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⛳ | <Breaking news> Mao Saigoh is the single leader, 2 strokes behind 2nd place Haruka Morita and Hikari Tanabe Hinako Shibuno is 8 behind

Photo Mao Saigoh keeps the top spot until the first half of the third day (Photo: Satoshi Mt. Yoneyama)

<Breaking news> Mao Saigoh is the single leader, 2 strokes behind 2nd place Haruka Morita and Hikari Tanabe Hinako Shibuno are 8 behind

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Momoko Ueda and Sai Payin (Taiwan) follow in total 6 under.

<Daikin Orchid Ladies Day 3 ◇ 6th ◇ Ryukyu Golf Club (Okinawa Prefecture) ◇ 6561 yards par 72>… → Continue reading

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Ueda Momoko

Ueda Momoko(Ueda Momoko,1986May 6 -) is a Japanese girlProfessional golfer.KumamotoKumamoto-shiHigashi WardI'm fromZOZO(Until 2020Japan Life Insurance)Affiliation.Height 161 cm, weight 54 kg,Blood TypeA type. The specialty club is 1W.

Queen of 2007 prize money. He is also one of the few players who have not won the official game (major title) in the Japanese golf world to win the prize money.Hiromi Takamura・1993 Men'sHajime Iai・1999 women'sMuraguchi FumikoThe 4th person in history.


Since 10 years oldNobuhiro SakataSponsored byGolfStartedKumamoto City Nishihara Junior High SchoolAchieved two consecutive victories in the Jumbo Tournament Junior Women's team during the era.Tokai University Second High SchoolIn the 1st year, Kyushu Women's Amateur ranked second. Known as a leading teaching professional after graduating from high schoolTadashi ErenTo receive the guidance ofHyogoKobe CityMove to.

20057, Passed the protest in 3rd place.LPGA Rookie Match Kaga Electronic CupTo win.

2006Participated in 30 games and failed to qualify 4 times. The best finish isCrystal Geyser Ladies3rd place. The prize money rank is 13th (4,675 yen).

2007May 1ToSouth Africa3rd done inW cupToMoromizato ShinobuI participated with. He won his first victory at the "Life Card Ladies" held in April 2007. In addition, it was held on the same dayToken Home Mate CupThe (Men's Tour) winner was, and the men and women "Ueda" will be the first to win this day.

2007May 11,Mizuno ClassicUS Women's TourFirst victory. At the same time, at the end of the 7th hole (485 yards, par 5)AlbatrossWas achieved. The achieved ball was thrown to the audience without hesitation. In the same year, he won 5 wins,1996 OfFukushima AkikoIt became the youngest prize queen in history at 23 years and 148 days, surpassing 21 years and 156 days. Also,Mt. Ooyama Shiho 2006It was hoped that the record amount of 1 million yen won in the history will be updated, but in the final round of Ricoh Cup it will be 6629th place within 2 players which is the condition of record update Since it was over, the total prize money was 4 million yen, which was not renewed. In December of the same year, he received the Japan Professional Sports Highest Rookie Award. In the "5 Most Fashionable Golfers Ranking" of the golf magazine "", it won the top spot.

2008From now on, while making the US tour the main battlefield, they will continue their activities in the form of participating in more than 10 games a year in Japan[2].. He won two wins in 2008 and one win in 2 and 2009.

2012Lost the seed right in Japan after finishing 80th in the prize ranking,2013Recovered seed rights in 48th place. Next day20142 wins devoted to Japan tour.It was ranked 10th in the prize money ranking.afterwards2015(7th in the ranking),2016(35th) did not win, but2017Won 2 and finished in XNUMXth place in the ranking.2018Although he left a record such as 2nd place tie twice, he did not reach the championship.The ranking was 2st.

August 2021, 3,ZOZOAffiliation contract with[3].


Since I was bornAssIt was said that the name was derived from the fact that was large (Momojiri). "Momojiri" is also used in the title of his blog.

Broadcasted in October 2007Passion continent"among"volleyball,basketballI don't know the feelings of people who do things, and I have no point even though there are no professionals. Because he saidBlog BurningTooth[4]It became a fuss that the person himself apologized. There was also a situation in which she had to choose golf as a “sport for earning money” because her sister had a disability while she was born and witnessed the difficulties of her parents.

My favorite entertainer is a comedy duo.Untouchable"ofHiroya Yamazaki, Of the actorHayato Ichihara,Shota Matsuda[5].

2014 yearsCAT Ladies Golf TournamentJust before the tournamentHiroshima landslide disasterSince the event has occurred, we have said that we would like to help in the event of a disaster.Caterpillar japanMadeShovel carTheHiroshima Police HeadquartersDonated to[6].


Victory record


tv set

And many others



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