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⚽ | Vegalta Sendai, Brazilian FW acquisition is imminent ... Is it a visa acquisition to leave?

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Vegalta Sendai, Brazilian FW acquisition is imminent ... Is it a visa acquisition to leave?

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In addition, it seems that an agreement has been reached between clubs in which Vegalta Sendai pays the entire salary of the player.

Meiji Yasuda Life J1 League Vegalta Sendai is Campeonato Brasileiro Serie A (Brazil 1st Division) Santo ... → Continue reading

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Vegalta Sendai

Vegalta Sendai(Vegalta Sendai)Japan OfMiyagiSendai cityHometown[1],Japan Professional Soccer League(J League) Professional football club.


1988WoundTohoku Electric Power Soccer ClubIs the predecessor[1],1999Joined the J League[1].home town TheMiyagiSendai city[1](Map). Home stadiumYourtec Stadium Sendai[1](Map) (Details#Home stadiumSee).The practice areaIzumi soccer field[1](Map)andIzumi Park TownSports garden / soccer field (Map).

The team name "Vegalta" isSendai TanabataNamed afterTanabata"Orihime" and "Hikoboshi"s name,"Vega (Vega) "and"Altair (Altair) ”Coined word[1].マ ス コ ッ トIs "Vegatta'[1]And Lutana (Vegatta's younger sister).


Before joining the J League

1988WoundTohoku Electric Power Soccer ClubIs the predecessor. In 1994Tohoku Adult Soccer Leagueas well as the National Regional Soccer League Final TournamentWon.1995ThanJapan Football LeaguePromoted to (JFL)[1]. Also,1994As an operating corporation in OctoberTohoku Hand Red Co., Ltd.(Currently "Vegalta Sendai Co., Ltd.”) And the club name is“Brammel Sendai”(See below)[1].

In 1995J League Associate MemberWith the start of the J-League two-part system in 1999J2participated in.In addition, it should be notedTrademarkFrom January 1999, the club name was changed from "Branmel Sendai" to "Branmel Sendai".Vegalta SendaiRenamed to[1]..Also, the team colorgoldChanged to ("Vegalta Gold").

1999-2001 (J2)


The J2 league match will be at the bottom at the end of the first half (2nd cool), and Yoji Iki will be the general manager at the end of the first half.Takekazu SuzukiResigned from the director together.As a successorHidehiko ShimizuIs appointed as a director.The final ranking is 9th.Nabisco CupIn the third roundHiroshimaLost to.


Team slogan:J1 with you

The league match, which was fought by 1 teams, one more team, suffered five consecutive losses from the opening, but then rebounded and the final ranking was fifth.Nabisco CupIn the first roundC OsakaLost to.


Team slogan:J1 with you

FWMarcos, OriginalRepresentation from JapanMFTeruo Iwamoto等が新加入。 J2開始3年目は1チーム増の12チームで争われ、第1クールを8勝1分2敗で終えると、以降の3クールで6勝ずつ勝利を挙げ、勝点80の3位で最終節(第44節)を迎える。

Last section (May 11), Defeated Kyoto and finished second until the previous sectionYamagata Kawasaki FBecause he lost the V goal, the league second place was decided, and it was the first club in the Tohoku region.J1Promotion has been decided.

Nabisco CupIn the first roundFukuokaLost to.

2002-2003 (J1)


There is no team slogan for this year. FWYoshiteru Yamashita, MFSilvinho, MFMoriichi, DFNorio OmuraJoined.

The first stage is the champion for the second consecutive J1 yearKashima5 consecutive victories from the opening, such as winning away.In particular, Yamashita scored 7 goals in 5 games, and with the success of Thailand, which is second in the J1 score ranking.Representation from JapanI was selected as a candidate.But,2002 FIFA World Cup開催によるリーグ戦中断から再開後、第1ステージ残り8試合を1勝7敗。それでも序盤の貯金でこのステージは9位で終わるも、続く第2ステージではわずか4勝(1分10敗)で15位に終わった(年間総合順位は全16チーム中13位)。

Nabisco CupLost in 3rd place in the group league.


Team slogan:Higher and stronger

GKDaijiro Takakuwa, FWHisato Sato, DFYuichi NemotoAre new members.

開幕から4戦無敗(3勝1分)と好調なスタートを切ったが、その後は負けが込んで、第1ステージは3勝3分9敗の15位。第2ステージも低迷し、9月にHidehiko ShimizuDismissed from the director.Ichihara,NagoyaServed as a director atスロベニアFromZdenko BeldenickBecame the director,May 9(Stage 2, Section 8)UrawaBattle (Miyagi) Has not won 19 games in a row (J-League record at that time).Last section (May 11)ofOitaAfter drawing in the match, he was ranked 15th overall (out of all 16 teams) and was relegated to J2.

Nabisco CupLost in 3rd place in the group league.

With the end of the seasonJapan Health SummitWithdrew from the sponsor.The name "Crab Top" disappears from the uniform.

2004-2009 (J2)


Team slogan:Be Creative & Run Think, run

Verdenik system second year. He set the goal of returning to J2 in one year, but lost three consecutive games since the opening. He finally won his first victory in the fourth race, but after that he stumbled with three consecutive losses.However, after that, while modifying the team, he revived with the rise of young players and was involved in the J1 promotion battle.However, he stalled again in the 1th cool and dropped out of the promotion battle at an early stage.In the end, he finished 3th out of all 4 teams.After the season, Verdenik dismissed the coach, FWHisato Sato HiroshimaTransferred to.

"Iris OyamaConcluded a uniform (chest) sponsorship contract (2000Was contracted as a sponsor of the back part, and the logo was put on the upper part of the uniform number until the previous year, but with the withdrawal of the sponsor of the "Japan Health Summit", it was "promoted" to the sponsor of the chest part).In addition, as a new sponsor of the back part to replace "Iris Ohyama", a major publisher "Iris Ohyama"Kosaido(The logo of the job information magazine "Workin" issued by the company is included).


Team slogan:Hot, fun and one

Former representative of JapanTonami TonamiIs appointed as a director.At one point, he retreated to 12th place out of all 11 teams, but recovered after the 2nd cool, and in the 4th cool he was in good shape with no loss in 8 races (6 wins and 2 draws).Replacement battleIt has risen to 3rd place to participate, but the final section (May 12)soFukuokaBy drawing toKofuHe was overtaken by the points and finished 4th.I missed a qualification match.

After the season, GMKoji Tanaka, Director Tsunami retired respectively.Also,Nobuyuki Zaizen7 players have left the group, and the game makerSilvinhoAlsoNiigataTransferred to.


Team slogan:Victory or Victory ~ Turn Bonds into Power ~

Brazilian OfJoel SantanaIs appointed as a director.This yearSendai Stadium Naming rightsWith the introduction, "Yourtec Stadium Sendai(Abbreviation: Yurtec Sendai) ”.

In the early stages, 4 Japanese people with 3 backs and 8 voluntaries defended, and a new Brazilian trio (Lopez,Thiago Neves,Borges), The tactic of countering was hit, and at the end of the 3st cool, it was placed in 1nd place in the automatic promotion zone, and the 2nd cool remained strong.Return to the first half of the league match in 2rd place, which will be a qualification match.

However, DFHiroyuki ShiraiHowever, the tactics from the time when he left for a long time due to injury will not work.In the third course, which is the latter half of the league match, even if he could beat the lower team, he could not beat the upper team.At the end of the same course, he retreated to 3th place with a difference of 3 points from 7rd place.After that, due to the injury of midfielder Thiago Neves, he left the front line, and even in the final and fourth courses, he could not get a chance to emerge and dropped out of the promotion battle. Finished in 4th place.

After the season, Santana retires.Also, GK Takakuwa, veteran FWKatsutomo Oshiba4 players left the group due to the expiration of the contract period.In addition, FW Borges, who became the J2 top scorer,Sao Paulo FCTransfer with time limit(afterwards,2008Complete transfer to).Thiago Neves, who was playing for a loan transfer, did not extend the transfer period.Meanwhile, midfielder Lopez has extended the loan transfer period.

In addition, Kosaido, the sponsor of the uniform (back part), withdrew at the end of the same year's season.


Team slogan:Shinsen Run-and Evolution. ~

Served as head coach the previous yearTatsuya MochizukiIs promoted to director.Mochizuki is next to the head coach,satelliteHe oversaw the team.In addition, when Santana was absent due to poor physical condition, he acted as the acting manager of the top team for only one match and won.

YamagataTo MFAtsushi Nagai,TosuTo GKSchneider JunnosukeAnd so on.The first course was undefeated in 1 games (11 wins and 6 draws) from the opening, and the second course was temporarily defeated, but returned to the first half of the league match in 5rd place.In June, as the number of goals conceded increased in the third courseSapporoからHayato TakutoIn JulyNiigataMFFabinhoIn AugustoakTo DFKazunari Okayama, BothTransfer with time limitObtained at.

