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⛳ | Hidetoshi Nakata goes to golf with Masakiyo Maezono "Zono & Hide 💙 Good photo 😍"

Photo Image: Hidetoshi Nakata Official Instagram

Hidetoshi Nakata goes to golf with Masakiyo Maezono "Zono & Hide 💙 Good photo 😍"

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(1996) Masakiyo Maezono is said to have assisted the comical Hidetoshi Nakata in a commercial for cup ramen.

It was revealed that Hidetoshi Nakata, a former soccer representative from Japan, went out to play golf privately on the 10th.Shi ... → Continue reading

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Maesono Masaki

Masakiyo Maezono(Masaki, Maezo,1973 May 10 -) isKagoshimaSatsumaTogo Town(CurrentSatsumasendai) Originalsoccer player, Soccer commentator,talent..The management office to which you belongSunny side up,Japan FM Network.. ExRepresentation from Japan..A British reporter who has been in charge of the J League for many years is in the heyday of the front gardenGeorge BestI likened to[1].

Japan participated for the first time in 28 years1996 Atlanta OlympicsHe is the greatest contributor to the qualifying breakthrough, and at this tournamentBrazilWon "Miami miracle"ofU-23 soccer representative from Japancaptain.

Club career

From childhood to before becoming a professional

Familiar with soccer even before entering elementary school due to the influence of his older brother, who is four years older[2],Togo Elementary SchoolJoined "Togo Youth Soccer Team" in the second grade[3].. 5 best prefectural tournaments in 4th grade[4]..The video was the triggerDiego MaradonaLonging for, watching videos repeatedly, spending every day practicing dribbling[5][6][7]..Goed on to higher educationTogo Junior High SchoolInitially belonged to the track and field club because there was no soccer club in[8].. The soccer club was founded in the third semester of the second grade[9], Selected for prefecture selection in the third grade[10].

Kagoshima MitsutakaThen, from the first grade, it has become regular[11],High school championshipParticipated in for 3 consecutive years[11].. In the third grade69th competitionThen I won the runner-up[11]..In the same grade of high school, Takuya Endo, the eldest son of the three Endo brothers,Ryuhito Fujiyama,Hiroyuki NitaoIn the second grade, he will later become a teammate as a representative of Japan at the Atlanta Olympics.Shoji CastleとAkihiro EndoWore[11][12].

Yokohama Flugels era

1992 years,J League OfYokohama FlugelsJoined (Yokohama F). In the first yearKamo ShuThe aim ofZone pressBeing confused about adapting to soccer, spending a year on a satellite team without showing off their characteristics[13][14][15].. Argentina's in the first half of 1993, ahead of the opening of the first year of the J-LeagueHimnasia la Plata2 months short-term study abroad[16]..Maezono, who was surprised by the hungry spirit of the local players and was shocked by the culture, returned as a different person, saying, "I was wrong. It was hard, but thanks to that, my way of thinking changed completely."

June 1993, 6 J LeagueVerdi KawasakiMake a debut in the official game by participating in the game from the 4th minute of the second half of the extension[17], June 7MarinosThe final goal in the battle is[18] It became the first goal of the J League[19].1993 J LeagueThen, he participated in 24 games and scored 2 goals, and Yokohama F won the championship.73th Emperor's CupBut I started in the final[17].

In 1994, he scored eight goals in the league match, and was completely regular. In 8, he played an active role as the main player, and on March 1995nd,BellmareWithKanagawa DerbyThen, score the final goal with a skillful volley shot (Nobuyuki KojimaMakes this goal the 4th place in the super goal scored by the opponent in his career[20])[21], Scored 40 goals in 7 games.Adopted one season system for the first time1996 J LeagueThen the Brazilian trio (Zinho, Sampaio, Evair) andTomohiro Yamaguchi,Akihiro MiuraAs a result of dynamism with others, he has won eight consecutive victories since the opening.He returned to the lead in the first half and had the chance to win the league for the first time, but in the second half he could not sustain the momentum and ended up in 8rd place.Maezono is active in this season, scoring a total of 3 goals in league and cup games.[22], Was also selected as the J League Best Eleven of the same year. From Spain in June 1996SevillaA person concerned visited Japan and asked Yokohama F to acquire the front garden.[23].

