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🇯🇵 | [Ozumou] Daieishō Hayato of the first place V "Don't be in a festive mood forever"

Photo Daieishō (middle) who sweated during training

[Ozumou] Daieishō Hayato of the first place V "Don't be in a festive mood forever"

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Daieishō, who is expected to fight for the championship again, said, "I'm really grateful that you think so, and I'll do it with that feeling."

On the XNUMXth, ahead of the Grand Sumo Tournament March location (first day of the XNUMXth, Ryogoku Kokugikan, Tokyo), Daieishō Hayato (XNUMX = Oitekaze stable) will be in Soka City, Saitama ... → Continue reading

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Daieishō Hayato

Daieishō Hayato(Daisho Hayato,1993May 11 -) isSaitamaAsakaI'm fromPursuit roomActive affiliationGrand SumoWrestler..His real name is Hayato Takanishi. He stepped on the first stage in January 2012, was promoted to Juryo in July 1, and started a new season in September 2014.At the first place in 7, which was the first place in the front of the West, he achieved the highest victory in the Makuuchi.Height 2015 cm, weight 9 kg.The highest rank is2020East at September locationSekiwaki2.


Before getting started

Sumo started in the first grade of elementary school, and in junior high schoolIruma-shiWhile attending the Iruma Boys' Sumo Club once a week,Gardening clubBelonged to. "cucumber,eggplant,GoyaToHydrangeaAlso raised. Especiallyヒ マ ワ リI loved it, "he recalls later.[2].Saitama Sakae High SchoolThe era is 3 yearsInter HighHe left a track record of 2nd place in groups, 3rd place in individuals, and 2nd place in national polity, and in January 2012, just before graduating from high school, he stepped on the first stage in the Oitekaze room. Michinori Yamada, who had been the director of the sumo club since high school when he was promoted to Juryo, said, "I have a desire to make my parents feel comfortable because I am a single-mother family. I have a solid core." Confessing the circumstances behind it[3].

After getting started

In March 2012, at the place of "Daisho Sakae"Four-pronged nameFor the first timeNumberingThe name appears in, and suddenlyIntroductionIf you win the championship, it will be the first time in a year since the first ringMakushitaPromoted to. On the way, the current name of ShikonaDaiei ShoHowever, it was said that he would be injured when the character "Sakae" came to the end of the Shikona name, and the reason for the name change was that he was injured.[4].. After that, I lost in the MakushitaThird stageIt sometimes hit a wall such as a fall, but in March 2013, it was in the same room.Attached to the curtainWrestler(I.e.Was the fastest in history to run up to the Makuuchi, and I was greatly stimulated and inspired.[5], Won the third stage in May of the same year.2013After November locationSekitoriThe numbering just before the promotion continued, and it was the second piece under the eastern Makushita2014The place in May achieved a good result of 5 wins and 6 loss, and it was new at the ranking organization meeting after the place.Ten carsPromotion has been decided. At a press conference, he said he was quick to get promoted to Sekitori in just two and a half years from the beginning.[6]..This is the first time that a Japanese wrestler who has entered the university without going through university is promoted to Juryo from the Oitekaze stable.

New Juryo / New Makuuchi

In July, the place went up to the ring as only one of the 7 Sekitori people from Saitama.[5], 8 wins and 7 losses. The place was in good shape in May 2015, probably because he practiced vigorously during the last spring tour, and finished the place with a good result of 5 wins and 10 losses.[7].. September 2015 Place new opening. After losing two places in a row, he returned to Juryo in January 9, but re-entered the place in March and won the first win in the Makuuchi with a double-digit win of 2 wins and 2016 losses. In addition, on the 1th day of the March placeAmami NishikiHowever, due to a knee disorderYokozunaHima FujiAs a substitute for the fact that he can no longer serve as a servant on the groundTsuyuharaiServed as[8].. The May place, which renewed its highest position to the 9th West Front, lost with 5 wins and 6 losses, and the following July place and the next September place were also unsuccessful, and it was a double-digit black star with 9 wins and 7 losses in a row. The November location was the first time in Juryo since the January location. In the position of the fourth piece of JuryoChiakiHe decided to win and had a record of 8 wins and 7 losses, but he did not return to Makuuchi.