Slightly modified tactics at the end of the 3rd cool.By reducing the number of attack pieces and limiting SB's participation in attacks, we aimed to deal with counters and stabilize defense.This was successful, and the number of runs decreased after the end of the third course.From the beginning to the middle of the 3th course, he won a direct confrontation with a rival team competing for promotion, but in the 4th roundShonanHe lost the match and the match against Kyoto in Round 51 in a row and missed a qualification match.The final ranking is 4th.

GKKiyomitsu Kobari, DFHiroyuki Shirai7 players left the group at the end of the season.Also,Jonílson,Lopez, Fabinho's three Brazilian players also left the team.In addition, the FW who scored the most points on the teamHiroki BandaiAlsoIwataComplete transfer to.Mochizuki also retired as a director (entered the front desk as a "club staff").

In addition, a new sponsor of the uniform (back part) to replace Kosaido was not decided, and it remained "blank" for a while after the opening.8"NEC TOKINSigned a sponsorship contract.9The company's logo was put on the top of the uniform number.


Team slogan:Impressive unity Kizuna goes to the next stage

Served as head coach the previous yearMakoto TekuramoriIs appointed as a director.In addition, Makoto Teguramori's twin brother,HiroshiIs appointed as the head coach.

Meiji UniversityTo GKKentaro Seki,University of TsukubaTo MFJunichi MisawaIs a new member.KobeFormer Japan national team FWTomoyuki Hirase,oakTo MFYukihiko Sato,KashimaTo FWKohei Tanaka,Kawasaki FTo MFSatoshi HidaEach complete transfer,Tokyo VTo DFYugo Ichiyanagi,OitaからMasafumi Miyazawa,Kawasaki FからTakayama NishiyamaEachTransfer with time limitObtained at.FW who was transferred for a limited timeYuki NakajimaAnd DFKazunari OkayamaHowever, all of them have been completely transferred. GKHayato TakutoAlso extended the transfer period and stayed on the team.

MiyazakiNobeokaYugo Ichiyanagi, on February 2th during the camp inShinji Kaneko,Junya Hosokawa,Shingo TomitaFour players have caused a scandal in which they get drunk and hurt ordinary people's cars.Manager Teguramori rushed to hear the turmoil, and the damage was not reported because the settlement was concluded on the spot, but the four players were charged a three-month salary reduction.

At the end of the first course, he finished 1rd with 7 wins, 5 draws and 2 losses.After the 3nd cool, the lack of deciding power became conspicuous, and the Brazilian FW who has the experience of winning the first annual MVP of foreigners in the Korean K LeagueNadsonEarned. Also,京都To MFDaisuke SaitoIs acquired by transfer with a deadline.

The third cool isYamagataLost to, for the first time in 9 yearsMichinoku DerbyLosing the season.Also, it was undefeated so farMitoFirst black star.After that, until the 2nd cool, they all suffered 1 minute and 1 loss.Atago,C OsakaWins in a row.

30 DayToTosuLost to, automatic promotion (= within 2nd place) disappeared, but in the final sectionKusatsuVictory, secure 3rd place in the season, and participate in the replacement battle.1th place in J16 in a qualification matchIwataHowever, he lost 1 minute and 1 loss and did not return to J1.

After the season, Okayama, GKSchneider JunnosukeThey left the group.NadsonEC VitoriaMiyazawa, who had been transferred from Oita for a limited time, also returned to the original team. Mochizuki, the former coach who was in the front as a "club staff", also left the group.On the other hand, Teguramori will continue to take command the following year.For Sendai, it was the first off-season in five years without a change of director.

The operating company "Tohoku Hand Red Co., Ltd." announced on June 6st that "Vegalta Sendai Co., Ltd.Changed the trade name to.After the season ended, NEC TOKIN withdrew from sponsorship.


Team slogan:Fighting spirit with dynamism in my heart ...

The second year of the Teguramori system.Apart from the slogan, "Full promotionWas set as the goal. MFLiang Yuki,Sekiguchi Kunimitsu, DFNaoki SugaiRemains.SapporoGK on loan for a limited timeHayato TakutoAlso re-extended the transfer period and remained.DF who was a loan transfer until the previous yearYugo Ichiyanagi, MFDaisuke Saito,Takayama NishiyamaHas completely transferred.Also, from Yamagata to GKShigeru Sakurai,Yokohama FCTo DFEliseu,KobeTo MFKeita Sogabe, South Korea OfSuwon SamsungFormer Korea Rep. National team DFPark Ju-sungWith each complete transfer, BrazilPunch PretaからMarcelo SoaresIs acquired by transfer with a deadline.

At the end of the second cool, the league match was 2nd with 20 wins, 6 draws and 8 losses (66 points).The final and third course is Section 2 (May 9) Keeps undefeated except for losing to Fukuoka.May 11In (Section 48)MitoVictory and confirmed within 1rd place of J3 promotion conditions.

Continued Section 49 (May 11)C OsakaWon the direct confrontation with, and took turns to rise to the top.Section 51(May 12) IsAtagoDespite the draw, Cerezo Osaka in 2nd placeTosuBecause he lost to J2, he won his first J32 victory (final record is 10 wins, 9 draws and 106 losses with XNUMX points.2004ToKawasaki FRecorded the most points in J105 history, surpassing the "2" recorded by[Note 1].

The defense is very stable, the total goal is 39, which is the lowest in the league, and the average goal per game is 1 points. There was never a match that scored more than 0.76 goals.In addition, the number of fouls was conspicuous as in the previous year.Foul pointsWith only 51 points against the selection criteria of 17 points or less for the fair play award, it greatly separated the second place Shonan (2 points), won the J86 fair play award for the second consecutive year, and also won the chairman special award. ..

Emperor's cupThen advance to the team's first best 4 (in the semi-finals)G OsakaDefeated in).

During this season, Yurtec Sendai will not be able to use it until June due to the full replacement of the turf, and during that time home games (6 games) will be played.Miyagi Stadium(Apart from thatFukushima Prefectural Azuma Athletics StadiumHeld in 1 match).Although he suffered two losses at Miyasta in early spring, he showed a stable fight after that, with a total of 2 wins, 19 draws and 5 losses.Home 23 undefeatedJ2 set a new record.Also recordedHome 12 consecutive winsAlso J2 new record.The season ended undefeated at Yurtec Sendai, including the Emperor's Cup.

A liquor mass retailer headquartered in Sendai, the hometown, as a sponsor of the back partYamayaAs a sponsor of the pants part Abe Gamo store Contracted with each.

After the season, DFKosuke Kitani, FW who joined with a complete transfer in JuneThurles, FW Marcelo Soares and others have left the group.



Team slogan:Fighting spirit, challenge to higher heights

Teguramori system third year.SapporoからTransfer with time limitGK that was insideHayato TakutoMoved to full transfer.oakTo DFJiro Kamata,TosuTo MFYoshiki Takahashi, Was enrolled in Iwata until July of the previous yearYoshiaki Ota,OitaからFernandinhoAre completely transferred,Brazil-CruzeiroFrom FWReinaldoNewly joined with a loan transfer.

The league match started with the opening two consecutive victories, and in the fifth section, the J2 league has won three consecutive victories.KashimaIt got off to a good start, such as dropping.However, in the following Section 6ShimizuAfter suffering a big defeat of 1-5, in Section 7 at Home Yurtec SendaiKobeLost 0-1 (This defeat stopped the home undefeated record in the league match that had been going on since the J2 era at 25).After that, due to the influence of injured people on the attacking team, it remains unwinned after the match against Kashima.2010 FIFA World CupThe league match will be suspended due to the event.

While FW Reinaldo left the group during the World Cup suspension periodK League-Daejeon CitizenMore FWParkWith a loan transfer.Also, in August after the resumption of the league matchFC TokyoTo FWShingo AkamineWith a loan transfer.After that, in the 20th round (August 8nd against Omiya), he won the league match for the first time in 22 games. I decided.The season's total record is 15th with 30 wins, 11 draws and 7 losses (1 points).

Nabisco CupPassed Group League Group A in 3nd place with 3 wins and 2 draws.He advanced to the first final tournament (quarterfinal).In the quarterfinalsIwataHowever, he was eliminated with 1 minute and 1 loss.Emperor's cupIs in the first round (second round)Sony Sendai FCLost to.

In relation to the representativeMay 5, MFLiang YukiSouth Africa World CupNorth Korea representativeI was elected as a candidate.However, he was not selected as the final registered member and could not make his first appearance in the World Cup as a player belonging to Sendai.May 9MFSekiguchi Kunimitsu OfRepresentation from JapanMember selection will be announced.Sendai players joined the Japanese national team in 2003Yoshiteru YamashitaThis is the third person since then, but he became the first representative of a young player who started his professional career in Sendai.SekiguchiMay 10 OfアルゼンチンHe made his national debut in the war.

