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⛳ | Mone Inami wins 3rd PO, final day of women's golf

Photo Mone Inami with a smile holding the winning cup = Tosa CC

Mone Inami wins 3rd PO, final day of women's golf

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Asako Fujimoto, Haruka Morita, and Mamiko Higa were in third place with a total of 5 under.

Meiji Yasuda Life Ladies' final day (14th, Tosa CC, Kochi Prefecture = 6228 yards, par 72) 21 years old who came out as the sole leader ... → Continue reading

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Mamiko Higa

Mamiko Higa[1](Higami Mamiko,1993May 10 -) isOkinawaKunigamiMotobu TownNative Japanese girlProfessional golfer.. AffiliationTOYO TIRE.. My hobbies are watching sumo and manga.


Okinawa Prefectural Headquarters High Schoolgraduate[1].

Start playing golf at age 11[1].

2008 "Daikin Orchid Ladies Golf TournamentAs an amateur[2]Wins low amateur in 2009th place with 3 under in the same competition next year[3].

In 2, the second year of high school,Neighbors Trophy Team ChampionshipIn Japan, he missed the group championship, but remained tied for the first place in the individual[4].. Second individual in the August National High School Golf Championship[5], Held in the same monthJapan Junior Golf Championship"(Women's 15-17 years old) in the final roundHole in oneDecide[6], Won by reversing from 8 strokes[7].

This year is OctoberWorld Amateur Team Championship"(ブ エ ノ ス ア イ レ ス), NovemberGuangzhou Asian GamesTo the women’s representativeFukuda Mami,Natsuka HoriWas chosen with[8].

2011 "Japan Women's Amateur Golf Championship] Win[9].. Following the previous year, was elected to the "Naver's Trophy Team Championship" Japan National Team[10].

July 2012 ``Studio Alice Women's Open”, the final day in 3rd place,Application,Miki SaekiHe went in the final group and came in 4rd place with 3 strokes.[11].. Achieved two consecutive victories at the "Japan Women's Amateur Golf Championship" in June.Wei Yun Jae1998th person in history since (1999, 7)[12][13].

November of the same yearJapan Women's Professional Golf Association(Hereinafter JLPGA) advanced to the final protest and passed in 8th place Thailand[14], LPGA 84th generation[1].

First victory of JLPGA tour at "Yamaha Ladies Open Katsuragi" in April 2013[15], In JulyResort Trust Ladies2nd win[16].

In August of the same year, the first overseas major participationBritish Ricoh Women's OpenWas tied in 7th place[17].

In the same year's annual cash prize ranking (hereinafter cash prize ranking), he was the first to seed himself with 8th place.[18]Wins "New Face Award" at LPGA Awards Announced in December[19].

From the 2014 seasonGibraltar Life InsuranceAffiliation[20].. In the same year, he secured the seed right with a prize rank of 45th[18]In 2015, it fell into a slump and the prize money was less than 400 million yen and the seed was lost at the prize rank 95th place[21].. In 2016, continued to perform well in the second half of the season[22]Seeded for the first time in two years with a prize rank of 34th[18].

2017 will be free[23].. In July of the same yearNEC Karuizawa 72 Golf Tournament"so,Kim HaneulHe won the JLPGA Tour 4rd win for the first time in 3 years after the playoff with[24].. Prize Rank 12th[18].

2018 Chairman of JLPGA Players Committee[25].. July of the same yearKKT Cup Vantellin Ladies Open4th win on the JLPGA Tour[26].. I had a management contract on April 4 after the competitionToyo Tire & RubberSign a contract with (TOYO TIRE)[27][Note 1].

September of the same year,Sumo wrestler OfShotaIt became clear that he was engaged in the previous year,[28], Remains engaged as of May 2019[29].

At the Ricoh Women's Open in August 2018, he started 8th with 3 strokes on the final day, but did not improve his score and became 4th with 8 strokes tied.[30].

In the same year, he topped the 1 million yen mark for the first time (¥109,969,185), and the prize money rank was the highest on his own.[18].. Received "Special Award" at the LPGA Award announced in December of the same year[31], "Players Committee Chairman", "Top 10 finish most 18 times", "Ricoh Women's Open 4th tie in the UK"[32].

March 2019 3th JLPGA Tour win at Daikin Orchid Ladies Golf Tournament[33].

Held in June of the same yearUS Women's OpenOn the second day, we reached the final day with a single leader until the second day, and a third on the third day, one stroke behind[34]Dropped 3 points and became 3th tie with 5 strokes difference[35].

In the same year, he was ranked 18th in the prize money and was seeded for 4 consecutive years[18].

Overseas major results

Year of participationTournament nameFinal gradeApplicable qualification
2013British Ricoh Women's Open7th Thailand[17]Top 2013 JLPGA prize ranks at the end of the 5 Suntory Ladies Open[36]
2014British Ricoh Women's OpenNot qualified[37]2013 "Ricoh Women's British Open" 15th place Within Thailand[37]
2018British Ricoh Women's Open4th Thailand[30]Top 2018 JLPGA prize ranks at the end of the 5 Earth Mondamine Cup[38]
2019ANA inspirationNot qualified[37]2018 "Ricoh Women's British Open" 5th place Within Thailand[39]
2019US Women's Open5th Thailand[35]2018 JLPGA prize rank within 5th place[40]
2019AIG British Women's OpenNot qualified2018 "Ricoh Women's British Open" 5th place Within Thailand


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