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⛳ | 22-year-old small celebration Sakura, 3rd win in reversal Women's golf final day

A small celebration Sakura = Ryukyu GC who won the championship with a total of 14 unders and smiled with a trophy in his hand

22-year-old small celebration Sakura, 3rd win in reversal Women's golf final day

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Mao Saigoh, who dropped 73 from the lead, is in 11th place with a total of 4 under with Momoko Ueda.

Daikin Orchid Ladies Last Day (7th, Okinawa Prefecture Ryukyu GC = 6561 yards, par 72) 22-year-old small celebration ... → Continue reading

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Mao Saigo

Mao Saigo(Saigo / Mao,200110/8 -) Is a Japanese female professional golfer.AffiliationDaito contract.


ChibaFunabashiI'm from. I started practicing with my father when I was 5 years old[1]Was used by my fatherMIZUNOStart playing golf with your club[2][3].

Funabashi Municipal Miyama Elementary SchoolIn the 6th year, he won the 2013 "Aya no Kuni Junior Golf Tournament".[2], Won the "33rd National Elementary School Golf Championship Yokoo Kaname Cup" (April 2014), which he participated in immediately after graduation.[4].

In 2014, when going to junior high schoolReitaku Junior High SchoolSelect and enroll.Winner of the same year's Kanto Junior High School Golf Championship individual match[2]..In addition, he won the national junior high school golf championship team competition for the third consecutive year.[5][6][7].. See also 2016World Junior Golf ChampionshipWomen's 13-year-old and 14-year-olds have won 4th place in Thailand[8].

Reitaku High SchoolAfter going on to school, in the first and second years, he did not perform as well in the national competition of individual competition as in junior high school, but he won the Kanto High School Golf Championship Women's Team in the second year of high school.[9].

A legend that shines brightly in the history of Japanese professional golf in January 2018.Shoji OzakiParticipated in a junior lesson event sponsored by Ozaki, and then entered the "Jumbo Ozaki Golf Academy" established by Ozaki as the first student.[10].

Participated in 2019, 3rd year of high schoolJapan Women's Amateur Golf ChampionshipAt (Elleair Golf Club Matsuyama), he will be a professional later without seeding.Ayaka Furue,Yuka Yasuda,Yuna NishimuraIn golf, which is comparable to the leading players, he won the championship by reversing from 2nd place on the final day.[11].

Of 2019Japan Women's Professional Golf Association(JLPGA) Challenged the protest, screwed in the putt of the final hole on the 4th day, passed the test with 1 over and 18th place tie just before the cut line, and became the youngest test passer.[12].

Officially registered as a member of the Japan Ladies Professional Golf Association on January 2020, 1.In the same year, graduated from Reitaku High SchoolJapan Wellness Sports UniversityEnrolled in[13].



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