May 5After the war against Urawa, the J-League started an investigation, saying that Sendai's foreign players (player names were not disclosed) were racistly remarked by Urawa supporters.Although it was not possible to confirm the person who allegedly made a discriminatory statement, a fine of 200 million yen was imposed on Sendai and 500 million yen was imposed on Urawa.

After the season, MFNaoki ChibaAnd FWTomoyuki HiraseRetired.Also, GKTatsuro Hagiwara, DFYugo Ichiyanagi, MFJunichi Misawa,Atsushi Nagai, FW Fernandinho has expired contract period, FWParkHas expired the loan transfer period, DFEliseu TheTokushimaThey left the group due to a complete transfer to.


Team slogan:V Shift Forest changes, rises, and gets hot.

Teguramori system 4th year.Tomoyuki Hirase, who retired the previous year, becomes the second ambassador of the team.Teruo Iwamoto, the first ambassador, retired.

Player reinforcement京都Former Japan national team FWAtsushi YanagisawaAnd DFMakoto Tsunoda,KashimaTo FWMarquinhosEach complete transfer,FC TokyoTo MFToshihiro Matsushita, GK from KashimaShinichiro KawamataTransferred for a limited time, Korea as a new foreign playerK League OfIchiwa JonanTo DFBureauComplete transfer, BrazilIpatinga FCTo MFMaxWith a loan transfer.FW who had been transferred to Sony Sendai for a limited timeTakeshi OkuboReturned to the team for the first time in 4 seasons, and FW who was transferring from FC Tokyo for a limited timeShingo AkamineIs acquired by full transfer.

March 3th, the day before the opening of the homeTohoku-Pacific Ocean Earthquake(Great East Japan Earthquake)andFukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant AccidentOccurs.As a result, the league match and the Nabisco Cup were interrupted.The team also stopped working.In addition to the temporary return of foreign players, subordinate players and midfieldersSekiguchi KunimitsuEtc. were forced to live in shelters.Made in the meantimeEarthquake Charity Match "Japan National Team vs. J League Selection (TEAM AS ONE)"Sekiguchi and MFLiang YukiParticipated.The team worked for the disaster area, such as volunteering with directors, players, and staff outside of practice hours.[2][3]..In addition, during the suspension periodMay 4Marquinhos left the group.

The first match of the league reopening on April 4(I.e.He won his first victory of the season with a 2-1 win in the match.In the following home opening game, he defeated Urawa 1-0 and recorded his first victory against Urawa in the official game.After that, away on June 6thShimizuUntil he lost 0-1 to the match, he kept 12 games from the opening with 6 wins and 6 minutes undefeated (J1 record since 2005 when it became a one-season system).[4].

After that, from Kyotoデ ィ エ ゴAcquired by rental transfer.Also on August 8thNagoyaWon the match and recorded the first victory against Nagoya in the official match. October 10ndC OsakaWith the victory in the match, J6 remains confirmed with 1 league matches left.The final result was 14 wins, 14 draws and 6 losses (56 points), and the ranking was also the highest ever in 4th place.In addition, the number of goals conceded was 2 goals, which is 11 lower than the 25nd place Nagoya, and he was undefeated in the first match.

Nabisco CupLost to Iwata, who won the previous tournament in the second round, with 2 minute and 1 loss.Emperor's cupWas defeated by Cerezo Osaka in the fourth round after a penalty shootout.

After the season, DFJunya HosokawaHowever, GK Shinichiro Kawamata, MF Max, and FW Diego left the group due to the expiration of the rental transfer period, and the DF Cho Byung-kukIwataTo, FW Goshi OkuboJFLCompletely transferred to Sony Sendai, MFYoshiki Takahashi TosuTo, DFShimakawa Toshiro Tokyo VTo FWYuki Nakajima YamagataTransferred to for a limited time.Also,Yokohama FCHave transferred to a time limitKentaro SekiThe transfer period has also been extended.

Vegalta Sendai Co., Ltd. was closed on October 10th.TEPCO Women's Soccer Club MarizeAs a saucer forVegalta Sendai LadiesWas launched.Sendai L from the following yearJapan Women's Soccer LeagueParticipation in the second division (Challenge League) has been decided.


Team slogan:V Shift Forest advances, crosses, shines ☆

Teguramori system third year.KofuからToshihiko Uchiyama,C OsakaからUemoto Ocean,Chinese Super League-Shaanxi HoeiTo FWWilson,Brazil·PalmeirasTo MFSacconiAcquired. MF who was transferring from FC Tokyo for a limited timeToshihiro MatsushitaHas moved to a complete transfer.For new playersMorioka Commercial High SchoolTo MFKeita Fujimura,Sendai UniversityTo MFHiroaki OkunoJoined.Sendai Youth to MFYuta EchigoWas promoted.Immediately after the opening, in the middle of the previous yearYokohama FMGK who had left the groupYosuke AbeJoined.

With no loss in 9 games (7 wins and 2 draws) from the opening, he kept the lead from an early stage and kept the lead from the 2nd to the 17th round.Until the middle stage, the balance between the offensive power improved by the addition of Wilson and the steadfastness inherited from last year was good, and he fought for the championship with Hiroshima, but by drawing to Nagoya in Section 18, he surrendered the lead to Hiroshima who won the same section. In the latter half of the game, although they took the lead at the end of each of the 20th and 24th rounds, they both lost in the match immediately after and will follow Hiroshima who took the lead again.The pride of his steadfastness collapsed, and although he took the lead, he conceded a goal in the final stage, and the number of games that he could not win increased.At the end of the 29th round, they once lined up with the leaders Hiroshima in terms of points and wanted to catch up to the situation of 2nd place with a goal difference, but after that they dropped out of the championship battle with 5 minutes 3 losses and 2 win in the final 1 games, 33rd At the end of the section, Hiroshima was allowed to win the championship.Even so, in Section 11 on November 17, the third place and above were confirmed,AFC Champions League 2013Acquired the right to participate in (first ACL participation right).The final result was 15 wins, 12 draws and 7 losses (57 points), and the season ended without falling below 2rd place.The total score was 1, which was the third place in the league, but on the other hand, the total goal was 3, which was significantly worse than last year. At the J-League Awards, eight players, along with the winner Hiroshima, were selected for the Outstanding Player Award, and Wilson won the club's first best eleven.

Nabisco CupPassed Group League Group A in 4nd place with 2 wins and 2 losses, but lost to FC Tokyo with 1 draw and 1 loss in the quarterfinals.Emperor's cupIn the first roundKumamotoWas defeated at the end of the extra time.

After the season, DFPark Ju-sung, DF Toshihiko Uchiyama, MF Sacconi left the group due to the expiration of the contract.In addition, MFSekiguchi Kunimitsu Urawa, GK Yosuke AbeKanazawaComplete transfer to. DFKeisuke Harada Tochigi SCTransferred to for a limited time.Also,YamagataFW was on loan for a limited timeYuki Nakajima,TosuMF who was transferring toYoshiki TakahashiHas also been transferred to full transfer.


Team slogan: Vision The power to be inherited goes to a new stage

Teguramori system third year.Kusatsu(On the wayC Osaka(Rental transfer to) to MFHebelch,Tokyo VTo DFTakuya Wada,NiigataTo DFNaoki Ishikawa,G OsakaTo MFHayato SasakiWith a complete transfer,Sport Club do RecifeTo MFGeogoAcquired by rental transfer.In the middle of last yearSpecially designated playerRegistered asSendai UniversityDFKoji HachisukaJoined.Also, Tokyo V (laterAkita) Was transferred to DF for a limited timeShimakawa Toshiro,Yokohama FCGK who had been transferred to for a limited timeKentaro SekiAre back.After the start of the season, GKSatoshi Ishikawa S Sendai, DF Toshio Shimakawa is Akita, MFHiroaki Okuno NagasakiTransfer to each for a limited time. DF Takuya WadaOmiyaComplete transfer to.HiroshimaTo DFHironori IshikawaJoined with a fixed transfer.

League matchACL出場に伴う過密日程や怪我人の続出、得点力不足などもあり2011年・2012年ほどの目覚ましい成績は残せず、J1残留決定後の終盤は1分け4敗(ラスト3戦で、シーズン唯一の連敗となる3連敗)と息切れし、通算成績は11勝12分け11敗の13位に終わった。なおJ1在籍シーズンでは初となるフェアプレー賞を受賞した。

The ACL that appeared for the first time should have been able to calculate the winBuriram UnitedHaunting that he played a blunder that divides into two, he lost the group league with 2 win, 1 draws and 3 losses.Nabisco CupWas exempted from the qualifying league due to ACL participation and was able to participate in the quarterfinals, but in that quarterfinal(I.e.Was defeated by two.Emperor's cup The2009Entered the best 4 since (best 8) (in the quarterfinals)FC TokyoAfter extra time, defeated).