Transfer from Yokohama F to V Kawasaki

In 1996 as U-23 Japan National Team captainAtlanta OlympicsThe overseas orientation that I had before that was getting stronger.[24].. In the contract renewal after the 1996 season, with the transfer to Spain in mind, we faced the contract negotiations through an agent for the first time in the Japanese soccer world.[25][26]..Because there was no precedent, I was bashed for having an agent at that time.[25][26]..However, the Yokohama F side did not break the stance of allowing overseas transfer only when the full transfer fee (3 million yen) was paid, and negotiations were stalled.[27].SevillaIn addition to that, several clubs were in contact with Yokohama F, but it became clear that they had not been told to Maezono himself at all, and Maezono raised distrust of the club.[27].

"I didn't think I would stay in Flugels, let alone go to another J-League team."[28] But,Chiura MiuraHas a track record of accepting overseas transfersVerdi KawasakiThe transfer to V Kawasaki was announced on January 1997, 1, the final day of the transfer negotiation deadline.[29].. It was reported that the transfer fee paid by V Kawasaki to Yokohama F was the highest in the J League at that time, estimated at 3 million yen, but the soccer writerKei TotsukaAccording to the report, the amount was actually reduced from 2 million yen to 2 million yen due to a large reduction due to negotiations between clubs.[30][31]..Maezono cited at the transfer press conference that V Kawasaki allowed the transfer abroad as one of the reasons for the transfer. V Kawasaki new directorHisato Kato TheJapan Football Association(JFA) He has supported the Olympic national team when he was the chairman of the strengthening committee, and is a person who knows Maezono better than before.[32], Was highly evaluated as a player[33].

Verdi Kawasaki period

It was a transfer that gathered a lot of attention, but I could not feel any urgency for playing[34], Lacking vividness, gradually removed from the starting lineup, and the number of games played in the middle increased[35]..He was criticized because he appeared in many TV commercials during this period.[34].Verdi KawasakiHas many injured since the opening in 1997[34], Expected front garden continues to be sluggish[34], The team's performance was not good, and in the middle of the 1st stageHisato KatoThe director was dismissed[35].

Maezono recalls the slump during this period, saying that his dream of transferring to Spain was not fulfilled and his feelings were exhausted, and that his mental illness had a negative impact on the overall play.[24][26][36]..At that time, it was said that he fell into misanthropy due to the transfer turmoil.[37].

Brazilian era

October 1998, 10 monthsTransfer with time limitIn the prestigious club of Sao Paulo, Brazil,Santos FCJoin[38].. OriginallyNelsinhoLeadSao Paulo FCThe transfer story to was in progress, but it failed because Nelsinho was dismissed.[39],insteadEmerson LeonTransferred to Santos, directed by[39].

XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Brazil National Championship OfPortugalHe took turns in the game from the 65th minute and scored his first goal in the 66th minute.[40]..However, after that, the number of games played and the time were small.[41], Official game 4 games participation 1 goal[42] Maezono himself said about the Santos era, "I didn't have a full match, but I was very excited to be on the bench. I felt fulfilled that I was playing soccer."[41] I look back.

In 1999, I was planning to extend the loan transfer period and play in Santos,Sugawara SatoshiSantos, who decided to win the game, forgot the contract with Maezono, saying, "I don't need two Japanese people."[42].. January 1, Goias State Powerhouse Club,Goias ECLoan transfer to[43]..In Goias, he made a full start in the debut match on March 3 and recorded 3 assist.[44]..At the beginning of the transfer, he was constantly participating, but he gradually lost the opportunity to participate because he did not fit the team concept of coach Aujos, and returned to Japan before the contract expired.[45].

After that, on the premise of transfer, PortugalVitoria Guimaranis[46], GreekPAOK Saronica[47] I participated in the practice, but did not reach this contract after all.At Guimaraes, the transfer fee of 1 million yen that V Kawasaki was looking for became a bottleneck in negotiations.[46].

Return to J League

2000 years,Hisato KatoAsked by the director[48], From this yearJ2Demoted toShonan BellmareTransferred to J-League for a limited time.ShonanJ1Expected to be a trump card for re-promotion, September 9, Section 3Vegalta SendaiIn the battle, he showed an activity such as deciding the first hat trick after entering the pro.[49], The team finished in 8th place and was not re-promoted.However, "I couldn't get results as a team or myself, but I was able to recover the condition by playing nearly 40 games. Without that, I think the player's life would have been shorter. It's the season to look back after retirement[50].