2017The place in January was the second one in West Juryo. Lost two consecutive games from the first day, but won eight consecutive games from there. At the end of the 1th dayTokushoryuAlong with 2 losses, he took the lead in the battle for victory, but on the 11th day he lost to Tokushoryu and retreated to 3 losses. However, on the 12th day, Tokushoryu was defeated and Daieishō won, so at this point Daieishō was defeated by 3 losses.Ura, Tokushoryu lined up in a battle for victory. On the 14th day, only Tokushoryu was defeated in the top group in the battle for victory, and in Chiakiraku, Tokushoryu won and Ura lost before Daieishō's efforts. It was a scene,HomarefujiHe won 12 cars with a record of 3 wins and 3 losses, and returned to Makuuchi in March. At the roundtable discussion held before the venue in March 2017, Mt. Kabuto (in the former Makuuchi)Oikari) Said, "It seems that Daieishō consciously lost a lot of weight. Until now, he seemed to be too heavy to move himself. By losing weight, his movement returned, and on the contrary, he gained horsepower. Was explained about the good performance of the January location.[9].. At the place in March, there were 3 consecutive wins from Chunichi, and it was a good result of 8 wins and 11 losses. Yokozuna at the Mito location on the spring tour on April 4Crane dragonAnd performed the third lesson over the 13th[10].. HoweverDaily Sports"I'm not practicing. I wish I could take my sumo wrestling. I think it's a place to try myself. Are you careful ... Not all young people, but suddenly I wonder if I should pull it out. I wonder if I should have been killed by my dad. "[11].. The place in May was the first round-robin tournament, but probably because he hadn't practiced enough, not only did he lose to Chunichi, but he couldn't get a white star from three or more roles, so 5 wins and 4 losses. Was bounced off the upper wall. The July place, which was the 11th in the west, also suffered 7 consecutive losses from the 7th day and ended up with 9 wins and 6 losses, becoming a double-digit black star in two consecutive places. The September location, which was the 5th in the east, was strong with 10 wins and 11 loss at the end of the 9th day, but dropped stars after Chunichi and remained in one win with 7 wins and 6 losses. After finishing the efforts on the 1th day, Daieishō showed his motivation, "I have no consciousness of fighting for the championship. I want to return the ranking as soon as possible and do it at the top."[12].. Autumn tour on October 10th at Kyoto place in Sanban practiceAbu SakiThere was a scene where he overwhelmed him and won four straight games (the final number is unknown), so he was practicing well.[13].. At the morning training in Okayama on the 24th, we received the nomination of Tsururyu and performed the third training. I tried desperately with my favorite push sumo, but I couldn't win even once with a total of 10th. He was pushed out of his throat and pulled forward, and he had little chance of winning, saying, "The yokozuna is strong even if it is separated or assembled." Still, even at the same tour Osaka place on the 1ndTerunofujiHe was nominated by the team and took 15th place to win 3 wins.[14].