October 10th, Director Teguramori2014Than2016 Rio de Janeiro OlympicsAnnounced that he will retire at the end of the 21 season as it has been decided that he will be the U-21 (2013 years old or younger) men's Japan national team coach who is aiming to participate.[5]..After the end of the season, MF Heberty has expired and MF Geogo has left the group due to the expiration of the rental transfer period. GKHayato TakutoIs Hiroshima, MFToshihiro Matsushita Yokohama FC, MFNaoya Tamura Tokyo V, MFYuta Echigo MoriokaCompletely transferred to each.DF Toshio Shimakawa, who transferred to Akita for a limited time, moved to a complete transfer. DFKeisuke Harada MachidaTo GKSatoshi IshikawaHowever, midfielder Hiroaki Okuno, who transferred to Akita for a limited time and Nagasaki for a limited time, extended the transfer period.


Team slogan: Challenge With pride, make history (Arnold's era) → ReVital Awakens the overflowing power (Watanabe director era)

New directorAustraliaFromGraham ArnoldWas appointed[6]..In the middle of last yearSpecially designated playerRegistered asHannan UniversityDFHiroshi Futami,Chuo University(Tohoku Gakuin Middle / High SchoolGraduation) to GKSchmidt Daniel,Komazawa UniversityTo FWDaiki YamamotoJoined.G OsakaTo MFTakei Choya,OmiyaTo MFNorio SuzukiEach complete transfer,Central coastTo MFMcGlinchey,ShimizuTo MFKohei HattadaEach with a loan transfer.HiroshimaDF who is transferring for a limited time fromHironori IshikawaRemained for an extended transfer period.

After the start of the seasonPerthTo GKVukovicWith a loan transfer.However, he canceled the contract and returned to Perth in about three months. Midfielder McGlinchey also canceled the contract in the middle of the season.Also, GK Schmidt Daniel will be holding for a month from April 3th.KumamotoTransfer to a training-type loan with a time limit. FW Daiki YamamotoAndTransferred to a training-type loan with a time limit.W cupDuring the suspension period due to the eventLutskTo MFHamon LopezAcquired by complete transfer.Furthermore, after returning to the first half of the game, DF from OmiyaKazuhiro Murakami(Returned to Sendai for the first time in 8 years) with a loan transferKashimaTo MFTakuya NozawaWas completely transferred.

The team has startedNabisco Cup8 official games including the unwinned and slumped,May 4, Arnold retires (not "dismissal" but agreement between club and Arnold bilateral talks)[7]..The result of the league match was 0 wins, 2 draws, 4 losses (2 points) and 11th place with a goal difference of -17.Head coach's successorSusumu WatanabeWas appointed[8]..The ranking was pushed up to the provisional 11th place, and the league match was suspended with four consecutive wins in the league match.Although he was forced to struggle such as suffering five consecutive losses in the summer, he remained in the J4 remaining area, and Section 5.TokushimaJ1 remained after the victory.The final result is 9th with 11 points, 14 wins, 38 draws and 14 losses.In addition, the league record after taking office as coach Watanabe is 9 wins, 9 draws, 10 losses (36 points) and a goal difference of -4.

Nabisco CupLost in the qualifying league with 1 win, 1 draw and 4 losses.Emperor's cupIs in the first round (second round)Kansai LeagueBelongs·Nara ClubLost to (Nara prefecture representative) and defeated.

After the season, FWAtsushi Yanagisawa,MachidaDF who was transferred to with a deadlineKeisuke HaradaRetired respectively. DF Norio Suzuki left the group due to the expiration of the contract, and MF Kohei Hattanda and DF Hironori Ishikawa left the group due to the expiration of the rental transfer period. FWYuki Muto Urawa, DFMakoto Tsunoda (I.e., DFKodai Watanabe Yamagata, FWShingo Akamine G Osaka, MFYoshiaki Ota Iwata, FWTakayuki Nakahara Fukuoka, GKShigeru Sakurai Tochigi SC, MFHayato Sasaki 京都Completely transferred to each.Also,Yohei SatoGK coachU-15 Japan National TeamRetired to become a GK coach.


Team slogan: Recovery SENDAI 2015

Watanabe system second year.From the middle of last yearSpecially designated playerYouth midfielder registered asMogi ShunsukeIs promoted.Toyama Daiichi High SchoolTo FWTakuma Nishimura,Korea·Kwangwoon UniversityTo MFKim Min TaeJoin each.NagasakiTo MFHiroaki Okuno,AkitaTo GKSatoshi Ishikawa,AndTo FWDaiki YamamotoReturned from the loan transfer.DF who joined from the middle of last yearKazuhiro MurakamiMoved to a complete transfer.DF from MatsumotoAtsuto Tatara,Yokohama FMTo GKRokutan Yuji,IwataTo FWKinen English,KobeTo MFKyohei Sugiura,oakTo DFHirofumi Watanabe,OmiyaTo MFKanakubo Jun, Brazil from DFFelipeAcquired by complete transfer.Felipe is acquired at the same timeTochigi SCIt became a transfer with a deadline.

GK in June in the middle of the seasonSchmidt Daniel KumamotoIn July, midfielder Shunsuke MotegiKanazawaTransfers for a limited time.

From this season, the J1 league match will be held in a two-stage system.The first stage got off to a good start with 2 wins and 1 draws in the opening 5 games, but then lost 2 consecutive games.In addition, FW Wilson and others faced a situation of withdrawal due to injury, but they were in 3th place with 5 wins, 6 draws and 5 losses (6 points) and a goal difference of +23.The following 7nd stage was forced to struggle with 7 consecutive losses, 2 wins, 3 draws and 3 losses (3 points), and even though it ended in 3th place with a goal difference of -11, the savings of the 12st stage became effective, and the year 11th overall. Played J16 retention (Section 1 Home ・G OsakaPrewar[Note 2] Confirmed to).

Nabisco CupLost at the bottom of the group league with 1 win, 2 draws and 3 losses (5 points).Emperor's cupMade the best 2 advance for the first time in two years (defeated in the quarterfinals after a penalty shootout against Kashiwa).

After the season, Murakami retired from active duty.Uemoto OceanWith Nagasaki and YamamotoTakei ChoyaIs Matsumoto,Jiro KamataIs Kashiwa, Tatara is千葉Schmidt, who had been completely transferred to Kumamoto for a limited time, transferred to Matsumoto for a limited time.


Team slogan: Build Up Let's get excited.Run yourself.Connecting power.

Watanabe system third year.From youthMasaya KojimaTakumi SasakiIs promoted.Aomori Yamada High SchoolからKatsuto Tsuneda,Municipal Funabashi High SchoolからKeiya Shiihashi,Meiji UniversityからYuto difference waveIs a new member.From other clubs千葉からKazuki OiwaAki MizunoComplete transfer,ShimizuからYasuhiro Hiraoka,FC TokyoからHiroki MitaTheTransfer with time limitObtained at.KanazawaWas transferred to with a deadlineMogi ShunsukeIs back.

DF in July after the opening of the 2nd stageHiroshi FutamiIs completely transferred to Shimizu.Also in the same monthBrazil OfAtletico MineroFromPablo DiogoWas acquired by a loan transfer[9].

In the J1 league match, the first stage was forced to struggle with four consecutive losses in the early stages, and although it sank to 1th place, which was a relegation zone at the end of Section 4, it showed a rebound such as winning four consecutive games after that, total 10 wins, 17 draws, 4 losses (7 points), 2th place with a goal difference of -8.In the 23nd stage, as in the 5st stage, the battle continues with a big wave of tone, but after winning the match against Tosu in Section 10, J2 remains confirmed.The stage is 1th with 14 wins, 1 draws and 6 losses (2 points) and a goal difference of -9, and the annual result is 20 wins, 4 draws and 12 losses (13 points) and a goal difference of -4.

Nabisco Cup[Note 3] Undefeated the first four games (4 wins and 2 draws) and ran the lead, but lost the remaining two games in a row.This losing streak echoed, and in the end, he was eliminated from the group stage in 2th place out of 2 teams (three points tied, but the goal difference was less than two teams).Emperor's cup TheJ3 OfMoriokaLost in the first round (2nd round).

In addition, in the 2nd stage Section 14 Tosu game,Hamon Lopez hat trickBecame the first in club history in the J1 league match[10].

After the season, Mizuno was in Tosu,Wilson Kofu,Hirofumi Watanabe Kobe,Kim Min TaeKinen English Sapporo,Kyohei SugiuraIs Kanazawa,Rokutan YujiIs Shimizu, and Ramon LopesoakCompletely transferred to each.


