Man

Sixth man is also very important in the NBA,NBA Sixman AwardIs also provided.

  • 1960 era OfBoston Celtics OfJohn hub recheckContributes to the Celtics Golden Age as Sixth Man. He was appointed as a reserve because there were many excellent players, but his contribution to the team was clearly high. Although he was a Sixth man, he was the player with the most participation time in the team, and was ranked first or second in the team in terms of points.
  • Chicago Bulls OfTony CucocciWill be a big success as a Sixth Man in the 1995-1998 Bulls 3 consecutive victories. Kukoč is in the same positionScottie PippenThat there wasPhil JacksonBecome a Sixth Man by the tactics of. Kukoč, who can handle multiple positions, contributed to the victory by showing a play that changed the flow of the team at key points.

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