January 2018 Place is the fastest on the 1th daySalary sumoAchieved. At one point, the press was flooded, and this place was new as a junior of Saitama Sakae High School.summary OfNoble scenic"Since when have you been surrounded by a lot of reporters?", He replied vigorously, "Since the first place last year (winning ten cars)! Is it noticeably bad?" However, after that, he was abandoned by White Star, and the final result was 9 wins and 6 losses.[15].. The place in March was blessed with a little luck with the 3th west front, which rose by 5 sheets. In September, the place was going to be in good shape as the person himself, such as having a discourse to the effect that "I felt a response to the training in front of the place" throughout the place.[16]However, until the 10th day, 4 wins and 6 losses and Kuroboshi preceded. However, all the remaining sumo wrestling won except the 14th day, with 8 wins and 7 losses. In September 2019, the place went up to the ring with the third position in the front of the east, but on the 9th day, he suffered a seventh loss and there was no time left until he lost. However, he won the rest four times in a row and decided to win with 3 wins and 11 losses. The place in November is Yokozuna on the second dayWhite PengWon for the first time in two places in a row following the battle with TsururyuVenusAnd on the 5th dayTochinoshinWith the luck of a bye in the battle, he finished the place with 8 wins and 7 losses, and secured the new three roles in the place in January 2020 the following year. The only black star in this place attached to this Venus and the winning Hakuho was evaluated and won his first special merit award. I participated in the winter tour from December 1st, the first day, but without waiting for the Hitoyoshi place on the 12th, "StreptococcusClosed on the way due to "infectious disease". After returning to Tokyo, he tried to rest for four days, and from the 4th, he tightened the mawashi in his room in Soka City, Saitama, and resumed training. "I was infected for the first time (streptococcus). I wanted to be careful about my illness," he said.[17].

On December 2019, 12, the place numbering announcement in January 24 officially took the position of Nishikoyui.At the new San'yaku press conference, he said with deep emotion, "I'm happy because it was my goal for this year," and in 2020, I achieved all three goals of "New San'yaku," "First Venus," and "First Sansho." "I'm glad I've done everything this year, and I thought I had to achieve it because I said it," he said.[18].

New San'yaku, New Sekiwake

On January 2020, 1, we held the first New Year's practicing in the Oitekaze-behuro, and took the 4th position with Endo and others. "The movement is not bad. I want to build a solid body from here."[19].

In July, the place returned to Koyui for the first time in two places. Tsururyu on the 7nd day, 2th dayOzeki・ In addition to being lucky to win a bye from the top two players during Takakeishō's holiday, he was nominated for the Distinguished Service Award on the condition that Chiakiraku won by pushing out Hakuho on the 2th day. Chiakiraku has 11 wins, but his match record is 10 wins and 6 loss.MyogiryuWas defeated by withdrawal, and it was decided to win the second special merit award. At the end of the 2th day, it was 9 wins and 5 losses, but from the 4th day, it was 10 consecutive wins and ended with 6 wins and 11 losses.

East renews self-highest place in SeptemberSekiwakiI was given the second position. The new Sekiwake from the Oitekaze-bei room is located in November 2.TailwindIt's been 20 years since then. The birth of a new Sekiwake after a long time even from Saitama prefecture, in July 1963WakachichibuSince then, it has been the second person since the end of the war in 57 years.[20]..However, in September, he struggled with injuries and finished with 9 wins and 5 losses.

In early October, he underwent surgery to remove free cartilage from his right elbow, which he had been suffering from.

At the November location, which was the second in front of the West, he steadily extended the stars, defeating Koyui and Terunofuji, who had won seven consecutive victories from the first day, and won 2 wins, 11 losses and double-digit wins.