Team slogan: Be STRONG, enjoy the future

Watanabe system 4th year.Hosei UniversityからKatsuya NagatoIs a new member.FC TokyoからSora HirayamaIs a complete transfer[11],oakからTatsuya Masushima,UrawaからNaoki Ishihara,(I.e.からNakano Yoshihiro,Portugal-SC BragaからChris RunEach has a loan transfer.AndWas transferred to with a deadlineSchmidt DanielIs back.In addition, I joined Sendai with a loan transfer the previous year.Hiroki MitaYasuhiro HiraokaBoth moved to complete transfer.

In March immediately after the start of the seasonMiddle East High School OfLee Yun OhIn July, during the league match suspension periodNagoyaからShota FurubayashiJoined with a loan transferNaoki Ishikawa SapporoTransferred to.

The J3 league match, which returned to the one-stage system for the first time in three seasons, is in Section 1.KobeIn battleGreat East Japan EarthquakeThe match was held on March 3th for the first time since the outbreak of[12]..In addition, in the 18th round Kashiwa match held on the 4th of the same month the following week, J1 total 100 wins were achieved.[13]..There was a lot of ups and downs throughout the season, but the final result was 11 wins, 8 draws and 15 losses with 41 points and 12th place.

Levin Cup(Former Nabisco Cup) suffered a big defeat of 1-0 in the group stage Round 6 match against FC Tokyo, but then recovered to 4 wins and 1 draw, and was knocked out in Group A 1st place (13 points, 0 goals difference). Advance to the stage[Note 4][14]..In the knockout stage / quarterfinalsKashima1 win and 1 loss also surpassed the total score of 2 races, achieving the team's first best 4 advancement.In the semifinals(I.e.Play against.Although he won the first game at home 1-3, he lost the second game away, 2-2, and lost a total of 1-3 in the two games.I didn't make it to the final.In addition, it should be notedTakuma NishimuraWon the New Hero Award for the tournament.

Emperor's cupIn the first roundUniversity of TsukubaLost 2-3 and lost the first match following the previous year[15].

After the end of the seasonSatoshi Ishikawa Tochigi, Mita completely transferred to Kobe respectively.In addition, Masushima and Chris Run have expired the loan transfer period,ViniciusTakuya NozawaBoth contracts expired and they left the group.Also,Masaya Kojima Machida,Keita Fujimura KanazawaTransfer to each with time limit.MoriokaWas transferred to with a deadlineYuto difference wave Toyama,TokushimaWas transferred to with a deadlineTakumi Sasaki SanukiTransfer to each with time limit.


Team slogan: Be STRONG, the power of "Shin"

Watanabe system 5th year.Large distribution economyからRyo GermainIs a new member[16],G OsakaからMasaya Kim[17],NiigataからGoro Kawanami[18],GifuからShodai Etsudai[19], South Korea-Ulsan HyundaiからTakuma AbeAre completely transferred[20],(I.e.からAkira ItakuraJoined with a loan transfer[21][22]..Also, I joined the previous year with a loan transfer.Taketo NozudaExtends the transfer period[23],Nakano Yoshihiro[24],Shota Furubayashi[25],Naoki IshiharaHave each transitioned to full transfer[26]..Meanwhile, a contract renewal for the same season was announced.Sora Hirayama [23], Announced retirement from active duty after camp in[27][28],EC VitoriaからRafaelsonWith a loan transfer. Until last season on April 4C OsakaWas enrolled inSekiguchi KunimitsuReturns to the team for the first time in 6 seasons[29].. From Gamba Osaka on June 6thShinya Yajima, October 7KobeからHalfner MikeJoined each with a loan transfer, and on September 9th, they were enrolled until the year before last.Hamon LopezReturned with a complete transfer.On the other hand, on June 6thMogi Shunsuke Mito, Shoji on July 7th京都Transfer to each for a limited time. On July 7thKanakubo JunIn Kyoto, on September 9stTakuma NishimuraIs russiaPFC CSKA MoscowCompletely transferred to each.

J1 leagueShows a good start with undefeated (5 wins and 3 draws) in the opening 2 games.After that, winning and losing are repeated.At the end of the game, he stalled (27 win, 8 draw, 1 losses in 1 games from Section 6), but in the end, he remained in 13th place with 6 wins, 15 draws and 45 losses (11 points). Levin CupHas passed the group stage for the second consecutive year with 3 points and a goal difference of +2 with 1 wins, 11 draws and 4 loss.Playoff stage[Note 5]ShonanAlthough he faced 1 win and 1 loss, he was eliminated with a total score of 2-3 in the two races (Shonan won the tournament). Emperor's cupAdvances to the first final in club history (in the final)UrawaLost 0-1 to runner-up).

After the season, he continued to be on the team for 16 yearsNaoki SugaiRetired.In addition, Kobayashi is Shonan and Nakano isSapporoCompletely transferred to each.Mike Havenaar, Nozuta, Yajima, Itakura, and Rafaelson, who had joined for a limited time transfer, left the group at the end of each period.In addition, Shoji, who is transferring from Sendai to another club for a limited time,Keita Fujimura, Mogi moved to a complete transfer and officially left the group.ToyamaWas transferred to with a deadlineYuto difference waveAlso withdrew due to the expiration of the contract (Toyama, the transfer destination, also withdrew).Lee Yun Oh FukushimaTransferred to for a limited time.Also,MachidaWas transferred to with a deadlineMasaya KojimaIs Kanazawa,SanukiWas transferred to with a deadlineTakumi Sasaki YamaguchiTransferred to each of them with a training-type loan.


Team slogan: ReVolution

Watanabe system 6th year.Kiryu Daiichi High SchoolからWataru Tanaka,Seiritsu Gakuen High SchoolからHayato TeruyamaIs a new member.Besides this,NagasakiからRyutaro Iio,SapporoからShingo Hyodo,KobeからYoshitaka Matsushita,AndからTakahara Ishihara,KofuからRyohei Michibuchi(From Sendai Youth),G OsakaWas transferred to Kobe for a limited timeYu NagasawaUntil the previous year (Qatar) Was playingMozambique National Team OfShimao MateIs a complete transfer,Yokohama FMからKaina YoshioJoin each with a loan transfer.From (UAE) on June 6th during the seasonDiogo Acosta, October 7Syronsk WroclawFrom (Poland)Jakub Slawik, From Sapporo on July 7thShogo NakaharaJoined each with a complete transfer, and on July 7th, they became active as representatives of Japan.Schmidt Daniel Sint-Troyden VVComplete transfer to (Belgium).

J1 leagueWill sink to the bottom at the end of Sections 4,5,13, 4 and 3 due to a large change of players, but when the system was changed to 7 backs and then to a defensive haste tactic, Shimao could not find a proper position at XNUMX backs.・ Mate has settled in the center back (winning the club's first excellent player award in XNUMX years), and the left side backKatsuya NagatoDemodulated by mass-producing assists (although it is not an official record, but 10 assists, the most in the league).In the end, J12 remained in 5th place with 17 wins, 41 draws and 11 losses (1 points). Levin CupHas passed the group stage for the third consecutive year with 3 points and a goal difference of +3 with 0 wins, 12 draws and 4 losses.On the playoff stageNagoyaAlthough he played against 1 win and 1 loss, he was eliminated with a total score of 2-1 in the two races. Emperor's cupIs led by Makoto Teguramori in Round 16 (4th round)NagasakiLost to.

Director Watanabe retires after the season ends[30]..As a player, I continued to be enrolled for 16 yearsLiang Yuki Tosu, CaptainKazuki OiwaandNaoki Ishihara Shonan,Katsuya Nagato Kashima,Takuma Abe Ryukyu,KanazawaWas transferred to with a deadlineMasaya Kojima GunmaCompletely transferred to each.Yoshio who was playing with a loan transfer from Yokohama FMMachidaTransfer to the deadline.Diogo AcostaHamon LopezAlso left the group due to the expiration of the contract.


Team slogan: Heat connection LINK to the FUTURE

Until the previous yearYamagataWas commandingTakashi KiyamaIs appointed as the new director[31]..From youth in the playersYuma ObataIs promoted.Besides this,HiroshimaFrom Sendai, my hometownYohei Yoshino,Botafogo SPFrom (Brazil)Para,TosuからスペインFromIsaac Cuenca,NagoyaからShuhei Akasaki,MitoからTakuma HamasakiAre completely transferred,Vitoria SCFrom (Portugal)Alexandre Guedes,C OsakaからHiroto Yamada,FC TokyoI was playing in Yamagata the previous yearTakahiro YanagiAre new members with a loan transfer.Also,YamaguchiWas transferred to with a deadlineTakumi SasakiFukushimaWas transferred to with a deadlineLee Yun OhIs back.