In 2001, J1 with ownership rightsTokyo Verdy 1969Returned for the first time in 3 years with a half-year contract. In JulyYasutaro MatsukiWas dismissedYukitaka OmiWhen he became a director, Maezono became more important than before.[51].. September 9th, 15nd Stage Section 2Yokohama F. MarinosIn the 35th minute of the first half of the game, when he scored the first goal from jumping out in front of the goal, Yokohama FM GKKawaguchi NoukatsuThe left foot pulled to avoid contact with the pitch caught on the pitch and broke the ankle.[52]..After leaving for a long time, he finished the 2001 season as it was, and as a result, this was his last match in the J-League.

July 2002, Maezono,Yoshihiro Nishida,Keiji Ishizuka3 playersLoliIt was reported to the media that he was notified that he was out of force because it was out of the director's plan.[53]..In the sports newspaper, a discourse of a Tokyo V official said that Lori, who had been dissatisfied with the practice attitude of the three athletes, asked them to improve, but could not hear it and was out of the fighting force.[53]..However, regarding this treatment, Maezono said, "Although it appeared in the newspaper that way, there was no clear reason or convincing explanation from my point of view. Even if it is said to be a practice attitude, I am rehabilitating I haven't been able to participate in the practice since Lori became the director. Even so, I was suddenly told, "I'm not going to use it anymore, so practice away." I still have no idea what the problem was. "[53].

Korean era

After leaving Tokyo V, Maezono went to Korea through an acquaintance.K LeagueSeeking to transfer to a club[54]..Participated in the practice firstJonan Kazuwa TenmaThen, the contract was forgotten due to "physical problems"[54],nextAnyo LG CheetahsThen.Cho Kwang-raeIt was evaluated by the director and reached a contract[54]..In Anyo, he started 10 games in a row from the opening game of the league.[55], After the middle of the season, I became a member[56].

2004 is a new K-League clubIncheon United FCContract with[57]..Maezono was appointed mainly for cup battles[58], June 8FC SeoulIn the match, he scored the first goal of the official match in Korea with a penalty shootout and became the final point of this match.[58]..Withdrew from the front for more than 3 months due to a fracture of the ring finger of the left foot, and returned in November[58].. The contract was canceled at the end of 2004.

In 2005, the Serbian Montenegro First LeagueOFK BelgradeAlthough I participated in the practice for one month, I did not reach this contract[59][60], Announced retirement on May 5th.

Career in Japan national team

Olympic representative

1994 year 1 month,Akira NishinoU-21 Japan National Team led by the coach (1996)Atlanta OlympicsConvened for the 1st training camp of the team aiming to participate)[61].. Appointed by Director Nishino to become captain when participating in the Australian International Tournament in January 1995[62][63]..Maezono has never been a captain in his soccer life.[64]Nishino also analyzed that his personality was not suitable for leaders, but he intended to make him play with the whole team in mind by appointing Maezono, who sometimes tends to run alone, as a captain. Say you did[65][66].

Maezono had already been convened by A representative and had two national teams, but in March 2, it was decided to give priority to the Olympic representative after understanding the intentions of Maezono himself.[67].. Participated in the Atlanta Olympics and Asia First Qualifiers held in Thailand and Japan from May to June 1995.Japan decided to advance to the final qualifying next year with all four wins. In March 5, participated in the Atlanta Olympics and Asia Final Qualifying held in Malaysia. March 6, semi-finalSaudi ArabiaContributed to victory by scoring 2 goals in the battle, Japan1968 Mexico City GamesSince then, he has led to the acquisition of the right to participate in the Olympic Games for the first time in seven competitions (7 years).

In July of the same year, he participated in the Atlanta Olympic Games held in the United States.Japan named a big Venus from Brazil, a gold medal candidate in the first match of the group league ("Miami miracleIn the third match against Hungary, Maezono scored two goals and won 3-2.Japan are on a par with Nigeria and Brazil with six points, but missed the final tournament due to the goal difference.

Representative A

Representation from Japandirected byFalkanWas selected for May 1994, 5,Giraffe cup OfAustraliaInternational A match debut in battle[68].. In December of the same yearHiroshima Asian GamesBut I participated in all the games.