First Makuuchi highest victory

In January 2021, the place was the first place in the west front, and 1 wins were won,Ontake SeaAll of the other three wrestlers won, and Mitakeumi also lost 7 point at Sekiwake with 8 wins and 1 losses, so Daieishō was the first to rise by one.From the first day, the first place was to swipe the San'yaku wrestlers for seven consecutive victories.The next day is also the 1th West FrontShineDefeats and decides his first Chunichi victory.However, the next day, the second piece of the East Front, which was in good shapeTakarafujiThe winning streak stops after suffering a black star.Next day 10thKitakatsu FujiI won the battle and did not lose in a row, but on the 11th dayAbu SakiIn the battle, I followed the opponent decently and suffered 2 losses at this pointMasayoWill be lined up in.However, on the 14th day, MasayoTerunofujiAfter losing to, he became the sole leader again and welcomed Chiakigaku.And Chiaki Raku, the 5th west front to winOkinoumi AyumiA match was set up with him, and he suddenly pushed out from the standing and decided the first victory of his long-cherished desire.The first highest victory in the Makuuchi from the pursuit-style room.And he became the first winner from Saitama prefecture.[21]..Before Chiakiraku's efforts, it was decided that he would win the special merit award for the third time, and the award was to be accepted on condition that he would win this place.[22]The skill award was also his first acquisition."I was surprised because I didn't think it was such a heavy thing," he said, and he said, "I thought I was a sumo wrestler far from skill." I ate[23].. On February 2, we paid a courtesy visit to the local Asaka City Hall in Saitama Prefecture, and was awarded the "Citizen's Physical Education Award Special Award" by Mayor Katsunori Tomioka.[24].. On the 5th, we paid a courtesy visit to our alma mater, Saitama Sakae High School.Michinori Yamada, the director of the school's sumo club, said, "I didn't think this would happen when I entered high school. But I was patient. "It blossomed in", looking back on Daieishō's high school days.[25].

In March, he suffered four consecutive losses from the first day, and was ahead of the black star in the first half of the game, but he defeated Ozeki / Asanoyama on the middle day and Ozeki / Shodai the next day. It ended with 3 wins and 4 losses.


Originally, it was often divided into four parts to become half-body, but when Endo started speeding, he received advice from his master and pushed the opening to sumo.[26].. Since then, he has been using push as a weapon, but there is room for improvement in his presence and lower body.[27].. At the roundtable discussion in front of the place in March 2016,Urafu(In the first curtain,Shikishima) Said, "Strength has come out."Distribution(Former KoyuiTakamimori) Also said, "It's sober, but I have something that has good tension."[28].. The purity as a push wrestler is not very high, and at the roundtable discussion in front of the place in September 201635 Shonosuke KimuraHe said, "I don't really understand Daieishō. When it's good, I have a lot of tension and I'm going to take a good sumo wrestling." Endo, right?DaishomaruAnyway, the wrestlers in this room will hold their hands properly and have a good wrestling. "[29].. In 2017Chika YamaneAccording to the comment of, the mental aspect is also high in the corner world.[30].

Early 2020President Octagon TheNewsletterWhen I talked with Sumo reporter Tetsuji Wakabayashi, he pointed out that Daieishō "has got horsepower, but he hasn't got his hips yet", so that he can practice until he gets tired and remember to push his legs. Talking to[31].

I saw a sumo wrestling in July 2020Musashi RiverWas evaluated after the place as "I am devoting myself to push sumo that does not let me turn around"[32].

According to media reports after the January 2021 locationNew coronavirusWhile training is prohibited from the viewpoint of preventing the spread of infection, it is said that the reason for the victory was that he was blessed with training partners in the room in the Oitekaze-style room with many Sekitori.[33].

Good friends in practiceAbu Saki,Noble scenicBorrowing their hearts and competing with each other[34].