League matchThen, he struggled throughout the season, having not won 17 games in a row.Although there was a slight rebound in the final stage, in the end it was 6 wins, 10 minutes, 18 losses (28 points), the lowest 1th place since 2010 when it returned to J17, and it was originally relegated to J2, but the new coronavirus Residual due to special regulation that there is no demotion due to the epidemic of infectious diseases. All six wins were given away, and I couldn't get one at home.

XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Ryohei MichibuchiWas reportedly arrested in September due to trouble with a dating woman[32], Canceled the contract after confirming the facts[33].

In addition, due to a significant decrease in sales due to the impact of the new coronavirus,Debt overrunIt was expected to fall into.In response to this, an emergency donation was carried out, but the donation was suspended due to the cancellation of Michibuchi's contract.[34].

Kiyama retires as director at the end of the season[35].

Team name abbreviation display

Brammel Sendai era1998,the sameMiyagi-Tagajo CityA team of working people based inSony Sendai FC Japan Football LeagueIt was promoted to, and in effect, two teams based in Sendai participated.Therefore, to distinguish team abbreviations published in articles such as newspapers and magazines"B Sendai"(B stands for Brummell), but because Sony Sendai FC is a business team"Sony"In that case, there is a newspaper company that says"Sendai"There was also a display of only the place name of.



League match

By individual


Major records of league games

Team record

Most scored match

H & AScoreMatch dayOpponent
J1Home6-0Section 2013, 25 (September 9)Oita Trinita
Away4-1Section 2017, 27 (September 9)Cerezo Osaka
4-0Section 2020, 27 (September 11)Gamba Osaka
J2Home5-1Section 2006, 17 (September 5)The Spa Kusatsu
5-2Section 2006, 43 (September 9)
5-2Section 2007, 9 (September 4)Sagan Tosu
Away5-1Section 2000, 30 (September 8)Mito Holy Hook
5-0Section 2009, 18 (September 5)
5-1Section 2006, 18 (September 5)Sagan Tosu

Most goals scored

H & AScoreMatch dayOpponent
J1Home2-8Section 2018, 16 (September 7)Yokohama F. Marinos
Away0-7Section 2017, 6 (September 4)Urawa Reds
J2Home2-6Section 2000, 31 (September 9)Shonan Bellmare
Away1-5Section 1999, 17 (September 7)Kawasaki Frontale
0-5Section 2000, 28 (September 8)Oita Trinita
1-5Section 2007, 22 (September 6)Kyoto Sanga FC

Most consecutive wins

Number of consecutive winsperiodRemarks
J16 consecutive winsSection 2011 (August 24) -Section 8 (October 27), 29
J27 consecutive winsSection 2009 (August 8) -Section 4 (October 15), 14

Most consecutive losses

Number of consecutive lossesperiodRemarks
J16 consecutive losses2003 1st Section 7 (May 5th) -5th Section (July 12th)
J212 consecutive lossesSection 1999 (August 9) -Section 5 (October 2), 20

Personal records

Most games played

Number of matchesNameRemarks
J1301 matchShingo TomitaOngoing
J2337 matchNaoki Chiba

Most total score

J144 pointsShingo Akamine
J247 pointsLiang Yuki

Highest score in the season

ScoreNameAchievement year
J118 pointsMarcos2002
J234 points2001

hat trick

ScoreNameAchievement dateOpponent
J13 pointsHamon LopezNovember 2016, 10 (1nd Section 2)Sagan Tosu
Yu NagasawaJuly 2020, 11 (Section 14)Gamba Osaka
J23 pointsMarcosJuly 2001, 4 (Section 28)Kyoto Purple Sanga
BorgesJuly 2006, 5 (Section 20)The Spa Kusatsu
July 2006, 9 (Section 30)
Hiroki BandaiJuly 2007, 4 (Section 14)Sagan Tosu

Most attended games

H & ANumber of visitorsMatch dayOpponentStadium
J1Home43,092[36]2002 2nd Section 9 (October 10th)Jubilo IwataMiyagi Stadium
19,503Section 2019, 3 (September 3)VISSEL KOBEYourtec Stadium Sendai
Away39,545Section 2012, 15 (September 6)Urawa RedsSaitama Stadium 2002
J2Home19,412Section 2001, 43 (September 11)Sagan TosuSendai Stadium
23,745Section 2008, 42 (September 11)Sanfrecce HiroshimaMiyagi Stadium
Away25,807Section 2001, 27 (September 8)Albirex NiigataNiigata Stadium

Minimum number of visitors

H & ANumber of visitorsMatch dayOpponentStadium
J1Home17,183Section 2013, 31 (September 11)Urawa RedsMiyagi Stadium
10,931Section 2019, 5 (September 3)Cerezo OsakaYourtec Stadium Sendai
Away3,2872002 2nd Section 4 (October 9th)Jeff United IchiharaIchihara Seaside Stadium
J2Home2,568Section 1999, 7 (September 4)Oita TrinitaSendai Stadium
7,154Section 2009, 4 (September 3)Ventforet KofuMiyagi Stadium
Away951Section 2000, 4 (September 3)Ventforet KofuYamanashi Kose Sports Park Athletic Field

Home stadium

After joining the J LeagueYourtec Stadium Sendai (Sendai Stadium / Sendai cityIzumi ku..Below, "Yurtec") is the home stadium,Hitomebore Stadium Miyagi(Miyagi Stadium / Miyagi-gunRifu Town.Map..Home games will be held irregularly at "Miyasta").

From January to June 2009, the entire turf was re-covered at Yurtec, so 1 home games were played at Miyasta during that time.Fukushima Prefectural Azuma Athletics Stadium(The first home game to be held outside Miyagi prefecture after joining the J-League. During the Brammel Sendai (JFL) eraIwateHas experience holding at).

Also, in November 2011Great East Japan EarthquakeAs a result, Yurtec Sendai was severely damaged, and Miyasta was to be used as a relief base.Since the damage to Yurtec was considered to be usable, the venue was changed to Yurtec during the match against Urawa on April 4, which was originally scheduled to be held at Miyasta.

Home game venue list[37]
年度League matchJ League CupACLRemarks
Sendai Su
(At a glance)
199918-Sendai Su 1Non-participation
200122-Sendai Su 3J1 promotion
2003123J2 relegation
200624Sendai Su = changed to Your Tech Stadium Sendai due to the introduction of naming rights
20091411Fukushima 1J1 promotion
20103Yurtec 3
2011170Yurtec 2League match: One match of Miyasta originally planned
Changed to Yurtec due to the impact of the earthquake
2012Yurtec 4League Cup: Including Final T2 (Quarterfinals / Semifinals)
2013161Yurtec 1Sendai Su[Note 6] 3League Cup: ACL participation, final tournament only
2014170Yurtec 3Non-participationMiyagi = Changed to Hitomebore Stadium Miyagi due to the introduction of naming rights
2017Yurtec 4League Cup: Including Knockout S1 (Quarterfinals)
2018League Cup: Including Playoffs 1

Stadiums other than the above used in the JFL era

Club information

Head Office

マ ス コ ッ ト

Stadium dj

  • (2019-)

Past stadium DJ

  • (1996-1997)
  • Wacky Kaizan(2007: As a substitute for Tomoo Osaka)
  • Tomoo Osaka(1998-2018: In charge since the Brammel Sendai era)


Uniform color
カ ラ ーshirtPantsstockings
FP (1st)gold[1]taggold
FP (2nd)whitewhitewhite
GK (1st)"Red""Red""Red"
GK (2nd)グ レ ーグ レ ーグ レ ー
GK (3rd)blackblackblack
FP 1st
FP 2nd
GK 1st
GK 2nd
GK 3rd