On August 1996, 8, after finishing the activities of the Olympic team, the first match of the full national team returnEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euScore the first goal of the Japanese national team from a free kick in the match[69].. In SeptemberAsian Cup UAE TournamentJapan finished in the best 8 (defeated in the quarterfinals).

In 1997, it became lackluster due to the transfer turmoil, and in MarchWorld Cup France Tournament Asian First QualifyingAt the end of the Oman round convocation / player registration (no participation), he was removed from the Japanese national team.The last appearance in the Japan national team was on March 1997, 3.BangkokMade inThailandIt was a friendly match with (Japan lost 1-3)[70].

After retirement

Currently as a soccer commentatorTelevision Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.,Nippon TV OfHigh school soccer championshipWhile appearing in live broadcasts, he also participates in activities to promote the spread of youth soccer. From 2007JFA AmbassadorIt is also active as.In August 2006, as part of soccer promotion activities, we launched the "ZONO Soccer School" for kindergarten children to elementary school students.[71].. In 2008Hidetoshi NakataIt is a member of the soccer team "TAKE ACTION FC." Consisting of former soccer players launched by.

In 2009Japan Beach Soccer National TeamWas elected to and was held in October(English edition)Participated in two friendly matches with[72]. 2009 FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup・ Winner of Asian qualifying[73][74] Participated in this tournament[75], Played the World Cup in a different way from soccer.

2012 years,JFA official S grade coachObtained a license[76].

2013 Arrested on October 10 on suspicion of being drunk and assaulting a taxi driver[77].. He was released on October 10th with a pending disposition and held an apology press conference on the same day.Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.system"neo sports』And announced to refrain from appearing on TV programs[78][79].. December 10,"JFA Kokoro Project』Received suspension of activity[80].. On November 11, he resigned as a sports ambassador in Satsumasendai City, Kagoshima Prefecture, where he was born.[81].

2014 OfFuji Television Network, Incsystem"Widena Show』Appearance in (episodeSee section),talentIs also active.

2016,"Best Fundus AwardReceived the 2015 "Special Award"[82].. At the end of February, Satsumasendai CityTourist ambassador"Re-nominated" (because he resigned as a sports ambassador)[83].

The men's basketball league, which will start in the same year, triggered by the coverage activities at the "Wide na Show"B LeagueAppointed as Specially Appointed Public Relations Manager[84].

2017 May 12Announced marriage to a 10-year-old dancer who had been dating for 34 years[85].


  • AFC Asian Cup 1996During the expedition, he was appearing in a commercial at that time.Nissin Food OfLa KingBring in a large amount.In the overseas expedition at that time, not only the food aspect but also the support of the players was insufficient, and the players who were exhausted in the unfamiliar environment always flooded the room of the front garden after dinner.There was always a scene of competing for King La in the front garden.Later, Hiroshi Nanami recalled, "The food was hard. I managed to overcome it with King La of Zono. It was really hard."Due to the devastating defeat of this tournament, the support system for the overseas expedition of the Japanese national team will be enhanced, such as accompanying a Japanese chef in the subsequent overseas expedition.[86].
  • 2006 yearsHonolulu MarathonParticipated in and completed the race in 5 hours and 43 minutes[87].
  • The name "Shinsei" is given by parentsク リ ス チ ャ ンComes from being, but he himself is not a Christian[88].
  • From July 2014, 6, "Widena Show』(Fuji Television Network, Inc), He has appeared regularly for the first time except for soccer-related programs.DUI troubles and private lifeHitoshi MatsumotoThey often make fun of me, but for some reason I'm overly nervous every time, so it's often a strange answer.Due to its uniqueness, appearances on variety shows have increased since then.[89]..However, the entertainer who is a friendJunichi DavidsonIf you appear, you will be in the position of Tsukkomi. On July 2015, 7, "Nadeshiko JapanBut(2015 FIFA Women's World CupIf I can't win the championship, I'll cut it round. "As a result, he showed off his buzz cut at the "Wide na Show" broadcast on July 7.
  • It was reported that he was married and enrolled in "Wide na Show" (Fuji TV) broadcast on December 2017, 12.
  • When he was a player, he said that when he exchanged uniforms with his opponent after the match, he left them in the locker room instead of taking them home because the uniforms were sweaty and smelly.AlsoAtlanta Olympics OfBrazil matchAfter the matchRoberto CarlosI exchanged uniforms, but I left the uniforms in the locker room and went home.
  • In the wake of the assault case of drunkenness mentioned aboveAlcoholismEngaged in cooperation and enlightenment activities for self-help groups aiming to recover from[90].
  • When I visited Koyasan Danjo Garan in "Motto Shikoku" Masakiyo Maezono Bicycle Henro Journey Thank You "" broadcast on NHK-BS, three pieces of pine trees that fell from Sanko no Matsu, which is said to be a lucky charm associated with Sanko no Matsu. He discovered two pine needles in quick succession and was described as "fastest" by the monk who guided him.


