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⛳ | A man in his 70s drowned during the round and tried to pick up a golf ball that was pond pond ...


A man in his 70s drowned during a round trying to pick up a golf ball that was pond pond ...

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A friend testified about the man, "I loved looking for lost balls on the golf course."

I want to pick up a golf ball from the pond somehow.An elderly person who seems to have thought so died in the pond. (Debo ... → Continue reading


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Lost ball

Lost ballAndGolfIt is a term used inplayinsideroughIt is a ball that has disappeared due to being hit by something like[1]..GolfRulesIn, the lost ball is penalized.If the ball is lost, it will be played after imposing a one-stroke penalty as close as possible to the place where it was last played.According to the rules, when you lose sight of the ball, it is not a lost ball, and it takes 3 minutes after you lose sight of the ball.[2]Has a set time to search, during which timeplayerOrcaddyWill be a lost ball if he cannot find the ball.[3].


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