Team color

  •   gold[1],  blue

Design and color scheme

  • Orihime under the neck of the shirt (2011-2014 hem, 2015 and later models have both ends of the "SENDAI" logo on the right sleeve) and socks (2011-2012 model and later abolished) and behind the pants Green and yellow stars, meaning Hikoboshi, are embroidered or printed as accents (this continues from the first Vegalta model used in 1999-2001).
  • Most of the 2nd uniforms for field players are based on white, but from 2007 to 2010, silver was used for shirts, pants, and stockings. In 2015 and 2016, blue was used for shirts and stockings, and white was used for pants.
  • Goalkeeper uniforms are red (1-2007 is fluorescent), except that the 2010st uniform was light pink until 2017-2018 and bright pink in 2020.Green uniforms will be adopted until 2006 and 2013-2014, and light blue uniforms will be adopted in 2007-2014 and 2018.Gray uniforms were used until 2006, but were not available in 2007-2014. In 2015, gray was adopted again as the 2nd uniform for goalkeepers.
  • 2009年10月のリーグ戦ホームゲームでは、クラブ創設15周年を記念して黒をベースに右袖などにはベージュに近い金色を配した特別ユニフォームを着用(GKは、10月7日のみフィールドプレーヤー用1stユニフォームを着用)。2014年10月のリーグ戦ホームゲームも、クラブ創設20周年を記念して同じ配色の特別ユニフォームを着用した(前年12月に発表)。
  • 2011-After the 2012 model, the stockings of the 1st uniform for field players have changed from blue to gold.Blue stockings will continue to be available to match the opponent's uniform.
  • From 2015 seasonAdidas JapanAnnounced that it has signed a supplier contract with[38]..This is the first supplier change since 1999 when he joined the J-League.
  • Summer uniforms have been launched since the 2016 season.
    • In the 2016 summer league home game, five years have passed since the Great East Japan Earthquake, and in prayer for its recovery, we wore a uniform with a collar based on a gold color close to beige.[39].
    • The concept for the summer of 2017 is to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the opening of Yurtec Stadium Sendai, based on black (red for goalkeepers), and designed the green of Brammel Sendai and the Vegalta Gold lining.Worn in summer league games (and pre-season matches with Vissel Kobe) home games[40][41].
    • The concept for the summer of 2018 is "a sense of unity."This is the first attempt in club history to unify uniform sponsors in gold. Wear in home games from late July to August[42][43].
    • The concept for the summer of 2019 is "inheriting fighting spirit."To commemorate the 25th anniversary of the club's founding, the black and navy blue border pattern is used as the base, and the collar and sleeves are decorated with Brummell green, and the name number font reproduces the Brummell era font.With a special logo of the Brummell emblem and Vegalta emblem, it is designed to feel the history of the club.[44][45].
  • The 2019 season is the first time in J-League history to wear a uniform mascot (VegattaAnd my sister Lutana)'s face is designed[46].

Uniform sponsor

Posting locationSponsor nameNotationPosted yearRemarks
chestIris OyamaIRIS OHYAMA2004-2000-2003 back
("Iris Ohyama" notation)
clavicleS.V.C.SVC!2021-Written on the left
Upper backYamayaYamaya2009-
Lower backNone--
sleeveXNUMX BankXNUMX Bank1998-
Front of pantsMy naviMy navi2021-
Back of pantsKadokawa Gakuen School CorporationKadanFebruary 2021- [47]2016-2018 is the front of the pants
2019-2020 lower back

The history of uniform supply

Successive uniforms

Chronology of successive uniform sponsors

chestLeft clavicleRight clavicleUpper backLower backsleeveFront of pantsBack of pants
1998Crab topBefore ban-Before banXNUMX BankBefore banBefore banTOPPER
2000Iris Oyama
2004IRIS OHYAMA[Note 7]WorkinSendai Shingaku Plaza
2007- /
2008NEC / TOKIN-
2009Yamaya- /
Abe Kama
2010Abe Kama
2016- /
Serco Home
2017Serco Home
2021SVC!--My navi- /


  • Vegalta Sendai Youth
  • Vegalta Sendai Junior Youth (U-15, U-14, U-13)
  • Vegalta Sendai Junior (U-12, U-10)
  • Vegalta Sendai Ladies Junior Youth



Cheering style

Yourtec Stadium SendaiIn the league match held in, the part from the back stand on the left side (as seen from the main stand) to a part of the back stand is "Supporter unreserved seatIt is called, and support is mainly provided here.In particular, enthusiastic supporters are gathering at the stand from the gate entrance to the front row.In this seat, the team color is yellow (""Vegalta GoldIt is said that the "implicit rule" is to wear clothes (uniform replicas, hoodies, T-shirts, etc.).

The call leader is located on the back stand side of the unreserved seats of the supporters and gives support instructions depending on the battle situation.

At the position where the call leader is, there is a microphone installed by volunteer supporters, and sound is output to the speaker installed in the center of the stand behind the goal.This makes it possible to provide support with a sense of unity in the unreserved seats of the supporters without causing audio deviation.

Your Tech Stadium Sendai has a structure in which all the spectators' seats are covered with a roof, which has the effect of echoing the voice on the roof.If you use a megaphone or other noise-making goods, the roof will drown out the cheers, so the use of megaphones when cheering is prohibited.Also, there is no megaphone in the Vegalta Sendai goods lineup. In the early days of J2, megaphones were also sold, but for the above reasons, supporters have requested the operating company to discontinue sales.

Supporter song

For teams and active players, ringtones are available at "Vegalta Mobile" operated by Kahoku Shimpo.Only 3 songs can be downloaded a month.However, some songs are not included.

Player admission song

For the team

  • Country Road (Original song isJohn denverof"Take Me Home, Country Roads".Fair play flag & sung when players enter.Use a towel muffler)[Note 8]
  • C'mon (original song isLAUGHIN'NOSE"C'mon Everybody C'mon".It is sung when attacking toward the supporters.still,LAUGHIN'NOSEVo.CHARMY is from Kesennuma, Miyagi Prefecture)
  • COBRA (Original song isCOBRA"Yachimae! POPSTAR")
  • FORZA (with choreography)
  • KISS (Original song isKISS"Ravin You Baby")
  • Champs Elysees (original song isKoshiji snowstorm"OhChamps Elysees".It is sung when scoring and immediately after winning and the match is over.Use a towel muffler.However, if a player with an individual cheering song scores, each individual cheering song will take precedence.)
  • AURA (Original song isAURA"Ai Oland".Sung after the match only when you win)
  • Vegalta Ore (Mainly performed during pre-match ups, with violent left and right shaking.)
  • TWISTED (Original song isTwisted Sister"We're Not Gonna Take It".TBC TV"Watchon! MiyagiIt is also used as BGM when communicating the topic of Vegalta in the sports corner. Many YouTube videos of supporters singing the same song at the J2008 Section 11 away Yokohama FC match held on November 22, 2 have been seen all over the world, and are also posted on the official website of Twisted Sister. Is about)
  • Lightning stone fire (original song isTHE BLUE HEARTS"Lightning stone fire")
  • Flash Dance (Original song isIrene Caraof"Flashdance ... What a Feeling".There is choreography. There are 2 patterns)
  • Sendai Let's Go! (The original song isRamones"BLITZKRIEG BOP".Called when attacking.The call ends when the ball passes to the opponent)
  • Singin Sendai (Original song isKishidan"Swingin'Nippon".Diverted from Shingo Kumabayashi. As of 2010, it is sung as a pre-epinikion before "AURA".Kishidan covered it back as "Standing Sendai" and it was distributed free of charge from May 2011, 5. At the match against Nagoya on July 19, 2011, Kishidan performed "Standing Sendai" live in half-time due to Kishidan's strong desire.[48]
  • SA (original song isSA"NAUGHTY BOYS")
  • Sendai Camon (Original song isSTANCE PUNKS"Mony Mony Monnie")
  • Blade (original song isTHE BACK HORNblade of")

In addition to this, there are also drum rhythms only.

For players

Active player

Withdrawal player

  • Satoshi Taira : Wild monkey・ Scream
  • Kazuo Echigo and Makoto Segawa:Kamata March
  • Yoshinori Abe, Shinji Fujiyoshi, Katsutomo Oshiba, Fernandinho: Mexican Rock of Love
    • Yoshinori Abe used the same song in Kawasaki, which he belonged to in 2001 (same lyrics).
  • Yasutaka Kobayashi, Nobuyuki Zaizen, Yukihiko Sato:Beautiful name
    • Kobayashi used the same song in Kawasaki, which he belonged to from 2002 to 2003 (same lyrics).
  • Takahiro Yamada, Hirotaka Mita: Dreamin'
  • Marcos Hiroki Bandai: Saturday Night
  • Teruo Iwamoto: Shy Boy
  • Shin Nakamura: Livin'On A Prayer
  • Yasushi Fukunaga, Toshihiro Matsushita, Takuma Nishimura: Go Go Sludge Man
  • Yoshiteru Yamashita and Takayuki Nakahara: PRISONER (Leave the beast in the field)
  • Toshiyuki Abe and Atsushi Nagai: A pleasant ranch
  • Borges Shingo Akamine:1000 violin
    • The cheering song when Borges joined the groupGOING STEADYof"Love me"was.
    • The same song is also used in Fagiano Okayama, to which Akamine belongs in 2016 (same lyrics).
  • Thiago Neves:Tarako, Tarako, Tarako
  • Shingo Kumabayashi: Swingin'Nippon
  • Lopez: Age ♂ Age ♂ EVERY ☆ Knight (with choreography)
    • The cheering song at the beginning of joining the group was the tears of Bakufu Slump 2-love version.
  • Jonílson: Jonílson's own cheering song (actually used in the club he used to belong to)
  • Kazunari Okayama:360 ° Monkeys(OriginalHanshin-バ ー スPlayer cheering songs, using toy bats)
  • Marcelo Soares: Ebino's "Insurance Life Delay"
  • Tomoyuki Hirase: SA's "GET UP! WARRIORS"
  • Yuki Nakashima:JUN SKY WALKER (S)of"Let's walk'
  • Takuto Hayashi: Flame Fighter ~ INOKI BOM-BA-YE ~
  • Makoto Kakuda:Noburou Tsunoda OfYosshaa Hanuta
    • The song will be used in Kawasaki, the transfer destination, with some lyrics changed.
    • Before 2013, "Old MacDonald Haunted Farm" (diverted from Toshiyuki Abe and Atsushi Nagai)
  • Atsushi Yanagisawa:The Cro-Magnons"Keep open"
  • Wilson:The OffspringHit That and Saturday Night
  • Takuya Nozawa:THE POGOESCAPE
  • Naoki Sugai: "Killer-Oh" (club prince"Tunai!" Was used only in one game at the end of 2007)