""I think it's thanks to everyone's strength and everyone who supported (supported) me. I really appreciate it."

"I'm grateful that everyone on the team, including the staff, has supported me all the way up to this point. I'm really grateful." "It was very painful, but I support you. I think it's thanks to everyone who got lost and everyone on the team. "


— Interview after the Olympic Games Asian Final Qualifying against Saudi Arabia on March 1996, 3.

"It's about the bullying problem.Everyone doesn't get into the mold, and I think it's okay to put parentheses.I was also so.But I've never been bullied.Because it ’s embarrassing.Someone cries.I didn't want to do anything that wasn't cool for a long time.Bullying is the worst.It's not cool.'

—1996 Public Service Announcement Organization (currently:AC Japan) Remarks when fully cooperating with the bullying prevention campaign.The words of the person, not the prepared lines.It was planned from the perspective of being bullied and shameful, rather than being bullied and hugging.[91].

Affiliation club

Individual grade

Domestic competition individual performance
年度ク ラ ブUniform numberleagueLeague matchLeague cupOpen cupTotal period
JapanLeague matchLeague cupEmperor's cupTotal period
1992Yokohama F-J-00
1997V Kawasaki72850020305
BrazilLeague matchBrazilian CupOpen cupTotal period
1998Santos16National Championship A510051
1999Goias10Goiano State Championship8130111
JapanLeague matchLeague cupEmperor's cupTotal period
2001Tokyo V11J11312000151
South KoreaLeague matchLeague cupFA CupTotal period
Anyang7K League1600000160
BrazilNational championship510051
BrazilGoiano State Championship8130111
South KoreaK League2009100291

Other official games

All-star game

  • October 1995th, 10 JOMO CUP J League Dream Match JAPAN DREAMS 3-1 WORLD DREAMS
  • October 1996, 10 JOMO CUP J League Dream Match JAPAN DREAMS 10-1 WORLD DREAMS 2 goal

hat trick

  • May 1995, 5 Atlanta Olympics Asian 28st Qualifying Japan 4-1Chinese Taipei(44 minutes, 50 minutes PK, 61 minutes)
  • September 2000, 9 J League Division 3 Section 2Vegalta Sendai2-6 Shonan Bellmare (16 minutes, 54 minutes, 62 minutes)

Representative history

Participation meet

Olympic representative from Japan

  • 1995 Atlanta Olympics Asian 4st Qualifying (Thailand, Japan) 5 games 2 goals (PKXNUMX)
  • 1996 Atlanta Olympics Asian Final Qualifying (Malaysia) 4 games 4 goals (PK1)
  • 1996 Atlanta Olympics(USA) 3 games 2 goals (PK1)

Representation from Japan

Number of matches

  • International A Match 19 games 4 goals (1994-1997)

Representation from JapanInternational A Match


ク ラ ブ

Yokohama Flugels

Goias EC

Representation from Japan
  • 1995 The 3rd Dynasty Cup(Hong Kong) Winner * The final will be suspended due to cumulative warnings.Returned to Japan to join the Olympic team.

Main appearance

Sports program

Information program

Entertainment shows

Radio program

  • (Japan FM Network)
  • Shinozono Concert Hall (JFN, April 2016-March 10)
  • Maruzono Ongakudo (JFN, October 2019 -)

TV drama

Theater animation

Other programs



  • Get better with DVD! Youth Soccer-Basics / Practice / Teaching Method (May 2008, Seitosha, Seitosha,ISBN 9784791614738)
  • Develop individual power! Soccer technology and way of thinking (with DVD) (October 2008, Ikeda Bookstore,ISBN 9784262163178)
  • Full-scale dribble training course-Basics of "dribbling" that even professionals make mistakes (May 2015, Toho Publishing,ISBN 9784809413049)


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外部 リンク


1996 (1996 years old)AD(Gregorian calendar)by,Leap year starting from Monday.Heisei8 years.