  • He has an unobtrusive personality, and he says, "I'm often told that my voice is quiet, and the clerk asks me many times. I think I'm talking normally ...". In the same year, the topic was preceded by Toyoyama, Asanoyama and others who graduated from university.[2].
  • July 2018 placeNishikigoiEntered the place with the drawn dyeing[35].
  • All Nippon AirwaysHas been presented with a make-up[36].
  • From the same high schoolNoble scenicWhen he announced his engagement, he said, "I want to do my best with sumo."[37].
  • My favoriteRice[38],Fried chicken[39],Apple,Pear[40]..Rice has been my favorite since childhood, and when the teachers asked me "what is your favorite food?" At a kindergarten interview, the other child said, "What is your favorite food?"hamburger""Strawberry", But only Takanishi answered" rice. "[38].
  • Originally from Saitama Prefecture, his maternal roots are in Suzu City, Ishikawa Prefecture.According to relatives, Daieishō's grandfatherIida High SchoolWas a member of the sumo club.When he was young, he moved to Tokyo to run the iron industry, and after his death his family moved to Saitama Prefecture.[41].
  • When I was in the lower grades of elementary school, I asked my mother that I wanted a dog, but it was rejected, saying, "I should do it after I started earning myself."As my mother said, I bought a male Toy Poodle in June 2016, which was established in Sekitori.[42].
  • When I go home to my parents' house in Asaka City, Saitama, I eat "egg sandwiches" made by my mother, Emiko.[43]
  • Before the outbreak of the new coronavirus, I had dinner at a yakiniku restaurant for half a month and had no experience of self-catering.When Daieishō was hit by a corona whirlpool, his master's pursuit style called out to the Sekitori people who lived out of the room, saying, "Eat in the room at night."[44].
  • Announced marriage on March 2021, 3Ayaka Watanabe,Yusuke KobayashiIs a fellow student (there is a report that he is a classmate, but strictly speaking, it is wrong), but Saitama Sakae High School is a mammoth school with 1 classes in the first grade even in the generation of Daieishō, and according to the report before the place in March 21, he has no acquaintance.According to Daieishō, "There are too many classmates, and there are many things like" Nice to meet you "on my graduation album. I am a regular course (Watanabe) health and physical education course. Because the school building is also different."[45].

September 2017 Place 9th day

  • I received my sixth win at this place, but again there was no sweepstakes. Daieishō was quite concerned, and before his turn, he was pointed out by Mitakeumi and begged, "Really stop. Don't tell me."[2].
  • SadanoumiA preparation room surrounded by many media outlets. This time, Takakeishō, a third-year junior of Saitama Sakae High School, approached. "What was good today?" "What was the reason for the good performance?" Was asked by the press in quick succession. Even if you interrupt it with "It's okay!", Daieishō, who is a good person, will answer in the end. "It was a good sumo wrestling. It's a sumo wrestling of the heart!" "Because I had a good training with Takakeishō Mitsunobu during the tour!", The reporter praised him. After such a lovable junior left, I wanted in a small voice, "I want to do it together."[2].


As of the end of January 2021.

(Hereafter, the highest rank is Yokozuna / Ozeki wrestler)

  • 2 wins and 7 losses against Yokozuna and Hakuho. The most recent victory will be in July 2020, and the decisive factor will be pushed out.
  • 2 wins and 3 losses against Ozeki and Terunofuji.The most recent victory was in January 2021 and the decisive factor was pushed out.
  • 4 wins and 8 losses for Ozeki and Takakeishō (including 1 bye).The most recent victory was in January 2021 and the decisive factor was slammed.
  • 9 wins and 6 losses against Ozeki and Asanoyama.The most recent victory was in March 2021 and the decisive factor was overwhelmed.
  • 8 wins and 4 losses for Ozeki and Shodai.The most recent victory was in March 2021 and the decisive factor was pushed out.
  • Former Ozeki and Takayasu have 3 wins and 8 losses.The most recent victory was in January 2021 and the decisive factor was pushed out.
  • Former Ozeki and Tochinoshin have 4 wins and 6 losses (including 1 bye).The most recent victory on the ring was in September 2019, and the decisive factor was pushed out.

(Hereafter, the highest rank is Yokozuna / Ozeki retired wrestler)

  • 1 loss to former yokozuna, Harumafuji.
  • Former yokozuna and Tsururyu have 2 wins and 5 losses (including 1 bye).
  • 1 loss to former yokozuna Kisenosato.
  • Former Ozeki Kotoshogiku has 2 wins and 5 losses.Both are the results of the battle after the fall of Kotoshogiku Ozeki.
  • Former Ozeki and Goeido have 3 wins and 3 losses.