Terrestrial TV broadcast

Miyagi5 terrestrial broadcast styles

NHK Sendai Broadcasting Station
SendaiAtHomeI'm relaying the battle,2007 TheAwayPair ofShonanAgainst the battleTokyo VBattle,2008 The6(Away)Michinoku DerbyWas relayed.
Tohoku Broadcasting
Commentary by Satoru Matsubara from the Brummell era to the 2007 seasonTohoku Gakuin University(Soccer club manager) is serving as anotherShoji Suzuki,Teruo IwamotoAlso in charge of the final league match in 2008 and 2009TBSIs the main place of activityNobutoshi KanedaServed. Vegalta's first coach in June 2009Takekazu SuzukiAppeared, the actual situationOsamu Sato-Shinpei Ishiguro(Keizo ProNippon Broadcasting System, Inc.RF Radio JapanContract Anna →Hiroshima Home TV)・Tetsuo Kobayashi(CurrentKBC)・Takeo Oi(Currently a news reporter). From 2007Moriya ShuFrom the middle of 2008Masato IinoTakeo MatsuoIs in charge, and since 2007SKY PerfecTV!In 2007, Tsuneyuki Shimoda, a former Sendai Television Incorporated, is producing a live game broadcast. In 2008, Moriya, Iino, and Matsuo mentioned above are mainly in charge of Matsuo in 2009, and from 2010, Matsuo and Moriya are in charge alternately. * March 2008KusatsuShimoda was in charge of the game (Professional baseball on this dayTohoku Rakuten Golden EaglesIt seems that there is a shortage of personnel due to the broadcast of the opening game of the home on TV and radio), which was held in Sendai during the first J1 era.KashimaExperienced in the battle nationwide (TBS led)Yokohama International StadiumMade inYokohama FMThe battle was broadcast in the form of live support while watching the video produced by TBS. 2008 was broadcast in AprilTosuDue to the organization of the battle, it was broadcast at midnight and was broadcast by the same staff as SKY PerfecTV !, so Takekazu Suzuki and the reporter in charge of commentary are free.Izumi MurabayashiWas the first appearance on the same station's TV broadcast, and as a relay style, there are many cases where many commercials are put in half-time, and there is no appearance of the broadcast seat.Since 2010, it has not been relayed by terrestrial broadcasting.
Sendai Broadcast
The commentary is not fixed whether it is a one-off contract, the actual situation is only one game in the Brummell eraHiroyuki AsamiIs in charge.After that until 2005Tsuneyuki Shimoda(CurrentFree size) Was famous, and before the start of the game, alwaysTsuneyuki Shimoda will tell you with all my heartThere was a phrase.After leaving ShimodaSatoshi KanazawaIs in charge of, probably because of that, with the name of the program that Kanazawa acts as a caster, "Sportan! LIVE It was broadcast under the title of "Special", and "Sportan! LIVE" was broadcasted in Yurtec immediately after the match.In the 1 season when Vegalta returned to J2010, it is often done with double commentary, which is rare for a station in Sendai in the broadcast after leaving Shimoda.Fuji TV One Two NextWill be broadcast onYamazaki Nabisco CupIt was expected that Sendai Television would advance nationwide (experienced in the 2003 season), but only technical cooperation was provided in the FC Tokyo match, which was the only home game broadcast in the qualifying league.However, the October final tournament against Iwata is explained:Hidehiko Shimizu・ Live: Satoru Kanazawa ・ Reporter:Shuichi HiroseIt was broadcast to Fuji TV One-Two Next and Sendai Television under the system of. 2007 season SKY PerfecTV!YamagataI was making a home game broadcast (since 2008)Yamagata TVIs in charge).
Miyagi TV
2000From aroundSergio EchigoWas serving as a commentary, but like Sendai Television, it is not fixed with a one-off contract.The actual situation is Brummell'sJapan Football League(JFL) Promotion decision match (AichiKariya cityMade in seriesChukyo TVTechnical cooperation)Jun TakehanaBut from the Brummell era to 2006Shigeharu MikumoWas in charge. 2007Yohei YanaseWas acting as a live commentary, but Mikumo will be in charge again with the appointment of the newscaster in the evening from 2008.But in 2009Koga SogaWas in charge. (No broadcast from 2010 season) 2001 J1 promotion decided京都Battle (Saikyogoku) Is broadcast on the same stationYuko IwaseBoarded with a reporterKBS KyotoThe telop that was broadcast in the production of was used by Miyagi Television. 2002 away from Tokyo VNippon TVLive broadcast by the production of (NTV recorded late at night) Iwase also appeared as a reporter. From the middle of 2008, the subtitle telop became almost the same shape as NTV (the first appearance of the authorities was the Sendai Cup International Youth Tournament in September).By the way, reporters are often distributed to the other team regardless of whether they are broadcast to the other area.
East Japan Broadcasting
The commentary was onceMiyamoto Masakatsu-Hiromi Hara-Hidehiko ShimizuHas served since 2010Daijiro TakakuwaIs in charge. 2015Fukuhiro Jo[Note 9] Appeared.The actual situation is only in the first year of BrummellHiroyuki KumagaiTo the present after servingJun KagawaIs in charge of the actual situation.

Radio relay

  • RADIO 3Broadcasts all away games.In Miyagi prefectureCommunity broadcastingStation (FM Izumi,BAY WAVE(Shiogama),FM Iwanuma,Radio Ishinomaki) May be delivered online. From the 2010 season, the home game was also broadcast live, but from 2015 it returned only to the away game (RADIO 3 said that this was due to lack of production costs.Cloud FundingAttempted to raise funds, but failed[49]). In 2020New coronavirus infectionDue to the influence of, after the resumption of the league, only the home game will be broadcast.
  • In addition, Tohoku Broadcasting Company (TBC) broadcast home games about once a year until 1 (recently only broadcast Michinoku Derby), but did not broadcast league games after 2007 at all, but December 2008, 2008 Of the dayHomeMade inIwataThe exchange game with was relayed. In 2010, the pre-season match Pohang match held at home in July and the Yamagata match held away were broadcast live (Yamagata match was broadcast by YBC Radio, and Takeshi Matsuo announcer was dispatched from TBC as a reporter. Was done). There will be no broadcast in 7, and in September 2011, the first battle awayHiroshimaBattle (RCC radio(Broadcast what was produced by), home in NovemberNiigataBroadcast the war.
  • NHK Sendai Broadcasting Station also broadcasts irregularly.


The financial results of Vegalta Sendai are as follows.

Profit and loss

年度incomeAdvertising feeAdmission feeAllocationOthercostexpensePersonnel expensesAdministrative expensesProfitNet income

Source: J-Club financial results list for each fiscal year. 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010

Amount of money: million yen

Personnel costs are included in the project cost.

年度RevenueAdvertising feeAdmission feeAllocationUpbringingOthercostPersonnel expensesmatchHomeUpbringingwomanSaleProfitNet income

Source: J-Club financial results list for each fiscal year. 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015

Amount of money: million yen

年度RevenueAdvertising feeAdmission feeAllocationUpbringingSalesOthercostPersonnel expensesmatchHomeUpbringingwomanSalesSaleProfitNet income

Source: J-Club financial results list for each fiscal year. 2016

Amount of money: million yen


年度Total assetsTotal debtNet worthCapital

Source: J-Club financial results list for each fiscal year. 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016

Amount of money: million yen


[How to use footnotes]

注 釈

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  3. ^ The tournament name was changed to "J League YBC Levan Cup" (Levan Cup) from the knockout stage (final tournament) of the same year.
  4. ^ With the introduction of the playoff stage (home and away system), only the 1st place in the group stage can directly advance to the knockout stage in the same year (and the 2nd and 3rd place in different groups advance to the knockout stage by the playoff stage. Compete).
  5. ^ In the playoff stages after the same year, the 1st and 2nd places of different groups will compete to advance to the prime stage (final tournament).
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