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⛳ | First victory? Second win? 2rd win?The final group of 3 people started for "Opening V" [Today's attention group]

The final group of photo attention has just started (photographed by Wataru Murakami)

First victory? Second win? 2rd win?The final group of 3 people started for "Opening V" [Today's attention group]

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With the advice of coach Akashi Tsujimura, who is approaching his third win, he seals "negative thinking."

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Negative thinking

Akira Tsujimura

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Akira Tsujimura(Akira Tsujimura,1926May 10 - 2010May 8[1]) Is社会 心理学Person,Tokyo UniversityHonorary professor..Chairman of the Japan Behavior Society.Doctor of Sociology(University of Tokyo, 1985).ShizuokaHamamatsu citybirth.



Mass promotionHe was in a position to criticize the undemocratic nature of the socialist system by moving from his research to the research of the Soviet Union and China.There are other criticisms of local culture, mass society, and Japanese media, but especiallyMorita therapyAnxietyKnown for his experience of surviving.Also, for one of the students of the University of Tokyo era,Hitoshi Kusano[2]There is.

In his last years, he published an experience memorandum while receiving a day service for long-term care, and waka poems and poems were also published there.Dormitory song-Military songHe gave a lecture to explain the origin of the history in an easy-to-understand manner.


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