(Hereafter, the highest rank is Sekiwake or lower wrestler)

Wrestler nameNumber of winsNegative numberWrestler nameNumber of winsNegative numberWrestler nameNumber of winsNegative numberWrestler nameNumber of winsNegative number
green mountains46Morning red dragon20Amami Nishiki10Momentum21
Yano Castle25Okinoumi Ayumi910Kaisei25Kotoyuki3 (1)4
Takashi wins43Takarafuji69Tamawashi78Tochihe Mountain51
Toyonoshima01Ontake Sea68Myogiryu82Yoshikaze40
Fire56Abu Saki46Gagamaru32Shohozan23
Chiyotori14Chiyo Tairyu37Tokitenku01Kitakatsu Fuji76
Akiseyama20Heavenly wind10Amuru30Arawashi23
Ishiura42Ura11Enho Akira22Big sandstorm01
Asahi Hidepeng11Asahi Daisei11Kiribayama13Kotoeko20
Shimanoumi01Blue wolf20Sokokurai32Kinoiwa03
Emperor Chiyono01Chiyoshoma45Chiyo country23Chiyomaru34
* The number in parentheses is the number of wins, the number of byes and losses among the negative numbers.TaiziIs currently active as of the end of July 2021Wrestler.

Main grades

At the end of July 2021

Total results

  • Overall result: 378 wins and 320 losses (54 places)
  • Makuuchi results: 227 wins and 223 losses (30 places)
  • Ten-car record: 84 wins and 66 losses (10 places)

Each stage win

Three awards, Venus

  • Third prize: 3 times
    • Distinguished Service Award: 3 times (March 2019 location, July 11 location, September 2020 location)
    • Skill Award: 1 time (January 2021 location)
  • Venus: 2
    • Hakuho: 1 (November 2019 location)
    • Tsururyu: 1 (September 2019 location)

Performance by location

Daieishō Hayato
January place
First place (Tokyo
March place
Spring place (Osaka
May place
Summer place (Tokyo)
July place
Nagoya place (Aichi
September place
Autumn place (Tokyo)
November place
Kyushu Place (Fukuoka
(Former sumo)13th piece
12th eastern order
The east third stage 49th sheet
The east third stage 34th sheet
The east third stage 8th sheet
33th piece
49th piece
West third row 7th sheet
West Makushita 11th sheet
West Makushita 17th sheet
West Makushita 8th sheet
West Makushita 13th sheet
West Makushita 7th sheet
2th piece
Nishi Juyo 12th piece
East Ten Ryo 9th piece
Nishi Juyo 11th piece
East Ten Ryo 13th piece
East Ten Ryo 6th piece
East Ten Ryo 7th piece
West Juryo first
13th east front
14th east front
East Ten Ryo 3th piece
West Front 14th
West Front 9th
West Front 11th
16th east front
Nishi Juyo 4th piece
Nishi Juyo 2th piece
11th east front
3th east front
West Front 7th
11th east front
West Front 9th
West Front 13th
West Front 8th
3th east front
West Front 7th
West Front 10th
West Front 9th
/ Reiwa first year)
West Front 7th
2th east front
West Front 2th
West Front 3th
3th east front
East front
(2nd year of Reiwa)
Nishi Koi
East front
8-7[Note 1] 
New coronavirus
Canceled due to expansion
Higashi Koyui
11-4[Note 2]
East Sekiwake 2
West Front 2th
10-5[Note 2] 
(3nd year of Reiwa)
West Front Head
Nishikoyui 2
8-7[Note 2] 
The numbers in each column areWin-Loss-ClosedIs shown.    Win Retirement Closed Ten cars Makushita
Three awards : Daring=Fighting award,Especially= Distinguished Service Award,Skill= Skill Award Others:=Venus
Numbered class : Makuuchi - Ten cars - Makushita - Third stage - First two steps - Introduction
Makuuchi rank : Yokozuna - Ozeki - Sekiwaki - summary - Frontal("#Number" is the rank within each place)

Rename history

  • Hayato Takanishi January 2012 Place
  • Hayato Daishoei March 2012 Place-July 3 Place
  • Daieishō Hayato September 2012 Place-


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