This item describes 1996 from an international perspective.

Other chronology

*The subject calendar isDPR Koreaで1997 Was established in.
















Date unknown

  • Touhou ProjectIs the original authorZUNStarted by Mr.At the same time, Touhou Seiden will be unveiled at Mr. ZUN's university festival.


Below is a good number of years (Anniversary).

Weather, natural disasters, observations, etc.



Motor sports


















Nobel Prize

The event of fiction

  • 2 month - World War IIIoutbreak. (Manga anime"ghost in the Shell])
  • Summer-lunarSea of ​​dangerAn expedition conducting a cross-section survey discovers a crystalline pyramid-shaped structure at the summit of a mountain in the Sea of ​​Danger, which is believed to have been attributed to the alien intellectual existence. (novel"(English edition)])[2]
  • May 9 -Geology Professor Edward Shaw and othersDeath ValleyIt is not on the map that seems to be a spaceship that appeared inVolcanic ash coneDiscovered a dying alien "guest" in an empty cave. After that, the "customer" is to investigateVandenberg Air Force BaseBe transferred to. Also, at the same timeGreat Victoria DesertHowever, a similar situation occurs. (novel"Sky fire])[3]
  • May 10 -The United Nations Mars Observatory was destroyed by the alien "Glados" attack.SPTAlbatross Naru Age Asuka, who escaped from the Gradoss and took the Reisner, comes into contact with the survivors of the Mars Observatory and the Cosmic Culture Club students visiting the station. (Anime"Blue Meteor SPT Reisner])[4][5][6][7]
  • May 10 -At the Yomiyama Kita Junior High School, the art teacher Reiko Mikami who was in charge of the 3rd and 3rd class at that time was stabbed to death by a demon while she was returning home, and her body is found in the Yamiyama River running nearby. (Novel/AnimeAnother))
  • May 11 -Los Angeles detective John Spartan is frozen. (movies"Demolition man])
  • May 12 -12 The Monkeys spawn a mysterious virus that kills 99% of all humanity.12 monkeys])
  • Unknown-Khan Nonien Sing and other eugenics lose the "eugenic war" and escape the earth with the spacecraft "Botany Bay." (Special effects TV program "Space Operation])
  • Unknown-XNUMX Elite Conscription Act enacted. In order to counter the attack of the alien "Toran", an infantry army is formed under UNEF (UN Expeditionary Force) slavery to defend the base planet near the collapsing star (collapser). (novel"Endless battle])[8]
  • Unknown-Crustal movement occurs when Comet Urby approaches, waking up a dinosaur that should have died in ancient times. In response to this situation, the "Bone Free Corps" is formed. (Special effects TV program "Dinosaur Expedition Bone Free])[9]
  • Unknown-"Year Zero". A handful of children selected at the newborn stage begin to be trained into human soldiers "Soldiers" who have no human-like feelings and simply fight according to orders. (movies"Soldier])
  • UNKNOWN-WCS (World Space Association) sends a first expedition to Mars, but some members, such as Captain Haas Rencorn, insisted on constructing a fortress to repel aliens on Mars, causing a revolt. Left behind on Mars. (Manga anime"Astro boy"Mars Expedition Volume")
  • Unknown-Japan buys the state of Hawaii from the United States for a drain of XNUMX billion (fictitious currency), making it a new "Hawaii prefecture". In addition, the "Utrum Union" consisting of the Soviet Union and European countries and the "South American Union" consisting of South American countries will be formed. (Anime"Aim for the top!])[10]
  • Unknown-Southeast Asian countries that lost their lands due to the BETA invasion form the "Greater East Asia Union". (game"Muv-Luv Alternative])[11]
  • Unknown-Advanced tactical aircraft technology development plan "Prominence Plan" will be started jointly by each country, and expansion work of the UN military Yukon base selected as the base site will be started. (Game/AnimeMuv-Luv Alternative Total Eclipse])[11]
  • Unknown-the 11th generation doctorAmelia PoundCrashed into the yard of my house. Through the rift of time, Prisner Zero breaks into Amelia's house. (Drama"Doctor Who])


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